The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1897
Page 5
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f*.': i* i ;» '. B* • • Eft rj^a^mp^^iipi^^ ,-j ^siM^-jii V^ J, j-.,.££,.,£ i> v ' 5g "• •*- ^r&rA fe-feJj..iv t y/j.^ f .a^^a_,..^t;^^ [ ..^^i^-Jt 1 ?v.^.^.^L^j , , *.» • I * " . i< T»i W I ' i it. '• *t A, .- / • . atroiied to - btifiinett sinee its establishment five y@w ago, and rigidly entooejieyar srnde,. haw .,....,,. .„ business in northern Iowa, Today ws emphasis© more emphatically than war mi| dlothmg; v>^ in trimming; in tailoring, in style, in economy, and in iowness of pnee-in flire words ^^11 ^^^L| ^^^y~ ^^^^^^^ u ^ • M, w ee of help was ° ArTlN with AGAI wfc nr with our stock, We sold goods to customers that never have been in our store before and who came, long distances to get-some of our bargains/;' 0ttt o wak on you w th ™ S mSch Le and attention as we are in the habit of giving iti an everyday like sort of business, if same h^Ve not been Wai ed on, .^^ases we apologize for it and beg you to attribute it to the- holiday rush, Plenty of time to wait on you now, and ere ong W£ WILL BE lates I ^seasonabfe cTothfng g For the month ^January we Will place on sale the balance that we have left of winter goods from our dissolution; sale, Over- caps and mitts will be sold at cost and below, We would advise our customers to come early and secure the good things, .' . liberal patronage given us, in conclusion we wish you a happy and prosperous NeW Year, Yours always, The New England. DURDALL, The Clothier. BUTE'S HEN IS ON TOP, f of the Poultry Packing Season fhows She is the Big Money Getter This Year. expert to !e is an 'expert. Jit HaS Been Done at Algona's Poul- fjtry Buying Houses Thus Far- Notes About the Hen. |he poultry season is drawing to a e. The bulk of the fowls has been Iketed. By tbe middle of the month [ tag ends will be cleaned up. The ltry business has ' been about the t part of farm work the past year, it attracts enough attention so that freafter it is given more thought, it 111 be lucky for thejcounty. The hen ; a sure money getter. ,Turkeys have brought a steady high ripe this season, and a lot 'of them .been packed. Probably $20,000 ould be a moderate, estimate of the Amount the turkeys have added to the ioney supply of the county. C. H. Blossom has bought from, all Bv'er the county antf has.handled about 10,000 turkeys, 19,000 chickens, 2,000 ucks, a few geese, and 309 old roosters he old rooster has a steady price H 7hether he is fat or lean, two years Bid or ten, he goes at 10 cents. The Wilcox rooms in town have] adled a lot of poultry. They buy at Jrvington, Hobart, West Bend, and RVhittemore, and ship to Mason City. fcheyhave sent 40,000 pounds from ihese points. , A L. Belton has had a good business t the Algona creamery. He has folosed for Ihe season and we do not have his report. But he has made big |hipments. . Poultry Packing Notes. "Geese are not plenty in these parts. IVery few go to market. They bring fquite a little less than ducks. A pair iof geese usually go for $1.. 1' Killing poultry is an important item. Ilf the birds do not bleed freely they do f'not have a good color. A machine is grade accurately. THE LOCAL FIELD. , Cash Business After Jan. 15. After Jan. 15,1897, we give no premiums or prizes. Our only inducement will be one price to all and that the owest possible cash price—for cash. Try us and you will be surprised at the difference it makes to you whether you pay a part of your neighbor's bill (by the credit system) or only pay for what you get as the lowest living margin. J. C. ANDERSON & Co. GO TO the "Gilt Edge Cafe" for your home-ma'de cream candy of all flavors, and for a good cup of coffee and a nice, clean lunch. Oysters served in any style.—42t2_ i WE are prepared to meet your wants in groceries and crockery. M. Z. GKOVE & SON. YOU can get a range now of Burns for less money than used to be paid for an ordinary cook stove. Go, and see them. He has several kinds. LOST: A small, sleek, black dog, with a white spot on throat. Any information regarding same will be gratefully received by N. M. Mann, Irvington, Iowa. GEO. 0. QAH,'has'plenty-of money to loan on first mortgages. 