The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 9, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1896
Page 7
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(•-5.,-' ... Jr.. JOK11W COMffit I A , A Ktifr Sfelttg feetitea, Tl&tt tract 6f landlieS in the fiSStefn pftft ei Oolbf§do Cottnty ftnd Ndfthefn p&tt of What ton Cdt(ht#j T«ifts, &t>but flity toileS welt of Houston, the gr>st cotatnci-dial center of the State. The soil is & rich, productive sandy loata. Ihtt district in Te*a| has plenty of rainfall for crops, and bne ojl the necessities in order to secure ft fcoffi fArm is to have land that lays SinoothV ftnd has high enough altitude for perfe.U drainage, -which can be secured in tt\) tract, 66 it ii ft smooth rolling prairie, lyin'g OH the divide between the San Bernardo and Colorado Rivers. This district hag ft mild, delightful clitaate, enabling yon to produce somt- thihg almost each month in the year. AL I other great advantage is that through thh tract there are two lilies of railroads, and within th& litr.Us of this tf&ct, Which is twelve miles North and South, and eight miles East and west, there are two towt;ii loe&ted, one on each road, which gives special advantages to any farmer locating there. We anticipate that you desire to invest in lands for a farm and home, whore the prices are low, the terms easy, and where yott can purchase and pay for the land in three of four years, as cheaply as you are now paying rent. We run excursions to the lands over the C., R. I. & P. to Ft. Worth, and from there over the BantaPe toWnlUs, Texas. We secure you the lowest rates and will accompany you. ,sWrite to us for our book, "Fertile Farm 'Lands," excursion rates, dates and how t6 get FREE FARE TO TEXAS. SOtJTHERN TKXAB COLONIZATION CO. JOHN LiNDBnnoLM. Mgr., 110 Rialto Bldg., CHICAGO ANtJ in ttl£h life, o* the Mis- «5f Ml»g Bertha Browh— A Logical Conclusion—A tfotH Attack —"tlp-to-bato" Jokes. ft Should Me S* tBtttfSrt to fcfety Ing WSffiftft. r3s£6a Well ttttbn* 1 tnat Unutterable. "fiow do vou pronounce the lost syllable of that worn 'butterine'?" asked the cus- "The lost syllable is silent" stiffly replied the salesman. About Headache. Mrs. Mary Svabek, 3235 South 14th St., Omaha, Neb., writes: "I have been sick three years with headache, pain in stomach, dizziness and no anpetite. I tried three doctors and till kinds of medicines, all of which failed. I have since used two,25 cent boxes ol Dr. Kay's Renovator and I have no 'more headache, good appetite and stomach in good order, as well as my whole system." Sold by druggists at 25 cts. and $1.00. Send at once for valuable booklet treating nearly all diseases with many receipts. Dr. 'Kay.'.s Renovator will be sent by mail on receipt of 25 cts., or $1.00, or six large size for $5.00. Address Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., (Western office) Omaha, Neb. '•To win new friends—a pleasant fact! To keep old friends—a sign of tact, To have no foes—a life exact: Change foe to friend—a wondrous net," STATE OF OHIO. CITY OF TOLEDO, LUCAS COUNTY, ss. Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is the senior partner of the firm of P. J. Cheney & Co., doins; business in the City of Toledo, County and State aforcsilid, and that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure. FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this Sth day of December, 'A D. 1S86. ' (Seal.) , A. W. GLEASON, • Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. ,' _ F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, 7lic. Hall's Family Pills are the best. A hale old couple dwell ill Walton coun- ;ty, Florida. They are Mr. ^and Mrs. Daniel ns mp «HE lady fail? sb,e crimped her hair, And huckled on her hands, And pockets deep she donned to keep The labor of her hands; For sh n had vowed to toil all day Itt the department shop; The floorwalker was naught to net Nor eke the bloomer cop. Each unconsiclcred trifle that She found she stowed away—- "TwaS here a flchu, there a spat, Anon a musk sachet And naught she'd reck of yellow gold, Nor yet of silver white, As on six collars she'd lay hold And stuff them out of sight! At-last she grew so reckless she Would give shop-lifting bees, And say: "Come lift a while with me, For oh, I strive to please!" At last a petticoated sleuth Who'd from Chicago came, Put her foot down on Bertha Brown And stopped her little game! HO tflftle physieiatt cati tittdetstatttiifctiy treat the eotaptaint knotvtt as " feinalft diseases," for homafa ever expe*riettciea Ihbm. • This, tydia & Pinkhata t&ngliUheffl twenty years ago, • whfett she discovered in he* Vegetable Compound the only successful cure for all thosa ailments peett liar to the sex. Many ^ women have * a, fatal faith tn their physician, land not till they Cftti suffer no longer, will they think and act for themselves. Tha following testimony is straight to tie point, nnd represents the experience of hundreds of thousands of now grateful women i " Tor six years I was a great sufferer from those internal Weaknesses so prevalent among sex. After having received treatment from four physicians of our city, and finding no relief whatever, I concluded to try Pinkhatn's Vegetable Compound, and it has proved a boon to inc. It can truly bo called a " Saviour of Women."