The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 16, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1896
Page 5
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f">- ' "- ; .'-• ''" "**- : 'WiiinptTOtt'<«^ We want to say a word about R All .flour might be good flotir—• but it isn't, always, The good flour that's always good—do you know where to get that kind? We will give you the combination : It's the Daisy Mills Flour. You know it. Don't some right now. put off doing a wise thing. Try COMMON AT GOMJHffiD, atid Enflingldtt frains Experience a teftct §ma8Ji»ttfl at the Goldfleid Cressittg. Fault Said to Have Been Wholly with the fittrtington Road—Mb Oft* Setiously injured. IS td jlSjr ifi tJIftiStflfi&tl ffcfffl Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. Grand Discount Sale, Friday night the North WesteriS eVeh* ing passenger, or miked train, was struck at the Gfoldfield crossing by ft north bound special freight on the Burlington road. The Burlington eft' gine hit the passenger coach on the Northwestern squarely and cut It off the remainder of the train, carrying It two rods and dropping it in the ditch. The engine went Into the ditch also. The despatches state that there Were 16 people in the Coach, but it is said fay those aboard that there were only eight, the others being ahead itt the smoker. No one was seriously injured, and the wreck did not interfere with traffic. No one from Algona was on the train south. The only passenger aboard known here was Judge Cook. He noticed that the freight train was coming pretty fast and thought he would get off, but decided not to, us if ho did and the trains missed each other he would only be laughed at. At the last, however, he started to get off and had reached the end of the car when it was struck. He was badly shaken up and scratched, getting his pockets full of glass and splinters. No one seems to know why the accident happened. The fault-is wholly with the Burlington road. The engineer, Pickens, stuck to his engine till the last, but seemed to be unable to slow up and avoid the collision. He escaped with some bad scalds. The Burlington is on a down grade at that crossing, and the train came on' with brakes set and ; wheels ' sliding. The Northwestern engineer tried to start up and get out of the way, but the train was heavy and the movement too late. GET your wood of Hamilton. Cord or .stove wood always on band.-31tf Poultry Wonted. We will begin Nov. 80 to buy poultry at the Northwestern creamery, and will pay the highest market price. 86t4 BELTON & BEED. Capes, Children's Cloaks [A Genuine Discount Sale. Jas. Taylor, =The Cloak Man. lon't Forget the Place lARMERS' EXCHANGE. South of Court House. Just received, a shipment of Crockery and Glassware; |,-We have one of the neatest pat- herns made in fancy China, and will sell one piece, or IOQ pieces, to suit the purchaser. You Should ' see our line before you buy; will save you money, we J, C, Anderson & Co, GASOLINE AND EEEOSENE MIXED. Wesley Has Some Narrow Escapes From Disaster—A Stranger Tries to Pass a Penny for $10. WESLEY, Dec. 14.—The standard oil man made a mistake last Saturday in filling up G. S, McPherson's'cans, filling the gasoline can with kerosene and the kerosene can with gasoline. Several of Mr. McPherson's customers bought their gasoline Saturday evening, and some of them their kerosene. Mr. Tofflemire filled his lamp with what he supposed was kerosene, which proved to be gasoline. When he lit it he discovered what it was, and grabbing tbe lamp, threw it out of doors just in time to save an explosion. Mr. Me- Pherson says there is $10 or $12 worth of oil destroyed, as there was a little kerosene'and gasoline in each can when they were filled up, Thursday morning a stranger to these parts went into A. J, Pierson's jewelry store and asked the prices of some watches, Mr, Pierson, who is always ready to show up his goods, placed on the show case half a dozen or more watches, ranging in price from $10 up, The stranger picked out one and asked the price, and when told it was $10, said he would take that one, and laving down a bright copper penny walked out, Mr, Pierson followed him, but he would not stop or make any reply to his request to give up the watch, Finally a posse of men took after him and caught him as he was about to board the freight going east, After getting a good shaking up from the boys he gave up the watch, They brought him back to 'Squire Robinson's office, hut he was there released on promising to , leave town. Mr, Pierson says be