The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 18, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1896
Page 5
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rr " *'**"' " " " ' WflS ffPPffttt HtWl"MflfN' J tert l Afif^ClWA.'lhWA - i - :ri ^ 1 ^ a JLJJLXu U JTXTJjJjL* JL/JDI0 •JXLVj/J.iTl JaOi jaJLlvjr vAt^l .cLJ Jb\_7 TT ia-j f^-. *w-r'/> '•> ^^*r-^^^«^ r if^^«p*^^®^pfi^^sg^^ii _ » , »«,<-' ^\.A,^^\-^\^v^^^^f^^^ v f^^^^ff9^^^^^^& Rubber Boots, Arctics, Ov^rslioes, Leggifls, Ovefgaiters, and everything that goes with a first-class shoe store. - .- Fine tepairing.attd shoes made to order at The Cash Boot and Shoe House, Boston Black. BROWNELL & ALLRED, ALGONA, IOWA. WlttWBHAVBSAlQOSSf That is Still a leading 1 ' f rolflotef s Say they Will Get the lleqnif eel Names. Mow a PttsSti May Severs* ttis Actloft if Hft MaS Sighed— tht Press. on the Situation. Special Clothing ?*".'•-.&>i '-'. lest&Cft ATC Gfoeks, Jewelry and Silverware [T REDUCED PRICES UNTIL DEO. 1. E.G.BOWYER ihts to make room for an immense stock of Holiday Goods, and fjyill mark down the price of everything in the store until Dec. i forder to do so. INOW IS THE TIME—the best time you will ever have to se- Jre bargains in choice goods. Everything warranted as repre- fiited. Come early. All goods engraved by hand free of charge. . GK. !L-Boston Block, Algona. We want to Give Away 100'SI^EDS to 100 boys and girls before Christmas; so we .have decided to present each one of our customers whose purchases amount to ten dollars with a handsome boy's or girl's sled. Bring the coupon below and see what we can offer you in the line of cook and heating We have yet a good assortment and are anxious enough to sell. turkey. Ask to see our roaster for the Thanksgiving ^_. FRFF «si rn POMPOM — , 5 10 10, 25 25 50 5555555555 10 10 10 10 25 25 50 10 10 25 25 10 10 --..26 •"^25 - . 50 5 10 10 25 25 50 5 5 10 10 25 25 5 5 10 10 25 25 50 5555 10 ' 10 10 10 25 25 50 O. M. bOXSEE, OAL -HAS TAKEN A BIG TUMBLE. low is a good time to tray, while it is cheap, 't may be higher, E L. f the Northwestern depot, handles all kinds r harfl ana soft coal at prices that are as |eap as anybody's. Also aealel- in tain, Feed, the Northwestern elevator. Orders for /and feed can be left at Wallter B?os,' AU g&g aeltvered. Oome and see me. P. L, SLAG-LE, Manufacturer and dealer in Harness, Saddles, Whips, S2OEES, and all Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes, Repairing neatly and promptly done. I sell OR, JOSEPH HAAS 1 REMEDY FOR HOG CHOIBA, Positively tUe best remedy tor cholera in ftogs or chickens. Oome and see me, at new stand, adjoining Qbyjstepsen's livery bavn. PR, L, A, SHEJJTZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med pines, and pure liquors for medicinal - purposes only. SHEUY & PETTIBONE, Head iStones, Monuments, Nothing; new is to be i-eport^d as to the saloon petitions. Those having them in charge say they will get the required number. A question is being discussed as to how a man who has signed the petitions and has changed his mind can get on record to that effect. Cfth he have his name removed from the petitiott? The law is silent, but provides another method, and it is doubtful if erasure is permissible. In the first place the petitions cannot be got at Until they are filed. After they are filed they are public records and cannot probably be marked or effaced. There are three inethods of defeating a saloon petition. A violation of the law by the saloon keeper is one, refusal of the town council to grant a permit is another, a petition signed by a majority of the voters of the town against it is tlie third. Even if a town petitions for saloons the town council can refuse to grant a license and thus keep them out. The law is as follows: "Whenever any of the conditions of « this act are violated, or whenever the city council or trustees of the incorporated town shall by a majority vote direct it, or whenever there shall be filed with the county auditor a verified petition signed by a majority of the voters of said city, town or county as the case may be, as shown by the last general election, requesting it, then the bar to proceedings shall cease to operate as a bar and persons engaged in liquor selling shall be liable." In all townships where persons have signed saloon petitions and now desire to change, the way is to circulate a remonstrance and secure half