Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on March 8, 1925 · Page 27
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 27

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1925
Page 27
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SUNDAY, MARCH 8, 1925 27 DECATUR HERALD STEVE COZINGTON, MINT LEAGUE SLUGGER, SIGNED BY O'LEARY DECATUR HER ALH COMMIE MANAGER EXPECTS SA GIN A W OUTFIELDER TO BOLSTER BATTING ATTACK Latest Addition Hits from Either Right or Left Side of Plate Two Rookie Third Basemen to Be Given Chance BY H. LEE WATSON , Steve Cozington, a chronic .300 hitter who swings from either side of the plate, is the latest addition to the Commodore roster and will be a fixture in the 1923 Decatur outfield. This information was relayed from Orion, 111., the home of Manager Dan O'Leary, by the Commie boss recently and is evidence that he intends to carry out his threat that nobody but sluggers who can drive plenty of runs over the plate will decorate the gardens at Staley Field this sura- i mer. Ozington. according to the record books ami Manager Dan's own writ-ton assertions, is a topnotcher with the sticK ana in me k """ " presence is expected to points to the attacking ami many strength of the club. Knunn to O'lcnry O'L'arv knows Cozington personal- and has played in the same league with him the last two years. What U more to the point is that fan not only played in the same league with him but also against him r.d l'an has reason to believe that the Mint leaguer ran hit. He broke p too many of Dss's games with Saginaw and Muskejbn for hira to think otherwise. drive into the statistics shows that f'T theMast three years Cozington has banged the leather at a clip ,ay above the .200 mark. Last year he chiseled out a good average while plaving with Saginaw and the two ears before performed with Muskegon in the old Central league and in fi"3 when the club transferred its franchise to the Michigan-Ontario league. Cozington started slamming th ball hard and often as soon as he joined the Muskegon club and finisher! the first year with an average Cood Year fit 1923 It irC3 the Muskegon league slug- I--r had another good year, this lime mainst the Mint league httrlers. The La ..e ball guides give him a mark of ."i for the year, just eight points below that of Bill Mizeur. probably tl.e best outfielder in the Three Eje last year and a demon swatter in the i.-'" the year before. performing in 124 games In 1?22 CzinKton went to bat a. total of 4fit tunes and banged out 113 base hits. JtiM getting 11 hits it itself isn't r-::"TioTn i.al but the total of bases those bits represented Is. The records hew that among Stove's 149 knock's vere mixed 25 two baggers. 13 triples and S home runs for a total c-f ::l Ims's. Those, are the kind of hits that count and assure Mr. f'oz-i: ston of a warm welcome from Commodore fans. detailed Information on Cozing-" n for the 1D24 season won't be a-.all.iMe until after the 'Blue Book" comes out with the final averages. Two Hookies Signed Two rookies In the persons of Ar thur Whitney and Jack Stazgaher l.ave also been signed by Pan O'Leary r.nd I'rexy Uuy C. Knickerbocker. Loth are third basemen and are said to be ripe for class B competition. Whitney is a collegian who has played aro'ind his home town of f-'an Antonio. Tex. Sntzgaber is a youth who lives near Keokuk, la., and received a tryout w it Ii Ft. Worth in the Texas I-ea::iit: last year but was not yet rca-!v f..r class A p.-u;timing. According to O'Leary both young-aters are boosted very highly and i ;li t;:i--ii m-iry battle for t lie Job of pf'tei-tins the hot corner for the I'ouimies his ear. Aside from those two there is no competition for the I'OMtion and Dan says lie expects one of then, t.. land the berth. If either Whitney or Satzgaber alum enough class to warrant Dan Ureoini: them, t lie Commodore in-fieid will lust about b 5et. Danny iro.-s. I ; . 