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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Sunday, December 26, 1909
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Di 3CATUR 16 PAGES ERALB, PART ONE PAGES 1 TO 8. -k t t m-w-r I'M a T" DECATUR, ILLINOIS, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1909. NUMBER 82 E ill ABOARD MEXICA SHIP Jake3 Refuge on Gunbcat General Guerrero, It Is Said. DESTINATION IS UNKNOWN Passes From Harbor Under Protection of Mexican Flag. 1IEXICO CITY. Pee. 23 Jose Santos Zcliya. as 11 private citizen, asked and granted an asylum aboard the Mexican tfunkoat General Guerrero, ac-'rdlng to the officials of the depart-njent of foreign relations here tonight, fcoowledse of his ultimate destination 4r of his plans for the immediate (stare was denied, gotli the secretary and sub-secre- tiry of foreign affairs declared that so conflict with the state department ,t Washington was anticipated as a rnult of having permitted Zelaya to f0 oboard the Mexican warship. No official opposition to such a proceeding they asserted, has been made to tit government. The following statement was made: Government (Hre Permission. "Zetoya. took advantage of the presence of Guerrero in Nicaraguan waters asking this government, through oar minister at Managua, for an asylum aboard the Guerrero, and we panted it," said Secretary Mariscat. -Zelava is a private citizen now and lad a perfect right to make the request. At what port he expects to lnd, or whore he intends to go we do not know. According to our advices, the United States vessels which were there could have opposed his embark-Itlon but they made no effort to do 10 The United States government, which Is a prudent government, cannot object to our course and we do not expect it will." Mariscat reiterated the disclaimer of my Intention to take Zelaya aboard when the Guerrero went to Corinto, nd said it was "only within a day or . wo that he asked to be allowed to hoard vessel." Destination I'nknown. ' As to Zelaya's destination both I'ticials claimed ignorance, "lie may sish to land at Salina Cruz and sim- ..... Isthmus to take Warner for foreign port," said Sub- Secretaiy Gamboa. "or no may cuoui . fatiTAnl Ho. OT1 rjr- " onA Cfltch a I -io.e raernc cukui - - steamer for Japan. On the other band h may come to this city which hu the tame right to do as any other city of any nation." American Ship Nearby. MANAGUA. Dec. 2D Ex-President Zelaya has taken himself out of the country and is now aboard a Mexican Kunboat bound for Salina Cruz. Under cover of darkness Thursday morning Zelaya, accompanied by a heavily armed guard, proceeded to Corinto. where the Mexican warship has been lying for several days, close to the United States Cruiser Albany. Other American warships were anchored in the harbor, with marines aboard, awaiting instructions. Protected liy the Mexican Flnx. Zelaya"s coming wsa unheralded, but Hie guard from the Guerrero received Mm and soon he was safe under the protection of the Mexican flag. At 6 "dock in the afternoon the warship weighted anchor and started seaward. A salute of 13 guns was fired from shore and hundreds of soldiers and titiiens waved the former dictator a farewell from the beach. Zelaya stood aione and waved back an answer. He uncovered when abreast the Albany, but the American cruiser made no response. Then he turned again towards the shore, gazinz until out of sight. Shortly before the arrival of Zelaya at Corinto the gunboat Princeton proceeded for San Juan Del Sur. The rumor spread that the Princeton Intended lo watch the Mexican gunboat, but she proceeded directly down the coast. The , report of her arrival at her destina- T 'ion greatly relieved the anxiety of the ielayan adherents. Mnnflfinaiu Relieved. Managuans in general were greatly relieved when they learned that Zelaya 'ad gone and President Madriz has-al-ready begun the promised work of reform. Reports that Madriz intends to 'sign the presidency are unfounded. He announces that he accepted the office after mature consideration of the opportunity to bring- about harmony and peace in Nicaragua. He was also cognizant of the dangers attending his acceptance. He is willing to face the dangers, he savs. in order to save the country. News of Estrada's overwhelming victor at Rama has now reached the arg of everybody, as also has the re-Port that the -revoluntionary forces "HI soon be marching in this direction But Estrada is yet a long distance off. and hope is held that before his men each. the capital a settlement