The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 18, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1896
Page 1
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**v •: - f? ^>^i^v^p^^M%i i-r-i' •£* -fi^C^^^f ESTABLISHED 186S, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, VOL. e want.. A share of your ; At the store opposite the postoffice. M. Z. Grove & Son. TELEPHONE 19. Just Received... A new line of Novelty )ress Goods, lAll the latest designs ; also a beautiful line of Trimmiiigs. G. L. Galbraith .& Co. CORN CRIBS. 1CORN CRIBS. ftLEX, WHITE, Birch «*» AJisniDcr into •U1LS DANGER LORKS IN KISSING So Says the state Boatd of Health— But They Also Suggest That It Can't fie Stopped. Some Ballot Law * Reforms—Rettiindet of Old fcays—Miscellaneous News of the Ndtthwest. ipoial pnoes on 04^ pi§o©s of up The discussion of the danger of he kiss habit has been opened up n Iowa by an inquiry made of the itate board of health as to its ipinion on this question, which seems o divide the honors of prominence in 'ndiana with .the discussion of the heater high hat. Secretary L. F. Andrews says: "Certainly the state ioard of Iowa is opposed to all kissing an the lips. The board believes it jught to be abolished. But," he idded, " there is no law against a person committing suicide. Stolen rult is the sweetest, you know. Sterilized, or unsterilized, so long as lutnan nature remains as it is, kissing ne's sweetheart will prevail, regard- ess of consequences or the edicts of egislatures or state boards of health. But, seriously, kissing on the lips is a ubject for thoughtful consideration. Many cases are on record where it has esul ted'fatally and our state board las especially declared against it. Nothing is more tempting to kiss than , little babe, 'yet many a one has been iarried to the grave, the victim of diphtheria, communicated by a kiss." He thought mothers ought to refuse all persons who offered to kiss her .Kildren, especially on the lips. He aid: "There may be, but most pre- /entatives do not prevent. Besides, overs can not be supposed to be- per- >etua11y steralized as to lips." He hough that bathing the lips in certain nixtures might prove some safeguard, lowever. He said he realized that it vas hard to talk common sense or to make rules for lovers, who are willing o take any and all risks, but he )elleved that older and more sensible >eople ought to submit themselves to nstruction. The habit of women dssing at the least provocation, he bought, also might be abolished, as leople learn that health is more than sentiment. Some Ballot Law Uoforms. Secretary of State McFarland wants some revisions made in the Iowa voting aw. He is certain the vicious circle on the Australian ballot ought to be abolished and that the election law should be amended in other particulars. 3Le thinks it a reflection on Iowa that we should receive the returns from the entire state of New York days before we received them from townships in our own county. He thinks election lay from noon to 2 p, m. should be a loliday; that the judges should be allowed no discretion, but should be 'equired to close the polls at 4 p. m,, ind that inspectors should be appointed ;o begin counting the votes before the )olls close just as they do in New York. A Reminder of Old Days. The Spirit Lake Beacon recalls an old contest from its flies of 20 years ago: The great fight of the campaign was over the judgeship. J. N, Weaver of Algona was the republican nominee and Lot Thomas, then of Sioux Rapids now of Storm Lake, was out independent. In every county the fight was red hot, and in some quarters exceed- ngly bitter. Weaver carried this county by 15, and he was elected, in the anguage of Al. Adams, "by the grace of God and the assistance of Sac county." Weaver served eight years on the bench, and if he lives, Thomas' service in this capacity will cover sixteen years, Judge OlUvep Offers to Bet. A son of Addison Olliver, the old Ime congressman from this district, is on the bench in the Sioux City district. A motion is being argued for a new trial in a case decided by him. The ground for the motion is that he said .n the