The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 16, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1896
Page 7
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Willie (drying)— #0* goodness Bttke, &$&* dsn't gd in the h6ns§. M&ttiiifi-'s just 'thrashed me> Aftd you'll be ne*U Wit AWB WliBSM, 68151*4 Ai* ANO 1Sm t Itt s«me ftasiftift tfcat H its O*tt Velo*lt jr. By means of an electric deVlei ex- erimefiters, acting for the United States bbwd of ordafice,,h&ve recently succeeded in obtaining photographtd d* ot^-tfis m«ti8ft' of ,',& pfoje«til» yet Inside the bore of & cannon, lie projectile carries ft rod of wood at* «*ched to its ffoat end, and eoppe* : riflgs, encircling this rod at fixed in- lervals, auccessively form electric con* ,acte as the rod is driven from the giitt, ddh of these contacts produces an automatic record tin a photographio |lftte. The 8cientifl6 Anierican, in de- icribing the apparatus and experlmonts, yB^thal th^Bifortest'diatJince travel- d by the projectile between two sue' essive records was 3.7 centimetres, |hich is a little less than an inch and half, and that some of the time in- Sfervals between the records were only ne two-thousandth of a second. Penalty of Uerogy.' K "Pa, what is the penalty when a minister SB convicted of heresy?" I "Well, Bobby, it is generally a raise of ialary from another church." Santa Fe Route— rCnUfornlii Limited. R Leaves Chicago 6 p. m. Wednesdays nd Saturdays, reaching Los Angeles In 72 hours and San Diego in 70K iours. Returns from California Mon- lays and Thursdays. Equipment of suburb vestibuled Pullman palace sleepers, buffet smoking car and dining car. Most luxur- bus service via any" line. Another express train, carrying both palace and tourist sleepers,, leaves hicago 10:25 p. m. daily, for Los An- eles, San D^ego ar»d San Francisco. llnqvAre of G. T. Nlcholsbri", General assenger Agent, Great Northern Building, Chicago. _ |Oil is supplied to light houses on the Den- Bark coast to be pumped on the waves dur- |g storms. The more a young man notices how his Hrl's hair is done up, the less he loves her. I The Princess of Wales is called "granny" py her grandchildr^;?, A jW&ltKgf defiled wottafi sever ligls 6f hastfe jft feef totiet. She neter plaits (insight!? Wisps of half to 6tJ>ay oter her collar 6f teffi- pies. She nevef wears any but the neatest of shoes and feloves. She hever wears a petticoat that would not stand the Inspection of her deafest enemy. TOtKD SALESWOMEN. Should Be More Oott* 6f Uheir Health. 4 fclietllf Afriwtltiett—*%* _. the Short 6t it—A t»«i<ii«f iiin»tff»tfed—f h« iffctf Wtftfittfi tttsflhtd —9rh«i fteit Way t* tfitetestittg Ftatcincnt by a Toting in Brooklyn. In the vast retail establishments of large cities, many women are env ployed as saleswomen. Men formerly held the positions that ladness Comes Tf-ith a better tuiderstanding of the Itransient nature of the many phys Ills, which vanish before proper ef- -gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— -y directed. There is comfort ic knowledge, that so many forms o-r less are not due to any actual dis- fc but simply to a constipated condi- bf the system, which the pleasant ly laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt- jtooves. That is '. "hy it is the onlj aedy with millions of families, and is fywhere esteemed so highly by all value good health. Its beneficial 'cts are due to. the fact, that it is the remedy which promotes internal lanliness without debilitating the mns on which it acts. It is therefore important, in order to get its bene- ial effects, to note when you pur lase, that you have the genuine arti- J, which is manufactured by the; Cali- ^nia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by 11 reputable druggists. • . m in the enjoyment of good health, fact the system is regular, laxatives or Iher remedies are then not needed. If jfflicted with any actual disease, one nay be commended to Upmost skillful ' y