The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 23, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1896
Page 7
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: '"" .••%&& ?.:^t&^i^ efts* vto>fectt th« fttiffi* g is Wold, iilaitful |n<ifcfa.vo spirit S fra •Ig-ht! ie's, the is fall* the fetfta tfc* fcswi cat t)p , cry"' " Why tehoiild 1 BUf- ffer BO? Mat can 1 lo?" Lyuia E. Pinkhata's • Vegetable Compound" l stop the lorture and fcstore courage. _ 11 ouch pains come f torn a deranged fterus. Trouble in the Womb blots "ut the light of the sun at midday to vast number of women. I' Be advised— do as many others have Bono and are doing — procure Lydia 13. pink-ham's Vegetable Compound at Incc, and commence without delay to lealize the relief it is sure to bring you, "i 866't believe evctythtfig 1 abfifit .the igntttstce o! the awn^ jufy/' said ftfi old lawyei 1 In reminis- cefit mbdd, fektes the Cetfoit Frea Press, "but once, when 1 visited 4 backwoods' court ift the mountains oi fctokh Cafolifla, 1 did hftppett on an Ih* ddefit that shook my faith for a time. Th8 case was before a squire and the prisoner was up for hog stealing. It wag the rudest court and sufrouhdlngs i ever got into aiid 1 should not have been surprised at anything, but 1 was. After a cbuple of jack-leg lawyers had got in what they had to say the court turned the case over to a jury aftd it adjourned to a barn to decide the Innocence or guilt of the prisoner. AnG such a jury! I can never forget what a motley gang that jury was. in half an hour It came back and resumed ita place in court " 'Have you found a verdict?' asked the squire. " 'What's that?' responded the foreman. " 'Have you found a verdict? That's what,' replied the squire. " 'Why, squire,' hesitated the fore mail, with a foolish grin, 'we didn't know thar -wuz one lost; did we, boys?' And even that court couldn't stand it, but got up and swore." SOME FREE READINGS. the !,<*«* ot Mfcft find Wateett Af% jf the sigti* at tfafe tfodiftb o* the AHclent Aft bl tfte •Tf.v;:M % "V s ->._ -k.T-ki'i-r *•• :*,">" ,*, lite If: Housekeeper—Goodness, what have you broken now? J Little Help—A cup, mum. I Housekeeper—And this morning you broke a saucer! i'Little Help—Yes'm; but I h'aint oke a plate yet. SHARP POINTS. -/Many children become discouraged Kecause their best efforts meet with no fapproval. , I Difficulty add to achievement, as the framming of the powder sends the bul- llet further. There is no fault that does not bring tits brothers and sisters and cousins to jlive with it. 1 Help others when you can, but never ^ give what you cannot afford because it : is fashionable. When a girl admits that she has a corn she says she must quit wearing such loose shoes. A man never believes, that tho girl he is going to marry could ever grow as fat as'her mother. Keep your eye on the man who selects his friends before he forms their personal acquaintance. No matter., how poor a stick he is, a Voman always thinks her hubsand is an undiscovered genius. -The last infirmity of noble minds Is ignorance of difference between talking much and sayinK much. - That Was Most of ,tho Time. Ho Stopped the Car. He was young and neatly dressed, but he retained the biggest half of a last night's jag. Making his way up the Bowery as steadily as he could, he suddenly decided to take a cable car. Unfortunately, he was in the middle of the block, and cable cars stop only, at corners, but the gentleman was too much absorbed in whisky and thought to realize the fact. The first car refused to stop, of course, So the gentleman retired to the sidewalk, and entered the car's number with great care and deliberation in a memorandum book. Then he essayed a second car (about four cars had passed while he had been putting down the number), but the second and equally a third car likewise did not stop. In each case he entered the number of the sinning car In his book. Finally, with an expression that said, "I'll make this car stop," he clutched the hand rail on the rear platform of'a fourth car and pulled back as if stopping a team of horses. The car went on. So did the gentleman with the jag, a sort of human pennant to the car. A passenger on the rear platform rang the bell wildly to stop the car. After the car came to a standstill the pennant climbed aboard and calmly put down in his notebook the number of the conductor, gripman and car, then he dropped asleep triumphantly. The man next to him saw the number of the car, as he had written it down. This was it: "Carnumber 321,147776,811."