satis- ?ory to all sides will be arranged. Fransico Baca has been appointed jn mister, in place of Irias, who resigned "las has withdrawn from public notice, as he became very unpopular when demonstrations against Zelaya were at 'heir height. A despatch from Hivas Jfys that a man who shouted "viva adriz" was stabbed to death by three oldi.r3, Refuge Entertained. - . Belaya was entertained at luncheon tk Corinto by the late commandant of le port. The euests Included the exican minister and officers of the gunboat Guerrero. The battle of Rama as informally discussed. Zelaya ex- "sea fear that Madriz would be ""able to cope with the situation, as W not a military man. He said the army of the government had been re-"ced to skeletons by the privations io the failure of the new adminls tratl On tn .-. -.4 I .1 1-1 a n'aa the army had surrendered, as a srt loss of life was thus avoided. t 2:30 this afternoon Zelaya was j?-n off on a launch and put aboard Mexican warship, without the "ghtest opposition from American ""Pa. Until the Guerroro steamed away vCoatiaued am Fifth Fage Application of Sermon Almost Helps Tramps But Parents of Little Girl Object to Giving Away Poultry Flock. SAN BERNARDINO, Cal., Dec. 25 A large camp of brakebeam tourists just beyond the city limits is without a usmptuous turkey and chicken feast today only because the prompt action of Mr. and Mrs. George Delaney saved from the pot the entire stock of their poultry farm which has been given te the tramps by their 8 year old daughter. Grace, as a Christmas gift. Grace had just returned from a church service when a tramp wandered up to the door. The sermon had been preached from the text that it Is better to give than to receive. The child put it to the test by presenting the wanderer with her own pet rooster. He promptly sent all the other denizens of the "tincan" camp for Christmas gifts and the little girl continued applying her pastor's text through the medium of her parents' poultry. Just as the last pullet passed into the hands of an unctuously smiling tramp. Mrs. Delaney discovered the little Lady Bountiful. A hurried visit to the camp saved several hundred dollars worth of turkey and chicken from being spitted over the sage brusli and vucca fires of the hungry tramps. DICTED DEPOSED PRESIDENT DIES George Preston Sheldon, Ignorant of Grand Larceny Charge. GREENWICH, Conn., Dec. 25 George Preston Sheldon, deposed president of the Phenix Fire Ins. Co., of Brooklyn, under Indictment for grand larceny in connection with financial Irregularities In the company, died at his home today, ignorant of the fact that detectives were waiting with extradition papers, ready to take him to New York for trial in the event of his recovery. When the company's affairs were arraigned in a statement by the New York insurance department recently, Sheldon lay criclically ill of ptomaine poisoning and the news of his Indictment was withheld from him. He never rallied. Sheldon was president of the Phenix company 21 years prior to his removal recently. The report by the state insurance superintendent declared that tho company, had for years evaded official investigation at Sheldon's dictation, and that by the consent of the directors he had pledged the company's securities for loans. Sums aggregating $250,000 had been loaned, it was charged, to former officers of the state Insurance department. Sheldon, it was further alleged, had withdrawn his salary and used the company's funds in speculation. Sheldon waa 62 years of age. A widow, three daughters and two sons survive him. Fire lioKtroyfi Old Tabernacle. DES MOINES, la., Dec. 25 Fire today destroyed the old Jewish tabernacle, on East Fifth street, used as a mill, and some houses. The fire threatened an entire block of buildings. The loss Is estimated at $60,-000. Thirty men were overcome. WITH ROB SAFE NEW YORK, Deci 25 Burglars, aided by nitroglycerine and a woman, blew open the safe of Wasserman & Bros, clothing dealers, of Brooklyn, today and obtained nearly $1000 in cash and jewelry. They then escaped. Suits of clothes were piled upon the safe to deaden the noise of the explosion. A well-dressed woman accomplice paced up and down the sidewalk outside to warn the robbers of approaching pedestrians. BULLET BARELY MISSES CAIRO EDITOR'S HEAD CAIRO, Dec. 25 Somebody fired a shot last night through a window of the office of The Bulletin, barely missing the head of E. V. Thielecke. editor that paper. The Bulletin has been aggressive in charging graft against the police. No arrests have