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The Olean Democrat from Olean, New York • Page 1

The Olean Democrat from Olean, New York • Page 1

Olean, New York
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BUVBS PBBSONB. Publisher 50 Par. If not 8 Hat's known op Olcnn Uouiw. Union 81 L.GLEASON, VOL. in.

Humes Jones, (XLEAN, CATTARAUGUS N. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1882. OJ.K A URANCE AGENCY. Ace, 79 Union St. ikcHluo'h Store.


J.O.V 97 1 Ol' NOUTU A A PA. 1X6 21. 4 15 F1KK ASSOCIATION, PA. 7183... I'll.

108 78 l.ail.Htt.l. VTIONA1. I A HAUrKOKD 29. 324 fl'W 3WKNT 'K CO 'IIARTFOBD. 1.07.

IHJ.tjll.S INSURANCE KSOI.ASD. 4 T. l.r.U.WJl. losses promptly and fivirlj Istcd. F.


A. COVELL, Contractor and Builder, Shop OZ.EA.3ST, IT purirmnently locnlwl in Olrnn, I am firetinred to contrnct for Any Clam of Work Desired niu) refer to the 1 hute already licd for Mewim. K. L. lcey, F.

Bnptint Cliurcn enlargement, Samples of My Work. I also keep ou hand nfull of Windo-wa, Doom, Sash, Blinds Mouldings, etc. attention glreh to 3 7 A I fmm (o (I IN' i'jr lfT I f'T StandsdOthsr Prices at low an tlione of any other repu A.A.COTU.I. WILL YOU EXCHANGE CMM Of for 75 cento? It Is nwflUly nntrlse to Agonice an- nrisinf from Iiidlgetttion. Disordered Stomnchand Liver, -when this offer is made to you In your oirn bome in all i i i i i i with an absolute certainty of cnrlniryou.

ZOPESA (from Brazil) Dyspepsia and Biliousness. A HinKle dose reliercs; a cample bottle convinces; a 75 cent bottle It acts directly upon the Stomach, Liver, and Kidneys. Cleansing, Correcting, Regulating, Zopesa gives energy and vim to the Brain, Nerve, and Muscle, simply by working -wonders upon the Digestion, and giving activity to the Liver. Out this out, take it to any dealer in medicines, and get at least one 76 cent bottle Zopesa. and tell your neighbor how It acts.

It is warranted tq cure Dyspepsia and Bil- ionsneM. WASHINGTON. IOW THEY SPEND THE StHHMEB DAYS, I 18 A SURE all of the and LIVER -II IIM i.llnn thl. nort Importont mkMiBC it to thnw off torpldltT and tton, rtlnmUtlnc Uwhnlthy wontlon of uA br kMptoV th. bowolfl tnv 1U rofulur Wmditten, jmm ii thoclHU.i, W.

bUiaai, orcoruHpntoil, Kldjiey- TWort will rarely roU.T. nod oars. In tie Bprtnj clean" t1uSrV-C'i, ovory hoald Uk. thoiaugU oouno of It. SOLD BY PRUOOI8T8.

KIDNEY-WGRT READ! READ! READ City and County The only Illustrated Literary and Agricultural paper in America, will be sent to any address, on trial three months Fur 15 cents. The yearly subscription price is $1.00. Agents innke easily from $15 to $30 per week. One lady sacured 28 subscribers in one day. Send for special circular to ngcnts, which will show you how to make $50 in the next days during your losure hours.

No premiums, nochro- mos; but solid cash to agents. Address, ClTT A Columbus, 0. CLEAN, K. Y. DR.

W. L. FISHER, BURGEON DENTIST. qffleo opposite PMtoOtce, Uulon up italn. CLEAN HO USE, N.

Y. M. K. HirrvllKISS CHOP Btrnlly Incntod. Bldn Mnio Nt.

R.rhnr fliop a Hit Blltll KoollW Rtttchcd Aud manage to ExUt In Absence of the FcntlTe From our Begulm WASHINGTON, D. C. 31, away from Washington we apt to think this a very dull season with us, but the National Capital is never dull, and if we who really live hore did not have a breathing spell after the wisdom tnat dropped around us bv the solons of our nation, and the flibustering and parliamentary tactics endured for over eight months there is no knowing what the conse quences might be. Secretaries Lincoln and Teller have made it lively here hy their action excluding women from obtaining appointments in their departments, in the eight hundred appointments to be made. Consequently the women have donned their war paint and organized a Woman's National Labor League for the purpose of concentrating the working woman's influence throughout the country, and members and senators are threatened with the exposure of the names and characters of some of their special favorites appointed here.

