The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1896 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1896
Page 4
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j&tt tfeie tteremlte of orer J- C, Baker, *** represent fair teet, for mai to ' rote iar Bsfcer, Write tu&» net 4,388. ft ie is eompsflBO ibe our (eongreesanao tbie year appears Cfl&dal returce wUl tbo» tbat be ie at teaet 2,000 Totee a3aead of tbe majority fee «oa in tbe content with Baker, Congneewnsia DoUirer made a Dric- fiftig irampaign. He nra« in tbe SelS «arlj aad wae f u31y prepared. He «id not attempt to dodge tbe tawoey Issae Iwrtmeiit -xritb an array of fact* aod etaitetaef and vitb ao abuadaooe oJ inJormation «rbicb retake Mm a potrer OB the st-amp. He defeated Mr, Bomaoe before many of bis brother cosgrtessmex) had made a speech and be kept up tbe good vork until tie polk Tbe State Eeg:ifter rojoes tie «eet$iBeat of the republicans of Btate jji ooaaoendujg M« example; tbe tewtbaa JSr, asajw^y, reoearecl taexeaee tfce best aleampaiga erer wa&s is Jhnra. Mr, DoUirerwanttQ wotfe eariy and toe labored tetv. He did not meet Jfoe «nemj baJf vray. He met i&exa all tiae war. Courage telta. Xxwfe at fte figaeee |c t£e Testtidiefciet. Doilim- was first to propose tbe tent idea, afterwards adopted for all tbe Wg meetings.. «a£ first to get on the fitump with cbsrte aod etatistlee eaeilv explained and understood, and now stand* fin* in tbe majority by which be ie elected. Tfeis few bees tbe feet cofetest settle * toa«st»sl iBstte, free *Bg«Si3e*«iI br *sfc. It to &ee fraaa upou a £#£** ii>- ife merits, fiafl result, sb&irn «§tiaer das «ar «ee*loBsl <Utl«aGB it *r<n»& so era onren S«r tbe f ctars. Fast, 3, 1. paper. gir«* «b« *t»le case aangr. It; sajs ie tbe (txrasiog eeaopaigBS ta>e detaoerats {Urania s»ot a5roesie s*y! special ratio, bat fbouia staca onlj for free cranage. Stoe Iowa SatloBal gstaa-d* cff t&e sonib i»aM of the state laet spring. "Hie first rote showed John R. Prliae aieaS cf Ja«, A, daest, bat swue irre^cdaaltj seemed to «xiet aad a new ekteiion *» «rderedL AttisesyooDfielectiOD Prime frJeode eha^g**5 tbe Prime oeaapaeies bad feeea padfied ly oe«r Gen- Wf%it sad GOT, issued Drake bare a eosmniesacai to Gaest, ajQd Prims has began aa action in tlie court* to protect Ms rigfaU. Brjao- itee in rejoicing over ««• drfeat— that At>X/I«OX A3fJ> -TUB CABOTBT. The St Ixwrff Gtobe-Demcerai other prominent republican paper* hare already mentioned Senator Allison in eooneetioa with tfae treaearr department in President McKinlej- r « cabinet There seems to be a senti- prevalent that he it especially Qualified for tbe duties thai will upon tb$ secretary of the treasury during tbe coming lour years. It will not beat all i&raage if bis appointment isbouid be the first to be decided upon, sod at this ttoe it i* doubtful if be decline, Pmddent Gar- faim tbe treasury port* JaB»iol#rga»dJaj-i, G, BlaSne urged fci» to S0eept> Pm&deot Harrison in J£S3 again tendered it. But conditions Jsave cfeaoged aod the demand for a man of Senator Allison's experience aa3 ability io tbe treasury department i# ajueb greater than ever before. or failure of President administration will turn upon the management of tbie department. With tbe possible exception of John £benoaa there i* not a man in public life $0 well acquainted with our finances a* Senator AHUson. Hi* entire 00 years io congress have been devoted to financial legislation, More' be 10 more closely identified with •'national bimetallism than any in our public life. Tbe first eon- tereoee to secure an inter-national agreement wa» provided for in an ?. amendment to the Blarffr free coinage f-WJJ introduced by him in 1377. He |; wag chairman of tbe American delega- |;tJdn to the Brussels conference in J892, During tbe present campaign he written a letter in which be has ,feJp»rJy and explicitly declared bis con Sjdeoee in the desirability and pos" "" i0f »n inter-national agreement. W. P. a Bredceoridye rfKentocky. Ai long as there ie a safe majaritr without bim, it i« lucky tbat be again eat upon. •„ L I8£L Mr, for tbe Waterloo. Ms -wife comiog to •areoaaea a but a short ~ ~-r " ir- . . la company witi Samuel AT tbe ttrne of tbe adoption of tbe St. JLouie platform Judge Carr did not approre of tbe plank making ability to read and write a test of citizenship, He isaSd to tJae Begitten "Tbe immigration plank ie too eevere. I do cot think tbe proper te*t faae been »elect»d, Honeet immigrant* osigbt not to be ez- d tided beeaaee tbey bare cot had eariy advantages to enable them to learn to read acd write.