The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1896
Page 7
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ILL £lfodt diftLWddbi fcOW A PIdfU&e bP HfeALtH. Frottt the Star, Valparaiso, Ind. The attention t>t the star having been called to several cases of -radical cures ef- ftcted by br. Williams' Pink Pills, for Pale People, it was determined to investigate some of the more notable of these cases, .•With ft view to disseminating exact information on the subject and benefiting others Who wete suffering Prominent namong those Who had experienced benefits from the use of this remedy was mentioned Mrs. Mary Nofen, wife of John Noten, a prosperous farmer living northeast of Valparaiso, Ind., and to her a reporter was accordingly dispatched. Mrs. Korea was found busily engaged in household duties, but she found time to detail her experience, and was willing and even anxious that the benefit; she had felt should be told for the benefit of those who had suffered as she did. '•I had been ill since girlhood with a complication of complaints," said Mrs. Noren. never so mueli as to be confined long in bed, but I suffered intense misery. My chief trouble was with my ctomuch. I felt a constant gnawing paih that was at tiine.i almost distracting, and which had been diagnosed by different physicians as dyspep* Bia andteympatbetic derangement dependent on the conditions of the generative organs. I had pains in the back, sometimes KO groat as to make me unable to work, and frequent bilious attacks. I also suffered greatly from constipation, from which 1 never could find permanent relief. Then these symptoms were aggravated by rheumatic pains between the shoulder blades, which were most excriiciating in damp or cold weather. After my marriage about five years ago, and when my baby was !' born the trouble seemed to increase, and I *" was frequently so sick that 1 could not do my household work. I tried different physicians and used numerous remedies, bub |J all in vain, until one day last fall I hap' pened to read of Dr.. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. My- husband got three boxes from Mr. C. D. Rushton, the druggist, and I began to use them. From the first I began to feel relief, and before the H three boxes were gone I was nearly well. " The constipation was cured and the .other i;troubles were so much relieved that I felt fbetter than I had felt for years. As I con- |tinued in the use of the pills I grew better land strong, my appetite was more natural, innd my flesh increased, until I am in the I*'condition you see me now." Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a condensed form, all the elements necessary 'to give new life and richness to the blood I' and restore shattered nerves. Pink Pills are sold by all dealers, or will be sent west- paid on receipt of price, 50 cents a box. or sis boxes for $2.50 (they are never sold in I' bulk or by the 100) by addressing Dr. Wills Hams' Medicine company, Schenectady, FASHION'S FANCIES. Hats may be worn to suit the wearer, cither tilled over the face or set well back. Braiding and embroidery will be used quite extensively this fall and winter, ; both on coats and skirts. Sleeves are not so full nor so high !; on the shoulders, but are yet far from -the tight sleeves which were promised. Sacquo coata are to be the dressy wraps for the autumn, and they are made either of velvet or of the rich peau de soie. Imps. Imp once meant a child. Shaites- peare, speaking of the children in the tower, called them imps. Jeremy Taylor, in one of his sermons, speaks of "the beautiful imps that sang hosannas to the Savior in the temple." Not Altogether Hopeless. "I shall never marry," declared Miss Elderly in'a tone meant to be 'nrm. "Don't say that," answered her best friend, Florence, "Women older than you have had proposals." A Wise Son, Mrs. Lawnes—Have yon noticed that Thomas isn't detained at the office as often us be used to be? Mr. Lawnes—Yes, he usually gets home farlier after the lawn mower is packed t\yay for the season. Upwards of 4,000 corpses were crearnoted n Prance during 1895, Gladness Comes W ith ft better understanding of the transient nature of the many pbys ical UJs, which vanish before proper ef. f orts-^gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— rightly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms of B. sickness we »ot due to any actual ms* I ease, but simply to ft constipated condi- | tiw of the system, which the pleasant |. f aroily lasftWve, Syrup of Pigs, prompt- I JyrejnQves. That is f^iy it is the only i remedy with roiUlons pf families, and is I everywhere esteemed 60 highly by all r who value good health, lift beneficial ffjects ?,re aue to the fact, that, it W the ope rejjiedy whi9b proinptes internal jplean}iBes,s with.P^ tlebilit&ti.Bg' the organs OB whi?b It acts., Jt is therefore v0u ^^^.