The Daily Journal from Wilmington, North Carolina on January 24, 1867 · Page 1
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The Daily Journal from Wilmington, North Carolina · Page 1

Wilmington, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1867
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' No publication reflecting upon prfrat character will be allowed in oar oolnmns, eiOicr a advertisements or other arise. " No publication made without a reaponai-Lla nam. . .1 Til W" DAILY JOURNAL. WILMINGTON. N. C: TIIURID4Y, JANCART 44, 180T. From De Bow's Review. MEMORIES OF. TUB tVAll. TUB DKVERCE W OCIt'CITIEI. : Well may w sing her lovelinea, 1 his pleasant land of ours, Ilor sunor smile, her golden fruits, And ail her goluon flower. "Tlie merry dance deli(?h' ns not, -Aa in that better time. When oft tn haj'py bands w met, With npirit 1 Km onr clime." . , ' WlIXUK GlLMOBI SIMMS.- . The ieKe and dofence of our great cities were among the mast striking and impres- sive events 01 tno war. , liow ran wo say enougn aDont the tnnlliDg incidents which pertain to tho atory of Richmosd, and which are almost as romantic as tho stories that we read of in the books of tiie Cms ides and of Chivalry. Her maidens striimed themselves of tlioir jewels, and her matrons of their pinto, when the Confederate coffers were at their ebb ; and in every mansion a in every modest dwelling, her devoted women tended the sick and soothed the sorrow of the dying. Wo resided a portion or tho war in her midst, and made frequent vinitft to her afterward, and -never oould Bufliciently extol the ' spirit and devotion wmcn were lound in tue snmo ilegreo no- where else, Wrapped in flames in tho closing hour of .the war, she became but a hideous wrcqk of what Richmond had been. The fate of Wilmington followed close upon that of Fort Fisher, which constitu ted her defence, but not without a. fierce and bloody encounter, and , not until for long years she had furnished by her ship ping, which defied the blockade, inestima ble Hunnlioa to the exhausted Confederacy. 'Charleston there sho stood, piteously rained upon for nearly two years by shot and shell, a charred and crumbling ruin, proudly erect and defiant. . Not suppliant voice was heard. She had braved the lion and was not appollod by his roar. Mother of the revolution, she never disgraced her progeny. As battery after battery fell that had caarded her approaches, new and stron ger ones were reared within. Grimly look ing over the bay and over the ruined city sat namter, a new Gibraltar, guarded by devoted men under Khett or Klliot. who. like the Spartans, literally fought under the shadow of the missiles of death which 'shrouded the sun. The world marveled that amid those ruins s foothold could still be had ; but such was found, and the : for tress which was wrested from the enemy by blows, refused to return until I blows be came of no avail The city's doom had been settled in battle-fields far away. We visited Charleston in those stirring days. An accidental fire had swept the abodes of her grand old .historic personages, and the shot and shell of the foe had crushed and battered down her splen did business quarters, her warehouses and her quays. I rowmng cannon looked out from behind embrasures in her ; beautiful Fast Bay battery ; tho paving stones of her streets had been removed for breastworks, and in the vast domain which stretched from what is called Calhoun street to the battery, no inhabitant was to have been houses were closed and deserted. Or rather broken through and wrecked: nothing visible but an occasional soldier or negro, whilst the angry bolts fell thick and fast What re joicing thronghont all the land of the foe as the unhera'ded ministers of death crushed in upon the devoted city, whilst yet its people reposed in confident security. The idea was expressed by one of their favorite poets : i , m " It oomes like the thief in the gloaming, It come an-i non may foretell Th place of the oomlog the glaring ; They live in a leeplesa spell t That wizens, and withers, and whiten ; It age th young, and the bloom . Of the maiden In aaheaof rosea The swamp angel brood in his gloom. Who weep for the woeful city, I Let him weep for our guilty kind." Vainly she call upon Michael, I (Th wuiu man aeraph waa he ;) For Michael ha fled from hi tower, To th angel over th sea," In the darkest hour it was written by one oi nersons: "iet me vaudat work pro ceed, a no Deuaoi ot. iuictiaei shall vet ring out merry peals for independence, at d - - the state ly mansions of. those who claim " the blood of the llutleges, Middletons and ' Piukneys, shall bang out, blazing lights from the base to attic in honor of the geat eveut" " The viper bites against .ii tt . i .ii a i ..... . a nie. xie na iters diiidht into souaity ana strength. lie shells a city, the people of which have cheerfully conceded it a sacri nee xor freedom, lie connrms mem in their faith. He renders them doubly de voted to the cause. ",Rain my house," ltnin my house," sain a prominent citizen to me uenerai, " but I expect you to defend the lot" No other message came from any quarter. ouittuunu uiu mo une, wuicn mignt uave exhibited the resources of protracted siege, were destined to fall without trial of their strength. Both were taken, as it were, from the rear, and from quarter where . their guns were powerless. The spirit of defi--ance breathed in them both, and would ' have worked miracles had the test been made. j . , ,viuisiwayoiriwuxieM( faUdwJhear4htooaa. i-.'