Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California on August 31, 1997 · Page 14
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California · Page 14

Santa Cruz, California
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Sunday, August 31, 1997
Page 14
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A-14 Sunday, Aug. 31 , 1 997 Sentinel Crash I,,.": r1 W Mr m Continued from Page Al trol of the car, hitting the wall of the tunnel. Five photographers were in custody, police said, and a criminal investigation was under way. France Info radio said at least some of the photographers took pictures before help arrived and that one of the photographers was beaten at the scene by horrified witnesses. Diana and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, separated in 1992 after 11 years of marriage and divorced last year. - Their children, Princes William, 15, and Harry, 12, were informed of their mother's death by their father at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, where the royal family traditionally spend their summer holidays. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles said that were "deeply shocked and distressed by this terrible news" of the death of Diana, a Buckingham Palace spokesman said. President Clinton said he was "profoundly saddened" by the death of Princess Diana. "Hillary and I knew Princess Diana and we were very fond of her. We are profoundly saddened by this tragic event," Clinton said in a statement from Martha's Vineyard, Mass., where he's vacation-inn. Clinton said his thought and that of his wife were with Diana's family, friends "and especially her children." Diana's death from cardiac arrest came after she suffered heavy internal bleeding in the early-morning accident. Her death was announced at a 6 a.m. hospital news conference by Dr. Bruno Riou, an anesthesiologist. The high-speed pursuit ended in a crash in the tunnel that trapped several people in a pileup. The force of the crash crumpled the roof of the Mercedes to door-high level. Hritish Prime Minister Tony Itlair, who was awakened with news of the accident, said he was "shocked and saddened" by the "devastating, appalling tragedy," a Downing Street spokesman said. "The death of the Princess of Wales fills us all with shock and deep grief," said British ambassador Michael Jay, who was at the The Associated Press Princess Diana's driver lost control of the car at 60 mph. hospital. Fayed, the 42-year-old son of the billionaire Egyptian owner of London's prestigious Harrod's department store, was also killed in the accident, along with the chauffeur. His falher, Mohamed Al Fayed, was on his way to Paris, said his spokesman, Michael Cole. France Info reported the chauffeur was a security agent at the Hotel Kit., owned by Mohamed Al Fayed. The fourth person in the car, a bodyguard, was also seriously injured in the crash. Diana died at the Hospital de la Pitio Salpetriere in south-central Paris. Before news of the death, a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman in London said Prince Charles, now in Balmoral, Scotland, had been informed of the accident. "We are aware of this awful accident but we are awaiting further details about what has happened," the spokeswoman said on condition of anonymity. American tourists Tom Richardson and Joanna Luz were among the first on the scene. They told CNN they were walking nearby when they heard the crash and ran into the tunnel. The car Diana was in "looked like it hit a wall," said Richardson, of San Diego. "There was smoke. I think the car hit a wall. A man started running towards us telling us to go." Luz said: "The horn was sounding for about two minutes. I think it was the driver against the steering wheel." Fayed's and Princess Diana's close friendship became clear to the outside world over the past five weeks, as the couple took a series of holidays together in the Mediterranean. Newspapers reported Diana first met Fayed almost 10 years ago when he and Prince Charles played polo on opposing teams. Films he has produced or co-produced include the 1981 Oscar-winning "Chariots of Fire," "The World According to Carp," "FX" and "Hook." On Aug. 21, Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed flew to the French Mediterranean