** Df THIS JTETSHBOZHOOD. Earl Stephens is up at Leach Lake, Minn., on a bunting trip with some Ledyarditee. F, P. Heekett, formerly a well known Cormtbite, U president of the Humi£ton normal college. Mrs, Gep. Seeley, a daughter of tbe late A. Hinton of Whittemore, died suddenly at Emmeteburg last week, Emmeteburg Democrat: Algona is getting high-toned. Its citizens are to bare a cbri&antbetnum show on the 19tb and 29tfa, Armstrong Journal: Amie Poegnet of Algona and J. H. Gortner of Burt were in these part* in pursuit of ducks the fore part of the week, The new Swea attended school carn^ linked with tbie idea much wa» with reciprocity. AJJIwo in. the cabinet every enw ioterest in the United States ;oujd feel assured of a safe and con- floftncial pcIJcy. All ele- of the republican party would of 9 policy of conciliation armony, AMWeBd* of biwetal- vowld feel i«sKure4 that what can wJH be aone to bring about an commercial City Herald editor with tbe Cherry He ought to get them up, into K0£sutb to enliven the winter with song. George Whiteis of Ellington in Hancock county shot a gold-headed eagle last week, which measured six and one-half feet from tip to tip of its wings. , Iowa Falle Sentinel: Mrs. J, W, Hay and daughter Frances of Algona were in the city Friday on their way home from a visit with relatives in Dubuque. Humboldt Independent: G, S. Foster and wife were visiting at the old home last week, George was doing some work at Eutbven and came this way on his return to Algona. ErometBburg Reporter: E. V, Swot- ting of Algona was an Emmetsburg visitor Thursday, He bad been to Estherville to look after business matters and was on bis way home, Geo, W. Pangburn, formerly of Elmore, is now located at Buffalo Center, Tbe Tribune says; We _ , they bsalt on Lame Creek. itier mwefl Ibe first b0as< Ost. SL, 18p§. Two years later tbe «OQ3pa£jr built a eriet mill of two ran of stones. In 1^2 be obtained a patent *» ibe BandaS lime kila. In 1W€ be sole Ms interest in the mill property *o Jobo Elder, taking in part pajmeeta farm two miles oorth of Maaoa Citj, vbejpe tliej lired fire jean. Mr. BasadalTe public career was T*ry promiaeot ija tbe early Msterjof C^ro Gordo coonly. His first rote w^g caet for Wm, Henry HarrisoD aad from tbat day to Ibis be baa been a siaaadi republican. He *ras a member of tbe first organized conrentacttJ in Cerro Gonio coantT. was jurticeof the peace for a number of Teara alter the eoaaty was organized in 1.855, was county |adge one term, county recorder one term and was tbe firztcswwity supervisor and held minor office* of public tm»t in later years Mr. Baodall «ts for two year* one of the directons of tbe Iowa Central railroad- When Mr. and Mr*. Randall mored to that part of tbe state there •were bat two families living on tbe present «te of iiason city, one farm< bonee and a log cabin, which served as aboteJ, witb 3. ilcMillan as landlord. Their frontier life bas been one of hardship, but bas been crowned with sneeewaod Jong life, and todav Mr. Randall, aged 78 years, and bis" wife, f* 8 ?.. 75 yf? 1 ** are *» strong and nealtby and happy as any one in the city. They bare always been foremost u» the social and religious circles of tbe county and city, and no one ever came to them for assistance, but what they received beip if possible. To Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Kandall have been born ten children who are all living except two. CHABLET SMITH'S TAST EOBSEB. Hl» ramJly Hare MoTcd to BJue Zartli City OFrom AJeona—He In a Popular Driver There, Overcoats Ulsters. manufacturers. Bought by tfae New England for less than it costs to manu- Doling Jhe mouth of October a condition similar to 1893 confronted the best Maiie$- was tight. The}- could not borrow money on the best secfciities. Merchants all over Uae country