The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 30, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1896
Page 7
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Mothers afcd ** J*fbbie«i that tot A*a fchitdfess-A i Is a law oi aattirg, and 6d picture of joy afid happ'ihess <am " that of tile vigorous mothef ahd k fier sturdy child, liattife irJakes but feto mistakes, atid every thoughtful person must admit that a 'tsause exists, why so many •\vomeii are childless. The subject baffles the theories of physicians. Such ' Cases are curable [nine times out of ten, as evidenced by thousands of letters on file at ' Mrs. Pinkham's of • j fice. Many a darling baby owes its existence to Mrs. Pinkham's advice and the Vegetable Compound. This ps not to be wondered at when such tes- |timony as the following explains itself: "1 have taken three bottles of your ^Vegetable Compound, one package of fSanative Wash, one box of Liver Pills; id now I have a dear little babe four yeeks old, and I ain well. I have to liank you for this. 'I have spent $800.00 for doctor's bills without obtaining any relief. For tiy cure I only spent $5.00. 'I had been a victim of female oubles in their worst form; suffered atold agonies every month; had to ay in bed, and have poultices applied; ad then could not stand the pain. |" My physician told me if I became egnant I would die. I had bladder ouble, itching, back- lie, catarrh of i stomach, hys- >ia and heart able, fainting Jls and leu- phcea. Can i'wonder that cjg the praises of , edicine that has cured mo of all ills?"—MRS. GKO. C. elmont Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. FIGS AND THISTLES. hat. a bad man hates, the devil lien meri'begin drinking, they gen- stop thinking, pst of us would help the Lord more, would smile more, poking a difficulty square In the will often kill it dead. . fo prayer meeting was ever killed 10 prayers being too short, ie world has learned more from E>oor, than it has from its kings. Jeware' of'the sin whose only de- is that it is hitrhly respectable. Recovered His Conscience. Berk—I've joined church, ocer—Right glad to hear it. I've been lumber for some years. Its a splendid u'g, and— llerk"—Yes sir; and you will get some gr clerk to sell these pure spices now? Conclusive, |cey—Is that au insane jjusley—I guess so; I racked. asylum over notice the walls ,,„ CUKE A COLD ITS ONE DAY. 'TJO Laxative Brorao Quinine Tablets. Al! ;ists refund the money if it fulls to cure. S5c yornan, manager o£ one of the leading e companies of California, receives n year. ' _ . will not cure it, gee ad, Pcovigh so had that Dr. Kay's Lung will not cure- - ' ry of the pres 1 in gold, would weigh almost exactly ot outs den't tidltned TctKiny with a fine io'6k of Scftfn, "What's the matter with my little bby.naw?" "When 1 told her that I tackled Jifta mie Trotter so hard that he had to put on a substertute, she said 1 oster b« ftshatted of mesel!," Taking All the frisk*. "Now, toothef," said the Boston boy, "before you get doDyti to business, let us feasdh together. You only spoil youf slippers, and do toe not any good." "I'll take the risks on this proceed* ing, Gedrge, my son," said the ifrisa Boston mothef, as she took a firm gtifl on the slipper. She Drew the line. Mrs. ftichesse (proudly)—My daugh* ter, 1 think it advisable that you enter the matrimonial state. I have therefore chosen that you should marry Adolphus Frederick de Pissps, Marquis of Higby, Count de Millson, etc. Daughter—Good heavens, mother! Would you have your daughter a bigamist three times over? Running to Extremes. Marylin—Everything nowadays is syndicated. Even