The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 9, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1896
Page 8
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' •^•^/zysv*'-* i: r^-'^ •-,;- •',,' / .. .-^-f.' ! AL00NA, IOWA, WEDNMDAY, BJEOEMBEB 8, as* I have a very large assortment; call and look them bver, Otie hundred lamps of different styles to select from. Large Variety of fancy plates, sugars and $>' cr.eamers, water sets, glass sets, a new pattern in China- Ware, toilet sets, onyx stands, etc. The finest line of fv 'i CANDY FOR- CHRIST west of Chicago. I have a few barrels of apples left, and at the price no one can afford to be without a barrel for Christmas. Full stock of staple and fancy groceries always on hand. Do not forget the place. CHICAGO, JfttWAUfcfilS A ST. ,_ _ t^OOAt* !tIlAX&d tt&3$. No. 1 departs ftt No.8 departs at 4:6lt>r w Ffewhts that catty passengers— No. 93 departs at..... 12:06ain No.71 departs at .6 33pm No.OS depattsat 8:20»ta » n ., ^ TRAINS SAST. No.3 departs at iO:37am No. 4 departs at .:...." 8-33 pn *r*8j?y* that **"? passengers— go. 7f departs at...... 8:20pta No.94 departs at 3:05pS R. F. jBEPniCK, Agent. CHICAGO A South- Freight 7:10 a to pass-, 8:04 am 1:12 pm ••""•-•»• *... ....JL*.I.«IJ m Mixed 8:00 pm North— ' Mixed Freight.... Pass.... 7:10 a m 11:25 a in 2:49 p m Mixed......10:47 pm i iW •««t«*J.w»3f t/ . F. H. VfispEn, Agent. Cowles Block, James Patterson. will be staples for the next two weeks, and we have made every effort to make our stock as complete as possible. All our goods were bought direct and we are therefore in position to offer you the same II that the quality of the g6ods will permit. It will positively be to your advantage to see our line before buying. Elilers & Falkenhainer, Successors to F. W. Dingley. E. & F. DRUG STORE, STATE STREET. Don't Forget our Opening, \ Dec. 14.. .... Holiday Hints t T HIS is a puzzling time—a time that taxes the thoughts of all the people—for we are loth to imagine there's a man, woman, or child in all this country round who has not someone to remember on Christmas day. Let us try and help you out. In the first place we want to impress upon your minds that we are this year, _ of all years, headquarters for Holiday Goods. We cannot mention all we have suitable for presents. These, however, are suggestive: Watches, Cut Glass, Silver-m't'd Scissors, Silver Pocket Knives, Mantel Clocks, Silver Mirrors, Silver Pencils, Gold Pencils, Silver Card Cases, ---, Ice Cream Sets, Silver Cigarette Cases, Carving Sets, Gold Bead Necklaces, Silver Cloak Clas'ps, Brooches, Bracelets, Silver Rings, jeweled, Gold Rings, jeweled, Silver, Baby Rattles Cups, Plates, Silver Bracelets, Manicure Sets, Silver Hair Brushes, Silver Combs, Silver Flasks, Silver Key Rings, Link Buttons, Silver Tea Bells, Gold Hat Pins, Silver Hat Pins, Scarf -Fasteners, Silver Stamp Boxes, Silver Cups, Souvenir Spoons, THE LOCAL FIELD. A two-inch snow fall Sunday morn ing. J Court opens next Monday. Judge Quarton on the bench. The harp orchestra plays for a party at Whittemore tonight. The firemen's big dance comes Friday evening, Jan. 1. It will be gotten up regardless of expense. Referring to some complaints about liquor selling in Kossuth, Bailey sug' gests: "If the pharmacy law is too loose, bettor have some clamps put on it.' The Armstrong Journal says that only one camp of renters on Gov. Larrabee's lands in Eagle Lake township were Bryan men. The rest supported McKinley. The Union Literary society made a good opening Thursday evening. A big audience was out for Rev. Landis' address, which was heartily enjoyed. We commend Union's example to .the other townships of the county. Guy L. Taylor wa's in Marshalltown on business last week, and happened in on a big banquet given by the Marshalltown gun club. He and Gilbert of Spirit Lake are members of that club, which is, going to be the best in the west. The contract for " Shore Acres" has been signed. March 23 is the date. This is fully as important an engagement for the opera house as the Keene- Hanford combination, and insures play goers two of the best entertainments that will visit Iowa this year. A curiosity in the way of a 1,300 pound Jersey steer was at the Northwestern depot last week. It was sold by Mr. Jogenson, and as a calf was the property of J. B. Winkel, who raised him. Jerseys rarely reach any such weight. This fellow was a big one. Hobart has a full fledged dancing club. They have had the harp orchestra three times. Friday evening they had a big party, with 25 couples in attendance. Those who attend say Hobart gives as fine a party and has as good dancers as any town in the county. Charlie Grimm of Clear Lake has arranged a live bird shoot with Dr. Carver-. The doctor is the crack shot of the world and has open a challenge for a $5,000 match with anybody. Grimm has taken him