The Star Boute trial still drags its winding way, and it is apt to be very confusing to the average brain, when the thermometer is fooling among the nineties, to read one paper and have it conclusively proved that the other side are all liars, thieves, robbers and other cheerlul members of society, and then read another one and become impressed that it was the other side again that deserved the chromo in the above characters. There are still a few members of the house and senate that walk around the deserted halls of the Capitol. You niny break you may ncntter our Congrrns if But a ghoM of it will linger hero Mill. Oil Exchange RESTAURANT, 133 UNION strictly Brut In nil rcspocH, holau bral rniaiirint In town. Meals rooked ll hoiiriiMid jurivi" ierml in promptest ohllitlnz mnuni-r.

furnlihed to diDciDK i on iiollco. Claim rpi iTi'rt fresh pvnrjr da' In th i i inrrril In tljrle. i i and a I IMTKMAN, Prop. Croods are Every Day Re ceived at "DENTIST. S.


25. to 12 A. and 1 to 8 P. M. GARY, JEWELL ft RCMSEY.

tVTTORNEYS AND COUNSELLOK8 AT LAW, Vlpplwnrn Store Union 8t U-nHit ol those Pay nnd get great bargains- in all kindt- of hoice Family Groceries I I I KTC. iliON FLOUR 18 A SPECIALTY U.nns, Chctxe. ICggs. of Best Quality, Always? Bought and Sold. "KUM AND YSTONK BLOCK.

OUNSR STATE AND UNION STREETS, OLE AN, N. Y. Attorney and Counsellors at offiM oYor Pipe Lino Oinco Union A N. AM, BI'llKiaW rRU.MITLY ATTE nn.ii'KH. THUS.

E. W. GEORGIA. OF Great Inducement Parties Living in Olean and Vicinity in all Kinds of FTJRTVTTTJTE. 7 2 Buffalo 1.1.

8CHLDND.4 DOLL. PIANO, ORGAN, VOICE AND HARMONY A I ftt I. Music or Olran.W Y. "jOHN 7 sllOTEL, Hitla Street, N. Flrtt claw BOOIOJ aod (iood Fine Liquors, uootl Lager, nnd No.

I Clgara. mlnntM walk from dopoi. Uhnrnca rraionable, GEO. JOHN'S, Pro Dr. J.

O. RICHARDS, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICiN SURGEON Office over llf ffaliimat Bank. PARKER'S GINGER TONIC. A Pure Family Medicine that Inrigorates without Intoxicating. Tf yTM m-chimc or former, worn out with inn by family or twnrthold dutwj try GINOM Tonic.

If you a miimwr at man whauled by Mrsln Of Urinary Complaints or if sie WOHktad disonkr of slomxlv kmvtli. or nm e. Polrom you can hy PAKICM'S TOHIC ISM DalSaiTls Jre 1 Hying from hint, kidney 4 PAKKBH-M OINUSK K.H.C you WMBBK from sgl. dtssipatioii of any ink. OnrosR Tonic at onw.

will inngonu ami build yw up from Ih. i 11 feu MWtd kmxlnds of lira it may nut jours. your or NwVotk. m. ssMBg hi Buying JeHar time OfBcf hours from to II n.

1.10 lo 3 nd 7 8 m. I at ortco both day nod nluhl. or with Ur. K. U'wln, doutlft, irlll re- prompt attrntlitn.

of tlilldrcn nnd acute and chronic or tho throat miidn a speclnlty. lalklAwtl. Mrs. Garfield has presented the Ohio State association with a hundred year lease of the house owned by the late President and in which he lived until taking possession of the White House, to be known as the Garflcld House. The house in question is in one ot the best and most valuable portions of the city -a plain but substantial double house with a pretty yard at tho side.

Since his death it lias had a sad look, as if the grief of the country was felt even by the in animate walls where the happy family so long resided, not allowing the turmoil of public life to break into the sanctity of home. Col. A. F. Rockwell, Commissioner of public grounds who was the warm loving friend of tho late President, is often seen stroll- IUK by the deserted house "in the gloaming" and leaning sadly over the little fence railing.

The comedy and tragedy of life is more forcibly illustrated here in Washington than, perhaps, in any other city. The house formerly occupied by Belknap, when Secretary of War where his lovely fascinating wife reigned queen and gave some of the most brilliant receptions ever given, to which the leading people of the country fought for invitations, is now to fall into the ranks of boarding houses, and the dining room, filled with the recollections of superb lunches, aesthetic ghosts of bruve men and beautiful women, will now resound with the cries of the hungry boarder for more substance to his soup. It is the common ffite of most of the houses, celebrated in times past, to end up in the inevitable boarding house. The handsome house of Chief Justice Chase, where Kate Chase Sprague so gracefully presided, ia now the refuge of any one who can pay a monthly room rent, and has even gone through the mortification of haying the gas turned off for nonpayment. To what uses do great houses como at last! Your correspondent is writing this letter in the room formerly occupied hjr Bob Toombs and Alexander Stevens.

