The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 23, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1896
Page 2
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1S.-A cutting . ''tt&ay tec-lifted at ilystfe* in wh,ch Bar Mfafca* Eoffofk was proba -fatally tojflrtd. It seem* that the 'mbf rock boy and Bother- boy named Gregor Were placing together and a flispute ardse as to the superior qualities of the fences owned by the boys. *hey tested the hhlves la various Ways known only to boys, but could toot Settle thti difficulty that way, and a violent quarrel arose, which resulted iti the Gfegor boy stabbing Ilorrock itt the left breast, just under the heart. The knife Was an ordinary one, except that it had a dagger-like blade, nbout three inches long, atid & *•» drlvcn ^ to the haiitlie. Physicians say that Horrock cannot possibly recover. ROMANCE Qp_THB YEAR. Governor Drake's Daughter' Sei-fctly Mnr- rieil to G«io. Sttirdivrtnt. DE8 MotNfcB, Dec. 18.— Miss Mary Lord Drake, daughter of the governor of Iowa, and George Sturdivant of Centervillc, were secretly married at Denver on the 28th day of October, nearly two mouths ago. Governor Drake did not learn of the marriage until his recent visit to Colorado Springs, where his daughter has been spending the winter. The young couple went to school together at Con- tervillc, and while the groom came of ii good family 'the governor's objection to him was that lie had no occupation and was not yet established in life. It is said the young couple will live in Moravia, where Mr. Sturdivant will atart a bank.. ftwi OMcttioosa. free. gl."~Oeofge Go- lighlly, of Carbonado, ttas murctered nfbout two miles east of Oskaloosa at 9 o'clock p. m. Two couples in a double seated buggy met (Jolightly on the highway and both men shot nl him. One ball pierced his bfaia and he died instantlj-i A. few hburs later Georgt* Nettleflehl, a young farmer of Wayland, and C. C. Ernest, a young druggist, of the same place, drove into Osknloosa and were arrested. They confessed that they had had trouble with Golightly and had fired at the ground as he passed, bnt did not tncah to and did not know that they had killed him, Nettlefleld did the shoot* ing. They Were jailed. COLLECTIONS WERE HARD. Randall, Selby & Jioll Make an Wales, the *H«lnft<i nftd Sonth o* land Shaken, , t)ec. 18.—Two strong shocks of earthquakes have been felt through- Out Wales, the Midlands and the south of England. The first shock occurred at 3 o'clock a. m. and the second at fi:,10, the Wnvcs passing from west to DES MOIKES, Dec. 21.— Randall, Selby & Hell, implement und vehicle dealers, made an assignment to H. F. Elbert, who at once took Charge. The liabili' ties are estimated at from 8100,000 to 8125,000, and the assets are unknown. Mr. llondall says he hopes the firm will make arrangements to resume business at once. Other conservative men doubt this and think the assets will give, the creditors not over 75 cents on the dollar, if it amounts to CO. Hard times and inability to make collections is the cause. The firm has branches at Carroll. Guthrie Center, Audubon, Wintcrset and Ames. WEYLER HUNG IN EFFICY. east. Houses were violently shaken, beds moved from their places, doors forced open and furniture overturned. Telegrams from all quarters concur in the statement that the first shock was of thirty seconds duration and was followed by a lotid rumbling sotind and minor tremblings of tho earth. The second shock was shorter, but more severe. Many people in Windsor^ Cheltenham and other places rushed out of their houses, but no one was hurt. The cathedral at Hereford was damaged somewhat, but no other serious damage is reported. FORTY MINERS KILLED. of Flre-Uftinp In a Crml Mine at KcslcJin, AUBlro-Hiingary. 1'ESTJt, Bee. 21.—An explosion of firedamp occurred in a coal mine at tlesicza, in the valley of Tctnes. A large number of men were at work in .1 _ __.. ,1 J-.