The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 23, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1896
Page 8
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•Aft&HV 1 have a very large assortment; call and look „ them ditef, One hundred lamps of differettt styles to • ! "delect from* Latge variety of faficy plates, sugars and creamers, water sets, glass sets, a new pattern in Chinaware, toilet sets, onyx stands, etc* The finest tihe of CANDY CHRISTMAS west of Chicago, I have a few barrels of apples left, and at the price no one can afford to be without a barrel for Christmas, Full stock of staple and fancy groceries always on hand. Do not forget the place. Cowles Block. James Patterson. HOLIDAY GOODS. POCKET KNIVES, SCISSORS AND SHEARS, CARVING SETS, and SKATES A warranted Pocket Knife for 15 CCtlts. Call and get special low prices for the Holidays. J. W. Robinson. Don't Forget the Place FARMERS' EXCHANGE. South of Court House. X V. ,,V > Just received, a shipment of Crockery and Glassware; ^ 'We have one of the neatest pat- ( terns made in fancy China, and .will sell one piece, or too pieces, ,'tp suit the purchaser. You Should pjjr line before you buy; we money, OEAZED BY BAD LUOK. Geo. McFarland Is Said to Be Insane at His Father's Home lu Hamilton County. • It is reported that Geo. McFarland, who rented land of Perry Burlingame the past year and who was in the hail belt, -has gone insane at his father's home in Hamilton county. He rented land in Kossuth two years and had bad luck with both crops. He moved away a few weeks ago badly in debt. His hard luck was too much for him. MUFFS, mittens, leggings, over-gaiters, handkerchiefs, kid gloves, etc., just the things for Christmas gifts. We have a big assortment. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. ELECTRIC BITTEES. Electric Bitters is a medicine suited for every season, but perhaps more generally needed in the spring, when the languid, exhausted feeling prevails, when the liver is torpid and sluggish and the need of a tonic and alterative is felt. A prompt use of this medicine has often averted long and perhaps fatal bilious fevers. No medicine will act more surely in counteracting and freeing the system from the malarial poison. Headache, indigestion, constipation, dizziness, yield to Electric Bitters. Only 60o a bottle at L, A. Sheetz 1 drug store. 1 MARVELOUS BESULTS, From a letter written by Rev, J. Gunderman, Dimondale, Mich,, we are permitted to make this extract: "I have no hesitation in recommending: Dr, King's New Discovery, as tbe results were almost marvel- ons in the case of my wife. While I was pastor of tbe Baptist church at River Junction she was brought down with pneumonia succeeding I»a Grippe. Terrible paroxysms of coughing would last hours with Uttle interruption and it seemed as if she could not survive them. A friend recommended Dr, King's New Discovery; it wes quick in its work and highly satisfactory in its results," Trial bottles free at Dr. Sheetz' drug store. Regular size 50c, and $},00, 1 , Infeson & Co, ABNJOA The best salve iu the wprld fop bruises, pate, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever pores, tetter, chapped hands, phUblatos, poras and all skin eruptions, Ana Positively cures pUes op »o pay rajufred, j t ^ guaranteed to Wye perfect satisfaction or money refueled, Price 8?o a bpx, Spl4 by fc. A,: Sheetz, . dftiCA&O, «f tWATJKEE A St. f Atffc. , > . » o. 1 defcftfts At ...................... 8:65 *M No.9 departs at ........ .. ............ 4:01 pm , Freights that carry passengers— fto. 93 departs at...... ..... 7 ....... 12:06a» No.fl departs at .................... 8:33pm No. 65 departs at ................. .... 8:20 pm (TRAISS EAST. NO. 2 departs at .................... No. 4 departs at ...................... 6:33pm Freights that carry passengers— »o. W departs at...... ...... ....... 8:20 pm No. 04 departs at ..................... 3:05pm R. F. SEDRICK, Agent CHICAGO & JfOfcTHWESTERN. South- Freight 7:10 am Mixed Pass.. ....8:04 am Mixed 1:12 pa Mixed 8:00pm North— 7:10a m Freight 11:25 ft in Pass 2:49p m Mixed 10:47 pin ?. H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL MELD, Christmas »nd, JSTeyv Year wjlU be sow ; St, p au l ^ ^^^^Y^^^^^" ^ ^^t"^ ^^ y^Tr^ i $j 'V ^iffl'&^it&liffBKSfQjK^^ff^*^ "*•*!?'M^it'X fc, 1 . jl;^^tewW'itt|WHMypU((i^li \'{t ' <, V rfrrtn Ti3»Vop J 5«.