the clubmen are employing syndicated valets. Belle—Gracious! First thing we know society will actually stoop to syndicated family skeletons. Everything Handy. Plyrig—I have one weakness—corn. When I die I am going to have some ears of sweet-corn buried with me. Plydig—You had better make it popcorn. It will be so easy for you to pop it. Key to the Combination. MABfe ttftfttlcrg Affe itttltea td Sfetirt 18 Dftt* #«rt ttftVfe their Ifadittttloti* Ffltiteil tree—i>lane(« Indicate fetfrflU, bat D6 thchi. ttfc horoscope bf William McKinley made by Prof. Ctin* nlnghnm a year ago indicated that he would become president of the United States March 4, 189?. .The astrologer visited the McKinley home at Canton for the purpose of obtaining exact data. He was cordially received by Major Meley, Mrs. MclCinley and the president- elect's aged mother. Prof. Cunningham is at present making a horoscope of the McKinley administration, beginning at noon March 4. It will be printed in March. Persons wishing to have horoscopes made should remember to glvn Christian name, place of birth and residence, dale and year of birth, hour and minute if possible. If you do not know the hour, send two two-cent stamps for particulars. Correspondents should also hear in mind that the astrologer wishes it distinctly understood that he treats the position of the planets at time of birth merely as indications and not causes. A planet may signify an event, like the star of Bethlehem for instance, but of itself it has no other connection with it. Correspondents are answered free in these columns. Address Prof. O. w. Cunningham, Dept. 4, 194 Clinton street, Chicago, 111. Answers printed In order as received, Here are. some for this week: fiftttsfc fjOb fret§bifs. '- . - , ' ' A single pttxina tft the Meat spider efts ncdtiid ri&ch ttfetind tJte f wld. • W;hett 6no is.iyjfig dbift& the fcfeafi makes ten strokes lets' p*er minute than when otic is standing tip. Only ohfe marble statue efthe human flfeure with eyelashes Js kndwn. it is one of the gents of the Vatican, the sleeping Ariadne, and wfts found in 1803. Six women can talk at dhce. and get along all right—but no two men can doit, A -behemian is a man wh& borrows money on the strength of wearing a 'Soiled collar. Many a man who wore shoulder straps during the war has been strapped ever since. The virtue which parleys Is sure to surrender; moral strength gives a negative at once. The man who entertains his thoughts would not always like for his neighbors to see his guests. f«liJ8«fiil to At! Hffe iftiith W<fni.?t dttfdti'tfr -i, - fttrt iOc. . at* Teacher—Where are joy, health and happiness to be found? Tommy—In the dictionary. A Murmur from Moscow. "Yes, that French cooking" • The Czar of all the Russias gave a tugovitch at his beardsky. "was too much for me. I must try" He toyed now with his toothpicksky. "try light diet for awhile." Drawing the platter of tallow candles toward him, he nibbled delicately, at these favorite Russian dainties. Fruult. Notro Dame, Incl. You have the zodiacal sign Scorpio rising, with Sagittarius intercepted on the ascendant, and Mercury, Venus and the Sun also there, consequently you have Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the Sun for ruling planets. You are above medium height, and well proportioned body; medium to dark complexion, hair and eyes; the eyes have a peculiar sparkle and sharp sight. You are stirring and energetic, and will always have an ambition for a large business, with plenty of rush to it. You are fond of anything that has a mystery connected with it, and are very original and inventive in your Ideas. You