sicians, but if in need of a laxative, should have the best, and with the •weU-informed everywhere, Syrup ot "Figs stands highest and is most largely nsedandgivesmostgenerftlsatisfactioii women now hold, " and while women'sor- ganism is less strong than men's they are expected to do the same work. Their duties compel them to be on their feet from morning to night, and many of them, in a short time, contract these distressing complaints called "female diseases." Then occur irregularities, suppressed or painful menstruation, weakness, indigestion, leueorrhoea, general debility and nervous prostration. They arc beset with such symptoms as dizziness, faintness, lassitude, excitability, Irritability, nervousness, sleeplessness, melancholy, "all-gone" and "want-to-be-left-alone" feelings, blues and hopelessness. In such cases there is one tried and true remedy. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at once removes such troubles. The following is a sample: "My dear Mrs. Pinkham:—After writing you, and before your answer came, I was too miserable to go to the store, and so lost my position. That was five weeks ago. I am now back again in my old place, and never felt so well in all my life. The bearing-down pains, and whites have left me, and I am not a bit nervous or blue. Life looks brighter to me. I don't get tired, my temper is real sweet, and I could scream right out sometimes for joy. Your Vegetable Compound is my standby. You don't know how thankful I am to you for saving me from suffering. Every woman in my position should know of your derful remedy. I never saw you, but I love you for being so good to me."— EDITH W 6th Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y- Marie Antoinette! Oa the crowded street to-day, t am certain that f met Dainty Marie An* tolnette. She id dead, t know, and yet 1 would swear to what I say; Dainty Marie Antoinette On the crowded street to-day, I could tell her by that hat That so regally she wore— Collar, ribbons, and all that, . •- s But most surely by her hatj Such a glory never sat On another, as she bore— Ah, the marvel of that hat That so regally she wore! She is truly dead, I know! Years have passed since then, and yet, From the land of long ago Came this vision that I know- Regal grace and brow of snow Oh my Marie Antoinette. She is dead to me, I know; Years have passed since then, and yet— —Albert Bigelow Paine. The In formal rrayer of Cyras Brown. "The proper way for-a- man to pray," Said Deacon Lemuel Keyes, "And the only proper attitude Is down upon his knees." "No, I should say the way to pray," Said Rev. Dr. Wise, "Is standing straight with outstretched arms And rapt and upturned eyes." "Oh, no; no, no," said Elder Slow, "Such posture is too proud; A man should pray with eyes fast closed And head contritely bowed." "It seems to me his hands should be Austerely clasped In front, With both thumbs pointing toward the ground," Said Rev. Dr. Blunt. IS'ilU ¥TUMiM* lUVitytfOW^M. T«»MWi^»r»«":*^ rf *a^fT;^'2. each year fof tfce WHEt SW J*&»r |>K tf yea ale fefctihtf, *hfeW tbei>dyttehWWbtiltl be less tb&ft the yearly teal that Wtt 4« new tow Ittft j wheiSBftm Will b6«8Jy5pnillift ffbttt HbUstdnf » city With'18 ftltrtSftdij t&.$plPs JM ft yea?? heat? ttfcewj ft «ejw of beats have »etled ft fafWt6¥6r-|6,<KW her ahKuW f whef 6 yon fcan Itt DeeeiHbs? |0 into yonr pfden and get- fo? you* dmhfJ* fresh lettuce, radishes, bens, bt&frSj 'cabbage, beets, celery, enlohs, ne# Msh'Shd sweet iwtatdes, and oh your way into the house eftthef crySattthemufflSi rose* and other varieties of flowefts foj Stottftabldj Where the ellffl&te is mild and delightful) where frosts rarely evefr come j frhere ypttf stock can maintain itself 6u the fsratfia nearly the yea? afdundt where you ddfc't have to sfiend« winter\all that you rinke' in the sufltoef? TM; instead, e&n raise something almost every month in the yfeap. '' All this and more can be hadatOHlf> f BBVILLI, THXA8, where we