The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 30, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1896
Page 2
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TO WfL-' '' "•'* '•*•' '"-^' ' ' 7 ' • 4 - 'U—'24? * - £Vr-J*>4- 4- *-• >• , ??*? %'-' r " V ««.-"-»-jYa f "' 'A w^^^?A^ ? Bli<aaffiMi < :iii>": : ^g^g^ HtLtt At BA¥* **«* Cttr, foe*. «Httf$- jfeiL t Suras**, ftgfedi 40. dta gfcra«f* tea MM five ena. After life arrest be takea to tie - *£jJtua •ittt. "Pleasant, -wiiere te -b»S been ifceareeratea toeSsfre. His viotest hsl- tea Ibat jollwswfere^aeaTerjBg to hiaa of his £a*Ba and Mil Ibis brother, fie *3se c3a3iBed direct conuaunscalion GILBERT FELL DOWN. Ootsfc** »t ETOT Tom bjr 4. X* . • «t Ctteaga. GHZCUUBO. Dae. 27.—la a match of 100 day Wards* expert rales, and 199 live birds, association rotes, total score to cosmt, for SW9 a side, shot at Burnside. Join I*. Winston defeated Fred Gilbert by a score of 15S to 151. The line tinls were shot first- and at the end of .100 birds Wiastoa led by thirteen, having made a score of eighty- one. In *he day bird match, however, Gilbert, was tbe leader, and at the end bad MHed sir more than Winston- His score was eighty-three out of a passable 1O8. BT UK*. t*rjr wf f **a» ft «a* f«Hzit*a it at waatrk. ^1 «» Tt* fSSM -wtet «& U» , Aj was caBed, taA, tfeeteifflet. an to hasSeaj dealt. Tbe pay*; sataMa sit* si& caamt^ Ifre. ALLEGED J«URDEREfit. *. IT. A»4taa|<at>fc t-a Km. Qii\x*A. Dec. S4.^-Tbft -offi-es-as -cap- tared ^ F. 'layk-Hf at IdksL layisi 1 is wanted for sboolSag bis diTO?CBd wife U3d Fr-aak McElree in Ke-afcnk CO-BEIT tiiD-e ago. Tber* TTBS for ibe capture of i£e Btl«-mpt- ajnrderer. , PUSHED FROM A TRAIN. A GrizaeU By an Injured Prreon. GEISSOJU. Dee. 27.—Tom WHey, a stooe cutter in tbe employ of Liens & Hudsoa, *fras daagerorasly eat about the neck and face. He was on bis frame "Troca Moc teznma OB a train and qnarreled iritJi soiae •on- kno-jrn person, residlijjg- in being knifed and piisfaed ironi tbe train near Dodge's mill. His assailant bas not been "arrested, as Ms name and where- abonts arennknumi. Wiley 5s confined to Msb«d. W. S. Richmond DES JIoiSES. Dec. 25.—Anditor Mc- Oartfay. through the attorney general, bas begun suit in the district comrt to •wind np tie afiairs of the National Beserve lafe Association, of Des Moines. The association since April !«»«= been tinder the management of W. S. .Richmond. The auditor charges fraud in misappropriating fends, and q«lg»5m<a tbait tne association ^ag not 250 members, as required by law to do business. Biehraand says lie took hold of the company to build it up, but found it isnpDssi&leB and ^-»^ done Berthing-wilii it; that there are no policies in force: ibat there are no FUI-nd MrsciTisrE, Dec. 2S. — In Ibe, case of stale of lolra vs. Adrnm "Von- drosSnr, the jnry was called in after haTing delibera'ied twenty-four boars at the close of a week's trial, and Sls- cbarged, baTing failed to agree. Ton- drosky Tras indicled for iiaTing 1 participated in blowing up with drnaaBite tbe homes of John Mahia, E. M. Messenger and X. Bosenberg«r. three 3«ad- ing prohibitionists. May 11. 1SS8. The case trill be retried next naontli. Accidentally Killed HimwJf. IDA GEOVE, Dec. 28.—Vern. HnlL livine three miles north of town. killed himself accidentally. He bad an old gun that bad been loaded for a long- time. The gnn was over bis bead when be fired it off. It exploded, crushing his bead and killing- him instantly. » An OXtimura Fall OTTCMTTA, Dec. 26.—Cbas. Bacbnan, tbe oldest jewelry house in Ottnmwa, has been closed by tbe sheriff. Tbe failure was caused by the bard times and close money market. Liabilities, assets will hardly cover them. IOWA CONDENSED. The winter attendance at HigMand Park College, Des Moines. is steadily increasing and the school is prospering finely. That ischoors excellent system whereby students siay enter at any time will enable many to begin work after the boidays. £<eon dispatch: Tbe discovery of a second and receot will exeented by the late E. "W. Curry bas created qaite a sensation. By the terms of this will Carry's former typewriter gets $3,000 and Ms private library. The -widow will contest and a law snit is probable-. Thirty prisoners at tie Wapello county Jail rel>elled and refuse*! 1 to work. Tee turnkey and a number assets, and ibat tbe best possible thing j ?