The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1896
Page 7
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OPPIBK Dto MUlNfchi ALUUAA lt*WA f WKUNlM&Ai, L^_,.ii.j:I.^..i... r :X':;^:'.'':"VjS'Ji^ SAVED PROM THE GRAVE, JOHN ARfUS fitLAf§§ REMARKABLE StORY. fifelis+fti ffeat tfe tlAk #111* Sated Mlia tito independence, Johfi Arhis is ohe of the oldest and (host fespected citizens of Independence, Iowa. He is a large contractor ahd was for years Superintendent of the tnasons and plasterers during the building of the Iowa Hospital for the insane, often having 'as many as 250 ffieii Ufidef hia Charge. Said Mr. ArtuS to ft repoftef recently: "I had fdf" years been tfoubled with (rheumatism, often being compelled to _ keep^my bed for Weeks at a tittle. 1 & sought fillet from home physicians, •but In vain. At .times 1 suffered s» severely that*! was all but dead. Mad often heard that Dr* Williams' fink Pills were an almost infallible cure for my ailment, and at the suggestion of a frlefld began to take them. Thank God 1 lild Soj for from the very first dose 1 found relief. I continued to take them until In a short time I lost all signs of rheumatism. It has been over three years since I took the pills, and no sigh of my old malady has returned. As true as I believe there is 'a God in heaven, do I believe that had I -not taken Dr. Williams' Pink Pills at the time I did that I to-day would be In my grave. I give this testimony willingly, hoping It will shed light to some other sufferer of 'that awful disease, (Signed) "JOHN ARTUS." Dr, Williams' Pink Pills contain, In a condensed form, all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are an unfailing specific for such diseases as locomotor ataxla, partial paralysis, St. Vltus' dance, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous headache, the after effect of la grippe, palpitation of the heart, pale and sallow complexions, all forms of weakness either In male or female. Pink Pills are sold by all dealers, or will be Bent postpaid on receipt of price, 60 cents a box, or six boxes for J2.50 (they are never sold In bulk, or by the 100), by addressing ' Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schenrctndy. N. Y. MISSING LINKS. Henry Porter, of Johnson, Vt., Is gathering a second crop of strawberries. More than half the world's production of quinine is disposed of in the United States. Probably the largest quantity of lima beans are raised in Philadelphia county, Pennsylvania. James H. Hillis, the populist nominee for governor of Missouri, Is making his campaign tour in a "prairie schooner." Nearly five thousand persons are engaged In the wood pulp and paper :' Industry in Maine. The yield is aboui 12,000 tona a year. Er tailor mus' expec' ter gib er customer fits befoah he pays er bill. Notwidstandin de statemint dat flg- ."""gers'nebb'er lie' caffs is often false. Tac is de lubricant what makes slid' in' down de banister ob life easy. Dey eay de world moves. Hit prob erly finds hit cheaper dan payin' rent Er man's coat tail is nebber so shor as when er man sits down on de side walk. Young men should nebber hug or do lushun unless purty gals is werrj scarce. California. Jf you will send your name and ad dress we will send a representative t your home to explain all about the ac vantages of Phillips-Rock Island per sonally conducted Tourist Car Excur sions to California. Address A. Phi' lips & Co., 91 Adams street, Chicagc John Sebastian, ft. P. A., Chicago, Jl Turkish history utatea that forty-two sul tans were the sons of slaves. Dr. Kay's Lung Halm is the safes surest and pleasantest cure 'for a' coughs. ' Horses sold at auction in Chillicothe, Ho •a few days ago at $8 apiece. AND xini/ AOrilfcUtTUfllSTS. Gladness Comes W ith a betted understanding of the transient nature of the many pliys which vanjsU^befQre proper ef. rts-ploasanlefforts-. There is comfort Seine tTp-t«"».r« ttmtg Atiout Cnlttta* tton of tM Soil and fields Thereof —Horticulture, Viticulture and FloM* tnlturc. dairying overdone? Poof dairying