been made. The Bulletin company tonight offered a reward of $500 for the arrest and conviction of the person who fired upon the edtr. Long Wireless Pickups. HIGHLAND LIGHT, Mass., Dec. 25 Electrician Eason of the navy wireless station states that last evening he picked up a message being flashed from Key West to Cuba, and today caught two messages sent from Colon to "the Cruiser Des Moines at Blue-fields. BRYAN BETTER OFF FOR TRIP MIAMI, Fla.. Dec. 25 Bryan arrived today. On account of his condition he was obliged to cancel the delivery of a lecture tonight but he made a brief talk at the Auditorium-He coughed frequently during the talk. Bryan tomorrow will go to Cuba and thence to Jamaica, where he will join Mrs, Bryan and his daughter. His tour includes ten days at Colon, a trip through Peru, Chile, Argentine. Brazil Venezuela and Porto Rico, returning &wh t Lincoln, May jet. . BURGLARS WOMAN AMERICA PLEADS FOR FAIR TRIAL Russians Indicted for Being Members of Revolutionary Body. SPENT TERMS IN SIBERIA Five Hundred Prominent Citizens ' Here Ask Public Hearing for Them. ST. PETERSBURG. Dec. 25 Nicholas T&chaikovski and Catherine Bresh-kovskaya, charged with being mem; bers of a revolutionary organization, will be tried in February. Copies of the idlctment were served on them today. Premier Stolypin has a petition signed by 500 prominent citizens of New York, Ch'cago, Boston, Philadelphia, "requesting assurance from the premier that Tschaikovsky and Mme. Breshkovskaya will be given an open public trial, "in accordance with the time honored principles of justice in all nations." Both defendants have served long exiles in Siberia. Tschaikovsky, who visited the United States in 1907, pleaded for the cause to which his life is devoted and was arrested on his return to Russia. For some time he has been at liberty on ball owing to a serious breakdown in health. Mme. Breshkovskaya also visited the United States. BANK PRESIDENT TAKES LD7E BY SHOOTING WINTERSET. la., Dec. 25 J. H. Winterode. president of the Citizens' National bank, killed himself today. Ill health is said to be the cause. The janitor and housekeeper left Winter-ode in the bank at noon. A half hour later W. J. Cornell, the cashier, entered and found the president sitting at his desk, with a bullet hole through his temple. He is survived by a wife and tlnee children. PASSENGERS FORCED TO STAY OUT ALL NIGHT INDIANOLA. ind., Dec. 25 Seventy-five passengers from Indianola and Winterset were compelled to pass most of last night on a train which stuck In a snow bank seven miles north of Des Moines. They arrived in Des Moines at 8 o'clock this morning. ONE OF THREE WOMEN MAIL CARRIERS KILLED SPARTANBURG, S. C, Dec. 25 Miss Myra Hicks, one of tho three women mail carriers employed by the United States, was fatally injured today b- a train. NEGROES KILLED IN MONEY QUARREL CHICAGO. ec.D 25 Two negroes were murdered by negroes in Chicago today an a quarrel in a billiard hall over money matters. U. S. Cheatham was shot and killed by James Morton. Morton was captured by Assistant State's Attorney Otto B. Schram, who chanced to pass the place at the time of the shooting. Carey LInder was shot and killed by Emmett Turner when tho two quarreled over a card game. Turner escaped. S. J. FLETCHER, BANK OWNER, DIES NASHVILLE. Tenn., Dec. 25 Stoughton J. Flecher, millionaire, owner of the Fletcher national bank of Indianapolis, died today in his country home near Gallatin, northeast of here. Mr. Fletcher for several years had been in bad health. One of his daugh ters is the wife of Booth Tarkington, the author. THREE DIE IN FIRE PERHAPS FOR SPITE CUMBERLAND, M. D., Dec. 25 Michael Malone, Michael MeGraw and Fred Malone, all miners, wera burned to death this morning near Harrison, Va. Patrick Malone and Frederick Dugan, who boarded in the same house, are missing. Officers are working on the clue indicating that the fire started after a Christmas celebration by a man who had been ejected. ASTOR GOLD DINNER SERVICE IS PLATED NEW YORK, Dec. 25 That Mrs. Caroline W. Astor's dinner service, popularly believed to be 18-karat gold, was only plated with ihe precious metal, was the statement made today by August Lambert of the Jewelry firm of Lambert Bros. "Not only do many persons of wealth use imitation pearls and other imitation jewelry," said Mr. Lambert, "but many of their other seemingly priceless possessions are mere shams. For instance, the 'solid gold dinner set' owned by Mrs. Astor was an ordinary silver set plated with gold. We have often repaired