nature DM- not imtellmC them animals, given them an iav yerr muck akin to it A mao hat only to hunt them hi their how wonderfully Providence has taught them to choose the moat favoratilt ground, whether for feeding or encamping, and to resort to jungles where theii ponderous bodioa ao resemble rotjks ot the dark foliage, that it is very diffireull for the sportsman to distinguish them from surrounding objects; while theii feot are so constructed that not only can they tramp any kind of ground, whether hard or soft, thorny or smooth, but without emitting a souhd. Sorao oi their encamping grounds are models ol ingonnify--some of them perfect fortresses. I once followed up a herd and found them in a small forest Surrounded on three sides by a tortnons river, im- passabln for ordinary mortals by reason either of the depth of water, its precipitous banks, quicksands or entangling tvucJs in its bed, while the fourth side was protected liy a tangled thicket, further protected by a qOagmire iufnmt. To get sit Vhem without theto was at last, when I did got wttliin of tho forest, the elephants rciniittu'l by the opposite side to that by ivliioh I luvl appVo vclic'l, anil aftur following tliura tor several hours I did not get a shot. Tho damage done to rice crops, Mr.

Sanduraon tliinks, is exaggerated. It Mysore; but in fturmtih, in many places, it is excessive. While employed on survey work in the Tharawittldio district, I havfe been followed about by villagers pointing out done and asking for a remission of tax, mistaking me fbr a revenno officer. No one supposes elephants have tho reasoning powers possessed by man; if they had, we should be their slaves, and not they ours; buf their instinct is wonderful. I will give a oonple of instances: When war broke out with Burmali, a lot of ole- phiuita were sent aoross fronj Bengal to Prome by hind, under the olmrge of Captain Baugh, of the Bengal Twenty-sixth.

Among them was a magnificent tusker. He took a dislike to this officer, why was not known. SOTM said it was because he had knocked off the elephant' neok his mahout; but be the reason what it may, this brute tried to kill Baugh, anrl him only, several times. I have saanhirr. thrashed for this several times by othe- armed with chains, who Wield ed them much as a drummer docs tb lash ths halberds; but it was of no his dislike was inveterate, would tak.

no food except from a pet female, had two lashed alongside of him,) eventnally died at Shpaydoung. As rule, elephants timid, quiet, inoffensive; but when and closely fol- NPW FTTFR I soothe the agitated heart. An ap- 1N I MIVIS. 1 I propriaftt has of course been NOTES ANJB NEWS FROM A Spier tetter or.I»«ere»« Everybody Dished np in a IHanner. CFroro our regular lowed up, or females with young, their fury knows no bounds.

They dread firs more than anything else; but one elephant belonging to the battery in Assam was an exception, and would assist ia putting out a fire. This same elephant would tlo what I never knew any othsr to do, when a beast's neck was cut through, all but the vertebrae, (it did not matter whether the beast was a buffalo, a deer, tiger, or anything else,) it would, when ordered, put a foot on the neck, twine the trunk around the head, with a wrench, separate it from the body and hand it up to the mahout. I have neen one or two elephants that would hand a dead bird up; but most of them will not touch anything of the sort. Nor would they intentionally tread upon a fallen man or beast--those used for exo cntions in the roda--have been taught to do so. foolish men teach their elephants to trample upon a dead body, and by so doing ruin them for sport.

An elephant, unless vicious by nature, will only do at first with the greatest rcluetanoe, nt after a time, if anything falls before It it is apt to charge, and if it does not kneel down suddenly and throw the occupant out of the howdah, it gets tho animal between its legs, and plays a sort of football with it, throwing it backward and forward between tho front and hind legs rfntil it is of the consistency of a JeDy. Men are occasionally thrown ofl the back of au elephant; what would tiicir fate be mounted on a beast who had been taught such tricks? An elephant I bought of Mr. Tye had once been cut by a rhinoceros. Nothing would induce her to enter a jungle where one of these animals was; the very slio-htest scent of one would send her flying. A splendid female mnckna belonging to my department cared nothing tor a tiger; would kick ono out of her path without showing the slightest signs uneasiness, bnt if she met a Our Declaration of Inde pendenoe! THE LITTLE JOKER.

WxhM without pounding, rolling, muemitng, prawlng boiling, summing, or imn ol cbemlelra rubbing or frlc'lon of any kind. J. E. HAET, Agent, Henley St. Ol.KAK.N.Y Or Address, C.

A. DODGE P. O. I'ox 431), Kochcsier, N. Daisies--Now a tlayj not to line "Tca- new cxqtiisile for the Teetli and Brralh, argues not to be Recherche, take a look al it at your diiig store.

6 cent The Post office at Henry on the B. E. C. road has been discontinued. It was situated between Allentown and Bolivar, and when made a post office last winter was in the midst of a lively oil business which called for postal facilities.

It apparently doesn't need them now. EXCHANGE-A I A A MOORE HOUSE (Formerly llo-nc) M. V. MO RE, Prop. OI.KAN, Y.