—New York Sun. Thl§ art or science ea» ahles the aatrolo* ger to read front the horoscope, of map of the heav* ens at the time of & person's birth, many useful, ctfti* ous and important things relating t& one's life, charac-- terlstics, health, wealth, business, marriage, etc. The facts and evidence will Justify at all times and to all persona the conclusion that some are natural* ly fortunate while others are just the opposite and some just an average* The astrologer always finds a marvelous sympathy existing between the Indications of horoscope and the life ot the person born at any particular time. For the benefit of the readers of this paper we will publish FREE in these columns: The zodiacal sign rising at your birth Including your ruling planet and a brief character reading by Astrology. Those wishing readings should send the following data written plainly In Ink: Sex, race or nationality, place of birth including state, county and city, year, month, date, hour and minute ot birth, A. M. or P. M. as near as possible; aiso give name or initials and address under which you wish your reading published. If you know the date but do not know the time of birth and wish a reading send two 2-cent stamps for further instructions. Letters will be numbered as received and the readings published in regular order so those wishing to take advantage of this liberal offer should write at onco for we can only allow one column in each issue for this department. Address Prof. G. W. Cunningham, Dept. 4, No. 194 South Clinton St., Chicago, 111. Note:—The following readings are given according to data furnished. The description may vary slightly in some points In accordance with which sign the ruling planet may be found. It always partakes of the indications of the sign in which it Is placed at birth, also the planets in configuration with it: Bttetomct fcfflfttaft 18 Watery 5 it was taA W tSflp'ple At Mycenae'the aumbef '.&< coins discovered dtif Sag the ktett fe* searches amotihta t6 3<&00t tfrSy belo'flt tb giefohj dbriiith, Afgoi' and bthef. 16*419 -of Af g&Hs. , Of, A, B. HatttiUott, of Lftfamie,Wy-6,, hiked intd a hfefd of wild cattle, They resented the insult and chased the doctor, who* |6l 0$ with a broken shoulder biade and a smashed wheel. jocror—i&'s twiust,- Sir, - ,. .„ xoung Husband-fl -might have feHp«n It? it's my Tvifo'a thWy that two cttn 11V6 as cheaply " ' It ififtlhwlfe ffltU Madge _Husbands are like horses] not much 'good, until they are well broke, -Mrs. Spender ('with a ste \t me! J certainly nave.the best ' 'jn New York, It that's the case. CURIOUS NOTES. In central South America eggs, co- cpRnuts and chocolate pass as currency p? the realm, Indian elephants qannot live i» Gen' tral Africa, the home of a "larger and jBare hardy species. The word "selvage" means 'setf- e/' or that which is an edge* of It f without-" bei?j,s benifeed, There te » grw>evln« ft* Q W> p . Qrtu : gaj ( which bw>ft sumclent amount ol grape? tp make a« average of 150 gfU- Jons pf wfp'p ft year Fun at tlic IVliite House. The humors of the White House, it is the testimony of everyone who has resided there, would fill many volumes. Many of them are found in the daily mail bag. At a'dinner the other day Mrs. McKee told of a letter Mrs. Harrison received while llrst lady of the land. It ran: "Pear Maddanv—I would like a present from Washington City, and so I will locate on you for it. Please send me a dress pattern and (here followed a list of several other things) please pay the express, as -I have made a vow never to pay anything on an express package, as I never know what it is until I have opened it," Mrs. Harrison, according to the relator, was much amused at this missive, and "I'll locate on you for that" became a standing phrase in the family ever •after when some object wa& coveted. Another letter received by Mrs. Harrison ran; "Dear Madam—Please send me some sheet music, as I have a daughter that has some tallents."