pieces of the set for Mrs. Astor, and I can testify to this fact. "Indeed, a dinner set of solid 18-carat gold would not be of much use, because of the softness of the metaL No one using the set could tell the difference. I once sold Mrs. Astor a set of six knives and six forks, all gold-plated. . SERIOUS RIOTING CHRISTMAS EIE Church Disturbance Results in Many Injuries and Arrests. "WASHINGTON, Ind.. Dec. 25 In a riot at the General Baptist church, a mile west of this city last night, W7illis Ellis and Ed Herron were cut on the head by thrown bricks. Toliver Chapel was badly cut. Many women and children who used the windows to escape were injured. Tho injured men -are not expected to live. Claude Holton, Arnold Holton, Chester Turner, Robert Hilton, four others entered the church and began a disturbance. Four policemen, sent to quiet rioters were disarmed. While the officers were gone to town for rein-forcemcnets the disturbers fought among themselves. Women, to protect children, threw them through the windows. The Holtons and Turner were arrested. At another riot at a dance last night 40 people received minor bruises. Twenty arrests were made. ACCUSES WIFE OF Tl NEW YORK, Dec. 25 Jack Gallatin, whose wife recently sued him for a separation, alleging abandonment and non-support, has filed a counter suit for separation on grounds of cruelty. Gallatin's answer was filed In the county clerk's office yesterday. In it he charges his wife with being an excessive drinker and with striking him several times. Mrs. Ida A. Gallatin is the daughter ot Al Adams, the former policy king. She was married to Gallatin in Provi dence. R. I., July 18, 1907. Gallatin sets forth that when they tvere married it was understood be tween them that the wife would pay-all of the household aiid other expenses until he should obtain employment. At her suggestion and expense they went on a trip through Europe, he says, and while they were abroad his wife drank so much that she suffered repeated nervous breakdowns. "While in Europe and since we returned," he alleges, "it was necessary for me to sit up night after night with my wife. For this reason I have been unable to obtain employment and provide for her support." He says that one night In July. 1908, she came aboard their yacht at Shelter Island in a hilarious mood and. after casting aside her outer garments, jumped overboard. She was rescued with great difficulty, Gallatin says, by himself and friends. Immediately afterward, while in the cabin of the yacht, he asserts, she insisted on swimming on the floor of the cabin. When he tried to restrain her from doing so. she hurled a lighted cabin lamp at him. He also alleges that on Jan. 21. 1909. his wile drank to excess at a tea party they attended at the Hotel Prince George. She insisted on dancing a skirt dance on the platform used by the musicians, he says, and when he tried to restrain her, she became violently angry, with the result that she had to be taken to her room. Another time, he says, she wanted to go to the theater clad in a pink tea gown and on several occasions he says she asaulted him. Mark Twain Itegnlna Composure. REDDING, Conn., Dec. 25 The body of Miss Jean Clemens was today taken to Elmira, N. Y.. accompanied by servants. Her father, Mark Twain, recovered his composure today and gave the directions necessary with reference to the removal of his daughter's body. HERALD'S Summary) of the News SUNDAY, Dec. 26, 1099. THE WEATHER FORECAST FOR ILLINOIS: Fair and 4o!tlor Sunday; Monday fair, slightly warmer. LovrI Weather. Local weather rcndinKi for She 24 iKiunt ending; at 7 o'clock Saturday evciiinsr, aa recorded by J. II. Coon-radt, government observer, are an follow: 7 n. m. 20; noon 25; 7 p. m. 19; highest 2S; lowest 19. Herald Want Ads Will Be Found on Page Eight. General. Taft considers whisky question on Christmas. Zelaya flees under protection of Mexico. Americans plead for fair trial of Russians. Bank robberies on wholesale scale feared by controller. Deposed insurance president. Sheldon, dies, not knowing of indictment. Suburban. Hundreds of children enjoy Christmas party in Clinton. Prominent Clarksburg couple observe golden wedding anniversary. City. Train on Decatur-Champaign line fo Illinois Central arrives completely covered with snow, after plowing through huge drifts. "Stump Foot Joe" too dirty to be placed in city jail and is ordered out of city. 6treet car tralfic not so severelj Impaired as was expected. Attorney A. H. Mills makes anothei reply to C. A. W'indle of Merchants & Manufacturers' league. A IM WHOLESALE ROBBING FEARED Controller Murray Says Fake Examiners Are Going the Rounds. WARNING IS SENT OUT Crook Attends Directors' Meeting and Ships Town Suddenly. "WASHINGTON, Dec. 25 Suspicion that a campaign of safe blowing in national banks is being planned on a large scale has entered the mind of lhe controller of the currency. Not Jong ago the controller received a telegram from the National hank of Kenosha, "Wis., inquiring if one P. v. v,. r. Hugui was a regular or special national bank examiner. Controller Hurray replied that . no such man was or ever had been a bank examiner. Correspondence then developed that a man representing himself to be a bank examiner had attended one or two of the directors' meetings, but no opportunity to examine the bank had been given him. The directors became suspicious of the man, who had avoided them at the close of the meeting, on the plea of an injury to his ankle, and on going to his hotel had found that he had decamped without paying his bill. Other Cases Reported. Other recent representations of this kind have been reported and the controller has turned the cases over to the secret service and the department of Justice, with a view to having a thorough investigation made, and the system of crooks broken up. The controller has also advised national banks to use extra precaution in admitting pretended bank examiners to their premises. Every authorized examiner has not only his commision, but a pocket card signed by the controller of the currency, and banks are advised that one or both should be produced where the pretended examiner is not known. Was Tried Two Years Ago. A year or two ago the same game was tried on an extended scale. The operators began in Newark, N. J. Access to one bank was refused the sup posed examiner, but he would have been permitted to count the cash of another had the vault not been closed bv the time lock. On being detected the man and his pals left town and resumed operations jn the western states. The War Department has decided to issue two telescopic rifle sights to each company of infantry and troop of cavalry in the national guard for distri bution among the expert riflemen who will serve as sharpshooters in timo of war. The shipments to Indiana will be made early in the new year. snowpSIs PRESENT DELIVERY CHICAGO. Dec. 25 The snow fall in Chicago since Friday afternoon of five and two-tenths inches caused delay of from two to six hours in trains from the East and West and prevented the delivery of thousands of Christmas gifts. Springfield reported a fall of 13 Inches, the heaviest for December in 21 years. Snow in East. PHILADELPHIA. Dec. 25 The snow is seven inches deep here and 10 Inches in many parts of the state. The Pennsylvania railroad annulled 15 local trains. All through trains are late. T I CI.11..1 NEW YORK. Dec. 25 Whipped by a northeast gale a snowstorm swept New York tonight, covering tne grounu to a Geptn or more man live inciies. street rars and suburban trains were almost stalled. Snows or rains fell tonight almost generally from the Mississippi valley eastward, as far south as Jennessee and North Carolina. dogTnterrupts SPRINGFIELD, Dec. 25 AYhile Ramsey Jeavitt, his family, and several friends, of Athens, were enjoying a Christmas dinner when a mad bull dog dashed into the house. The men fought the dog back and the children and women climbed upon the table. Before I ierson Roll killed the dog with a shotgun the animal bit both Leavitt and Roll. BANKER CELEBRATES UNDER GUARD CHICAGO, Dec. 25 The cup of good cheer was not to be withheld from the Hps of John R. Walsh today. A Christmas tree and all other attributes of festivity was enjoyed at a family reunion at the convicted banker's resi-rence. There were two "guests" present, however, both deputy United fatates marshals. Leopold Marriage Mystery. BRUSSELS, Dec. 25 The Twentieth Century, a government organ, quotes "an authorltive person," confirming the religious marriage of King Leopold on his deathbed and also says that a few days prior to this the Baroness Vaaigh-&n received Holy Communion. Vanderbllt Relative Near Death. MADISON. N. J.. Dec. 25 Oxygen is being used to prolong the life of Hamilton McKTwombley. brother in law of William IC Vanderbllt, who la crlUrally ill with heart trouble. Little a given for recovery., CHRISTMAS 01 Talked to Death By Her Friends Inscription on Mrs. Phillips' Tombstone Says So; Husband Was Peculiar. CARLYLE, ILL, Dec. 25 There is an Inscription on a stone slab at the head