A RESORT For the trarullng public. home boen thoroughly owrbiuM NEWLY FORN'I'SHE'D THROUGHOUT It li with nil modern Offlco bills coiinectlni! purlors bed Location ou Onion 81 overlooking the Park G. A. HALL" nd dealer In wonderful citilinlicon known ns Mrs K. Pinkhara's VeKdnblc Cum pound "liassivLK the lady a world wide rei- iiiniion for doing guml.

It like living spring to ihf vital confilinuion Her Blood Pnntier i do todi-ans Ihc channels o( Hit- i i a i nnd purify the life of ihe a all the' saniniry devices of Ihe iniard of OLKA.1ST, N. Y. Paid in, $110,000.00 $55,000.00 Doorn Blinds Mouldings Flooring. Ceiling, Siding, Turning, Etc, A Germnn named Clem hepse, residing nt CniTollton, died last week from excessive use of liquor. He had been a hnrd drinker for years and was subject to attacks of delirium tremens, and it was one of these at tacks which resul'edin his death, He leaves a wife find children.

Consumption. It in said that people die annually In the United States alone from this disease. In some seflionaof tho country one dealh In erery three Is from consumption. This can bi, and should be our people are to'curelpss about au ordinary cough or cold, and olhor of throutand InnK affections that lead to this dls- nino You should arrest It while It Is In the fnra. Two or three dosei of Dr Bosunco'sCough Lung fyrop will relieve an ordinary cough or cold.

It does not dry np coniU like many prep- antlODS on the market and lonre the disease behind it, bat it nets directly on the throat bronchial tnbea, remorlng all the phlegm and morbid matter that accumulstca In the throat and lungs. It allays all Irritation, and renders the clrar and Bold by J. V. D. Coon, Olian.

S. Y. Sample bottles tree, lyrd nothing Mold Field. DeLong franklin. The points of resemblance between Franklin and DeLong are too striking to escape attention now and the of historians hereafter.

Their mission to the polar seas was substantially same; both failed to accomplish the wortt (or which they set forth; both the most heroic qualities of daring, ei durance and fortitude, and both died tl starvation. There is another point of resemblance which has pathetic interest, as the world remembers the woman whose faith in her husband's return has remained steadfast through long month's erf suspense, but is to-day broken by the intelligence sent by Melville from the Lena delta. Like Franklin, DeLong leaves behind him a noble wife to mourn his fate, and her sorrow challenges the sympathy which the world bestowed so freely upon Lady Franklin. It remains for the American people to see that the memory of DeLong is honored like that of Franklin by his countrymen. The first duty of the Nation is to see that the body of the explorer, with the -of his comrades, brought to America for honorable interment.

It will then be a to we that a monument such as England erected to Franklin, is reared to the memory of a hero whose name will henceforth be a synonym for bravery and and manly N. T. Mail and --The London World tells thii story of Balzac: Balzac was the neighbor of Prince and often used to pay him a Tisitin the morning, clad in the corn- pletest neglige. One day Bateao met lis neighbor's a niece of the Prince, and felt bound to excuse himself on the nature his attire. "Monsieur," replied the young ladv, "wheji 1 read your books I did not trouble myself about the bind- tog." -Cotewayo, the ex Znln Sing, ab jured polygamy.

Ask your druggists for Yes Tooth Powder nnd take no other. NEW YORK. August 31at Match making mammas complain that never in all their recollection and experience has a summer season been so dull and so unsuccessful as the one now approaching its close. Marriageable young men seem to grow scarcer and scarcer. At the summer resorts, and, particularly the places, beauty of face and.fjgure on the part of the fair sex istpassed by almost unoticed, save by the unappreciated ogle of the callow youths just budding into that period of maturity, when the down the upper lip is tbe main personal object of 'the owner.

Con vei sational power has long ceased to attract anything but the "old school" towards young ladies in fact this is a dangerous ac complishment to possess nowadays, for that has tbe power to talk on various subject is apt to be voted either a bore or a bluestocking-- in either case she is an object more be shunned than to be sought after. "Young men are not what they used to be," said a charming lady to me one evennig on the piazza of the Oriental Hotel at Manhattan Beach. She is on the sunny side of forty, still beautiful, appreciative of the world's goods, and very tolerant of the short comings of the sterner sex if they would only have the good na ture to obtrude them. The only thing to mar her perfect enjoyment of thing as they come in the fact that she had three marriageble daughters, whom, despite her and her daughters combined efforts, she has thus far been unable to place. "When I was a girl" said ''young men could talk, They took pleasure and pride in meeting ladies; to be able to converse or even indulge in mall talk was an accomplishment; to dance was a pleasure, and to sing or play an instrument were things for which every man with an aim to succeed tried to fit himself.