nre also fond of anything pertaining to chemistry and pharmacy. You have good command of language, find, you are also a deep thinker, and do not always tell everything you know. You have strong intuitions, and liave a good knowledge of many things Without ever having had to study to (earn about them. S1OO upward, The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn thut there Is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure In nil' life stages, ' and that la catarrh. Hull's Ciittirrh Cure Is the only ponltiva cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the hloort and mucous surfaces or the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting natnru tn doing Its work. The proprietors-have so much faith In Itn curatlvn powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that It falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address, P, J. CHENJ3Y & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, 7Bc. Hall's Pumfiy Pills arc the best. bo On the Wedding Trip. "You can't both ride A on a single ticket," .said the conductor sharply. "0, I guess we kin," answered Josh, with perfect confidence, as he threw his arm around his blushing companion. "If you'll look at this here dockament you'll see that me and Marchy's jest been made one." i 1 salary of the president for one year, d in g [funds. Nj*l m *f I l^ness Comes Fn. liAttei* imderstandinff of the Keeps Up the Illunion. •May—Does you father allow you to turn down the gas when George comes to see you? , Agatha—No; but we get the best of him all the same. May—How so? Agatha—We wear dark glasses after 10 p. m, He Had Wheels. "My head has been bothering me for some time. I guess I had better go see a doctor," "A doctor for your head? Why not see a machinist?" Hey Leap Year Maid Chance, Reggy, if I should a pOvpO^* ui*wv* WWH '** v *** f t3 ^^ "**"* ppiwt wwwre of the m»w phy» ShicU vanish be|ove proof vp* K**^- .^-..^ ~i- iasftw te«oi'ts-' is corofprt in '50 ve »ot clwe tp any imply* io 4 consti i ^yr»po* Figs/prompt Wjfu'by Jv iettie only H jHiWoiisol fflnjjlies, anajs »estesroed BO highly by-all ™»Qd Jlpftlth. ItS 'hnnnflfinl j'tQtUffftPti, " propose to you, would you marry me? Reggy (absently)— Oh, I always leave ail those disagweeable things to me man, don't you know. The Painter's Dream, "I'd love to paipt her, as shg is," He murmured, of his sainted, "Why shpuld you?" asked his pal, "be, cause Slie is already painted," ;*^ No More Have you heard Brooklyn?' , "No; what is it?" "Tbey 'are putting fenders 0 » the baby carriages." - Miss Miiry K., Gulvu, 111, You have the zodiacal sign Scorpio, which Mars rules, rising at your birth and therefore Mars is your ruling planet or signiflcator. Scorpio usually denotes a person of medium height; well set and compact figure; rather short limbs; the complexion not very clear and oftentimes freckled; the hair dark and of luxuriant growth; you are reserved and secrcUvo in your nature and keep your business secrets to yourself; you are ambitious, stirring and energetic and inclined to take the lead in anything in which you become interested; you are not very yielding in your disposition and when opposed are liable to lose control of your temper; you are fond of anything that .is of a mystical character and easily become interested in anything relating to chemistry; you are a great admirer of surgeons, soldiers, firemen, etc., when they perform any operation that requires skill or any act of bravery, soldiers on dress parade, etc.; you also take quite an interest in war and navy news and all kinds of' military affairs, Itcmote Anccfltry, Sho—How far cau your ancestry traced? "Well, when my grandfather resigned his position ns cashier of a country bank, they traced him us far as China, but he got away." The Success of Henry G. Thnroll, Henry G. Thorell, whose postofllce address is Holdrodi<3, Neb., was at one time a carriage maker in Chicago, Ho removed to Nebraska in 1877. That ho has reason to bVsatisfied is the fact that he is to-day worth 810,000, every cent of it made on his farm. Lastyaar (181)0) ho had l!r>() acres in corn, 250 acres in small grain, !