have a tfact of laftd 8 by 12 miles,with two railroads run* nlug through It and two towns on it. Write for our pamphlet, ''Fertile Farm Lands," price, terms, etc. Also as to cheap 6JtoUr* slons via the Rock Island to Ft. Worth and from there over the Santa .Fe to Wallis, Texas, and San Antonio & Aransas Pass to Chestervllle, as well as how to secure FREE FARE TO TEXAS. SOOTHBBN TEXAS COLONIZATION Co., JOHK LtNDERDOLM, Mgr., 110 Ulatto Building, Chicago. ' AMMONIA. A little ammonia In tepid water will soften and cleanse the skin. Door plates should be cleaned by rubbing with'a cloth, .dipped in ammonia and water, ' To brighten carpets wipe them after sweeping with warm water, into which, has been poured a few drops of ammonia. , To wash you brushes and combs put one tablespoonful of ammonia In one quart of water, rinse, shake and dry In the sun. , . dilltfitf with ft SefieKil ftot boufad id l&4ulfe ihto- his Uf, ' . -'. '' Ufileti tfee tfcrtlil id the aftffie e<r&ditf8fiB ttiett id n6 f fee iisfc fey tits BB.tted fof 3d d4'ys ftttef discovery tsf the ff&uditleftt fWe&efltatiofiB Biade to the imp? at the time of eaie will hits 'sf "tttfe i^?T,'^^t^ NAKAL BAt ABBH tiielriflft WftyVta ttaiu the Oae , ¥rtoe Jtlood JParlHe*. is caused,by imbufe blodd. the DBBS puvHicians say so." The ouiy way to efcfft catarrh is Wpurlly the blood, ..ttajd's Sat-saeaf ilia cures catarrh when all other medicines fall, bee&use Seed's sarsfteaMlla Is The One True Blood PuHrier. This is logical, and that it is true h prdved bjc thousands Of testimonials like this! "I was troubled with nasal catarrh for many years, t doctored for it, and at one time took a dozen bottles of a so-called catarrh cure, but without beneficial effect. I had read of cases where others had been cured by Hood's Barsaparilla, and I detef^ mined to try it. I'took-five bottles lost year, and was highly pleased with the relief obtained. I have. h*d' nb pa,r, trouble from catarrh since that time except • slight Inflammation when 1 catch cold. I mve proved, In my own case, that Hood's Sarsaparllla will cure' catarrh, and I also derived benefit In a general way from ltd use. It is an excellent remedy, and I am glad to give my experience with it for catarrh for the benefit of those -who may be similarly afflicted. 11 Mus. JOHN LEHMAN, 108 Wilkinson St., Goshen. Indiana. Since 1870. Victoria, Australia, has votet more than 1500,000 for the destruction 01 rabbits. _____ LNoflta Uf Course She Admired It. Maud (at the art exhibit)— Now I like th« sort of picture that tells a story. • Clara— How fond you must be of .your own, dear, it makes you positively boauti- ••'• • • •'••••--• • fttter fl Sen "Las' year I fell in Hodgkin's well Head first," said Cyrus Brown, "With both my heels a stickin' up, My head a-pintin' down; An'.I made a prayer right then an' there Best prayer I ever said, The prayingest prayer I ever prayed A-standin' on my head." —Sam Water Foss. Tho New Woman Defined. That was an interesting competition for the best definition of "the new woman" which was conducted recently by an English newspaper. The prize went to this saying: "A, fresh darn on the original blue stocking." Among other suggestions were: "Six of one and half a dozen of the other." "One who has not yet attained to be a gentleman." "Man's newest and best reason for remaining single." "Man- Ishness minus manliness." Catarrh Cannot Be Cured 'with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh Is a blood or constitutional dlBeaiie, and In order to uuro It you must take Internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure M taken Internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is not a quack medicine. It was prescribed by one of the best physicians In, this country for years, and 18 a regular prescription. It IB composed of the best tonics known, combined with the beat blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of the two Ingredients Is what produces such wonderful results In curing Catarrh. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENKY & CO.. Props., Toledo, O, Sold by druggists, price 7Bc. Hall's Family Pills are the best. Properly Equipped, "Papa, why do burglars alwavs have low brows!" "So they won't have any trouble crawling through cool holes, an.d tr.ansonis." Garden Spot of the South. The passenger department of the Louisville & Nashville It. R. has just issued a hundred. page book with the above title. It is descriptive of the resources and capabilities of the soil of the counties lying along this linevin the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Southern Mississippi and Western Florida. It also contains a county map of the above named states, and is well worthy of a perusal of any one interested in the south. A copy will be sent to any address upon receipt of ten cents in silver or stamps, by 0. P. Atraore, Gen. Pass, Agt., Louisville, Ky. Semi-monthly excursions south. Write for particulars. Not a single infectious' disease is known in Greenland. Din. •\Vtiiuiow* HooUung Byrnp Forchlldi'im teellilnif, noftetu tho«»m«, rcauccBlflfliim tnntlon, ull»y« liftlu, cure* wind oollo. 24 cents a bottle I said, "Your hat is not on straight, It's tilted o'er your brow." She answered mo with air sedate; "That's the way we wear them now." President Cleveland will be 00 years old two weeks after tlie'expiration of his present term of offlce. tttftuA ffiy press She's Just "poll parroting there's no tirettin&s la pills,-, except oa the theory of ''pretty, is that prett " case she's rig , is that pretty docs." In that 's riht. Ayer's Pills do cure biliousness, constipation, and all liver troubles. , t rff. N£$ LI- * ,V ,A •>fi& The Acme Lamp Stoy — "' '•' ~ Will wrSmi your rwi»* »* <* Hi ' ' f"Hl?/ A of3ccntse«f day and not atfed -;J-wf the llght» * Dollvered on receipt of $1. -<. , ,^ a * >CME COflPANY ,-,, _ '-$ 33VendelISt. Bostc«vMats. , ,(^ •• >,\- ;4yr AGENTS. We furnish every, • , ! ty f-m+u m "thlnB. you Invest notliliiB. - \*' WorkwUh lodios. pldttBant, and very profllftble. - - •,; Book Kreo. 0. C. Shlmci 1 , Omnlin. Neb. , , * •< „ . .. . , ' ', ' ' ' >;,i- '."W rrr A tTT IB the wny to honltli. Health book; f «?j| VlAVI SiJlcdfteo. Office oousultatlonlrM.' "C 1 ^ Vlnvl Co., suite «6 Olisoryntory bldif., Ues MOlnoa. i !>\^) '• —===== '#$k W.N.U. D.M.-1275 NO. 51 When oDiirennK ndvortisemonia wndly mention tblBpaoor. SPRAINS S St. Jacobs Oil the foil. Use it and promptly feel the cure. That's all, but that is something sure. Celebrating in 1897 its seventy-first birthday Tint COMPANION offers its readers many exceptionally brilliant features. The two hemispheres have been explored in search of attractive matter. 49 YEARS A SUFFERER. Sept, 9th, i«W. p«H Huu-Am MffigtftfM ffiffij - *._ :* i. i. A ..»t kiiu'A tukhtir' 5 D . . o., III. Spoken' InadvtReclIy. "Jeer at me if you will!" shrieked the horse in impotent nuger as the trolley shot by, "but I will not be cowed!" The Zeitgeist, however, bethinking himself of the nearby corned beef factory, smiled pityingly. California. If you will send your name and address we will send a representative to your home to explain ail-about the advantages of Phillips-Rock Island personally conducted Tourist Car Excursions to California. Address A. Phillips & Co., 91 Adams street, Chicago. John Sebastian. G. P. A.. Chicago, 111. Meteorological Item. "I wonder," mused Dora, who was ga/.ing thoughtfully out of the window, '•! wonder wliut makes rain fall on holidays?" '. ••Specific gravity, of course," replied David. • I,ow Bates for I!om*'Be«b;er8 Going South. On the first find third Tuesday of each month tickets will be sold 10 settlers from Chicago to points in Virginia and the Carolinas at greatly reduced rates, both one way and rouncl trip. Send for particulars and free puin-.