The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1896 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1896
Page 10
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$9,99 Gommenmng PEIDAY, HOV, IS, and continuing until Saturday night,-Nor, SI, we will make the ttnpamleiied offer of GUV Stilt or overooat in our store for i&dd. Our stock is full of $15 and $18 suits and overcoats, Ail go for $9»09, You who want a fine suit or overcoat for a little money—here's your chance, Take your choice and choose the best for $9,99, One effort calls fort? another, and for you who do not want to pay the above price we will offer all suits and overcoats under $10,00 at $6,65, At one price or the other you can certainly find something to please you, Make it a point to see us, for such wholesale slaughter in prices is rare. KRAFT CLOTHING CO., ALGONA, IOWA. APPLES. •**• APPLES. I am headquarters for apples of all kinds. Have plenty on hand and A Carload More On the Way. Block. James Patterson. PROFESSIONAL. ~**^****-*^^+^*+*~^**^++s^^~*^^s^s+^i~t. CLARKE & COHENOUR, . ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ' ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. • DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowies' new building. SULLIVAN & MoMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxie-Fereiuson bljok. E. V. S WETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. J. 0. RAYMOND. , ERNEST C. RAYMOND RAYMOND & RAYMOND, ATTORNE YS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa, F, L. TRIBON, M. D., HomeopatWo. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office and residence In. the' Boston Block, (In the new block.) RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at ...................... 8:55 am No. 0 departs at ...................... 4:01 pm »r r £}, ghts tnat carry passengers— go. 03 departs at ............ ......... 12:05 am No. 71 departs at .................... 6:33pm No. 60 departs at ..................... 8 :20 p m TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at ...................... 10:37 am N °- 4 , departs at ................. ..... 6:33 pm Freights that carry passengers— No. 76 departs at ...... . .............. 8:20pm No. 94 departs at ..................... 2:05pm B. F. HEDEICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South— freight ....... 7:10a m 8:04 am IrlSpm North- Mixed ........ Mixed . ....... 8:OOpm 7:lOa m ...... Freight ..... 11:25 am Pass ....... , S:40pm Mlxed ...... 10:47p m . H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. Dr. Kenefick is in New York City. The mercury got down to four above last night. Dr. McCormack is on the mend in health a little. Andrews Opera company in the Mikado Friday evening. B. W. Haggard is out after a three days' sickness. He was confined to his bed. H, C. MpCOY, M. P., PffYBICIAN AND SURQEON, Office at residence, McGregor street. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, '• Algona, Iowa. as, GLASIER, D. D. s,, DE-NT 1ST, 'Offlcgpyer the State Bank, AJgoaa, jowa. , DENTIST, , v ^ _ , 4. £ ; #I$T, J). D, S, jta-?,J' jf^ocftl anaesthetic joi deadening pain in IV . " gumuwjien extracting twtti. & HAS TAKEN A 616 TUMBLE. _ '.Landis preaches the Thanksgiving sermon at the Congregational church. . The grand military thanksgiving sail is the event in the near future to keep in mind. Algona will be right in with the big cities with her chrisanthemum show. It comes Nov. 19-20. The inside wood work will be put on the Chubb house at once. It is ^complete otherwise. * The Temple Quartette, said to be the nnest concert company on the road, will be here Deo. 1. _ Judge Zuver, a well known former judge in this district, died at Boulder City, Col., Saturday. John Grove has sold two lots at Ho- part to A. Wolf, Like as not Hobart is to have a new hotel, J, W, Wadsworth was notable to get away to attend the national farmers' congress at Indianapolis, Secretary of State MoFartand will go back to Estberville to live as soon as bis terw of office expires. The Andrews company bring 16 people, the same company they played the Pretty Persian with last year, Geo, E, Clarke's grandson is a bouncing ten-pounder and word oome§ Mrs, Ba,rtlett is recovering nicely, J. J, Ryan is still heretical, He says the cold weather was' sent to keep " restored confidence" from spoiling. The Bra company barordered a new Itflt of flrfitnfin'a wgfa Jjj W JJJ C p s j have " nesota young lady, who came down Monday to be married here. Mr. Taylor met her while in Minnesota selling land. The happy couple will make their home for the winter in Lotts Creeif. The Algona Harp orchestra will not make a regular circuit this winter, but will play three evenings a week in the towns neighboring to Algona. That $8 heifer replevin case was before 'Squire Clarke yesterday again, Harry Dodge vs. A. M. Jasperson. The jury disagreed at the first trial. The M. E. ladies' society will serve a chicken pie dinner at Grange hall, Friday, Nov. 13, from 11:30 a. m. 