The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 16, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1896
Page 8
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_-; -TT-•.-*•' •-v>:<} M ;,?e*j 1CWA r-r 1 * 1 f\ 1 j^sMrJf^tf f /\/*\/*f ioiiuay boou ™_^^ M ^^^^-^/______^^ I have a very large assortment; call and look thfefft over* One htmdred lamps of different styles to select frottti Large variety of fancy plates; sugars and creamers, Water sets^ glass sets, a nety pattern in Chinaware, toilet sets, ottyx stands, etc. The finest line of CANDY CHRISTMAS west of Chicago. I have a few barrels of apples left, and at the price no one can afford to be without a barrel for Christmas. Full stock of staple and fancy groceries always hand. Do not forget the place. on Gowles Block. James Patterson. will be staples for the next two weeks, and we have made every effort to make our stock as complete as possible. All our goods were bought direct and we are therefore in position to offer you the same A that the quality of the goods will permit. It will positively be to your advantage to see our line before buying. Ehlers & Falkenhainer, Successors to F. W. Dingley. E. & F. DRUG STORE, STATE STREET. Don't Forget our Opening, Dec. 14. .... Holiday Hints T HIS is a puzzling time—a time that taxes the thoughts of all the people—for we are loth to imagine there's a man, woman, or child in all this country round who has not someone to remember on Christmas day. Let us try and help you out. In the first place we want to impress upon your minds that we are this year, of all years, headquarters for Holiday Goods. We cannot mention all we have suitable for presents. These, Jwwever, are suggestive: Watches, Cut Glass, Silver-m'f d Scissors, Silver Pocket Knives, Mantel Clocks, Silver Mirrors, Silver Cigarette Cases, Carvin Gold Bead Necklaces, Silver Brooches, Bracelets, Silver Rings, jeweled, Gold Rings, jeweled, Silver Baby Rattles Silver Pencils, Gold Pencils, Silver Card Cases, Ice Cream Sets, Sets, loak Clasps, Cups, Plates, Silver Bracelets,* Manicure Sets, Silver Hair Brushes, and hundreds of other articles. Silver Combs, Silver Flasks, Silver Key Rings, Link Buttons, Silver Tea Bells, Gold Hat Pins, Silver Hat Pins, Scarf Fasteners, Silver Stamp Boxes, Silver Cups, Souvenir poons, A coin stiver Thimble given absolutely free to every lady pwv chasing two or more dollars'worth during the Holidays. We shall be glad to hold, and deliver on Christmas eve, anything you may wish to select at this time. Our prices are not holiday prices—they are regular prices, as low as we can make them. Open evenings until? <?clock. E. O. BOWYER, ftp, 14. Boston Block ' Jeweler, Optician, and Art Dealer, HOLIDAY G0008. SOCKET KNIVES, SCISSOES AND SHEARS, ,*•+*• "•', <-__!,"• « CAM1>8> CHICAGO, MtWAUKEE ft ST. PAUL. , UOCAt, TRA1SS %£S¥. departs »t ...................... 8:53*4(1 No. 9 departs »i ........... . .......... 4:01 pin * ...... 12:OSain I?o.n departs a* ................... 6:33j»m No. 65 departs at ..................... 8:20i»Jn TRAtS-S UASf . No.2 departs *t .................. ....iO:37am No. 4 departs at ...................... 6:33ptn that cany passenge«— * ..... No. 94 departs at ..................... 2:05p» R. F. HEPMCK, Agent CHICAGO A KOM'H VV KSIKBN. South— Freight ,7:10 a in Pass 8:04 a in Mixed !:l2pin Mixed ..8:00pin frorth— Mixed 7:10 a in Freight 11:26 a in Pass 2:49 p in Mixed 10:47 pin H. VESPSR, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. Judge Quartos opened court Monday, The Woman's Library Aid society meet Friday at 3 o'clock. The Gunsnulus lecture is next. It comes in about four weeks. Womens' Relief corps meets Thursday evening. Election of officers for the year 1897. Presiding Elder Yetter is complimented everywhere in the district where he speaks. Hort. Nebergall, who has been in Cedar Rapids lately, came up Monday to be a witness in court. The Catholic society at Prairie