41 SEE Burns for a range, with or without reservoir, burn wood or hard coal, nd makes the wife happy a whole lifetime. . , The City Council. The city council met in regular 'Ses- ion Dec. 26, 1896, at city hall, Mayor Haggard in the chair. Members presmt: Wadsworth, Vesper, Henderson, ilagle, Ferguson, Rice, and Cha'pin; absent: Sayers. Minutes of lastmeet- ng read and approved. Tt was moved and seconded that the following bills )e allowed and warrants drawn on the .reasurer for the amounts: imade expressly for cutting the jugular i vein, and it takes one man to do 'this alone. ' The Blossom rooms have 80 men employed, 20 picking birds. It keeps old gentleman Cady busy making boxes, The boxes come in the knock down, and tbe boys fill them as fast as he can put them together. v/i c The biggest turkey reported weighed 33 pounds alive and 29 pounds dressed. Became from T, H.. Conner's Seneca farm, Old John Bowman couldn't lift "im out of the orate, and a board had knocked off to-got him out. Chickens average five pounds anc f ~ tis season have brought four cents, or acents apiece, Turkeys average 11 n 12 pounds and have brought eight or "gbt and a half cents a pound, aeou* a-pieoe. Turkeys at $1 beat hogs ba.8, Dutoher picked 134 chickens ind six turkeys one day. Geo Kuhn the second record with 133 chick W. 0. Henderson, street work ........... $15 50 W. H. Horan, salary ......... ..... ..... 40 d5 F. S. Norton, lumber ...... .............. 965 E. J.Gllmore, mdse ..... . .......... ....... 1280 L. Horaii, salary. . ............ ..... ...... *o oo J. H, Finger, feeding tramps ....... ..... 4 00 Wm, Miller, lighting lamps . . ...... ..... 20 00 Upper Des Molnes, printing proceed'gs. 15 00 D. A. Archibald, labor....... ............. 225 Algona Fire Dept., Fish Milton Starr, printing. $hey can pome close to 200 hours.' Thw record was ours. , Will Hart has boxed and packed the aMbe Blossom rooms fop ,1 ears, He has to pick out the bird Md grade them. There is all the waj ; one to five cents a pound differ the value of turkeys andi . rc, ....... ............. . Algona Fire Dept., Fisher flre ...... .... 17 00 Milton Starr, printing....... A, Hulbert, feeding tramps g Jjj a oo Ayes; Wadsworth, Vesper, Henderson,' Slagle, Ferguson, Bice, Chapin. Noes: None. Carried. •• . It was moved and carried that $40 be allowed in settlement of the bill filed by Justice Taylor for fees and expenses In the Little-Flanders case, and that a warrant be drawn for that amount, all present voting in the affirmative. It was moved and carried that tbe mayor appoint a committee to invest!' gate the advisability of putting in a sewerage system, and the mayor appointed as such committee Wadsworth, Chapin, Henderson, and Rice. Council then adjourned, A. HUTCHISON, City Clerk, Farm Loans at 0 per Cent, And the expenses of making tbe loan can be paid at option of tbe borrower, Interest payable annually unless other- Vise preferred, The loan can be paid 'in whole or in' part at any interest date. 1 ' ' HOXIE & BRUNSON, MB, AND MKS, P, T. FERGUSON of PiUm Creek want's- middlff-aged woman to work lor wages and make a per' manent home with them, Address a? Algona, box 454.— 38t4 Guy Taylor was the only Algonian Who went to the Buffalo Center celebration last week. He made a big record in the shooting winning 105 out of 120 shots. The three other'crack shots had 145 shots, Sundstrom winning 108, Howard 115, Mortinson 117. There were not many shooters present. Guy says the new hotel is a beauty. Last week Wm.Paetz drove a herd of cattle by Jo. Farley's place and one of .Farley's calves got mixed in and went five miles to the Paetz home. When Mr. Farley came after it he got into words with Mr. Paetz and words led to blows. Mr. Farley pleaded f uilty in 'Squire Clarke's