The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1897
Page 7
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t ifeflt Itf€6t&ci6 ffase AHcf 1 _.__ !?9ffi fifid drop" ddwfi at both sides Bfifi'tleViged. ' . , "Bat-fur a dental chair has a fted ta fit the i&wei< jaw aftd b tfie bftgfc oi the fchaif bfr ling bottles are now mads with Still'filtering body located in the iKthieh stfllns tie fflilk ns it it- with chimneys and in the bdttbffl of .,,,„> the admission o! air, are ijf ; afi Englishman. patented lawn^niowe.r hag e8 on'the same pf inciple'as fig, machine KiiiVes, hung between iof themowef. cover for mucilage , :»„*„„*. onto the end of the Mndie, as well as the neck of the I,! thus making it perfectly air- 1^'. ' ^inventions of automatic car Jigs are Very numertfus^o'ft'iilj j J'W* the;reeeri't ''law' c&mpe Sad; companies to place them on * ears. Idldlng baby carriage has collaps- I'andles, sides and ends, each wheel |g a separate axle just long enough hub, which can be detached the frame by a thumbscrew, tie people are unsaved sinners to- because they sought a shouting |ence instead of seeking Christ, probably be some time be- people who blow trumpets to advertise themselves, are all t Toften pray for faith to remove tains, when what we need is light Hhat they should remain right Rhey are. < jry man who has ever heard of J has some kind of opinion about nut only those born of God know fe be Christ. ; •Tho Other Kino. ne—Is it true that Ethel's French nis touched ber father for money .week after their marriage? iiy—Yes, BO I hear. , line—Did he get a check? "ay—Yes a rather severe one. The at made an assignment ti& day be- f WANT A FARM and we have, 50 fwest of-Houston,'at Chester ville, the fact in Texas. Land high prairie and jned. abundant rainfall, good soil, prices and easy terms. Don't fail to otr/elf. Write and receive' ''Fertile 'Lf £ds'' free and information as to > excursions and Free Fare. Ad(Southern Texas Colinization Co., JOHN , Mgr., 110 Rialto Bldg., Chi anie Majesty—What is that terri- Attendant—It's that last man i New York. ..He had a Sunday paper pocket. 'The Success of G. A. Hotze. hen I left Mason county. Ky., in _1;-1878," says Mr. G. A. Hotze, of In- fiola, Red Willow county, Neb., r'l had lyoke of oxen, a wagon, a plow and ley enough to last me a. year. I have owed farming, stock-raising and gar- tag; Have made at gardening from 0 to $1.000 a vear. I own 360 acres, vol- F', at $10,000. • My improvements are rth 84,000. I have all kinds of fruit as/, I raised about 50 bushels of cherries J year v , which "I sold for $2.50 "a bushel., Bnyone"wishes to write and ask ques- ns,-i will cheerfully answer, as I am glad tielp any man with sm'all nieons to get a Be as I have done," i bur "Nebraska Book" (40 pages with lips andiillnstrations), arejjozens of state- ats lite that of Mr, Hotze. They are ie'by farmers -who have made a success -. If^rmtng. They show tha't Nebraska is F good a state as any in" the Union. .] ~he book in which .they appear is as dit- _Jit from the ordinary agricultural, pam- Jet as day i s from night. It fe i n t eres ting, --tical, truthful. In a staightfprward, jle fashion, it tells you everything yoa 4 to know about Nebraska—its climate, )ple. Bchools, churches, railroads, mar,;?, soil and crops. It .explains why the Bbraska farmer makes money in spite of r.'pnces and hard times. , Why land' is eap. .And how it is as easy for an intel- 1 j»t and industrious man to BUY a Nea farm as it is to rent one iii^a^ny ^tp£the,MipsQuri river.-. •••T /'farm renter who wants to=become .u-owner; every farnirowner who is bf ^trying lo make money off high- Uand; every father who wonts to give js tt star ton the hfgh road to indej acej should wr^te for a copy. Free. Agt., Burlington Route, ..Omaha, Neb. .' and 'traveling bags can be sent by p ranee, Last " BppJe never think of whistling in J.t }s ft violation of the divine law. BT8RY SP, MEfifeTtifi AND MAftStAGE, . - , ttft£filheS» tatef. to Afiion^ tiie u t6fis of thmisftnds di ^oikea •Who apply toMt-s. t'itilthftm f«f advice and afe" etiffed. nfc Inahy «-hd ^vish the facts Sfl Ihcif chscsmndd Jinbl ic, tiu t <to riot give permission to tfubllnlt .thoif hnmcs for reasons as obvious JIB ih the following, and bo tinmc is ever published. Without the .