The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1896
Page 5
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' ll Tile largest stove plant in the wdrl<T most coinpetetit stove designers and makers—'the b< stove Materials obtainable-^--this tells AND :1 Stoves and Ranges^ t have the lead ^ comfort, < venience and cleanli* ttess are Considered of paramount importance, Look- for the trade mark shown here-> with. MtJTfl HAS 4,85B VOTES, in fiieels of fi*pectfttioiis--This Shotild Give the Cotittty a JPof •* illation (Sf 25,000, Majority in th* District Abotit 14,000—Congressional Vote in the State—Political Notes. URGESTSTOVEPLAflNTliEWORLD Jewel Stoves are sold by O. M. DOXSBE. HARDWARE, ALQONA. WE SELL THE GENUINE Nf\Q PROOF" RUBBER BOOTS THE BEST Rubber Boot made. Don't be deceived by poor imitations. There is only one "Snag Proof" boot made, and we are the only ones who sell them in Algona. l The Cash Boot and Shoe House, BROWNELL & ALLRED, No. 16 East State St. ALGONA, IOWA. The most notable feature of .the election in Kossuth is the gain in the nutn* ber of votes. Before the polls closed there were ttany estimates that the total would reach 4,000) but ho otto predicted much above that, arid rnafiy ex* pected less, Ho one was prepared fof over 4,800. At the usual estimate of five to a voter this would give the county a'population of nearly 26,000 people. The estimate will not hold good. But at four to the voter we would have nearly 19,000. The truth doubtless lies between. The following comparison of the total vote of each precinct with that of last year shows where the big gains have been made, and shows also how impossible it was to figure accurately on the outcome: 1800. First ward.. 155 Second ward 104 Thirdward U* Fourth ward !*)?, Burt 200 Buffalo 110 Oresco i«J* Eagle §8 Fenton 120 Greenwood.. • Joo German • "* Gnrfleld 10? Ledyard Ig* Grant ?* Hebron 70 Harrison 10* Irvlngton Ip." Lotts Creelt 1£5 Qermanlft 120 LuVerne Ig^ Lincoln {« Portland 1-18 Plum Creek 1^1 Prairie J*» Ramsey }ig Blyerdale l^j Seneca 1*5 Swea 10° Sherman iJg Kf e ! d :;:::::::::::::::::: J8 Wesley 204 Whittemore 254 Special Clothing $5,000 - LTS THE-MULCT HAS WON Pharlie Stewart Gives It Out That the Petition Has 70 to 80 per cent. in the County. |Algona Canvass Not Yet Completed—A Synopsis of the Mulct Law—Can- Notes on a Wet Subject. THE UPPER DES Momss is unable to |get exact information as to the saloon Ipetitions. Charlie Stewart, who is fchief promoter in Algona, says the fcounty thus far has gone for saloons by ffrom 70 per cent. up. The average is Ibetween 40 per cent, and 90. But iCharlie does not give out official sta- ttistics and as the petitions are in the fhands of the promoters of the project Ino one else knows exactly bow they tare being signed. The saloon men, fhdwever, claim 72 per cent, which is lore than enough. They say the cir- fculating will be completed -in 15 days fjuid that there is no question as to the fresult. In Algona the petitions have been fhandled very gingerly. In fact but ffew seem to have seen them. And yet faix men are said to have been circulat- ling them, and some claim that Algona "'' ". give the required per cent. The flaw is that if the county us a whole Igives 65 per cent, saloons may go into {incorporated towns where half the f voters sign. Many in Algona. will be Egoverned by what other townships do I if they can find out. .If" Gresco and Jlrvington give 50 per cent, then in lease the petitions are sufficient Sexton jlfand IJobart could incorporate and have isaloons. Twenty-five voters can in- loorporate with the consent of court. I it is believed by those opposed to sa- jloons that the required 65 peg cent. I cannot be obtained. THE UPPER DES 1 MoiNES shares in that belief* It does § not believe that readily as people.often Isign petitions they will sjgn for saloons • again in Kossuth. Reports come from many townships where the petition got a black eye. But no one can know definitely until the petitions are filed, In Diokinspn county this same scheme of