of a grave in the Prltchett cemetery near Boulder which reads: "Here lies the first and last wife of Thomas Phillips; talked to death by friends" Phillips was a well educated, but peculiar man. Kind-hearted neighbor women took an interest in his wife and gave Mrs. Phillips much unsolicited advice about housekeeping. The fond husband did not like this little interference in the domestic affairs of his home, but he oflered no objections to the women visitors. After the sumptuous turkey and chicken feast clared that she was "talked to death by friends." Within a few months after Mrs. Phillips was buried neighbors were starled to find the tombstone with, the above strange inscription at the head of her grave. The body of Phillips is buried beside that of his wife... POOR IDE RAPPY New York's Children Fed Bountiful Christmas Dinners by Charity. NEW "FORK, Dec. 25 The feature of New York's Christmas was the free dinners provided for more than a hundred thousand poor. The Salvation Army fed over 25,000 at the GranO Central palace, and also provided a Christmas tree laden with presents to upward of 3000 children. The volunteers of America and other charitable organizations also dispensed bountifully. On the east side the same great crowds who attended the funeral yesterday of "Little Tim" Sullivan, the Tammany alderman, crowded the Sullivan headquarters on the Bowry today, to find "Little Tim's" Christmas dinner provided this year by his cousin, "Big Tim." Seven thousand ate their fill and departed with free pipe tobacco and a ticket for a new pair of shoes. It waa "Little Tim's" last request that this Christmas charity be continued by the Sullivan family Among the jolliest visitors in New York were ten thousands sailors from the Atlantic battleship fieet, anchored in the Hudson. LEADING SYRIAN NOW WANTS MONEY RETURNED "WASHINGTON. Dec. 25 Claiming that there is no further need of effort to prove the right of Syrians to naturalization. Dr. JHistin S. Kirreh has now taken up with the government and state authorities the question of the return to Syrians of money which they contributed for the purpose of proving their rights to become Ameri can citizens. Kirreh claims that the Lnited Syri an Society, an organization m New-York City, received more than $10,000. which was solicited through New iorK publications printed in Arabic, for the alleged purpose of aiding Syrians in fights for citizens. Kirreh has taken steps to have this money returned. ARE IN TROUBLE OPORTO. Portugal, Dec. 23 The Ger man steamer Cintra. from Rotterdam. for Oporto is stranded in tne Kiver Duorobin a most critical position. Two officers and one seaman were saved, but the first officer and four of the crew are still aboard. According to despatches it is feared remainder drowned. The German steamer Nestor is on the rocks at the entrance to the Duoro river, and the British steamer Gason is beached on a bar. The Norwegian steamers Hyvia and Ellida are aground at the entrance to the harbor. KILLED BY TRAIN IN BLINDING STORM SHELBURN. Ind., Dec. 25 Two Hun garian miners were struck and killed by a passenger train on the t,vans- vllle & Terre Haute railroad near hero today. A third man, who was with the others, cannot be found. The three alighted from an inter- urban car lrom Terre Haute and are supposed to have walked along the railroad track, which parallels tne traction railroad. On account of the snowstorm it- is believed they did not see the approaching tiain. Inquiry So Continue. NEW YORK. Dec. 25 The death of ex-President Sheldon will not interfere with the inquiry into the alfairs of the Phenix Fire Ins. Co of Brook lyn. The books of the Chicago office are yet to be examined. EXTENSIVE DAMAGE SPANISH STORM SAN SEBASTIAN. Spain. Dec. 25 Reports ' from the regions devastated by yesterday's storm state that the damage is incalculable. Railroad communication with Portugal is tut off. except by the new Medina Del Campos route. Several bridges were swept away. The. twon of Bepar, at the foot of the GreJos mountains, is isolated. Tw-entyjiUJjages in Leon were lnun- "V MANY STEAMERS CHRISTMAS SPENT ON BIG QUESTION Taft Puts Several Hard Hours in on, "What Whisky." Is EATS TURKEY DINNER Snow. Falls on Winter Holiday but Cold Weather Is Lacking. WASHINGTON. Dec. 25 The turkey gobbler won another victory at tha White House today over rretendra. who fought desperately, but in" vain, to usurp his time-h'Jnored place ia the center of the Presidential Christmas dinner table. The heroic bird died to win his victory, but his escutcheon