-writer's authority; this is ti bond of faith ivhieh. Mfs.Pinkhatt hnn hcvtif broken. | ( CHicago,Jatt. 'OS- Mrs. PInlchahi:— A friend oC mine, Mrs. —, wants me to.wrilo you, because Bhc 1 says: "you did lifer so much j;ootl." Tarn desperate. Am nineteen years of ftge, tall, and 138 pounds n year afjo. I am now a mere skeleton. From your little book I think my trouble la profuse, menstruation. My symptoms are * * * * etc. Our doctor (my uncle) tells father that I <xm in consumption, and wants to take mo to Florida. Please help me! Tell me what to do, nnd tell me quickly. I am cngnpred to be married in September, Shall 1 live to see tho day? * * *. •• ' LUCY J!. W. Chicago, June ifith, '95. My deftr Mrs. rinkhami— This Is a happy day. 1 am well n,ld Raining weight dally, but shall continue the treatment and Vegetable Compound during the summer, as you suggest. Uncle knows, nothing about what you have done for me, because it would make things very unpleasant in the family. •\vpulcUlke to glveyountcstimonialtopubHsh, 'UUf'.father-would npt^U&wvjt. *,»,.*,* i ehi 11 be married In September, and ns we go to Boston, will call upon you. How can I prove in y jjratitude? * • » * LUCY E. W. Just such cases an the ahove leak out in women's circles, and that is why th6 confidence of the women of America is bestowed upon Mrs. Pinkham Why are not physicians more candid with women when suffering from such ailments? • Women want the truth, and rf they cannot get it from their doctor, will eeek it elsewhere: MORE OR LESS HUMOROUS. In Philadelphia—Her friend: "And when are you to be married?" She ;'In three years. Charles, you know, is so impatient!"—Puck. Teacher: "Tell me a few of the most important things existing to-day which did not .exist, a hundred years ago.' 'rdmmy: "Us."—London Answers. Her glance fell confusedly under his irdent look. "Darling," he whispered yours is the , first mother I ever •cally hated." But men are such .deceivers.—Detroit Tribune. tip f fee- eslottef -fgfeiitfe «&*» t! * tarn* !vitt| *t ,ht5 dtfref .fife crjrnerS ttf.te «Pft)'ft rabie embftfraSBttefal, said to ressr "Yon see, misses, 1 thought & mdttght bfe bes' to be telHh' yOtt dfet 1 -dfit 1'dotie got Mftrfled iftg''«reeh." "Ah, ihdeedl Afld whftt ifl yblif tmme how, HattHfth?" "Mis' -Williams, tnft'ara, Yo« Bee, my htisband he am ft cook, too. Mo am what dey calls a sheft In n hdtel." A chef, eh? That's Very nice. Ahd flo you expect to leave us directly, Mftft* nah?" "Not 'r^ctly, mute. I'll attty w'ld yo - tie present. Ybtl see, mj? hrisbftn' ie's dohe gone to New Yofk afe' Wash* thgton dh his hptieym<Joti ( ,an' It, will he High bnto six weeks befo 1 he fibffleB back!"— PlttsbUi-g Bulletin, Hl« fttleitU* 'Fat-mer JoJies—Well, Willie, what did ye 1'arn to college this year?' Willie (Prlncetlale '99, facetiously)— Oh, I learned to smoke and to up a field with my golf clubs. Farmer Jones— Good, Ye do mo proud, sonny. Tomorrer I'll set jte to work smokiti' a few haras, an' next week I'll let ye take th 1 golluf clubs an' plow up the ten-acre lotrj-llarper'a Bazar. ntun. "You seem sad, love. Didn't he propose, after all?" "Oh, yes, he did." "Well, then, what's the matter 1" "Why, of course, I wanted pressing and refused h;m—and be didn't ask me the second time."—Boston Globe. Trying Motnciii. Wife (filling up census paper)—John dear, do you remember what age I said I was last census?—Sketch. JT* EV6RV HUMAN P*»f< fe* fttf nt tat is MM nstfoldger I'ocoi'vliig mfthy !•&• (iM«st« f tt r free tcadlhgs thfdUfh these (ioltimfts. Bach request la ttumhered when re* eelved and evei'y e^wi.ll^fae. an- Bwefed ih its turn. the . astrologer again calls attention to the fact that each request must state the date, place and hour of birth, also «ex and color, with full hame and address of sender. The Initials only and place of residence will be used in Me first fMhufaclurW ftl '' ' ' &iL:3 *'","/: IBIIi , "••"tav plfttsii A chafteeilOf oftcfe Ttt - '18«ift of tho fabef cwneft from the nime-ef an reeflt . _ , WhiBh Diking- QjBMi bisn«i"'fll with & lltdo sugar fof ft Artd a eujj of water ift'whieii ya« the reading. Be exaqt, about the' hour of !'