cancelled orders for goods that were bought early in the season- This placed them in a bad position Snanciallj and goods had to be slaughtered in order to get cask. An agent from one of the best wholesale houses in Chicago was sent out to as to close oat, for cask, Suits, Overcoats and Ulsters for f about what the cloth cost them. We bought very heavily. Here we are with a stock on hand that would astonish the people in large cities who are used to seeing large stocks. Now these goods have to be sold. We will pot a price on them that will tempt even those who didn't intend to buy. These sails and overcoats are first class, not trash! Cheap, shoddy goods you can buy cheap at any time. What we kave to offer you is first class, up-to-date clothing—goods that we are willing to guarantee. If they are not satisfactory we will gladly refund the money. * 0 Men's Suits worth $18 for Men's Suits worth 15 for worth worth Tbe Bine family of C. 'Earth Post gays: The A. Smith arrived from welcome Mr, Pangburn and family to our midst, and hope they will never be sorry for coming here, Emmetsburg Democrat: An Algona man made an agreement with his wife tbat if Bryan was elected she would chop all the family firewood for a month. In case McKlnley should be elected, he agreed to do the family washing/or a month, Guy Dalton represents the John H, Queal company at Corwith, There are Queal lumber yards at Brltt, Lu,Verne, Wesley, etc. The Hustler says: ' G. L. Dal ton, an experienced man In the business and a gentleman with whom Algona, Iowa, and is being settled in the B, B, Johnson house on west Fifth street, just vacated by C. W. Jarvis. We welcome them to the best little city in tbe country, The Post adds in another item: Charley Smith, our efficient horse trainer, haa just received, a fine animal. She was purchased at Mankato and her name is Graciana, a five-year old mare of tbe Wilkes family that has a record of 2:25, but can go much better than tbat. With Jean Wilkes and Panora Maid already owned here Blue Earth City can HOW boast of the three best and most promising mares in Minnesota. Besides these mares that are owned here Mr. Smith has two very good colts from Chicago and one from St. Peter, which he is training, and be will soon have some more good ones to handle. Men's Suits Men's Suits Men's Suits worth Men's Ulsters worth Men's Ulsters worth Men's Ulsters worth 13 for 10 for 8 for 18 for 15 for 13 for Men's Ulsters worth 10 for 10 8 7 5 12 10 8 7 Men's overcoats for about half price. We are going to cut prices on everything in the ! durUHT the month of 1*>?OVf>mHpr «n*»nnalor! in -t-ko liiftni-rT ~{ 4-~~J~ T\ 'A. e „ store during the month of November unequaled in the history of trade. Don't forget save you money on a fur coat. Yours, we can DURDALL & CO. and as a consequence his coat was torn completely off from him. The Herald says: Had it not been for that fact, it would have been a very serious affair, as it was he came out of the difficulty with a few bruises and a severe shaking up. While out hunting last Thursday at Clarion, Will Nichols met with an accident that came near costing him his eyesight. In discharging his gun tbe hammer of the lock went through the cap, in lieu of flattening it, which caused a portion of the powder "fire backwards" and strike him the eyes. For nearly an hour to in he could not see at all, but finally managed to get home and have his eyes treated by a physician. Quite a number of grains of powder were removed from each eyeball. it is a pleasure to deal, here. Is their man Corwith Hustler: Miss Colburn was GEO. W, HAHNA BEJOI0E8. A Jforel Bank Proclamation From X.uVerae-McKlnJey'8 Election th* Cause. Lu Verne rolled up the banner republican gain in the north half of Iowa, and Geo. W, Hanna takes occasion to write a new "ad" for his bank: The Bank of Lu Verne, in common with the rest of tbe human race, hails tbe dawn of a brightsr period. The election of Wm. McKinley creates a desire within us to do business and we are going to do business at the same old stand, and we feel like saying this morning of tbe 4th of November, 1896, that we will meet competition in our line of business or quit the perch. Peace on