The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 23, 1896 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1896
Page 3
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iNTERNAtlONAL PHfcSS ASSOCIAtlON. ,, That same night the clerk entered f&pott ft hout of drunkenness SO con- 'sistent as to surprise even his intimate acquaintances. He was speedily ejected ffom the boarding-house; deposited his portmanteau with a pel-feet stranger, [ wh6 did hot even catch his name; wan| dered he knew n6t where, and was at hast hove-to, all standing, in a hospital iat Sacramento. There, under the impenetrable alias of the number of his •bed, the crapulous being lay for some more days unconscious of all things, attd of one thing in particular! that the .'.police were alter him. Two months bad come and gone before the convalescent in the Sacramento hospital was ['identified with Kirkman, the abscond- fing San Francisco clerk; even then, 11 ere must elapse nearly a fortnight ore till the perfect stranger could be anted up, the portmanteau recovered, aid John's letter carried at lengthL to is destination, tho seal ntlU unbroken, the Inclosure still intact. i. Meanwhile, Joan had gone upon ma dolidaya without a word, which was ir- •egular; and there had disappeared ith him a certain sum of money, hich was out of all bounds of pallta- lon. But he was known to be careless, «ind believed to be honest; the manager besides had a regard for him; and lit,le was said, although something was 10 doubt thought, until the fortnight vas finally at an end, and the time had jome for John to reappear. Then indeed, the affair began to look back; and when inquiries were made, and the Gloty whose name had echoed eihce in the saddest corner of his memory; and the gutters where he had learned to slide, and the shop where he had trod, ahd the railings In which he had rattled his clachatt as he went to school :,an"d all those thousand and one nameless particulars, whicih the eye sees without noting, which the memory keeps indeed yet without knowing, and which, taken one with another, bttlld Up for us the aspect of the place that we call home; all these besieged him, as he went, with both delight and sadness. His first visit was for Houston, who had a house on Regent's Torrace, kept for him in old days by an aunt. The door was opened (to his surprise) upon the chain, and a voice asked him from within what he wanted. "1 want Mr. Houston—Mr. Alan Houston," said he. "And who are ye?" said the voice. This is mostextraordinary ."thought tnd fee-sldli, Is Mfe.tfa-s 8n th« way 1 home 1 , it hffiffy ttatt* afld Be gate wa? ttf the ifnftuto at nature. "Great Scott!" he cfied, and shook hands With warmth, scarce seeine'd ho was repaid irt kind. "So ydu'fe home again?" aald flflat* son." Where have you been all lals long time?" "In the • States." hatd John—" fornift. I've made my pile, though; and it suddenly struck me it would be a noble scheme to Come home for Christ- ft gfo note 1 «« tf'titf WfHflft mas." "1 see," said Bsatson. "Well 1 we'll see something of you now yott'rd here." "Oh, 1 gtiess so," said John, a little frozen. "Well, ta-ta," concluded Beatson, and he shook hands again and wont, This was a cruel first experience. It Was idle to blink facts; here was John ON PRACTICAL RELIGION, Washington, Dec. 20.-^his subject of Dr. Talmage exits through the conventionalities, and spares nothing of that make-believe religion which is all •talk and no practice. The text chosen was James, 2! SO: "Faith Without works is dead." The Reman Catholic ehUVch. has the, plug of all the Adhttwtt** and it tflil' dump* 'into the ,aifc fctofrt. in front «! the st&fe' the fefsite Ts»t; "that is sold fbf .fetettambfi and the ttflcV home again, and Beatson—Old Beatson been charged With putting tdo much —did not care a rush. Ho recalled Old | stress Upon good works attd not enough upon faith. I charge Protestantism with putting not enough stress upon good works as connected with salva- . _.. __ tion. Good works will never save a Place, the escalade of the castle rock, | man, bttt If a man have not good works he has no real faith and no genuine Beatson in the past—that merry and affectionate lad—and their joint advon;- tures and mishaps, the window they had broken with a catapult in India t that is sold *W BWInfle afld it will shake 6ttt tile fWS&f alt ffem the tea lea^s, aHd it will sift ffom the flour plaster 1 ,ot *» rt * *** bone dust and soap-stone, aM H will by ehemidfii analysis separate the dine quart of water from the few h&fieat drops o! cow's miik, and it wilt throw out the , live animalfeuies 1 to tfaU 1ft &M