-Ohlo State Journal, E'V«T: Pojwl»r. Shaded chrysanthemums, yellow and brown, have been used at one or two autumn weddings as bridal bouquets. JOSH B1LUNC8' PHILOSOPHY A gentleman iz the party who iz all- wuss honest, and allwuss polite and keeps his boots sblned up, and his finger nails clean, Ml dear fellow, yu kan't ,glt enny- thing out ov this world unless you ask for it, and yu ain't a going tb git mutch ennyhow, unless you insist upon U. When y-ii-settlQ with • yurself, insist upon 100 cents on the ilollav; .when yu settle wUh.the world; take haff price . w dear boy, don't let enny man git the drop on yu. This Jz a vulgar saving, but if y« have got branes enuff, ytt will use it for a moral purpose. There are no doubt plenty ovpeo- ule in" the world who.ure abuv SUB- shun, but I neVer hav'known enny Qne,(WOt,.«JJself) whom it wasn't safe tP Tn»ye iz » Wighty $»»£« OY odds between kwwUw «vw^, «J MIsB Mary, Detroit. You have the zodiacal sign Sagittarius, which Jupiter rules, rising at your birth, and therefore Jupiter is your ruling.planet or signiflcator. Sagittarius usually denotes a person above- medium height; a well proportioned and commanding figure; the complexion clear and healthy; the hair near a chestnut color growing thin and forming a notch above the temples; the forehead is full and broad; the eyes expressive; the laugh is loud, merry and cheerful; you are jovial, happy, generous and charitable; you are kind to animals and fond of a'fine horse; you a're not as conservative as you should be and are liable to get into too large deals; you are a natural leader and have plenty of courage to carry any scheme through that you know Is legitimate; you always have a certain kind of good lue.'c that does not seem to come to others; you may apparently be on the brink of a financial precipice and just ready to tumble over, yet something will turn in your favor and pull you through all right. Paul G., Clilcueo. You have the zodiacal sign .Taurus, which Venus rules, rising at your birth, and therefore Venus is your ruling planet or signiflcator. The sign Taurus usually denotes a person with short, but full, strong and well-set stature; broad forehead; dark, curly hair; dark complexion; broad full chest and shoulders; short thick neck; wide nose; full, pouting lips; you will have a' habit of shaking your huid sideways when talking earnestly. You are very quiet, peaceable and pa,tjent in your disposition, have great love for the beautiful in art and nature; you are very fond of the tine arts, such as music, painting, drawing, sketching, etc. You are fond of good living and generally manage to get it; you are Bubject to attacks of tho blues without any apparent good cause. You seldom lose control of your temper, yet when you do you become furious. You dislike to change your business or location and have great love for home and its pleasant surroundings. Ho Found Out. A good East Wlnthrop, Mftlne, deacou got into a discussion the olher day with a newspaper man relative to the size of a hole & horse could go through. The solution came quicker than he an* ticipated, Going to his stable, he found that his horse, weighing over J.OOO pounds, had fallen through a scuttle luto the cellar, ten feet bejow, without receiving a scratch, although tbe dimensions of the scuttle were fifty-four l»cl}es one way by. i8y 8 the other,—Bs. stimulate liver, -,,-,,-„..bowels, tfergr srfekeu, weaken er gripe- In every tiling &' on * pwtng in to getting &' teeth pulled, self obtain, a ifttje fltethfywen. far (teHttm, beittfc more permatte&t thaft hydrogen, Is a new thetmomCti-ie sub» stance for very Ibw temfeefftttires, The high note of a eukoo has been detemihed by an flngllsh observer to be usually frolfl F to El flat; the low note frow D to B. Specimens of fire damji have been recently collected from many sources, all containing nitrogen, with, apparently, about the same pi-oportiott of argon as Is obtainable from the nitrogen ot the air. The purchase of