.-lV " city of tLe Crescent ; lost ' in the -'earlier hoars of. the war, and left to suffer all the petty tyrannies of satrap rule. . The days preceding the surrender we spent . ia -her midst What misnlaced confidence 1 They had said at Itichiaond that" New Orleans was impregnable, that no nayy in the world ' could pass its" lorta. The ships came, now-erer. The forts manf ally did their work, bat under cove of the darkness all impedi ment was surmounted. Then went down the mosquito fleet, from which the Confederacy had expected so much, in the en counter with huge .men-of-war. Then! flamed upon her stocks our huge Leviathan which was to threaten even the harbor of New York. Then flamed and smoked the ten thousand cotton bales which lined the quays, and as the exultant fleet steamed np, then evacuated in hot haste, and without a blow, and with the loss of precious " stores and munitions, the luckless confederates ! Now insolent threats of bombardment un less the flacr is lowered, which no citizen will undertake to do. : Now women peti tion the athorities, "Let the flag stand and let the enemy do his worst." Then Butler and Mumford, the bastile, the inquisitorial process, and tho light of the Crescent is quenched! ; ; . . . C f-. -I Wo may be brief in reference to Na&h- Tillo. ! The fate of a fortress on the waters of the Cumberland settled her , own. The fated chieftain, whose star set at Sbiloh, was unable longer with a handful of men whom he had magnified, by his art. to with stand the advance of Uuels boat. Tne Rock City, as she is called, fell an easy prey, au etiorts to recover was impracti cable. The last effort under the impetuous Hood, though skillfully planned, was tar dily executed, and the delay as might have been expected resulted in defeat, and was about the final stroke which ruined the cause of the Confederacy. YICKSBCBa. " The watl ia rent the rains yawn And with to-morrow' earliest Uwn . O'er the diajointed maa shall vault, Th foremost of the Here assault. The bands are ranked." , And Vicksburg fell at last, and thousnds of the brave everywhere, as of some mar- veious event of the days of Chammange, King Arthur, or llichard Cceor-de-Lion heard the story. As the fall of New Or- ai8 tlost 118 h?cot;?1 ? the Mis8if PL' ckburg ftnd Port fl ed wth with them the loss of all that was beyond, and practically divided the Confederacy for ever. The event struck a damper to the hearts of thousands and shook, for the first time, the faith that the success of the cause was predestined. Marvelous pertinacity of defence I Lion in the path of the invader, who, when the works before .New Orleans were carried, congratulated himself, that no serious lm pediment blocked his way to the Ohio I It was the truth but for an hour. ' At the first summons to surrender, almost the sinHe gnn boomed out the answer, "Mississippi- uua UU UUV IV HV' T 11U rt IAS DUtlCilUCl. f JLX1C1J for loner months was pressed the viprorous defense and valorous assault, but the lion's teeth alone were shown..' The rain, of fire and iron was unheeded. Even women and the children forgot their sense ' of danger, as we wefe told in a chronicle of the day: "Amid the screams of mortar and Parrot sheila Unratinif around tbemlas if the very demons had broken loose, these heroic women tren.amed uq. awed. When the enemy endeavored to storm our works, tho anxiety on their part was that we should repel them, and the yj that they evinced on learniuir that we had done so. wore of the most striking nature, and on the day of the engagement with the Cincinnati, a large number congre gated on tue most prominent points or tne city to witness the fiht, regardless of the shells bursting around tncm. ' Surrounded in front and iu rear, and to the right and to the left : exhausted by ceaseless vigils and blows ; with provisions and ammunition well-nigh exhausted, the heroio garrison surrendered at last to nam bers many times their own, on the 4th' of July. 18G3, and such was the admiration evinced by the foe, that as they marched out and grounded arms, no shout of tri amph was uttered each victor seemed to realize for himself " The stern loy which warriors feci In foenien worthy of thoir steel." Well spoke the eloquent Tresoot (in his eulogium upon Elliott) of the claims of the dead Confederates upon the living, and what he said of the heroio Elliott is appli cable to ten thousand others " He was faithful tons in his life let ns he tra to his memory. The cause in which he fought has perished. The great chieitain whose