««i*. r\f flmm \VG1*C HAVANA,- ucu. i<. ~~" an engagement with the combined parties of insurgents wndfrr Mayia. .Rodriguez and other leaders, Tvho occupied strong positions in the Oliver hills, near Placctas. The troops made an attack upon the rebel positions, which were stoutly defended. The fighting lasted three hours, when the insurgents were dislodged and dispersed, leaving twenty-four Of their dead upon the field, including five chiefs. The troops had one captain and twelve privates wounded. LONDON, Dec. 1 ."..-The Times, in an editorial, fi&ys that it thinks that beyond a temporary check of the insurgents, that Maceo's death will change the situation Very little. "Spain," says the Times, "must still be alive to the Urgency of the problem." WASHINGTON, Dec. IC.-The treasury oflicials have received official confirmation of the report of the sailing of the Three Friends from Fernandina Harbor, Fla., with a car.go of arms for the insurgents, and the sailing of the cruisers Newark and Key West in pursuit. PATHS, Dec. l7.^Senor Margin, ex- president of the Spanish republic, and fc. O. tonn & Co. took tor increased AetlvH? In thfe trbh ami Slccl Iridttt" t ^_jlew fork Stock Market Apprehensive. New York, Dec. 21—R. 0. Dun & •Co.'s Weekly Review of Trade says: ' "The Cuban reports, the vmusttal closeness of money In Germany, afad the decision that there will be no action on the tariff at this session have Hot really changed the situation, but have been talked about as If they might change it. No facts, but only desires of of fears, have change of led some to look for a tariff before March and much speculation based on that idea City, the Scene of BURNELL SENTENCED. Jail Must Chanjjo His Policy or Servo a Sentence. DES MOINES, Dec. 20.— Albert S. Burnell, editor of the Inter-State Tracer, nf Marshalltown, was sentenced in the federal court to pay a fine of 51,400 and serve six months in the Poweshiek tounty jail by Judge Woolson. The sentence was suspended on the payment of S400, with the understanding that Bnrnell is to abolish the most important feature of his paper, the collecting agency, which was severely condemned by Judge Woolson in eeathing terms, prior to pronouncing sentence. ____ A SAD STORY. Swallows of for A Child, 'Living Near Bcllmln. Polsou, AVlth Fatal BcnuU», CHARITON, Dec. 20.— By the carelessness of tho • mother, the 4-year-old child of George Stranger, living neai Belinda, lost its life. A bottle strychnine was kept in the house medicinal purposes, and the mother on going out of the house, left the child alone. In some manner it go hold of the bottle and .swallowed a considerable portion of the contents Medical aid was promptly summoned but to no avail. MYSTERIOUS SPENCER MURDEK Deputy 'County' Treasurer, a Yiuinff T.ady, KlilH Horsulf. SPEXCETV Dec. 21.— Miss Winnie Travers, deputy treasurer of (May county, committed suicide. vShe went to the office about midnight, as she said, to attend to some work. When the office was opened in the morning she was found dead with four bullet holes in her body, an empty revolver jit her side. • Despondency ii the supposed cause. She was, a very popular young lady. _ __ CONTINUED ONE MONTH. mills County, tlio Affair. SII/V-KU CITY, Dec. 18.—Ever since the reported assassination of General Maceo, Silver City has been considerably worked up over the affair, and no one is backward about expressing himself as being willing to help the ubans, even if arms must be resorted o. The excitement culminated in an ffigy of Capt. Gen. Weyler being lung to a telephone pole in the heart of the city. After the crowd had cered the form for a while they separated to their homes. The hang- ng was not the work of boys, but several business men had a hand in ,ho affair. .__ Ottiiiuwa Suspect Innocent. OTTUMWA, Dec. 10.