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Wadesboro, North Carolina
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Tha Baptist Female TJnrreratti to be Cedar Hill Items. BEVERLY BOSE, Aa Attempt to Break Jail Result fa UmtZm li Polktoo VocmU. Last week the printer made me located at Raleigh. the Beektma Snooting of a Negro. The farmers are busy hauling fer A.

Covington 0.o Sit tyxnaH, N. Feb. 12. The Bap Last Monday evening about sun set tilizers. say, "the Carolina central Kauway Paycttevni Ifonnw the Death of Her Oldest Cittaen.

VTADESBOBO, K. FEB. 1S90. tutFtats Convention recently decided was providential for our people, when Mr. Milton Watson, in the absence It seems that winter has put in its to establish a State female university, Mr.

Beverly Rose, the oldest inhabi appearance at last, although peach I said thm demand for cross ties by the R'y was providential. Ijooal USTe-w-s. the jailor, Mr. G. W.

Rogers, went up to the third story of the jail to At a meeting of its trustees here to tant ofFajetteville, died yesterday trees are in bloom. Y. F. HcCollun) left today day, it waa decided to locate the in at p. m.

He" was a native transfer the prisoners from the light Vadesboro Cotton Market. Jinks, we hope the calf will have recovered from its lameness before (Tuesday) for Georgia and Florida to visit relatives. He will be gone about stitutien in this city. An agent wa Person county and was born in August 1794, being in his ih year at the Btrlet Good room to the dungeon far the night. They all went into the dungeon quiet six weeks.

the next meeting, in order that you appointed, and will at once begin the work of securing an endowment Good .10 time of his death. He came to Fay Mr. A. L. Caudle has been oonflaed ly enough, but when Mr.

Watson may mount his calfship and nde to Strict ..10 two weeks with a severe attack of fund. Baleigh makes a large cash etteville in the year 1813, and was told them to hand him the jail pan. yonr satisfaction. La Grippe. gift to the university, and also gives for many, years teller in the United one of them, Wisdom Smith, while Mrs.

J. X. Gaddy is visiting her My local last week in regard to the a site for it. States Bank, and afterward engaged pretending to hand it to him, sud parents in Stanly Co. Bsaias t.

.8 to 9 prevalence of the toothache here, caught the eye of at least one person. Miss Lea's school is in a flour ishin ms Notice. actively in mercantile life. For the last few years be had been living with his son, Mr. F.

R. Rose, who Ur. Brown, the genial aenuat. is in denly threw its contents into his face, and jumped out and seized the bar of iron used for fastening the door. Mr.

Watson also had hold ef Carey J. Hunter, of Raleigh. N. C. condition.

She is an excellent teach er, and is well acquainted with the town this weekr State Agent of the Union Central Lent commences next Wednesday, To-morrow ia SL Valentine's Day, Owing to the inclemet weather last latest methods of Life Insurance Company, is in town. tenderly cared for him, and his last moment were peaceful and quiet. He the iron, with one hand, and al and eomes to nay the S. W. Hearn Still in tho Drug Bunincca at their old stand and are ready to givo thoir ens- tomera gennino bargains.

To balaneo tho hard times BUY CLOSE MID SELL CLOSE, Lamps, lanterns, Bailing Powders, Paints, lead and Oils. Evething in DRUG LinE GOES CHEAP. Deal OTerlook E. 1L Andrews' new The health of our community is very good, with the exception of bad was taken with the "grippe'' Sunday Thursday night the attendance was not large at the "old time candy pulling and social party.jriven by the ladies of the Presbyterian church. policy.

The Union Central is one of furniture advertisement this week. though bunded and in great pain managed to get his pistol out and the oM, old Line Companies with colds. muuona oc aouara assets, ana is a Those present bad a delightful time. Shelby has voted to issue $1,800 in Mr. Plezant Biles from ia and failed rapidly.

His mental facilities were unimpaired up to the timeggt his death and his vigor was remarkable, it being his custom to fire on his assailant before any furth er damage was dona. very progressive company. We are glad to know that they are doing a They contemplate hating a valentine bonds to preTide'tba town with visiting his brother Mr. R. M.

Biles. rarty. witn refreshments, on splendid business in North Carolina. He fired two shots, after which the electric lighta. Mrs.