commission he bore is a worn and dying captire ; the flag nn der Which be sorved is lurled and pot away forever : and ovr hia dust in proud triumph floats the Star Hpangled Banner. But if we are ever io iook again upon mat oanner as tue rymooi 01 a common aud re-united conntry, its star must shin kindly upon our dead, and ' it ample fold, a they float over the sea and over th land,' must cast no shadow of shame on th . graves of men like mm." ...... (Concluded. J Greeley's Xectares. Horace lectured in Washington Thursday night. ' In the course of his lecture he said that he thought that Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and the early founders of the gov ernment were responsible for the late war. II they had, with a sense of justice, been as keen to limit the duration of slavery as they were to abolish the slave trade, the late war would have been avoided. On the subject of reconstruction, he said this was a republic, and a true republio can have no subjects, any more than a true republican can have slaves. If you ask what the condition must be for the admission of the late Confederate States, I would say that when a black man, wearing the Federal blue, with a black skin, can. travel through the South with as much impunity as rebels in gray can through the North, I shall believe they are truly fit for recon struction. , , ; - An exchange paper tells the followirg very affecting story : A darkey stood on the banquette bare. brooding over his woes ; sad was his heart and kinky bis hair ; his gizzard feet were exposed to air, and exceedingly seedy his clos. Oh I why did de oues wid de blue i coat come to set dis darkey free ? I waa happy wid Cuffee and Jumbo Jum : wid plenty to eat and pUmty ob rum, and Dinah waa happy wid me. 7 Old massa was good, for when I was sick in mv snuff old cabin nome, ue doctor was seut lor to cure my pain ; x was sheltered from sun, and storm and rain. Oh ! whv did de buro come ? rowciis nieger stands in de crowded streets. wid his clos all tatered" and torn : and no one gives me work to do, nor wittles to eat : 1 uu ua uu m uiue uuesa t pity tlis darJtey forlorn. If massa Would only take me home on de old plantation once more I'd nick da cotton and tend de cane aud never think of freedom again aa I used to did before. The darkey ceased ; the tears from his eyes stoo l on'cheek bone. The sun's hot rays fell on his head, and a hearty wish that he mitrhl "era dead" waa thAloat TIIK rORTIETa COS6BEM. SENATE. . marked "It.;" Conservatives Radical members marked " C." ' COinTECTICtJT. ' KIJTjrKSOTA. James Dixon, o AlexHamsay.r -Pan'l M Norton, e . vrris b erry, r ? ' CAUTOBIOA. Kf HAKP8HIKX. Aaron H Craein, r John Conness, r Cornelius Cole, r ' " Jaa W Patterson, r : SCLAWARK. KZW TOBK. Geo Eead Riddle, o Willard Sanlsbury, c , Edwin D Morgan, r Vacancy. H.LIHOIS. HEW JXE8XT. AG CatteU. r F T Frelinghuysen, r kxvaoa. . Wm M Stewart, r Vacancy. Bichard Yates, r Vacancy. . isdiasa. Tho A Hendricks, c Vacancy. ' IOWA. r ohio. " J ame W Grimes, r iiMjiij r nun, r James Harlan, r John Sherman, r :. . KAK9AS. OBKOOS. Geo H Williams, r Henry W Corbett, r . TZVXaTLTASUf . , . Chas B Buck alow, o ' Vacancy. j BHODX I8LAXD. Vacancy ; . - MKTCCXT. Jame Guthrie, o ' Vacancy. Lott M Morrill, r W P Fessenden, r Wm Sprague, r Henry B Anthony, r TETHZSSEX. VAB8ACHUSETTS. Chaa Sumner, r Henry Wilson, r 'David T Fowler, r J S Patterson, e i XABVLAHD. VBBltOHT. Reverdy Johnson, c :Geo F Edmunds, r vacancy. . Missorai. . John B Henderson, r Justin a Morrill, r wiBooirers. Jaa BDoolittle, c Vacancy. Vacancy. WEST VTBOnilA. Peter G Van Winkle, r MICHIGAN. ' Zachariah Chandler r Jaoeb M Howard, r jWaitman T Wiliey, r HOUHE OF REPRESENTATIVES. HW TOBK. XI&SOURI. 1 Wm A Pile, r 2 C A Newcomb, r 8 Thomas E NoelL o 4 J J Gravelly, r 5 J W McClurg, r 6 RT Van Horn, r 7 Pen F Loan, r 8 J F Benjamin, r 9 G W Anderson, r KICHIOA5. 1 Fer C Beaman, r 2 Chas TJpson, r ' 11 3 Austin Biair, r 4 Thos W Ferry, r 5 B E Trowbridge, r 6 John F Driggs, r MINNESOTA. 1 Wm Windom, r - 2 Ignatius Donnelly r, NEW J KKSEY. 1 William Moore, r " 1 William A Newell, r 3 Chas Hitgreavcs, C 4 John Hifi, r 5 O A Halsey, r NEVADA. ' Delons U Ashley, r onio. 1 Eenj Eggleston, r 2KB Haws, r 3 Robert C Schenck, r 4 Wm Lawrence, r ; 5 Wm H Mnngen, c 6 Reader W Clarke, r 7 Saml Shallabarger, 8 C 8 Hamilton, r 9 Ralph P Buckland, 1 Stephen Taber, c 3 Demas Barnes, c 3 Wm Robinson, o 4 John Fox, e 5 John Morrissey, o 6 Thoa K Stewart, O 7 John W Chanter, c 8 James Brooks, c 9 Fernando Wood, o 10 Wm H Robertson, r 11 Chas H Van Wyck. r l'i John H Kercham, r 13 Thoa Cornell, r 14 J V L Pruyn, c 1.1 J A Griswold, r 15 Orange Ferris, r 17 UTHulburd, r 18 James M Marvin, r ', 19 wm u melds, r 20 A H Laflin, r t 21 Boscoo Conkling, r 22 J C Churchill, r 23 Dennis McCarthy, r 2t T M Pomeroy, r" 25 Wm H Kelsey, r 26 Wm S Lincoln, r 27 Hamilton Ward, r 2H Lewis fctelye, r 20 Burt Van Jfoin, r 30 J M Humphrey, e 31 U Van Acrman, r DELAWARE. John Nicholson, c . Kxntois. INBJudd. r 2 J F Farnisworth, r 3 E B Washburne. r 4 A C Harding, r . 