The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1897 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1897
Page 2
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p«f &A freight Tiasselitfefs 0* ii «Tnil telly, Wrtdted flea? fhfe ai'cMehl tvas caused f ttie Wack, 6f father the roadbed. Atid'ing'from beneath the tfain, wa« speeding-along at abdut thirty fn!ieB,an hour. , the wild weather of tttfi past week httd affected the i-Oftd- *i)etUdatkgfdcthat rendered it soft, engine, baggage ca^ snidkef and day coach left the 1 track atid Were owa violently' oft their sides, it .fcpehis almost niifaculouS'that no one was killed and but two or three were w J as ftad itt Some wtty the flames dftrtinf frotfi the kitdhea stove FOLfeV'S FUNNY THICK. flic Mnn*on Mercluirtt Who " v ,vW»(i n Vlftlm ttt ii'oht Donoft, Jan. 8.— M. «t. Foley, the ^fatoBor^ merchant who caused .so much anxiety by his mysterious disappearance the 1st of December, has returned IIOIMP. Me left Sioux City for New Vork while under the influence of morphine. He sailed for Queenstown. December fi on the Campania, and dirt not regain consciousness until lit sea. He returned immediately from the other side on -the Teutonic, and arrived home, finding his business in a receiver's hands and his friends agonized with suspense. SHOT PROVED FATAL. >'ew Slmrnti Man I)Ic« From lockjaw. Induced by Gnu Wound. NKW SHAIUHJ, Jan. 3. — W. W. Briram, assistant cashier of the State Bank, who accidentally shot his left index finger off two weeks apo, died of a, complication of blood poison ' tind tetanus (lockjaw). A second amputation of a part of the hand had been made, but the patient became speedily worse, •tie was 31 'years of nge and was m'arried one year ago last November. Mr. Brimm was a very popular young business man and his death has shocked the community. C. J. FIELDS IS IN LUCK. her dress, , and fthe was speedily eHveloped in flames. The utmost esertiofl w&s necessary to e*tinguish the -fire, atid only aftei' hereulean efforts was the fiftmin}!' atlife f emdved tiiui the blaze extinguished. After this step toxvafd saving her life had befe« rtcconiplished, it was found that her hands, arms, legs and hips were badly burned. She tt-as made to feel as easy as possible^ but in view of her ten WOULD CRISIS, age and the extent of condition is serious. her burns, her POISONED WITH SfcEAD. ttecn Prepared W»cd tlobr Which ttatt for lint CUNTOJT, Jan. 4.—Coal Dealer M. 1 nKV 8IX Indictments Agnlnt*t Him for Fraud' nlent Hanking Dismissed. WATEIU.OO, Jan. 2.—Judge Blair has nismissed, at the request of fifty lead- Ing business men of Cedar Falls, six Indictments against Charles J. Fields for fraudulent banking. Seven' indictments still stand, but it is believed t,hey»will also be quashed. Many of the men who asked for dismissal of the indictments were depositors in the " bank when it failed. Fields is broken flown in health. . MONEY WAS TOO TIGHT. Farmers' Trust Company, of Sioux City, in , t Receiver's Hands. •Sioux Crrv, Dec. 31.—On application of W. T. Ilonsing-er, vice-president and a large shareholder in the Farmers' Trust Company, of Sioux Cit3', G. II. llollister has been appointed receiver for the institution. Tightness of the money market made it impossible for the company to meet its debentures. Receiver Hollister estimates assets of 8238,000 and liabilities $135,000. Slorknmn Killed by a Train. CEUAH RAi'ins, Dec. 31.—A man named AVyclioff, a stock buyer, whose home 5§ supposed to be at Livingston, S, D,, was killed on the Chicago &. Northwestern near Meehanicsville, A fast freight had stopped for water ubout a mile cast of Mcchanicsville. VVyehoff, who was accompanying 1 a ca.r »f stock <?ast, got out to punch them up and in pome manner fell between , the cars just as" the train' \yae pulling out, ]Joth legs were cut off. ;- The train was stopped ond the injured, man taken back to MeehanScsville, where fto died, Two MOD Held for Murder, OTTUMWA, Dec. 81.