have donated the old altar at their church to the Corwith church. The mercury did not get much below freezing last week. The weather has been mild and the roads abomina ble. Bert. Lewis was down from Armstrong Monday. He enjoys his new location. Armstrong is a booming young city. The ladies of the Baptist church will serve a chicken pie dinner next Saturday, from 11 o'clock until all areserved, in the Purvis building, Boston block. The Ladies' Aid society of the M. E. church will serve supper at the home of P. S. Norton next Thursday evening, from 5:?ft) until all are served. All are invited. The Ladies' Aid society will hold a fair and oyster supper in the Irvington hall, Saturday evening, Dec. 19. Fair afternoon and evening. Oyster supper in the evening. The Kenyon case is set for trial tomorrow and the Skinner case Friday. Mr. Kenyon's brother from Fort Dodge will defend him. S. S. Sessions appears for Skinner. The second week in January is fixed as the time for the production ol " Belshazzar" by home talent. Members are requested to be all out Thursday night for rehearsal. Notice comes of a " draw lunch" social at Henry Reid's in Union Monday night, Dec. 14. As that was last Monday there must be some mistake. We judge it is next Monday, Dec. 21. The C. E. society of the Congregational church will have a Christmas song service Sunday evening, Dec. 20, beginning promptly at 6:30. An interesting program is being prepared.' Everyone will be glad to learn that the Bowyer family is out of danger. The little girl is getting well and Ambpose has had only a light attack. Mr. Bowyer will be able to be up town the last of this week or first of next. Joe. Cooper, who owns Ida M,, the fast mare of Germania, is back home but the mare is in Milwaukee.- She did not make a mint of money last fall in the Milwaukee races, but it is said she will go again as soon as spring opens. Mrs. Rudolph Wilmert of Hebron township was adjudged insane last week and taken, to Independence by Sheriff Samson. She is only 34 years old' and has had a previous attack. While out of her head she seems to have a religious mania. A curious case for damages is set in court for today. W. F. Elaine, who occupies the S. A, Thompson farm southwest from town, sues Albert Reed for $1,000 for assault and battery. Raymond & Raymond prosecute and Clarke & Cohenour defend. The first case in court today will be a suit to collect for work done on the Frank Nicoulin home by S, I. Plumley, Mr. Nicoulin claims an offset by way of unpaid accounts and poor work. Sullivan & McMahon and Judge Carr for the Plumley estate, Clarke & Cohenour for Nicoulin. Big Julius Krescenski got into a de bate with Fred. Pompe Saturday in Charlie Stewart's billiard hall and ended the discussion by knocking Fred, down. 'Squire Clarke assessed him $10 and costs, and Marshal Horan al lowed him his liberty to hustle around and raise the money. Samuel Mayne is down waiting for the Dr, Peters insurance case to be called for trial, Our former supervisor bad a life insurance policy of $3,000 whiph the company refuses to liquidate. Mr. Mayne and Geo, E. Clarke will urge the claim and Sullivan & MO* Mftbon and Judge Parr will defend, Algona'stwo 'bus lines came into collision at the Northwestern depot Mpnday ntgbt at 8 o'clock, and the col' Ueion at Goldfield is not in it. No one was killed but the injured were numerous, NO legal filalms are made by any body, It was a reminder pi the old days when Pave cjapp H sea tp wpnopo- Hze the platform, An.ewQ8B9iB opted against i\ A, whole tQ be tried tpmorrow la»d be had w> title tp, He over 19 ippear before t ft Algona Matf> orchestra furttishing music. The community will be wailed upon for the sate of tickets by young ladies. The ball comes 6ft* « Httte earlier in the season this yeaf for the benefit of holiday guests. Burt is going to have big Masonic doings Dec. 30. There will be a public installation, the Eastern star