1 5 . (J ingersoll, r 10 James M Ashley, r 6 Burton C Cook, r 7 H P H Bromwoll, r u jonn r tvuson, r 12 P Van Trump, c 13 GW Morgan, c 14 Martin Welker, r 15 Tobias A Plants, r 16 John A Bingham, r 8 Shelby M Cullnm. r 9 Lewis W Boss, c 10 A G Burr, c ' It Sam'l Marshall, c 12 John Baker, r 13 O B Baum, r At large, J A Logan, r 17 Ephraim REekley, r is iuuus r jspaiiiinp, 19 James A Garfield, ORIGON, J D H Henderson, r PENNSYLVANIA. 1. Samuel J Randall. INDIANA. 1 Wm E Niblack, c 2 Michael O Kerr, c SMC Hunter, r 4 V m 8 JJolman, c , 5 Geo W Julian, r 6 John Cnbnrn, r 2 Charles O'Neill, r 3 Leonard Myers, r 4 W D Kelley, r ' 5 Caleb N Taylor, r 6 B Markley Boyer, c 7 John M Broomall, r 8 J Lawrence Getz, o 9 Thaddeus Stevens, x 10 Henry L Cake, r 11 D M Van Anken, c 7 H D Washburne, r 8 Godlove S Orth, i 9 Schuyler Colfax, r 10 Wm Williams, r 11 Jno P C Shanks, r ,1 IOWA. . 1 James F Wilson, r 2 Hiram Price, r 12 Charles Dennison, c 3 Wm B Allison, r -13 Ulysses F Mercur. r 4 W M Loughridge, s 14 Geo F Miller, r G M Dodge, r jl5 A J Goldsbrenner, c Asahel w llubbard, r ie wm rt noontz, r KANSAS. '-'' " Sidney Clark, r i MAINE. John Lynch, r Sidney Parham, r 17 Daniel 8 Morrell, r 18 Ntepncn wuson. r 19 G W Scofield, r 20 Danvin A Finney, r !21 John Covode, r 8 James G Blaine, r 4 John A Peters, r 5 Fred'k A Pike, r 2-2 J K Moorhead, r 23 Thomas Williams, r 24 G V Lawrence, r MASSACHUSETTS. VERMONT. 1. Tho D Eliot, r .2 F E VV.odbiidse, r Luke Poland, r W O Smith, r ' 'wisoonsrx. nalbert K Paiiwt, r 2, Oakes Ame, r 2. 3. 3. Umery iwitcbell, r 4. 5 6. Sam'l Hooper, r Benj F Bntler, r Nat P Banker Geo 8 Bontwell, r John B Baldwin, r 1. 2.. 3. 4. reiij K I lopkins, r .-, Amaea Cobb, r Chas A Eldridge. c 7. 9 W B Wahburne, r 6 Philetus 8awyer, r SCO Washburn, r -r WTST VIBQISIA. 1 C D Hubbard, r '" 2 Benj M Kitchen, T ! 3 Darnel Palsey, r s 10 Henry L Dawes, r MABVLAXD. 1 Hiram McCullongh. c 2 a Archer, c " O E Phelps, e ' ' 4 Francis Thomas, r 5 Frederick Stone, c Connecticut. California. Kentucky, New Hamp shire, Khode Island, and Tennessee, choosing twenty-nine member, are yet to elect. ,- North. Carolina Legislature. Member f the ka;tslvtur of Varth CsurU r na Seaalom 1866 '6T. : I5ATX. 1st district. Pasquotank i and Perquimans, Dr. Bufus K. 8peed 2d district. Camden and Currituck, Wilson D. Ferrebee ' . ' - 3d district. Gates and Chowan, H. Willey 4th district, Tyrrell and Hyde, Jones Speneer 5th district, Northampton, H C Edwards 6th district, Hertford, Jame Barnes 7th district, Bertie. David Outlaw 8th district, Martin and Washington, J E Moore 9th district. Halifax. Mason L Wiearins 10th district. EdKOCombe and Wilson. Henrv T mars f 11th district, Pitt C Perkins! . .. i s 12th district, Beaufort, Isiah Bespass, ., ; .-. 13th district. Craven, Matbias E Manly 14th district. Carteret and Jones. Calvin D, Koonce - ' '" ' ' " . -m'.; . 15th district, Greene and Lenoir, J H Coward 16th district. New Hanover, Ed D Hall , 17th district, Duplin, Isac B Kelly " - -1 18th district. Onslow. Jasper Etheridge ' " 19th district. Bladen. Brunswick and Columbus. Baiter liioyd 20th district, Cumberland and Harnett, Archi- paia siciiean 21t district, Sampson. John O William , 22d district, Wayne, W A Thompson , 23d district, Johnston, Thomas I Snead 1 24th district, Wake, Willie D Jones -35th district, Nash, LN B Battle - 26th district. Franklin, Washington Harriss 27th district. Warren, 9 A Thornton 28th district, Grnville John Bullock 29th district, Person, John W Cunningham - ftJth district, Orange, John Berry ; Slst district, Alamance and Randolph, M. Bobins 32d district. Chatham; R B PaschaQ ? 1 1 a. 33d distriot, Moore and Montgomery, W B Eich ardson . . 3lth district, Bichmond and Robeson, M McRae 35th district, Anson and Union, D A Covington tn oisinct, wuiiiora, A'eier aaams . 37th district, CaswelL Livingston Brown : ,. j 38th district, Rockingham, U Hand - 30th district, Mecklenberg, J H Wilson 40th district. Stanlv and Cabarus " . 4Ut district. Rowan and Davie,. Robert F John ston . . ' - -1 ,.t. 4 Id district. Davidson. J M Leach 43d district. Stokes and Forsyth, J & Matthews 44th district, Ashe, Surry Ac, A C Cowles 45th district, . Iredell, Wilkes .and Alexander, J U nut , 1 47th district, Lincoln, Gaston and Catawba, M L lacuoraie 7 . . . ;.. . 