—The preliminary trial of \V, M.'Franklin, Butler Hazlet and Burt Hamlet, charged with the murder of Joe Wright, at Hickory, resulted in the binding over of Franklin and Butler HaV.let and the acquittal of Bvirt-Hamlet, There was a row in ( front of. Hickory Church and Wright Ayae kiUed'jWith a s^tone. > v y JJcfrtlciitlon in r.reene County, ;_,,' JjsyjfKKSON, UPC. 31,—The board of .supervisors of Ureene county find the counjsy clerk tq be 8700 Uiort in his Jj* seems the board knew of > & ye^v «S9, when he was short,, but they gave iiim to the cn4,Qf Jiis term tp uiuke it up, The clei'H'g bPiHUmen have deposited the ' the s)i9rtage. - Insurance Pec, p^— Ip the federal favor of of tjjo insurance wrlPd by Hje, Ryuu Welsmg p| P«bj«iMo. 'whose plant Mead, »of Lyons, together with his wife, three children and the hired girl, were poisoned by • eating bread con* taitting phosphorus which was mixe'd' with some flour for killing rats and accidently was mixed with other -flour into bread which the 'family ate. They were taken "sick shortly after dinner, a doctor was called who found that the flour with phosphorus had been used. The family is getting along nicely however. Captain Mcrrell Dcnd. CUNTON, Jan. 1.—-Captain N." A. Merrell died at his homo in DcWitt, this county, at 5) o'clock. He had been ill some time of stomach trouble. Ho was long identified with the history of the state, and was a member of an early legislature, as well as of the present one; He was- prominent in civic and military affairs, and leaves a wife and two children. Belated Justice. DES MqiNKS, Jan. 1.—Pike Lynch, ex-tire'chief,- was sentenced to five months in the Polk county jail by Judge Holmes. Bonds on appeal were fixed at 8300. Lynch was convicted a year ago of receiving stolen goods. The crime was committed in ISOfi. fe<W««» SfAttft Cnftr'g M «ftd Thftli- fcntftfn Mit* tftflSS troahle. MAhftffc, Jan. S— The. instant of Weyler and of the chiefs of the hospital and eeffliaissary ia Cuba wdfts ae ftifltided itt sensational articles yester day in the imparcial and Hefaldo. Ihiquities are exposed and immediate justice is called for. Both papers were seized, the editions destroyed and proceedings against them were insti luted in both tho civil atad ' military courts. The papers charge that the money sent to Cuba from Madrid does ,not,find its way to the army, which is suffering from lack of food;' etc. The general public is highly indignant over the exposures and the prosecution of the editors and a crisis is threatened. WASHINGTON, Jan. 3.— -The Spanish minister at Washington is informed by a cablegram from Madrid that the qUeeii regent has signed the decree inaugurating .governmental reforms in Porto R'icO. These reforms are especially significant- at this time, because of the avowal of Spain that they will be extended to Cuba when the island is pacified. HAVANA, Jan. a. — General Ituis Rivera, who succeeded Maeco in command of the insurgents in Pinar del Rio, is wounded, according to advices from Artemisa. M'CULLAGH FOUND DEAD. rim Allowed to Uo Bank Robbers. NKWTON, Jan. 4.—Four men suspected of being implicated in the Sully bank robbery have just been lodged in jail here by Sheriff Tripp. They were found near Sully. Billiard Gets u New Trial. Cr.AitioN, Jan. 4.—Judge Birdsall granted a now trial to W. E. Bullard, late secretary of the 'senate, recently convicted of forgery. IOWA CONDENSED. J, K Mason City dispatch: J: S. Hutchins, an extensive land owner, implement and hay dealer, operating at Rockwell and Hutchins, Iowa, has failed. His liabilities roach about $33,000, with assets set at $35,000. The (bank at Sully, 'on the Iowa Central, fifteen miles southeaso of Newton, was entered at!) o'clock a. mi,, .the vault blown open and a small amount taken. They did not get into the safe. Only $15 is missing. V. Fay Mills, the well known evangelist, will deliver a course of lectures at Calvary Tabernacle, Des Moines, on the nights of January C, 7 and 8. The subjects of his lectures are: "The Social Crisis," "Wha't Must Society Do to' Be Saved?" a'nd "The Christianization of Christianity." Tickets for the course, 00 cents. At Madrid recently Mrs. Robert Howard was thrown from a buggy and her skull was crushed. She died' in a short time. -She and John Slick, a liveryman, started out for a drive, tho team ran away and this was the result. Mrs. Howard was a. woman about 30 years old and leaves a husband and two children, one by a former marriage., S.he.bqrea good reputation. Some sensational stories are afloat' about the possibility of .murder, but they are not generally credited. Des Moines dispatu'b: The controversy over the estate left by E. W. Curry, the late chairman of