'until all are served. A cordial invitation is extended to all. The dates for the lecture course entertainments are finally set. The Temple Quartette comes Dec. 1, Gunsaulus' lecture Jan. 14, Headley's lecture March 10. The library is constantly growing in usefulness. The number of books given out from Oct. 17 to Nov. 7, being 671. At this rate the annual circulation would be 9,880 volumes. Monday night and yesterday morning fully eight inches of snow fell. It is a widespred storm. Over a foot of snow is reported over South Dakota. It is a remarkable snow fall for this season. Father Schemmel was down from Bancroft Monday. He was a very ardent silver man during the campaign, but seems to accept the result with composure. He says that in Bancroft all but 35 signed the mulct petition. The boys have a hook and ladder team now, an adjunct to the regular fire company. There are 26 of them, with Chas. Rowe, president; Ed. Winkel, secretary; Chris. Kain, treasurer; Lew Weaver, foreman; and Geo. St. John, assistant. , Chrysanthemum show Nov. 19-20. O.ther features of the show will be a bazaar, and in the evening, music and a flower drill by the L. T. L. society. Let everybody come and help to swell the fountain fund to $200. This is for a public drinking fountain. Monday's State Register has an item of interest: Dr. F. E. -V. Shore has received the appointment as eye' and ear surgeon of the Rock Island railroad. Dr. Shore stands very high in the profession in the city and state. Warrants are out for a couple of Sherman township political workers for electioneering within 100 feet of the polling place election day. They will have a hearing before 'Squire Parsons. The electioneering was done in a contest over road supervisor. Lawyer Curtiss went to Estherville Monday to foreclose a mortgage on a piece of Lund land which has 15 fraudulent entries on the abstract. W. L. Joslyn went along as a witness, The case will come on for hearing today and will doubtless be hotly contested. Superintendent Reed is preparing to hold Teachers' Round Table meetings in several different places during the winter. He has already issued a call for the initial one to be ' " Verne Saturday, Nov. 21 meeting will be held at May. THE UPPER DES MOINES neglected last week to note the free oyster supper given by the Irvington ladies to the Algona visitors at the closing 'political meeting. Irvington is not the biggest town in the county, but it can give points on enterprise to a good many of its neighbors, The Northwestern company fail to see the need of an under crossing east of the new school house, They claim that the under crossing a block north accommodates all the depot scholars, They would like to have the over crossing east of the school house closed entirely, The play to he given by home talent, "By Wits Outwitted," will be given Friday evening, Deo, JJ. THE UPPER held at Lu. The central Algona* next evening. Ed. Andrews made his reputation as lord high executioner. G. G. Manley of Hurt, an old-time resident, is under arrest charged with larceny of $200. He gave bonds and will appear before 'Squire Clarice today for a hearing. He has been for some time selling buggies for Bradley & Nicoulin in Minnesota and in some way has been unable to make his accounts figure out, at least that is the charge. He is short $200 that he does not account for. Elwood Paxson made a new record for himself on election day in the corn field. He is J. O. Paxson's 18 year old son, who did a pretty good job of husking last fall. But this year he steps up among the swift men. As he couldn't vote he decided to help in restoring business by an extra effort at the corn, and cribbed 98 bushels in 10 hours and 15 minutes. He set out to make it an even 100 bushels but fell a little short. There are lots of men who would hate to have to do half as well. W. K. Ferguson is starting to make his farm east of the Milwaukee depot a breeding place for Red Polled cattle. He has eight full bloods now and will enlarge the herd as rapidly as he can. He believes that Red Polled cattle are the all around general purpose stock for. this country. He has over 100 head of cattle on his farm, and rents the A. A. Call pasture south of the river in the summer. Cattle are what have money in them this year. Cards have been received announcing the wedding of Rev. John W. Innes and Miss Sara Josephine Reynolds at Canonsburg, Pa., Nov. 4. No further report can be given at this time. The cards announced, "At Home," Dec. 1, and Rev. Innes' friends do not expect him before the last of the month. While in Algona he has created a very favorable - impression, and has the good wishes of everybody for the future happiness of himself and bride. E. P. McElroy has occupied his pulpit one Sunday. No regular services are provided for. The Koehne lectures have drawn big audiences during the week, and almost universal praise is the popular expression. Mr. Koehne is a scholar, and an entertaining talker. He covered the whole field of the rise and growth of the Christian church in his course, bringing to each topic breadth of view and careful study. The lecture Monday evening was the only one