«})&'« Htory. YotirtRer Bon"—fflpftt «lid ytitf tllfOW ones iit abj-tles wtifea yiin wrire ft toy? Falhfer—No 1 , J knbrked n pencil off a trfce we, and wnat do you think? Bmi—Yau. broke ft window, - Pftthef—Noj 1 knitted off ft poateh nftir en tipenlng it jo<iaa T umoB&. , i tttte** t'onfth ItntiAtn It the nfdwl and licfct. It. will tift>ftk till A palil (jiiltkM thWi ihythlflff «!(!(•. Uliftltoftirtrelltblft, Try It. '•ttatwlfo" IB pfopoaod in LonddUi after the antilogy of housewife and Hsbwlfo, to rleslifitttto R woman who jiernlsts lu wearing blpt hats nt the theater, free Ami iircJ. Tired of It. , ' She—Would you loye me just the same. Jearest, if I were poor instead of worth a million? He—I have registered a solemn vownevei to discuss the financial question again. STATE OF OHIO. CITY OF TOLEDO, • LUOAS COUNTY, as. Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he ia the senior partner of the firm of F.. J. Cheney & Co., cloinz: business in the City of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, ind that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each intl every case of catarrh that cannot be :ured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure. FRANK J. CHENEY, " Sworn to before me and subscribed in •my presence, this Sth day of December, V D. 1886. (Seg.1.) A; W. GLEASON. Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, nd acta directly on the blood and mucous urface.s. of the system, Send for ,testl- ifbnials, free. • F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, 7!ic. Hall's Family PUla are the best. d«al of nonsense has been written-—a»4 t»- tievesi, aboyt blood purifiers* What pwriffes the ' W »• «' (E KIDNEYS IR1FY THE BWOD Same Thing' "Your daughter says that if she cannot marry me she will marry no one." "That's just what she would do should she marry you," roared the old gentleman.—Detroit Free Press. You Far Worae. He (at parting)—Oh, Edith! have broken my She (interrupting)—Not your heart, surely! He (sadly)—No; my whole pocketful of cigars.—Somerville Journal, Not So Had. "Doesn't your husband procrastinate, Mrs. Newly?" "Oh, I don't think he's as bad as that, but he does have such an aggravating way of putting everything o^-"—Detroit Free Press. Effect of Home Teachings. Teacher— "When should a man use "Your mWe servant" in closing a, letter? Pupil— "When he's ^writing to his wife. I'f you will send your name and' ad- rest, we will send a representative to our home- to explain all about the acl- antages of Phillips-Rock Inland per- onally conducted Tourist Car Excur- ions to California. Address A. Philips & Co., 91 Adams street, Chicago, ohn Sebastian, G. P. A.. Chicago, 111, Lord Salisbury turns the scales at 352 punda. Mr. Gladstone weighs, less than IT pounds. _ ^ Cheap Lurj'Ia »ntl Ifonsea \re to be had on the Frisco Line in Missouri, Arkaiisa/S> and Kansas. The je?>t route fpojTj'Bt, Louisa to Texas and ill pbjnts west' and southwest. For •naps, time tables, .pamphlets, etc., 9,11 upon or addr'egs o£ the lorapany, or p. W&hapt. Uen'l Pas- icnger Agent, St. tiouis, Mo, In a Lambertsville,- N. T., court Hugh jpvtier was fined |!i > 50'fo> f • ^wearing iu "ft mblie street. Why? Willie—Mamma, they say that history repeats itself, don't they? Mother—Yes, dear. Willie—Well, why doesn't it repeat itself when I'm trying to learn it?