resort of St. Tropez for their third holiday together in five weeks. Reportedly a multimillionaire, Fayed had homes in London, New York, Los Angeles and Switzerland as well as a garage full of luxury cars. His 1994 marriage lasted just eight months. Mohamed Al Fayed was a friend of Princess Diana's father, the late Lord Spencer. In the first week of August, British newspapers speculated that Dodi and Diana were in love. On Aug. 10 a tabloid newspaper published blurred pictures of the couple kissing. Last week, Diana told the French newspaper Lo Monde that she would have left Britain if it wasn't for her children. "Any sane person would have left long ago. But I cannot. I have my sons," Diana said in the interview. Salman Rushdie marries in NY SALMAN RUSHDIE has married his girlfriend of three years on New York's Long Island. The author's agent, Andrew Wylie, confirmed that "Elizabeth and Salman Rushdie," were married on Thursday, The New York Times reported in Sunday's editions. Her maiden name was being withheld to protect her safety. The author has a S2.5 million price on his head. The bride is said to be a British-born publishing editor who has "gone through hell to stand beside Salman," the New York Post reported Saturday, quoting a source who requested anonymity. The twice-divorced Rushdie has lived under police guard since the late Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a religious death sentence against him in 1989, saying he blasphemed Isiam in his novel, "The Satanic Verses." Khomeini called on Muslims around the world to kill Rushdie. From Sentinel wire services the Associated Press An employee at Bonham's Auctioneers holds up Elvis' U.S. Army uniform for bids. Elvis's Army bag a winner at auction ELVIS PRESLEY'S U.S. Army kit bag shook them up to the tune of $16,560 Saturday at an auction marking the 20th anniversary of the star's death. The bag issued to Elvis as a GI in 1958 fetched more than expected, but some of the most famous items found no takers. American collector Paul Lichter, who owned the memorabilia, was returning home with Elvis' army uniform, a grand piano, a lock of hair and the King's favorite costume the white Peacock Suit. Auctioneers Bonhams had hoped to get $160,000 for the suit, hand-stitched in turquoise and gold thread and decorated with green rhinestones. Bidding stopped at $128,000. The sale took in more than $320,000. Quote of the day " The death of the Princess of Wales fills us all with shock and deep grief." MICHABl A Y, British ambassador. Story begins, PACC A 1. Diana Charles tells boys their mother is dead The Associatod Press LONDON Prince William and Prince Harry, "the boys" Princess Diana adored, learned of their mother's death before dawn today when their father woke them with the tragic news. William, 15, and Harry, whose 13th birthday is Sept. 15, wore spending the end of their summer holiday with Prince Charles at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, before returning to school. For Diana, the boys were paramount. She said in an interview published last week, her sons were the only thing that was keeping her in Britain, where she was continually hounded by the tabloids. And her devotion was returned. The boys obviously loved being with her, sharing her informal lifestyle and the normal childhood joys which she insisted they savor trips to fun parks, going to the ! movies, stopping for hamburgers, choosing videos. Prime Minister Tony Blair said the thoughts and prayers of the nation were with the young princes, a sentiment reiterated by British across the country. Charles and his sons have been spending the month of August with Queen Elizabeth II at the caslle, enjoying hunting and other outdoor pursuits. In a break from recent years, Charles invited photographers for a photo call at Balmoral hoping they would then leave the royal family alone. Wiiliam, tall and slim with a shock of blond hair, dislikes the paparazzi and kept looking down. Only once did he raise his eyes and smile shyly reminiscent of his mother's shy smile. Earlier this summer, Diana said the photographers get him "freaked out." Harry, an exuberant skier and athlete with reddish-blond hair, seemed to ignore the cameras. The princes were born into the limelight but have had an exceptionally