43th district. Rutherford, Polk and Cleaveland 0 L Harriss - 49th distriot, Buncombe, nnderson; Ac.', Uaan ' . ;. ;.. :;,... --:r: st l-i-n t iv. , CStk ijtrioi, Eattoo4, Uaoi ta, JBLova, . , . . . . i house or OOXXONS. ac son, A 4 uargan, w tr &enaau - , i r Ashe and Alleghany,Itobert Gam brill ' -Alexander, Dr J H Carson Alamance, R Y llcAden, A H Boyd ' Beaufort, Henrv Harding, C M Gorham Bertie, Dr P T Henry, J W Beasley . . . , Bladen, J A Richardson . . , Brunswick, D C Allen Buncombe, Montraville Patfon Bnrke, John Soddcrth . . Cabarrus, J M Lone: . .,, ; CaldweU, James C Harper Camden, W G Morrissey Carteiet, J M Perry Casweu, Philip Hodaet, Wm Long Catawba. W P Reinhardt . Chatham. G Moore. & Hav and Thomas W ! Womble Chowan, R D Simpson Cleveland, Geo W Whitfield ; Columbus, Dr J M McGougan Craven. S W Chadwick and A C Latham Cumberland. -W McL McKay and T S Lutterloh Currituck, W Q uranwrry Cherokee - 5' Duplin, T S Kenan and Zach Smith T t Davidson, O F Lowe, Dr J H Sheltou . Davie, J H Clements Edfrecombe and Wilson. Dr J II Baker. J H Woodard . . Franklin, Capt J oseph J Da vis ' : Forsyth, P A Wilson. E B league . Gates. Dr Lei?h Granville, E B Lyon, W Q Jenkine, H Freeman Greene, F H Bountree - Guilford. W B Smith. J T Morehead. Jr.. J8 Houston, , , . ... . Gaston, D A Jenkins . . . Halifax, D C Clark, W A Daniel ' Harnett Dr B O Williams Haywood, Green Garrett Hertford, Dr G C Moore , ; Hyde, Tilman Farrow Henderson and Transylvania, Jas Blythe , . 1 IredelL J A Rosebro, J H Stevenson 1 ! 1 Johnston, Perry Godwin, B R Einnant ' ' ' ; Jones, Jacob F Scott ' . Jackson, Thaddeus D Bryson Lenoir, R F Bright 1 Lincoln, Dr ML Brown Martin, Abner S Williams r McDowell, James Kcal - . i Mecklcnberg, It D Whitley, J M Hutcheson ? Montgomery, Allen Jordan i Moore, William M Black - ' " Macon, W G Crawford ; Madison, N Kelsey Nash, Jonathan M Stone New Hanover, R H Cowan, C W McClammy ' Northampton, R B Peebles, E A Martin Onalow, A J MurriU 'v Orange, W W Guess, S D Umstcd 1 Pasquotank, J B Jones . f tj .. ; Perquimans, Thomas Wilson , , ' Person, W A Bradsher I Pitt, W R WilHams, John Gallowav Randolph. E T Blair, Joel Ash worth : ' Richmond, Peter Mcltae , , : ' Rowan, O G Foard, W H Crawford Robeson, Rory McNair, J A Mc Arthur i Rockingham, J Holdwhy, R B Henderson ' ' Rutherrord and Polk, G W Logan, N Beoggin . Sampson, John Hardin, G W Autry . Stokes, Silas Westmoreland Snrry, Harrison M Wangh ' ', : . ' Stan 1 v, S C Morton ' 4 Tyrell, V W Walker i w ' f Union, Jonathan Trull . . Wake, C J Rogers, J P H Buss, Robt 8 Perry ; Warren, John Jt Tarnbull, T I Jadddins Washington, Charles Latham - Watauga, William Horton Wayne, J H Everett,, G C Garris Wilkes, P Horton, Dr Tyre York . , w Yadkin, TM Vestal Yancey and Mitchell, Mr Williams. Dead. : ' - ' -, U. St Judiciary The Judges of the Supreme Court of the United States are as iollows ; . ; !,-,' Mr Chief Justice Chase, of Ohio Mr Justice Wayne, Georgia Mr Justice Nelson Ncw York I Mr Justice Grier, Pennsylvania Mr Justice Cliflbrd,1 Maine Mr Justice Swayno, Ohio Mr Justice Miher, Iowa . : Mr Justice Davis, Illinois ' Mr Justice Field, California 1 ; Mr Justice Stanabnry, Ohio - Reporter, John W Wallace, Ohio Marshal, D 8 Gooding Clerk. D W Middleton ' ! The Jndtre of the District Court of North Caro lina is G W Brooks. District Attorney, D H Star- duck. : jaarsnai, uamei it uoooioe. Miscellaneous. ERCYIW CUAN0 SUBSTITUTE ! ! ! I BAUGH'S RAW HON K Sop c r-Pho s p hate of Lime MARK. ! v Manufactured under the formula originated in 1354 and patented by ' , , , BAUGH i SONS, vi : . SOLI FBOPBIZTOB8, ,. DELAWARE BITER CHEMICAL WORKS, , rV; . PhUadelphlat, V. .S, A. . ; . , . This old established MANURE is manufactured from Bones that have not been burned or steamed, ana it contains all tneir original organic matter. It is active in its operation, and is a fertilizer of great durability. It doe not exhaust th soil like Peruvian Guano, but on the contrary permanently improve it. . Previous to 1861 it was introduced into the Southern States to considerable extent, and again in tabs, wnere una been used with remarkable success upon s.i-i'-i ! , .! '- , Ctton, Cora, Tebce, ad all Crwpa. L trial will cohvince any planter of it merits. Pamphlet containing .well-known Southern evidence furnished upon application to New York or jrni'aueipma omces. ' ' . sa-Sold bv Dealers in all the rrindpal cities and towns throughout the United States and Brit isn rrovmcea. . . s . B AU O H A SONS, o rv'f . j Sola Manufacturers, . 'f t OiBce, Ho. SO Sowth Delawsvre Avewwc. i'i '-. '.,' :: rgn.ADti.nDA. ':...; --r,'J BATJOH BROTHERS A, CO, , ; f A ) OKVZSAX. VBOLDAU AaXJITS, .... 181 PEABL STREET, NEW YORK. VI ii i'WORTH, A P ASIKL, Agent, -M ! WILNINGTON, N. C. ' - jam 8 u s 86-3m ; DAVENPORT FEMALE COLLEGE, ,:IiENOIR,'N.; C mHE SPRING TERM WILL COMMENCE ON 1 . the 15th of January, 1867, with a roll corps of instructors. ,? ;; - TERMS. Board for twenty week. fi'.r.I.'.ir.i.,... -175 00 Tuition in Englih course.. i. i.... 20 00 (i do. . Ancient and Modern Language, ; ! t . r;,.j, each.,j.-....t.4.,.;.i ,7 50 Masio and use of Instrument, v. ... 23 oc Oil Painting.! . P. i i . . : . i .. . . ,-. 23 00 Drawing and Grecian Painting, each:". SA . 10 00 Incidental fee.-. . . 2 00 . For catalogue-, 'address iM .j s-i s. t, ,., f ,;, ..... Rev. J. R. GRIFFITH. ' .'-'.' , ... vt rt Jan. 5. j. ::?4r2tawlm Spirits Tnrpentine f asks. 100 ? 100 SECOND HXND. ' ' ' r Prime Quality, for sale at reduced prws bv ... ( , . A, H. TASBOKKELE'K. ' -1 ' Hah Wh.rt -Get. 11 '- '.v ?'i -) - -ttf , , ,-,, . ,i Mt IU 1 ' t I II I coaii ivitiiiht. i .r :i f " : " ' li; IIUTBI. PRPKltlrT FOR SALfi t A" XX. nes Have mad a change la mj hast- ness. I offer for sale mv interest as half toart- ner in the C1TX HOTEL, Wilminctou, N. C- Any a soon ana examine lor Ukemseives, as l am ' deter- t 1 mimed to elL ; . FRSDLilCi.