Now they are nothing not sporting characters. AtJNewport. they the hounds or play polo and in the intervals talk horse. At Saratoga when they not at the race track they are talk- or thinking about it, and at Long Branch they are either discussing the chances of horses for certain races, or they drive out and rehearse stable gossip. I am not opposed to young men being fond of out door sportp, I maintain thay should not entirely forsake the parlor for the stable.

It is proclivity which keeps men single. Then too there are tho restaurants and barrooms who confirm their inclinations toward single blessednesss. With the delicacies obtainable at public tables and the fare obtainable in the home circle, no matter how good, is not good enough, and corn- pounders of drinks, yclept bartenders, do their share in seeing that the foolish nien do not spend to much money on others save themselves." Talking about compounders of drinks reminds me of the fact that never before has the taste for "mixed drinks been so great as at present and new ideas, and new combinations Hro constantly being brought forward. It is but a short time ago that a mixture of whiskey, vermouth and bitters came into vogue. It went under various names-- Manhattan cocktail, Turf Club cocktail, and Jockey Club cocktail.

Bartenders at first were sorely puzzled what was wanted, when it was demanded. But now they are fully cognizant of its various aliases and no difficulty is encountered. At one of the hotels', famous for its bar. a new drink has just been invented. It consists of brandy, a touch of bitters, a dash of Maraschino a suspicion of lemon and plenty of ice.

They call it a foxhound invented for the fair banjo twanger. It consists of a skirt of mahogany red gingham, or woolen stuff with a tunic ot gaily flowered sateen in. the same shade. The hat has a dashing and wiM appearance with a lot of impossible pleats on one side and its most striking feature is a brigand leJSjWBi JLs the rather short, barely touching a youag lady- arrayed in this way is perfectly irresistible, and armed with the modern substitute of the lute of former days, the heart of the young man must indeed be obdurate who can resist her. All is activity in the theatrical world.

The plaza in Union Square awarms with professionals. Last evening a number of theatres were re-opened for the season. The Flag had its first night at the Union Square Theatre. The Blackbird chirped at Harrigan and Hart's and Ranch 10 was shown at Haverly's. The Blackbird although voted a success by the large audience of first nighters is not likely to proye such a card as the Mulligan series for Harrigan and Hart.

In fact, the opinion is general that Mr. Hr.rrtgan should have left well enough alone and stuck to strictly American vaudeville through which his house and his company have become famous. The piece is superbly mounted and; Dave Braham has furnished some good music but it lacks the familiar air which patrons of this house have become accustomed to. Selina Do laro still attracts large audiences to the Bijou, and it is wonderful what a favorite she is among men. The ladies now and then are apt to think her costumes and her manner a little too risque, and would prefer if she played more to them than to the sterner sex, but Selina is content to let them cavil.

In her acting she combines all the languor of the English woman of the world with the ardor of the Spanish girl of the pee- ple. She has what the meu call speaking arms and when she languidly swings them and sways her body in dreamy delight to the music of the castagnettes in her own little Spanish song the house imvariably grows enthusiastic. Theo's pictures are in the show windows, but they were evidently taken some time ago. People who have seen her recently say that she has grown somewhat maturer in aopearance. In fact they assert that she has grown quite stout.

Another soubrette who is likely to create somewhat of a sensation this winter is the popular Viennese favorite, Josephine Gallmeyer, who for a decade has been admiringly termed "our Pepi" by the amusement loving people of the gay city on the Danube. The Thalia Theatre will bring her out and no doubt this house will be as much of an attraction to American theatregoers as it has been NO. 41. Creedmoor continues with wonderoug vigor and the best results are anticipated. None of the scores made thus far have been exactly remarkable, but the records are so evenly good that with steady work on the part of our champions, the British visitors will indeed have a long pull to make in order to beat them.

The officers of the National Kifle have the management of the affair, promise the public superior railroad accommodations and the best of care on the grounds. They must needs improve on previous performances, for at the last international shoot at Creedmor, it was indeed torture to spend a day on the arid plains and a horror to ride home afterwards in overcrowded cars. Specialty of Flae Oton4 TRY OCR PRICES BBFOKB GKTTISG YOCSt XLSEWUXRJS. FOR THE FIRE BOYS COK.V31N DEVOTED INTERESTS. TO TBEM What lite Brave Firemen are and Doing In their Own the Interest.

in I' i The ver lir i ll 'market conic Irom l.i and readily br njj $1 otv'i. the pro 1- ucts begin to rae fro Coorgin, by this time the pick ngs in I'lord-i largely inciwcil. Jfext niolom are shipped from Charleston, S. and ss the season advances they i to be brought from Moorhead City, N. by way of Point Lookout from Powell's Point, N.

through the canal and sound, and making the sea at Cape Hatteras. The fruit from Norfolk brought by the Old Domin'on steam- shipsT Up nnd down the coast the water melons may be seen in transit piled high on the decks of the trim little oyster boats. These bpata in the winter season are engaged in carrying; the luscious then, after a few tript carrying up Irish potatoes from Southern ports, the watermelon season opens and keeps them busy until the sweet potatoes demand a few trips. Up to thirty schooner loads in a single day have arrived at this port, but somehow all the fruit finds a market, though occasionally a dealer insisting on a certain price finds himself with a lot of soft fruit on his hands, and is compelled to Correspondence of to firemen solicited from all paru of the country. AJdresa D.