tough childhood, growing up in a royal family far more open to publicity than ever before and with parents whose marital troubles were daily fodder for the tabloids. In 1995, flanked by his estranged parents, William arrived at Eton College, the first future king to attend the venerable institution that for more than 500 years has educated the sons of Britain's elite. He has become something of a heart-throb among teen-age girls, regularly featuring at the top of polls for the most handsome royal. Harry attends the private Ludg-rove school in Berkshire, where he is reported to bo better known for his athletic prowess and impish personality than his academic achievement. A palace spokesman said funeral arrangements are being discussed, but have not yet been finalized. Continued from Page A 1 and Dodi Fayed, the son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed, embracing, laughing and relaxing in the Mediterranean. Lady Diana Spencer, the daughter of an earl, was 20 when she married the heir to the British throne July 29, 1981, in a ceremony watched by millions around the globe. The birth of two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, seemed to complete the happiness that world expected for a golden couple But in the early 1990s, the newspapers began reporting how much time Charles and Diana spent apart. Speculation about an unhappy marriage grew intense. Andrew Morton's "Diana, Her True Story" in June 1992 caused a sensation, saying Charles was conducting a long-term affair with a married woman Camilla Parker Bowles and that Diana had attempted suicide. Finally, on Dec. 9, 1992, Prime Minister John Major announced to Parliament that the couple would separate. They attempted to maintain their roles separately, but a series of retaliatory attacks in the press cast a shadow over their lives and over the monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II asked them to divorce, and after more months of wrangling, they agreed. The divorce became final Aug. 28, 1996. Buckingham Palace said Diana would still be part of the royal family. "The princess is the mother of a future king and is therefore in a r t ,, IfeSt hi - o . ; n . . f n Diana had recently taken on the political cause of persuading nations to stop producing land mines. As part of that effort, she visited villagers in earlier this month. The Associated Press unique position," said a palace spokesman when the divorce was announced. She and Charles, 48, shared custody of their sons William, now 15, and Harry, 12. There was no precedent for Diana's new role. There had never been an ex-wife of a Prince of Wales. Although effectively out of a job, she worked hard and secured her place as an international figure and humanitarian. She declared in a television interview in 1995 that she aspired to being "a queen in people's hearts." She succeeded in winning something akin to adoration among millions of people around the world. She traveled widely for her causes, including research for AIDS, cancer and heart disease, and most prominently seeking a ban on the use of land mines. Richard Kay, a Daily Mail reporter whom Diana befriended, said at the time of the divorce, all she wants is "to take the Channel Tunnel train for a weekend in Paris and enjoy a pavement lunch in London without having her photo taken." I 30-day temperature range 1D0 ' 90 80 70 60 50 Mi.; 30(44 lllllllll -(ft iV'-.1 ?'-y -'.t' l temperatures 730 Marine Outlook Northwest winds 10 to 20 j-- knots afternoons and evenings. f""""l otherwise 15 knots Seas 2 to 8)'-' ,5rj4 feet throuoh lonioht i Red Bluff (959 Tahoi Valley 7Bna vA. Sacramento 9059 Satellite photo taken at 2:58 p.m. pdt ; VPS' pi 4 Bonny Doon Watsonville : Santa Cruz Season to dito Lilt year lo date . 1 Normal LJ lod Patchy morning low Tuesday 7 clouds, otherwise tLUAt sunny Highs mid-70s to low 80s. Morning low clouds, otherwise mostly lair. Highs upper 60s and 70s. Lows 50s to mid-60s Forecasts 3 Northwestern Calllornia Morning low clouds with patchy fog and drizzle. Highs mid-60s to near 80 inland. Lows SOs. Northeastern California Mostly cloudy. Highs upper 70s to mid-80s. Lows upper 40s to upper SOs. San Francisco Bay Area Areas of low clouds and fog at the coast. Highs upper 60s to mid-80s Inland. Lows rnid-50s to low 60s. Sacramento Valley Variable high cloudiness. Highs 85 to 90. Lows in 55 to 60. o n o ) Eureka 715J f ' 1 t aKr" Slnta Rosa 7955 .. y ' : BonnvOoon ; V Tt .BmLmooAutA TV l w V V CorralrKMM. -v ai50 iuuhi . 