Portland Press Herald from Portland, Maine on December 12, 1949 · Page 1
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Portland Press Herald from Portland, Maine · Page 1

Portland, Maine
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1949
Page 1
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CBS in MAINE WGAN Portland 560 on Tour Dlml WGUY Bangor 1459 on Tonr Dial BEST IN MAINE NEWS FOR MAINE PEOPLE * * * * VOL. 88. ESTABLISHED JUNE 23. 1862 PORTLAND, MAINE, MONDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 12, 1949 Entered As Second Clan Mail Matter PRICE FIVE CENTS Highlights In The News * Coal Walkout May Be Forced * Teddy Bear's Creator Dies Ice Glazes Maine, One Killed New York. Dec. 11. (AP)-- The New York Tunes says unnamec but 'leading coal operators are prepared to force John L Lewis into a full strike Jan 1 if he doesn t call one himself The operators are quoted as saying thej expert Lewis to order the walkou on his own initiative to force acceptance of his new contract pattern The Tunes quotes "Qne of the most influential operat6rs ' as say Ing ' We he does call a Weary Consul Ward Finally Given Freedom Wins His, Last Battle With Chinese ! Reds At Boat; Lost 25 Pounds In Jail Aboard Lakeland "Victory Off Taku Bar, Monday, Dec. 12. (UP)--U. S. Consul-General Angus Ward, his famous red beard turned nearly white, climbed off a C6mmunist tug- hope says operators also are considering withholding their Dec 20 payment to the United Mine Workers welfare fund ' as a means of boat to freedom at sunrise today. An hour later the remaining 19 members of the consular staff and their baggage still were not alloWed off the tug and barge until Ward sigjned a certificate that satisfied Communist police Ward bluntly told two Tientsen policemen who accompanied the arty on its 17-hour trip to the precipitating Mr Lewis" a showdown with Washington. Dec. 11. (AP)-Clifford S. Berryman, 80, noted editorial cartoonist for the ·Washington Star, died today. To older politicians and thousands of friends he was known for creating the famous "Teddy Bear" He first drew the cub back in 1902 as a joke on President "Teddy" Roosevelt who refused to shoot a young bear during a hunting trip to Mississippi. The bear's likeness lives on in thousands of toy reproductions for which the cartoonist never received a cent. Be ne,ver copyrighted the idea. New York, Dec. 11. CAP)--A ·econd gift of $500,000 from John D Rockefeller, jr., was announced lakeland "I can not and shall not' sign a safe delivery certificate until the party and baggage is aboard the ship His clothing bagging from his [oss of 25 pounds in weight, Ward said tensely If we are going back to Tient- I sin let's do it now ' | I He told reporters that his two weeks in a Mukden jail was · Hellish". ' (As Ward boarded the ship Japanese telegraph officials in Tokyo said that "Russians" were jamming all messages from the Lakeland "Victory Earlier, alt San Francisco, commercial radio companies reported poor communications with the Lakeland Victory, apparently because of atmospheric conditions ) Party Hours Late Ward and his party were hours U. S. Reported Ready To Back Chiang Forces i To Give Economic And Moral Support Washington, Dec. 11. (AP)-The United States today was to give economic and diplomatic support in his reported prepared Cfeiang Kai-shek today by the New York University ]**? * T^,?* "rrTM^ »nH effortS tO make Formosa a o»n=V,,= M=rf^,i f^tc.* n«~t» 'Lakeland Anxious crewmen and Bellevue Medical Center Rockefeller made the first half-million grant to the center in 1946 Both gifts were in the form of securities Nevil Ford, gerenal chairman of the medical center s public appeal for funds, said the latest gift brings the total to nearly $22.000.000 in its $32.744,000 building program drive. news correspondents waited slesp- lessly throughout a frigid and wind-swept night, but it wasn t until shortly after dawn that the barge-towing tug arrived. There was one flurry of excitement aboard the ship at 10 p m i Sunday night (6 a. m Sunday) psti when a tug drawing a [barge drew up alongside the ship. But Washington. Dee. 11. (AP)-The National Association Of Real Estate Boards likes what ft sees today as the result of rent decontrol. The organization issued » statement that a survey of decontrolled areas indicated the decontrol program .has brought about "equitable Continued on Pa»e 19; 