Me- Millen. editor Ire column. SCXDAY HEIUI.D. Fnnz out the lags upon the kreeio. Let muMC charm the day; While shouti to up like roar And ererf heart be gay.

For the laddirn hare come to town, lo-dar The laddies come to town; The laddies so brare, who fiehl to sare. The laddies have come town. beauty smile a welcome brifbt To thos? who Lnow its power. And sparkling JM flash out their light To happy make honr, For the laddies haTe come to town, to-dar, The laddies hare come to day, In white and nd, and bands ahead, The laddies hare come town. Ring out the bells from steeples br.iwn, Let rockets climb the sky; We hare a jubilee in town Whose fame shall DeTer die.

I addies haTecoioe to town to-day 1 he laddies hare come to town; "So handsome, ny, and are they. The laddiei hare cone to town. Hurrah' hurrah' and three times three. A welcome we will ring; Until the echoes, wild and tree. Their praises back will bring.

For the laddies hare to town to-day, The laddies hare come to town, With hearts as bold as th' knights of old. The laddies hale come to town. last seasons whenGerstin conlm throw the stuff overboard. The fruit coming by the sailing vessels is the more carefully handled, and there is less loss, though now and then a sudden extra lurch may send a score or two from the deck load bobbing overboard. At the steamer docks there may often be seen a heap of several hundred broken melons, about which hover a crowd of street boys and 'longshoremen, each greedily breaking out chunks of the red, succulent meat within and eating it with great relish and little cer- emonv.

The melon really becomes a popular fruit when the Jersey crop cornea in. sweeps all the Southern prices away and they sell down at wholesale as low as ten dollars per hundred, for twenty-five cents the groeeryman can well afford to furnish a line, fate fruit, one which when picked up and pressed will respond with that peculiar crackle from the interior by which an epicure in melons selects his fruit. three most marketable varieties of the melons are the Spanish, Jer-cy sweets and stripes. It is a common trick with the guileless countrymen who rrow the melons to cross breed them with pumpkins, and while the result is an unusually Inrgu and externally handsome melon the heart is fibrous, after thw manner of a pumpkin. The made by dropping a pumpkin seed every tenth hill, and the pollen carried from the pumpkin llowers to the melon blossoms produces the desired retult.

Few of these mongrel melon', have made their appearance "in market tins year, and the. have been rejected, ti-achinz to be cocktail and its invention is attributed to a well known hunting man, who in his moments leisure at Newport concocted it and on his return to tbe city confided tbe secret to the head oartender of the hotel alluded to. It is an excellent appetizer end its inventor claims that as an after dinner drink it cannot be BUI passed since he hns found it to be and best aid to digestion he has partaken of. magnet. A new opened in Harlem, exiled tlw Mount Morri 1 Thus combirftttions can now play flyo different engagements in this city; on upper Broadwiy, at the Windsor, the Grand Opera Niblo's and in Harlem.

The Grand opera house which is now under Mr. Abbey's management has been beautifully fitted up. In fact the alterations and new dacorntions have cost Abbey a great deal of money, and he feels a bit anxious about the result. But if the business is at all well managed Abbey cannot fail to "come out ahead," There is no stage in the city equal to that of the Grand opera house for spectacular performances. The outlook generally for the coming theatrical season is a brilliant one.

There seems to be plenty of money among the people, and they appear to be in a mood to spend it. In fact everywhere, in trade and on the stock exchange the feeling is bullish, and those on the bear side of the market are apt to get left. The artists too are coming back to town and next week a number of studios will be reopened. Sketch books have been well filled during summer trips to the home of the beautiful either abroad or in our own country, and the probabilities are that at the winter exhibitions at the National Academy of Design there will be a pleasant departure from the beaten that ritj patron- w.uil but riot a sa'Tiiice of quality. "tinned that in, they are not put down in hermetically sealed cans lir i Thev They mint le ea eu "fiMin the rind.

Ilie ci oler tln beltc'r, out of the to'al ot liuit lied but litlle jroe-, into ordinary con-mnptipn About ilnt watermelon I i is somrvliflt of nn-tery. little UMxl tur a'njut a imperil the lives nd 1 mtw ot and for this jvirpo-e it i-- ilh Hui not: of it If eaten, altiii'irh it i- n- indite-' We a HUT HI i in be put iiilo lie. aeh Some cut it up and p.i'm it "ei 'on' in et i it I chopii-d up. in a-'i I vm- in cd i nthor id-, and ot vesrctablos, and api ears cheap rootaurani-. a- chow 't eiif in'opioj-e" o.led in sirup, soa'-onc an 1 di'ied, ib sold at low piiees a-, "candied Tor thi 1 iv, named ileeopt on large quantities ot the smooili-coated cantaloupe is a'so employed.