remains undented. In the Washington zoo lives the possum, ignomlnious'y defeated in his attempt to wrest the White House Christmas honors from the turkey. The STaft Christmas presents were many and varied. All of the children were remembered by Santa Claus and the President himself received remembrances practically from every part of the world. There is a section of the White House cellar which is partitioned off lor the accommodation of presents sent by admiring citizens and this year it was well filled. "What I WlilKkyf President Taft himself did not take mucn or a holiday. He spent several hours at work on the question, "What is wnisKy;- and other matters that have accumulated at the executive offices. The whisky problem was the subject of discussion also In other parts of town today. The big pie baked by the union pie constructors of Newark, to replace the one that mysteriously vanished en route to Washington on Thanksgiving; day, was received at the White House last night and will grace the Presidential table this evening. Some Snorr, Xo M ind. With dawn today came the falling of snow and by the time most of the people in the city were astir the ground was covered to a depth of half an Inch or more. There was no wind and little r-al cold. Vice President and Mrs. Sherman spent the day at their home in Utlca, N. Y. A family gathering was a feature of the day at the home of Secretary Knox, in K street. With Mr. and Mrs. Knox were their sons, Hugh s. ana I'hiiander Chase Knox, Jr., and their daughter, Mrs. J. Tt. Tindle, and her husband, of Valley Forge. " Secretary DlcKi'uson" tooBThia Christ mas ainner on ooarci tne .Mayflower, en route to Porto Rico. Secretary Meyer, who lias been absent on a -hunting trip, hurried home to spend the aay with his family. Secretary and Mrs. MacVeagh. Secretary and Mrs. Ballinger and Attorney General and Mrs. WIckersham celebrated Christmas at their homes in Washington. JURY DECODES THAT HUSBAND KILLED WIFE Child Testifies Father Left Headache Tablets at Their Home. DENVER. Dec. 25 A Coroner's jury investigating the death of Mrs. Josephine Matilda Ehrha:dt last Sunday yesterday decided that she was poisoned and that the poison "appears to have been administered by Theodore Khrhart, Jr.," her husband. Ehrhardt has been under arrest since Sunday night. The Ehrhardts came to Denver recently from Kansas City, where Ehrhardt was a butcher. They had been divorced, but were friendly. Mrs. Ehrhardt having the care of the children and t;e rather frequently visiting them at he r rooms. The principal witness at the Inquest was Lillian Ehrhardt, 7 years old. daughter of the couple, who told ot headache powders left by the father. one of which is alleged to have caused Mrs. Ehrhardt's death. A chemical examination showed that it contained strychnine. The child said that just before her mother became unconscious she accused Ehrhardt of poisoning her. Mrs. Louise Gettinger, alleged to nave been the cause of the couple separating, is being held by the police pending the outcome of the case. WOMAN CATCHES MAN, PURSE IS ROBBED ST. LOUIS, Dec. 25 Mrs. S. A. Trasst of 4448 Chouteau avenue refused t heed the pleadings of a man she captured after two men jostled her at Broadway and Lucas avenue Christmas eve. one of them stealing (6 from her purse. She held the thief's companion until a policeman reached the scene and took him in charge. The man, who is held at the Carr street station, gave his name as John Harris, 21 years old, of 194 South Broadway. There Is no such number. ' While walking along the crowded street with her daughter, Mrs. Traslr collided with two men. She thought the collision an accident until she felt a tug at her purse, which waa suspended at her belt. Looking down she -saw the purse open. She screamed and clutched at the men. catching the companion of the man who had taken her money. The prisoner began pleading: "Please, madam, don't turn me over to the police. I haven't done anything; and my mother will miss me on Christmas." Mrs. Trask refused to release hep hold and in a few moments a policeman arrived and took the man to the station. Mis. Trask gave the police a description ol the man who escaped. NINE CRUSHED IN TROLLEY COLLISION PITTSBURG. Dec 25 Nine persons were crushed and mangled today when an Interurban electric car struck the rear end of another car while rounding a curve two miles from Mt. Pleasant. Seven of the injured are) foreigners. Four of them . will probably die. . , ,

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