a BOO-acre lot near London, to be gradually covered by an Immense ethnological museum, Is urged by Professor Flinders Petrie.who finds existing museums far too small to receive the materials explorers are so rapidly unearthing. A new life buoy, Invented by an officer of the Austro-Hungarlan navy consists of a hollow metal ball filled with compressed air and a pair o semi-globular Wings of rubber-covered cloth. On turning a screw the air Inflates the wings, which then exert in water a lifting force of thirty-oigh' pounds. Luclum, a new element discovered by M. P. Barriere in monazlte sand, dissolves in sulphuric, nitric or acetic acid, forming soluble salts, either white or slightly rose tinted. Its atomic weight Is calculated as 104. The discoverer proposes to use the substance for an Incandescent gaslight on the Welsbach principle. The four great tunnels of the world .are cited' as an illustration of the marked diminution of the cost of engineering works during the past quarter of a century. The Hoosac tunnel, the oldest of the four, cost ?500 a foot; the Mount Cenis, the next in date, $475; the St. Gothard? ?366, and the Arlberg, the most recent, only $200. An Irish observer estimates that wasps captured between 300 and 400 flies on two of his cows in about twenty minutes. There was a constant stream of wasps carrying away flies, probably to feed the larvae in their nests, and returning to catch more. A white cow appeared to be a favorite with the wasps, as the flies could be seen at once against her skin. The gas engine, which in Europe has now supplanted the steam engine for moderate power, is being used in France for ships. A new gas boat on the Havre-Rouen-Paris line is 100 feet long, with seven feet draught, and attains a speed of seven knots. The gas is stored in steel tubes under a pressure of ninety-five atmospheres. The engine is a two-cylinder one and is of forty-horse power. YOU WAfct « frow MttUn frtttol HoUrtft the bdsttr&ct in Texas. rtt M easy terttrt. tfOtt't Ifill It [. Write and t«ei*6ouf b <>ok uie *arm Lftttdfe" ?ft« «J}dJafW"«» k1 tochB&h,eXcUfsloiijiBd FREE FAR-. —-I--;-- 3ttttthe'«l '!M*&8 CdiWSiMwroB 'Co* J8nn Libderholm,Mgf .1110 lUftlto Bldg,,Chicago . , ... - j ttickj-i "Newrlch always was a iuck_r ai&tt in lo «Why,l thought his fiance broke the en* ; he got the ring back. 1 * junciioii Experience. "Have you made any money by begging!" "Not a cent." "What was,the trouble?" '•I'm a a greenhorn at the business—begged from the rich instead of tho poor." The Modern Mother Has found that her little ones are Improved more by the pleasant Syrup of; Figs, when In need of the laxative effect of a gentle remedy than by any other, and that It Is more acceptable to them. Children enjoy It and It benefits them. The true remedy, Syrup of Figs, Is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company only. According to tho computation of the Russian rhronologists, the creation took place B. 0. 6508. LbwKatoit for Homeaeokers Gotnff South On the first and third Tuesday of each month tickets Will Do sold to set tiers from Chicago to points m Virginia and the Carolinas at greatly reduced rates, both one way and round trip Send for particulars and freo pamphle descriptive of the farm lands, climate markets, etc. Address U. L. 'I'ruitt Northwestern Passenger-Agent, C. & 0.. Big Four Route, 234 Clark Street, Chicago. A man with money to loan can always find a customer. H ho wants to borrow it ie not so easy to be accomodated. li ybtr will seed ytti? i W8vvill*ehs| **# hetae lo elaifi . &ft to CalibimUt. ^^^ CttttkH fiitlWMH . J* tf'ii^V, tbMt auythtflg out, it »• &!»