earth good will to the human race is our motto, Now for business and prosperity for the next 20 years. No more free silver or free trade-in ours, but good sound money and hard work will front. We have of money for long or short time loans, either gold, silver or paper, all worth the same, GEO. W. HANNA, THE A boy at Gait, in Wright county, tried to catch on n passing freight The freight caught on to three of his toes and tbey were left on the track when he was picked up, OOTnrTEf&JTHE BALLOTS. Tbe County Board Makes the Official Figures—Dolllver and Grose Lead tbe Majorities. Chairman Chubb gazed at the election returns complacently Monday morning and assisted in counting out Koesuth's majorities with entire composure. The official count by the board shows the following majorities. Dolliver has the high water vote: For president— McKinlejr , 2,930 Bryan a,861 Palmer 50 Levering Mattchett McKinley's majority 1001 For congressman— Dollirer 2,040 Homana i 073 Atwood , ie Dolllver's majority 1,051 * For secretary or state— Dobaon , .2,9°8 Karr..;.; , 1,875 Wright ....-"...,.. 18 tVetzenbach. , 2 Dobson'a majority 1,033 For auditor or state- McCarthy .,..2,935 Davis , 1,872 Wanders ie Travis 2 McCarthy's majority .................. 1,045 For state treasurer— Herriot,. ....... . .......................... 2,032 . estphal ,.,.....,.... ..... , ....... .... ..... 2 Herriot's majority ......... . ........ .....1,040 For judge or supreme court— Ladd .,..,.,.,,., ........ . ........... , ...... 2,932 Bolter..... ...... .... ................ ::..::.! 870 Holmes,.... ........... . ____ ...... ........ . j8 Ladd'8 majority.....,, ____ , ............ i ,044 For attorney general— gemley .................................... 3,931 Boies ........ ,,,, .... .......... ....... 1872 Boardman.. .................. .,,,.....,... is Remley's majority For railway comm Dawson ... way commissioner— A 13-year-old boy was with a sulky plow west ploughing of Buffalo In turning a corner he a leg PeJle. AMOffG THE ADVEBTI8EBS. Read Kraft's announcement this week and see what S9.99 will do. Durdall got some big bargains in the markets this fall and is making prices to match. Will. Ladendorf is helping Art Allen in the O. K. restaurant. The O. K. is doing lots of business. John Goeders is in the Algona clothing race and offers his stock to the public this week at prices to sell. The Farmers' Exchange is making prices on groceries worth noting. J. C. Anderson is a pusher in business. Bert Lewis has been promoted to the charge of the John Paul yard at Armstrong. He is a genial and trusty man to do business with. Alex. White has an assistant from Toledo with him. Algona now has a market for old rubber boots and overshoes, bides, etc., in fact for everything in that line, W. WTiitam of Webster City is here to build up a business and it will pay our readers to visit bis office east of the courthouse on Thorington. He will move his family to Algona in the spring. The Algona Deposit and Loan association is getting out 5,000 copies of a new prospectus, made necessary by the changes in the articles of incorporation lately adopted to meet the requirements of the Iowa law enacted last winter. This association is one of the first to adjust itself and is today on a better basis than ever, aa this new prospectus will plainly show. Carl Wauge, who has been in Burt for some time with G. V. Slade, is back in Algona and has opened a barber shop at his old stand in the Galbraith block basement. Carl has bought an entire new outfit of furniture of the atest pattern and very handsome, and aas a city shop. Carl was a popular barber before and will soon get his share of the trade. Everybody should visit his new shop. Mrs. Lenette Butler went to Emmetsburg Saturday to complete the sale of the Wilson flouring mill at that place. A man from McGregor, named Tbiele, gets it at a reasonable price. The Daisy mill has a good reputation all over this part of the state and the new owner will do a good business. The sale of this mill leaves the estate in possession of the Algona mill, one of the newest and best milling properties in Iowa, OVEB $7oo POB LEGAL NOTICES. •^-'^-'^^'^^^^^^-^•-^•--t^^rf-SX^X^^ -X^. ORIGINAL NOTICE. IN THE DISTRICT OOtJKT OF IOWA IN ^V^JPfS^ Go™**- December Term, A.D. 1896-Charles Fehlenberg, plaintiff, ^5! Frederick Erieksen ei aL, delendanteT^ To Frederick Ericksen and Ellen Hntehlns, defendants: Yon are herrtrr notified taattS petition or aeplatafifl in tbe aborolSfflSa canse isnow on file in the office of the clerk or the diMnct court or Iowa in and for Kossntb county, claiming of derendants the snm ot Fourteen Hundred Dollars Tita interest at the rate of eight par cent, per annum from tie 19tJ. day or September. 