The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 18, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1896
Page 7
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Into* £he— Von once wtvod thai I *ra6 the stiW- slrine of tot)* life. Sertv yon stay after night. He-Kr— «?hj---i don't e*pect sunshine lifter dark. , my Wfe. toy Wist- as tli6 fift«|;irtt# a* & Hd VlcttttU*fe& ,„ __ and fluify blond hat?, passing II as "Ethel" Sutro and claiming R tfab daughter of Mrs/ theddore I 20 Fifth avenue, wdfked ' a .„ confidence game on Many of [f business houses. Now she has '' appeared and calls herself El- lews, daughter of Henry Clewe, Iftkef, who lives at 9 West Ttoir- Ifth street, fti the shopkeepers ;fae detectives she goes by the '8f Jane Doe, but they'd be glad her under any alias, fhls is .y the game is worked: the lit- ^Indler, always splendidly dress\ frittying' the part to perfection, fe» up in Appropriate carrfage •liveried coachman to some swell • Here she alights, enters the ind begins a charming prattle just leaving college and begin- i enjoy, herself, "1 am Elsie she says, "the daughter of Heh- 'B. Papa's office is dowti at No. jad street." She always refers *, Clews as "papa." Then, hav- jewitthed the shopkeeper by her ras, which are always in charac- Ihe orders some costly trinket and I' directions* for it to be delivered [me exact time at No. 9 West Thir- }urth street. She also manages to | up some trifle, such as a silver tetbook or card case, and have it jged. When the article arrives at [Clews' resldence.Miss "Doe" is seen Cleaving the steps, ostensibly about 0 out. She then offers some good jise to the carrier for taking it her£and if successful marches away 1 the booty. A great many things never gets, of course, and Mr. jirs' home will bo deluged with silks, Ins, furs and trinkets for a week to ie. And at the first of the month will be the biggest lot of bills he saw sent to the banker. Mr. has sent a letter to the chief of je. "She is evidently a professlon- [wlndler," he wrote. "I have but Idaughter, and she ie now travel- fin. Europe with her mother." Delves employed by Broadway firms "Certain that the so-caljed ' Miss : :Ei- Jlews of this year is the Miss Ethel o of last, since <her appearance and imethods are similar. She is rec- |lzed also by a saleswoman ;of H-uy- ' as the same swindler that worked , year. A peculiar feature of Miss e's operations last year was that *iy of the swindled merchants had ir goods returned by express, ac- japanied by an anonymous com- tnication signed "A sorrowing-moth- i' The letter stated that the daugh- §was afflicted with a peculiar mania it impelled her to steal. Whether is a kleptomaniac, degenerate or iply a clever thief there are many Sipkeepers in New York who would It easier if the blond-haired Miss Je, alias Miss Elsie Clews, alias Miss Ihel Sutro, was not at large—Phila- >hia Times. --- .—._,.,„ iso Sin&ll. No city so i From the Ailaaite to the aMKS Iih6m m fellthat is truthful, all that 5s reliable, are attached to the* iiioSt thatakful letters. Shey come to tjrdia E. Pinkhafn, atid tell the bne story of physical salvation gained through the aid of her Vcgeta* bl&Cotnpotihd* The horrors born of displacement or ttlceration of the wombs Backache, bearing-down, tliK/.iness, fear of coming: calamity, distrust of best friends. All, fell—somws and sufferings of the £ast. The famed "Vegetable Compound" bearing the illustrious name, Plnkham, has brought them out of the valley of suffering to that of happiness and usefulness. A million (lolliirs in silver will weigh ii(i,!i<U pounds, or utmost twenty-eight ntid ton*. Honicai'i'krrs' Kxi.'UrMuua. Very low rates will bo made, by the Missouri, Kansas & Texas railway on November 17th, December 1st utid 16th, to the south. For particulars apply to the nearest local iij/eut, or address, H. A.'Cherrler, N. P. A., «10 Maifauette Uldg., Chicago, 111 A Copfr it Art Calender tor 1S9», which rivals the famous "YaM of Hoses 1 ' published by The Companion ft tew years ago, is giteu free to