is overdone, but good dairying is not. This is about as correct an answer as occurs at this time, writes F, W. Mbse- ley in Indiana Far* mer. The number of cows anywhere cannot be Increased only at about a certain ratio each year, Tho-e who keep cows for dairy purposes keep small herds as a rule, and until a successful milking machine has been produced and comes into general use this condition will likely continue. Of course there are some large dairies in this country where cows are kept by the •hundreds, but such herds are rather rare exceptions, and a good proportion of them are kept by milkmen not far from large cities. These herds are kept up by purchase, and the owners of them can be more properly called milkmen than dairymen. They are not dairymen in the true sense. They do not raise their herds nor the crops on which they nre fed, but depend mainly on purchase of feed used. Most of these herds are managed very successfully, and by men who give the business intelligent attention. There is little danger ,of the milk i business, as It relates to large cities, being overdone. But if at any time it should be, those in it on a large scale near cities can get out of it very easily by disposing of their herds. Those who are distant from the cities who have been furnishing milk for milk routes, can easily change to some other branch of the business, such as butter or cheese-making. The real question whether dairying is overdone, or likely to be overdone, applies to those dairymen who have for years been growing up herds for dairy cows, and to all farmers who keep a few cows, and who can each year, if they choose to do so, increase them up to the capacities of their farms, which capacities will be constantly increasing if the right system of dairying is correctly conducted. One great thing in favor of dairying is that the real profit consists in not seeing how many cows a farm will keep, as much as in seeing how much can be produced from each cow. These dairymen who practice the best methods and get the best results cannot be driven out of the business by ,an occasional depression of prices. The man who makes his small herd of, say six to twelve cows, produce as much butter or cheese as his neighbor who keeps nearly double that number, will not say anything about dairying being overdone, because his products cost him less, and as a result he gets more for them pound for pound than the dairyman who is keeping double the number of cows. The result will be that the man who does not succeed In dairying will go out of the business; either that or improve his methods. In addition to our home markets we have good markets abroad, provided we furnish good dairy products. However, our home markets can be greatly enlarged by the same means, and the additional means of producing a greater variety of dairy products. This last reference is mainly to the different variety of cheese that can be produced, and such varieties as will create a greater demand-for cheese among American people. Doubtless the dairy interest has suffered more from bogus dairy prod-, ucta than from any over-production of genuine goods. But it is safe to say that there has been a great change in public opinion in regard .to curtailing the output of bogus goods to be sold as genuine. No- objection is made to the manufacture, of .oleomargarine and butterine if they are sold for what they arej but the presumption is that in a large per cent of cases persons who buy them for consumption buy them for genuine products. This is not right and should be stopped, and in a great measure will be, Taking everything Into consideration, we think it is safe to conclude, as stated In t* 10 fl rs _t sentence of this article, thatgqod dairying is not overdone, and further, that it is in no immediate danger of being overdone, Like all other branches of agriculture, It will have its seasons of depression, but'as a rule less frequent than In most other lines of farm products. »* caan to one customer f6M6cem StSW <wild i B M ahtita f he tnflf feet