One ehemi-t i i been "i-xporimcntinpr, and that the of melon which could be srown on an a re of The Home Seekers' Twelfth Grand Excursion to tbe West ana North-west leave Salamanca, September 5th. Through coaches to Chiea go without change. The excursions have become very popular, as not only affording cheap rates, but superior accommodations to people going through to the far West. A BAHHK DIRCOTOlUi I I C.8.CAB1. M.

W. BABf, si 5 4 wVhave There has been a readjustment of the salaries of postmasters, commencing July 1st, and at the tollow ing offices has been advanced: Randolph, 11,300 to Salamanca, 11.200 to M.70; Olenn, $2,100 Creek. tl.MO toll 800; Duke Centre, $1.800 Franklin, $2.200 to Warren, $2,500 to and reduced at Jamestown. $8,800 to Oil city, $8,800. to Titueville, $3,800 to while Bntdford salary remains the The Rumsey Protectives, of Seneca Falls were fully uniformed and equipped by the Kumaey company.

An additional illustration of the public spirit and liberality of the Rum- seys is shown in the fact that Eugene A. Rumsey defrayed nil the expenses of the company during their three days' trip to Rochester, and that tbe members were allowed their full time in the works while absent. The boys are not likely to torget this very soon. A sigh of relief has come forth from the fashionable world, for the edict has been issued from the home iMode, France the beautiful, lhat the incline, vulgo, the hoopskirt 11 not to worn. It was a narrow escope indeed lhat we had ot the re- vivnl of the (Hys when lovemaking fcad to be dono by signals, for a close approach lovelorn swain aud maiden fair out of the question when the adored one was surrounded by even more formidable defences than Horace's triple armor of braes.

The rage for natural floweis as a trimming for ball dresses and for the hair still continues, and small flowers are generally the ones most prefered. The taste for private theatrecals which grew so stong at Long Branch and other seaside resorts during the season is likely to keep alive during the winter, and the amateurs will thus have unlimited opportunities of inflicting their crudities and on their long suffering friends. A curious feature of the undying dp- sire for novelties, by the way, is that banjo playing if being revived again, and from being an instrument of torture in the hands of the negro minstrel and the variety theatre song and-dance man is becoming a welcome acquaintance in polite society. The piano is pronounced vulgar, the flttte horrid, the violin a bore ami the cornet a nuisance. It is only the dulcet twang of the instrument which the lamented Mr.

Gaily the Troubadour played so wall, that tracks of goods-goody mediocrity to more interesting paths of originality in design, coloring and execution. Those who for tbe past few years have been asserting that ex Governor Tilden was practically dead, have reckoned without their host, for the old gentleman is in better health at present than ever. At his country house at Greystone he has resumed his equestrian exercise, and to see him sit erect and smart on his favorite brown gelding is indeed a sight. His house in Gramercy Square, which has been so thoroughly overhauled as to make it practically a new one is nearly complete, and a great many people would prefer it to Mr Vanderbill's mansion. The interior fittings are simply gorgeous and the stained glass windows represent a small fortune.

Rumor is again rife that these wonderful and costly alterations have not been done for nothing. The gossips insist that a bachelor would not procure surroundings such as these if he were content to remain in solitary loneliness. They even profess to have got on the track of the chosen one, who is said to be the daughter of an ex-Senator, and who although twice a widow can yet take her place in the front rank of fair femininity. She Is said to be just the woman tor him, clear headed, ambitious, and a great worker, But when, Mr. Tilden's lifelong aversion to' matrimony is considered it seems doubtful, to say the least, that he should at this late day, "give up his freedom," aa young men call it.

In Military circles tbe coming International Military Ride Match is the all absorbing topic of thought and conveMatton. The practice work at good land would produce per cent, of -aecharme nia'ter, and thi- 2, Ho pounds of at ten per pOMid would re 1 a acreage value of a crop ot melons nf No for melon siig.irhnve. however, as vet established. The chances that i the w.irin dry weather pr--; silent over the countrv the melon crop will be a larjre excellent one. The 1 the dark, globular sha I ones are called, are by some thought the l-est, but much more depends upon the particular soil and tne stnte of the truit i when picket than th" a i There to 1-e an eff-ir't nia-le, to export tome specimens this year, one linn on i Ve-ev pior having an'ordertoshin wlu-n I tho i comes a state.

These, lor Amen-aui travel-ng abroad who to this distinct- ively American production though thou-ands of miles from earefullv and kept cool, tn re will lie little difficulty in getting the fru.t im presentable condition to anv European seaport ready to I'll its role of pain-producer with the unaccustomed European stomach. Already "melon cuts" are announced in many directions. The decimated fruit will stand in temoting r.djzes. its red. cool flesh dotted with the black seeds.