Fanny C. Lenta is teaching at Friday night, tha 14th inst. walk at least five miles -every dty. They make a specialty of a policy Vftal sTfn V-a WA w-v -sv em art, negro ran back into the dungeon and Mr J. D.

Hyatt's. Some naDers are dlscusainr the He was a devout member of the Mr. Sprigs Pool, eeretary of the Wadesboro ferown Stone Company is begged him not to shoot any more. Mr. G.

W. 8mith got his foot badly propriety of a bachelor tax. Would it not be moreia keeping with justice mv aewu7 Ufa? aw. which ia at the lowest possible rates that of "Ordinary Life" (due only Methodist Church for nearly seventy Sheriff McGregor was informed of mashed one day last week by letting in town. years, and his childlike faith.

Chris as aeathi rates. The Union Central the trouble and went to the jail and a vice fall on it. I am glad to say and commatt aense than yhe marriage license tax U. tian charity and gentle ways won Thoa. A.

Edison, the great in ventor found that one of the shots had struck that he did not have to stop work. is having a great boom on these policies-ran od demonstrated plan with the company. We advise our people the hearts of all. ia in Charlotte, and wHl remain there the negro. He sent for Dr.

E. F. There is an insect doing considera Wbarftown It The whole of FayettevHIe sincerely about two weeks. Ashe, who examined the wound and to take ail the insurance they possibly ble damage to the wheat and oat Crop something like a small grasshopper THE Cold at bat, and th people rejolo. Farm- can in such solid companies as the found that "the ball entered the front Hare you seen the attractive sign mourns the loss us citizen.

Wilmington Star 9th inst. on 'my it ha ben a poor winter to raw union central, that pay claims i(Q- or chintz bog. part ot the beck and ranged down of the North American Insurance meaiaieiy. Advertisement. Mr.

Rose was the father of Messrs, Hi mAt maaw too dry Tlw entire crop of small grain seem to ward loding just above the shoulder The waters of Rocky and Pee Dee Company at Messrs. Marshall Lit W. A. and W. L.

Rose of Wadesboro. Vlade: The wound is serious but not UtanJly eorerad with the little gram loom I rivers are muddy and we expect that tle's office. If yon want to cave monoy call on tis. Doa't Bead This. He was well known and greatly re poke of somstlm ago.

I snppoM they make aecesuarily dangerous. our professional fishermen will make The round house at the Carolina the fly. spected here. it lively for the finny tribe. Gen Mr.

Watson, who acted so gallantly Central depot in Charlotte was burned Mr. Bhep Le, aa old and sneoenfal farm on this occasion, ia a son of Mr. M. tlemen, remember us. er in th Lane Croak section, i very luw "Death of K.

J. Iillly. Tuesday morning. Two engines were Very many means are need nowa C. Watson, of the Long Pine neigh- There ia a young man in our com Drug with pneumonia.

also badly damaged. days by business people to attract the A telegram was received in Wades COVINGTON munity that is tn a deal of trouble. borhood, and is only about 19 years The grippe getting to be a hoary chest attention of the public. It is some boro Tuesday morning announcing The Richmond Buchanan land, 600 nwt and down the stoutest. Mr.

Press There is an old widower at his best old. He is boarding with Mr. Rogers times very bard for a writer of buai Howell is tmtling with it this week. and going to school to Prof. D.

A. girl's bouse and refuses to let the tha sudden death of Mr. E.J. Lilly, of Fayetteville. Mr, Lilly has many acres, in Morven township, was sold last Monday under execution, and How shall we Oil oar ice house this winter If rr ness notices to reach those people to whom be diiects his articles.

This is the reason that this notice has young gent call unless be pays an jncuregor. ma nerve and, courage E. 1, Andrews, Charlotte. a question to be debated. relatives in Wadesboro, he having was bid in by Capt.

Frank Bennett admission fee of ten cents per hour. If yon dont wont to lose any money do not probably saved our community from ajike tragedy to the one in which We certainly do sympathize with married a sister of Col. Jas. A. Leak and the late Mrs.

Clement Marshall. bet a dollar on the length of aa owl's lite. been bended "Don't Read." Women are of ten. accused of having much curiosity. Is It true I When you Mr.

