The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 25, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1896
Page 7
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tiere is ft wOttan at the beginning o! jr gfeat things, i way of the world is to aiaks |e fule ofie'd anger ii well; to ^re- It Is slill tetter. lie itiati whd tiever gives away any* fig cheats himself, sraetef biiilding IB bigger work building railroads, et people believe in tho total de- srity of sonsebody else. |t teh't always the brightest girl that the most reflections. e>oets utter great and wise things Hob. they do not themselves under-" fltul. wedding ceremony is never a suc- tmless there is a liltch in it some- iere. low little n. man knows of hie coun' /men—unless he lives In a country llage, IB top round of the ladder is an Inary one; nobody has sver lied it yet, wise man is never confounded by it he can't understand, but a fool lerally is. am no herald to inquire of men's ilgrees; it eitfflceth me if I know of lir virtues. ft is not always necessary to tell the ole truth, but all that you tell .tld be the truth. There is no subject on which so arrant nonsense has been wrlt- as on that of money. tilitu Fe Route—California. Limited. Leaves Chicago 0 p. in. Wednesdays Sd Saturdays, reaching Los Angeles £73 hours and San Diego in 70X purs, lleturns from California Mon kys and Thursdays. |Equiprncnt of suburb vestibuled Oilman palace sleepers, buffet .4mok ; car and dining car. Most luxur Sim service via any line. pAnother express train, carrying both ilaco und tourist sleepers, leaves aicago 10:25 p. ni. daily, for Los An- jSles, San Diego and San Francisco. |Iuquiro of G. T. Nicholson, General issenger Agent, Great Northern gilding, Chicago. A Matter of I)l»i)OHltlq;i. S'My wife Avian rather worried wheii I left S 1 this morning." I'What was the trouble?" gWell, she had been worrying about nettling or other lost uight, and this ruing she couldn't remember what it UPPM DAISY AND POtMfit. FOR tt«i«r Sueeensftu 1-atinof* Opcrnt* tttte Ufcpnrtmcnt of the J^ni-m—A Pfet* Ulnth li* to tli<j t'ftfcb b* fclfc Sttfek Arc You Going to Florida? J;For rates, time cards and descriptive patter for Florida and all points in tie south and southeast,' address the tpllowing- agents of the popular Big f.our Route: .1. C. Tucker, General Jorthern Agent, or II. W. Sparks, traveling Passenger Agent, 234 Clark St., Chicago. JlThree copies of tho bible, written on paves of the fan palm, are in the British lufioum. Hoineseekers 1 Excursions, i Very low rates will be made by the lissouri, Kansas & Texas railway on November 17th, December 1st and 15th, i'the south. For particulars apply to |he nearest local agent, or address, H. Cherrier, N. P. A., 310 Mavquctte Jldg., Chicago, 111. Cutting the Nulsunoo In Half. ; 'Doctor, if yon have to send a nurse, let l'\be that woman with tho cork ley;." il Wuy do you prefer her?" ^'Because she can only wear one squeaky libe iu the si9k room." Wlicn Dranpis May Come. /Patient—Doctor, I dreamed something prrible last night. • I saw my dead father, 't Doctor—What did you eat for supper? 'Patient—A mince die. 'DoQtor~My friend, if you oat two minre pies tonight you will see your grandfather. HIS IS THE TIME of year ,. .. when men., and women ., become weak- ned by,. Ihe weather, and run HERE IS ONLY ONE SURE WAY known to medical men for prompt ly checking troubles of the kidneys and "restoring these great organs to health and, strength, and that is by the use of generally The irst parts that the weather Affects are the kidneys, The jrea is not Ihrown off,, jut is forced ick upon the jngs, and dis- "j,se results ^caused by »akness of kidneys, SrgeVoUlo, or new slylv, It has stood the test of time; it has saved thousands of lives; it has restored millions of sufferers to health; it has done what was never done, never attempted before; it has made men stronger an4 healthier; it has made .. women brighter and happier; .. it stands alone in all these qualities, PO you not think it would be wise for you to use it and thus avoid the dangers of the season,? Insist upon having it. 