1st CoL fortress against Chinese Communism There Is no Immediate prospect of any new military aid Chiang But there is reason It was a false alarm. Capt. Paul Sextan of Pali Alto. Calif., ordered three blasts an the ship's whistle to greet the expected arrival of Ward and his party of 19 staff members. Photographers flooded the gangway with lights. But the fleeing Americans were not aboard. Weatherman A Communist police escort and epresentatives of the American Continued on Page 19; 3rd CoL Sroves Out To Defeat Says: Sen.McMahon Maine -- Rain throughout the state today, freezing in central and north portions, and ending tonight Moderate to, fresh southeasterly winds becoming fresh northwesterly late tonight. Maximum temperature, near 45 to the South, in the upper 30's to the North Partly cloudy and colder Tuesday Eastport to Block Island --Moderate to fresh southeasterly winds today with occasional rain anc fair to poor visibility I Max. Mm (Intown) 37 13 (Year Ago) 36 26 Highest and lowest tempera hires for Dec. 12 65 in 1911 and -1 in 1917 (1949) (1948 Precipitation trace 0 Maine minimum readings Oil Town -13 Houlton. -12. Caribou Rumford and Greenville, each -9 MUlinocket. -6 Augusta. 4, Cas tine, ll and Eastport. 19. Boston D*c 11 (AP)--Maximum tern pe-a'jre* 'o- 12 hours end.ne at 7 3 p 3 and minimum temperatures for 2 end -s at 1 30 Mai M'l est B"Cor 41 BvHalo 48 B J-l ffton V! 39 Chicaro 61 Co-c d R H 30 D*nve- 17 DTI j*l- Mtea 4B Ha'te-as 60 Ma* Ml" 25 Kansas Ctty 31 Ix! Ante M 54 B Miami 78 44 Mew O'lcans 82 4'"Jew York 43 28 St Lnnis 70 47 gan Francisco 53 59 Wsh'nKton 42 A manar for Monday December 1? Sii r es OSa Hijh tide 3 35a Su" et 4 403 H eh tide. 3 50p Dar i en**b 8b 59m Low tide 9 39a Moo- 'ises 11 34p Low t de, 10 15p Moon v-s M 56i Day s f*»r-pTse 6 hour*. 29 minutes M»on Phair* 0 *»ches phas* on Tlrs* date given Dec 12 18 L»st Q DK 27 Jan 3 1st Q D»c 19 26 New Jan 4-10 Full Atomic Program Campaign Issue Washlngotn, Dec. 11. (UP) -Retired Lt. Gen. Leslie R. Groves wartime head of the army's Manhattan engineer district, definite- y plans to enter politics next year in a bid for the Senate seat now held by Chairman Brien McMahon, (D-Conn ), of the Congressional Atomic Energy Committee, authoritative quarters disclosed today. Groves' ambition to be the Republican candidate ' against McMahon in the 1950 Connecticut campaign raises the prospect of a bitter political grudge fight to which conduct of the Nation s Atomic program would be a main issue. i View Points Differ The two men have been sharply at odds on atomic matters since 1946 when McMahon sponsored the law which took the A-bomb project away from Groves' army command and vested it to a five- man civilian commission. A Groves-McMahon race would H'mean that voters in at least two 38 j states will be faced next year with 55' the responsibility of passing }udg- II ment on the complex and unfamiliar issues which have grown out of the Nation's S4 000 000.000 investment in nuclear fission Continued on Page 2; 6th Col. to to believ'e that ment here may be somewhat divided on this and other ssues In developing a stop Communism policy for the whole Asiatic area. U. S. Policy Believed Too Soft In fact. President Truman's military advisers reportedly feel that the State Department is moving much too cautiously toward determining a new line of American pohc£ in Asia. Secretary of State Acheson and his aides evidently feel that opportunities for bold action by this Government have not yet developed, i | , Nevertheless Acheson advisers privately 1 concede that a new eta, in Asiatic affairs opened this week end with the flight of the remnants of China's Nationalist j^" Government from the' mainland ^^OlfCJlTI. into the island of Formosa ».