tJtifiet ttfr w&n anting every egg fresh, and fuf* nishing eniy clean, attractive looking eggs. 1 say ta an? custSmef whs will agree to take eggs regularly til !ae: "If you find a bad egg among them, I *ill replace It with twd." 1'ean atfofd to make this offer because 1 attend t6 gathering the eggs myself, and as 1 leave no nest eggs and have clean nesta my eggs are toot only good and fresh, but attractive in appearance. If aa egg gets soiled, as sometimes one Will, it is carefully washed aiid dried with ft toweli The eggs are kept in a cool cellar, and deluded to my customers on a fixed day each week, The b1cmt«sd footm&h ttffifi 8ft ttl threshold 0* the hmifee of in6 wmlta? frhtfahce df the' rep^rtM- at all haSaffls. millionaire, resolved id pf6vmt th« - "is Itf" The qtiefy wtkd ftsfeed Ifl & t6t» 6$ under-bred superiority thAt, galled the Soul of the newspaper man. Wentcrh Sheep Men. The heaviest sheep owners of ddl' erado and Wyoming are ttot the mett who came into this country from tweh» ty to twenty-five years ago with capital that they invested in herds, but the owners of thousands of sheep at the present day are their former employes, says Denver Field. The men with trie capital obtained the experience, not always profitable, while the hired herdsmen, many of them very intelligent Americans from the east, obtained their wages and profited by their experience. They secured little flocks that have now grown to thousands in number of sheep, studied conditions carefully, adapted themselves to the conditions, until to-day they are able to profitably compete with the great wool-producing foreign countries. Tho sheep owners of the past in this country endeavored to run what they called a sheep ranch. This means keeping the herds on the same tract of land year after year until the land was unable to sustain them. Rotation in pasture for sheep Is just as necessary as rotation of crops on a farm. This system of changing ranges or pastures for sheep has been the custom in Spain and Switzerland'for centuries, and also other countries. Sheepmen have failed by trying to keep the sheep winter and summer on the same, range. There have been exceptions to the eastern methods, but they are few. An English Co-Operative Failure.— Many of our readprs will regret to hear that the effort lately made in the north to establish a co-operative association for the sale of Aberdeenshire meat in London has failed. The scheme was generally a good one, but it met with inadequate pecuniary support, notwithstanding the fact that It was taken up both by lairds and producers. The objects aimed at were to supply the consumers in London with the best quality of the genuine Aberdeenshire produce, and to enable the producer to leceive the full value of his cattle and sheep, without so much of the profits being diverted into the pockets of middlemen. The exposures made before the house of lords'commission, and other circumstances, have created a conviction in the minds of northern farmers that they were being defrauded l^y the state of things prevailing in the meat trade, and A remedy was sought in co-operation. The method proposed was to open shops in the metropolis exclusively for the sale of northern beef and mutton. There is little doubt that purchasers would have appreciated the opportunity that would have bean thus afforded them for obtaining prime British-fed meat, about the origin of 'nicii there could be no deception. But the scheme, has failed on the financial difficulty—sufficient capital was not forthcoming; and for the present both producers and consumers will have to be content with the old arrangements of supply and sale.—London Farmer. f he reporter replied with question in ili'cdnceaifed impatience. - "is what?" In the midst of the turmoil brought ou in the brain of the muddled menial by this 1 embarrassing counter thrust, the reporter fclipfled by, aftd in ft few mlnutea was ehattliig ftmlably with the failrMd magnate and laying the foundation for a thf^e-eolutrin interview in the Dally Knockout Nfecr.6 D* UndertAkef '< bill ii tip roltfy jfttt* tie m6s' d&nfehis draft tef inaafr If taan is fef 8116 draft. 