1 1 ; 1 1 Mct'ollister and Knrl hos!m .ire capable of taking care if tile other infield positions. Middleton Wants Chance WaMie Middleton. southpaw fling-r who was with the Commies for larts of the Inst two seasons, has written in and asks for another chance to show his ware3 in the Commodore ball jaril. Middleton, 'hose home is in Stamford, Conn., never set any worlds afire when he "as here before and there is no alarming need of southpaws In camp next year. in lefthanded talent Dan has Frank Fort and J.n k Kotzelneck, both port-itle fliugers of ability, and the nd- KANE Hudson SALES hudson VrntoiT VMICM. ROUTE court 10 GARAGE house) hav HUDSON CARS on room. This consists HUDSON COACHES DEMONSTRATION ANY TIME. Kane Hudson 235 E. Wood aition or any more would pronauiy mean that they -would be sent on their way a couple of weeks after they had reported. Dan expects great things from Fort if the youngster can keep his temper in hand. Looking; l'retty Now Just now the Commies seem to be well fortified in every department except pitching and catching. A host of veterans and rookies of promise will be on hand for the infield positions while Calbcrt, Pratt and Coz-ington assure the locals of a hard hitting crew of flychasers even if no other changes are made and it Is probable that there will be. Aside from the southpaws, and a few rookies there are no pitchers on the roster. At least three capable right-handers musf be secured as well as a catcher of experience and ability. Don Ping is probably the only receiver who wiil be left over from 1924. The former Millikin athlete is young and still accounted a prospect. IJe played better baseball last year than ever before and may blossom out as a star this season. Mini Cinder Stars Defeat Hawk Runners GUI Tribe Scores Nine Firsts Out of Possible Twelve in Events I'RBAXA, Til., March 7. Illinois won firsts in nine of 12 events to defeat Iowa's track team. 73 5-6 to 3!) 1-6 in a dual meet in the armory here this afternoon. The Gill men carried off all places in both the high and low hurdles, only orange and blue hurdlers qualifying In heats in these two events. Two records were shattered and one was enuallefl ill the meet. Gill's mile relay team established a new Illinois and conference mark when the quartet raced the distance in three minutes and 28 2-5 seconds, which time bests the old mark by 3-5 of a second. ' Dauber, Iowa, put the shot 45 feet 55 inches, one foot and 31 Inches further than the distance thrown by Schildhaucr last year for the Illinois indoor record. Fonzer. Illinois, tied the Armory and Illinois Indoor records in the half mile of one minute. 5S 2-5 seconds. Other events in which the orange and blue won firsts were the 75 yard dash 440-yard run. two mile . run. pole vault, broad jump. Besides the first by Dauber In the shot put, the Hawkeyes placed first In the mile and high jump. IOWA TOSSERS WIN FROM NORTHWESTERN IOWA CITY. Iowa, March 7. Iowa defeated Northwestern In the last, basketball game of the season for both teams here tonight, 20 to 15. The Hawkeye victory dooms Northwestern to the eighth position and Iowa finishes in 7th place. The game was ragged and slow throughout. Iowa took an early lead on a goal by Janse. Jause with five field goals and Laude starred for Iowa, Baker and White were the Purple luminaries. 4 IOWA STATE WIS AMES, Iowa. March 7 Iowa state college wrestlers had little trouble winning their fourth straight western intercollegiate dual mat meet by defeating Minnesota here today, 15 to -. The Ames grapplers won six out of the seven events. (1st door east of a complete line or the floor of their sales of HUDSON SEDANS. and ESSEX COACHES. ON THESE CARS Essex MOTORS & Essex Sales Phone M. 1489 SPRINGFIELD TO OPEN THREE EYE FLAG RACE HERE Commies Will Play New En tries First Two Series Then Hit Road EVAS HERE JULY 4TH The Springfield club will pry open the 1525 Three Eye league race with the Decatur Commodores at SrTUey field on May 5. That for local fans is the main feature of tlia official schedule which was released by President Gene Wylie yesterday. The newly organized Senators from the Capital City have been the most rabid rivals of the Commies and are sure to be again in the future, making the selection of this schedule, which was made up by Floyd Smith at Golden and accepted by six of the eight clubs, a great one for Decatur and Sprigfield both. After the Senators have performed here for three days the other infant of the circuit. Quiney, conies to the Staley field for a four day stay and then the Commies hit the road for the first time. On May 12 the Commodores open at Peoria for a three day series and then jump to Bloom-ington for three more days befora coming back home with Evansville as an opponent. One Holiday Dnte The