Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on November 17, 1918 · Page 9
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1918
Page 9
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DECATUR HERALD SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1918. DECATUR HERALD Wait Until 1920 For League Here Is Staley's Advice semi-pro team like our factory boy have would not be advisable, for there would not be enough patronage to keep up the league team. At the present time I would not be In favor of boosting a league team for Decatur before 1920." MICHIGAN DEFEATS SYRACUSE ELEVEN Bnttle la One-Sided Affair, the Visitors Threatening; to Score Only Once. AXN ARBOR, Mich., Nov. 16. The A, B. Staler. manufacturer and' start up, for the fellows that are in: J)UeD" DOOIlEr Ul VCLftlUl, UICO UUl J " ..., wcmwa ioud ...... , - - , k.iiave that baseball as a league prop- vuwcis wuu is university m i'"ii6" me. !tlon will be a popular proposition "eede? 5,wl"nin5 teai?"-1 thInk Syracuse university eleven on a! bafore 1920. and he is making his ' " ;.a tn tha National Minor leaeue aRe ,nat 18 neeaea to ""PPort a goo: mvikcu - - team ...tint in Peoria last week, but ha, atill too weak to go there owing Staler Team Continues. 'once. The kicking of Steketee, Mich' to his recent Illness. He expects to; "As for the Staley team 1 believe1 jgan's star fullback, was responsible tit in reoria. iui u wuimj win nave as gooa a team ouc: f th Wolverine RUTGERS FALLS TO GREAT LAK! Tars With Driscoll in the Leading Role Have An Easy Time in East NORTHWESTERN ESTS CHICAGO NEW TORK. Nov. IK Th. Lakes Naval training station foot- Outplay Their Opponents in Every Deuartment of the Game willhave the patron" muda- fleld her today a score ofall team, with DrisWltt, "former ! day tr, .nn. ik m n Tf was a one-sided affair. Northwestern Ilnlvpraitv .- J 15 to 0. It was a one-sided affair, I the visitors threatening to score only points. He Northwestern University star. In the icaaing role, easily defeated the Rut Sers college eleven here today by i score of 64 to 14. The collegian com uinauon, EVANSTOX, 111., Nov. 16 North western trounced Chicago 21 to 6 to- outplaying their opponents in every department of the game. Chicago's only score came in the last period, played through a driving rain when, after two penalties for North- ine east this season, was iitteriv there will call upon the leaders of here next year as we had this year,' . . . . ls fr0 the flela in,l,nable to hold the sailors in check - - l I'llPT TUn eann I J ,h, movement i u . uul we coum noi organize a league th 8econd period, one in the fourth Igue to include the larger cities of team here next year with the boys an(J then intercepted a pass and nav-the state. j still in the camps, and expect the sup- fl h Srracuse side lines for a Walt for the Boys. port that is needed for such a team. toUchdown -I don't believe that baseball will If you have a good team of local. Th , w constantly in Syra-py in the next year, said Mr. Staley( fellows who put up eome classy base-lcuse territory, . with the exception of i. AiamasinK ine umuumiion ui nav-iDBH Ton win nave met nflironaM, ... .w- . i , , i. , . - - lu - i7 - . snort nerioa in tue nura uuarieri tonisneti kpw T?.nr-nA tv.. when the visitors took the ball to; with Harvard several vn , Michigan's 25-yard line, but at such' Driscoll scored six of the touchdowns an angle tnat ACKiey, me Syracuse i"1"- iu ine creait or Great Iakes tonsiaerea one of the best! western, which placed the ball in the shadow of the goal line, Elton went over. The kick failed. Northwestern husky backs smash ed through the Maroon defense and eree Birch. Head linesman with 'a series of forward passes ard Time of periods 15 minutes, ifter the second