up, but for what purse is not known. The shoot occurs in Chicago soon. Ledyard had an evening of fine music last Thursday, Kate Smith and Mrs. Maud Jones of Wesley assisting local talent. A large audience attended and enjoyed an exceptionally good program. It is said that Ledyard has a singer or two who cannot be beaten in the county. C. O. ^hmels, who has that coffin bill against the county, was in town Monday. He thinks he can make the county pay. The Burlington road have not been heard from officially, so far as we can learn, but it is understood that they politely but firmly decline to put up the $40. anlined and Mr. Bower has been unable to be at his business for a week. His brother-in-law, S. W. Gray of Fort Dodge, came Monday to take charge of the store and prepare for the holiday trade. Many friends of the family will hope that the disease will spread no farther and that little Gwendolin will suffer no serious setback. Geo. E. Clarke returned from Ida Grove Saturday. He defended abanker named Baxter there in a $20,000 suit brought by an editor named Sprague, who used to live at Burt and had charge of the Monitor. Sprague's paper had published a vicious article on Baxter, and Baxter horsewhipped Sprague. Sprague's lawyer was A. C. Parker. In the trial it turbed out that long-haired Geo. Williams wrote the article, but even that did not let Sprague out with the jury, for they returned a verdict of only $60 damages, which was a great victory for Baxter. A local camp of the Modern Woodmen, consisting of our best citizens, dormant for the last nine years, has lately been revived by a head camp officer, Deputy Head Consul T. Adelsheim of Sioux City, who secured about 40 new applicants, made up of some of the best young men in town. We are informed that this camp will bo re-organized at the I. O, O. F, hall on next Wednesday evening, Dec. 16. The Whittemore camp, 80 strong, will conduct the initiatory ceremony, under the supervision of the head camp officers, and all surrounding camps are invited to be present. These camps ;ire now located in every town, except in cities of over 200,000, which are barred by its laws. Its jurisdiction extends only to 12 northwestern states, the healthiest states . in the union. We wish them success. GREAT ribbon sale for ten days—your (hoice for 10 cents a yard at 37t2 JNO. GOEDEES.' WHEN you have land to sell, rent, or trade, list it with Doxsee & Foster. ' A SNAP in heating stoves-^-see what Burns has. The German heater beats them all, and is low priced. SEE our line of fancy new crockery. M. Z. GROVE & SON. Holiday Excursions. For the Christmas and New Year lolidays excursion tickets will be sold )y the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Hallway company to stations within distance of 200 miles of Algona at fare and one-third for the round trip. Tick- ts on sale Dec. 24, 25, and 31, 1896, and fan. 1, 1897, with final return limit up o and including Jan. 4, 1897.—36t5 HEADQUARTERS for Santa Glaus at he Fair store.. Dolls, toys, games, •lassware, 5, 10, 25 cent counters. Also big bargains in shoes of all kinds. Houses for Kent. I have several houses in Algona for sale or rent. HENRY MASON. GRf\ND and hundreds of other articles. We shall be glad to hold, and deliver on Christmas eve, anything you may wish to select at this time, Our prices are not holiday prices—they are regular prices, as low as we can make them. Open.evenings until9 o'clock, E. O. BOWYER, No, If Boston Bltcli,..,, ytwtler, Optician, and Art Dtaler. OUR SPECIAL OPENING, DEC. 15. M,tl.<- *$4 «v5it^ SEE HERE Almost The cast for "By Wits Outwitted" Friday evening gives promise of a splendid entertainment. The play' is as clever a comedy as was ever given in Algona, and on former occasions our home players have not fallen much below the best imported talent. The Harp orchestra will furnish part of the evening's program. A car of black walnut logs was loaded at the Northwestern depot not long ago for shipment to Europe, A trader came in and picked up a log here and there until he got a car load. Black walnut lumber, for all the. use of oak, maple., etc., is still very valuable and scarce, and logs are evidently being bunted for in all quarters. Episcopal service next Friday at 7:30 p. m, at the Fraser school house, Sunday services as usual, Sunday evening Rev. Muller will continue his series of sermons on misconceptions about the Episcopal church. He will deal with the imputation that "The Teachings and Practices of the Church Lead to Romanism." All are cordially invited. The editors of the Upper Des Moines association will probably assemble in Algona at the time of the Gunsaulus lecture. Mr. Starr is chairman of the Jooal committee and this is his Bug. gestion, and a good one. It will intro* duce the visitors to our opera house, the most brilliant orator of the west and some sound doctrine all at