«fl!i.".iBQ«<a;, 1 i- 3SSFx\*li\tan. Judge Quarton will adjourn court for the holidays. Company F is planning on another big dance to be given late in January, Thos, F. Cooke has as finely a furnished office as there is in . northern Iowa, Irvington Woodmen are to have a big dance at Duuwoodie's hall on New Year's eve. The Algous club's Christmas dance comes Friday evening. It will be a pleasant occasion, There will be a Christmas sermon at the Congregational church next Sabbath at 11 oxjlock. The mild weather continues. The mercury has not been much below freezing for several weeks. The big. charity ball comes next week Saturday evening. It will be the event of the holiday season. Guy L. Taylor goes to Hartley today for a big shoot, Next week he will attend the Buffalo Center festivities. Mrs. Wm. Johnson and her sons have a new home at Hobart about completed, and will soon move in from the farm Amasa H. Paine is about recovered from an attack of pneumonia. His friends will be glad to see him out again. * Charlie Hanson, who lived near the cemetary, died Monday night suddenly of an apoplectic disorder. He was at work as usual Saturday. The Northwestern railway has made connections at Des Moines which secure to travellers a daylight run from Algona to Kansas City. E. G. Bowyer is out again attending to his business. He does not live at home and is visiting at E. Tellier's until the quarantine is up. Supt. Reed says the teachers' meeting at Bancroft was very successful. The next one comes at Wesley in January. The date will be announced later. The jury in the Plumley-Nlcoulin case gave a verdict last night for against Nicoulin. All day yesterday was spent in argument. The case will be appealed. The jury was about secured this morning for the N. J. Skinner case, when County Attorney Raymond dismissed it. Mr. Skinner is still held under another charge. The Esthei'ville Republican says all the crew of the wrecked Northwestern train at Goldfleld but the fireman were discharged. Agent Vesper don't know of any such occurrence. Gardner Cowles has returned from Washington, where be has been for two weeks attending to mail route contracts. While there he attended the opening of congress. The annual meeting of the county agricultural society will be held on the second Saturday in January, This meeting all farmers in the county ought to plan to attend. Marriage licenses have been issued to Charles Thaves and Minnie Kienetz, Richard Raks and Vando Rochow, Will Bruce and May B. McNally, Nels Mathson and Carrie Nelson. The Methodists are going to observe u Watch Night" next week Thursday evening, They will have a fine literary program, concluding with devotional exercises, and will see the new year in, The public schools close tomorrow with some rhetpricals in each room and Christmas festivities in some. The next term will open in tbe new building. No program is yet announced for the opening, Isaac Frye has bought a 400 acre farm near Cedar Gap, Mo., and will go south to live in a couple of months, He will sell or rent his farm south of towp. We are sorry to see Mr. Frye leave Kossuth. The grand jury has had the longest session at this term in years. Among the indictments is one against Fred. Dolliver, who lives in the north end of the county, charged with obtaining money under false pretenses. The Methodist, Congregationalist, Baptist apd Presbyterian ohm-obes all ha,ve special Christmas exercises tomorrow evening at their respective places, Tiie goofl old'tirae Qhristmas tree seems to be the standard attraQ- tion, The visiting editors w}l} be entertained at the Gungaulus lecture, by the ibrary society which j s promoting the eoture course, They decided Friday 10 extend the wurtesjes of the oogas.ioR wh.i«h .generous aot will be. kjgb' by the visitors, .„„.. i? baying ft 'run pf tevsr* Sea, HaeJjman j g going _, .. this V)l)fer,tQ lOOk ftbpyt, stopped hinl. Mdftday this ifieritS 6f j the injunction will he passed upofl, J. W. Cory, our old district ftttotney? will argue for the contestants and Col. Chas. A. Clarke will represent the state officials. It is sinf ulaf that afly- one should oppose the dam if it will really assist in preserving the lakes. Hon. S. Mayne has a lot of public documents at his office in Bancroft, including railroad commissioners' re^ ports, state dairy commissioners' reports, reports of the state horticultural society, etc., which he will be pleased to give to those who want them. Drop a card to