circulating petitions at the polls was adopted. The result is not known. No other cpunties are heard from where this was tried, ' SYNOPSIS OF THE MUI^OT LAW. Many have forgotten what tbe mulct law is. The chief sections are as fol- !' IPWS in outline: . A tax of $600 shall be assessed against |>,all liquor sellers except registered tpha^mapieta,-which is a Uen on all I prpi?)rtyj?eal and personal used i» the "v Business, > The assessor shall • report all such 'sellers, the tax shall be cpUeoted by i county treasurer, it shall be divided J equally between the county and the I tpwn where tbe liquor i* sold. Ill is I'payable semi'annuaUy. I Liquor seller! must have consent - from the pity council and. consent of t all property owners within 50 feet of [the'saloon, He must put up a bond of ! Tbe sajpon jjWt fcave ppe rppin, wjtb ,paly oae dopr, no spreees at tbe 4pws, no chairs, »o gambliag *™ f pool tables, njusip, ppr any . ,f * jj p V p me n sbaj} b§ enj; 1805. ill 142 108 147 108 00 01 35 01 244 38 55 Of men's, boys'and children's suits, overcoats, fuf coats, jSaiits, Vests, mittens, arid caps are on sale at the actual wholesale prices for the next thirty day!, offer our entire stock of winter suits and overcoats at wholesale prices fdf cash for £6 day§» This is no sham sale, but we mean it, as we are overstocked in this line and take these-Ste^S to unload. We quote you prices on a few of our suits and overcoatsi \' SUITS, BOYS' SUITS, OVERCOATS, take a second thought they never would have put their names down. They declared when the proper time came they would have their names stricken off. One of the lowest pieces of business of which the whiskey element here was guilty was in tearing down the notices the committee of the Y. M. 0. A. of Algona sent out, entitled "Give Us Fair Play," which were posted up in the morning where the voting was held. But more of them were put up and. the whiskey element given to understand that if any more were torn down they-would get the full extent of the law. The notices had a good effect and kept many from signing who perhaps would have put their names on the list before they had given the matter thought. ' We have been unable to learn just how many signed it, but have been informed indirectly that *h Q y £°* the 65 per cent, required. A. S.'White has the matter in hand in circulating the petition. We don't believe it would be to the best interest of the town to hare nn open saloon, but if we have to have ono we are qaite sure of one thing, it will be run according to law if there is such a thing as enforcing the law in Kossuth county, and we believe there is * possibility of doing that. SALOON PETITION NOTES. Ledyard gfeve the saloon a small vote. Germanla went 79 per cent, for saloons. In Prairie 116 out of 122 signed the petition. Corwith Hustler: The Y. M. C. A. of Algona is leading the fight against it. Good for the Algona Y. M. C. A. In Whittemore, Swea City, and Wesley the petitions have not fared well. LuVerne is said to have • given more than the required per cent. Estherville Vindicator: It is not probable a sufficient number of signers were secured, for the people of Kossuth, and especially of Algona, seem to be opposed to the saloon. Bancroft Register: In Greenwood 269 names were secured, over the necessary per cent, of the 858 voters regis* tered at the polls, Public sentiment is, of course, divided oh the subject of returning the saloon, but judging by the name* on the local petition, the day has gone by when it is safe to call debauchees, drunkards, «nd saloon bums those who aBk for the return of the legalized saloon, Wesley Reporter: The movement, we understand, has been developing for some time and that a county seat attorney is fathering the scheme. In order to make U win, 65 per cent, of Total 4.853 3,108 The Palmer vote was very light in the county, in all only 50. The German townships where Bryan was badly cut gave their support to McKinley direct. Following are the Palmer votes: Lotts Greek ...3 LuVerne ..1 First ward. Second ward 7 Fourth ward. Burt... Cresoo. Eagle. 