fix.tfflttes th6 brown sugar at chu*ehe& whd and tftft many hiilban» id be exfiutgaied , and religion. There are those who depend nenniless clerk was found to have rass^d thousands of dollars, and^kept hem secretly in a rival establishment .he stoutest of his friends abandoned im the books were overhauled foi races of ancient and artful fraud, and :hough none were found, there still revailed a general impression of loss. L 'he telegraph was set In motion; and Che correspondent of the bank in Edinburgh, for which place it was under- Cd that John had armed himself .With extensive credits, was warned to ^communicate with the police. I Now this correspondent was a friend [of Mr. Nicholson's; he was veil ac- huainted with the tale of John's calamitous disappearance from Edinburgh; and putting one thing with another, hasted with the first word of this scandal not to the police, but to his friend The old gentleman had long regarded his sou as one dead; John's place had been taken, the memory of his faults had already fallen to be one of those old aches, which' awaken again indeed occasion, but which we can a - B vanquish by an effort of the will; to have the long lost resuscitated in a fresh disgrace was doubly b tter. "Macewen," said the old man, 'his must be hushed up, if possible. If I "ive you a check for the sum, about which they are certain, could you take it on yourself to let the matter rest? "I.will," said Macewen. "I will take the risk of it." • -you understand," resumed Nicholson, speaking precisely, but with ashen lips. "I do this for my family, no for that unhappy young man. ii u should turn out that these suspicions correct and he has embezzled large upon John; and then aloud he told his name. "Not young Mr. John?" cried the voice, with a sudden increase of Scotch accent, testifying to a friendlier feeling. "The very same," said John. And the old butler removed his defenses, remarking only, "I thought ye were that man." But his master was not there; he was staying, it appeared, at the house in Murrayfield; and though the butler would have been glad enough to have taken his place and given all the news of the family, John, struck .with a little chill, was eager to be gone. Only, tho door was scarce closed again, before he regretted that he had not asked about "that man." He was to pay no more visits till he had seen his father and made all well at home; Alan had been the only possible exception, and John had not time to go as far as Murrayfield. But here he was on Regent's Terrace; there was nothing to prevent him going round the end of the hill, and looking from without on the Mackenzies' house. As he went, he recollected that Flora must now be a woman of near his own age, and it was within the bounds of possibility that she was married; but this dishonorable doubt he dammed down. There was the house, sure enough; but the door was of another color, and what was this—two door plates? He drew nearer; the top one bore, with dignified simplicity, the words, "Mr. Proudfoot;" the lower one was more explicit, and informed the passer-by that here was likewise the abode of "Mr. J. A. and many another inestimable bond Of friendship; ami his hurt surprise grew — 0 deeper. Well, after all. it was only on upon the fact that they are all right a man's own family tlmt he csuld count; Inside, while their conduct is wrong blood was thicker than water, he re- outside. Their religion, for the most membered; and the net result of this part, is made up of talk—vigorous talk, encounter was to bring him to the door- fluent talk, boastful talk, perpetual step of his father's house, with tenderer talk; They will entertain you by tne hour in telling you how good you are. They come up to such a higher life that they have no patience with ordinary Christians in the plain discharge of their duty. As near as I tian tell, this ocean craft Is mostly sail and very little tonnage. Forotopmasl stay-sail, foretopmast studding sail, malntopsall and softer feelings. The night had come; the fanlight over the door shone bright; the two windows of the dining-room where the cloth was being laid, and the three windows of the drawing-room whore Maria, would be waiting dinner, glowed soft- Her through yellow blinds. It was like a mlzzen t 0 p Ba n-ovorything from fly- vision of the past. All this time of his Jn tQ mlzzen . spll nker, but making absence, life had gone forward with an no ugetul Voya g 0 . Now, the world has equal foot, and the fires and the gas th . ed o£ th j B> aml it wan t 8 a relig- had been lighted, and the meals spread-, 1(m that wlll worlc iuto a n the clntum- at the accustomed hours. At the accus- stanoes O f uf e . We do not want a new touted'hour,-too, the bell had sounded •own HUBUI. . . 