'W ? A«%ilurp' of ifie -West. never, fc Abidance of. Uaw fitvlng ,. Fruit »n.4 full West Mwwwpf wri^ to of flotif. .........* At the low prlee 6! 10 €fnl6 ft for egt& 10 Cents fe f>fl«nd f6f and tweftty-flve cents a ffdunfl feathen we'Sfrtaifi the fts!lowla»- atioiia !er the poultry nwdtictsi 44,160,662 ibs at lOc........14,416,066.20 22,765,8SS doS eggS at iOc.. £8«6,&8&.&0 230,383 Ibs feathers at 25c,. 57,646.^6 HERE is & deelro in the Principality to obtain a greater share than it has had hitherto of the dairying business of the country, says London Dairyman, If the people go to work in the right way they may secure it, but they will have to change some Of their present practices. According to the reading of a paper at the British Dairy Farmers' Association conference, Welsh butter is a fearful compound. Montgomeryshire was pointedly referred to. In that county the holdings are mostly small, and only a few cows are kept on each; consequently the butter IR sent to market in small quantities of very variable quality. "The butter so brought," we are told, "is purchased by higglers, who, with dirty hands, pack it in a rough and ready fashion into still dirtier boxes and hampers—the good, bad, and Indifferent lots altogether—and consign it to consumers in the large towns, where It Is brought into competition with the clean and neatly packed foreign butter." It is not to be wondered at that Welsh butter has a bad name, and that the price made for it is so low. There is no doubt that in some parts of Wales It is difficult to get butter and produce to market, owing to the great distance from a railway or large towns, but that need not affect the quality or cleanliness of the butter. It does appear to do BO, however. 'We have heard this summer of English butter makers sitting in the markets, unable to sell It at 8d. per pound, whilst In the shops in those towns Brittany and Danish was being retailed at from Is. to Is. 2d. There is something dreadfully, wrong,when this is the,case. Either quality is bad, or jpeopleVtaste'u' have grown into a preference for the blended and mild Brittany butter, or the retailer will not trouble himself to sell the English when the foreign causes him lees trouble in purchasing and greater regularity of supply to customers. There is said to be a lack of enterprise on the part of the Welsh producers In not sufficiently realizing the necessity of making a better article. But as a matter of fact, they are be- innlng to realize It. Only recently Welsh farmers' wives were lamenting that .they could not sell their butter even ftt 8d. per lb., and that a gentleman who is making this article on the best and most approved principle is spoiling the trade by making it difficult to sell good, and impossible to sell bad, butter at any price—the standard of quality being that of the Welsh dairy folks, though good might not be considered so by an experienced buyer or judge. Quality and preparation for marketing is what Wales is deficient in, and it Is the case unfortunately in all parts of tho kingdom. The difficulty might be got over by the establishment of blending factories; which could bo. put up for very little money, and from them could bo sent butter of unvarying quality In quantities sufficient to induce the re- taller to undertake.Us distribution an readily as he now does the foreign article. Total <.