the democratic state central committee, is now certain of going into the courts, It can be',positively stated that Mr. Curry didmaUe a will in favor of MissHright about a your ago, and who was at that time his stenographer at Leon, and after he had secured a divorce from his wife. Miss Bright, who js now s1ppograpl)cr in the dry goods establishment of J. V, Furwell & Co.. Chicago, alleges that the will in her favor was made in good faith, properly signed and witnessed, and is now in tho possession of Mr, McUinni&s., Mr. Curry's law partner,. MJss ljrjg|(t fans, secured t|ip service^ of G. Taylor Wright & Son, «f Lineville, to,! bring suit for ?;i,ooo and the valuable private library Jofp by Mr. Curry. It is understood. Unit Mrs. Curry has a wili which was ma4e at the fciavery house a few days before Mr, Curry died, in which, ho leaves everything to ' • ,' , p • .'s. radical Headache ewe cures i^ »«' X'ttniong Globn Democrat Man Commits Sulclilc. Sr. Louis, Mo., Jan. 1.—Joseph B. McCullagh, editor of. the Globe Dam- ocrat, was found dead.on the pavement in the rear of his residence, No. 3837 West Pine Boulevard, at 6:30 o'clock n. m. He had evidently jumped from the window of his bedroom on tho third'floor of the house, some- time between midnight and daybreak,' and dashed his.b'rai.ns out'on the stone flfig-' ging of .the'yard. Mr. McCullagh was attired in his night clothing. He had been confined to his room since November 10th with acute asthma, complicated with nervous depression, as a result of his arduous labors in the recent election. It is said that he had become tired of life. A SOUTHERN TORNADO. Death-Mealing IVInd Vlnitn Missouri, ArkanHns find I..onltilaim. LITTI.K HOCK, Ark., Jan.-4.—Telegraphic advices disclose the fact that southern Missouri, Arkansas., and Louisiana have been visited by a death-dealing tornado. The force of the wind was not great, in Missouri, but the country is storm swept. In Arkansas it is reported that twenty- five houses were blown down at Bcnton "and greet destruction is { reported from Camoroa, with one I fatality. At .Mooringsport, La., the greater portion of the town was destroyed and several lives were lost, with many persons injured. The wires are prostrated and authentic details cannot be obtained. THREE FRIENtJS — T e ,t.«;, Fin., rf Ht/cTfdr •fdJf/eftiirte'ftptest the steamer ThJ'Uu Friends fof Violation" of the federal laws prohibiting thc'fittittg out in the United States nf a vessel to go ib the service of a foreign prince 01 state or of any colony, district or people io crm'su or make \viit Upon anbth pr foreign print'p. state, colony oi pfoplo. was argued in the Unilot States courf. The owners of the Three Friends contend in their exceptions to Hit; libel that section o283 doas not apply to the Cubafl rebellion because the United States lias not recognised er the independence or the belliger* .cncyof.tho Cubahfe. atttl the court? cartnot take cognizance of the war until either the president or congress the existence of war. U the defendants win the ease they hold that it will be of very great import ance to the Cubans, as the president will then have to recognize the belliger* ency of the Cubans, or. at least stop prosecutions for confiscation of ves- sels^uuder this. section. '• KKY AV'Ksr, Fla., Dee. 30.^-Adviecs from Cuba state that attacks upon the suburbs in and around Havana have become, a common affair now. Some nights the firing can bo heard in the city proper, while the fires from burn ing buildings can easily be seen. The officials are sending out extra troops for guard duty. JACKSONVU.I.E, Fla., Jan. 2.— The steamer Three Friends has been released from the custody of the United States officials. ___ WOLCOTT'S DECISION. T«ll Kuropo Miijor McKInlcy's Vlewn. NEW.YOHK, .tan. 4.—United States Senator \Volcott of Colorado, who recently visited President-elect McKin- Icy and conferred with him relative to an international bimetallic conference, lias, sailed, for London. His mission abroad is for the purpose of sounding English bimetallisls as to the exped- ency of an international conference, and it is understood that the Colorado senator has tho sanction of the president-elect for his negotiations. He would not discuss that feature of lis trip.. "Jt is a fact," said he, 'that I am going abroad for a month or two, ancl it is equally true that I cx- ject to confer with a number of European bimetallism. • I am not pro- mred to say what the result may be, /hough 1 am hopeful thatgood may be accomplished.'" bTEAMER COMMODORE SINKS. With Many LAST RETURNS IN. -UcKinluy Now Knows How Many Votes IIo Cot. •' CIIKJAOO, 111., Jan. 3.