4 «. .i ... Theve has been ed much adulteration of articles of food that it is an ainaze- Bient to me that there is a healthy man or woman in America. Heaven only knows what they put into the spices and into the sugars and into the butter and into the apothecary drug, But chemical analysis and the tnicrosdopic have made wonderful revelations. Ihe board of health in Massachusetts analyzed ft great amount of what was called pure coffee and found In it not ne particle of coffee. In England here Is a law that forbids the putting f alum in bread. The public author- ties examined fifty-one packages Qf bread and found them all guilty. The lohest physician, writing a prescrlp- lon, does not know but that It may bring death instead of health to his jatient, because there may be one oi the drugs weakened by a cheaper article, and another drug may bo In run force, and so the prescription may have just the opposite effect Intended, on of wormwood warranted pure from Boston was found to have 41 per cent of resin and alcohol and chloroform. Scammony is one of the most valuable medical drugs. It Is very rare, very precious. It is the sap or gum of a tree or a bush in Syria. Tho root of the tree Is exposed, an Incision is made h6fd of what af tafe§ fabid^ talfe is that . HAW. thrice to call the family to worship. And at the thought a pang of regret for his demerit seized him; he remem- religion, but the old religion applied in all possible directions, Yonder is a river with steep and rocky banks, and It roars Mice a youni bered the things that were good and Niagara as it rolls on over its rough that he had neglected, and the things bedi It does nothing but talk abou Mr. are Bums, he must lie on his bed as ho, ha. made it," And then looking up at Sacewen with a nod, and one of his strange smiles: "Good-bye," said be; K-5^'SSa%^-« *» »** *»* «* li ° Dunlop Proudfoot, Advocate." The Proudfoots must be rich, for no advocate could look to have much business in so remote a quarter; and John hated them for their wealth and for their name, and for the sake of the house they desecrated with their presence. He remembered a Proudfoot he had seen at school, not known; a little whey-faced urchin, the despicable member of some lower class. Could It be this abortion that had climbed to be an advocate, and now lived in the birthplace of Flora and the home of John's tcnderest memories? Tho chill that had first seized upon him when he heard of Houston's absence deepened and struck inward. For a moment, as he stood under the doors of that estranged house, and looked east and west along the solitary pavement of the Royal Terrace, 'Where not a cat was stirring, the sense of solitude that were evil and that he had loved; and It was with a prayer upon his lips that he mounted the steps and thrust the key Into the key-hole. He stepped into tho lighted hall, shut the door softly behind him, and stood there fixed In wonder. No surprise of strangeness could equal the surprise oil that complete familiarity. There was the bust of Chalmers near tho stair- railings, there was the clothes-brush in the accustomed place: and there, on the hat-stand, hung hats and coats that must surely be the same as he remembered. Ten years dropped from his life, as a pin may slip between the fingers; and the ocean and the mountains, and the mines, and crowded marts and mingled races of San Francisco, and his own fortune and his own disgrace, became, for that one moment, the figures of a dream that was over. (TO HE CONTIXUntl.t can do ail their religidft with hymn*boeb, and bray liturgy, and same ef ,them rolling up their' were ready fot't Sabbath i's bounded on inconsistent lire, and while you are" porting to come out'from'undefytheiKJj arnis the wings of an angel, there c6m*~ out from their forehead the h6rna Of beast. There has got to be a new in religion. I do not say-ft new religion. Oh, no; but the old reUgiea;^;* brought to new appliances. In our t we have had the daguerreotype, ,the ambrotype, and the photograph-, ^ It is the same old stln, and these artft { ;,«5K are only now appliances of the old sun|| Itself all the way from Its source ii the mountain to the place where It empties into the sea. The banks are so steep that the cattle cannot come down to drink. It does not run one fertilizing rill Into the adjoining field. It has not one grist mill or factory on either side. It sulks in wet weather with chilling fogs. No one cares when that river is born among the rocks, and no one cares when It 'dies