don't believe in the old fad that it is no trouble to show goods, and hereafter any man who wants to look at his goods must view them through the show case, And if be decides to buy anything he must show the color and quantity of bis money before he will take them out, Preparations are now under way to have one of the,best Christmas enter? tainments at the Methodist church Christmas eve that ever was in Wesley, The various committees are bara at wprk and will leave nothing undone to make it interesting for the children, MR, AND MRS. P< T. FERGPSOI? of Pl H m Qreek want ft raWdle-aged worn, aa to work for wages wA ffl$e 9 per; HEADQUARTERS for Santa Claus at the Fair store. Dolls, toys, games, glassware, 5, 10, 25 cent counters, •Also big bargains in shoes of all kinds. GERMANTOWN, Spanish, Saxony, and All the colors. Zephyr yarns, have plenty of braith&Co. them. Geo. L. We Gal- Fnrm Loans at 0 per Cent. And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at option of the borrower. Interest payable annually unless otherwise preferred. The loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BRTJNSON. WHEN you have land to sell, rent, or trade, list it with Doxsee & Foster. FENCE posts for 5 and 7 cents each at J. A. Hamilton & Co's.-31tf AMUSEMENT NOTES. The opera house was well filled Friday evening for the home talent production of "By Wits Outwitted." A better entertained audience has not congregated within a year. The play was clever, the acting was clever, and the music by .the orchestra rounded out a delightful program. Where all the participants did so well it would be invidious to make comparisons. Geo. Hamilton as the wealthy father and Miss Louise McCoy as his wife kept the audience laughing, while W. P. Jones as the audacious nephew and Miss Zoa Wartman as the to-be-wedded daughter, carried out their parts to perfection, as did also F. M. .Curtiss as the crusty old wooer, who got left in the finale. At first Charles Chubb was not recognized as the servant, his name not being on the bills, but he also performed his part well. The songs by Miss Wartman, the duet by Miss Wartman and Geo. Hamilton, and the interludes by the orchestra were enthusiastically applauded. The receipts were $118 and the expenses,' we learn, somewhat less than $30, leaving a neat sum for the little girls' sewing school, the most helpful charity ever instituted in Algona. The costumes for the play came from Minneapolis and were very appropriate. -j- -i- -r- • . . Wesley has an opera house. Edward Kunz has fitted the hall in the Kunz block with a stage, and a convenient public hall is the result. The Reporter says; The audience room is 36x44, with seating capacity for over 200 persons, and will be furnished with comfortable chairs. The stage is 18x20, with dressing rooms on either side 8x20. The stage will be furnished with a very artistic drop curtain, and six other curtains, besides numerous wings, etc. The scenic effect is above the average, and will be greatly ap* predated. It is expected the opening entertainment will be the very pleasing play entitled, "Hidden Hand," tobe.given by tbe members of the Wesley band some time between Christmas and £Tew Year's. Hi- + •** Speaking of tbe concert at Ledyard the Leader saye; Tbe instrumental music rendered bv Miss Smith and her sister, Mrs, P, 53, ^Tpnes of Wesley, was greeted with, encore after encore, but it was well deserved, for their work was exgeiient be excelled in a. 44 ^ 4. The Ifeehe^HaHfdrd r — in Algona Feb. 6, tbe Headfey "lecture Comes March 10, atid " Shots Aofes" id dated March 28. •4- 4- +. The BUM young people #av§ the drama, Josh wiftfihe'stef f 10 ft efdwdeti house Friday eV&nlfig. Out' rlfMfief S ys it was in every way a success, rs. Goodwin gave, considerable Mine to training the actors and they carried their parts with great credit. The play was given fof the loeal Spworth League with the following cast: Josh Winchester................. J'red Bfctteflet Bob Winchester....*. ......Everett McDonald Clyde Winchester Jfts. Goodwin Jack f t avers W.O. Hodgson Sir Humphrey Lester, U. T....Arthur Mntble Irene Winchester i.... Cartta Goodwin Madge Sheldon................ < .Myrft Chi fotnivti Trlx Winchester .Blanche Blade 4- 4- -t- Geo, Tiss, brother of Mrs, L M. Finnell of Algona, has organised ft cornet band at Cor with with 16 pieceSj all beginners. Saturday night the .comedy drama "Hlck'ry Farm" wilbbe put Pn for their benefit oy home talent, at the Cbrwlth public hall. FOUND: A buggy robe was found by Robt. Kain, northeast of Algona. Own* er can have by calling and paying for this notice. FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossutb County State-Bank. MONEY to loan on town property and farms. Thos. F. Cooke.