—TJic official canvass of the vote of Maryland for president, Nov. 3, has been completed, this being the last state. The total vote in all the states was 13,888,073. McKinlcsy received 7,101,401; Bryan 0,470,050; Palmer, 135.U50; -'Levering, 130,500: Bentley, national, 14,392: Alatchett, socialist, 33,-f>38. McKinley's pbiarality was 030,745; his majority 310,30|!)._____ MRS, BEECHER HURT. Dizziness Caused Her to Full and Break Her ni j( . STAMKOHD, Conn., Jan. l.—Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher, aged 84, of Brooklyn, N. Y., sustained a serjoijs accident, which iuay rcsult^n making her 'a cripple. Mrs. Beecher is visiting her son-in-law, Rev. Samuel Scoville, in Stamford. She was attacked with dizziness, and in falling broke her lup iu'snch a manner .that she probably will never walk again without the use of crutches. IJor condition is admittedly serious. CUBANS MAPE~~HAPPY. CltUm to Ilayc Won » Volut With Uuolo Sam. WASHINGTON, Jan. l. —The secretary of the I reasury hat. decided that vessels, may clear for Cuba loaded with munitions of war presumably for tho insurgents. The master of tho vessel buist, however, comply wj^h the statutes jn taking oath as to the port at which it is expected to land. The officials of the Cuban jutna are jubilant over the decision, claiming it js a^great £^mic^Mon_tojht'ir cauf,e, Out 1'hHinpliiB Inwrgpnts, Jan. 4,—A special cljspatoh from Muniily, to Premier, Ci(n,ovQS Uol CabiiUa giving, jidditiouttl details of tho battle of Bulacan, announces 3,0ao of the insurgents were instead of 1,000, fts at flyst reported, Cuban Filibuster GOGH Down on Board. JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jan.. 4.—The iteamer Commodore, which had sailed 'or Cuba with a cargo of guns and .ammunition, is rcportc 1 ! to have foundered on account of her. leaky condition, off New Smyrna. Twenty-eight men were on board, but a dozen of them managed .to escape by boat. Novelist Stephen Crane was on board and is among those believed to have bccu lost. BREVITIES. • I'ttfcft the fctilfftft b# tafW- l»*tl#« ftfAfrtQflleW. ' Constantinople dispatch: The siafi «ln1»i?S&Sio*f, tfctHig in • «8hWi with the representatives - of Gfeal Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Austria, had fan interview with the sultan 6H the subject of the bettei administration of the affairs of the ettipire. The ambassador warned the sultan if the revenue ceded for the payment of the Turkish debt were touched European control of the finances of the cmpire«would bccoWo inevitable: that the cfcar would guarantee the sliltah's personal safety and would engage to maintain the 1 sultan's supremacy 'in the event of severe m§s»uresiby the.pOwers. Tho sultan, however, refused to consent to meas ures for control, financial or otherwise, by tlio powers. The ambassador replied that the condition of the empire placed the throne and caliphate in imminent peril. The sultan replied impressively! "I may be .the last of the caliphates, but 1 never will become a second khedive." In . addition, tho ambassador sent a note to the Turkish government pointing out in precise terms the necessity of the sultan fol lowing the advice of the powers, saying a'refusal to do so would involve the most disagreeable consequences. GOOD NEWS IF TRUE. The Story That, Maceu is Alive Ie Revived. HAVANA, Jan. 1.—"Maceo is alive," is the Cubans' joyful cry. The first rumors, accepted with incredulity, arc now gaining ground. Information is coming into the city .daily, giving precise details. It is said that when he fell from his horse his followers thought him dead, but found that he was still living, and spread the news that he was dead, in order to carry him to a place of safety. .Under a strong escort they carried him to the Sigolanea hospital, where, under thei-skililful treatment of doctors;-the'- chief is being slowly recuperated. The acute period has now passiJ. 