1st WJmati trowing f6cks at 6f heft is er fjdultf y\ eihibltidfl, When silence fel&s it ftln't fteeMSftf y to carry an umbrella, tef drftss dO^s not make d6 Woman, but. hit often breaks ef matt. Hard Tttttet ia ttlfttt Uf*. "And so"-— The lip of the pauper earl otirled contemptuously "Our pork-packing father-in-law refuses further allowances and advises economy!" The Chicago heiress he had .wedded, nodded affirmatively, but held her silent "Now I understand"—he bit himself hoarsely—"what you Americans mean by saying: "Things are on tho swine! 1 " Muttering a curse, the descendant of a hundred earls rushed out and hookei* its halidome. Lite Man T6 assist local druggists in wot kinir up trade on the three great family remedies!— Dr. Kay's Uenbvato?. br". Kay's Lung fialm ftnd Kidneyltura. An chance for the fight man. Address Dr. B, J, Kay Med, Co., Omaha, Keb. An English advertisement reads: Mr, Brown, furrier, begs to announce that he Will make up gowns, capes, etc., for ladles out of their own skins. can. wlfl. • Beaut? if ' the t . lies Sft the ilrUfgit; ' . Ctipid should he represented wlftottfc head. - * - . • it isn't what a man *>#§!, but What ' he pays that k*w- *•'- "••" • ., • , Gifts l : or Ladies and Gentlemen. Write at one* for th« crrrai C«t*ln»uei 3,000 *ti(?ravlnir*, of ill* tilctst Witchei, DlartiondA, Jewtlrr, Sllv«rw«re, Cutlery, fluglc Boxes, ewtrr, v«rw«re, , gc x, Silk Umj>re1UUi Uld LfttttiH. ItAljft tsllj (lift low pHrt* aahtd br (lie MERHOD & JACCAKD Jewelry Co.. lironnwny, cor, Locust, St. LouU, who will at no send you a beautiful pair of Solid Silver Sleere-lliik Buttons, if you will tacloM 38 e«it«, » constipated condi; , wWch the pleasant Syntpof Fig?, Prompt, ftCis , -1» ? if to the only remedy with millions «f families ft ud« everywhere pstebroed so WgWy by »U good health. "& benettclal aue to tho fact, that itw the which proinotes internal without* debilitating the it acts, Jt is therefor* bene- to note 3 when ypu pur SI0Hfiy In When we foot up the sales this year think I shall find a larger cash balance than we have bad for spine years, and I think this is due tp two things, says a poultry breeder. First, better feeding; and, second, wiser marketing. Of one thing I am sure, and that is that 1 never before got s»s many eggs In a season from the same number of iov. is, and I never fed so regularly and carefully, Our bens are n'ow many of them pipulting, and the number Is reduced to about eighty, as we lost quite a number from appplexy during the hot weather, cooked several before the ' chickens were pld enough to eat, „_„ spW a few to a neighbor; but dur ing the two ninths of July and sold 183 do&en Q&egss flW A Homesiclc Horse,—A day or two ago a gentleman told of his haying pensioned an old work horse that for years had done good service. Ha put him out on nice pasture for the remainder of his days. The horse cleared the fence and came home. Three times the experiment was repeated till they became convinced'the horse was too homesick to stand it, Whop they hitched him to his old wagon liis manifestations of joy were almost human, and now he is delivering groceries, as he's been doing for almost a score of years, green pastures having no allurements for this town horse.—National Stockman. Feminine. "What caused you to change your mind about Fred?" "I heard htm propose to my best friend one night when he did not know [ was near." "And then you decided to reject him?" "No, indeed. I decided to accept the offer I was holding for consideration," All Iluilnesi. There are thousands of promises in tho bible but not one of them was put there to make a loafer happy. No cough so bad that Dr. Kay's Lung' Balm Will not cure it. See advt. Blood Pure? Is it? fhen ,take Acer's 8af- sabarilla and keep it so, la a't it? Then take'Ayer's Sarsa* parilla and make it so. One fact is positively established and that is that Ayer's Sarsaparilla will purify the blood more