— Miss. B. A, Waynesboro, Pa. A Ifowl Attack* EDUCATIONAL. Wellesley college, Mass., has registered 722 students. The freshman clase numbers 181. The preachers of the Pittsburg conference subscribed, at the last session, $3,755 to the American university. Prof. Benjamin Ide Wheeler,-of Cornell university, declines the call to the of Rochester university, presidency New York. The Modern Language Association ol America holds its annual meeting with Western Reserve university at the Christmas holidays. Hal <St»tecdt ft fcsrtipittts tfeteif im* 0th** JBstlr* fWKVHt TnS fact ttat frsficn *ttgift«fll t&vi Ween" testing ebttSpte'sB&i' alf fof cat tractioft purposes ft» tn6 last Bhe&i years has been recently adduced as aft argument in iavof of this System 1 , 'says the Cincinnati fihquifeti M. B. Ab- dank, a leading authority ort the jiast and present conditions ol street ntad* tlce in France, states that every eofi> ceivable ireans o! street-car propulsion, including ordinary methdds', superheated steam aiid compressed air t hate been tried, each, with one exception- electricity—has been or will be shortly abandoned. The eiiper-heftted system he considers dead, although It is coii- tinued in many places because of the great cost that Would be iftvolved la making a change. Although the Compressed air system is in larger Use, hfe pronounces the saine verdict upofi 1L No better confirmation of this opinion cotild be made than that shown by the present status of the several systems in use in France. Although the trol» ley system was introduced but three years ago in that country it runs already over 500 miles, -while there are at present but forty-one miles of compressed air roads, although that system was established in 1881. There has not been added a single compress* ed air line since the trolley asserted its superiority. The mileage of superheated steam roads is even smaller than that of compressed air roads. The downfall of compressed- air traction M. Abdank attributes to the greater cheapness and simplicity of the trolley, the repair cost alone on air motors used in France being enormous. M. Abdank regards the cable system as antiquated and doomed soon to become obsolete. American manufacturers of electrical railway apparatus are Urged to study the conditions now existing throughout France, and especially in Paris, where the general introduction of both underground and overhead trolley systems is likely to take place before the opening of the International Exhibition In 1900. Witt TWttntlf estiftttiiSn tt, , -* due ntindtM tea tfnaty fiteiatt m feVtttlfed 18 fettf lBe'*afti&K« &! a HtSt* bias's Atlantic" steamef. ylsart agtrthefs fete tftilf, two d6*en eXpiosiVS d&W&Tinds feffdwff to chettists; ndw there are 6vef ii(t60. Vhefe-le a faettse Jn ^arW oiSeHp-led by over fifty te^aMa 'whd fof t*eiity years h«ve never |Mid any renti the landlord being unknown. *t&«fit 0 .-,. ..... Soris'lieicV flilcTnfSSB" ttf, suJiii- tbvB,cl -bfc all tne*4ensttli;,Stt ; Jp|i ban'dV estates* . .; . •- 'Uw*ff P^tiuastef General wllsff%,wlilj Ifae'rU'-ai free deliver? at &IS GhaHestowd PLANTS THAT SPREAD QUICK. Mrs. Newly—"Now, you need not blame the turkey for your awkwardness; Mr. Rounsteak told me, When I bought it, that it couldn't be approached in quality and " Mr. Newly (busily preparing for another encounter)—"I believe you, my dear—the bird seems to resent my approaches even in death."—Up-to-Date, His ago is 117 years aud hers _ Deafness is more common in cold countries than in warm climates, the ear being verv sensitive to atmospheric changes. after fl: Rest NO flm Pa. Doctors who have investigated the matter say that stammerers and stutterers are. unknown among savages. The want of management ruins teii men to where lack of opportunity holds one back. ' _ BI»». Wiuslow'a Hootuing Syrup ForcWUvonleethin'ir, BOftenntlioKiimB,reduce*Innnm. matioii, allays pain, cures wind colic. 