him and get what you want. Agreeable to ancient custom the Episcopal church willcomrhetnorate the birth of its Divine Founder oh Christmas day. Divine service at 10:30 a. m. Church people as well as dissentei's are cordially invited to honor this day by observing it thus religiously,. The Sun* day school will have its Christmas festivities Thursday evening at If o'clock. Sheriff Samson took Win. W'essen- berg to the asylum yesterday. Mr. Wessenberg is one of the brothers who bought the corner west of the Hamilton lumber yard. He was in the asylum three years ago and was pronounced cured, but the trouble has reappeared. His mania does not take a dangerous form. His brother accompanied him to Independence. Nathan Mann and W, J. Lang of Irv- inglon chose up sides for a big rabbit hunt the first of the week, the losers to pay for an oyster supper and take the rabbits. There were seven on a side, the Lang party winning with a score of 139 to 119, and the Mann side will serve the oysters. One of the party suggests that Nathan shave off his burnsides and go for the Lang hunters again. The case of Blaino vs. Reed goes over till next term. Mr. Reed loaned Mr. Blaine his horse and buggy, which ran away with Mr. Blaine and got smashed. Mr. Reed wanted Mr. Blaine to pay half the damage, and Mr. Blaine wanted Mr. Reed to pay him for the scare he got. In the discussion an altercation arose and Mr. Blaine sues for $1,000 damages for assault. The following books have just been added to the public library: Iowa Legislative Documents for 1896, five volumes; United States Census Report on Farms and Homes; Napoleon at St. Helena; Red-men in Iowa; Five Little Peppers; Kate Carnegie, Ian McLaren; The Violet, Irene Magneder; Marm Lisa, Kate Douglas Wiggin; Madelen, Mary E. Wilkins; An Army Wife, Capt. Chas. King; Sentimental Tommy, J. M. Barrie. The 'bus war ended finally in 'Squire Taylor's court. The Brown boys had Uncle Joe Tennant brought up, charging that he had made undue threats in their direction. 'Squire Raymond and S. E. McMahon argued the law, and a travelling man, who was present and heard the alleged threats, furnished the principal testimony. After weighing the pros and cons 'Squire Taylor dismissed Mr. Tennant. The grand jury found a second indictment against N. J. Skinner. He was bound over in $800 bonds, which he gave. The charge is that Mr. Skinner got one John Ferguson of West Bend to sign a note and mortgage to be held; that he then turned them over to Mrs. Boals and appropriated the money, and later released the mortgage on the record. G. W. Argo of Sioux City will be with S. S. Sessions in his defense in the case now in court. He came Monday, Miss Alice Mann brought her high school girls up to court one day last week to take notes on the administration of justice. They were edified by Hprt Nebei'gall's testimony in the Nicoulin case. Judge Quarton assumed a little added dignity for the occasion and Geo. E, Clarke cross questioned with a little added zeal. The high school students retired with the impression that it takes more than one hour to master the intricacy of court proceedings. A happy wedding was celebrated at the Milwaukee depot last Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock by Rev. Sinclair, Miss Alice Johns and Wm. Haney being joined together, A wedding breakfast at the McNamee hotel preceded a wedding trip on the 10:37 train east. Mr, Haney is a passenger conductor on the Sault Ste. Marie railway, and is very popular. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A, C. Johns and a young lady of many charms. The best wishes of a hostof friendsgo with them. Their future home will be in Minneapolis, ' Ambrose A. Call is enlarging his office room in the opera house block and will add the 'Squire Clarke office to his own, He has received word from Washington that he was very successful in his mail route biddings, securing over 400 contracts, more than he has ever before had, and he will have to have big office room for help to conduct the business of letting them, He has until July to do the work in, Mr, Call is one of the oldest bidders now doing business with the postal department, and at this letting was the most successful, A happy marriage was celebrated last evening at the home of Wm. Cordlngley by Rev. Jnnes, J, J, Cord* ingley and Wiss Clara OJeson being united ie wedlock, The groom is Algona's popular meat market man, while the bride