* P° 15ee oncers sbnt the prisoners up that *onld .happen is to bare the aiEaiES teongiii to a dose by areeesver. He denies that any wrong- "has been committed or tiiat anyone ?ms saSereA loss. PEEET, Dec. 34,—Tbe large department store of tMs city was entered by "irarglars asfi goods to the amount of $508 taken. The supposition is that tbe perpetrator secreted nimself in the bnlMiog daring business tours, as tie larg« door wMeh fastens the back of the grocery department was iiie only opening which was not se- ennely fasteneol the next morning. STstaDjr In joiod by Care. CEDAB KAFIOB. Dee. 24.—John Thompson, «a Bsrdware merchant of Eoekford, was in the city on business and when trying to board a moving freight train on the Burlington road to return home, be fell under the cars, getting- his bead considerably bruised, to that tbe brains eonld be seen. It is not believed that be can recover. Sioux City Man Commit! Suicide. SiocTcdry, Dee. 26.—G. M. Needham, well known here, committed suicide by strychnine poisoning. His condition was discovered in time to save him had be not refused an antidote. He was a Ma£on and a resident of Iowa thirty years. Grimm th« Champion Shot. CHICAGO. Dee. 24.—Charles H. Grimm, of dear Lake, Iowa, is the champion trap shot of America. In the match between Grimm and Dr. Carver, at ICO live birds for $300 a side and tbe \ ^hamplonsbip of America, Grimm ' a scare of SS *V BecpCNMible, BecC 35.—At the coroner's I aver the remains of Mrs. who was killed on a C W. railway crossing, while i cross the ira*k ahead of 9 fast freight, the company w#* found s f or JSL in their cells and tben thoroughly searched their persons. Three razors, two steel traps and a bunch of wire keys were found. It is believed that they were about to make an attempt to escape. The articles were smuggled in by -friends of Drisoners. who expect to .go to prison for long terms after court meets. At Denisou recently Henry Kranel, a German farmer living four and a half miles south of town, with his wife and IS-moBtiis-old child, were in a top bnggy returning home, when, on starting across the Xnrthwestern track, the head section of train No. 39. going down grade at the rate of abont twenty miles an hour, struck the team, hurling it a distance of 150 feet, and tearing the buggy, into kindling wood. Mrs. Krauel, being on the Inside, was horribly mangled, her skull being badly fractured and her left leg crushed to a Jelly. She was picked up and carried to the depot, and died in about thirty minutes. Mr. Krauel escaped with a broken leg and some bruises about the head. The little child was not hurt. Des Moines dispatch: Judge Spurrier, in a straight forward written ruling, struck a body blow at Governor Drake, Adjutant General Wright and for j their appointee, James A. Guest of \ Burlington, now in command of the I First Brigade, J. X. G. The demurrer of Attorney General Remley in the effort to prevent General John R. Prime from securing- a commission as commander of the First Brigade is overruled. The court prac* 5 ' .;!!,>• flnds the second election govern-s t'.'f case and this was in favor of Prime by twenty- two votes. Jf the governor and attorney general choose to stand on the demurrer tbe court will at once issue the order of mandamus prayed for by General Prime to canvass the votes ot the second election. The attorney general's pleadings admit Prime got tbe most votes and this means an order for the coiuniission of J'rime, -Il.f5e*k, D0c. 24,—George \ la the town jail at on n £harf9 of intoxication, jp$ £l» fet the bed flatbes and was J Then it will r«raaln<ta be seen if (he On the other hand the attorney general may choose to try. the case and introduce evidence. If is done H will come up at once, jnsen's radical hea4schs cure cures nervous dispa^es ete. .caused by excesses T,, Jterk, a jfiyrfl^P JJIW >V» plle* ALLOW WEYLER Af *8ARIEU. . . Bee. SS.