—Dave Sweeney, tramp, held for the murder of Andrew/Hart, at Lamoille, has been released, officers from Marshall county having failed to identify him as the murderer. . IOWA CONDENSED. At Independence recently Bert DC- Wald was found guilty of conspiracy in the assault made last September on J. H. "\Villey, editor of the Bulletin- Journal. His partner, Charles L. King, was found guilty on the same charge. The verdicts are received with universal satisfaction. Eighth district democrats ' met 'at •the Summit house parlors, in Oreston to elect a district committee- thc mine and forty of them were killed outright. Rescuing parties entered the mine as soon as possible after the explosion and succeeded in taking out eighteen men who were seriously injured. It is known that twenty-seven miners arc still entombed, but whether they are alive or not is uncertain. Efforts to reach the part of the mine in which they were working arc being made, but the work of rescue is greatly hampered by the bad character of the wreckage and the great volume, of afterdamp. EUROPE WATCHING now leader of the republican party in. Spain, has a 'ony letter in the Gualols quoting numerous precedents to prove that Europe has no right to complain of American interference in Cuba. HAVANA. Dec. 10.—It is now established beyond doubt that the insurgents are concentrating their forces in the province of Santa Clara with the intention of apparently moving westward to the provinces of. Matauzas and Havana. BREVITIES. Alexander Salvini, the well-known man in place of 10. W. Curry, deceased. Three candidates were presented- to the convention. \V. T. Davis, <jf Hamburg, received -12 votes; Bditor Urcwster, of Creston, 311; ' and Burg Brown, of Corning, '•>. DCS Moines dispatch: Chronicle will have to 'MofntSl,(M)'J.9U damages, for libeling him in its grave robbing article. The verdict is for the exact amount asked by the attorney for MofHt, and the jury did not talcu long to deliberate. The Chicago pay Dr. K. J. PefepilaPt* In Soiaiers' Hom« Given'.' Time to Demur. DKS MOINKS, Dec. 10.— With the consent of United States District Attorney Fullen, the defendants in the case involving Commissioner J. ». Ratekin and other commissioners of the soldiers' MarshaiUown hnve been granted additional time within which •to flje a demurrer before the federal district court. January 15 is the limit of time named by Judge Woolson, was ' Convict ,|i)HU>ert From » JUl'JPS, Deo, 10.—.Sheriff !,, of JTayette cpunty, had an experience near Marion. Tic taking tfd .Ryan, » desperate r, to tUo Anamosa penitentiary, while the train was, running thirty mites an llOH|> [{ J' UM suddenly J«appd. tljVQUJrb » window, Hawkins aUg}>ted as spew a,s possible, iind after ft Ctase vopapUlved. his 'nan wn the yppf pf a tiujltUpg. liycm* struck on an.d bhoulders,. but was. not JJg had served u term Probably the sudden disappearance of Bennett, the reporter who jumped the state t'o prevent criminal prosecution for writing the article, had something to do with it. A. B. Cummings, attorney for the Chicago paper, will take the case to the supreme court. One of the most brutal murders in the history of .Marshall county was committed* a few mornings since on the farm of Myron Woodard, eight miles southeast of Marshalltown. Andrew Hart, »4 years old, and living with his parents on the farm, arose to build the morning firo, < When he came down stairs lie discovered a burglar in the house. Hart was strong, and immediately engaged the burglar in a scuffle, It is supposed that he was getting the best of the burglar, when the latter drew u revolver and shot Hart twice in .the breast, Biiher wound would have been fatal, The burglar then jumped through a window and escaped just as the murdered man's father, attracted by the Jioii»o, rushed on the &cene, The father followed for a (short distance and then returned to find his AMERICA. Shown by tho Comment. LONDON, Dec. 1!).—The papers very generally comment upon the gravity of the situation between the United States and Spain, brought about by the action of the senate foreign relations committee in agreeing to report Senator Cameron's resolution for the recognition of the Cuban republic. They agree, for the most part, in expressing 'the belief that President Cleveland will veto the resolution if it is sent to him, bnt that in. the present tcmpor of the American people, the resolution will be'passed by congress over the veto with the requisite majority- . :_ SHARKEY W1NS-THE PURSE. Court «ives Him the Decision on a Small Technicality. KAN FiiASCisoo, Dec. 18.