11 seems that only one wound is dangerous, that being in the stomach. , SULTAN YIELDS. at Frank S, Black and llax.onS. Pingree were inaugurated as governors of New York and Michigan, respectively, on the 1st. ' A Jamaica dispatch states that disastrous floods have occurred in Man- serrat. It is reported that 4 ,-no less than seventy-live lives were lost in the storm and floods. Many houses and bridffes were, destroyed. Cubans, in New York, are officially informed that General Maximo Gomc2 has passed the eastern troclm at Moron, going west. Other advices from Gomez state that the Spaniards acknowledge the concentration of in< surgent forces in the province of Santa Clara, near Mantanzas, Madrid dispatch: The J.mpareial publishes a roport of an iiitervien with Honor Canovas, prime minister, in which he declares that the government will not accept any intervention ot; the part of tins United States in Cuba The premier also says that tho home government will not institute anj reforms in Cuba until the revolt in that island is limited to the casterr provinces, but reforms will, be undertaken in the island of Porto Rico very shortly, Birmingham,| Ala., dispatch: I'Uiug- iug down no feet through an iron trebtlo an uocommodtition train on tho Birmingham Mineral road landed jte passengers unit train crew in a death trap on the rocky bottom of the Ca- hawbu river. Of those on bourd only nin« escaped alive, -and of those few only will recover. The number of tho dt-iid is cKtimntod at between thirty and tUirt.v-Hve. So far twenty-eight bodies havo boon recovered. Cremation alive wuc, thu horrible fivto of a number of viotiin.s. Tlio wreck oaniflit ni-o, aij.i lon«- before relief could ins summoned }i|joM> t unable to extricate themselvesi from the wreckage were beyond ill huwiui Sickening cries wrenched %\ w iiearts of t)ie sur- Yjyprs, but their injudes prevented tljem from giving uny to the doomed unfortunates. The Athjs National bank, Qf Chfca- gQ l^s U<!g\»n, vqluntsur'y, l|nuid. & tu>,n. wsna.iirwn.oijt will retire, 4§'a Franco and Italy to Be Represented Hiizlmv Bey's Trial. CONSTANTINOPI.K. Des. 31.— The porto has granted the demand of the envoys of France and Italy that their drago- nans be present at the trial of Mazhav Bey. Mazhav is charged with being responsible for tlio murder of Father rialvatore, an Italian priest who was silled in the convent of Jenidjekele at Marash in ISOH by Turkish troops com- nanclcd by Mazhav. Italy demands he punishment of Mazhav, and the Turkish government has promised to )ut him on trial, but the. representa-1 ives of the.powers suspect that this vill be nothing more than a farce. SUICIDED. Life's Iturdcus Too Heavy for Hanker W. A. Ilumuiond. CHICAGO, Jan. -].—W. A. Hammond, second vice-president of the National Bank of Illinois, which failed two weeks ago, lias followed the example of Banker Wasrnandorn? and committed suicide. Hammond niysteriousy Ifcw* i'ofk At the hsf tistfadft Palm'ft Ahis secretaries kept busy aijswlg questions * ih& disposition b|e pktriot forfiei Cuba afld dfeHyin Maeeo's death w 6f the ead of the the condition of stated that the < as strong in po!n' enthusiasm as it that tho CubaUs (General tiivera. the begihfiltt ift Iti lalking 6^ ij's. Senor'^alffltt; tl'fty was f Humber's ftfi Iiaci been, afi e full faith has Maceo in comtnandSche Cuban fdPcJs'S itt the province of liar -del Rio,.; Eta>id| are .eauamped l- the tnoiln tops, and could aflp. tb laugfi a' General Weyler*s d would soon dislodge and wind Up the Wa "General RiVera has under him at presen enough to last for mountain strongholi idle for General Wey sweeping declaratl been and there xvill .rattan that .scatter the! He continued! 00 armed me ith provisions W idnths in his/ It, is simply," to 'make such\'j! There has lio laying down of arms < Cubans, such as has be for Dr. Zertuchn/s clu was driven to death reason of non-support by the Cuban allies in is simply infamous at contradiction," no part Of the reported. As ' s thnt -Ma6eo£ despair lorded to hi DISASTER IN Fire Takes J'oKscsslon ' '' • - SpJ-iUK 11111, HALIFAX.-'N. S., DC disaster has overtaken coal mines. Five year were wrecked byan>e lives -lost'.' The collier men. Fire which star ago in the 800 foot lev possession of two or 1 has eaten its way tb level and deyelopcd" furnace; When' the spector arrived the fir| from every opening of t iupolas.were destroyed nd the bani s country, It, Unworthy of) MINE. ho Slope* 8. 31.