**· ·***».» There have been reports that Continued on Page 2; 5th Col. Local Pedestrian Merrill's Corner Victim Of Truck; f Elmer Varney, 80, Hit In Storm; Freeze Slows Traffic To Crawl An elderly Portland pedestrian was killed at the outset of a freezing rain storm which slowed most of Maine's motor traffic to a snail's pace Sunday night. Eighty - year - old Elmer O. Varney, 9 Waverly Street, greeting card salesman, was killed almost mstantl shortly after 6 p. m. when he was struck by a light pickup he crossed Forest Avenue near Mori-Ill's Corner. State Highway Department and town sanders were pressed into service over half the state as the falling rain left ice-glazed highways. Twisters, Blizzard ' AP Wirephoto BEFORE THE LIGHTS GO OUT--Young Odis Havis, 3, of Marlin. Tex, had his Christmas itree /while he was still able to see the bright lights and colors. PrAsente wete piMd high around the tree and gifts of $1,000 In cash were Included. He had his right eye removed'more than a year ago, and the doctors say his left eye may have to be removed before Christmas to prevent a tumor taking his life Help Selves, Ask Help New Yorkers Pray For Rain Heavy Vote Seen Today At Westbrook Mayor Porell Seeks Re-Election Weather Toll 29 Over U . S. (Bjf The Associated Press) T o r n a d o e s skipped across Northern, Arkansas and Missouri Sunday, killing four persons, and a blizzard blew into the northern plains Twenty-nine lives were lost m the variety of capricious weather across the Nation during the week end. The hedge - hopping tw ister: took two lives in Northern Arkansas, ohe at Providence and another t a cross roads where a house was smashed, and two more per- ons were killed in a rural area lear Poplar Bluff. Mo A child was reported missing, in the Arkansas Storm. | Twenty-four persons were hurt n the heavy winds in the two states--12 in Arkansas, nine in he Poplar Bluff area and three at Hannibal, Mo. Winds described as of "tomadic proportions' swept hrough the Mississippi River town of Hannibal, causing heavy damage to buildings The blizzard blew out of the Rockies and roared across Ne- Westbrook, Two Seamen Released By 38 12 Aiken Scorns GOP Lineup With South Says Bricker Plan Would Ruin Party Washington, Dec. 11. (AP) -Senator Aiken (R-Vt) said today health"when they"finaily crossed a proposed coalition between tne "border. They said at one poin and Con- o f their confinement, however, U. S. Envoys Balk At Credentials Seoul. Korea, Dec. 11. (UP)-Two American seamen were released today by North Korean Communists who L held them prisoner for 80 days, but their return to South Korea was delayed 4'i hours when U S. diplomats balked at recognizing Communist New York, Dec. 11. (AP)--New vo t e ls expected Yorkers knelt in prayer today to when Democratic leseech rain for their troubled city Their appeal for divine aid to the city's worsening water crisis was made in Catholic churches .hroughout the New York 'archdiocese and in some Protestant churches Overcast skies, gave promise that rain might fall later in the day to help replenish the ^ast-dwmdling supply in the city's great reservoirs The prayers in the Catholic churches were offered at every credentials Capt Alfred T. Meschter of Kinderhook [ N Y , and Chief Engineer Albert E Willis of Brooklyn appeared happy and in gooc Northern Republicans Southern servative Southern Democrats ' would knock out all hopes for * they a thpii became so thin that even guards were worried. Then Republican victory in future|thev were given better food. presidential or National elections ". Meschter and Willis employes of He told a reporter that he is completely opposed to the suggestion by Senator Bricker (R-Ohio) for the "realignment so the voters may have a chance to decide" Issues that now cut across party lines ' Simply Won't Work : ' It simply would not work," Aiken said ' It would cost (he Republicans the industrial northeast, now their stronghold I know of no Republicans in that Continued on Page 2; 5tb Col. Harrie B. Coe, 82, Former Manager Of Maine Publicity Bureau, Dies Join All Your Friends AT PALMERS TONIGHT ITS MEN ONLY NIGHT Death Follows Brief Illness Hame B Coe 82, of Surf Road Cape Elizabeth former t manager of the Maine; Publicity' Bureau and prominent for 'years j in civic and social activities here.) died Sunday in a locall hospital after a brief illness. Mr. Coe was born in Portland. March 11. 