Into the sea. But yonder Is another river, and It mosses Its banks with the warm tides, and it rocks with floral lullaby the water lilies asleep on its bosom. It invites herds of cattle and flocks of Into the root and then shells are placed at this incision to catch the sap or the it exudes. It is very precious, this scammony. But tho peasant mixes It with a cheaper material; then It is taken to Aleppo, and the merchant there mixes It with a cheaper material; then it comes on to tho •holesale druggist in London or New fork, and he mixes it with a cheaper naterial; then it comes to the retail rugglstand he mixes It with a cheaper naterial, and by the time the poor sick man gets it into his bottle It is ashes and chalk and sand, and some of what been called pure scammony after light. So this glorious Gospel is what we want to photograph theji of God on one Boul, and daguerreotype'; 1 ';: it on another soul. Not a new Gospel, - ;, but the old Gospel put to new work.' ^ In our time we have had the telegraphio { > ^ Invention and the telephonic invention,^- ^ and the electric light invention '^but^ they are all children of old electricity., an element that the philosophers have, a long while known much about, -So this electric Gospel needs to flash, its'^ light on the eyes and ears, and souls,.'" o£ men, and to become a telephonic:, medium to make tho deaf hear; .a tele- > f -,^ shee pand coveys of there and drink. It birds to come has three grist off, and blessed God on his way homo that be was childless. him . CHAPTER V. Y a little alter noon the eve of Christmas, John had left his portmanteau in the cloak-room, and stepped forth Into Prince's street with a wonderful expansion of the soul, such as men enjoy on the completion of long- schemes. He was at home and rich; presently he SWIFT AND VANESSA. Her Despair and Unwomanly Uoirradn- tlon—A Mnzy Story. I do not think Swift ever cared for Vanessa and I much incline to believe hat he was never married to Stella, ".ays a. writer in a recent issue of the Contemporary Review. Cadenus had. ils weak points; he did not disdain to je adored and Vanessa, poor thing, was vain and flighty. The wildness which she betrayed in her letters can scarcely be matched, except in that amazing French ^mediaeval Latin correspondence of the Abbess Heloisa, not to be rendered by any translation I have ever seen. But, to use the Gallic phrase, she was at the -expense of It herself. One is reminded of the line, ''Apollo flies, and Daphne holds the chase," were It not that Apollo lingered a trifle too long to write verses which he had better have left unwritten. The chase went on for how many years? And how did It end? In despair on the part of Vanessa, in heartbreak and unwomanly degradation. Yes, it is a sad story; but one must not charge Swift with 'having acted as a deceiver, unless ho was married long ago to another woman; then, indeed, it will be hard, though not absolutely impossible to defend him. Nono can tell what passed between the deau and Vanessa during their last njtJLHUlil LU *i*c**»C »••*** «»«™-,— 1 i graphic medium to dart invitation and warning to all nations; an electric light _, to illumine the eastern and western/, hemispheres. Not a new Gospel, -but - tho old Gospel doing a new work., . Farmers who take their religion into' their occupation: Why, this minute their horses and wagons stand around, v all the meeting houses in America; They began this day by a prayer to God, "and when they got home at noon, A after they have put their 'horses up/\ las been caiieu pure »«««"««"* ..»— auer uiuy uuv« yui. w" —. ..•-„• analysis has been found to be no scam- will offei . a pray er to God at the table, nony at all. Now. practical religion will yet rectify all this. It will go to those hypo- seeking a blessing, and next summer •there will be in their fields not one dishonest head of rye, not one dlshon-j; ; ;^. •ritlcal professors of religion whe got est ear o f oonii no t one dishonest ap,-. 'corner" In corn and wheat in Chi- ple , worshiping God to-day away up t caso and New York, sending prices up ara(m g the Berkshire Hills, or, away, ~ , .iiY.nl_ .-.