—Another^ e Spring il 20 the mine asiou and inployed lj! a few las comj ie slopes.] e 1,300 liead had to be torn awa tried to exclude the, ai •up every airway, .but ordered them away, f« ernment' was issuiiJs mne. T« m| The miners by stopping ho inspector ring an ex 100 feet into e fire is no' d astrous conc loss in thi complete! ned. It will o west slope. disappeared from his elegant home in Evanston, a suburb of-Chicago, a'nd threw himself into the lake from the Dempster street pier. Hammond had been charged with deceiving the directors of the bank, the depositors, and deliberately violating the nationa bank laws. plosion.. The flames sh< the air. The extent of :nowii, but the most iequences are feared. iast slope is believed tofce The machinery will be ake hard work to save ikely the moat serious damage will be confined to the cast slfoe. The flre seems to be burning itclf out. The v oss will be enormous acl •• will -cause jreat destitution among lie miners, as t is doubtful if work can be resumed during the winter. | INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE. Bill Agreed Upon to be I'rjsonted "to' the: «Kcuubllcuii Cains. x, Dee. 31.-The republican .caucus committee abpointed ! to draft a measure providing for an international conference to sedire tho reestablishment,' of bimelallism has agreed upon a bill to bo B'csented to ' will "b'e'fi LEPROSY NOT CONTAGIOUS. This Is tlio Derision of the Now Vorl Academy of Medicine. NEwYomc, Dec. 31,— The Academy of Medicine has adopted a resolution that leprosy, while possibly infections is not necessarily contagious in tins climate. A committee, of which 'Dr'. Fowler, of the board of health, was chairman, declared New'York c jty to be exempt from danger of leprous, contagion, and protested against the segregation of lepers. The committee suggested, however, that steps be taken to prevent the landing ot lepers on our shores. Twenty Spiinlnrds Drowned. Dec. 31,— The arranza, Captain Martinej!, has foundered in the bay of Biscay, off this port. She carried a crew of twenty-two men, twenty of whom were drowned and two succeeded in having themselves,. The Carranvssv wa$ an iron bcrew steamer of 1,408 gross and net tonnage, 355 feet long, 30 feet, flvo inches beam and 18 feut deep. .She was built in JSundorJand in is,8fj and was owned by tho Speiedad Di)_V7.oaya, of steamer I^^^S^I^I^ * At Sail l<'ranf.iKr>iS n -»/»n. /i.,.,,. „:„' ... L or the year. NEW YOHB, Jan. 3.— R, (J, in their weekly reyjew of trade, say: "There havo beco moro commercial failures in 1890 than in any previous ywrwtBcpt !*»»,• 14,800 against 13,107 feV ( «' inwHb - i'ftWlJMv' of about ^35.000,000 agam«t «i73,ioo,Q/50 last increase j p Sper qf almond fay 91 we ie «JO.QPQQO. an -l??^Wt tt ^"' m *f™'« the republican caucus, held soon after the rea&|cnibling of'^ congress. The bill agreed upon is'," brief'and merely couferl upon 'the president the right to appoint delegates-'to any conference which may. be called which has for its object the re-establishment of bi^metijllisin.' 4 It, does not distribute the selection of s ' delegates, as did the legislation of the'; Fifty-third congress, between the? president and the two houses of cop» ' gross, and moreover leaves the number '' to be selected entirely to the discretion, of the president. ,' ,.; MRS. CASTLE WELL'AGAIN, ' 1 Sau FranciscoMUllonare's Wife Sudden^,' Recovers from In sun I ty. , i.',,.t>. Pn;i^ADET,PIlIA, Dec, ^J.— Castle, the wife of the San millionaire, who was admitted to tbe"^ Poiyclinic hospital shortly after-her? return from London, has left that"in-Ki Stitution nerfeotlv wnll. Ait.= noA1V'3 stitution perfectly well. Mrs. was suffering from an internal raal»dy and was successfully operated uppn^jj order to restore her normal condition;, ^The physicians at the hospital siftjf that Mrs. Castle is now in exceJl^V health and does not exhibit the lessV | trace of her foriner malady. It is not 4| known yet what are the future pjims' of the Castles, bpt it js thought tho hn&band an4 wife \ V U1 take a shorb trip somewhere before returning to' 1 ! their VESSEL SUNK WITtf FQRTY, Cargo o( Hands >V«nt Uo>rii. PT.VWOUTW; Kng., Pac,' ai.-An plosion of dynamite tool? place on ' . Jan,"j Democratic Clnb fop tl) all ^B»n ac ratip in the north to uttaid A / 1

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