«,.. $6,850,846.45 These figures tell thelf own story, although they seem almost beyond bo- lief. Add to this the value of poultry and eggs consumed by the producer, and that sold to dealers tor local cofl* sumption (undoubtedly greater than that of any other product) atid we have a sum that would unsettle the ordinary bank cashier. Poultry raising Is flat sitaply a "hobby" Ifi.Missoari'attd-tho Great West, <tr*. *«ttc(6# With It. Poultry j)eoj>le are evidently to their share in the tuberculosis sensation. At a recent meeting of the V. S, Veterinary Medical Association at Buffalo, N. Y., there was a paper by Dr. D. E. Salmon of the II. S. Bureau of Animal Industry which treated principally on 'Tuberculosis in Birds, and" was pronounced one of the most complete and interesting ever prepared on tho subject. He quoted many foreign authorities and said the disease was transmissable from bird to man and vice versa. The identity of avian and human tuberculosis is well demonstrated by Koch and other eminent investigators. Parrots are very prone to contract the disease, and it early affects Polly's speech. Parrots are easily affected with human tuberculosis, and a parrot so affected is a constant menace to the people in the same house. He said the proper treatment is to annihilate all diseased birds, chickens, etc., the disinfection of yards, feeding and drinking places, etc., and advised that human consumptives be kept away from poultry yards. Dr. Knowles said that the poultry business in America is greater in value than the beef and pork trade. Dr. R. P. Lyman of Hartford, Conn., thought the paper should be promptly circulated among veterinarians and poulterers. \ Fat Variation*. Field and Farm:—In natural milk a small amount of albumen is present, but in colostrum the amount of albumen often exceeds the amount of casein, and these two constituents may form over IB per cent of the milk. The percentage of sugar in colostrum is usually low; the fat is normal. The composition of colostrum changes rapidly, and within a few days after tho birth of the calf natural milk is given. After this the percentage of fat iq the milk of any cow varies more 01 less from day to day, even if her feed, care and general treatment are always alike. The causes of the sudden changes are not always known; in fact, the fat often seems to increase or decrease without any cause. Sometime?, the fat content changes over 30 per cent within twenty-four hours. As th« period of lactation progresses there it a tendency to gradually increase in tlu total solids, and the physical condition of the milk is so altered that the crenre rises less easily. tttnnbt ttliift Itapplnti**. ' Thefrd Is A class of vrometi who 1 , f fdtfl their own experience, sympathise with their suffering sisters, and in order 1 that stick suffering may "be lessened, JiO bly put aside fals6 modesty and in heartfelt gratitude publish to the world what every WoJHAfl should know. Mrs. W. 1* Elliott, Liscomb, Iowa, is one of those Womon» and has requested us to pub« lish tho facts in.hel*' case, otherwise it would not bo done, as all such evidence 5s treated in sivercd confidence, unless publication is requested by the writer. She says to Mrs. Pinkham :— " I wish you would publish tho circumstances of my case, in order that other women may bo benefited by my experience. " I doctored nearly all tho time for t\vo years. I spent several hundred dollars without receiving much benefit. Last Juno I wrote to you and described all my aches nnd pains. Such a long list as them was: headache, backache, bearing-down pains, terrible soreness, constipation, dizziness, feeling of extreme lassitude, .irregularity and nausea ; but you answered ray letter uud told mo just what to do. I followed your udvico. 