the voters of that township. A remonstrance with half the voters, of the county will defeat the petitions oven if they have the 65 per cent, signatures. Saloon Notes. Forest City Summit: It is not expected that the required number of names will be obtained, Swea City Herald: From the looks of things it seems as though the saloon is bound to be resurrected again. Wesley Reporter: Thero are many names on the petition that will be taken off when the petition is filed with the auditor. Emmetsburg Democrat: And now Algonaisto have a saloon. A Mc- Kinleyite will start it. The petition was presented election day and was freely signed. Its wonderful what some people will do for votes. Fort Dodge Times: A counter petition should be circulated to ensure against fraud. Experience has shown that saloon men use any means to carry their end. The mulct law may be unobjectionable in some towns, but it is a signal failure here. Buffalo Center Tribune: If we have a prohibition (?) law why not enforce it? We have those who pretend to be enemies of strong drink right here_ in our town, who are every day patting the demon of intemperance on the back instead of endeavoring to stop it. Estherville Vindicator: • THE UPPER DBS MOINES, opposed to the mulct saloon, finds consolation in the fact that, if Algona is to have a saloon, there Is a possibility of enforcing the requirements of the law to their fullest measure in Kossuth county, The Christian ladies of Elmore have opened a mission house in that village in a building adjoining a saloon, in which song and praise meetings will be held nightly. The object is to provide a place of entertainment for people where they may go and always find a cordial welcome. Emmetsburg Reporter: Kossuth county is agitated as to whether that county is to have the mulct saloon or not, A petition of consent is being circulated and in some parts of the county is meeting with success and in other parts it gets the oold shoulder. Algona seems to be against the idea, Burt Monitor: The Monitor is strongly opposed to saloons. We have no need of them in Burt or anywhere else. The Monitor will do all in its power'to fight any such element. If a petition for saloons is ever circulated in Burt we hope it will meet with a very chilly reception. And we expect it will, too. The saloon movement on election day was quite general. The Traer Star Clipper says: "Petitions for mulct saloops were circulated at every polling >laoe in Tama county on .election day. n Perry 250 voters signed— only half, In Carroll they were snort. In Oneida 80 per cent, were secured. In many townships less than half the names were secured, Much effort is yet necessary to secure the 65 per cent: of the voters of the county, but Henry Jewell of Dysart, who is managing the canvass, thinks he will succeed." The Mason City Gazette says: "The sam e struggle is going on in Butler cpunty under the supervision of Fosselman of Waverjy, There is no doubt but that the wholesalers and manufacturers are footing the costs of the canvass, Se far as the canvass has been made it indicates that the effort will fail, Bailey; Signatures are being so< licited }n Kossuth and Wright counties fpr license to open salpons, we haye. not heard with what success the effort has $5,000 Of men's, boys' and children's suits, overcoats, fur'coats, -pants % vests, underwear, ^ mittens, and caps are on sale at the actual wholesale prices for the next thirty days, offer our entire stock of winter suits and overcoats at wholesale prices for cash for 30 This is no sham sale, but we mean it, as we are overstocked in this litt&^iltitake these to unload, ,We quote you prices on a few of our suits and overco SUITS, BOYS' StTlTS. COATS. KOHN BROTHERS, CHICAGO. "HONOR BRIGHT" CLOTHING. o o M W 2 i/ •H ft) P .O c ui w "s a KOHN BROTHERS. CHICAGO. "HONOR BRIGHT" CLOTHING. O in oo 10 M •0* W 8 •c <u t/ en KOHN BROTHERS. CHICAGO. v> "HONOR BRIGHT" CLOTHING. ':&« All suits, regular price $6.50 to $8.00, sale price $5.75. All overcoats, regular price $14'' to $18, sale price $12.75. All overcoats, regular price $10 to $13.50, sale price $9.00.; All overcoats, regular price $7 to $9, sale price $6.75. All overcoats, regular price $5 to. $6.50, sale price $4.75. Boys! overcoats from 91.00 up. Don't miss this special clothing sale. Come while the assortment is complete. ,' '"v Yours truly, JNO. GOEDERS. ought to be submitted, not 50 signatures could be obtained in the whole county. WANTED: Two boarders. 