court Monay and was fined $10 and costs. The first day ,of January beat the record. It rained all the night before and the air was like spring and the roads also. One 'bus got stuck, Chas. Winkle's oil wagon was left in the barn, and loads all over the county were left standing. But the new year recovered itself the second day. The roads froze over and snow has mercifully smoothed down some of the rough 'places. Still-the mercury has not been lower than zero. The farmers' institute committee have heard from D. A. Kent, who will be here Jan. 20-21, and those are the dates for the meeting. Mr. Kent is an expert in institute work, said to be the best conductor in the west. He is the man who drained out Mud lake south of Webster City and opened up the big farm in the bed. Last spring it was covered with about six feet of water. Perhaps he will enliven the sessions by giving his views of irrigation. Old Algona friends of Trav. C. Leggett, son of the pioneer Baptist preacher, will regret the following note from the Sioux City Journal: "The funeral of T. C. Leggett was held at the residence in Leeds yesterday afternoon. Rev. Matthew Whitford of the Fourth Presbyterian church conducted the services. A large number of the deceased man's friends were in attendance at the funeral. The interment was at Logan Park cemetery." We learn that typhoid fever was the cause of death. Sheriff Samson made the premium run last week. He was called to go to Linn county for young North at 10 o'clock. At 10:47'he took the train east, made close connections at Jackson Junction, made another close connection, caught his man at 9 o'clock in the evening, drove 15 miles in a buggy, to Vinton and caught the train at 1:08 in the morning for Goldfield, where he caught the morning Northwestern, was at Bancroft at 8 o'clock, had his man bound over and had him back in jail in Algona at 1:30 o'clock, all in 24 hours. and to all those also who by their presence and help upon the eventful evening contributed to the social success.of the enterprise. THE UPPER DES MOINES reporter attended a rehearsal of Belshazzar Monday night in the opera house and can guarantee that the public will hear some good music tomorrow evening. It is golpg to be the best musical entertainment Algona has had, professionals not excepted. The chorus is full and all the principal parts are well taken. They rehearsed last night in costume and will again tonight. The cantata is full of beautiful songs and choruses, and has dramatic interest at the same time. ' THE German heaters sold so well they are all gone, and Burns has in their place ranges for wood or coal. They are both cheap and good. THE newest novelties in ladies' and men's fine shoes at the very lowest prices. GEO. L. GALBBAITH & Co. ON account of sickness in my family I desire to sell my interest in the Algona brick yard, cheap for cash or will exchange for good"and. 18m6 JOHN OSTRUM. WE have all kinds, of rubber footwear, arctics, wool boot overs, fine ancl heavy rubbers, alaskas, etc., in all grades. GEO. L. GALBBAITH & Co. WE have some nice things in crockery left that we will sell you cheap for the next few days. M. Z. GROVE & SON. We want to say a word about All flour might be good flour— • but it isn't, always. The good flour that's always good—do you /; l ;| know where to get that kind? We will give you the combination : It's the Daisy Mills Flour. You know it. Don't put off doing' a wise thing. Try some right now. Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. >••?$ ,«£f <M && Librarian McElro'y makes an inter^ esting report for the year. The free library has gained 301 volumes, in all now 846. and these 846 volumes -have had a circulation of 5,567, which is certainly very remarkable. The Monday club library has circulated 544 books. 