perfectly, more economically and ittore speedily than any other remedy in the market. There are fifty years of i cures behind this statement j a { record no other 1 remedy can < Bhow. You waste time and money when you take anything to purify the blood except Ayer's Sarsapan'Ha. j RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, CATARRH, ASTHMA, HEADACHE J "Excuse me," said the pretty typewriter, as the merchant put his arm around her; "but I am business, and nothing else, right through.". "All right," replied the merchant, tightening up. "Tihls is press of business." Killing PasBlon. •"Yes," said the charitable lady visitor, fussily, as she was being shown over tihe orphan asylum. "I should like to adopt a little boy, if you have one to spare. I suppose you have, you have so many of them. Now, there la a very pretty one, over there In the corner. How about him?" "Oh, he is not a good little boy at all," replied the superintendent, dls- couragingly. "He is always getting into trouble. Why, he's been marked down twice to-day!" "Marked down, did you say?" said the charitable lady visitor quickly. I'll take him." and their marvelous euro. ScH'UCo of tho )0th Conii ry loolis on with nmazi mental tliomost retnarliiiMe record or euros known In tno World's history. OVER 200.000 PEOPLE CURED , In the last year without a single failure by "6 Drops." .As a positive cure for Kbeumntliim, Solution, Nournlirtu, I>yni>op. •\u. Uitoltuohe, Aithma, Hay Fever, Cuturi- It, HI«M>| II-KJJI*B«, tiev VOIKIIVK, Kervoug litad Weurals;l<l IIcn«liicln'ti, tli'nrt WeilktiesN, Toollmolifi Knrnolic, Croup, Bwu'llJMK, l.n tirlpiio, Mulnrla, Creeping Jfn>iihn«««», rtc., et«. "5 Drops ' has novor been equaled or surpassed, and Is a pleasant, prompt and pertnunent euro. Though fron from opiates and perfectly harmless, "BDropn' 1 Is iho most couccntrntcd and ppworful specific'Mown,., "6 Drops" can fall In no way short if what we claim, for no disease is too deeply rooted or painful to yield to tins wonderful medicine, and relief is usually felt Iho very llrst iiiirtt. Wliat It hns already done to relieve suffering humanity is lohl IM letters ot grateful praise from thousands of hearts once sickened und heavy with pain, now pamleafe nnd nappy. O. K. DatiKoiUB, Prop, of Clinton Hoimo, Clinton, N. Y., wrltcsi "I have boon usliiu "6 Drop«" for Jlnon- m»tl»m tor tlirca weoki, ha»ing been troubled nvo j-cant. To-day I om an well on over In my Hfo, and £•'•••"- Tiwomuirnd It to all tuffnrerB from that terrible dl<eaw, for H In u poxltlvo euro." J. J. JOXEH, of DougliB, Kunnui, ittjic "You have tbo beat norvo remedy on tho fnco of Ood's earth. I want the aeency without Iftll. EtiJiti DAVIS, of Ilntlenvlllo, Ind., wrltesi "My wlfn wan In bed fix months with acute nouralRln. Slia tried erorr kind of medicine and noveml doctoni, but all to no effect. Thank (toil your wonderful "S Drojm" cui-od her, for In thre« woeki after «h» corameuoed ualns It, she was out of bed and solng about." FITKB LOKDHBO, of Llndstrom, Minn,, wrlteni "Within two montha I bivo folil over, 401) bottlcB, which wore UHod In every kind of dlneiuie, but have received no complaint*. It Is the grcatont hcushold remedy in the world, and elvoi wonderful aatUfaetlon." . If you have not confidence enough after reading the abovo loiters to send for a $1.00 bot- Me, send for a sample, which contains ample medicine to convince you of its merit. "6 Dropi" tak«n but once a day is the dose of this great remedy, and to more quickly Introduce it, we will send, for 20 days, prepaid by mall, our 2;>-c.em sample bottlo for 10 cents. If suffering, don't delay, but write today. Larnu bottle (300 doses; tl.Uu, 0 buttles for 85.00. Not sold by druggists, only by us and our agents. Agents wanted. SWANSON RHEUMATIC CURE CO., 167-169 Dnarborn-st., Chicago, III. Time of Maturity.