-Roxbury Gazette, birth, If'applicants do. 1 not <ktiow tbft date or hour they should send two two-cent stamps for special instructions. Persons wishing their horoscopes made immediately and forwarded by mall must send twelve two-cent stamp to cover expenses. Name and address must be plainly written. Address all communications to Prof. G. W. Cunningham, Dept. 4 t 194, So. Clinton street, Chicago, This weeks readings are as follows: Betsey; Monroe, Mich. According to data, you are a mixture of the signs of Taurus and Gemini, and therefore Venus and Mercury are your ruling planets or slgnlflcators. You are the "mai. medium height or above, and medium to dark hair, complexion and eyes; the eyes have a pacullar sparkle and sharp light; you are energetic and ambitious and will make a great effort to rise in the world, yet you will find many obstacles- tofoveroomerand'will. ance with what your ability should command, yet you will succeed far. better than the average of people. You are a natural born orator and if you take ordinary care of the money you get into your possession you will become wealthy. C. A, .T., Webster City, Iowa. According to data, the sign Leo, which the Sun rules, was rising at your birth, with Mercury and Venus on the ascendant, and therefore the Sun, Venus and Mercury are your rulfng planets or signiflcators. You are medium height or above; medium to light complexion, hair and eyes; you will be disposed to baldness early in life; you will be active, ambitious, energetic, and will hold a good position In any locality; you will always be regarded as a leading man not so much from your wealth,as from your ability. You will also be noted as having a great gift of language and as an orator you would make a great success. You are very popular with the ladies. TV. A. TV., Dnlmque, Iowa. You have the zodiacal sign Virgo rising and .therefore Mercur,X, Is ypur ruling planet. You are medium height or slightly above with a well proportioned figure; the complexion, hair and eyes from medium to dark; you are rather reserved in your manner until you get well acquainted. When young you were quite bashful, .modest and avoided strangers. You are active, energetic, ambitious and industrious; you are very humane In your nature, kind to all, make many friends, and will be very popular with the ladies; you are gifted in one of the fine arts and very fond of any kind of art work; you have good command of language. You will rise to a high position in life, and if you avoid hazardous speculation and take good care of the money that comes into your possession you will become quite wealthy. It will be hard for you to keep money after you make it. tattiti ttlillimtla miii if Mti«e,. .. .. Hclld to t)n. KLIN*, tfgl Afuh Ht.< Hl)IIUi10)plilft, 1'ft, ' .-. I....'-.......!, n .,ij,<^.>..»li i*. Tliere wn« a mixture of feeling la the household of Pete Berry of the Colorado Grand Canyon, wlieti the cat had a litter of half-breed pole-catN. Mw. \Vln«I<m"« HooOitiig for tlill,lniiilO(*itilii«,*nflciiKllmK MIIIK. mat loti, ttllBynpnlii, iiucpswliiil colic, !tt>c«Utt(it>oUI<! The largest ti'o6 in the United Httttett in in Tularo county, California. It IH 25'ft feet high and 100 feet in clrmtmference at the base. ^_ ^ I WANT TO BUY a choice farm cheap. Give full particularu with legal description. J. Map, Waukegan, 111. It takes the planet Uramin about 84 of our years to make one revolution around No uough so bad (hat JDr, ivay'tt Lung Balm will not cure it, See ad, During thu la»t ten yearn tho average earnlngH of Madame I'utti have reached tho maguincent Hum of 1200,000 per nnmun, . I Khali recommend .Plho's Oure for Con- Bumptjon far and wide.—Mrs, Mulligan, Matttdtead, Kent, England. -Nov. 8, JMo, If you would'keep the wririkles oil your face, keep sunshine in your heart. In the United States there are over 8,000000 unmarri ed men. The Male of oystern in Baltimore annually amounts to 00,000.000. ' Beauty's the fading or tolling of' the half. LuxuHant tresses are far fflore to triatfOn>tutm to the uiflid-wllose caflket of chums is yet tturlfled by tittle. Beautiful wofflea will be glad to t)8 reinl tided that falling or fading nalt Is utiknown to those who use Ayer's Hair AGENTS,WANIED 1 To sell our ]UtINK«gotf Jl Brawn JPfltriTS and - Afford ' ' -.-..