— JD»ffl*ls» Gee by bis staff. Isfe sco», iJcai PerBawlo "W^j-ler. airirea ia Ont« from Sp* £tt, Harsiia caa traapd t2*e Isransjxsrl I jsgajgH. jjn tfcusuSJitg dirwd. to HarieL <S«»tsil Weyfer w*s wsceiwa at 31*13*1 Igr Oea. AiTcdas s»S phceeeded to tbe EeM of nuiatmry optratTwas. C«c. 23U— SoBel says if the S3at«s of Calm, r snpport. Spain Cuba repcsrt that Uae Three Friends erpsdataoa was landed at Gnaljpy-a, Tb«y also say tiae insargents lav*, traroefl a iaoaast/sry near Morro casl3*- tea H&T&&B bay. witiila range of tbe runs of tbe castle. , Pee. 27. — It is officially that any foreign government has directly or indirectly made any representation whatever to tbe United States to prevent free action in connection witb Jbe Cnbaa insurrection, s.5 al3eg-ed in a Paris dispatch in the I/ondtra Times. WJLSHISGTWK, Dec. 2? — Tbe secretary of lie treasury aas T«eeived official BotJce of Ibe seizure of tae Slibnster- aag 1 steamer. Three Friends. SPAIN'S ARMY ROUTED. TURKEY AGAIN. fW*4S» At* **** *** ri>* Infinrjreiits Are Tlctories in FBAXCISOG. Dec. 24.—; vices from Manilla, Philippine Islands, have reached beire and'are verified by accounts that appear in the Hong Kong press received per Belgic. The Xews contained in tbe communication deals with tie attack by the Spanish on the Xoveleta islands and the attempt of tie Spanish to dislodge tbe insurgents in Cavite and Vrjtx At the end of tbe campaign, which lasted until Xov. 34, the Spanish authorities sent o-ct dispatches reporting that the attack had been successful, and that the rebel loss was very heavy. The Spanish claims to have lost abont 35 kflled and 1O9 wounded. It is learned that the great victory that the Castil- ians predicted ended in ignominious defeat. The rebels held Novelets against warships and troops, and the Spaniards retired after suffering a heavy loss. MINERS KILLED. - w*, ftt*. 54.— Tfe* powfers ha** eoovhwed tbe snlt*n's pHHjsfees axmnnit to nothing, and tbey toe aeJerialned to beglii a polief ot «oere»H8. Salisbury sammolied Ibe ambassadors and eommunieaied to them «« views of the British govern- TBfaat of definite prop«a3s to Russia for a joint intervention ia order that each. ajigbS commanicate them to their own gtsvprnment and secnre instrnc- Uons. Tbere is reasc»n lo believe that unless tie siilSain within ten days s a deference of which he is little very decisive steps will be taken by ih* Joint powers. OoS5TJtJtriy«ri.K, Dec. 24.— The anv- bassadors accredited to tbe porte received instrnctioas from their respective governments to act «in concert in submitting fresh proposals for reforms m tbe Ottoman empire and all of tbe diplomats, including M. Xelidof, the E-nssian ambassador, have agreed to resort to coercive measures if the sultan should be dilatory in enforcing the reforms. TRAIN ROBBERY IN MISSOURI. Bine Cat tbe Scene of a Daring Art foi tbe Fourth Time. KJLSBAS CITV. Dec. 24.—Blue Cut, made historic through the operations there of the James and Younger bands, when they were pioneers in the train robbing industry, has again been the scene of a hold-up. The St. Louis & Chicago express, which left Kansas City at 5:45 p. m.,, was nagged at Bine Cut and came to a standstill. The robbers then uncoupled the express car from the train and ran it and the engine a few miles east, where they were stopped in a cut. Then they entered the car and, overpowering the messenger, took the keys of tbe safe from him. In n few minutes they had secured the contents, believed to be several thousands of dollars, whereupon they uncoupled the engine, ran it a couple of miles down the track and abandoned it. Xo clue. Terrific Eiplorion of Fire Damp in Indiana. PEIXCETOS, IneL, De«. 25.—A terrific explosion of fire damp occurred in the Manle coal mine, and as a result eight or nine men were instantly killed and fpnr were injured, one of the latter being dangerously hurt. Rescuing parties were at once set to work and at a late lionr there were but two or three bodies missing. The men were removing the debris caused by a similar accident "but a few days previous. STARVING IN ARKANSAS. Drongbt and Crop Failure Cause Shocking Conditions. LITTI.B ROCK, Ark., Dsc. 24.—A large number of families living in Union county are in a destitute condition, and many of them are ai>solnte]y starring. Their unfortunate condition is due to the failure of crops in that section last season, caused by the severe drought. A mass meeting at Eldorado has been called to ask the state legislature, the governor and congress for relief. O'lWALLEY IS INDICTED. Prominent I'hirago Alderman Charged \ViIlt Murder. "CinciGO, Dee. 2S. — As the result of information gained recently by Police Inspector Schaack from two - non-resident witnesses, the grapd jury voted an indictmont against ^.Thomas J. O'Malley, alderman frona tfae Twenty- third ward, charging complicity in the murder of Gus ("ojliander. a .saloonkeeper and Twenty- third ward politician, on election night, November," JS94. _ . To Be I'laced in a Sweat Boi. CHICAGO, Dec. 57. — Benjamin B. Jones, ex-paying teller of the National Bank of Illinois, winch failed recently, has Leen arrested on an old charge and the police authorities believe that they can compel him to divulge certain irregularities in connection with the bank officials. _ Union Miner Slioi. IIIEAPVII.I.IC, CoL, Dee. 27.