is the daughter of John Oleson, for many years miller at tbe Wilson mills, For some months she has been engaged in the office of Clarke & Cobenour »a stenographer, and is very popular with Algona young people, -Wbe, Jake -Wiukel cottage has been rented and was already supplied with household goods, and tbe happy couple want there iB»roedia.teJy ta begin bou8e,kMptng, May gpod }s the wis.b, Make your feet a Xtites present of a paif bf those Shoes or Slippers—and rerriehibef that with feaeh ptife of leather goods afrioUntiHg to $2,§o atid over We rHve of those pretty dolls you have seen displayed in oUf dows. Come at onde—the dolls are goitig fasi We give the most for yoW money> and have the best goods in the Market, Brownell & Alfred, BOSTON BLOCK, ALGONA, tA,' We do the best repairing, ,•<<., .... Holiday Hints T HIS is a puzzling time—a time that taxes the thoughts of'all the people—for we are loth to Imagine there's a man, woman or child in all this country round who has not someone to remember on Christmas day ; Let us try and help you out. In the first place we want to impress upon your minds that we are this * year, _ of all years, headquarters for Holiday Goods. We cannot -1 mention all we have suitable for presents. , "' These, however, are suggestive: Watches, Silver-m't'd Scissors, Silver Pocket Knives, Mantel Clocks, Silver Mirrors, Silver Cigarette Cases, Gold Bead Necklaces, Brooches, Bracelets, Silver Rings, jeweled, Gold Rings, jeweled, Silvef Baby Rattles and Cut Glass, Silver Pencils, Gold Pencils, Silver Card Cases, Ice Cream Sets, Carving Sets, Silver Cloak Clasps, Cups, Plates, Silver Bracelets, Manicure Sets, Silver Hair Brushes, hundreds of other articles. Silver Combs, Silver Flasks, Silver Key Rings, Link Buttons, Silver Tea Bells, Gold Hat Pins, Silver Hat Pins, Scarf Fasteners, Silver Stamp Boxes, Silver Cups, Souvenir Spoons, A coin silver Thimble given absolutely free to every lady purchasing two or more dollars' worth during the Holidays. We shall be glad to hold, and deliver on Christmas eve, anything you may wish to select at this time. Our prices are not holiday prices—they are regular prices, as low as we can make them. Open evenings until p o'clock. E. O. BOWYER, No. 14. Boston Block Jeweler, Optician, and Art Dealer. FINANCIAL. Kossuth County State Bank, ^SO.OOO. ^JJS-OiT^w, IO"W.A.. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. WM. H, INGHA51, President; J. B. JONES, Vice President; LEWIS H. SMITH. Cashier Directors— Wm. H. Ingham, John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Chrlschilles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devine. ' First National Bank of Algona. CAPITAL 850,000 AMBROSE A. CALL President I WM. K. FERGUSON..... Cashier D. H. HCTCHINS ....Vice President I 0. D. SMITH Asst.c5i.Wer Directors—D. H. Hutchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweiler, F. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, B. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson, Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security. Special attention given to collections. Algona State Bank. Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, C. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest., Thos, H, Lantry, Cashier, Qeo. L. Qalbralth, Fred. M. Miller. Myron Soh'enck, Thos. F. Cooke. CASH CAPITAL, 850,000. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSZT 7AVLTB. ^"Interest paid on time deposits. O. Six per cent Interest on Time Deposits for money left three months or more. Money always on hand to loan on first mortgages, second mortgages, and good collaterals. Notesbought. ALGONA, IOWA, The Algona Deposit & Loan Assn. w m GUARANTEE Call at offices for particulars. ' 8 Offices over Algona State Bank PER CENT, interest OItT NSURANOE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business, Office over Algona State Pank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoente of Hartford. Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, QEO, M. BAILEY, SplentlfiQ American Agency for jfltw .eej?»Bj "•WB"" VIWIPIJI <p- OQPYRIQHT0 Ate* «t mm fj ifettss rgtwfcf« 8 fit at 7 ^7£M Legal Blanks Real Estate Mortgages, Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Leases, Cash or Share Rent, Real Estate Contracts, Bill of Sale, Chattel Mortgages, Satisfaction of Grass Notes, The Upper ' - : f;>t-«?;$'

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