- . . _. - a *m A«*1 fin rtt« mills on one side and six cotton factories on the other. It is the wealth of two hundred miles of luxuriant farms. The birds of heaven chanted when It was born in the mountains, and the ocean shipping will press in from the sea to hall it as it comes down from the Atlantic coast. The one rlvei is a man who lives for himself. Tin other river is a man who lives fo others. Do you know how the site of th ancient city of Jerusalem was chosen There were two brothers who had adjoining farms. The one brother had a large family, the other had no family. The brother with a large family said: "There is my brother with no family; he must be lonely, and I will, try to cheer him up, and I will take some of the sheaves from my field in the nighttime and set them over on-ails farm, and say nothing about it." The other brother said: "My brother has a large family and it Is very difficult for him to support them, and I will help him and up until they were beyond the reach of tho poor, keeping these breadstuffs in their own hands, or control- down amid the lagoons of Florida,, or, away out amid tho mines of Colorado,' or along the banks of the Potomac, 1 ling them until the prices going up and and lhe Knritan, where I knew them up and up, they were, after awhile, ready to sell, and they sold out, making themselves millionaires in one or two years—trying to fix the matter up with the Lord by building a church or a university or a hospital—deluding themselves with the idea that the Lord would be sc pleased with tho gift he would forget the swindle. Now, as arms w hich have made the hammer and such a man may not have any liturgy the aaw and t h e adze and the drill and in which to say his prayers, I will t j_ e axe sound in the grand march of , better because I went to school with 1 them. Mechanics who took their religion into their occupations: James Brlndley,- the famous millwright, Nathaniel Bow- ' ditch, the famous ship-chandler, Bllhu Burrltt, the famous blacksmith, and hundreds and thousands of strong our national industries. Give your heart to God and then fill compose for him one which he practically Is making: "Oh, Lord, we, by _ getting a 'corner' in breadstuffs, swin- yom . i_ fo y^ goo d works. Consecrate died the people of the. United States ] to hjm your store> y0 ur shop, your out of ten million dollars, and made suffering all up and down the land, _____ and wo would like to compromise this Qod wiu he[U , it _ That i s enough. You matter with thee. Thou knowest it hardly know of anyone else than Well-, banking house, your factory, and your', •home. They say no one will hear it, ' -?'«4 V$ was a scaly job, but then it was smart. Now, here we compromise it. Take 1 per cent of the profits and with that 1 per cent you can build an asylum for w, ».»>»..,. ».»«., - these poor, miserable ragmuffins of the along and 1 will take some of the ntreet, and 1 will take a yacht and go sheaves from my farm in the night- to Europe, forever and ever. Amen, time and set them over on his farm, Ah, my friends, if a man hath gotten and say nothing about it." So the work his estato wrongfully and hei build a of transference went on night after lino of hospitals and universities from nlcht but every morning things here to Alaska, he cannot atonn lor u. seemed to be just as they were, for After awhile, this man who has been though sheaves had been subtracted getting a "corner in wheat, dies, ana from each farm, sheaves had also been then Satan gets a "corner In hta. He added, and the brothers were perplexed goes Into a great..long Black Friday Ington as connected with the victory at Waterloo; but he did not do the hard fighting. The hard' fighting was done ' by the Somerset cavalry and the Ry- 1 land regiments, and Kemp's infantry,. and the Scotch Grays, and the Life Guards. Who cares, if only the day was won? self in San Francisco. And then the flguva he made, with his decent portliness, his whiskers, the money in his purse, the excellent clgai that he now lighted, recurred to his mind in consolatory comparison with that of a certain maddened lad who, on a certain spring Sunday ten years before, and in the hour of church- time silence, had stolen from that city by the Glasgow road. In the face of these changes, it were impious to doubt fortune's kindness. All would be well yet- the Mackenzies would be found, Flora, younger and lovelier and kinder tlimi Ijfif 01*6 J AlclH \VOlllCl US lUUUUj t* mo mZHU **»iu *«*_!.*»*»*«»» **»•*••«? T .»-^». - — -,- JJltO U4. 1^*0 u*^ v*. wv4M"**»v»»»« *••• »***"• i *•»?» •« „„*..-. . yj_ V4JP H* I VW**WW**^V>** v»»^***»r»*» *• **• would have so nicely discriminated hia lnte ,-vlew. Scott baa given, but upon tradition' should prove unfounded, it But this practical religion win noi ^^ y ^ Convinced him that th,e, " behavior as to have grown, on tb. one U, nie ost Uearsay , an account of it „„, nevertheless stand as a b P a.ntlful only rectify a u merchandise; it wi ..__.