— Patrick Carney, a union miner, \yas shot and lulled at his own doorstep by four Missaurian non-unionists. The solr diets, hearing the shots, charged on the four men and arrested them, Trouble is feared from j.Ue outbreak. France mid England. J»4Bis, Dec, ?4,— .Tlie Figaro intimates |4iat owinpr to the difficulties be- Uveen France and Ureat Britain in JnegaFdjPBfJP*an4 Turkey the post ofFreneJi aiuba^fador to $t. James is»y bg J^ft ^egBt jfor awhile, bjq»wl 90 Ibe aid* vf » iioq»e as tt. a hive in the The BREVITIES. Consul General Fitz Hugh Lee has returned to Havana. An irade has been issued by the sultan of Turkey granting amnesty to all Armenian prisoners except those sentenced to death for murder. The terms of the amnesty include about 300 Armenians under sentence of death for other offenses than murder. Grecian advices state that a fight occurred at Phrophetalias, in the Olympias district, between a Turkish detachment, eighty strong, covering a Turkish investigation committee of eight Turkish officials, and a Greek insurgent band «under Veloudas. The whole of the Turkish committee and twenty-lour of the Turkish detachment were killed, the insurgents losing only four killed. Madrid dispatch "In order to insure the success of the next loan, the government is straining every nerve to conceal the true situation in the Philippines. The whole colony is in a revolt and scattered bodies of Spanish troops have been hemmed in by the rebels. It is rumored that a certain proportion of German reserve officers are in the insurgent ranks." The Correspondencia. published at Madrid, is authority for the statement that naval and military plans to be carried out in the event of war between Spain and the United States have already been formed and approved by Admiral Beranger and General Azcarraga, respectively ministers of marine and war. The home dock yards have become the scenes of the greatest activity and hundreds of ad- tionai men have been employed in each yard to carry out the orders of Admiral Beranger to expedite work upon the war ships and the transports which are being prepared and got in readiness for service. In a recent Washington dispatch Walter Wellman says: "The Cameron resolution for the recognition of the independence of Cuba is virtually dead. Mr, Olney has killed it with hi manifesto. He may or may not be right in his view of the constitutional question involved. It makes no difference. The purpose he desires has been accomplished. The Cameron resolution cannot pass congress. Perhaps before adjournment for the holiday recess, certainly immediately afterward, that statement wili be publicly made on the floor of the senate, just as the demise of the Dingley bill was officially announced. It is not unlikely that there will be more or less talk in congress on the resolution, and that Mr. Olney will come in for 3 great deal of criticism. It is not improbable that there will be from time to time a flurry, which may b«f followed by a squall In the stock market. But the bwsioe&s men of the country may feel certain that the Cameron resolution will not paas ihis congress, and that the existing relations between the United States and Spain Will remain unchanged until the 4th p| nest ikjarch." Sx-Governor Wait*, of Colorado, has enlisted In tlie Cuban an4 mil leM to the grjlf coast $ iment of w«W equipped crusaders, known as the Colorado volunteers. Therapist, Of the j?i«a w an el tytt.stnte, ssrhp se f§#er to 6IGBANK FAILURE ...... ...... ^ - " - $*ti«a*l feftfek <rf Jmnott < CHICAGO. Dec, 22,—The National Bank of Illinois has been suspended By the clearing noose. The action fins- pending tbe bank was taken at ft specially called meeting' the Clearing House association committee at the residence of Eldridge Keith^ who is secretary of the committee, and was held shortly after midnight. It was shown that the bank had made unwarrantable and nnjudicions loans and that in consequence the capital and surplus of the bank have been seriously imperiled. It is believexi that many failures will result f rota the collapse of the National Bank ot Illinois. It is the second largest bank in Chicago and was established in 18tl. It has a capital stock of one million dollars and a surplus of one million, a ad $500.000 undivided profits. The amount of money deposited in the bank is §12,000,000. ST. PACL, Minn., Dec. 23.