'Of the new books' in the free library, 185 have been bought, 116 have been contributed. The reading room has 28 magazines and papers, and front Nov. 9 to Deo. 81, less than two months, has had 1,151 visitors. Mr. MoElroy is an ideal librarian and is keeping the rooms in fine order, FARMERS'EXCUAIL SOUTH OF COURT HOUSE, Mrs. Lantry and Mrs. Setohell make an official report of the charity t ball, one of the most enjoyable social occasions of tbe year. There were 77 tick' ets sold, leaving , a balance of $88,30 after $33.80 of expenses were paid, A private donation of $5 is acknowledged. The committee tender their sincere thanks to all who so kindly and generously aided them, being due to the pur' chasers, of tickets, the young ladies who solicited sale of tickets and refresh- meBt8i ' Awarded Highest Honors—WprW's Fair, 'PR; AMONG THE ADYEBTISEBS. Goeders' big clearing sale is on. Grove & Son want something. Reac what they say. Peter Kriethe sold 20 steers-at Bur last week at $52.50 a head. The Farmers' Exchange,has an attractive " ad." this week.- The Fenton creamery company bought a combined churn and butter woi'ker and a patent milk weigher in Algona last week. The Wilson mills are running on full time when wheat comes in. The bad roads have made it impossible several times to get wheat. The Algona co-operative creamery has been beating all its neighbors on prices for milk the past two months, It is having a good run of patronage. Mrs. Lenette Butler has sold the Wilson warehouse and coal sheds at Whittemore to Ingold & Henderson of Spencer, Whittemore evidently gets a newfirm. Burt Monitor: Frank Anderson went to Algona last Saturday and will try driving the delivery wagon for bis brother, John Anderson, who runs the Farmers' Exchange south of the court house, During January the remnants of the big Durdall stock of winter clothing will go cheap, Mr. Durdall bought his goods right and will sell them right now to get them out of the way • for the spripg stock. , A HOUSEHOLD TREASUBE. D, W- Fuller of CanaJohaviQ, N. Y,, Bays that he always keeps Dr. King's New Dls, covery in the bouse and his family has always found the very best results follow its use; that be would not be without it, if Many People Do Not Know .that we can get repairs that WILL FIT for almost any stove made, and as a result many good stoves are spoiled by letting them go without the proper linings. This is the time of year when stoves have to do their hardest work, and if they are not looked after the fire ba9k will burn out, the oven plate will crack and let the ashes fall through. The man who will neg; lect his cook stove Ought to be Scolded. Keep the linings in your stove in good shape and it will jast twice as long. If you are tired of your old stove and do not want to buy repairs for it, let us make you an offer for it in ex,change for a new one. We can please ; "^ ;• asuotry per pita „ , . soap for,,,,... five-cans of lye for. •• • /* ..... ,..,, for •...•*"« accents . as cnte )rocuraWe7 "G, A. Pykeman, druggist, Oatskill, N. F,, says that Pr. King's New Discovery is undoubtedly the best cough remedy; that he has used it in his family for eight years, and it. has never failed to do all that is claimed for it. Why not try a remedy so long tried and tested. Trial bottles free at L. A. Sheetz 1 'drug store, Regular size'SOo., and flOQ, 3 DID YOU MM Try Electric fitters as a, remedy for your trouble?? If not, get a bottle now tm^ get relief, This medicine has'been found to be peculiarly adapted to the relief and cure pf all female complaints, exertipg a wonder- fiUiiPeot; Influence In giving strength and ' - "- the organs. If you have loss of ap- coustipatipn, headachy fainttnif .„ ?—„„„ sleepless, e«ci|&Dle " -with di??y O. M. E?.OXSEE, One Hundred Dollars— Is oflerea to »»y p9rson who, CEW duplicate the J, CIGAR FOR 5 SCHU & WATERHOUSE, P, L, Manufacturer and dealer in Harness, Saddles, Wliips, anft ail Harness gooas. 'Also e, full line of <;» Trunks, Grips, tma Tejesaopes, Repa$n£, ;,5jf n^atty [Sid promptly flone, IseU - •-••^ ^QR, JOSEPH HAAS 1 REMEDY FOR HOG CHOW. W,.yjgg* * r.:>; #"M f) F Rlffct *- W*-'%VflWBTO9B»

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