3 Mom.,., 7556 Dhacocttf laVeW Beach 7650 , A I Frnn92 rlldaCa IH Areas 01 morning tow ciouos. omer- . uu-fiu ... V wise sunny Highs 70s to low SOs. WatsonvilH A X Lows mid-and upper 50s . Bikenlleld 93S3 I Smti Blroirl mru P. fc Birttow 10317 I pi In Dim A 0.46 0.0 0.0 imurid In Inchii. Rilnlill yur 11 meatured beginning July 1. Yoiemltl VillayN (650 3 Forecast for noon, Sunday, Aug. 31 . mm si i , ... --i 01 101 201 301 401 501 SOI 70s DOl 90s 1001 1101 Bands separate high temperature zones lot the day. FRONTS: j-k , -"Qj)- r- I WARM STATIONARY Pnuum H L HIGH LO E3 SHOWERS RAIN LT3 EZ3 E3 tstorms numies snow ICC SUNNY PT CLOUDY CtOUOY Fresno 9262 Phases Wednesday the moon LAST Clear except lor coastal clouds and log Highs upper 60s and 70s coast: 80s-90s inland. Mount Shasta-Siskiyou Mostly sunny except a few alternoon clouds. Highs 70s lo mid-eOs Lows 40s to mid-50s. sun FORECAST Weak combi- nation with , ; A smaii-scale !:j surf--at or V below waist-high with few chest-high sets Let Anttltt KN Rrwnldl 1456 film Sprinfi 10674 Northern Sierra Nevada Mostly sunny. A little cooler. Highs 75 to 85. LovS 35 lo low 60s. Los Angeles area Areas ol morning low clouds and fog. otherwise mostly nnnu Hinhe in flOc uuith lows in the 60s. Moonrlu Moonset S. Calll. coastal areas 5:29 a.m ; 7:01 p.m. Areas of low clouds and fog early, Sunrise SunMt with mostly sunny skies. Highs B,,0 . upper 70s along beaches to 90s in 0-J!' '"i 'JB P-m- valleys.. Lows 60s. x Seal 23 .;. rV-. aw Nnflsi 10413 " wn : INDEX j Ides Low: 4:14 a.m.; 0.1 4:21 p.m.; 2.0 4:47 a.m.; 0.2 4:57 p.m.; 1.8 High: 10:58 a.m.; 4.5 10:14 p.m.; 5.1 11:27 a.m.; 4.5 10:52 p.m.; 4.9 The Nation Previous day s high and low as ol 5 p m PDT yesterday. Albany. N V Albuquerque Anchorage Atlanta Atlantic City Austin . .. Baltimore Billings Bismarck ,. Boise Boston . Buflalo Burlington.Vl Casper . .. Chrlstn.SC Chrlstn.W Va Chrltte.NC . Cheyenne 79 Chicago 73 HI Lo Pre Otlk 79 57 cdy 90 67 cdy 64 55 Ol rn 91 69 cdy 77 57 cdy 93 70 clr 65 57 clr 65 54 clr 87 57 COV 93 62 Clr 79 63 clr 75 61 cdy 76 60 cdy 90 47 clr 90 76 33 rn 78 54 cdy 86 66 cdy bz cdy 57 03 Cincinnati 78 57 cdy Cleveland 73 53 cdy Columbus.Ohio 76 56 cdy Concord.NH 79 58 clr Dallas , 96 73 clr Denver 83 54 cdy Des Moines .... 88 72 04 Detroit 75 61 cdy Duluth 71 58 19 El Paso 98 71 cdy Fairbanks 71 49 cdy Fargo 86 60 01 Flagstaff 72 52 rn Grand Rapids ... 76 54 cdy Great Falls . .. 80 42 cdy Hartford Spglld . BO 56 02 Helena 82 46 cdy Honolulu 93 78 clr Houston 93 68 cdy cdy Juneau Kansas City Las Vegas Little Rock Louisville Memphis Miami Beach Milwaukee . Mpls-St Paul Nashville New Orleans New York Norfolk. Va . North Platte Okie City Omaha Philadelphia . Phoenix Pittsburgh Pnlnd.Mame Prllnd.Ore 79 58 cdy HI Lo Pre Ottk 63 52 cdy 89 71 clr 102 77 cdy 98 71 cdy 84 62 clr 94 74 cdy 89 79 03 m 72 57 12 clr 92 66 1 24 elf 89 68 cdy 95 76 cdy 81 67 clr 79 67 clr 88 56 cdy 96 67 clr 89 71 01 clr 80 . 63 cdy 99 84 cdy 74 51 cdy 75 60 The World Temperature and weather conditions from midnight to midnight on previous day. Providence Raleigh . Repid City Reno Richmond .... St Louts Salt Lake City San Antonio . Santa Fe Seattle 60 Shrveport 93 Sioux Falls 84 78 64 clr 88 61 cdy 82 59 cdy 88 47 clr 86 62 clr 87 71 38 94 62 cdy 96 75 clr 92 58 cdy 56 cdy 70 clr 61 .02 cdy Spokane 81 52 cdy Syracuse 75 59 cdy Tampa 92 76 03 Topeka 89 73 .18 Tucson 93 74 cdy HI 69 59 78 . 86 . 66 Amsterdam Athens Auckland .... Bangkok Barbados Beiing ,. . . Beirut Berlin Budapest .. B Aires 87 Cairo 87 Calgary 69 Caracas 86 Dublin 64 Havana 86 Helsinki 78 Hong Kong 91 Istanbul 80 Jerusalem 82 Lima 73 Lisbon 86 London 69 Madrid B9 Manila 89 Mexico City M Montreal M Moscow 78 Nairobi 69 New Delhi 89 Oslo 78 Pans 66 Rio 77 Rome 84 San Juan 89 Santiago 71 Sao Paulo 82 Sapporo 84 Seoul 86 Singapore 91 Stockholm 78 60 66 62 59 59 77 M M 59 55 77 66 57 66 60 77 60 55 66 71 75 66 Wthr Cdy cdy cdy rn clr cdy cir cdy clr cdy cdy cdy cdy Clr Clr cdy clr cdy M M cdy clr cdy cdy cdy cdy cdy clr cdy

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