—The state bank examiner took possession of the Bank of Minnesota. As a result the Union Stock Yards bank also closed. The Bank of Minnesota has $600,000 capital, and is considered one of the strongest in the west. It is the oldest bank in St. Paul, having been established in 1659. Difficulty of making collections is given as the cause, RADICALS ROUTED. oendarrnes in Spain Fire on a Band of Republicans—Five are Killed. MADRID. Dec. 24.—A small body of men. carrying a republican flag, assembled at Novelda, province of A la can te. and when called upon to disperse by the gendarmes, refused to do so. They were again ordered to disperse, .and upon their second refusal, the gendarmes fired upon them, killing seven of the band. The others then fled precipitately, but the gendarmes pursued and captured several of them. A search was made of the lodgings of the prisoners, and a number ot dynamite bombs were found. The police are at a loss to decide whether tbe assemblage of men was for the purpose of making a demonstration of sympathy for the anarchists sentenced recently at Barcelona, or whether it was a manifestation of republicanism. The finding of the bombs tends to make them believe they were anarchists. UNITED STATES WARNED. European Countries Would Tiot Remain Passive on Cuban Qoestion. IXJXDOX, Dec. 2fi.—The Times' Paris correspondent says: The Washington government has been confidentially informed, although in very friendly terms, that the European powers •would not remain passive should the United States recognize or encourage the Cuban insurgents. If my information is correct, an intimation has been surther given that Germany, even n ow. is ready to take Spain's side should tbe United States show a disposition oniciaHy to side with the rebels. These warnings originated in the course of an arrangement for an European eoali- iion against revolutionary socialism. CUBAN REFORMS READY. Castillo Says They "Will Be Applied at tbe End of Negotiations. MAJJKID, Dec, 27.—Senor Canovasdel Castillo, the prime minister, has again affirmed in the presence of his cabinet that he is determined to introduce reforms in Cuba, dating their application from the conclusion of the nego- tiatious carried on with other powers, which are already tending in a direction favorable to Spain. It is said that Senor Canovas referred to the attitude of France, Germany, Austria and Great Britain, the governments of which countries, it is stated, are of the opinion that the Dnited States cannot overstep President Cleveland's message to congress. GOES UP. FOR LIFE. Elliott Convicted at Omaha of the Harder of HotsonpiHcT. OMAHA, Dec. 26,—Charles H. Elliott was convicted of the murder of Guv Hutsonpiller, his companion rough rider of the Wild West show. He was sentenced to prison for life. EUiot was arrested at Cedar Rapids, Ia. Sh»rkejr to Sleet Choynski. Pirrsscae, Dec. 55.—Parson Davies, who is in the city, announces that be bas deposited with Al Smith, of 3few York, fl.000, for a match between Choynski and Sharkey, for a parse of $5,000, which will be offered by Dan Stoart Tbe fight, if the terms are agreed to by Sharkey, will be pulled off oa the same dote and tbe same place as the Corbett-Fitgsimmoos contest Maber Oefcau (TI>onneU. YOSK, Dec. ««.