at which admittance was charged. He had a full house and netted $95, which speaks for his success in drawing and holding audiences. Many speak of these lectures as the best Algona has had. Rev, Landis was in Humboldt last week to meet with the committee having in charge the locating of permanent grounds for the annual Baptist Sunday school gathering. Iowa Falls made a proposition to deed seven acres of ground and erect an auditorium, and as that was better than Humboldt would do, the Iowa Falls offer Kossuth County State Bank, Deposits received, money loaned foreign and domestic exchange buslaess WJl. H. INGHAJI, President; J. B. JOKES, Vice President; LEWIS H. SMITH aSmit11 ' J ' B ' J ° neS ' T ' Achilles, First National Bank of Algona. CAPITAL...; ............ .. ... ......... $50,000 AMBROSE A. (/ALL .............. ..President I W1I K FFROiraniv D. H. HUTCHINS . ............. Vice President I 0. D. SB11TT™ 8 ™: '. \ \\ [ \ \ \ \ \ \'J Philip Dorweiler, F. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. rates to parties furnishing first-class security. Algona State Bank. Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, 0. 0. Ohubb, Vice Prest!, Thos. H. Lantrv, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbraith, . Fred. M. Miller. Myron Schenclc, Thos. F. Cooke. CASH CAPITAL, 850,000. General Banking. < PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAVLta. ^"Interest paid on time deposits. GKE3O. CL Six per cent Interest on Time Deposits for money left three months or more. Money always on hand to loan on first mortgages, second mortgages, and good collaterals. Notes bought. The Algona Deposit & Loan Assn. i*n GUARANTEE Call at offices for particulars. ALGONA, IOWA. . Offices over Algona State Bank PER CENT, interest oasr TIME tickets, with favorable time limits, to a large number., of points in the west and south at very low rates. For tickets and full particulars apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern rail- way.—34t3.__ GET your wood of Hamilton. Cord or stove wood always on hand.-31tf WE can please you as well as ever on groceries. M. Z. GROVE & SON. P. L. SLAG-LE, Manufacturer and dealer in Harness, Saddles, Whips, r "«^T c— — — T Trrr f +•?* 1 W * * *-<*V ,,^_ „._„..,,., had them announced for Nov. Jo, but as that date happened to be Sunday, a change seemed to he necessary, The Harp orchestra will be engaged for the evening, Guy Taylor is having a new live bird gun made by th§ L,, c, Smith company, They made him a tempting offer and he took it, Guy has become prominent enough as a shooter so th&t the gun makers want him to their make of gun, He and Martinson will go to Chicago and enter some of the. pig contests ne«t season and find out bow they ' up with the oraek shots, accepted. These annual gatherings of the Baptists are growing into big meetings. The past summer they held a two weeks' meeting at Humboldt and the Dolliver-Cole debate was a feature of the program. Iowa Falls is beautifully located for such gatherings as is also Humboldt. ON account of sickness in my family I desire to sell my interest in the Algona brick yard, cheap for cash or will exchange for good land, 18 m6 JOHN OSTRUM. BURNS has moved, but his prices on stoves remain low enough for anybody. First door east of the old Grange store. A. Snap for Somebody, House and two lots for sale in west part of Algona. Good cellar, cistern, well, and a lot of nice shrubbery, A small payment only is required down, Inquire at this office.—23 FOR time loans on real estate apply P. [C /tooittlt fl n ., M 4... Cli —!,_ T> 1_ f * " and all Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing neatly and promptly done. I sell DR. JOSEPH HAAS' REMEDY FOR HOG CHOLERA, Positively the best remedy for cholera in hogs or chickens. Come and see me, at new . me an see me, at n adjoining Ohrlstensen's livery barn. Correct Styles ^... Millinery are what you find at Doxsee & Foster, -A.Tostraots, DKeal Estate, aaad. laasairaaa-c©. Office in Geo. 0. Call Building. GET WATER OR NO PAY, The undersigned has a complete Steam Cable Well Drilling Outfit, ana solicits the malting of deep or shallow wells on the terms above stated, D, R, FBAZEE, Millinery Emporium. All of the latest and prettiest things in the market, and trimming strictly up to date. Stock is large. Prices are right. M, P, HAGGAHD, G. F, PEEK at Kossutih. County State WHEN you have land to sell, rent, or trade, list it with Possee 4 Foster. THREE cutters for sale, F, w, MONEY to j Q an OB town property and towns, Thos, F. Oooke,-3itjanl , W ® te^^S,.^ 0 ! >»?««» P^d Net Tailor O. T. oia Flu 'biTualng* H1 dyeing, repatJinf, 1 & QJeSaffigr O, T. DAWSON, 7 tor business in the Special atteptton to I \a, gleaning, HaggardS Peek, [Successors to Jones & Sinlth.l Abstracts, 4 Real Estate, Ai s, Collections, ALGONA, IOWA, W. WHITHAM will establish the m, L, A, Drugs and Medicines, 'Hide and Fur Business . Will also buy rubber A» WBQ prepared to ory'salesoB and at reasonable rates •»» Sa Am one of the SattsfapWon

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