>{> horses, HO head of cattle and 150 hogs. In our "Nobrnska Book" (40 pages with mnps nnd illustrations) are dozens of state nionts like that of Mr. Thorell. They are mudi; l>y fnrmei'K who have mode a success of furiMlng. They show that. Nebraska IH ns I;<MH! in. :iny slnlo in tlio Union. TliH liiink-iii'whluh they apooar is as dil! criMii ('nun i.h« ordinary Hgricultiirnl pnm- phliMi ;is ilny IK from night. It IsinterostinD:,!. truthful. In ft stnlRhtforwriiil, simplo f.tishion, it tolls you everything yon ueud to know nliout Noliraskn--its climate, people, schools, cliurchos, railroads, markets, f>oil nnd crops. It explains \xhy the Nehrnska liinuur in'ikos moiioy in spito of low prices and hnrd limes. Why land IK cheap. And how it is us easy for nil intelligent; nnd industrious man to BUY a Nts- liniRka farm ms it Is to rent one iu any stale oast of the MiBKonri river. Every farm renter who wnnts to become u f (inn-owner; every farm-owner who is tired of trying to mako money oil 1 high- priced laud; overy father who wants to give hifi sons a start on 'the high road to independence, should write for Free. J. VRANCIR. Gou'l Pass'r Agt., liurlliigtou Route, Omaha, Nob. Oomfort. "Ho tins broken my heart," wailed the tienntifnl fcirl. "There, thorp, don't tiikeon so," snid her rieiid in lonos of pity, "it. might, huve been your bicycle." A flO-dmt CiiU'iKlur rron. Perhaps ihn uiosi lioiuilllul ('nk'iiilur Isaunil for tho your'!W In TIIK YOUTH'S COMPAMOM Art. (Ml- nnrtur. which IK Klvcn in uucli Mihsiirlhur i.n Mio |in- per lor ihn yoiir''.iV, It Is nmdi) up ul' Tour tilumiilii!.; pIcMircK, lu'iniilliilly rai>rmliu.'o<l In Iwalvo liiinnu- nloii.s colurs. It. i.s in form u four-iuiuu loldur which, whun ovtciiiluil, IslU.v^l Inches In n\m. Tho buhjucl-s nro ilollchl fully nuriicllro, This Calendar iimkoa a iluslraliUt ornamcni for H mniUoi, conlro- tiihlw or wrIlliiu-rtoMi. II Is olTurecl fur sulc only by iho'publisherof Tin: Vurni's CO.MIMNION at Ml cenl-s pur copy. Only IICIUUIKC of llio unoriiious nuinlioi- iniblisluiil Is it iidssllilo fur iho |iiilillshcrh of Tun CUM I 1 AN I ox tohoml illroo tg all CoJll'A.V- 1ON subbcriOurs. fsarief 81 Iftfo one 26c bfrtfft 6 bottles $06 rfaMft), |l.06* 6 Uftse§ 19 hbt Mid ly by us and ou? f his *bnderfiil curative gives toosl ihstatit relief ana is a S6fm cure In rheuhiatlsffl, sciatica, fteUfal- gia, dyspepsia, backaene r a8thmB, bay fever, catarrh, 'sleeplessness, ner.v6Us* hess, nervous and neuralgic" headacnei beat weakness, toeth&che, eat-kche, croup, la gflpp, tottlaria, creeping numbness, bfbndiitls, atid klhdfed die* eases. - , "it Is ttbt often that we eattthend in these coltimns-ttftytblttg of a tt6dldft» al character, but our Cbicago representative Has had persbtial"' ftdtieSfl to the correspondence ot\ this Company* and has seen some of the many thotis* atads of genuine testimonials and let' ters they receive daily, and assure tis that the cures affected by this remedy border on the marvelous.