J. O. A. Craig was so dasoeratel him. Bro.

Harxlison held an interesting sad in- Dr. Covington was up town last DOIT'T Isro- who were shocked to hear of his sud traetiv charca eonf ereoee at Concord last wounded about two years ago. Cedar Hill Alliance lis suu on a den demise. Monday the first time since his recent severe accident. 4 His many Sunday.

noticed this heading didn't you read it at onoef Of course you wanted to know what it waa about. Now we dont care whether the men read this boom. New members are received Mr. Pleasant Biles, of Mississippi, is ia on In many respects the career of Mr. at nearly every meeting.

The people a visit to Us brother, R. M. Biles. He says A Bride of a few Honrs Taken From Lilly was a remarkable He was friends were glad to note his ina provemenW Vv or not. We are after vou women.

generally are awakening ia the Alli oar prospects look a little aioomvin this You T7ant A PARLOR SUIT born in Montgomery county. He Her Hasbaad by Her Parent. For some time Will Tucker, ance cause. They see the great good country bat ha believes he will spend the Mr. John Bowman, of Lilesville went to Fayetteville when a mere Why Because we want to sell you your goods.

Men are always talking about how much women spend on dresses and such like, but never a township, returned last Friday from young man about 20 years old, has lad and was employed as a clerk in a that the order is doing ani has done. The young people are speaking of good old farmer and member of the a four-weekVi visit, to south Georgia been, playing the devoted to Miss Different new and artistic paterns in store there at a salary of $209 a year. charca near here listened to the minister having a Valentine Drawing at Mr. word about themselves. Oh! no.

and Florida. He reports large crops Sallie, the 19-year old daughter of He was a poor boy, bat wear told preach some doctrine, a fv Sundays ago, thai he did not exactly agree with him on, C. W. Clarke's next Friday night, as and the country prosperous. Mr.

Dick Sanders, of White's Store plushes, Wilton Rugs and Silk Tapestries bought at very low prices. I am offering some that Mr. Lilly mada. it arule of his that is the lth of Feb. Pkdbo, That a iff eren matter.

However it is the duty of every woman or man to get the most for his or her money That's the reason we write when be went home he took down the township, but while the young lady life to save someth ing every year, no T. L. Seigle the well known Bible to read about it, and to his great da- Bargat yi in Parlor matter how small his salary was, and merchants of Charlotte, have an ad. Cairo Items. received his advances with evident pleasure, bis suit met with violent tigfat on opening it he stood face to face with that he managed to support himself this article.

We claim that we can give you better goods for your money in this issue of the, M. that is 0ulto now and if you want one don't wait as abright twenty dollar bill that hiswifere We are having some chilly weather opposition on the part of the old on his income of 2O0 and lay by a sobered patting in thereabout three years especially addressed to our lady read' than most dealers. Whyt Because they will never go lower. now. Hope it -will kill the Hessian fly, and Mrs.

Vim says the green fly part of it for a rainy day. His salary ere. Every one of them will be in people. The young couple stood thin condition of affairs as long as possi now, the old geaUeman, and all the rest of ear people, take down the good book every morning and tarn the leaves very I give a few prices tohow that I 1V1EAN as a clerk was gradually increased too, for they are quite a nuisance terested in its perusal. There was no services at the Math ble, and on Saturday night.

February until it reached S400, when he went we buy direct from the manufacturers and at the closest possible cash prices; besides buying in very large quantities. We want you to send to us for samples and prices and we will prove to you that we make good our WHAT I SAY. I never say a thing unless I during fresh meat time. carefauy, then remark, I do low so read the into business for himself. This i "Bible." mean it.

odist church last Sunday owing to first, started for Hornesboro, S. the distance being 10 miles, on foot They reached that place sometime over fifty years ago. And for air We asked friend the other day to pay as the sickness of the pastor, Rev. T. A.

ciarm. All orders for roods or sam Walnut Frame Hair Cloth Suits, The township 8. 8. Convention was held last Thursday in the Morven Baptist church, and the following officers were elected for the present that time he has been a phenomena a dollar he owed on his paper for the Editor. Boone, who has been confined to his pies executed with care and sent the during the night and were married a Oh, not said he, I am afraid he would die success as a business man.

Begin day the order is received. bed by a severe attack of the grippe. by Esq. W. A.