- Educational. WARRENT0X FEMALE COLLEGE. ; - ' WARRENTON, N. C. ; Rev. J. B. Soloman. 1 Principals and Professors of Maj. JAa. H. Foots, I Engush, Ancient and mod-! . . - era Languages and Mathematics, i "f-Tf0. ' Matrons. ' 1 Mrs.- Jones, English literature and Math- em a tics. Mrs.. Tatlob, English Literature and Atathmatics and Composition. airs, uiixd, Jriue Arts. Capt. Weiss, Prof, of Music. THE FIRST SESSION OP THIS INSTTTU-! tion will commence on Monday, the ltth day or January, 1867, nnder new auspices, ins trm-i cipala having purchased. the entire grounds and , buildings, are having the latter elegantly refitted ana lurmsiied anew for the reception of pupua. Warrenton is one of the most pleasant towns in North Carolina, noted for its social, religious and i liter ait advantage, accessible bv llaiiroart. pos- Bessuig a healthful climate, surrounded by a weal- j my, rennea ana tnrivini; population. j In its appointments within, both in recard to in- stmction and boarding, they intend to make it take tana with the most respect'' female College of our land. , .! s . Fupila will be allowed to attend such places of worship on Sabbath as their parents or guardians may prescribe. One of the teachers will always aceomDanv Venn ladies to th honse of wiimhin. rupus wm occupy uieir private rooms, wniie preparing men- studies, The Chapel, rarlors. Dinine-room. Recitation room and chambers, are all under tho same roof, neatly carpeted, well ventilated, and thoroughly warmed. --: r Debts cannot be contracted by the pubils with out special permission from parents or guardians. competent instructors will be placed in all the Departments.'"- : Termnver fieMtian of five monit. Tuition in all the higher English Studies, $25 00 Primary Departments, , i . 17 50 Ancient and Modern Languages, each 10 00 Music on Piano. , 25 00 Use of Instrument, ; 3 00 Music on Guitar with use or Instrument, 25 00 Music on Harp with use of Instrument. - 55 00 Painting in Oil Colors, , 20 00 I'ainting in w ater uoiors, 10 00 Drawing, Embroidery, Ac. 1 2100 Board, exclusive of lights and washing, - 75 00 I'atment : une hall in advance, the other half at the close of the Session. , . Pupils must furnish their own towels, and one pair of sheets each, and have their clothes well marked.. ' i - Every room is supplied with a fire place. From two to four young ladies . only, will occupy one room. .- , , ": . . Dec. 4 ' ' ' ' 57 tf n 1 . i Ml . . . 1 . - - - I IVHmintoii Slale and Female Semi- nary, . - ! T OCATED ait the Realdence of 4he late I XJ Dr. Fred. HilL corner of Fourth and Mulberry streets.. , ., . ..,,,,4 G. W. JEWETT, (Associate y.VLi. M. A. JEWETT, f iTihcipals. ' ' Miss E. V, JEWETT, Assistant, and Teacher on the Piano Fort3. Nov. 11 ;.' .r 3l)-tf Mrs. Ransom's Seminary 1WK Koildlnga beln completed, itml the . Teachers having arrived, I have opened my SEMINARY for Girls and young Ladies, near the corner of Orange street, Wilmington, N. C. Everything will be taught which can be desired in tho thorough education of a lady. It will be to the advantage of all that tho pupils be entered as soon as possible." For particulars apply to the Principal. ''.( Owiue to tho scarcity of monev. mv tuition in the higher English Branches will be Seventy-Five uoiurs, ana in the primary department t irty Dollars per year. Other charges as in Circular. . ,-; .. ,. MRS. it. RAMSOAl, - r ' - Principal. . Oct. 9. - 10-tf Mrs, E. A. Gilltcan 'ILIj open her School ' on ' Thursday. October 4th. on Molberrv. between 6th and 6th streets. . . Sept. 29 2 Printing. jx? ac xl ax bc jar or . Of EVERY DESCRIPTION NEATLY -. AKD EXPEDITIOUSLY EXECUTED AT THB JOURNAL OFFICE. PAMPHLETS, RALUtOAD WORK, BLANKS, ' ' CARDS, i :;.. ,.',....- : . . j ' (. ...... from one line visiting Cards to th largest size, in oolora if desired. POSTERS, HANDBILLS, In fact, every kind of Letter Press Printing is ex- ecu ted at the JOURNAL JOB OFFICE. In the same building with the Journal is a com plete ' -; ' lttolndor y And the proprietor, ; Mr. P. IIEIKSBERGER, Will at all time be pleased to receive order in that Une as well as RULING. ' Orders for PRINTING or BINDING received 1ty either the Journal or by Sir. Heinaberger, wi be promptly attended to. : f ! r : t . ; t GREGG'S IMPROVED EXCELSIOR, .BRICK PRESS mHIB powerral and beaattfal Labors X ing Machine will mould 35.000 brick nr dY. nw it. receives the clay in its natural state.' tempers it in working, and makes the finmt PRKHMFD 1 BKICK, as well as the lower grade all of equal l size, and of a quality unsurpassed in beautv andl durability. It will also make superior FIRE BlilCiL. f , . - , . i I Tne value of the machine mn be asrertaiiind rrom tne large profits made by those now run ning. ' : i 4 , ; . . - . t . or Right and Machine, address, i : t i -i KICELHOR BRICK PRKSI CO ' Office 221 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Pa. ' t i . .