— Chicago Opinion. If suffering do not delay, but order today. Your money refunded if 6 drops falls In any way short of what we claim. SWANSON RHEUMATIC CURB CO., 167 Dearb6rn St., _ Chicago, 111. Equal parts of ammonia and turpentine will take the paint out of clothing, even if it baa become hard and dry. Wet the spot as often as necessary, and wash out In soap suds. One teaspoonful of ammonia in a cupful of. water will clean gold or Silver Jewelry. A few drops on the under side of a diamond will clean it Immediately, making it very brilliant Old brass may bo made to look like new by pouring strong ammonia over it, then scrubbing with a brush; rinse in clean water and be careful not to touch your hands with the ammonia. The largest, standing; arniy In possessed by Russia. Germany and France come next. ^_ _ ______ California. If you will send your name and address wo will send a representative, to your homo ta explain all about the advantages of 'Phillips-Rock Island personally conducted Tourist Car Excursions to California. Address A. Phillips & Co., 01 Adams street,- .Chicago. ,lohn Sebastian, O. P. A., Chicago, I'll. Thirty colored men nnd one colored womaii nre now prnoticliiK liiw In Chicago. baa tflftei fruit % - f h&se whb make the theff'feet, will'ftevi 1 me ,{ tlffle IB the the at thfe fneis the hypacrlte begins to Wefe^-afe pettple whb pi'aylttg for, the f flt . FITS Blopimil fruit uml |i6rinuii<inlly r.iiriid. Nnfltn nflrr firm day n IIHII ul' Or. Kliiiu'M (iroal Nerve Kostoi'cr. KIIM *a HIM hill l In mill lrimtlm> bend In l)n. Ki.iMic,U3l Airli St., I'liiladulplila, I'd. The soup or the iilghtlngtile cnn bo lienrd :it llio distuticG of n mile, Mrs. WIiislow'H Soouuiig Syrmi IMri'lillilruii loulliliiK. HnriiinKlliiiKMtiiH, rRiliimihiHiim lauitun, uiluyBUiilu, i-iiruB\viii>lcolir. M>i!ciit»ii Ijulllu hy Christmas if yon expect to (jot unythinp. 'hl Citinpi TliiKiriKlinil ami inily Ki'iuiliM'. Curi's chiiiipuil llnnils Ulul l-'ucu. Oulil Koru.H. Ait. l'. (.'. (/'lurk (,'(i., N, Hitvcn, Cu Tho wives of Siamese) noblemen out theii h.iir so thut it sticks Ktrnight up from thoii hpiids, The nvurugo Jeu^th of it is about an inch and n half. Cardinal Hohonlolie is the otie-h\mdro(! [Hid fifteenth curdiaal to die since Loo XII bucamo popo, A child's linud is no small that a Lin? •'presBut will lill it. ^ "Mend it or End it," has been the rallying cry of'! reform, directed against abuses municipal or social. tfor tlic wan who lets himself be abused by a cough the cry aliould be modified to! Mend it, or it'll end you. .foU can mend any cough, wltli Ayer's . Cherry Pectoral. Union Ry, Go, Lands 050,000 ACTOB ITarin Lands, 4,000,000 Acres Grazing Lands, In •. Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah. Excursion Kates for Homoseekers. Faro ICvriin(1e<l to. Purchanori> REDUCED PRICES-TEN YEARS TIME ONE-TENTH DOWN. B, A, McALLASTER, Land Commissioner, OMAHA, NEB. E? A B3ft Mfl E? D C Wanted In every, I" « K IVi Km K *» township 3 days » - • week, to distribute siunplos, itolloot names ana , worlf up tnianfordrugBiatson tUo three groat < rurally roinodios:-Dr. Kny's Renovator, ,0r,. < Kay's IJUHK Halm and KMdnoyUuni. Good pay^ to irmn or woraiin Send for ImolUoUnd terais.A Dr. B. .1. Kuv Moillcal Co , Omitlia. Noh _ ^i 1 , MENTSWftNTED To noil ouvMIBIN*!BOTA grown VBVIVS and , 8KKOS. You cannot nlConl to mloii our oilers. it m"lln« work, VAY WEKKI^'V. l.aku Oily, Minnesota. W. N. U. Des Moines. No. i—1897. Whon Anhnurluu Advortiaoaiouts Kludly Mentlpn This I'iipur. A CliriHtiunA Ituok, ••] want to liny n Clii'istmns present of a 'book for n young- man." "Yes, miss, what kind of a book would yon liko'f" "Why, n book for a young innu. 1 ' "Well, -'but wlmt kiiul of n young i "Oh, IIU'H lull ami hurt light, ljuir lie ulwayb wears blue