Evans, immediately with enlargement of the heart and the paper Red Wool Plush Suits, -Silk Plush Suits, ning on nothing, his estate is now year: Mr. W. P. Smith, President. stop.

after which they took the back track T. L. SEIGLE estimated to be worth anywhere lie is now improving rapidly. Mr. John XL Birmingham and fam $29 oo 35 oo 45 oo 5o OQ 65 oo 95 od and Mr.

J. E. Moore, Secretary. All Miss Jennie Bennett's school opened last for home where they arrived just be AutiqueOak from a quarter to a half million dol Charlotte, N. C.

Monday with very nattering prospects. the Superintendents in the township fore But they were not long to ily left today for Blacksburg, S. lars. es Overtuft Agent with his beet girt behind him was were elected on the Executive Com enjoy the felicities of married life NOTICE. Mr.

Lilly's successful career fitly fording the rirer here the other day and the mittee. where he will engage in the mercantile business. Mr. Birmingham was Tapestry The father of the young lady, accom horse feu down and they bad to wade out. illustrates the possibilities' in tha life There was preaching at Shiloh last The river rose two feet below here without panied by her grandfather, Mr.

John I have some VERY HANDSOME SUITS at $loo Sunday by Bev. Z. Paris. of any North Carolina boy who has pluck and courage, and is willing to rain. Poplin, pretty soon appeared on the a good citizen, and we regret his departure from our midst.

Mr. E. A. Fowler, piano tuner and Wagons were coming in Morven $125 and $15o. 8ereral reading men have remarked to me scene, and commanded the love-sick submit to temporary self -denial, in 1HAVK qualified as Executrix of the last Will and Tertament of Noil cCormac, deceased, this day and hereby notify all persons ha ring claims against the decedent to exhibit the same to me on or by the 14th day of February, 1891.

or this notice will be lately that money is so scarce that they will this morning (Monday) from every I would be glad to mail you Photos of any of order to achieve future fame! hare to stop some of their papers, and have mafden to return with them to the paternal roof, which she did after salesman for Mr. E. M. Andrews, of direction by the dozens hauling off The subject of this sketch was in Charlotte, was in Wadeeboro yester duauo as the negroes call it. Farm asked me which ones to stop.

We say "support your home and will gire our lueoura in oar oi weir recovery. February my suits and letyou compare prices with any Northern House. thee 77th year of his age. He leaves considerable persuasion of divers sorts. And it is said that the vounz day.

Mr: Fowler will return to ers say it wont pay they buy it reasons for it next week. 'Wkalb. a family of seven children, and many Cairo Alliance met last week and husband opened not his mouth, dur friends and acquaintances throughout LIFE- ing the whole proceeding, which the South, who will hear of his death E. M. ANDREWS, Piano, Organ and Furniture Dealer.

Bennett and Iffadra News. made up a large order to purchase through the State Agency. The members are begiaing to realize the Wadesboro tomorrow (Friday) and will be glad to call on any one needing anything ia his line. We learn that there is great dissatisfaction among the Ansonians proves the truth of the old quotation, with sadness. Died, near Madra, in GuUedge's township.

None but the brave deserve the Thursday, Feb. W. B. Jerman, Preamble and Resolution. financial benefits of this grand order, fair." aged 74 years.

He had teen a member of OF THE Hon. Jefferson Davis BY mis. jeffehsoit avis. Cairo Alliance, No. 7, is as solid as a Anson county Alliance in session who have gone to Darlington to work Tucker, we are informed, is mak the Methodist church for a number of years.

He was truly a good man. He leaves an rock will stick like a leach to alli in the factory, and that many, of in. Wadesboro, January 24th, 1890, adopted the following preamble and ing every effort to recover his bride, and the end is not yet, aged widow and a large family of children Clearance Sales. rf" ance principles and will always give any movement for speculation, out I grandchildren to mourn his departure. resolutions: Whexkas, The National Alliance side the Alliance, the black-eye and The mother and one daughter is all that is left at tha old place.

While his friends and TO BE SOLD BY SUBSCRIPTION ONLY. Programme of the Anson County Bap. and Industrial Union, in concert with don't you forget ik Take Davie Mat Snaday School association, Bed children are sad and look upon his death them would return ixtbey only had the means. It is said that the Jiours of work are almost unprecedented and the wages very low. Don't forget the entertainment to.

morrow night to be given by the "Beading dub," the proceeds of the Knights of Labor, at the St. Louis Crocket's advice: "Be aura you are For the next du davs we will offer The prospectus and complete outfit for oonveouoa in iecemoer. issv. aia as a calamity, he is-at rest-yes, enjoying that sweet rest that remain for the people of right, then go ahead. agree on certain demands to be made Hill Cbarch, March 20th and 30th.