11 After taking, eight bottles ^of tho Vegetable Compound and three- bottles of Blood Purifier, I am glad to write you that I have not enjoyed such good health for years, and I am able to do all my own work. I can surely sound tho praises of Lydia ,B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and a number of my friends arc taking it upon my recommendation." — MBS. \V. L. ELLIOTT, Liscomb; lowu So Far IIH Ho Knew. "Arc you well? 1 ' "I believe so, yet I can't say positively t I haven't had time to look up the new di- ceases in to-day's paper." HUW'II I'll In i One Hundred Dollars reward of. catarrh that cannot bel aftft lififcMlente' af« dtteli twlni' with tfcfc 'man wto is ling toMalre a hafd plftef. , ' Better fee & lamp'itt the house 1 , than tfy td bd ft Staf itt the iky< , God made matt tfitf great to fiffft his life la the pfeseftt taftmefit. fhereis ns Virtue ifi ddiiig ffflit stttlply tfecatise we have td. Backsliding begins whefl the nan begins td live bh stale bread* fot the Went**« "l*m affftid," feald the OWeagd banco mnh, "that the gold brick grime is about *Thefe Isn't any doubt of it," remarked his fI'lend. "You've got te ase the silver bf ick how." Dtifl't Tcbatco Spit of Smoke'Ycuf lift Awiy. If you want to quit tobacco Using easily dtid forever, regain lost mauhoad< be niftdo toell, strong, magnetic, full of new life and vigor, take No->To-Bae, the wonder-worker that makes weak men strotig. Many fealii ton pounds In ten days. OveY 400,000 curctf. Buy Nc-To-Bflc from your druggist, •tfho will guarantee & euro, Booklet ntid sample mailed free. Ad. Sterling Remedy Cd, Chicago or New York. The cemeteries of tho city of London cover over 2,000 acres of. ground. Cots'* 4,'ounh JRnUnm fit tho aldcnt and beet. It will break up it cold qolckot than anything clue. It IB always reliable. Try It. The Japanese, up to I860, were vaccinated on tho tip of the nose, Just try a lOe box of Casearets, the finest iver and bowel regulator ever made. Give your palms a weekly bath. This iloes hot refer to your hands. ]ft». is te » wofaaft "18 that aft* aws mrt them whilfe «lt will go away after awMle??:,. That's what people sajr wheh advised to take something i6 diuce that cotfghi ' Have you ever noticed that the cough that goes away after t awhile takes the cougher aldng ? Aitd hi ttofstt't tottte back t Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Cures Coughs* W.N.U. D.M.--1272 NO, 48 Celebrating in 1897 its seventy-first blrlliduy, TtiB COMPANION oners Its readers ulnuy exceptionally brilliant features, The two hemispheres have been explored in .search of attractive matter. Milk for From the Mirror, and Farmer Is taken the fallowing on rules of the New York Condensed Milk company: The conditions require the stables and sheds to be thoroughly ventilated, well lighted, ^cleaned every day, and the walls, ceiling and stanchions must be neatly whitewashed. The feeding of turnips, wet or-diry barley sprouts, brewery or distillery grains, linseed meal, glucose and ''starch, refuse, damaged feed, ensilage, rancid oil cake or gluten, meal is prohibited, No cow's milk is ; furnished from sixty 'days ••before to six days after calving, Pails and strainers must be kept thoroughly clean and scalded in boiling water and dried night and morning. Tlie company washes nnd steams the inside of the cans, but farmers are expected to keep tho. outside , bright and clean. Milking must be done in ; a cl.ea.nly manner. Milk must be strained through a .wire cloth of at least 100 meshes to the inch, It is to be thor-< oughly cooled immediately, the aninpl being removed by frequent stiiv rii;g, and the temperature must be reduced to 58 degrees within 45 minutes after milking, and must not exceed 60 degrees when delivered. Cooling is to be • accomplished by placing' the cans in ft vat of cold water, which water shall be renewed daily. Freezing must be prevented in winter. ' The wilk is to be kept i» the water until delivered, then drawn in suitable spring wagons, and shall have clean canvas covers on the cans, A 'Koinurkablo lien. ^ have in my poultry yard a Plymouth Rock pullet which was hatched April-1st;-commenced laying the middle of August, and after laying thirteen eggs went to sitting the first week ID September on her own eggs, and in due time her chicks were hatched, but lived only a short time. And now, Oct. 18th, she is again laying. Who can beat this? Mrs. Jas, Davis. She should be kept for a breeder; her eggs may next year produce chicks that will live and reach maturity earlier'than usual, A process of breeding up may give fowls of great value as winter layers,—Ed. Farmers' Re view. . • We orter for any case cured by Hall's Catarrh 'Cure." P. J. CHKNKY & CO.. Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known P. J, Cheney for the last 15 yearn, and bellevo hlvi perfectly honorable In all business USnsactlons and financially able to carry out any obligations made by tholr firm West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists Toledo. O. (ompanion For the Whole Family. In nddUIou to twenty-five stuff writers fully two hundred of the most fnuioun, men and women of both the Old nnd the New World, including the.most populnr writers of fiction u.. nim-rr.^ » Md *>°™e of lht'ino'*t L eimBe}it •statesmen.'aeten- MRS. BURTON HVIRISON, lists, travellers and musicians, arc contributors ONE OF THi POPULAR WRITUIS FOB 1117. to TllC Companion. A delightful supply of fascinating Stories, Adventures, Serial Stories, Humorous and Travel Sketches, etc., are announced for the Volume for 1897. The timely Editorials, the "Current Invents," the "Current Topics" mid "Nature and Science" Departments give much valuable information every week, Send for Full Prospectus. J<» From an official TOP, • by the department of labor for the state pit MJssojiri, showing ft© surplus cojn- {npdtties Dipped from each .county 4uH'ng"}S<H,,we conrnije th<? fqllowjng (flye figures without r 8 Hrpad$>"#pt r§» ' relative im, Mr.-McFetridge, in bis book on poultry, says: "Much talk is indulged in about imitating the delicious flavor of canvasback ducks by feeding the fat tening ducks celery, The breeder who can manage to raise celery and have it in quantities sufficient for this'purpose will be the man to capture the prize." On the Atlantic farm, Long Island, the ducks are put in the fattening pens when about six weeks of age and fed two-thirds meal and the remainder one-third middlings and greens. About one-seventh or one-eighth the amount of meat scraps are added. Whe» live pounds in weight the ducks are mav keted. A Stolen Crop.—It is said that pump' kins are "a stolen crop," Some farmers think there is nothing gained by rais* ing pumpkins among corn, because they appropriate a part of the fertility of the soil, and thereby lessen the value of the corn' more than the worth of the puplpkiws, This may bo the cage where the land is too poor to supply nourishment enough for the corn, and where the pumpkins, if planted among it, would be smaller than a man's bead; but such land, should iiever he planted with corn, east or west, for no -matter how thorough the tillage m&y be $ pay- jng crop cannot be, raised.—Qhjo er, __„„_ Value of $ran,~rWlJUo the value o| bran fpr feeding growing animals, Jet; uj jjpt be skeptical'as tp its y&Jue f on? fattening J?e,'m.fMjP Hall's Catarrh Cure- Is taken Internally. acting directly upon tho blood und mucous surfaces of tho system. Tostlmonl- ills KPiH free. P.-lce 7fia per bottle. Sold by all druggists. _ ___ _ A Pair. Pbysigiaii (traveling out West) — Yos, I nave hVen a practicing physician 1'or thliv- ty-tivo years. Butts Bitters (enthusiastically)— Shake, old man, shako; HB many a man I've sent to his last account, too, An Important Diffnnmou. To make it apparent to thousands who chink theniBolves ill, that they are not afflicted with any dlsoaso, but that tho system simply needs cleansing, is to bring comfort homo to their hearts, as a costive condition in easily cured by using Syrup of Figs. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company only,, nnd sold by all druggists, ' _ _ _ ..... ^ __ One of the most important duties of tho German soldier is to take euro of his feet, so that they will always bo iu good condi. tiou. _ Write for Hie 164 PAGE IJjJjUSTRATBD OATALOOUB (sent f >e«) of the l.ovn*t J'rfctJ J/ome in Aminca for fine JEWPI.RV, WATCHES, SILVBliWARES, Alco for 23 cent* Miey will tvnii you • SOJJflVsifcVBBU^W WAS 1 Off Jf, • t of beuutlful 4e6i(rn, if lliu money IB sent with tfce requrst for Calalou-iie. HKRMOD £ JACCARP JEWELRY CO Broadway, Cor, l,ocu»t, ST. &OUI8, MO, " The first horses iu this country were brought here in 'the year 1018, Iu 1800 there were 14,056,750 of them in the United •States. ___ ] _ „_________ Mr, Kd ward Wood, Primghar, lowu, writes: >*J havo taken J)r. Kay's Reuo'vator nnd it has cured mo of dyspepsia of about 'ten years' standing. I was so bad off that every thing I ate soured on my stomach. J pau now oat most anything." Bold b druggists, or bout by mail, fioc and FREE to Jan. 1, 1897, with Beautiful Calendar. As a special offer The Youth's Compnnion will be sent free, for the remainder of the year 1896, to nil new subscribers. One of the most beautiful Calendars issued this year will also be given-to each. new subscriber. It is made up, of Four Charming Pictures in color, Ijeaulifully executed. Its size is 10 by 24 inches. The subjects are delightfully attractive. This Calendar is published exclusively by The Youth's Companion and could not be sold in Art Stores for less than one 'dollar. 700 Large Pages In Each Volume. 52 Weeks for $1.75. JIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'"""""""""""""" 1 """""""""""; = -- - - - > w ui cn t O nt thi« »Up ind Mnd It at once with nMne •• ')§«-•• Distinguished Writers IAN MACLAREN. RUDYARD KDPLING. 'HALL CAINE. FRANK R. STOCKTON. HAROLD FREDERIC. MADAME LILLIAN NORDICA. CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER. STEPHEN CRANE. HAMLIN GARLAND. MAX O'RELL. W. CLARK RUSSELL. ALICE LONGFELLOW. HON. THOMAS B. REED. ANDREW CARNEGIE. LIEUT. R. E. PEARY, U. 8. V. DR.'CYRUS EDSON. DR. EDWARD EVERETT HALE. DR. LYMAN ABBOTT. And One Hundred Others. = f* I s | i2-Color g S I-OPT 5 ofiU Un4 Tlw Companion IIM »ver offered j 117 . 5 FREE. = And Tho Yquth'n OompanlonO* Wwlu, a Jnll year, to ftnuary I, 1818. 5 jJiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiTiiiiiHiMiMMiiimiMiiiiiHimiii miiiiiiiin iiiiiiiiiiiiinnr THE YOUTH'S COMPANION, Boston, Mnss. CURECOn&TIPATlON ABSOLUTELY GUAR'&KTEED plo ami booklet froe. *<!• STpBWffd BBJtEDT ^**»- ld by $1.00. Women coin prise two-thirds of the church members of the United States, but only oue-thlrtioth of Hie Two liottles of 1'iso's (Jure for Coubiimp- fioii cmi'oil me of a bad lung trouble. — Miu J, Nichols, frluceton, I«d.,lM»vch 'M, 'V5/ It is ustimatecl that tlioro nreuowSUO tons of gold iu circulation iu the w<?rJd. ^XHtivo Hroroo Quinine TaWpts. All pruggistB cef und tho inonov It i t fails tu euro. -'5v Mi»s Vivian. govtorJpH, pramr-duugUter of Oen. Ovttut, is one of tliji. year's more notable debutmiteH iu Washingtow society, Ijvpr, kijlw Wever sicken, yeftfePH or gripe, »ev. J, 0. Nacke of QatroU, Iowa, wpltee onlTov, 11/1890;' Let ine acknowledge tho receipt of your enquiry regarding ypuj: I find your Dr. Kay's Benovfttpr and Dr. Kay's Imng Balw m articles. I should judge it a rather lucky. proviso tP have these remedies constantly OP hand." ( f ' ' D r. Kay's Renovator W*WWWffW***W^WW^ tff f^B»HW^» ^ ^^ ^IPWWIPiliKPiW^Wi^WUP^WI^^WW^ It Js ft positive cure for the worst of dyspepsia, con^Mpstiou, Uver sn4 •' ««f it J ' kidney" diseases nnd Ml nervous or blood diseases. At tills I Imp »>£ invaluable «s it renovates and invigorates the whole sysfcew w>4- purities f! ewrlelw the. bipod, Tbe very best nerve ^onto knpwu. It h»s two*OJ9^r'J tUae? «s many doses as liquid niedioiuos gelHug for game price. 8pl4 by drjjg''<| glsis or sent by mail OH receipt <>f prioe, ?5o »nd *l. Sena for our, booklet j it " t treatK ftlldlseftses; seut free'iroui oiy Western Office, Dr. U. " Oo., Omaha, Neb , SOI.P It is stud that wli^H Qu^ou Vjictprja HJU! the f uipvesB gugeu-ie $r?_ tog«»tbw, "' " itltlfiftttfi»tlltliil|iliMtlMlllfl»tiMtiMiHlj Important Notice I ; a,nly,geiuune **E5ak§l"'s

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