Commies were given only one holiday date aside from opening day. but that one is probably the best of them all. The single holiday is July Fourth. A doubleheader with Joe Dunn's Pocketeers Is billed for that afternoon. On all other dates of national significance Dashing Dan and his Commies will provide entertainment for the fans in other towns. The Commies however, did draw their share of the Sundays, getting 10 in all. Since Sunday is the big day in minor league baseball the local moguls haven't a single kick to register on the card as it now stands. On Decoration day the Commies exhibit in a twin bill at Springfield and close the season with another double header at Evansville on Sept. 7. One Bad Feature Only one objection can be had to the schedule from a Decatur standpoint, and when that is considered In relation to the rest of the league it doesn't appear in nearly so bad a light. Twice during the season the Commies Jump to the southern-most points of the league to play a single series, a trip that requires puiimans both days and that is made doubly expensive because of that. The week end of July 17. IS. and 19 O'Loary's troupe ramble down to Terre- Haute for four games, finishing with a doubleheader on Sunday. Then, without making Evansville . on the same jaunt, they return to Staley field for a series with Danville. Then, having done with the Vets, they hop right back down south to Evansville. the town they missed on the trip before, for three days. That trip is also made expensive on account of the pullman charges and then too. two all night trips In the same week aren't going to aid the Commodores physically in their attempts to grab the rri-uro cnampionsnip eimt-i. .niter they finish their sets with the Pocketeers. Decatur again Jump3 The Tire user who thinks that one tire is just about as good as another has never had experience with Dayton Thorobred Extra-Ply Cords The Dayton Thorobred Cord is not simply a good tire, it is an extraordinary tire of a Standard that leaves no basis for comparison. , . Truck Owners! DAYTON THOROBRED CORDS are the cheapest tires you can buy as they are built to deliver the extreme miles that cut carrying costs to the bone. Come in and talk it over or just call up by phone. We will make a liberal allowance for your old Tires if they still .have service in them. G!an & Armstrong Co. 402 E. Prairie Ave. CLUBS At Bloomington At Peoria At Quiiicy At Springfield At Decatur . At Danville At Terre Haute tAt Evansville June 9, 10, 11 June 5, 26, t". S June 12, 113, tH-14 ' May t24. 25, 26 May 3, 6, 7 May 8. t, tlO, 11 May 21, 22, 221 Bloomington.. READ THE July 23, 24, 225 July 20, 21, 22 July f26. 27. 28 . .. July S, 9, 10 June 19, 120 tl June 22, 22, 2 July 1. 6, 7 ' Sept. Jo, tl, 7-7 Kept. 2, 3, 4 Sept. 8, 9, 10 Aug. 21 222, t23-23 Aug. 21, 12-2. 3 Aug. 4. t. 6 Aug. 17, 1. 1, 29 May IS, 19. 20 : June 12. 113, fl4-H June 5,. JO, T7. 8 Mav 21, 22, 223 May S, 19, tlO. 11 May 5, 6. 7 May t24. 25, 24 Peoria July 2, 3, -4-4 HERALD'S July t26, 27. 28 July 20, 21,' 22 July to, 6, 7, June 22, 23, 4 June. J, t20, t2l July 8. . 10 Aug. 14. t!5, t!6 , Sept. 8, 9, 10' Sept. 2, 3. 4 Aug. 17. 18, 19. 20 Aug. 4. 5, C Aug. II. t2-2, I Aug. 21 222, 122-Zi June 13, 16, 17, IS June 2, 3 4 , May 18. 19, to May 8, 19, flO. 11 May f24, 25, 26 May 21. 22, 223 j.May'J. . 7 Quincy -lull' 29. 30. 21 July 17, tlS. tl9-19 SNAPPY July 2 3, 4-4 June 22 23. 24 July 8. 9, 10 July ti, . J Uune 19, J20. 21 Sept. 11. j!2, tlS Aug. 30, 31. Sept. 1 . Au 14, t15, tI6 Aug. 4, 5. 6 Aug. 21, 222. t23-23 Aug. 17, 18. Jt. 20 Aug. ;i. t2-2. 3 June 2. 3, 4 June 15, 16, 17, IS June 9. 11). 11 : May 5 67 Mav 21, 22 223 May t24, 25, 2 May g, 19, lift, 11 Sprlngrield July 1". IIS. t!9-19 July 29. 30, 31 July 23, 24. 125 PAGE ' June 19 i"0 Ju'V t5. 6, 7 July S. 9. 10 jJui.e 72. 23. 24 Aug. t30, 31. Sept. 1 Sept. 11, 212, tl3 Sept. i5, 16, 7-7 Au tl 2-2, 3 Aug. 17; IS. 19. 20 Aug. 21 J22. 123-23 .'Aug. 4. I. May 15. 216, 17 May '12, 13, 14 -May 27, 28. 29 (May 20-3t(. f 31, June 1 June 15, 16, 17, 18 iJune 2, 3, 4 Tune t. 10, jl Decatur Jun f2S, 29, 30. July I June 25. 26. J27 July til, tl2-12, 13 l.lu!y 14. 15, 16 OF SPORTS July 29, 30 31 July 17. 1 1 8. t!3-l j July 23. 2, :2.". Aug. 11, 12, 13 Aug. 7, J8, tS, 10 Aug. 24. 25, 26 (Aug. 27, 2S, J29 Sept- ji;, tl3 (Aug. T30, 31. Kept. 1 'Kept. 25. 