- - -82-Jm jan,15 A LL FJ3TDS OF JOB WORK il." - , 4 KEATLY EXECUTED Bog -T- J I - '. ATTsuorrics. Mercantile. V: JAXURY 1st, ISG7. O tit ACCOUNTS anavde ont. s We hoy our patrons will call in and pavnp. M. M. KATZ i CO.. ;.;,. ' ,.., - 23 Market Street. 'Jan.l 80-tf GREAT REDUCriON IN ' PRICES 23 ' 23 Blarket St. Market t. M. M. KATZ & CO. "TTTE ARE WEEKLY RECEIVING NEW YV GOODS at the present LOW PRICES and hav also REDUCED the prices of our t ! ... WINTER STOCK consisting of a variety of , , V SILKS, ',' ' POPLINS, ' i: " ;' EMPRESS CLOTHS, MEBINOES, , -. i ... . DELAINES, BOMBAZINES, ALAPACAS, ' . PLAIDS. ! DOMESTICS, LINENS, SHIRTINGS, MILLINERY, . HATS, ' , ' , BONNETS, PLUMES, ' : ; RIBBONS, HAIR NETS AND COILS, READY-MADE CLOTHING, ' ! ' ! BOOTS AND SHOLS. . ' ' NOTIONS, BROADCLOTH, 1 , ' -! . " r ANT-STUFFS, to as LOW RATES as they are sold in New York ; we are determined to make' room for our Spring Stock, , ...; ';,',;., ' M. M. KATZ & CO., 5 23 Market Street. Jan. 1. .-. - r, 80-tf . : Country and City Retailers X riLl And It to their advantage before W baying lsewhor to call and examine our very large and well selected STOCK OF GOODS, whicn we can sell at very low price ; consisting o PRINTS. : DELAINES, MEillNOES, SCOTCH PLAIDS. BLACK and FANCY SILKS, r XATs JS JEliH, ; ;. - . ALAPACAS. ;-. SHEETINGS, SUIUT1NGS, BLANKETS, OAJtPETING Great variety of WOOLEN GOODS and NOTIONS 01 every description. BOOTS, SHOES, GAITERS AND SLIPPERS, I for Men, Ladies and Boys, in endless variel and or superior maae ana tutisn. - ': ' READY MADE CLOTHING :' -.1 ... , ... ' of ever quality, make and finish our own anu facture. , j . .... .... ., BROADCLOTH, CASSIMERES, TWEEDS and Gents Furnishing Goods just received. " HATS, CAPS, TRUNKS AND VALISES, . .. j . . . . , . . . , , . . and every description of Goods required in a Country Store. x These Goods being imported direct from Europe, by ourselves, are offered at lowest prices, and on most accommodating terms, by ' r , ?l v , . SOL. BEAR A BRO., t ' , 18 Market street, Wilmington. Oct. 25. 1 ' 24-tf U A. BAST, .r s ' . .,1 iOHK O. BAXLCX VTilnlntoa Iron and Copper Works HART k BALLET, Pbopbietobs, No. 17, Front Street, below Market, Wllmlngtan, H. C. a. VX7E ARE NOW PREPARED TO FURSIiH, II on short notice, , Brass and Iron Casting, finished and unfinished. -i- -i-t : - - New Machinery made and put np. Old Machinery overhauled. t - All kind of Pattern, Ornamental and Agricul-tturaL : WiH supply Draft of all kings of Machinery and Millwork genarally. TUBPENTLNE AND WHISKY STILLS, AND . . , r COPPER WORK : v , in all its branches. f' u'' , A full supply of Belting, Packing, Hoes, Steam and Water Pipe and Fittings. Machine Bolts, Nut and Rivet, and all other article generally found in a Machine Supply Store. Also a Large tot of Crucible, from No. 85 to 100. and warranted good will dispose of them below Manufacturers' prices. ; Cash on delivery. March 29. . ; , . 154tf PERtTIAIf CCAX0. "tfrfV TOIR, sow laadlsg frena Schooner i uj " wide world," - ' For sale low for cash, by WILLIAM & Jan. 19 1 f . . MURCHISON. 96-2W WASTED. AOOTD,' reliable and tndastrloas White Boy as Heset-nger, Oot wage. Apply early at. " TELEGRAPH Off ICE. jaa 19 . 96-tf JOB PRINTING . TLT EXECUTED at th . ; . r jorTHwALnrFTfTl A LI KIXDfl OV ' i ' -,'-' in'ri i I SLAKZ3 FOR r v ' -r r BKLH AT TTT " ' -.4 Dry Goods, Ac. A. & St H ITT0VER, DEALERS I2C DRY UATS, GOODS, CLOTHING CAPS, BOOTS, SHOES, ta, dc WHOLES ALK AND RETAIL, NO. 15 MARKET ST., WILMINGTON, H. 0. ". ' ; if'T A!n ' . . ;-.) . ; ; . i 1 MARION a IL, B. C. ' As our Mr. A. WITCOVER has established a branch business at No., 91 Warren Street," Nw York, where all the CLOTHING sold by a is manufactured, solely for our own atorea, thereby v ing the first coat on them, if they bad to b pur chased already made. . partie visiting Wilming ton, will find it to their advantage to call on the above named firm, before calling elsewhere, A liberal discount allowed to the trade. FURS! FURS I ! FIRS ! I ! XTTE WILL PAY THE HIGHEST MARKET V V price for all description of FURS. We are constantly making large shipments to . Europe, being agents for the purchase of this material for large manufacturing houses, and are i consequently in a position to pay more liberal pri ces than can be had elsewhere. j -m; s A. A 8. WITCOVER, ... i No, 1$ Market street. Dec. 29 i ' ' 7M-tf ' t t JULES JARED'S : .. 