>?» fr l men and womeu' by^ ENEM STOLE Santn ffo Kouto—California tiniitort. Leaves Chicago 0 p. m. Wednesdays and Saturdays, reaching Los Angeles in 73 hours and San Diego in 70/<i hours. Returns i'roua California Mondays and Thursdays. .. Equipment of fcuburb vestibuled Pullman palace sleepers, buffet smolc- ing car and dining car. Most luxurious service via any line. Another express train, carrying botli palace and tourist sleepers, leaves Chicago 10:35p. in. daily, for Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Inquire of G. T. Nictiolson,_trenej Passenger Agent, Building-, Chicago. An ene-* my st( into y house daylast and touched you lightly ^ passing. & You thought little of the! matter at the time, for the enemy was! only a vagrant cur-1 renl^of air. But| are faegin-l ning to learn v/hatj mischief the little! intruder did, for! your back isstiff and j painful. Your head! aches, and at times j you feel dizzy. HolesinYourHealth, What does that meatt ?. Sup-. pose you. are taking in money; all day, and drop it into a pocket -with Iholca; you '"will -| find yourself a loser, instead ofn a gainer by the day's business.'*' Same with your health, Yott eat and drink and sleep, yet lose kstead of gain strength. There's a hole in youf health. Some blood disease, probably," sapping your vitality. You can't begin, too soon, to take the great blood purifier, ' Ayer's Sarsaparilla. ftf-jsf^&if&fifsf^^ Wm Great Northern . What 'has hap' p e n e d t . . Simply is: the cold j settled on /our kidneys. They are .over- arged with blood _.„..[! inflamed. In- Isteadof passing the 1 waste matter out of Bthe body they are B damming it up in Bthe blood, "* Every J minute, yes, every B heart beat adds to I the poison in you. I Normal action I of the kidneys iwill purify the Sblood. Nothing I else will. Fruits, Groins and C urv.'to JMrtetlon ind rl.ft pbmoEMtial crop! otty In t~. ' ItflnlM dlitrlrU of ItoWML Th. wiUrnvpl* txlol>npl« • In IM botillful riiiltml niton of Waurn Colorado, Me*' ' (Ion HiKlaltlr ln«l<w «nornio«i enft tl. InltM tat «l»«l» No ftllom known. Kodrontb., wt ostrttri* bMt or oald, Mt •M. or billilorai. ; Boll loiradKoii >peclill? toopKd » ftowll, or rinol Ml APPUU, PBACHBS, PBAM, CHBRRIES, DRAPES, Stti"] Flno bee, tlftlrr tnd mock cotinUr. BiMllenl mi)d> j potutlon >nd mtrktti. Kboolh churcliM Ull Mdit>. OI. / ' auto ind dlf .ran, or Miour«i nnrxc«ll«d tbjrwbflrt. fltttt* ililM U> njl» n»r Und wiill. prlcn nre low.,NMb. i! Inf like bo'.a| Indeiwndriit Htod ownlnl n tiomo. Por ' ruitbtr laronnatlon Rtltlnoo. or kppl,' lo Th« WiiuraOlopo L»d «<d D.™lopm«nl Com. pin, No, 1390 B.ienuenlh stnM, ' Denter, Colonulo.. HALL'S Vegetable Sicilian HAIR RENEWER Will restore gray hair to Its youthful color and beauty—will thicken the growth of the hjir—will prevent baldness, cure dandruff,.and all scalp diseases. A -fine dressing,. The best hair restorer made, , t ' B. P. Hall & Co., Props., Nashua, N. H. Bold by all Druggists. Is the friend In need. It will reducethe Inflammation, M that the grip on the tissues of the blood-vessels Is relaxed, and the uric acid Is sent on Its way out of the body, An Kxample. "Father," asked the little boy, "what is a blessing in dlhguife?" "A Messing in dUguinet . Is a-its a-a fully insured five when business is dull, lor instance." HOW'B This! Large bpttlo, or new style, smaller one p,t y<"«r AGENTS WANT To sell our MINNESOTA Brown ITBVITS and as? . City, Minnesota _ ^ IThompson's Eya Waterr W.N.U. D.M.-4276 NO, _ AdyorUsomonts Wuflly JMpntlpn This Paper, ', f*#l*9>*****Mfr**ff>^*^^ ' - fa QVLL y ....>°J. 3, >and believe b^wss^s^s^^f^ West & °'ruax, Wholeaale 'DruBK^ts, To- Waging,' Klnnan & Marvin, Wholesale g r F§guy'PlUB are the best! General Eli H, Murray, who died in Diego, Cftl., recently, though a soutpe . by birth, was tho youngest general olncei in the union arroy. £?«iSK5«S§ S hov/s yoa ! <K4 not take » tablet pf Candy Ca,t^attic last evening:, prevent sow stomach, tone up the stimulate the liver, leave no chance f o? sic|c head aches in the morning-. Yow eat them likecandy ? and they leave yot» breath sweet and fragr«(ntt Jitter send o^t for a box right now,}te't_2-fat 50c,, any .drug store, or mailed for price, wwtff, for booklet and free sample. •* CANDY CATHARTIC Cure Constipation, kl A lu^te^^ ,«»W,5 ._ The Ohiuese pondejwi onmmftls to tlwtU by prevouting sleep. Sttffevev.i last tvou\ Vwplve to twenty days when death to their Important Notice !' miMitt**»; The only genuine ^ celebrated for more thgfc a centwyjs'ii licious, nutrition, and Jesh-forming age, is put up to plue Wwppero an low UjWs, ' Bo. .wro ,th'at, the • Vjj flgfe i||

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