one time, The Courier makes a 'good suggest' ion, It is that those who want to aid a deserving work buy extra tickets for the play Friday evening and present tbeej to children and pepplo who can* notreadijy affpra to attend, The lit- tie girt sewing class is one of the worthiest project* eyfir bsgun in Algpna. and SQ ipng as it aske support In so . M . a . « - __ 'body (MM*' Farm Loans at 0 per Cent. And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at option of the borrower. Interest payable annually unless otherwise preferred. The loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BRUNSON. Home-seekers' Excursions. On Nov. 17 and Dec. 1 and 15, 1896, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway will sell round-trip excursion tickets to a great many points in the western and southwestern states, both on its own line and elsewhere, at greatly-reduced rates. Details as to rates, routes, etc., may be obtained on application to any ticket agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway.-36t3 AMONG THE ADVEBTISEBS. DOLLS Beautiful Dolls to be given away ! Shoes and Dolls ! A queer combination, ain't it ? A little out of the regular order, but stranger things have happened. You simply buy the shoes — we do the rest. ' We give with every cash purchase of leather goods to the amount of $2.50 and over a doll worth 50 cents, Dolls will be Given with CASH purchases of Leather pods only. We CANNOT give dolls with Rubbers, Overshoes or Felt Boots. See our grand display of Dolls in our store window. Please notice the word " CASH." Big Line of Holiday Slippers JUST RECEIVED. DON'T DELAY! BE QUICK! BUY NOW! -of Brownell & Allred, BOSTON BLOCK, ALGONA, IA. Durdall for clothing. Brownell is going to give away dolls for Christmas presents. L. D. and L. F. .Hodgson of Burt have bought an elevator at Ottosen. Everything speaks of holiday trade. Algona is full of handsome things for Christmas. • Taft & Co. have another big Poland China hog sale next week Friday at Humboldt. Both railways report freight picking up, For some weeks shipments have been very light, Geo. E, Blackford is organizing a class to study a new and simple system of short hand writing. Fred Thorn and W, H. Jones have bought the John Grove store at Hobart. They are pushing young business men and will succeed, A pass book marked "Compliments of Lindsay Brothers, Milwaukee, Wis,," was left at this office. It may be of value to the owner, Market prices vary a little but have not advanced the past week. Hogs fell 30 cents in two days, now worth $8.75, Wheat is 65, oats 12, corn 14 Art, Allen has a new attraction a.t the O, K, restaurant. He bought a couple of seven months coons of a mover last week and is training them. James Patterson has one of the bis stocks of holiday 'goods in lamps, stands, fancy china, etc, He has some of the handsomest lamps ever shown in Bowyer's holiday opening comes next Tuesday. He has a pig stock of handsome cut glass, Jewelry, watches, silverware, etc., and it wiU all he ready for inspection, Remember Bowyer, It is not wrong to think that a present having an edge will not cut your friendship with the recipient when it can be paid for with a smile a "thank you," or a ' Kiss Onr line of pocket and pert knives for the holidays was never! more complete, and we were never before able to offer so much for the money. We have warranted knives from 150 to.$2.50. Our 15, 20, and 250 knives, all warranted to be made of best razor steel, are great favorites with the boys In our stock you can find knives that will please mother, father, wife, husband, sister, or \ Another's sister Until Christmas we will make a special price of 390 on our regular 500 knives, every one warranted. Everyone who has seen our assortment says we have the finest line of cutlery ever shown in Algona. O. M. DOXSEE, Hard/ware. FINANCIAL, 'i' : **^*^*s~** r *^**^*s~*s^^**^+±t Kossuth County State Bank, First National Bank of Algona. CAPITAL .............. ,,,. . $50QOO Dorwiler ' F ' =•*•*« Ambrose A. ^a^^ rates to parttes mrnisumg «**» eeourtty, Algona State Bank. Doxsee says he has a magnificent as- ^rtwent of cutlery and/tbat «j t } 8 B 7 t wrong to kiss, another's sister," He is £'£»&• And the best way to approach the sister is tP buy her some pf ppxeee's PUtlery. . J.¥ Qalbraltb store wakes a sensible ilOlldfLV Ollf»*Ynatf*\»» A ™*-J A* r ^*V Vt-**99Wf — A, p. Clarke, President, O.O.Qhubb/VicePrest, Tho9.H. Gantry, Cashier, Geo. L, Galbram ' Fred, M. Miller. Myron Schenelt, ThOB. F. Oooke. CASH CAPITAL, 150,000. General Banking* ty Interest paid OB time deposits, Q Six per cent Interest on Time Deposits for money left three months or more, * 6Joneyjaw t ay8_pB bjvnojojoira p» first mprteaKee. swoufl IOWA. g»4 mglsy WWeW ««T T p^ffp^illi'r ***%**; (HJABAN'TEE H PER N8URANCI Znsm&ffi.

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