„ and could not understand. But one There is a "break" in the market, Ac- uiiu uuum j>iui* nf».v*v'#*»»•»•»**»*« *-»»• v •»•»*•* i *•• »*•*-••—" - night the brothers happened to meet cording to Wall street parlance, he wMifl maklne this generous transfer-i wiped others out, and now he is Win- What Is Sloop? Prof. Dubois of Lyons has recently^ given an interesting answer to .tbjs. question. According to him, sleep pay be defined as a kind of intoxication • caused by carbonic acid. Experiment-" 1 ing with animals which hibernate in winter, such as the marmot, f9P' 1 in«-' stance, he finda that during, the prog--; WU* 1 * 3 iu«*n.i*n*» ^*»«w o w " w » **"i" -• —•*--"- (i .,. i-— - lloffifplc nn PW*i*W3j ***•* ******** v**»*v **»****^ **»*• *-» T^ ence, and the spot where they met was self wiped out. ISP col aterajs on }(egg Qf h}De j, nat j QW tbere j s ftn acou . so sacred that It was chosen as the which to make a spiritual loan, wei- j mulatiop O j carbonic acid in the bipod- site of the city of Jerusalem. If that nal defalcation of the unconscious animal. l ' Further • S ! enterWs father'* ho«e by means the he had piously stately houses at , j suppose, we coujd all repeat setting forth the Idea that [*iso rectify all mechanism, and - ' toil. A time will come when a . a valued friend of Mr. Nich- oTson'sT and to have remained, upon the other, of that exact shade of jovial- , . . ity which John desired in his compan- down tuo Bcreei j that hid their misery. apo t fit for some temple of commem- ions And so, once more, John fell to in . 8l , oU a case? Not Swift, we may be 0 _. a tion, work discounting the delightful future; __ ure _ And if Vanessa was thunder-, j bav his first appearance in the family pew; s t ruc k, with the news of a marriage fa- _____);},, but this morning I speak to you his first visit to his uncle Greig, who tft _ to j_ er _ why aid she not publish that about works, for "faith without works thought himself so great a financier, ag well as ^B poem she held in her la 4 ea d,» ?md on whose purblind Edinburgh eyes pos g esg j 0 n? The spene \a a line piece roe _ u th« *Y..,~« -,— — „,—- , - • _ - . John was to let in the dating day- of ^^ ^ wW j ? »_,„. Butf | waut Qf thls wovia ,„ more practical | ^^ **#•£ all remained, upon „ c a i}^uppn. by, heart. Tea;-»ut wouW; "wherever a kindly and generous and , - shade of jovial- , tj . of _ Uege _j roud persons have torn i 0 vlng act is performed, that' is the will work as faithfully by tne 300 as • • ' " — .... i " . . i j je does by the day. Von say wnen a thing IB slightingly done, "Oh, that was have often spoken to you about I done by the job." You canjell by.the ' swiftness or hackman drives 1 think you will agree with I the hpur or by the excursion. _If be ta in tho statement that the great I hired by the bom He yy«» *<M *•"- ill i-n 1 IIBI.V of the West; and the details in ,, ko general of that unrivaled trans forma- K Son scene, in which he was to display | to all Edinburgh a portly and su gentleman in the shoes of the 't^Ume began to drawer when Bpptber lege nd, H fades, un- into cjoudland. At a local school, during a reading religion. We want practical religion to go into all merchandise. It wiH supervise the labeling of good?, It will npt allow a man to say that a I tomer. thing was made In one factory when I Inspected. is the horses so to'get around and get another qu sr • " worH have to be horses i&« hibernating animals, as its causes are , from the ordinary sleep shorter periods, lulls the the strength of all animals, eluding wan Spme explpraUon, is "worth Py, yevejatlpns cqncernjnf' - it was learned tyat avtieles, which appeared i» -ttosj Gurpnicle, he. ii •« made »„, It f l not | ^-~^ the phrase "Went,! occupation" j •WoT.^.^W.^L^L^* I KnSl *vSSS5& * watch the | receive $5Q,QOO. _ *_*_ wae manufactured in Geneva, to , * strolled westward Albany Street, facing hU 'pieced, Ue knew no why move p, i P n that cold air and indigo tw starred with street-lamps. Hu wS one ore disenchantment VlS SSSJ^OW to which wf I merest to «y flu* -** use our mind," "And a m^nnsi o from pore "One in which we use our hands." if, wh|gt when-Jt came fj'pni 0?il}fprn|a, religion will wa}k alqng by the stove aUeWes m$ tea? qf£ all the that make njjiwepveaentatipn. Jt -are expert swjinjm.efs, watch the jouyneymfin. Capitalist corar jng down unexpeptedly to watch the Conductor of a city car sound' .e puncji bell to prove his honesty asVpassensey hands to him a clipped nickel. AJJ thlttgs mn§t be watoheA that ^ will nest time, he sh.QU.Jd 1 5ft. ..,_** W"*W$ make PUtJrf W »»Y.iott8 WW*.W**«w kind? I Wh'eft W, m&$ff ft mfif "* " Pinchbeck, go 'ta jeftuveft SfJw * f^;*fps,,<-«> iinoQQW, |.s ty.i mi ,jW#WWM&^

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