41 EMAIL DE PARIS ' Jfew Beautlfier of the Sklsi. - Tke TZSTIUONULS FBOK QELXBRATSO LADLES 1 ' THIS secret of beautifying th akin being . known only to Messrs.' Jared A Rene, they honorably state that it differs from all other pre-' par at ions. It gives to the most harsh and freckled skin both the textur and color of polished ivory, removing all discolorations, whether appearing; a freckles, tan, morphew, moth, or black worm specks, and is especially euocossfol in smoothing i out th mark left by the small pox. . .. .. The agents of " L'Email do Paris M most "confl-" dently submit to the puUio the earnest endorse ' ments of such distinguished ladies as. - SIGNOBA RISTORI, M'lle FELIC1TA VESTVALL Miss MAGGIE MITCHELL, Mrs. D. P. BOW--EltS. LUCILLE WESTERN, Mdm'e PON 181, Mrs. EMMA WALLER. LITCY BUSHTON, ' ' NOEMIE DE MAUGUERITTES, Miss . . AGNES8 PERRY. , and many others, whose high standing in th pro 4 fession gives the stamp of truthfulnea to tlieir intelligent and genuine approval. The Beautiful Lucille Western ay I find that the " Email " produoes all the brilliancy of rouge and lily-white, with the great and peculiar advantage of total harrolessneas. It re ally add to tne sonness ana boauty of the skin. The Magnificent Vestvali says : I have suffered so much from the various whit lotions, Ac, which my theatrical profession obliges me to use, that I consider it a perfect benefaction to find a preparation which gives the neces sary wmteness to tne elan, and leaves the skin cool and smooth. j L Miss Maggie Mitchell says : 5 l nave tried tne sum beautiner, " 1 Email de Paris," and found that it instantly imparts a natu ral bloom and freshness to the complexion. - jareu s jmau ae fans " is used as a delicate be&ntiiier of the skin for Theatre. Saloon or Ball Room, by the most refined and scrupulous lathes : Jiroducing all tho beautifying effocts of rouge ana illy white, without their vulgar glare or injury to tne skin. -1 , :. ,. , . - Sold by all first class Druggists. Perfumers and Ladies' Hair Dreasors. ! . 1h Isabeau, 822 Broadway ; Demas Barnes & Co., anrl Ii. C Wf.ll .V fin Vt Vnlr mnA rnnAnl " v. i wuh ur v 1 1 .1 A V . B , WUU uUw Jouin, 111 South Tenth street, and Johnston, Hollo way & Cowden, Philadelphia Agents; Sent by mail by addressing ; r ' General Agents and Importers, N. Y. Nov. 24 ' j - - 50 eod-dm . , : . tue . v. .r, ,..t X: A3IERICAN BITTERS! THE GREAT SOUTHERN TONIC, AND THE MOST PALATABLE STOAIACUIO ' , EVKli tSED. FR the cure ofDyapeuala, Disordered Digestion, Flatulency, Sluggish Circulation of the Blood, Bilious Complaints arising from a morbid condition of the Htomach and Bowels. Aa Elegant Tonic in debilitated state of the Digestive Organs, or of the system generally. For the, loss of appetite it is the most wholesome and effectual Tonic in the world.; It strengthens nature and enables the system to triumph over disease.. In wakefulness attended with tremors and general nervous derangement, it i is peculiarly adapted,; giving strength and tone to the nerves. To deli cate Ladies and Children it is invaluable and ia fact whenever a pleasant and agreeable Tonlo ia wanted, tnis should be used. Dr. Johnston B. Jones, oneef the moat scientific and well-known Physician in the Southern State,': testifies to its great value: besides many other who have beea greatly benefited by the use of these Bitters. . . . Prepared and sold by 'J R. B. SAUNDERS, . Manufacturing Chemist I Chapel UUi. N.'O. Bold in Raleigh by ! WILLIAMS HAYWOOD. Wilmington Dec. 25 E. WILLIS. 47 Market street, . 75-lmeod SAUNDERS CATHARTIC AXD ALTERATIVE PILLS. RECOMMKXDED by the best Physician. Purely Vegetable. No Calomel in them.. Never Gripe. Being Coated with Gum Tola are Perfectly Tasteless. ; ' ' For regulating the BoWels, and for the core of Bilious Fever, liilious Headache, Constipation or Coaitiveness, Jaundice, Indigestion. Pits Dyv pepsia, Liver Diseases, Dizziness, loss of Appetite, Hick Headache,' and all diseases where a reliable Cathartic medicine is required. " ? ' .. i Dr. W. P. Mallctt who has no superior as a Pby sician in North Caroliana, has examiued lbs fur mula by which these Pills are made and highly recommends them. i . CoL W. J. Martin, thwt dUUnguiahed Patriot and Professor of Chemistry in the University of North Carolina, ha analyzed them, and certifies that they contain no Mercury or any other mineral constituent whatever, i -".-.. CaU and get a CIRCULAR. Prepared and aold by a. n. oAuavatuL . ' Manufacturing Chemist, ' ' i Chapel Hiu, H.C . . Sold in Raleigh by i WILLIAMS A HAYWOOD.; . Wiilmington: E. WILLIS, . 47 Market Street. Dec 25 , 75-lmeod TURPENTINE LINO KM STILL FOR t AAA SKW BOIEI, and on 1ft; 1DU.UUU barrel STILL and FIXTURES,, all in running order. For further particulars, apply to KEITH A KEBCHNER, " - Wilmington, N.O." , ; Deo. 20 ' ; :; 4 - - 71-tf ; Tarboro' Southerner, Wilson Carolinian, Faw etteville News, Golds boro' News, copy three Umes and send bill to this office for collection, immediately. 5 s - . - j . -.;. t. JII)MIXISTRAT0R8 NOTICE. riVIK tnbacrlber having qnalifled a A-' ' JL ministrator de bonU turn, upon the estate of bamuel J. Beery, deceased, at th Septembe. i it xtanovar oounty Court, hereb; uvauiv u pi ub naving oiaims tgainat nia e-tate to present the same within th tiro prescribe'' by law, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of a . recovery. , ' All persons Indebted to the estate of his into tat, ace reqnested to make immediat payment 1 :.r , , , - JAMES B. MoPHERSON, - ' Adjaiautrator 4t boitit -

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