the latest from A» ot John M., Brooklyn. You have the zodiacal sign Leo, which the sun rules, rising at birth an4 therefore the Sun is your ruling planet or .significator, The sign Leo usually denotes a wiry, muscular, slender figure, with wide shoulders in proportion to the rest of the body; the complexion fair and ruddy; the hair and eyes light; the eyes are large and in some cases they would be called "popeyes." You are o£ a sunny, cheerful temperament; you are charitable and generous, too much so for your own good; you are very restless when not busy at something; you are very apt to borrow trouble "in some way oi' crdss bridges before you get to them; you are apparently quick tempered yet seldom get yow deep anger aroused; yet when you do you bep° me very fierce like tne lion; wKe» your unger is once aroused you will give somebody that was tie cause of it the full benefit of your opinion regardless of their position or rank. You have more than Average pride and ambition and have a natural gift Pi way fee engaged, but I c&o never conceive of your being la love. but * never conceive of your being dear, th? 4»vn is Aur9r»'tjn,t8 the epft— eh'- P^ Y9\»r*yw and Moves tin! bmviils.puob 'lny. In order to be healthy, tliis is ncceijhai'y. Acts g«j}tly on the livor and kiilneys, Cures sick hoiitludKJ. J'rlco 9ft and DOc. "Kind lieni'.lK nrw more tlinn ooronets"— ' "J'ls. triU) of this or njiy nntioti; Bui intiri'i|ifjtMibl» girlti ((eclitru TUut'b not. ninui'oantile quotation. IOWA FAKJUH for s-nle on crop payments, 10 per font cuhli, iJHlinice y, crop yourly un- 'iij paid fur, J.AlULHAJJj, AVDuke^unj 111. H is when the turkey is in the oven that th» cook i niies Krownjiig. f I I A Thumbscrew Torture to the BIGGEST NERVE is SCIATICA. St. Jacobs OH It turns back the screw. — It unwinds the twist.— IT SOOTHES. NO FURTHER PAIN, IT CURES. HTHAT Listless, Aimless, Dull, Lacfc-< Lustre feeling- of yours shows that your internal machinery is running too slowly. \7/M ir& LIVER IS%AZY Y1 9 U K BOWELS are languid v §LOOD is sluggish , cut » niove on wlthqut dpUy. or you'll be n very »lck person. Caic»r«U' C«i|i)y'' Cath«r(lp, moHe yowr ||yer lively, your bowels r*guf»r, your blood puro.jnove yoqr niicfilntry. Buy • box to-diy,any drugstore, top,, SKC ' BO?., or mailed for prlw. & 1 Write for booklrt and fr« sample. delay, or you'll r c«t(i«r«[p, m« •r, your blood p S^WWJ CANDY CONSTJPATIOW, 8TERLINQ REMEDY COMPANY, QHIQAQQ; MQNTR6AI., OAN.i .NEW YQ*,Ki,, W TfiE .DEflD OF THE YEftR, Prominent Men AH Died oi mat Oraat Modern ora-~&rlgiiy§ A Towel ot UlptMnif J»»p»r. paper n»s been put tp a variety oj uses but its most curious employment is la the recent patenting la that ft BeVBOB »n stepplngvOUf of his morning bath, instead p j rubbing &»«• nit 'dry in the ovt^o* wanner, Ws body in a tpwel of vM«b • will, a t*v . »pw m drift.. Tftt fc'^ k i .i*& , i ! *?i 1>'^ • "• Vf f v ; ;S»i *4*iy The year Just closed h«a furnl?Ue4 urray of prominent >»«» who of the HWr Profeaaor and the, have ng of Bristol's Tho number Austin Abbott, the Ki'eat of law booUs»; M. D, Hrwdy, photographer: Uol. Tb^fi, W. tf the "Boy TrftveJlei-s" Pamevoy, live pvp^inrot „ wU,l) tl>U eerjows faej. There are a»en w4 wpjuen |p every ,. . tion of &B>ejio» ixJm fee} nut of iiQjfUi an4 wh<j &o not rg«i]g.e wh^t Jt jss ihifti affects thenj. ^JbefTHW'hftVS MMtei;, pMns J R yftrlftug, j3»m »f tt»M»S$v »M»P I^J«R.% *: m mttj^ |Y,QPWB4W«' a- fjn H\Q«^vi»tow.iirt Inlno ann^ n crone t>8$% *fWl r^n^p ^SftS\ft^ «S""° ,*w, is tn» 9U.e ana 1 «?$ tMs ,t*»TjW»v sr— ,wwnfiy'»:M8: rfShTM® ms&jfi-' mm

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