1866. son of Henry Hersey and Prances Todd Coe and attended local schools He 1 started his career as.office boy in the Passenger Department of the Maine Central Railroad. He wrote many of the railroad's guide books and edited its monthlv public relations magazine, the Maine Central Mr i Coe resigned from the MCRR in 11908 to establish an advertising and printing business here i ! Continued on Page 2; 1st CoL 1 the Economic Cooperation Administration. were shanghaied by a mutinous crew when they boarded the freighter Kimball R Smith on a two-day inspection tour. The crew sailed the ship to a Communist North Korean port. The diplomatic officers -- whose train to the 38th parallel was almost derailed by logs placed on the tracks-~were Harold J. Noble, Pairfai. Calif. Col James W Eraser Sault Ste Marie. Mich senior military attache at the U. S Embassy, and a Korean interpreter. Credentials Delay Release The Americans balked at uord- ipg of | credentials borne by Major Kunjonggi of the North Korean Home Mininstry (secret police) which named him a representative of the "North Korean Government" which the United States does not recognize The officials said they did not Continued on Page 2; 4th CoL Mass in the archdiocese at the request of Francis Cardinal Spellman. The special prayers will be continued during the emergency. In one of many efforts to cut down consumption, the Water Department announced Saturday it probably would experiment with a ' water vacation" some time this week. Under the plan, which would be voluntary, New York City's millions would be asked to stop using water for a set period of from three to six hours on a specified day. A check of the two huge master meters then would show whether this voluntary rationing had eased the drain on the lowering reservoirs. If worthwhile, the waterless hours would be continued on a once-a-week basis Dec. 11.--A heavy here Monday Mayor Ernest Westbrook polling places will open at 8 a./ m. and close at 7 p. m. The City Council will meet at 8 p. m. to certify the election. O Porell seeks re-election ove Republican Charles C. Robie, a former alderman Citizens will name, besides a major a city clerk, 13 aldermen State Police at Scarborough reported most lural roads in "bad" condition and traffic tleups were reported on the Gray Road at Falmouth where ice made it impossible for vehicles to mo\e Roads Very Slippery Patrolman Russell C Fletcher, dispatcher at Scarborough reported 'all sections' in his troop area receiving freezing rain and Auto Fatality Score Dec. 12 1949 151 1918 173 1947 153 roads '\ery slippery' auto accidents were the Raymond area, Two minor reported in but no on« iraska and Iowa into the Northern Minnesota border area Winds reached gale velocities (up to 54 miles per hour) over a wide area of the central- west with gusts up to hurricane fo^ce (over 75 mph). Cold Moves Southward A cold wave of Arctic air swept down fr6m Western Canada across the northern plains and the Central States The Weather Bureau at Kansas City said the cold wave was hurt, Fletcher said The storm brought with it a rash of automobile accidents including one at Cook s Corner, Route 1 east of Brunswick, in which six persons were hurt. non» seriously At Richmond Mrs Charles T. Cass suffered a fractured pelvU ,when the automobile m which sh« was riding skidded and 01 erturned. Three others escaped senous to- jury In the Portland accident Police Capt Francis A Hinds identified the driver of the truck which struck Varnej as Warren R Rein- holdsten 31 of 235 Auburn Street. The accident happened near Arbor Street as a misty rain fell to cut visibility to a minimum Varney was dead on arrival at Maine General Hospital where ha was taken by Patrolman Richard S Emerson Doctors said he ap- Continued on Page 2; 6th Col. Continued on Page 2. 7th Col. Britain's Turn? two School Committee member and ward officers Democrat now control the City Council. 7 to 6 while Republicans have a 4 to 3 margin in the School Committee The GOP now holds the two School Committee positions to be balloted for. Incumbent Armand J Gagnon (R). will contest with Democrat Philip C Laffm for city, clerk Conservatives Say, 'Yes* Frank W Roberts man of the School Other plans to temper the emergency already have been put into operation. "Water wardens," wearing police armbands, prowled the city, hunting leaky faucets and careless usage which might waste an unnecessary drop of the suddenly Continued on Page 19; 2nd Col. (R), chair- Committee, will be opposed by Collln A. Roma in Ward 1 John H. Milliken, j r . R), seeks re-election in the at- lafge rape over Aime J Fournier (D). Democratic candidates for the City Council are Ward 1, Edward Burns and Newton Leaham. Ward 2. Eugene Kimball- and William Spencer, Ward 3, Robert O'Gara and Gerard J. Paulin, Ward 4, Alexander Landry and Qonrad Metlvier; Ward 5, Alexander Athas and Edward J. Bishop, and at-large, Richard F Libby, Col Rufus Willis and N Ove Chrlsbensen. Continued on Page 2; 2nd Col. Can Betatron Help? Dying Jimmy Needs Atomic Aid Today's The Secret Of Personal Power Billy Rose 9|Letourneau Building 15 Letters Blame Davis 13 McCrtim Classified 21-23 Radio P. 8 14 12 16 19 Harrie B. Coe Comics Crossword Deaths Dunne Editorials Financial Goren · Haworth Kaln 18 Senator Smith 6 23 Social 2| Sports 16 Theaters 12 Thompson 17 13-14 19 12 21 Time For Fun 18 18 Uncle Ray 16 Women's 18! 