16, ;-7 May 27, 2S, 29 May '30-30, 131, Jun 1'May 12, 13. 14 May 13. t!6, 117 June 5, t6. 17. 8 j '. June . 10. II June 12. J 1 3. 114-14 Danville July til, H2-12, 13 July 14, 15, 16 June 25. 26, t27 Jun 12S, 29, 30, July 1 July 20, 21, 22 . EVERY July 23. 24. t25 July 126. 27. 28 Aug. 24. 25, 2G Aug. 27, 2S. t29 ' Aug. 7, tS, t9, 10 Aug. 11, 12, 13 Sept. 2, 3. 4 j Sept. 15. t6. 7-7 Sept. 8. 9, 10 May '30-30, 131, Jun 1 May 27, 28, 29 May 15, tl6, Tl7 May '12, 13, 14 Jun 12. 113, T14-14 IMay 18, 19, 20 June 5. 16. ItTI Terre Haute. July 14, 15, 16 July til, tl2-12, IS Jun 128, 29, 30, July 1 June 25, 26, 127 July 126. 27, 28 ljuly 2, 3, 4-4 DAY OF July 20, 21. 22 Aug. 27, 28, t29 Aug. 24, 25, 26 Aug. 11, 12. 13 Aug. 7, t8. 19. 10 Sept. S, 9. 10 . Aug. 14. 115. 116 SepL j 4 May 12, 13, 14 May 15, 116, 117 -May '30-30, 131, Jun 1 May 27, 28, 29 May 18, 19, 20 June 2. 3, 4 I June 13, 16, 17, IS : Evansville Jne 25, 26, 127 Jun 128. 29, 30, July 1 July 14. 15, 16 July 111, 112-12, 13 July 2. 3. '4-4 July 17. 118. 119-19 July 29, CO. 21 THE YEAR Aug. 7, 18, 19, 10 Aug. 11, 12, 13 Aug. 27, 28, t29 Aug. 24, 25, 26 Aug. 14, tl5, H6 Aug. 120. 31, Sept. 1 j Sept. 11, 112. 113 Two Holidays. Two Holidays, Two Holidays, Two Holidays, One Holiday One Holiday One Holiday j One Holiday Nine Sundays, Nine Sundays Nine Sundays, Nine Sundays Ten Sundaya Ten Sundays Ten Sundays Ten Sunday "Holidays, Opening Days. ISundays ( ISaturdays ELKS TO STAGE ATHLETIC SHOW Wrestling and Boxing on Card for Entertainment at Country Club One .wrestling and three ' boxing bouts are on the program for the Elks athletic show for members and guests at the Elks Country club on Lake Decatur Thursday evening. March 12. The event will be the first of a series of like athletic entertainments planned by the organization. The program is In charge of Paul Prehn, University of Illinois wrestling coach. The show will be headed by "battle royal" between five husky colored youths and will feature the appearance of "Big Jim" McMillcn, former University of Illinois football captain and All -American star. Mc-Millen will wrestle Clarence Ems. also a former football star at Illinois. In event the Illinois stars are unable to appear, Barnes, grappling star on the Illini mat team will be sent over back to the home lot for a series with Terre Haute before again taking the road. liOcal Mileage I.eaa v While that one feature of the schedule for the locals is not so good, when they consider their fortune geographical location in regard to the rest of the league they can cheer up and not feel so blue. Decatur is situated right In the heart of the league and can leap to Springfield. Peoria. Danville and- Bloomington in two or three hours while Quincy isn't far distant by road and that trip will be very economical if it can be made by bus. The Decatur mileage for the season is much less than that of most the teams. Bloomington will open at Danville where the opening ceremonies will include such celebrities as "Uncle Joe" Cannon. Commissioner K. M. Landis. Federal Judge Walter C. Lindlcy and President Gene Wylie. Peoria will open at Terre Haute and Quincy at Evansville. DAYTON Thorobred Cords Best For Trucks "Figure the Cost . at the Finish" Phone M. 1279 Official I. I. I. to meet Jack Billings, middleweight who met Darve Hoclie at the recent Headquarters show, . Jimmy Smith. Urbana, and Scrgt Frenchie Des Marais are billed for a six round boxing match at 148 pounds. Fred Wilkins, Urbana, and r.ed Vick-ery, Bradley, will meet in a. four-round go at 160 pounds in the second event and another four rounder be tween Joe McCabe, Urbana, and llarry Kaler, Rantoul, will complete the card. McCabe and Kaler are 140- pounders. FAMILY ILLNESS CAUSES GIBBONS TO CANCEL TILTS St. Paul Fighter Surprised at Gotham's Action Against Dempsey ST. PAUL, Minn.. March 7. Tommy Gibbons, St. Paul heavyweight boxer, announced tonight that he Is out of the fight game for a month or two because of the illness of his twin sons. The twins are suffering with a severe attack of pneumonia. Tommy has abandoned active training to be at their bedside almost continuously. Gibbons today reiterated his desire to meet Jack Dempsey or any contender for the world's heavyweight crown. He said he was surprised at the action of the New York boxing commission last night In notifying Dempsey that he must