-iiloi descriptive of the farm lands, clb.nm', markets, etc. Address U. Jj. Truitt, Northwestern 1'nssengcr Agent, 0. to 0,, Big Four-Route, 23-t Clark Street, Chicago. _ It is btivtwl that the progeny o£ n single pair of house srwrrows, Jt not r4plebt«l foi ten yem-s would be more tlmu 300,000,000,000. Called No Names. Officer—How is this, Murphy? The sergeant complains that you call him names. Private Murphy—Plaze, sir, I never called him ony names at all. All I said was, "Sergeant," says I, "some of us ought to be in a menagerie." A Homo librarian. % He—Mrs. Packer can raad her busband like a book. Btie—Yes, and she can shut him un like one, too. Shocking Ignorance. "Pa, who was Shylock?" Paterfamilias (with a look of surprise and horror)—Great goodness, •boy, .you attend church apd Sunday school every week and don't know who Shylock was? Go and read your bible, sir. r. Phrase. pon't Delay—Send at Once. For the Holiday Catalogue of the JlERnOD It MCCARD Jewelry Co., Broadway, cor. Iiocusi street. ST. LOUIS. It shows 3,000 of tlie love- 1 llest things in W«tche», Jewelry i Sllverwrtreo, Clocks, and Huslc Boxes. |f ypw will send ^5c they will also send you a beautiful 5olld Sliver 8c4f< or Stick Pin. The Yellow River is styled the "Sorrow of China" It is estimated that its floods iu the present century have cent China 11,000000 lives. _• "Ye f earful saints! fresh courage take! The clouds you no much dread Are big with dividends—they'll break In blessings on your liead." _^ Suffering AVheu love works,, it iilwayt. does itb best. KS t-i (ompooion In addition to the 25 staff writers THE COMPANION Contributors number fully 200 of the most famous men and women of both continents, including the most popular writers of fiction and some of the most eminent statesmen, scientists, travellers and musicians. for the Slbole family. THE COMPANION also announces for 1897, Four Absorbing Serials, Adventure Stories on Land and Sea Stories for Boy* i Stones f« Girls, Reporters' Stories, Doctors' Stories, Lawyer*' Stories, Stones '°' Everybody- all profubdy illustrated by popular nrtwU. bix Double Holiday Numbers. More than two thousand Articles of Misce any -Anecdote, Humor, Travel. Timely Editorials, "Current Events," "Current lop.cs" and "Nature and Science" Departments every week, etc. One of the most beautiful CALENDARS issued this year will be given to each New Subscriber to The Companion, be sold iu Art Stores tor less than One Dollar, Subscription Price of The Companion $}.75 a Year MADAME LILLIAN NORDICA, who has written a praotldal article, "How to TrHln the Volou," for The Companion f/T 1897. 'i <5 S S V ^ V v v 12-Color Calendar FREE. The Youth's Companion, 201 Columbus Av?,, Boston, Mass, Women. A4asl wora?n«Jo suffer, Why/we of tea cannot teuetat : AS it yo«r own fcafey or yoy£ that Srove w»t deep away? H6«§safy. Cascarsts S w^ toWtift«« \* fetta* to '.$m . tt» ) Running across an old friend In place,- show. flj'eg_sea fgr the theater. I h »Y9 two tickets fpr the matinee thil afterBQQB— o»e Q| the. best Play3 this seaso», . siaestreet— Theater! With ft m th? roiswy t»» a ""C'lj""" cawse—weakness. At *«wwnw a woman always nee& a vto4 that canb? r?W«4 v?&t *oe swcn friend, fw mor f jhaatwffrtj ; WB 1 i 1 Si s M 1 BRYAN'S BOOK THB Omaha Weekly World« Herald, This yei^r the Omnhft Weekly WortO/Emld has an offer to ] to new and o]d subscribers better than any ever made before, JJjiYAK's NKW HOOK, describing his great campaign fn his language, giving his leading speeches and containing » short biogrj _. cal skott-li of him by his Ayife as well as a Ujscussion of the great money quuetionby liimsell, is now on the pros? a»<J will be wbtiftQ* 4QUye|y jusl after CJ»rjsl.m%». It, will be hound to oloHi,' p)-lnt«a in ulW ^yp^ on good paper and contains about (IPO pages, Jwn^snmeljf iUuitrateaii ' OUR We wjjl send this Qiuaba WceUJy WQ^-JJwftl4 ojte ye»r *na of Ilryan's Bpok'jfor f^OQ, P<NfUn,' , , .. HewW alpno is $1.9Q.' Mr. PERU'S ^QU»eo|,JQit '•'•1 new peoplf S 0*88 to at Jftree <)'0\<l$,l W^W, I ' '

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