8 Portland ..3 Fenton 2 Greenwood 6 Prairie 2 Ramsay 1 Blrerdale 2 Sherman...., 2 Wesley 3 Union 1 Seneca ..1 Garfleld. Grant Ledyard Last year the prohibitionists got 32 votes in Kossuth, this year they drop to 16. Their votes were scattered as follows: Harrison ..3 2 LuVerne 1 Wesley .:.... 3 Whittemore..,. ... . ..1 Swea 3 First ward Fourth ward.... Greenwood 1 Garfleld 1 Ledyard 2 IrTlngton .....'. 1 Bryan got a larger vote than McKinley in only nine precincts of the 83. His plurality in the following townships was as follows: KOHN BROTHERS. OHICAGO. "HONOR BRIGHT" CLOTHING, £-3 C/] KOHN BROTHERS. OHIOAQO. "HONOR BRIGHT" CLOTHING. 00 AO w KOHN BROTHERS. CHICAGO. ^ "•HONOR BRIGHT" CLOTHING. 'VI All suits, regular price $6.50 to $8.00, sale price $5.75. All overcoats, regular price $14 to $18, sale price $12.75. All overcoats, regular price $10 to $13.50, sale price $9.00. All overcoats, regular price $7 to $9, sale price $6.75. All overcoats, regular price $5 to $6.50, sale price $4.75. Boys' overcoats from #1.00 up. Don't miss this special clothing sale. Come while the assortment is complete. Eagle... Fenton. Greenwood 17 Garfleld. .Prairie 70 2 Ramsey ^ 8 Rlverdale 42 Sherman 5 * Yours truly, JNO. GOEDERS. the voters must sign it, Our exalted opinion of the superior intelligence and ligh moral qualities of the citizens of of county is such that we do not Delieve tbe necessary number can be secured. -. . The I, l>, Ellwood Mfg. Co.'s genuine barb wire. Galvanized, $8.30; painted, $3, I will deliver this wire anywhere In Kossuth coupty 'fpr JO cents per 100 extra.—82 JogW " Highest Awar4wl Fair, Lotts Creek.... ....30 The smallest democratic vote was in Hebron, 7, and in Lincoln, 8. Dolliver was ahead of McKinley in the county 43 votes. Iowa's Congressional Districts. Every Iowa congressman, and they are all republicans, is returned to congress by fine majorities in each case. Below are the members of the Iowa delegation which will co-operate with President MoKinley in the next congress, and the majorities, approximately, which they have : First-S. M. Clark Seoond-G. M. Curtis .................... .32#5 Fhlrfl—D. B. Henderson ................ 10,703 Fourth— Thomas Updegratt ........... . ",S41 FIrth-R. G. Cousins...... ............... 5,763 Slxtli-J. F. Lacey ........ ............... 1,370 SeTenth-J, A. T. Bull ............ ....... 8,331 Eighth— W. P. Hepburn ................. „ 749 Nlnth-A, L. Hager. .................. --,§'122 Tenth-J. P. Dolliver .................... 1 2'§22 Eleventh— George Perkins. . , . .......... ",388 Total ...... •. ...... '........ ..... ....59,337 Another Delayer Story. The State Register vouches for the following : In one of his meetings he was much annoyed by an ignorant bully who kept saying, "That's a d— d lie," Naturally that disconcerted Mr. Dolliver very much, At the end of every climax came the same positive denial of its truthfulness. The audience wanted to put the man out by force. But Mr. Dolliver asked them not io do so. Finally he stopped in his speech and begged to be excused for a moment. He stepped down from the platform and presented himself in front of the offender. He said quietly, but positively : "My friend, there is room for only one of us in this tent, Either you or I must get out. Which shall it be? I tbift I shall stay, I will give you just so many minutes to make up your miqd to leave." After waiting a few moments, the disturber said he'd be the one to go, and he left amid the cheering of ,the audience. Mr, Dolliver then finished his speech, and there was nobody to call him a particular brand of a liar. PoJUvpr's Bioknell writes: Think of DolUvey's 18,000, when that was pne of th.a disiriote that was, "plose," Ffeere fa.rm.eri were depended upon to }una,tto tp, ppngresj, *o talk things over with them as he was when he first wanted their votes, Tlio Coming United States Senate. .The membership of the senate after all the doubtful states have chosen their new men is given out as""follows: Republicans 44 Democrats 32 Independents -.12 Doubtful 2 This seems to leave the republicans short of a working majority, Tho Lower House. The republicans have 200 members sure in the coming house of representatives, with 22 doubtful, leaving 135 to be divided up among the opposition. It is a good working majority. Political Notes. Mason City had 1,400 voters and claims 7,000 population. W, T. Chantland was elected county attorney at Fort Dodge with a majority of 971. ; Estherville cast 683 votes, Emmetsburg 514, Spencer 628, Algona'655, Algona has gained on her neighbors if votes count, " •'.'