i'riscou proved to be one of the best Western players seen on eastern gridirons in some years and easily earred a place with Oliphant, late of the army team, and Maulbetsch, the Michigan plunging back, who as- line. drives Underhill crossed the goalj line twice and Payton, who was an ! outstanding star of the game, wentj over once. Cigrand kicked all three1 goals from touchdowns. Fumbles, were numerous because of the condition of the field and prevented Northwestern from getting a larger score. Of 29 games previously play-; ed Chicago won 20: Northwestern won 6 and three were ties. Lineup: ! CHICAGO NORTHWESTERN Schwab, le le, Scott Halliday. It It, Turner Harris, lg lg, Penfield Swaenson, c c, Mulder McCuaig, rg rg, Deason McGuire, rt rt, McLaughlin Bradley, re re, Zander Tays, qb , qb, Underhill Sears, lhb lhb. Edgren Fouche, hrb rhb, Cigrand Elton, fb fb. Payton Summary: Touchdowns Northwestern, Underhill 2, Payton. Chicago Elton. Goal from touchdown. Northwestern, Cigrand S. Ref- Knlght. my opinion, the leagues. If they want! "Decatur ls not large enough to be successful must wait until at-: support two teams and to put ter tne Doys cm. uoroo ana meneague team nere ana nave a strong quarterback, did not try for a goal. The lineup: Syracuse Michigan . .le, Dunne . . .It, Goetz and kicked five of the six goals. set Late Pace. He was aided materially in these sensational dashes by his teammates. The Great Lakes players started poor- ' ly and did not gain their best form; Ackley, qb.. Bursha, lhb.. Erwig, fb... Kernan, rhb. CAN BE CURED Free Proof To You All I want is your name and address so T can tend you a free trial treatment. I want you just to try this treatment that's all Just try It That i my only argument. Tve been In the Retail Drutj Business for 20 years. 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Alexander, lg lg, Adams until late In the second period, when McKenzie, c c, Vickl UU8LO" Degan to set the pace that Dooley, rg rg, Freeman! finally proved entirely too fast for rt Vnimp.' Ruteers. The collegians led at 14 to 0 Schwarzer.'Ve re, Morrison! Jefore the tars scored, yec onced un- ..lhb, .fb, Steketee .. .rhb. PerrinitlVe and outPla'ed Rutgers in every "cpai Liiiem, ut ine game, wnicn was u",War Work fwid. Summary. Secretary of the Navy Dan'e's, ic- Score by periods: Michigan 0; 6; ctrnpanied by Rear Admiral Vsher, 0; 9 15. Syracuse 0; 0; 0; 0 0. I n itnessed a portion of the contest. Scoring: Michigan, touchdown I which was completed under raoon- Steketee. K't- The lineup: Goals from field, Steketee S RUTGERS GREAT LAKES .Umpires: Durfee, Williams; ref-j-. . . yrzxr,,; Tr- n'ill;ime hiiaH llnocmon " -- ELP SAVE COAL Everyone wants to save coal this winter. The Director of Fuel Conservation says: "The National Fuel Administration realizes that eoal can be saved by the installation of weather strip." There i no surer way to save coal than by equipping your house with HIGGINS ALL METAL WEATHER STRIP C J. (Sandy, Local Agent Phone Main 4908. 1033 West Wood St. i The Oldsmobile is a handsome car a powerful car and an easy rid-ing car Being light in weight it is an economical car to run. A. V. BROWNBACK S'ame.- . Age.. .Post OiSce -State- Street and No.. (Bavlor 'Xeuschafer. ler..le. Keffer (Notre D) Durham, c c, Conrad '(Kalamazoo) Rollins, rg..rg, Jones (Notre Dame) Mount, rt rt. Ttlnrlc InnTc f iohlp-nr, Omaha Balloon School football squad , Breckley. re .re, Halas (Illinois) lost to Camp Grant here today byjBaker qs. .qb, Driscoll (Northw est) the score of 21 to 7. The game was : Kelly, lhb... lhb, Abrahamson (Law) played in mud. Tain falling the Gardner, rhb rhb, Erlckson (St. Olafs) Harvard. CAMP GRANT WINS. OMAHA, Neb., Nov. 16. 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