—The fight between Sharkey and Fitzsimmons for possession of. the $10,000 purse has been concluded, .ludge Sanderson, of the 1 superior court, having dissolved tho injunction restraining tho Anglo- California Bank- from cashing the check. Counsel for Sharkey called the attention, of the court to tho state law forbidding prix.e fighting, between which and "a glove contest" he maintained there was no difference, and he therefore argued that a case involving Hie possession of a purse for prize lighting had_no standimy in court. SiiRiir ISonnty Not: Colloctuble. LINCOLN, Neb., Dec. 18.--The supreme court rendered a decision on the beet sugar bounty law. which, while not passing on the constitutionality of the act, declares the bounty not. collectable, inasmuch as the legislature made no specific appropriation for its payment. This means that the sugar factories at Norfolk and Grand Island will lose a stun estimated a_ $50,000,' unless at the coming sessioi of the legislature a specific appropria tion is made for their benefit, in which event the constitutionality of the law may be questioned. Agricultural Appropriation Completed, \VA8iiwiToN, Dec. 18.—The house committee on agriculture completed the agricultural appropriation for the coming fiscal year, The measure will carry an appropriation' of about $3,300,000—about the same as for the current year. No appropriation for seeds to be distributed by members of congress was asked for by the secretary, but the committee inserted this item, •> i'!ii been the case before, The bill contain;-, no new sop dead. The murderer cut hi*. Impels when he wont through the window two l?ept*U. Duo, IS,— JSl Cpvrco Militar that flenentl Weylor be recalled from Cuba and replaced by General C.eqt>ral Uvv twaops i the WOW in the Canary IMarquib of actor, died at Florence, Italy, on the 15th. . ' ' •. . An explosion occurred in Cremer's Match factory at Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, demolishing the building^ killing fifteen women and seriously injuring sevi n others. Advices from Sneedville Ky., are to the effect that Marion Hatfield was hanged for the murder ot Jones Trell. Five thousand people were present. Hattteld confessed, implicating his wife and a woman named Haney Jordan. Passengers arriving at Key 'West from Havana report that Antonio Maceo is alive and well and is in the province of Matanzas. The passengers say that all of the festivities that were going on in Havana to celebrate his death have been ordered stopped since it has become known that he is ilive. Washington dispatch: The monthly statement of the principal articles oi lomestic exports issued by the bureau of statistics shows that during the month of November the exports were as follows: Breadstuffs, 810,140,060; cotton, 839,504,58!); mineral oils, 841,807.147! provisions, §l'0,42 ( .),278; cattle and hogs, 553,314,970; total for the month, $70,203,040. The secretary of the treasury recently sent to congress estimates of deficiencies in appropriations amounting to 80,001,033 required to meet urgent demands, of the government for the service of the cxirrent and prior fiscal years. The deficiency in each department is given as follows: Legislative, §0,000; treasury, 81,400,813;''war, 83,340,500; navy, $700,000; justice, 8734,- 7:iO. Senator Allen has .introduced ^a bill appropriating $1,000,000 for surveys and examinations of tho head waters of all the large rivers of the country—some 120 being named- beginning with the Penobseot and extending to the Rio Grande, to determine the cost and location of reservoirs to be constructed and maintained foi the storage of waters of those rivers and their tributaries, to be used for industrial purposes, Washiugton'dlhpatch: The postmaster general'has isfciued an order extending the house-to-house mail col- locjt.on and delivery system, so as to provide for the sale of postage and special delivery sfamps by letter carriers while making their rounds, The scheme is one outlined to the postofflce department six years ago by Postmaster Harlow, of St. Ivouis. The order will for Uio present apply to only tvvent.V'flve cities, • A Barcelona, dispatch says: The court martial of the anarchists arrested for complicity In the recent disturbances in ISarcelona ]uis been concluded. The sentences imposed