Saturday, 29th. Meet at 9 a. m. canvassing will be ready God. Bex, please tell us is this the same of Congress, (which demands have Agents Wishing Desirable Territory er our Stock of been published in Economist and Old winter has come at last, and our neigh- Dude down the river at Bell town that 9:30 to 10 Devotional Exercises on this great work will please address, as other papers) and whereas we be Whale swallowed last year! bor are killing hogs.

Brother Boylia, you ought to be a fat man, you hare had bog all which are to be used in beautifying the cemetery. We published an at Bev. J. P. Boyd.

soon as possible, the publishers. lieve that these demands were en Dr. Maynard baa opened an officer acted into laws they would be for the winter that is your paper ha. 10- to 11 Report from Sunday BELFOBD COMPANY, tractive programme for the occasion CLOTHING, at Morven, and will be there, when the good of our country and the on People are hauling guano from ITadesboro Schools and Organization. last week.

and. all who attend are 18-28 East 18th 8treet, ITBW YORK. parity of its citizens, Therefore be it not actively engaged professionally, and some from Morven. to IS Essentials to a Successful tiesoived 1st. That Anson Countv The world has been waiting for a long on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri Sunday School W.

J. Fountain, J. Alliance endorse the demands made by the National Alliance and Indus time for somebody to invent perpetual mo- days of each week. He can be found M. Flake, T.

WrighJ. Bon, but so far all who tried it hare failed. ia Dr. Belk a old office at the hotel trial Union and Knights of Labor Some of the Madra boys think they have got 12 to Kecess. 1 to 2 Benefits of a Sunday School Several cases of La Grippe in this and request our representatives now in Congress to give heed to the demands of our National Committees.

the model In their head bat tt will be there the next time you hear from us. I am sur community. to a Baptist church T. Gaddy, E. A.

Covington. CL H. Martin. Mr. W.

B. Streater has lost his prised that any body will entertain such 2nd. That a codv of the above ore- am now at W. IT. rnrCSSOS'S OLD BLANKETS, FrANNELS and WINTER DRESS GOODS AT Greatley MuceJ Priees for Cask youngest child.

Cholera infantum ideas. 2 to 3 Loss which our churches BTA1XU, on Rutherford street, with a nice amble and resolutions be sent to our Representative now in Congress. was the cause OC its death. We tan. Bethel turned their hT into a line of der our deepest sympathies to the Also a copy be sent to the Progres tors house for a little while last 8atnrday sustain by the failure of their mem bers to participate ia S.

S. work oereavea lamuy. vim. nignt. we would say to the brethren in the sive Farmer and Mksskvoeb ahd Ik-tkxxjoekckr for publication.

B. Gaddy, A. A. Maynard, W. J.

HEAVY and FANCY GROCERIES, johh vv. jukjcr. Secy a. A. McLendon.

county, wa are on a.boont down here. We bar come to stay. Am Bro. Tracy would say, "we are getting there Eli." Jpkbo. Dots From Goodman.

No. grip in town yet. One of Aason'a Oldest Citizen Soitday, 30th. 9 :30 to 105 av a. Importance of Road working is the order of the! Which I am We mean what we say.

Give us a trial and be day, and has been for the last two Away. Mr. John D. Green, of White's going to sell CHEAP FOR THE CASH. the Sunday School a means of bringing the unregentrate to Christ; weeka very near.

Raring had several years experience ia From tb Knott Stora 8eotton. Winter at last! Bev. Stephenson preached at Pop Store township, died at the residence Mr. J. Alien is teaching a pri business I know what to bar to syit th trade.

as to children R. B. Gaddv.C. II. vate school at Rocky Mt.

Martin; as to adults N. G. Thomas, jtnd as I hay and sell -i- J. A. Littfe Co.

January 20th, 1890. Mr. 8. J. Turner, who has been of his grandson, Mr.

J. C. Thomas, Tuesday morning, of old age. Mr. Green was in the 93rd year of his age, and had been a useful and honored citizen.