hearing of the jurors that "he would bet he could tell just what the verdict of the jury would be." There are affidavits on both sides and a lively contest is on. Getting Even Out of SllverJUes, Congressman Dolliver, accompanied by his wife, departed Friday morning for' Colorado where he has an engage ment to deliver six lectures, The Messenger says: He considers it a provision of a kind providence which enables him to make his campaign expenses out of Colorado, He will be home about Thanksgiving, An Old Ajgonlan In Trouble, The city council of Erometsbwrg sued the bondsmen of D, W, game, ex^olty clerk, for $500, the amount be was short in bis accounts, W, L, Joslyn is off to Sypftmore, JU, for a visit At home, Miss Cora Hibbard was a visitor in Algona. Algopa, sent' no delegate.8 to the »..§P^ a| ^l e "WttBfl; » emtnafy, and Mf'a. Dortahd is visiting n Oskaloosa. They still hold their California ranch and expect to return o the coast some time. Mfs. M. F. Randall. Mrs. A. L. s etersoti ahd Miss Nellie Taylor Ate 11 home from Clinton where they ittended the state Eastern Star meet* ttgr. Mrs. Randall was an officer of he state lodge, and the other two were delegates. Over 600 delegates were )resent, and" our local representatives report a grand reception. Mrs. Peter* on visited her home In Llvermore both going and coming. AMONG THE APVEBMSEBS. Remember Goeders* big clothing ale. Miss Addle Avey is clerking for 3rownell & Allred. Baled hay is worth from $3 to $4. t is not likely to get much higher. W, S« iQpfflBpr fl»sJ family get aper ft TOeftten, m., this 'ed Jiieir bquseJild aj&d. itemed, top 0, BlMUQrtte JB to,88ft trav to Jtow atjr dwtefc M a big clearing out [e warrants all his BoWyer is havln ale until Deo. 1. goods, Taxes are better paid this fall than hey were last. The delinquent list is horter. Doxsee is going to give away 100 leds. The boys should read about it n his advertisement. The Tennant house has a darkey ook, from St. Paul. Ho is a pro- essional in the kitchen. All visitors at the chrisanthemun how can test Langdon & Hudson's teas and coffees. They furnish both. James Taylor left for South Dakota yesterday with a full line of fall cloaks ,nd capes. He will make a ten days rip in that state. Mrs. Lenette Butler was in Ernmets- urg yesterday closing the sale of the Daisy mill. The Algona mill is having more than it can do and is behind on flour orders. Hogs have been up to $3. Yesterday hey dropped to $2.90. The Chicago •eceipts were 64,000 Monday. Cholera s killing lots of hogs- in Kosstith and ,11 over the country. Wheat jumps up and down on the market. It was worth 60 cents in Algona yesterday. Oats are worth l(a)12 cents, corn 14@16 cents, flax 5T, cents, Barley 10 cents. The Standard says there are 300 icres of flax between Gernmnla and Bancroft that are uncut. A dole observer says that not over 20 per cent, of the corn was husked before the snow storm came. The Esthervllle Vindicator says: Algona dealers are advertising dry oak wood for $3.75, delivered. Here ive are compelled to pay from 84 to $5 )er cord for soft wood which is not vorth the sawing, and pay the drayage. No must pay $6 for dry oak wood. Why should the-difference exist? The sign "Algona House" now decorates Pete Christenson's new hotel across the street from THE UPPER DES MOINES office. The building will get a coat of paint yet this fall or in in the spring. The inside is being made as neat and tasty as anyone could wish, and the house was opened to trade resterday. Prosperity omes only to those who help themselves. He who desires health, wealth and happiness must get up and Jiustte. The "good times coming," of which we have had promises, seem tobeabout ;o be realized, but we must all stand boulder to shoulder and assure their oermanenoy Good crops and good prices for wheat and other farm products will put the 'armors in comfortable circumstances and enable them to pay their debts (if -hey have any), buy groceries, cloth- ng, boots and shoes, furniture, fuel, and all the other necessaries and lux uries of life. The merchant wlll'tywy goods, move goods and better goods, if the farmer lells his grain at a fair