25 cents a bottle From the 10th to the 35th century female education in Europe consisted of reading, singing and embroidery work. California. If you will send your name and address we will send a representative to your home to explain all about the advantages of Phillips-Rock Island personally conducted Tourist Car Excursions to California, Address A. Phillips & Co., 91 Adams street, Chicago, John Sebastian, G. P. A., Chicago, 111 Tlio Universal Curso, Housewife—It is dreadful to think what whisky will bring a man to. Tramp, that's so, mum. Afore I took t de road I never thought I would have t' oat sich things w are being handed out to ni e every day. * • Overwhelmed by Kntc. The villain was foiled at last. It was worse by far than the dramatist intended or the audience suspected. Just at the moment when his power seemed unassailable; when he was in a position to taunt the heroine with unkind remarks about a lover, his face blanched and his step became unsteady. His discomfiture was complete. An envious rival had sewed up the pockets of his trousers, so that ho could not put his thumbs into them when he swaggered. Cause for \Vnr. Brown—If the English should ever attempt to abolish the House of lords it may lead to serious trouble with the United States. Smith—How? Brown—Why, it,might be our duty to send a few cruisers over there to protect the interests of American citi- zens-wno have invested their money in that institution.—Puck. Thoughtful for Children. Jimmy—I'd like to be a-doctor when I grow up. Tommy—What for? Jimmy—So's when fellers' mothers brought 'em to me I could say to keep 'em Home from school a week or two.— Puck. RESOURCES OF ALABAMA. Keultcd 111 the IimuKurnl Address ol Governor Johnston. Governor Joseph F. Johnston was Inaugurated governor of Alabama Dec. 1. Befii're taking the oath of office he delivered a long address, sounding the keynote of his administration, 'Which Is to promote the development of Alabama's resources and improve the condition of her people. Speaking of the resource's of the state he said: "With an area of but little more than fifty thousand square miles, there is no territory of like size in the known world so prolific in the variety of its resources; were a wall erected around our state, cutting off all access, we could produce within our borders everything necessary for the comfort or convenience of man. Great veins of iron ore and seams of coal put at our command almost boundless resources in fuel, iron, and steel. Splendid forests of yellow pine here stand ready to build homes for millions of people. Building stone and marbl;;, fire clay, kaolin and lime exist in great abundance; walnut, maple, oak, cherry, ash and other hard woods await the hand of man for manufacture or the adornment of our homes. In the production of pig iron we take rank as the fourth state in the union; in iron ore, third; in coal we stand fifth; in the production of cotton, fourth, and In its manufacture, fourth. In lumber we are near the head of the list. It would be unjust should I fail to Include in our minerals copper, lead, graphite, marl and gold; indeed, the only mineral that we seem to be without and to want most is silver, Leav- ing'forest and mine, and coming to pur fields we find that they produce generously cotton, corn, wheat, rye. oats, The ItuBBlnn Thistle Has Done Grout Injury to Crops. The dandelion Is not an old-world flower, not a native of America, save far to the north and on some of the highest of our western mountains, says St. Nicholas. But somehow It was brought here, perhaps from England In old colonial times. Now wo see Its golden heads and feathery balls at every grassy roadside, the "clocks" the boys and girls blow to tell the hour. A few years ago farmers in the northwest found a new weed, a vile, prickly weed, In thoir wheat fields. In a very short time this weed, the Russian thistle, has spread over wide acres of the best farm land In that part of the country and has done great Injury to the crops. How do these plants spread so fast and so far? They are not carried about and planted. No one would be so foolish as to sow Russian thistles. The mother-plant must have ways of her own for sending her offspring abroad Into the world. Plants People usually pick out their teinptatiohs. Six women can talk' at once, and get along all right—but no two men can do it, A bohemlan IS a man Who 1 borrows money on the strength of Wearing a eoiled collar, Many a matt who wore shoulder straps during the War has been strap' ped ever since. The virtue which parley* is sure to surrender; moral strength gives a negative at once. The man who entertains his thoughts would not always like for 1 his neighbors to see his guests. The great thing in this world Is not so much where we are, but in what direction wo are moving. Rev. P. J. Berg, Pastor of the Bwod- Ish M..E. church, Des Moiues, imva, on March 4th, 1890, writes: "Last year 1 was troubled with a bad Cough for about flve months. 