1895, and costs, l£ eluding reasonable attorneys ree and abstract fee or So.OO, as money justly Isfory note of fly«>p, dated September 19, 189 , , 1891, Siren toy Frederick Erieksen to Julius Pleth, now owned by plaintiff, and asktagtta! the mortgage glren by said Julius Ple :ck- Ninety-ei y by said Frederick sen to Julius Pleth to secure said not* the southeast quarter or Sec. Three. t, Bal>g 8 Thirty, Kc^tt taw provided, and lien be established and enforced, and that the right, title and tol terest of the defendants and each of them tn ^ J» said re*l estate be decreed to be junior and .inrerior to plaintiffs mortgage lienTand n foreclosed; and unless yon appear thereto and derend berore noon of the second day or the S^K^i' V/^fi 016 Dece °»ber term, of said court, which will commence at *' entered against yon and iude- dCCree rendered G»*eon as provide^ Dated this llth day of November, AJD. 1896 CLARKE & COHENOUE, ' Attorneys for Plaintiff. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOB PERMIT, IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP IOWA IN and for Koasnth County—T - -Jros., for a pannit to bnv keep, and sell intoxicating lignorsT y ' To whom it may concern: Notice is hereby given that the application of the undersigned A.H.Dnrant, a registered pharmacStTNo 9o8. doing business under the firm name of Durant Bros., of Algona, in the conntyofKos- snth, state of Iowa, praying for a permit to UToccnpiW^^S^^o^the be on file in the office of y on or before ——•"• ^"j »** *<*Jw*i*i^oi, xotro. and tli&t s&ld SSU^S2S£2S'^iSS*g to*««4 c°n" at E. H. 17 Dawson's majority i nog For district judged *' Thomas 2,955 Fpr county attorney— ' ° Raymond ., 2,868 Bonar. gSy^f^'l majority. ,1,925 Bwnke Hare Contributed I4bej> ally to Ber 8«pport-4- M onument to be Erected to Offer Son, Over 5700 is now deposited in Bancroft to the credit of Mrs. Gallion, mother of the city marshal shot by the Sherburne bank robber. It bas been contributed by the banks of northern Iowa a&d southern Minnesota in sums of $5 and §10, As he was killed while assisting in capturing a bank raider SHERIFF'S SALE. Notlc« ts hereby given that by virtne of a of the district court of KosOTth^countef towa* aplnsttte goods, chattels, Jandsi tenement etc., of W. L. Joslyn. administrator estate of defendants^ in favor of n»«w, , , Geo. F. Graves, plaintiff, I will offer at nubUe sale, to the highest and best bidder for*cash estate, situated in Kossuthco, The southwest fractional quarter 6f Secton Sis; the southeast quarter* oT the northwest west quarter or tte See. Seven; the north- north or Range is a fif and proper recognition. money is coming in. When collected a small monument, More alj is day or October, summoned to Algona Sunday by a telephone message, saying her grandmother, Mrs, Heckart, was not ex< rejoice together better came Monday and Miss Colburn below tbe knee were broken, Mre. 8, 1,. Thompson taugh* the grarntnar department during her absence, quite an accident Wednesday Wesley, While .doing some Meting Fprest City Summit; , .. about tfee bouse she b»4 tbe mlsfprtune to overturn a bpttle denature o« the Hotol !a»t Wednesday, »P»WI«M of the dead, and the remainder Gov. , and it got on her banj9 »n,fl face, burn' Tsm t aBlha,toj[ a buildingwidoan or ^ ing them quite bftdly NOTICE OF ADOPTION OP AMENDED AWWCO^ES OP JNCOBPORA* TION PV ^HS! AIX30N4 PSPOSJT AND I*OAN ASSOOIATIOIf, Name or the corporation, AJgona Denosit and Loan Associatton; plaw ofbusines& AJ- gona, Iowa; Tsm transact theTju monly fenown aBlha,toj[ a buildi sayings and loan ^assoclattoa; 820,000,0907 to be

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