either accept or re ject the challenge of Harry Wills Announcing The Completion J. L. PICKERING, President, General Manager. STUART RUSSEL, Vice President in Charge of New Business. PAUL W. PICKERING, Secretary-Treasurer, Assistant General Manager. E. E. LINDQUIST, Assistant Secretary. W. O. HOLMBERG, Claims Auditor. GILLESPIE AND GILLESPIE, Counsel. For the Protection Reciprocal, Ii mm sagss 1 ; III aja . . . . League Schedule for 1925 MOORE DEFENDS SKATjNG TITLE Scores 150 Points in Two Nights of International Competition PITTSBURGH. March 7 Joe Moore, of New York, successfully defended his international indoor speed skating title tonight by scoring a total of 150 points In the two night international indoor ice skating meet. Although one event remained to be run at the time Moore had accumulated ills 150 points, the result could not affect the championship. At that time he already held a marked lead over the entire field. Miss Lelia Brooks of Toronto was crowned the new woman'3 . indoor speed skating champion by her score of 30 points which she gained in the 880-yard dash. Miss Brooks has a total of SO points in the two nights meet. The woman's championship throne was vacant this year due to Miss Gladys Kobinson of Toronto, the former champion, having entered the ranks of professionals during the year. within 24 hours. Gibbons said he believed that he was in line to be recommended for the first chance at Dempsey'a title. of THE PICKERING Ferguson Building OFFICERS Mai Capital Surplus of Policyholders $300,000.00 "The Continuation, As An Old Line Stock Company, Of a r- i r- . l l 1 l trtn ".1 r r . 1 T 1 I E.siaDiisnea iuio, wun DECATUR AMATEUR FIVES TO BATTLE j FOR CITY HONORS Cranston, Mueller Physical Director, to Promote Cage Tournament A basketball tournament in which every amateur team of Decatur is invited to enter will be staged at the Mueller gym the weekend of March 19, 20 and 21. by William Cranston, physical director of the Mueller plant. Only players with a bona fide residence in the city will be allowed to enter and the victor of the tournament will be crowned the basketball champions of Decatur. According to a recent announcement Cranston will give boxing instruction free of charge to every young man of promise who appears at the Mueller gym on Tuesday and Friday nights. The Mueller director already has a large class under training. Tuesday night. March 10, a 30 minute setting up exercise and muscle loosening drill will be staged under the direction of Cranston by the contestants in the Headquarters Co.. wrestling and boxing show at the Armory Wednesday night. ILLINI GRAPPLERS TIED FOR FIRST URBANA, March 7 Illinois wrestlers retained their tie for first place in the Big Ten grappling campaign by defeating Ohio State, previously undefeated. The seori 14 to 6.' and Organization the COMPANY n 7023-7024 Springfield DIRECTORS J. L. PICKERING of Springfield. ANDREW RUSSEL of Jacksonville R. R. WILLIAMS of Detroit, Mich. LOGAN HAY or Springfield. B. F. NELCH of Springfield E. R. PICKERING of Springfield. $200,000.00 $100,000.00 ucowivaies ana i-icH.cruig service INSURE AMD BE SURE ALEXANDER & BOHON General Agents B. E. Pensinger, Associate Over 1500 Decatur Policy Holders - Loss Paying Record Unequalled Low Rates -Prompt Adjustments Immediate Settlement IN FILMTRIALS Will Hold Conference with Eastern Promoters for Dempsey I.OS ANGELES, March 7 Jack Kearns, manager for Jack Demr.Fey, world's heavyweight champion pugilist, announced today lie will have Wednesday for New Jork, where l.e will testify in the government's trial against Teddy Hayes. Dempsey s trainer, and several others who are charged with the illegal transportation of the Denipsey-Carpenticr fight pictures. Kearns also said he would have conferences with eastern fight promoters regarding fights for the champion. FRIGERIO, PLANT IN SPECIAL RACE NEW TORK, March 1. Ugo Frl-gero. Italian and Olympic champion walker, will meet Willie Plant, American champion. In a special 10.000-meter event late this month. Frlgero. who was scheduled to depart for Italy today, said he would remain to meet Plant. Frigero baa been eatr to meet riant at 10,000 meters, which he ays Is the distance for which liat been t-BlTied. f"1 PaId 'm Cash Successful O : ' Ii 1 BL9CK EAST CEXTRAI, fARK

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