It is said of him that lar Hill last A very small congregation indeed. Why don't people go to church! They can arrange to go to all lind of wotkHy teaching at Palmerville, Stanly Strictly For The Cash T. J. Battle. 11 Sermon by J.

K. Fant. 1:30 p. m. Bible authority for for some time ts at home again.

Glad to see Old Ladyw back azain Sunday Schools O. Wflhoit, J. It enables me to amusements regardless of bad throughout his long life he never in this part of the world. Some of 811 cheaper than thorn who want a "A LITTLE TIMS." "Com and teconvinced. Boyd.

2 to What results may be ex PLOW BRAND and ETTIWAN GUANO FOB 8 ALE BY bought a bushel of corn, a pound of meat nor a sack of flour. the fair sex have been wearing smiles I CoL H. T. Knotts, who has been Remember I carry everything kept in a a week long since he returned. pected from our work this year W.

very sick, is now in a state of convalescence. Muses Sallie and Hettie Btaton of J. McLendon. Entertainment at Norwood. There will be raa entertainment FIRST-CLASS GROCERY STORE Union county, visited the "habitat" T.

Til-JL-A-I c3 There is an effort being made to given by the Operatic Club at Nor When you want PURE LARD call wood on the 21st of Feb. at 6:30 p. m. Public Speaking: of this scribe last Saturday, but as always, E. S.

was absent. It seems that some people always pick their for the BEST and you win GET IT. have Brown Creek swamps canaled, which, if done, will improve the health of the surrounding country. Three hours of intense eniovment for all who have a sense for the ri chances to visit this scribe when he is Canned goods of all kinds, Freeh Fruits, Arbuokles Roasted Coffee best in town and also open out a wav bv which diculous and humorous, an ear for not at home. Come again, belles, and sure to spend the evening pleasantly, besides contributing to a cause that should appeal to the liberality of every one.

If jou have frequent headaches, dizziness and fainting spells, accompanied by chills,, corns, bunions, chilblains, epilepsy and jaundice, it is a sign that you are not well, but are liable to die any minute. Pay your subscription a year in advance and thus make yourself solid for a good obituary notice. Dansville (N. Breeze. Anson County Sunday School Convention will meet in the Presbyterian church in Wadesboro next Saturday at half past 10 o'clock.

An attractive programme has been prepared, and the occasion will doubtless give an impetus to this work in our county. The outlook now is that the Convention will be largely attended by delegates from every Sunday School in the county. As the census taker will be around after awhile, we publish the following for the benefit of the public: Census enumerators always encounter a few individuals who decline to give information asked for. The law provides that the head of a family who refuses proper information may be sued and fined $50. In the absence of the head of the family any adult member of it, "any agent of the family shall supply the Says an exchange: The prosperity of a town is not gauged by the wealth of its inhabitants, but by the uniformity with which they pull together when any important undertaking is to be accomplished.

A man with a thousand dollars at his command and a love for his town in his heart can do more for the upbuilding of it than the millionaire who locks up his capital and snaps his Angers at home progress. Sheriff McGregor seised 200 sacks of Etiwan guano a few days ago at UcFarlan, in this county, on which it was claimed that the State tax had not been paid. The guano was ship i McFarlan by Mr. John Mc-' a merchant of Che raw. Mr.

tr cars that the guano wos sold -aw and to McFarlan tor the convenience rs, and he claims that for the tax. The guano Sheriff McGrezor could have a direct public road probably E. S. will "slip up on the to Peachland. SNUFF and TOBACCO a cheap as ever.

music, a soul for pathos, and an appreciation of the trials and fidelity of lovers. blind side" next time. Nearly every man in our whole A big lot of BUCK WHEAT Flour Mr. Jas. Baker, of Leetown.

has THIS SPACE BEL0ITGS TS section went to the railroad last moved in the suburbs of town. Glad An operatic play-A Drama, and Monday to meet the "pay to welcome him ad one of our near farce, win compose the programme. Cross ties of course. neighbors. Capt, W.

A. Darden, District Lecturer, will address the public at 11 o'clock, a. and members of the Alliance at 2 o'clock, p. at times and places as follows: Lilesville, Friday, Feb. 28, 1890.

Morven, Saturday, March 1, 1890. Deep Creek Church, Monday, March 3, 1890. Anson villa, Tuesday, March 4, 1890. Polktoo, Wednesday, M'ch 5, 1890. Capt.