•' Up in Winnebago, Banker Plummer's county, every township went republican. The county majority is 1,208, or more than ..the biggest republican vote ever, before cast. Over at Wesley Banker Plummer talked about the free coinage of silver or of bullets. The Wesley boys telephoned to him when the returns were in and asked when the bullet factories would open. W. H, Conner went into Chicago last Tuesday evening on business. Inoi* dentally he took in the political excitement, Wednesday morning a dispatch indicated Bryan's election and a big mob got on the street. He saw one banner, white cloth lettered in red, as follows; ''You that Have Money Must Divide," and again, "Free Coinage of Silver or Blood." A Register reporter figures out the benefit to Des Moines of an extra sos- sion' of the legislature; Ninety per We want to say a word about „ send, a |ree cent of the members alone will sjnoko "General Crocker" cigars. That means 135 men, and at an average of six cigars a day for 40 days, the proba* ble duration of tbe session, means a total of 38,400 cigars, At 10 cents, the price " General Grookers," means the snug sum of |3,240 F, W. Youpgerman is likely to pocket; fraia that "extra session.'' Grier, P«I* own^genia} sod .„ ppken reporter of judge Carr days, was beaten for opunty attprne; flqwp iji ppcftbOBtaa cpiJRty ^" * wa? very wr^tb FLOUR All flour might be good flour— but it isn't, always. The good flour that's always good—do you know where to get that kind? We give you the combination : It's the Daisy Mills Flour. will You know it, Don't some right now. put off doing a wise thing, Try Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate, ELEOTRIO BITTEBS, Electric Bitters is a medicine suited for every season, but perhaps more generally needed in the spring, wnen the languid, exhausted feeling prevails, when the liver is torpid and sluggish and tbe need of a tonic and alterative is felt. A prompt use of this medicine has often averted long and perhaps fatal bilious fevers. No medicine will act rnqye surely in counteracting and freeing the system from the malarial poison, Headache, indigestion, constipation, dizziness, yield to J3Jeotrio Bitters. Only 60o a bottle at L, A. Sheotz' drug store, X MARYJ&OUS BE8UKFS, From a letter written by Rey, J, Gunderman, Dimondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this extract; "I have no hesitation in recpwrnendjog Pr. King's New Pis- povery, as the results were ajmoat marvelous in tbe of my wife. Wnile I was pastor of the Jjaptist oh.uroh at $lver Junction sne was brought dpwn with, pneumonia, succeeding ka (Mppe t Terrible parosy8m,B of opugning would last 'hours wiw little iB' tepyuptiou and jt seemed as if sine could not Pwrro Loams at 0 per And the expenses of making the loan, ' can be paid at option of the borrower,' Interest payable annually unless pt^er wise preferred. The loan can be in whole pr in part »t any interest Wood! Woo4! We still have a few cords, pf pa|i ; woo4 for $3,75 delivered^ Also we ftra shipping in eastern, wood. b.otb maple, We have dry pipe, kindling. PJaceyour orders ' j. A, I am loaning money PJJ ^ , at $iy> per ee®F t in t&rest, Qpiy • will be jnafle fgp .Wfwpy. - The bprr,, „. .__, pf mtox&aU. «?.wz. part fif his SB wtg.»g9 f »t Ihe ttme, of • "- ' c r(Ti «* p •*-*""' ""'r^r' 'w* jfffRi*s*i* «^ow t T , T - MXTAXT 5 ^it''-; 1 ?^ 4V -*li 4&*4^* 1 k\f<« iajiffi^yi£a^Wg "\' 1J >*i,'^V^4|

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