— It just took twenty-seven seconds, of time for Peter Maber. the Irish pugilist, to again demonstrate his superiority in ring tacucs and har4 hitting qualities ov<r Steve O'UonneU, tbe Australian boxer, « the arena of Greater J York Athletic Oub. at Coney Island, While CTowang- a field in York, Pa,, where, there wes* several large iron pipes, Joh» lierkery was pursued by a. vicious b»Jl. To escape tne animal. he crawled into one pf the pip**, and lay there MPtii tins bal) MWw£lt his feorss agaia fe t QM stoat, pL AtcbUuc two men wi>o$e TALKS oi jt«* touted AftSSfe «i tta*e «e*fe*i «oiLM&,fie«L__ — aftrftSt hfere fcfr „ believed «. have been Vl ^ m Taylof brothers 1ft the swfagrMl Meeks fcmiljr atCarro1it«ftM! Hall Carte In from the cdttntft day, becajne IntotteatM, and fltf the night talked ot his connwtiot the crime, ftrtdafr bis tint e! Mary, aged 8 yeaf*. and a boy ""— found locked la a bartt serted bart of totrti, nearly death. They had been left tfcefa their fatlief. Hie itaie tfn aid « used to live aeaf the Meeks and usedlff play with NeJlie, the only mt of the fainlly. According to the of thfe Child, her father left thai «,«** in May, 189S, and has been *andiflMl aronad oter the country ever 6f This was jnst after the crime had 1 committed. K«f ona the . Indianapolis, lad., Dec. 26.— H. Hanna, chairman of the executive cda«,. mittee of the monetary-reform conTen.|| tion, returned Friday from a tour y ,the East, -which he had made in ti| interest of the conTentlon, to awaken' business men to the importance of thti occasion and insist that the commercial organizations send broad-minded^ and influential men to the convention. I He was more than gratified with the' feeling he encountered in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburg and, b fact, every city that he visited. Xebntsfca Ship* Her Corn. Syracuse, Jfeb., Dec. 28. — Seventy- five thousand bushels of corn have been cribbed here during the past six weeks. 1 Fifty-five thousand bushels of new, corn hare been shipped out by the ele- '[ vators during the past two weeks. AH, j extra freight train for corn from tW point is required every day. What h true of this city is true of every 8ec- i tion of Nebraska. About all corn has I been husked in Western Nebraska. The great problem is the manner in which it can be handled. Many are storing their grain. Hanna's General Health Good. Cleveland, O., Dec. 28.— Concerning a statement sent out from this city to the effect that the health of M. A., Hanna is breaking down it may be stated that, while the national chair- • man has been slightly indisposed for,] the last few days, his general health is excellent. For several days he has?| suffered from severe headaches, causing insomnia to a more or less extent. The attack, however, is expected to ba only temporary. Settle Their Grudge at a. Dance. New Madrid,. Ho.,• Dec. 28.—John Adams and Charles Simpson met at a dance in Feniscot county Thursday night at the home of Joseph Canol, and drawing their revolvers, fought to the death. Each man emptied the contents' of his revolver into the body of the other. §impson died on the floor and' Adams fell outside the door. An old grudge was settled. Chester R. Faulkner Dead. Washington, Dec. 28.—Chester R. Faulkner, the private secretary oi Senator Voorhees of Indiana, who was knocked down Thursday night by a street car, died at Providence hospital Friday afternoon. He never recovered from the shock consequent upon the amputation of his leg, which was a necessary result of the accident. Xcw Cathedral Dedicated. Fort Wayne, Ind., Dec. 28—One of the most imposing scenes ever wit' nessed in Fort Wayne was the opening at 4 o'clock Friday morning of the new cathedral, which has been closed for several months, undergoing thorough repairs, costing over 150,000. The cathedral is the finest church edifice ip'I the state, Most Not Dismember Arizona- 4 Phoenix, Ariz., Dec. 2S.—A resolution' has been passed by the Phoenix ehawv ber -of commerce and transmitted' to VI Washington condemning and strongly I arguing against tbe project advan«xHn;J Congress for adding to the territory of I Utah that portion of Arizona lying north of the Grand Canyon of tlie Co3««l rado. Maber Defeat* tTWonnrU. 41 *few York, Dec. 2S.—It jass t««f twenty-seven seconds' time for Peter/I Maher, the Irish pugilist, Jo ;<gaiu onstrate his superiority in sine and hard-nicting qaaliiies over Q'DonneU, tbe Australian boxer, IB it» arena of the Greater New Yopfc Ai$*- letic Clab at Coney island Friday BisH/ Eisteddfod at Pittsourg, Pa-, Dee. 38.—Tie lag of tbe animal Welsh eisteddfod 4 old city ball Friday afterpooa was saccess, both w wwsic ana art«»fiw*Jl About 400 singers from other cities ; present. John Jarreti presided wef/ pot DL, Pixrtherpe of selected as adjudicator. U. tar Debs promised President Boyoe *>J 4 "" that be would g0 to CoJor»4o to help the L«advil!e tl>e Colorado

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