35t2 MRS. W. H. CLARK. BURNS wants you to see the German heater, for hard or soft coal or wood. He has a few le'ft at very cheap prices. OWING to a seven weeks' siege of typhoid fever Dr. J. WV Quinn has been unable to cover his territory in the optical business. However, he expects to be with us again about Dec. 1. Any work he has done that is not satisfactory will be changed free of charge. Barb Wire. The I. L. Ellwood Mfg. Co.'s genuine barb wire. Galvanized, $2.3Q; painted, $2. I will deliver this wire anywhere in Kossuth. county for 10 cents per 100 extra.—32 .JOHN GROVE. FENCE posts for 5 and 7 cents each at J, A. Hamilton &Co's;-81tf BUY your kid gloves of us. We sell only the best. Geo, L. Galbraith &Co. We want to say a word about . crowned. A few years ago Ipwa, people said tbey did not want Sftlo'ons ai$ the ppen aalpon wenti it wag said utevertp return, but there are many localities where salons • aj-e running under sanction, pf jaw today, an4 there ave, itill plenty o| people who insia| that a ealaon }? a Cheap Excursions West »nd South. On Npv. 17, Deo, 1 and 15, 1896, the Nprthwestern line will sell exoureipn -tickets, with favprable time limits, tP a large number of points in the west and south at very low rates. Fpr tickets and full particulars apply tP agents Chicago & Nprthwestern rail- way,—84t8. A OOLD WINTER OOMINg. Weatliev pjrector Sage TaUes a Hand In at Predictions. Prof. J. R. Sage, director of the Iowa weather and orpp service, .believes, if conditions which have been noticeable for the past six months continue, there will be an early and severe winter. The present storm is in line with the theory, and be thinks winter has arrived about two weeks ahead of schedule time and will prpbably remain, The summer has been wet and Direotpr Sage there has been a marked tendency for storms to trend south. This has brought the cp}d weather further sputh than usual in the fall and is a sign pf a stormy winter. The wet summer and fall have left the grpund moist, which in itself inclines the weather tp much sppw. For these reasons Mr. Sage says he ratljer expects ft oold winter with stprms 'and much enpw, ' Wu can please you as well as ever pp grppe.rteB, M« Z, ffffovii * SON. ON appount pf eiok^ese in my family I desire, to sell my interest in the 41gP< 8$ brick yard, cheap, fpr AasU or will exchange fpr gopd l8,nd. FLOUR All flour might be good flour— but it isn't, always. The good flour that's always good—do you know where to , get that kind? We give you the combination : It's the Daisy Mills Flour. will You know it. Don't some right now. put off doing a wise thing, Try Leuette W. Butler, Administrator J, J, Wilson CURE FOB HEADACHE. As a remedy for all forms of headache Electric Bitters has proved tp be the very best- It effects a permanent cure, and the most dreaded habitual sick headaches yield to its influence, We urge all who are afflicted to procure a bottle and give this remedy a trial. In cases of habitual constipation jjleotrio Blttere cures by giving the needed tone to the bowels, and lew cases long resist the use of this medicine. Try it once. Large bottles only 50 cents at L, A. Sneetz' drug store, 3 THE DISCOVERY SAVED HIS JOT, Mr, G. QaiUeuette, druggist, Beavers- vtlle, 111,, saysi HTO Dr. King's New pis- covery I owe my life, Was taken with &a Grippe and tried all the physiolana fop miles about, but of no avail ana was given UP and told I could not live. Having Pr. King's New Pisopvery in my store T sent for a bottle and began its use and from, the first dose degtw to get better, and aftw using three bottles was UP and about again, Itls worth its weight »$ gold, We WQB't keep stove or house without iM' Get a free trial at Pr, fy A. Sheets 1 drug storfe a The best aalye i^ tte wprW Jor , all «Wn * e !' t 5 r jJ > S a P.MAftfti 8 J SW!bJpp> sfsxm y on. real estate, ]?prr,Qw,er< • g slaewbem at « pep And the expenses of making can be paid at option of the Interest payable, annually unless wise preferred, The loan c»B in whole oy in part at aflylnteregt I am Canin stw pw c<M arge will be made for cheap money, the privile part of his ing interest. ftce over tfee p^stQfjlce, lorn' fare, plus |g, to points eart and Jameatpwn, N, JR., will ba Northern. Pflo^fio Railway, sa NQY, W Mia Deo, I nod It

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