every hew snbserlber to The Companion for 1807. To new subscribers the fmper is nlso sent free froatbetimo the mibForlp- t-eceited till January. ISfli". Thus new subscribers will receive free, ft htuidsomo four-page folding calendftr, lithogrnphed iii twelve colors, The Companion free frfery week to Jannnrv, J89T. nhtl n fnll year to January, 18HS, by sendinR the publishers Sl.tfi, one year's subscription. IttustrateJ prospectus for 180T free. Addrass, The Youth's Companion, 20H Columbus Ave., Bostou, Mass. The romantic gondolas of Venice nre t)oing rapidly displaced by little steamboats. _ _ Don't tobacco Spit or- Smoke Your Life Away- If you wftbt to dtiit, tobaeco using easily and forever, regain lost manhood, be made well, strong, magnetic, full of neW life add vigor, tnko No-To-Bac. the wduder-worker that hiakes weak men strong. Many gnlti ten pounds in ten days. Over 400,000 cured. Buy No-To-Bac from your druggist, who will guarantee ft cure. Booklet imd sample mailed free. Ad. Sterling Rein edy Co., Chicago or New York. Leprosy fli-st appeared on the Hawaiian islands lu 1884. To-day there are about 1 ,'.'00 lepers there, of whom i>UO lire WOlnou.' II OK Clioteru, Orcm. Discovery of Interest lo tloir Unlscrs— The AHlntlti Cliolorn Ciiri", "ginikcr OH." IK found on trial tobuniilnriUlIbiucurofor Hog Cholera. Henu te«liniontKl. MHcnollii, Mlun.. Oct. 1, 181W.-1 hcrotiy certify Mint my Imps took sick with IIOK cholcrit about Sciit. 1st, 1SW. 1 imvo Ouiiker Oil In Hume milk, poured It down thorn mid thoy nil «ot noil in lvi\< or thrco clays. 1 luui one that WHS Hpiiurontly half (load, but Kot well mid Is now well nnri tieiirty. —Victor Anderson. Mipiolla, Minn. Hon t to nnjr address on rc«ol|>l of jirlon, fi. Address Qunkur Medical ASH'II, HI. I'tliil, Minn. One of man's chief enjoyments in a love affair is that ho has found nomooiie at, last who believes everything he says Mlgfel lu&t o! A T* the Battle b! Waterloo thfc great NapoUdtt i Nephritis, • (Inflammation ot the Kidneys). * that tot more than an hour the battle left to his subordinates, with the result that the fortunes of war went against him. Had been known at the time, Napoleon need not have been ill at such a, supreme moment, not his star suffered eclipse. While all cannot be Napoleons, all can be spared the illness which resulted in his downfall* "l-drcc lioiilc, or iiw Myle, (mailer otic, at your . . et., Omaha., Neb., writes: "About four yeat*s ftgo 1 v>tfs taken *itb La&Hpp*. ««d .sflet fecove'flng, I had ft very bad coltgh. I coiighed almost conlilittall* ever Sim*. I tried sevefftl doctors and various eougn teedieittes, but Could not get any relief- YoUr Dr. Kay'sLnhg Bftlut ^asrecommenn- ed to M6 and after taking o&e J^ackflSB thd cough left fne entirely and 1 consider my self Bhtirely eitred. 1 choeft itlly recommend yottr Dr. Kav's Lung B«lm to all who aro in the v ery bad conalflon that 1 w«s -l See advertisement Anthracite coal, from China, is sold In California, ttild is erowHittg out the Pennsylvania product, iittf r«* tVHli tilycci itii-j ilni-. I'urci lihrtpHfl Hniirti «, O. o. Cl«rk Co., N. Haven, «u ami Kuce. t'rfltl Large deposits of wsbostos jmvo beeu found In the Fotris MoltuUins, Carbon coufaty, Wyoming. Cnscnrets stlmuluto liver, kidneys ntxJ bowels. Never Rick on, weaken or ^rlpe. All males who sell pttjiors In the streets of Moscow are compelled to appear in uniform. Fully one-third of tho land In Great Britain IB owned by members of the House of Lords. Every bicyclist in 1'Yaueo must have his name and address ou his wheel, on a metallic plate. __ _^ __ '_ When bilious or costive, eat 'a Cascarot caudy cathartic, cure gtmrnutooil. lOc, 'Joe. Only, the truth which the soul appropriates, gives life.