ladies will serve a banquet, the Algona and Bancroft lodges will attend in a body, Rev. Landis will deliver an address^and J. R. Jones will act as installing officer. Burt never undertakes any* thing to half do it. It will be worth while to be a Mason on that night. Win. Dodds of Union was Iticky Sat> urday. He had two $10 bills in his vest pocket, or thought be had until he began to fish them out to pay a grocery bill. They failed to respond to a most diligent search, and then it dawned on his mind that he had lost them somewhere* He began retracing his steps and down near the Congrega* tlonal church he found them both. * The program for the editorial meet' ing which comes at Algona Jan. 14-15, is outlined. The editors will attend the Gunsaulus lecture Thursday evening, hear Pres. Gates of Iowa college Friday at 11 o'clock, and have a banquet Friday evening at 6 o'clock with a flow of soul and feast of wit following, all to close in time for retiring at a decent hour. This is the first meeting in a year and Algona is likely to see a very big gathering of the salt of the earth. All day yesterday in court was taken up with a case between W. L. Joslyn and a tennant named Dolliver. Mr. Joslyn bought a piece of land of Dolliver and then leased it back. Dolliver failed to pay the rent and Joslyn sued. Now Dolliver comes in and claims that the original deal was not as represented. Julius Pleth made the trade and in doing so turned in some land in Missouri. Geo. E. Clarke and Judge Carr appeared for Joslyn and Frank Putnam of Blue Earth City, A. J. Penn of Estherville, and A. E. Mori ing of Emmetsburg for Dolliver. The case was tried to Judge Quarton. Mr. and Mrs. Joel Taylor's 25th wedding anniversary came Nov. 12, and they were consequently not wholly prepared for a silver wedding celebration Saturday evening at which some 45 of their Union neighbors invited themselves. But the neighbors brought a big stock of fun along and the Taylor home was soon alive with good cheer in the midst of which some handsome presents appeared, and some generous good wishes for the long life and prosperity of the host and hostess were expressed. Joel and Mrs. Taylor have the esteem of a wide circle of acquaintances and all will join in hoping to attend a golden wedding 25 years to come. _^ SEE our line of chamber sets. Jusl what you are looking for. M. Z. GROVE & SON. Dally Capital for $3. On Dec. 28 the Des Moines Daily Capital can be had. for $2 for. the coming year. This is an unparalelled offer, and all who want a smash-up good daily next year had better leave $2 at this office prior to that day. The offer is for that day only. The Capital gets to Algona every morning except Monday The Saturday paper is distributed Sun day morning—the only daily to be had. SEE Grove & crockery. Not very nice. Son's line of holiday so high priced, bul FELT weather stripa to keep out the cold, at J. w. ROBINSON'S. A FINE line of water sets at Grove & Son's. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Fred, and Cornie Ingham come next Wednesday for the holidays. S. A. Thompson is at home. He has been in the south chiefly since his last visit. W. H. Nycum started for California Thursday. He will ' be gone two months. Mrs. Thayer Lumbar has gone to Iowa City for a visit with . her son, Marshall. Father Nioholls is on his way home and is expected in AJgona before Christmas. Jijdge Carr came from Des Moines Monday to attend to several oases he has in court. Dr. Sayers has gone to Marits, Ohio, to be gone three weeks. He visits his father and mother, David Miller and F, A, Wartman will be home this week from their school work at Des Moines, Mrs, Thos. F. Cooke's mother turns to Algona this week after absence of six months in the east, 'Rev, Landis goes to Bolfe to attend a Baptist church dedication Sunday. There will be no services in Algona in his church, Will B; Inchon, Will Kain, Claude S,tull, and we believe Mr. Sarchett