Dardeh is one of the best public speakers in the State. Everybody should hear him, especially the ladies. W. Kraut, 8ecy, Anson County F. A.

which will be interspersed with music Old Aunt Polly Ramsey ia livinn- Parties hare almost played going cheap. "COME AND Respectfully. WilsonRedfearp. Ehaler Henry is with Wilson aad would ho and recitations. WIU1 MX.

UI. AU8UU. out The boys only continue to havn A large attendance is expected. items are very near as scarce as r. them.

They have as many as three ben teeth" in this burg at present. Door open at 8 o'clock p. m. admis a week. No Naxa.

The largest dealer Between Wilmington and E.S. sion fee, 25 cts; lady and gentleman pleased to have his many friends ceil on him when in 40 cents; children 15 cents. S. Peachland Itesns. Diamond Hia Itesna.

The Hessian fly is doing mock vwt The Bev. Mr. Wright will com- I IT How can it bee presented! Heirhbor. an to SomerPitay Points for Advertisers. Neither brag nor exaggerate in ad Charlotte in COFFINS and CASKETS AND UNDERTAKERS GOODS GENERALLY.

menoe a protracted meeting at the school house near Peachland, where harrowing your small grain if yon want to The First Weeki yertisementa. Tell the truth and prove it; but tell it interestingly and prevent It; It win do weU it will be a good working for the oat crop, and create a stroas: he expects to organise a Baptist church, the 15th. We hope him prove it convincingly. Polytechnic success. in the Office.

growth in the plant looks now like it is rained bat in a few days with thk treatment ihwill overcome all disaster and show a prospect for a good harress. Try it. reoalTrd my second drora of Horsas and Uulea a fr days ago. and to The cross ties are coming in rap- To take the advertisement out of pidly. Messrs.

Moo re and Barrett have lecture at AnconvOle. At 7 o'clock, p. on Friday, Feb. 21st, U90, J. 8.

Armstrong, A. Professor of English and German in Trinity College, will give a free lectur at Anson ville en the subject, "Educate the Farmer All friends of education are cordially invited. ahosr how inj trada ia In this town, I SOLD FIFTEEN HEAD tha f.rat the paper during the so called dull rrof. W. I Smith closed his writinr school bought about 8.000 up to this time.

last Friday at Cedar Grove. season is about as bad as to stop feed Mr. Walter Griffin is at home from We had the pleasure of meetinr ia Ban- ing the horse because the present school, where he has been for several week after they arrived. I taa-sj more, just as good aa tha ones I sold, which yl will sell low down. Coma Largo Stock of weather is unsuitable for using him.

day School convention last The weather was so unlikely the Schools were not months, we are glad to see him; he Furnitoro Alwaya and. N. Fowler, Jr. and aea them. fi.

E. GRAY. is one of Peachland a cleverest young aU presented. The congregation was small, but we had a nice tuna. i Advertising is the expression of the on men.

good people of Peachland met Bar. Jamea W. Little (reached an able rmoa In this vicinity last Sander at 11 spirit of enterprise and of a daring competition. The possessor of ready money has a certain van tare eron nA A Fino Lot- Sunday evening aad organised a o'clock. and he will not be at the troubU of Sunday School, bich doubtless will One of our neighbor hAtcbelors is rfcrfflnr First claa and for Mr.

Carey J. Hunter, representing the Union Central Life of Cincinnati, is in town today for the purpose Of paying to the widow of Mrs. S. W. Hearn the policy of I1.0CO on her tr late husband's life.

This ia viry prompt actio a ca the inspecting a number of shops to as friends at Olive Branch. lie savs that Oliva be of great benefit to the community. We are glad to see the cold weather KEEP AN EYE OM THi: Branch is tUed to the brim with good people, and that good preacLicj, Sunday hoc Sunday Union and Prayer are car- certain at which he can buy the best goods at the lowest prices. The onus of showing that our goods are better than thosa of others rests with our- at remarkaUy low for ill or iriitalicta. D.

L. CVYLOIi, Hctil. which we hope will, to some extent, fitcp the Hessiaa fly ia the small taretobeeet-j r.1 ou tL. re evis-v Far. Ltv.

VitCi! 1 fztt al r9 Central. eeives. Cam. Jacz,.

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