To demolish a dozen of thfse i slices was an ordinary feat to m.inx a one. After the wonder.ul l)r. Tanner i showed that there was svrne merit in I the humble watermelon fijere was a great boom in the fruit. Mairj who had eeu before content with a single nibble now ate slice after slice, and found after all that they were getting moro than If. f.

HeraM. The above excellent piece of poetry was floating around at Rochester, during the convention. Annual election of fire department officers at Horuellsville, takes place Sept. 6th. Byron Hamliu, of Sraethport, Pa.

recently gave the Bradford department $25.00. The members of the Oil Exchange. at Bradford, have at this date, rawed over two hundred dollars for the benefit of the State Convention, to be held there in Sept. Sept. 7th the annual parade and inspection of the Hornellsville Jde- partment will take place.

Last year they had a splendid parade and were honored by several visiting companies. This year it will be a home af fair. There will be no parade at Bradford this, simply an inspection of the department by the Mayor and council, on the 21st, the third day of the convention. In Xevr York, owners ot unsafe buildings, who do not repair them upon being notified, are that much property, as the Hook and Ladder men are detailed to tear them down. Several buildings have recently been torn down under these orden.

The following companies have thus far entered for the hose races to be held at Bradford Friday Sept. 22: Ackermin hose. Richburg, hose, Oil Drake hose, Titusville, Citizen hose, Duke Center, M.iple City How, HornellpviUe, N. Independent hose, Mass. Fred Nicolas of Vandergrift hose of Oil City and Dan K-ihan's unknown of the same place have entered for the 200 yard running race.

For the fat men's race Archie Allpn and Gforge Smith. Uoth of Buffalo, havp thus far entered. Entries for tlv tournament will not close i Sept. 13th and the list of companies contesting will be considerably enlarged. The Bradford Hydrant: A few subjects for the convention to consider: here sliall we find hired who don't start fires with the oil can?" it iliat rnts have a fondness for Belting off matches buildings insured to the top notch?" I "'Why teamsters are so struck on driving over hose!" "What should a fuemrm take when "Which is the best variety of striped or clocked a stream behind a man assist him up a ladder'' "Why is it that an engine can get up steam so much quicker atatrial than at a fire?" "Nf od of improved appliances for cleanin? mud from Sunday pants.

1 And we wish to ask, how- many of Charity Reese's fat oysters. stuffed with ro.ton. caa the average fireman masticate. Seneca Falls was the best represented at the recent convention at Rochester, of any place in the Plate. bplendid exhibition at tht exhibition building made by Rumsoy and the Silsby prevented the exposition being a failure, and to f-ap the climax, four wf 11 drilled, and finely uniformed companies took part in the parade.

The annuil pvraie of Jlion department, occurred on the 13th of last month, and was as usual a success. Rescue Hook and Li-ider oi Batavi.i have one of the handsx-nwet trucks in the State. How to Stop Bleeding. If a man is wounded that blood flows, that flow is either regular-, or by jets or spurts. If it flows regularly, a vein has been wounded, and a string should be bound tightly around below the fro wounded partTtbat is, beyond it i the heart If the blood comes oat Walt Whltm-xn's Leaves of jjrass.

The daily Graphic, of New York, in reviswing this wonderful volume, which is now exciting so much comj ment say: The edition of Walt Whitman's "Leaves ot Grass," about which so much has been written on account of the abandonment of publication by a Boston firm in con- Mr. Anthony Comstoclt that it contained objec- has been iwued by Philadelphia, so much true poetry, so many passages bich stamp their author as a truy 1 a high, though certainly not of the highest order, that it is a pity thai Mr. Whitman's own good sense has not moved him long ago to cut out of Adam," words and lines, which add nothing at all to beauty of his work and which taiuly are not structural and vital tw it. The author of such a poem Captain, My bimaetf injustice and puts himself at a disadvantage most by leaps or jets, artery been ser- by flying in the face of ered, and the person may deatk puD ic opinion, Walt Wlttt- mafew minutes; to prevent which apply 9 personality is too sweet and the cord above the wound, that is, be- to put by a i6 cor a iro wuumi, tween the wound and the heart. IB a string or cord not at hand, tie the two opposite corners of a handkerchief the limb, put a stick between anil tarn it round until the handkerchief sufficiently tight to stop bleeding, and keep it so until a physician MB be Jas.

P. Morgan, Foreman of Eldred H. L. a delegate to convention at Bradford. sound and clear to be put by piece of in judiciousness at so great advantage as that under which afaw, expressions in his poems--wasitoolf and wilfully kept there against advice of his best rienda--catiM MB He will not expunge i himself, and therefore be the penalty; but after tie willlbe blotted out of edrtfa.

lovers of the good -MB win to do for his fame self has-wearesw," ed to do for U. SPAPFRf.

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