price and pays his bills promptly, Cash in hand enables the country merchant to buy his wares more cheaply from the city job- }er, and permits him to sell them to iis customers for less money than ever aofore, The farmer holds the 7tey to the coun iry's prosperity. To him we look foi t.he salvation of the republic, He tills the soil, and, with the help of a klnc Providence, produces the results which when coined into money furnish employment to countless wage earners throughout the nation, Ijf is his money which supports all classes of people, rich and poor, and greases the wheel! of commerce all over the world, the dollars as they come into your possession, "A nimble sixpense is better than a slow shilling." Keep the money in circulation, Then there will be no "tight money," no bank failures, no manufactories lying idle t no trusts, no monopolies—nothing, in» deed, but the turning over of an hones' dollar fop the purpose of making an» other honest dollar as a return for the original investment, on the. railroad occasionally-* or often§r™~and visit ypur neighboring towns and watoU the business methods of your friends and acquaintances, Rub yp against the enlightened people o toe period and learn to appreciate th progressive spirit |9f the present age YowQ8R learn something ne,w §veri day; spffletbiug of benejt to yourself your family ftod your associates, and i won't OQSt muoji mpney tQ acquire inforaatiQW. And,, Amity, if you can indwpe any p your ralatiop tQ vifp yeu a, giving tiWt or during the holidays, please wrlfe tbew to tray§ The Ladies «'>;« :>£ the W, C« T, tt» are trying to serve the public byfuraiah-l ng it some of the purest drinks, By attending their , » , f,/ ^ Flower Show x t court house hall you will be treated to the purest there Is '^ o be had in the drink line, . P ure ant * unadulterated, * Langdon & Hudson's Mocha and Java, * pure Jersey. . Langdon & Hudson's May Bud. All noted for their purity and fine flavor. $J <, iV, Langdon & Hudson, j TELEPHONE NO. IS. BEST LAN PS. Lowest Prices. ::: Easiest Terms. Are offered by the Land Department of the Northern Pacific Railway Go, These lands'are either GRAZING, FRUIT, TIMBER, ' i PRAIRIE, or AGRICULTURAL, in such climate and • '. , »" location as you may choose. . •,-.•/ Diversified Surface, Very Richest Soil, Good Markets Prices: Grazing lands from 7$c to $2.50 per acre. Fruit,'"'-' lands from $2.50 to $10 per acre. Timber lands quoted on application for specified tract. Prairie lands from $3 to $8 •., per acre. Agricultural lands from $2.50 to $6 per acre. TERMS TO ACTUAL SETTLERS—TEN YEARS' TIME. One- v tenth cash ; balance in ten equal installments, at 6 per cent, in- , terest. Larger cash payment and earlier maturity if desired. 3STo Better. Investment Possible. Ten years' increase in value will equal first cost. For information as to where, when, and how to purchase, address General Emigration Agent N. P. R. R.,> ST. PA'UL, MI*NN, , WM. H. PHIPPS, Land Commissioner. ";#5 -VJ« DINGLEY, COOK & CO., our sales solicitors, will furnish in- brmation, accompany prospective buyers wishing to examine Northern Pacific lands, and receive applications for their purchase, Apply to them, personally or by letter, at Algona, Iowa. NSURANGE. Also Land, Loau and Collection Buslness,- Offlca over Algona State Bank, Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, RooMord of Robkford, ' Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, , United States Life of New York" ' QEO. M. BAILEY. Foundry and Machine Shop, . >1 f« We do repairing of all kinds. Iron and brass east): Threshing outfits repaired promptl" "* '"— x ~ Bull pinion for Case power, " Shop east of Rutherford House. AND MJNQH COUNTER, Corner o Koasuth County for Meals and lunches served at all hours, OTSTBEB served, in any etele 4e8lreft, Oonfeotioijery, cigars, etc, Bifle e^trwce for ladles, A, W, AfcLSN, PPOPP, Doxsee & poster, , P, HAGGARD. 0.1 1 , Haggard & Peek, Abstracts, ,-! ' * ^ _Jf t' imf^Sf^it^f W^JW^fHF^WI'H' swMfl"^Wpr fl^* - l *• - r> *• * . i i • ^, i jt f " \,i 3iT mm r ww> 3^ ' -* '_ * ! ^ ?" > *, ,'n i

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