1 got medicine from my family physician and I tried other remedies without relief. When I flrsl saw Dr. Kay's Lung Btilm advertised I thought I would try it and I am glad I did. I bought a box and took a tablet now and then without nny rcgtilar- ity and after a few days, to my great surprise, the cough was gone. Ten days ago I had« sore throat; I was out of tablets and-could not get them in Des Moines, and I sent to the Western office of Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Omaha, Neb., for six boxes and as soon as I took it a few times that soreness and hoarseness all passed away in one night. I believe it Is also good for sore throat." Dr. Kay's Lung Balm does not cause sickness at the stomach like many remedies and is more effectual than any other we know of. Sold by druggists at 25cts or sent by mail,' five for $1.00. Why not send your orders at once and have this, valuable medicine on hand? It may save your life, you certainly will need it before spring. A dose i'n.thne will save nine, and may save your life. Order now. Address Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., (Western office) Omaha, Neb. Send address for valuable receipt book. A Chestnut Answered. Grateful recipient—How can I ever repay you J Beliefnctor—By a strict attention to business until you have the requisite tunount. The Hloclern Mother Has found that her little ones are Improved more by the pleasant Syrup of Figs, when in need of the laxative effect of a gentle remedy than by any other, and that it is more acceptable to them. Children enjoy it and it benefits them. The true remedy, Syrup of Figs, is miinr ufacttired by the California Fig Syrup Company only. Johnn Johfiny—A mrtii ttst pA to meet hi: towit tonight} and pa sold he **• could get ttW&y ffom the r fortune Seeking Many ft too* family-thai seefeft era Wilde ft the hope of, Winding 8 f is preserved f rota that iaaidlbtia foe emigrant nttd frontiersman—Chills,and ver--bp Hostettef's Stomach Bitters,' effectually does that incomparable m6_. nal defense fortify the system ngalflst >' combined influence of a malarious atnids* *; tihore and miasma-tainted water, that* pro* v tected by it, the pioneer, the miner or. this, tourist provided with it, may''safely fen* counter the danger. ; ' '"v " One of the~f eaturcs of the £arls Exposition of 1000 will be a "city of gold," an hip torlcal exhibition of the progress of bn&k» ing. ' ' , - "Mend it or End it," has been the rallying 'cry of reform, directed against abuses municipal or social^ For the man who lets himself be abused by a cough the cry shou!% be modified to! j Mend it, or it'll end you. You can mend any cough with Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. •'i'^-f wiPn.ftrid dulls the intellect opprcsaton.ano onus WF »« w«v * » ««•» follow chronic headache, loss of ?ppe- I i«- "low digestion, nervoi«ueB?, bad I dhigy complexion and l&v. »i»»». H will eventually bring on Iwer and kidney disease in somp inpur- able form, But sufferers from this - ' malady are speedily A J-.QCU! Trouble. First Westerner— Pete is down with lung trouble again. Second Westerner— What's the mat. ter with his lungs? First Westerner— He's got a bullet ,'n one of 'em —Puck. !/f A Logical C'onclugloii. Warner's SAFE Curs and Warner's o« ihpT»p4 hfwe testified ts it. C* UUO1J \rfWV !.**•• i w* »•) .,«- — -, - v -. , . , »«f tobacco, rice and the grasses and here .the land they get is the home of the pear, the peach, the | grape and all small fruits. Vegetables are grown with great success, and this Industry is steadily developing. Our splendid rivers., the Alabama, Coosa, Tallapoosa, Warrior, Cahaba, Bigbeo and the Tennessee, are the liquid arteries of the commonwealth, fed by innumerable creeks, all fruitful in power to convert our raw products Into articles of merchandise. Over 3,000 miles of railroads traverse our state from north to south, and east to west, furnishing quick transportation to market for our products. When we come to our climate we find that the Giver of all good things has not stayed His hand, and that He has blessed us with opportunity to labor twelve months In the year without detriment to health or comfort. Indeed, ,we can scarcely appreciate the blessings we enjoy In this respect when compared with less favored regions, for even now we are seemingly unconscious that roses are blooming In our gardens, and the fragrant air is sweet with their perfume. <• * * With a profound gratitude to the