—The relative profit In early and late maturing animals in move evident Jn beef growing than In any other line of stock husbandry. I» growing animals for dairy purposes or for breeding some regard must be paid to the development of the animal system along the line to which it Is to be applied, but in the case of beef the main requisite is to secure growth, and fat witlj the most economical use of feed. a.nd If the same can bo'a,ccpnj- pllshed i» one year, that has previously required two years, the cost of the feed opnsunied IB about the only consideration to be given attention.—E*. The Latest Fad. She has fancy frills and ruffles ; He has collars, coata and tlea; She has slippers, gloves and raiment all to match; He has beautiful chinchillas That the tailor-men devise. While of her lingerie she , has a dainty , , b.a,tph. ; , .. ;' ,.,,.,. , .,„.,. ... He baa all the modern graces; She has playful, winning ways, They attract attention every where they go; And she pricks her ears with pleasure And he wags his tall at praise— They're two little Paris poodles, don't you know. •Ill HOB Don't Let Constipation Kill You!: ALL so* ^sssassiaaHpippa* 8 ^ DRUGGISTS THE MOST WONDERFUL, RELIABLE AND EFFECTIVE MEDIQINE • EVER * DISCOVERED. ABQAf lITUf V rTTUPmTUPn *» ewe any mRBOf conitlpntlon. Citscnrptg arc tlie Ideal Imxa- ADOullUluLl VlUAUalUuuU tlve. nevor prip or jrripc,liutrnu*e my natural rranltii. Sam', pie and booklet fret. id. STKUUNO UEMEDV CO., Chlcagp, Montreal, Citii., orKou York, sio. * • ' - - - ^o* •>•>•) •«)tt-»<^0»»'»«>»»*X>»^* In tue Wrong Canvasser— I have a Uttle device here that will save you lots of time, Business Man— My dear sir, things are fip quiet that I don't know what to do with the time I have. I had an hour's conversation with a book agent yesterday and I tried tp get him to stay longer, hut he wouldn't, FOH THE NEXT 10 DAYS we will send by iriafl, prepaid, one box Dr. Kay'B Lung Halm (25c. size) and a valuable receipt book for SIX 2- CENT STAMPS. We knotr it to be the best medicine yet discovered for coughs, colds, hoarseness and la grippe and we want you to know this fact The following testimonial is a sample of what all say of it who give it a trial. Dr. Kay's Lung Balm COUGHS, COLDS, LA GRIPPE and THROAT TROUBLES SPEEDILY CURED. HUM Nellie Penoyer, 16W So. Tentli St., Omttlw, Neb., writes; "Havo used your Dr, K»v's J^uiitf Balm for ft severe eaiw of Ln Grippe. Two doses gave relief. My lungs were very »or« and In taking tbn Dr. Kny'B fcung I3ulm I found Umt it stopped any desire to cough at once, The soreness 0:1 my IUUKS uud lu my bead soon disappeared. It Is very pltusaiu and«asy to tuUe nnd while It does not cause MoUiioss nt the stomach, HUe many cotigrb remedies- It cures quicker than »ny I have over tried, It cures every kind Of coMflh. Sold by druRgists or sent by mail for SB cts, It is Derfe etly safe for all »*«« and » sure oure for all luns troubles. ^ end oddreas for k hooklet, U has many valuable receipts and gives /symptoms a«d treatment for nearly sM ?> get Few people who have not given the matter special attention have an idea of the extent to which grain, fruit and live stock are liable tQ injury by in* sects. According to .Prof. Panton of the Ontario Agricultural college there are ne^rjy 1QP species that prey <m grain a&d ftrsso cropp. wpwardg pf fprty attftojc yfigetables, po }ess than 50 menace the g,rape, ana TS thrfatea th^t Hing pf fruits, th' e sipple, The pt»f , No «•! hate to think so," said the sporting map, "but I'm very much afraid pugilism has had its day." "I'm afraid so, top," replied bis companion. "Things have gotten SP that . people won't listen to a fight unless lt'9 about free spver."— Washington Star, used In tbo of ap,?eu 'Pgp a day la\4 lully.gQO '- UP4,«H tto'fWil'tiWTO* "Mary, t dpu't understand all the Items on this butcher's bill. What 0. p, mean?" - W um - 8u »' e . lifce ypwrsaW ought to Know that ' Yo.irfc Recorder, SOLD BY DRUGGISTS, RECEIVERS' SALE International 91110,000 Acres Farm 4,000,000 Acres Ormolus Pands, ID Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah. • PRIOBS«TEN VBABS TIMB POWH. Choicest Christmas A, McALUSTER, Lant! Coiiimissioner, «iii4$^

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