-^Philllpps Brooks. S v£ EU s T T H MISSOURI. The liest fruit Bcctlon irt the West. No rlroiiths. A failure ol crops never linown. Mlldollmatc. ProflUctlvo soil. Abutidttneo «t good pnro wute.r. ,.,',, , For Maps and Circulars civlng full description of tno Kteh Mineral. Fruit and AKrioultu- nn Lands in South West Missouri, write to JOHN M. l'DUl»Y. MunaROrof tho Missouri . Land and Live Stock Company, Ncosho, Newton Co., Missouri. finillll MnliltCurcrt. Kst, Inter). Tliuu§ntulx 11 r 111M cured. Cheapest and brat curd. FRKH Tnui. VI IU III 8tate ,,„„, un, MAHBH, Qillnoy, Mloh. ' fact.' Sfle it. ttie disagreed , fritH WW, be - " he takes a p{ and is hap^y. So is his tile bill he lake* <»AyW**» Moral: Afroid, dys|ifcpsla fay uslag ' * Ayer's , .,"' ;, Cathartic Pills; Ii Oi UldllUCtlU nTruil, ll«;unlii,«Kiliir««li«(», [iiDiiMd»T/8pBcl/iltlf»»U«»i ibuD tvhalml«J>HeMj¥l*i N*»lk|r H««lil«M. lm»H», MI***, rim*, gMWJtH, Urri«e.... I'Krt., HnwlN, Iliumx, MfWh »«»• •llbi UIIM-l'iTMi'i, J««k»»CMrt, Timfkt, AB«)UI l'rp«1l«nit«, In* MIIU, Nlnm, nrllli, f«wnMo»er>, I'nlMi Mllll, twit', UlhM, rnmHbrllrn, llnnil llrli, Kn||W«, ToriU, ' - J-ffJ Hunt , ll.JCnltw* ItWdPltM, t)BW()U«H<, WlMj KfH«, l,Ul««WilV. i'V;,* B.f. H,ll,r., tt.Uhrt. CLHW,,.*«; it, HUtk. ttldtMur, lUtlriMit, PlAlfnrm *"t 1'iiiiirt^p HUilJffl. Sflnirm-riYfUUIoKitonllililH'I'ilwH S«««Jllili»ri » f,.V UKlOAlIO BOAI,E COl. m f w ^ Vfheo «n«w«ntiu nilverttuftttiunu mndly neulfo* ' '/, this Bauer. , ),', ; A COOL' VICTIM. ;ired Unrglnr Tells ot a Unique In cidcnt in His I/ifo, _ think atoout the most curious man >ver met," aaid the retired burglar [the Bostoa Postman, "I met in a in Eastern Connecticut, and I know him either if I should er meet him again, -unless I should Ir him speak. It was so dark where pet 'him that 'I never saw him at all, Sad looked ajmuud the house down- Tirs and actually hadn't seen a thing >rth carrying off, and it wasn't a Vlooking hous* on the outside, eith- I got upstairs and groped about jttle and finally turned into a room ft, was darlier than Egypt. I hadn't more than three steps in this when I heaifd a man say: 'Hello, •e!' •' ... [('Hello,' says I. fiho are you?' said the man, ''bur^?' £And I said yes, I did something in t line occasionally. ..; • ,,'Miserable'business to be in, ain't [ii paid the man. His voice came from Ted over in the corner of the room I knew 'he hadn't even set up, '. T _ I said', Well, Sdunno; I've got Jgupport my family some way,' [/'Well, you've Juet wasted a .night S ".V said J.he man. 'Didn't you see [ything downstairs worth stealing?' ]{, 'And I said no, I hadn't. ",'Well, there's lees upstairs,' says man, and I then 'heard him turn „• and settle down to go to sleep [ain, I'd like to thave gone over there [d kicked him, But I didn't. It was __„ late and I thought, all things jfaBidered, that I might just as wrtl "him have his sleep out." Just tUe Thing. fjpvof. Scribbler told me all I needed "'„„„„.a me to become a novelist wai. Jengage in some Avork that would |}n the imaginatjpn for ft wbjle. Now j^t would you advise me to do?" not apply for a position of kjpg'out a gas company's bills?"- BJjinirtQn Times. ' ' TiilsbMry's Patent Rotary Biscuit Cutter that cuts biscuits »nd cookies at the rate of IQO per minute. ., Jplmson, (llreptor pf tho p.* §Rf FftYjwg ^»d PrinWng, in reptprt, gays that during were in Next week, any progressive Gro eery in your city will give you best Biscuit Cutter in the with a sack of the greatest Flour. You cannot buy this Biscuit Cutter at any price, but YOU can get ONE free next week with a 48-lb. or 96-lb. sack of s You'll get a book with the^flour-read it. The , "Good bread, and how to make it" Use,the flour as we say-~a fifth less than of any other flour. You wilrget better food, more healthful food, and save money, You will know then why Pillsbury's Best feeds the world- why its enormous sale is the marvel of e"*™ 1 ™^ You will never use another flour afte^wsira, AH dealers who sell Pillsbury's Best will have these gutters next week, ' sell toferior low *&SSu#wS&t to W, wUl not They ^ totom.:^ Sr*.±,3» w« ara gi v j»g you a valuable present nest veefeto ™ -" »extVeek-and ^ biscuit outter. Then 399 sad and waiter bread, than any o^er %"-"' IF YOUR GROCER CANNOT SUPPLY SBURY r* tf t ^ M '$4 '€ i*fe S ^

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