God of our fathers, that our lot's have been cast in this sunny land, let us beseech Him to send warmth and vitality and enduring growth Into propagate themselves in two ways— from seed or from buds. Sometimes these buda are borne on slender runners. A strawberry plant, after it has blossomed, begins to send out such runners, with buds, unfolding tufts of leaves, along them. These tufts are at first connected with the parent plant, but later the runners between break away and each tuft becomes a new plant. Many grasses, like Bermuda grass and the troublesome quick or couch grass, have creeping stems, each joint sending out a bunch of roots below and a bud on the upper side. If you try to hoe up such grasses you on• y make matters worse, for each joint when cut off Is ready to form an independent plant, , Such grasses spread very fast and soon take possession of HALL'S Vegetable Sicilian Will restore gray hair to its youthful color and beauty—will thicken the growth of the hoir—will prevent baldness, cure dandruff, and all scalp diseases, A fine dressing. The best hair restorer made. B. P. Hall & Co,, Prons,, Nnsliua, N. H. Sold by all Druggists. The pistol with vMiich'Auron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton is in the possession of Louis Marwhall of Versailles Ky. WHAT SHALL 1 GIVE FOR CHRISTMAS? You can easily settle, tills question by send- ,nsr SS cents to the MEUMOD & JACCAKD JEWELRY CO., Uroadwav, Cor. locust, St. LouM, who In return will send you a SOLID SILVER Handled NAIL FILK, and tliclr new illustrated CATALOGUK, sliowlnif 3,000 of the most beautiful things In Jewelry and Silverware*. The prices of drugs are flxod by. law in Austria. This prevents overcharge for prescriptions. . iiot>'» Couic'n Bulntim [B the oldest, and best. It will break up a cold qulcbei than tt«ything elae. It la ulwayu rullublB, Try It. More than 1,800 varieties of roses have been cultivated during the present century. OwlniT to tlio condition of «ie wheat maiket tlienoxt few m'ukp will oltoi- Witlemllil Ojii'ortiililUcH to iiivustorlj , nllli Kxoi'lK-lU Jtetui'iiB Jiironnallon about, Kpci nlatlmi mulle.l KKICIC. HjitirUl ulienlluii O oul-of- liinil llinKiniorli. 8A!\TOKI) IUKKMKK * CO,, ('liimljlT of, Cum'niprr I'lilrngo. Momlx'ib Ulilimgo Boa ill ot Trade. ' PENSIONS, PATENTS, CLAIMS; 'JOHN W. MORRIS,WASHINGTON,0,0. Late Principal Examiner tJ. B. Pimslon Bureau. Into, wu.r,16iuljuclicaUilKcJalnin,auy ulacc. AMD _. _ Go rod In lOt Clurod. DW. J.U.6TEPHEM8. 20 yeani'experience. Bond nuclei) for ad- i viet) (L Ucaue.liUH prln. nxaniuior U.8« Ueuuo & Wuiwer. MuUHl UlUi;,, Wiu>!i.P.O. tor coughs, colds, and throat dlsoaso Dr, Kay's Lung Balm ""'WHISKY holilU rurtd, (look lent HIKK. Dr. M. H, 1VOOM.KV, ATMNTJ, Oi. WCTTIUR CUREO OR N0 PAV - WrB. -Wtl I INU M, ROWAN. Milwaukee. W W.N.U. D.M.-1274 NO. 50 Wnen answerinK oilvortiKcmoiiM »mdly mention' thin paper ' ' To Stop an Ocean Greyhound. To bring a gre^t ship going at full speqd to a standstill Is not the work ot a minute. To stop the Etrurla, whose displacement is 9,680 tons, horse-power 14,321, and speed 20,18 knots an toour, two minutes and fortyrseven seconds are required, and during the process of stopping the ship will forge ahead 2,464 feet, or nearly half a mile. this. It makes no difference, Chronic, Acute, or I inflammatory ot the Muscles, Joints, and Bones Is cured by RHEUMATISM ' The Sultan's Chance. The cablegram was marked "U, S.," Its contents didn't scare him—: "What will you take for fifty talks On 'How to Run a Harem?' " —Cleveland Plain Dealer, SAFE puts a ft9f to backache|, Moseley Wraggs—"uo you go that eveyy man has iron in Wood?" ... „ Tuffold Nutt—"Course 'tis. scra^iron that Sharkey has Wood." every fleld of endeavor, that wlU make us strong to accomplish the things that make a state loved at home ftn.4 revered abroad," Chicago 6 p. in- and Saturdays, reaching Lue in 73 hours und S^n, P;egq howV ' da.vs A FEW PQ'S. Do, when taking your sister out, treat her like your best girl, Do, when taking the children out for an airing on Sunday, look a little Interested. Do come to the theater lato, especially when you have seats Jn the middle of the row. Do, when Interviewing actrosses after a lapse of ten yeayg tell tliera they look younger than ever. Do, when purchasing perfume for the cpok, buy a good quality. You will be e p»e to suffer to 1 It if you don't. Dp, when it IB yswr glri's birthday, It witb, & present., Other. is HHeJy 1 to transfer fcer tQ the' 1 bnly rsmesy >»?* *•** ***» v •wise Important Nottcgi The only genuine "Baker's < •jit^for niQY 3, nutritious, to m& «*

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