-SHjahl A $2,800 interest in a good-paying business to exchange fof real estate in Kossuth county. Inquire of Doxseo & Foster. .. • • . • BURNS wants you to see the German heater; for hard or soft coal or wood. He has a few left at very, cheap prices. THE HOLIDAY DISPLAY. Alsoitn Has More Ilniidsomo libll- day Goods Thoii' 1 ' Eydi- ;'Bdfbro-4 Trndo Is .Lively. : '",. ',..,.,'•-'..; :'.;•, .Algona never had > so handsome a display of holiday goods as. now. All the stores have some specialty that is elegant and of permanent,, value. • The ysual u for-one-day-only" knick-knacks are in evidence in abundance, but among the stores the purchaser, can choose from a liberal stock of books, works of art, jieiwelty, out glass and china, perfumes, etc., etc., and get all his purse will warrant. THE UPPER DES MOINES' reporter visited some of the special holiday stocks to see what were the leading specialties.' Taking them in Order up the street he.came to Pearl Pugh's big jewelry display, Pearl said handsome clocks and sterling silver were his leaders, especially the silver. He has everything useful and ornamental in solid silver at Very low prices., Ehlers & Falkenhuiner have made a specialty of some very handsome medallions, a big vai-iety of fine ivory statuettes, and of books in plain and ornamental bindings. V • At Bowyer's ornamental china pieces, cut glass, and sterling silver novelties and plain ware are the leaders. He has some beautiful china pieces. Across the aisle Studley's specialty is all kinds of elegant perfumes in plain and cut glass bottles. He has a big stock of all kinds of goods, but perfumes lead. At Dr. Sheetz' the old standard emporium, some very elegant bronze vases, bronze mirrors, and a very much larger stock of all kinds of books than ever are the features this year. All the stores have the -usual supply of pictures, perfumeries, books, etc. But each has some special attraction that will well repay a visit, and the prices quoted are less than ever before. Algona is the place to buy something elegant for the holidays. Among; the Advertisers. Everything is for the holidays, Santa Claus' headquarters at Sheetz'. Grove & Son celebrate Christmas, too. Jas. Taylor is making some awful low prices on jackets and wraps. Bobinson has holiday goods, skates carving sets, knives, scissors, etc. Studley's display includes everything. Don't buy till you see it. Bowyer will give a solid silver thimble to all the ladies. Bead bis announcement. Santa Claus has visited at Doxsee's and made some special arrangements, notice of which appears in Doxsee's ad. Langdon & Hudson have some very handsome china for the holidays, and nothing is handsomer than handsome china. Brownell has a Christmas tree in his window all bung with dolls for the little/' people. Tbe dolla are 4 to be given away. Erametsburg Democrat; They say that Joe Steil )s giving-away clptbing at Algona for little money, Jt can't be our Jpe, , Ehlers & Falkenbainer »nd Dingley & Pugh bad their room beautifully decprated Monday for their big open* ing, A row of green plants from tbe greenhouse, furnished a pleasant back ground for a handsome display of goods, and tbe harp orchestra music added pleasure of hearing to the pleasure of seeing. The boys did lots of work a.nd the crowds present showed tbeir appreciation. We uuderstand that their sales were adequate and that they feel well pleased with tbe outcome, £<edyfH'<J wfep , we doubt if it cgu]d state, Those i J a.ra loaning money on at $ts> nsf «w« interest, Only % small ebarg^ wj,U be m»4e fop procuring tfeia ' Thfbjarffiweij 0 |jj Jjsve . 4 'B*ytop^.w* fi? sw ,or $gagj| g,tlbe time Q| pay* -'•"X? a^ m ami '. Holiday Stock. I Don't Do a Thing Until you have looked over our fine stock and have bought a Christmas Present .' for your friends. Go where you please you will find no one that offers you So much Goodness, so much variety, so much beauty, so much quality, so much style, and all , For So Little Money. We recognize the hard times and we offer you only new and tasty goods at ROOK BOTTOM FRIGES, All goods are marked in plain figures and no deceit practiced in any way, Give me a call and be convinced, ':4 |3' T f iA't rV;J,^v4.r v&» ^jy-wrjv %isA&iSf£te.&ss KK®£ «sViV£PV««j4&SSBai«a ^'fe^wj .''• ^&i[min^; ^^Mk^i; *,*;>/*•* 'a. f

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