are kept secret, Jt is believed, hpvvover, twenj-y* eight of tlie unm'vUtete JHVVB been to. desjUv ivnd fifty-nine ; to The outrage for were tried was pqu> has been arrested, but other business iwalts for the gradual improvement pi ; the consuming demand. "The holiday trade generally is large, though at some points is more confined to cheap goods than usual, and the influence of an increase in the •working force is felt in other ways. Until the new year, the only material changes expected are such as prepare for a large business next year. In the iron and steel industry these appear of the utmost importance. "The exports of cotton are naturally stimulated by lower prices, and, with forced liquidation of important speculative operations, cotton' has declined to 7.12 cents, recovering to 7.19. On July 15 the price was 7.06. Short-crop stories raised it to 8.87 Sept. 10, and it has now gone back about to the starting point. The receipts from plantations continue heavy, while commercial stocks here and abroad are only about as large as a year ago when the movement had been 1,100,000 bales less. The demand for goods in this country falls below the increased pro duction, and the market Is weak in tone, with prices of some jobbers bleached goods sharply reduced "The speculation in wool has halted. The demand for goods seems to have been postponed until after the holidays. "The control of the Mountain Iron Mesaba mine has been leased for fifty years or purchased by the Carnegie interest from J. D. Rockefeller. This, with the erection of sixteen new open dearth furnaces, making thirty-six, insures an enormous increase of the product at extreme low cost, and will affect all combinations in steel products or in ore. "The billet pool has practically 'dissolved, and sales are reported at ?16 to $17, with contracts to supply consumers through most or the whole of next year. The beam pool has revived and restored the price to $155, but nails and steel bars are a shade lower. The rail association has been in session and our Philadelphia dispatch states that rails are sold at $25, against $28 so long maintained. •..'•' "The boot and shoe industry is near the end of the orders, and receives scarcely any of the advances asked, but the Eastern shipments are still large. "Wheat rose about 2c Monday, but declined still further and closed J /^c lower .for the week. The receipts in two weeks have been 6,625,382 bushels, against 11,600,587 bushels last year, and Atlantic exports have been, flour included, 6,921,144 bushels, against 5,907,824 bushels last year. November ox- ports, flour included, were 15,835,136 bushels, against 11,332,140 bushels last year of which Pacific were 5,818.14!) bushels, against 4,405,301 bushels last year For three months exports of cotton and bread stuffs only have about equaled the total value of all imports. "The failures for the week have been 367 in the United States, against 377 last year, and 47 in Canada, against 32 last year." _ . m CfbWft Dec. 10.— A pcetff?M,$fitti& cha'mlrer tipofl tfae occasion of the the allowance to bsi Voted fof ' of the 1 prince oi iTaplfes, cfo»ti of Italy* in the course of Signot Costa, socialist, {tettotinc'et< K ,t proposal to gfant an allowance crown priface and urged the 6f all allowance to the crowtj. tintnfae: his speech, he declared the mdnarch Was hot only a but a dangerous institution, the president of the chamber tupted him ahd forbade him lo further. A frightful unroaf deputies jumping oVef benches flying at one another's throats, others exchanged knock-down The tumult lasted some time •rder was restored it was found , iBVeral deputies had been very' seriously handled. When the chatatef ' became quiet, the Marquis di Rudiftij prime minister, attempted to reply to-| Signer Costa, but his voice drowned by the shouts and jeers of the socialists. Finally a bill granting annual allowance of one million ftatiw I was carried amid great confusion. CUBA'S FRIENDS,' PROSECUTE Penalty for Enlisting for Cuba and ] AKII!net Spatn. WASHINGTON, Dec. 10. —The attention I of officials here has been attracted by [ the stories coming from all p ortions of the