- > will ottet xt>t«nitiil OptturtuiilUtffi <y,lh*<?i»tofs- }«,-. vrltlt Kxcrllntil. Melufii* liiroHiln1.loH fcboM ,; ' . triei.'iilnlliin mullml VllKK, N|ictt«l ntlfnlloti U oul'if- '•' '•-'•', l«ifU (H>(««t». flAftfOHU HAKKKVKIt k Ut ( , tKl«,W Of j'l <» UoMKttttt, Ctilemio. , Mettiburt Chicago lloiiWl of Tf ttd«) "'0 ; v,: money required liiitll KOous ufs «old. "WdJaan- hood," » valuable booitlol on fomnlfi ai88tt9«s-.' free. Uf; H. J..K<ty Modlottl Co,, htbllt tatttl, tfMk i««t ' W. N. U. Des Molnes. iNo. a,—1897, When Answering Ail vert Isoinonts Kindly MeiltlOH 'J'hln I'auor, I; THERE ARE NO EXCUSES NOT TO USE BRUISES ST. JACOBS OIL 'or A PROHPT AND CERTAIN CURE NO ONE REFUSES, H OW did he get there? Once a vigorous, prosperous business man. How did he , get there? By getting in the dumps when his liver was lazy, losing his temper, losing his good sense, losing his business t t » ' friends, When You Feel Mean and Iff liable send at once for a box of Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the kind you need in your business, JOc., 25c., 50c., any drug store, or mailed for price. Write for booklet and free sample. CANDY CATHARTIC GureGONSTIPfltlON. ADDRESS STERLING RBMBOV CO.. OMIOAOOI MONTREAL, CAN.J NtW YOB*. Ups and Downs. "Life is full of ups and downs." "Yeg, and I know a young fellow who was in business and went under." "Well?" "And immediately his friends threw him over."—Indianapolis Journal. No Time to Waste. He—My views on bringing up a family She—Never mind your views. I'll bring up the family. You go and bring Up the coal.—Chips. FaraUy Jloves the bowejs each day. In Dorter t» be h.eajthy, this is nebessapy. -\cts gently'^n tbe liver. 'and Ijidpeys. f^^^s sick headache. Price 25 and aOc. The Industrial 1 Aid Society of Boston loundwot'k during the yeav $or nearly ' ISo Alternative, "Dosby, you're paying dear for that rich wife of yours by having to stay at home every night," . "It was either that or go to work, old boy,"—Detroit Free Press, An Honorable Man, He was an honest man, be said, " Hla recqrd proved it true; He never yet had failed to vote 4a he was paid to do, —Kansas City Wo?14« Oertrua*. St. Jq«£p1i, Mo. You have the zodiacal sign Cancer rising, therefore the moon is your ruling planet; you are medium height or above, with rather well proportioned figure; the shoulders good width, the completion fair; eyes light; hair medium; you are fond of making changes in certain ways, and will be rather of an emotional nature, and will sometimes change your mind very quickly and apparently without any good reasons for it. Your constitution Is not of R robust kind, and you are subject' to feverish ailments and especially severe headaches when these attacks come pn. You are fond of having your own way and are liable to rebel If opposed strongly. Ypw are endowed by nature with strong intuitions, and might easily deyejQi? apnje medju|n{s.tie , powers if you would make some effort in that direction. »«»»»»•»•«»»»»»*»»»«»»»»»»»» »4 »*««»*»»«»»»»»»«»«»»»«+«»»»«»«»»*>»»•««»»»««< REASONS FOR USING Walter Baker & Co.'s Breakfast Cocoa. 1. ^cause it is absolutely pure. 2. Because it is not made by the so-called Dutch Process in which chemicals are used. 3. Because beans of'the finest quality are used. 4. Because it is rnade by a method which preserves unimpaired the exquisite natural flavor and odor of the beans. 5. Because it is the most economical, costing less than one cent • a cup. Be sure that you get the genuine article made by WALTER BAKER & CO. Ltd., Dorchester, Mass. Established 1780, She)' "It Is remaykable what confl- dencej that Mrs. Storms baa In hep husband ? B^Uevea evgrything he ?ays." "Well, why shouldn't she?" Your 1897 Reading : : : ^J The Publishers of the OMAHA BEE have this season ar*;.' 1 "X, ranged with the publishers of a number of other papers to, ,4;| combine at prices'that will enable their readers to secw;e J ,->< , -m several good papers at a price that was formerly charged for one weekly newspaper. The publications named below W|H, fcreil^d to be the best in their respective tines, We ww send Be Omaiia Weekiu BGG Be Omatta WeeRiy Bee Be^OralioftJWfl'Snner. one j'««r»- 0niato weeu es 91—Waal,, so, tftey say at beeji pra'cticitt 1 sjtftln 4 toy -n,ig)i

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