w}ll all be home from Iowa City this week for vacation. Glen, and Mrs, Brunson came up from Livermore Monday, Glen, went on north to look at some land be owns near Swea City. Dr; Garfleld is home from his visit at Sheldon, He went over to see Prof, Sjmpaon, who wag suffering from heart failure, He Is better at present, The Minnesota university will be home Saturday, Misses A~ub e Wadswortb, Mabel an,"d Ruby Smith, Lulu Clarke, Geo, Korton, Claude — OQuUn, a.nd Geo, ~ re- an The state university Quill no^s that Pr, Kepefiok 8 „<& &t Iqwa City Pr, best eneflsk says jn tefe pvt attend toted to Ghieae ORflND DOLLS Beautiful Dolls to be given away ! Shoes and Dolls ! A queer combination, ain't it ? A little but of the regular order, but stranger things have happened. You simply buy the shoes—we do the rest. . • • ,We give with every cash purchase of leather goods to the amount of $2.50 and over a doll worth 50 cents. Dolls'will be-Given with CASH purchases oi Leather goods only. We CANNOT give dolls with Rubbers, Overshoes or Felt Boots. See our grand display of Dolls in our store window. Please notice the word " CASH." Big Line of Holiday Slippers JUST RECEIVED. DON'T DELAY! BE QUICK! BUY,NOW! of Brownell & Allred, BOSTON BLOCK, ALGONA, : TA. ' Santa Clans Came to Our Store The other evening just as we were about to lock up for £he night. "Hold on a minute," says the dear old fellow; "I am crowded for time and if I get enough presents for all of my children I shall be obliged to detain you a little while." We were very glad to be detained under such circumstances and show him our little Toy Ranges for little girls, in which tiny fires may be built; little flat irons and ironing boards, too ; and tool chests and saws and saw horses for the boys ; pocket knives and scissors, nickel tea pots, tea kettles, and baking dishes. ' " Yes," says Santa Claus, "you have a nice lot of useful presents, but how am I to carry them, they are so heavy? I will need a Reindeer that has more mettle in him than those I usually drive, and whose sinews are made of iron and nerves of steel, for it looks now as if it will be hard sledding." He had scarcely finished when there came a metallic sound from the rear. " That sounds familiar," shouted Santa, and he started to investigate. But he was met halfway by the object of his desire, for the Reindeer's legs were conductors. With a stamp of his foot and a whisk^ of his tail his body churned from side to side as he glared at St. Nick with his glassy eyes. Santa was scared. He jumped upon the counter, but in the twinkling of an eye had the old Reindeer's body well roped. Then like the fabled horse, Pegasus, as soon as he had the bit in his mouth he could do with him what he pleased. " Here," says he, "you keep him till Christmas eve ; he is just the fellow I want." So we are keeping him for Santa, and he can be seen at our store any day, free of charge, until Christmas eve, when Santa will call for him. C. M. DOXSEE, FINANCIAL. Kossuth County State S!50 f OOO, , AXj&OXTJL, IOWA. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and soW, Colleo * bu8Inef * ****** isas-ffiBW* ** WM, H, INGHAM, President j J. B. JONES, Vice President; LEWIS H. SMITH Cashier > J< B< J ° neSl T " Obri <"*<"<*. **"1« & Smith, J. First National Bank of OAPITAIj .............................. $50.000 miTnHiN ......... vY-E re8 ! den !l M' K. FERGUSON .................. Cashier , , HUTOHINS .............. yjce President I 0, D, SMITH ..................... Ass*. Cabhjer U8P8 - mea to parties ^elass security, Algona State Bank, Qfflttrs and Director?^ A. D. Clarke, President, O.O.Ohubb,vlcePre8t!, Thos. B. fcantry, Oashter, Geo. !U QHHbr&ftb, CASH CAPITAL, IBQ.OOO, f^«a. M. WUler, MyyonSqhenolf, Tfros. F, Ooolw. ty Interest paJ4 PR time deposits, per cent Interest on Tim© Deposits fw mvnqj Itft thm rowftter twre, hand AfeGQNA. FEB ^^^-.fiS^fe

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