18 16 Tarentum, Pa, Dec. 11. (AP)-The Christmas tree glittered brightly in a corner of the bedroom and the electric train whirred around the track . A sick little boy propped on pillows tried to take in the wonders of his early Christmas today as he whispered "Well, I won't get out of bed today. Mummy. I'll get out of bed tomorrow " His mother nodded as she turned away to hide her tears. Thpre may not be many tomorrow's left for five-year-old Jimmy Pochon. He is dying of cancer of the chest His only chance for life may lie ha what the governor of Illinois says to the governor of Pennsylvania Monday morning. Seeks Treatment A spokesman for the Pochon family said Governor James H Duff has agreed to contract Gov Adlal Stevenson of Illinois for special permission to have Jimmy treated at the University of Illinois Gov Duff said he coulc not reach Stevenson today The university has a betatron machine that has been used with some success on cancer patents However, because the betatron is still in an experimental state, the State of Illinois has limited its use to Illinois residents who can qualify on a charity basis. The Allis-Chalmers Company o: Milwaukee has offered to make a Detatron available. This machine is located at the University 9 Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Can ada Hope To Get Help But the family spokesman sale he understood this betatron is no as powerful as the one in Chi cago. adding"No definite decision will be made until tomorrow at the earliest but we are hopeful we can take Jimmy to Chicago. We have a plane ready to fly him there It looks like his last chance " Continued on Face 2; 4th CoL London, Dec. 11. (AP) -- ' I t s Britain's turn nowi" That was the Jubilant cry today of many British Conservatives, mulling happily over the defeat of Labor Governments in Australia and New Zealand within the past wo weeks Those Socialist reverses, the onservatives theorize, demon- trate a definite trend to the right hroughout the Commonwealth Labor partisans in Britain do not gree They contend election results "Down Under' have no sig- ificance in Britain Labor leaders, including Prime ilinister Clement Attlee. who must fix the date of Britain s gen- ral election soon, before next uly had nothing tj say about Lustralia Results of the Australian voting were reported to Attlee at Chequ- rs, his country home No comment was issued Herbert Morrison deputy prime minister and Labor Party strategist, said he did not care to com- nent for the press s'o Comment Morgan Phillips, labor party secretary, said in Paris m had noth- ng to offer Labor Party headquarters said there would be no statement Conservative jubilation was tern aered by the labor victory in a y-electkn at South Bradford last week It was the 35th successive W-election labor had won since it came to power in 1945 and while n most instances Labor majorities were reduced, the Attlee Oov- Rescue Fails, Fire Claims 8 Children Wife's Fall Halls Parents' Aid Plan Willlamsport. Pa Dec (UP)-- The bodies of eight 11. chil- Continued on Page 2, 3rd Col. dren were removed today from the charred ruins of the frame house in which they were burned to death Saturday night when their parents rescue plan went askew Becausp of the rugged terrain, the bodies lay for hours in a black circle of ashes in the snow at Bodine 15 miles north of here, before authorities were able to remote them The fire occurred In an isolated timbered section of Lvcoming Countv while the family of Bert Edkins 48 an unemployed farmer slept The blaze, spreading speedily through the flimsy two-story dwelling killed all but two of the children of Edkins and his wife. Ruth 36 The dead ranged from one to 13 vears of age Sleeping Downstairs Egbert Colegnne 14 a son of Mrs Edkins bv a previous marriage was sleeping on the first floor and raced through the Continued on Page 2, 8th CoL DON'T EXPECT "PREMIUMS' OR "PRIZES" BUT DO EXPECT Honest Prices and Honest Conditioning In Our Used Cars FOREST CITY MOTOR CO. SPAPLRl ,'SP4PERf

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