country indicating that enlistments I are going on of parties of men to goto] Cuba to join the insurgents in theii I struggle against the Spaniards. These 1 ] enlistments are in direct violation of I the neutrality laws and are p rphibitc|j under severe penalties. For accepting I a commission to serve against Spain, a I country with which the United States! is now at peace, the penalty prescribcdl by the revised statutes is 83,000 fine! and three years' imprisonment, wlnlel enlistment to serve against Spain or I hiring any one to enlist, the penalty isl almost as heavy, being a maximum'ofI 81,000 fine and three years' imprison-1 ment. The enforcement of these laws! naturally falls within the functions oil the United States officials, to whose f knowledge the attempt at infringe-'! ment is brought, but if the'movements f continue on as large a scale as reported, it is probable that the department of' justice will send instructions of a special character to all of its agents, calling their attention to the proclamation issued by the president last spring and enjoining upon them a strict enforcement of the neutrality laws. SUGAR AND COFFEE. Trust Fighting Arbuckles Forces Prios Down. ; TOLKHO, O., Dec. 30.—The American Sugar Ileflning Company, better known as the sugar trust, has closer! a deal for 1,100 shares of stock in the Woolson Spice Company, of Toledo, being eleven-eighteenths of its total stock' The price to be paid is $1,405,000. The story of this gigantic transaction is an ute'resting onei Some time apo the Arbuckles, "the coffee kings," branched out into the sugar business. A large refinery was built in New York, and thereby the Arbuckles became the competitors of the American Sugar Refining Company'. The latter, was not at all pleased at what it considered an intrusion. At first, the efining company offered to buy .out the Arbucklo plant, so the story goes,; but the latter refused to sell;- Then the refining company concluded to, Hank the movement of the Arbuckles brandling out in the coffee b«s-| and hence this deal. by Want Pension Laws Clmngert, Washington, Dec. 21,-The Senate ,and House pension committees Held a 'joint meeting Friday to consider proposed amendments to the PicWer peu- •slon bill, which passed the House in the last session! and is pending before •the Senate, A new section Is askea ithat dependent parents of all dead vet- <>rans (Instead of those who died from wounds received in the service) be pen* sioned at ?8 a month. Proceedings in tliw House, Washington, Dec. 21,— Friday was private bill day in the House, but raost of the session was devoted to the passage of the thirty-seven pension and relief bills favorably acted upon by the committee of t)ie whole last Friday, Fourteen private pension bills were favorably 'passed upon. TEN THOUSAND M ASSACRED,| Turkish Armenian ]lnt<'liericR Not tHrgu as Reported, Hut Tlonly. WASIHNOTOM, Dec, 1!>.—The full] extent of tho Armenian massacres ifj indicated in a report to' the department by United States Consul Hergboltz, at Krzeroum, wherein h«| suys: Tho number of Arvnen'v children under 13 years of age ma orphans by the massacres of 1805, 50,000, according to the estimates the missionaries. The quebtion what shall be done with these orphui is receiving the attention of Christian world, The American boari of commissioners has the question^ creating orphanages, clothing factorial and industrial institutions under bklerution. (lei-roan charitable reliQ'ions societies are prepurif orphan asylum 1 ',, and 1Yrffj|tlliB Ti-ttlu Is jMopticeUo, Ind., Dec, 21,— A fatal ae* cjdeijt occurred on the Louisville, NO# Albany and Objcago Raijivay six miJes ttovth of hero Friday roppning by the derailment Q f R wrpQKIns train. Cecil sli orphan asyivuns,, »«« «« i> ambftfisudor «t ConstanUnop^ initiated a movement towards settling ft munber of wnd their children from the prevli of Ermmivn «n the Winidjof Cypjw —,. _ , - ^ OUioy's QpJllI""- '•< ,y State Qlm'y hays. Mat in hi* -«piP the Cameron Oubun resolution «t u.mpnn.t to nothing we«. if ft bgtlt .Ileuses. Jn b,fc opinion exclusively with

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