^ «w, w>M'te fflp}fi|9.tIMfe «";s-*p"' m *'^ ^ ||,lpM'«39p """—7*fe» jR'4n[H^n t tsi wit wf§b5Mi AMt5 SELECT EtS, Knrftl Cnnrtldatc— tilt trials of t and tlife thltifc (it— IVhftt l>rbtB{)tert tfee Va«a iloh», fete,* fete, They Was run for ofllce, Why, t'Woiilo dofafe you gobo to hear T Je way he cussed monopolies, In fihgin' morris ah' clear; Ihe papers hed ht? picters, Ah' his famblys', every one, 'lowed as William Jlmson "the distric's fav'rite son." When Jlrnson run for office Why he run both morn and night; He seized each farmer's horny hand Ah' shook 'em left an' right. He kissed at least a thousand babes; Slch words as poets quotes He whispered Into mothers' eava To rivet fathers' votes. He ran both late an' early, On the stump he'd oft orate, How as "rings" were crushln' labor Jes' as sure as any fate. But It came along November, An' he cussed the more, they say, When Jlmson run for office And the office got away. —Roy Farrell Greene in Truth, TVlmt Prompted the Variation*. "That was a lovely letter you wrote me," she said. "It was so full of sentiment." "I thought you would like it." "I never knew before that you favored the phonetic system of spelling." "I don't favor it except under certain conditions." "But that doesn't explain why you spell autumn in one place 'aughtum,' and in another 'awt'm,' and in another 'ottem.' I don't see any excuse for that." "There isn't much excuse for it. But the weather this fall has been so changeable that it doesn't seem like the same 'autumnt two hours in succession, and that was the only way in which I could keep up with It." Her Mother's Advice. A Harlem girl was recently married to a young man who was unfortunate, enough to be cross-eyed, a fact which annoyed the girl's mother to some extent. But as love laughs at locksmiths, it found no trouble in laughing at mothers-in-law, and so they were married. After the wedding the happy couple were making preparations to go on a short honeymoon, and when all was in readiness the girl's mother called her daughter to one side and said: "Now, Mary Jane, I want to give you a little sound advice. In the first place, be the boss. Make Peter understand that he's got to do as you say. Don't take any sass from him, and don't let him run around after other women. And for mercy's sake, Mary Jane, don't have any cross-eyed babies." The New Woman on the Stump. "Then Miss Newleigh didn't make a success as a campaign speaker?" "Success? I should eay not. Got knocked out on her very first speech." "What was the matter?" "Lack of common sense, Had a big crowd of women out to hear her, but in two minutes she emptied ^the hall." "How'd she do it?" "Said she was glad to see so large a gathering of the plain people." Not Going to tlie Dogs, "Good mornin', Missis Brady, an' how's yer mother?" "Thanks be to hivin,' she's a throifle better; she took a bottle of bark wid pupsin an' a canine pill phwat the doc- ($vr left wid her!"—Truth, The Only Resorr. Small Boy— I won't do a thing to you Thanksgiving; Oh, no! for "Toy men m«9t really be careful a.n<! not run pver people," #M<i the pres}- 4ejjt Qf tli? serfage car Une to We fiiQ to/mew. They listened jn, respectful if one' legs passenger, to, r' ' ••' "1 dd fibl belief that 1 hftve ft IfftS friend In tfie world." "Sa yotl naVe been trying to bol-fotf money, teo, liaVe you?"—fntth. Willie- i -"Are yon the nearest relative I've got, matnma?" Mother—"'tea, love, and your pa is the closest relative you've got."—Judge. "Miss tain isn't at all musical." ''How do you know?" "1 offered to sing .'Oh, iTomlsfe tne,' last night, attd she said she'd promise anything If' 1 wouldn't."—Plttsburg Chronicle. Jablih—"Jaggins called me a monkey. How'can you stand that?" bil- bey—"What would you advise me to do about it?" jabllh—"Make him prove It, of course."—ftoxbury Gazette. "Yes, in some respects my 'wife Is much like "that lightning change ar^ tist." "Why?" "Oh, 1 have known her to change her mind six times' In one minute."—Philadelphia North American. Biggs—"Some of the stuff that poet laureate turns out makes me tired! Here's a poehi that any ordinary versified could write." Boggs—"Yes, but most of them wouldn't."—New York Press. He (playfully)—"How old are you, Miss Browne?" She—"I cannot tell a lie, I-—" "Oh, If that is the case, I will not take a mean advantage of you. I withdraw the question."—Cincinnati Enquirer. ~ Ki tson—'' A" fool i slf New" Yofk~ar tist has just married an Indian who posed for several of her pictures." Thatcher —"Well, I suppose she was looking for' a model husband."—Philadelphia North American. Miss Keedick—"What an awful talk(£ Mr. Gllley is, and how little he r,l7s when he speaks!" Mtes Kittish *—"The poor fellow is troubled with ez. impediment in Ills thoughts."—New York World. "How did you dare tell my father that you have a prospect of a hundred thousand dollars a year?" she asked. "Why," he answered in righteous indignation, "I have—if I marry you."— Washington Star. He—"Your affection seems to have cooled with the weather." She—"That is the point exactly. You know that a summer flirtation carried over into the fall is liable to become chronic."—Indianapolis Journal. Mf. frfinttstowB '(ddftti-ifi|l^> frSsn you tobk this ifitfrfcllifc HtfsM Hoftsewtrod!" Mis§ MSffiewotjd (*hd detests the young man)—"Hot? ffesh yiiu talk this ttorfliftg. Mr. Ffftnkstowft." —rtttsburg Chronicle. It is talk wasted for art tininarried woman to boast of her economy to an Unmarried inan. A man hevei- appreciates economy in & wottaii ufitil after he has married a woitiart wha doesn't practice it.—Atchlson Globe. Wabiej'—"Awful bother cutting ,the leaves of a magazine, isn't it?" Wng- fow*-"Not for toe. When 1 take a magazine home 1 fcut R in a conspicuous place, and some one invariable does the job for me."—RoJtbufy Gazette, "What did the crowd gather at the corner for a few minutes ago?" "A woman's wheel collapsed." "1 Vup* pose they wanted to see how badly she was hurt." "No, they were trying to find out the name of the wheel."— Judge. MISSING LINKS. Salem, Tuass, has a fisherman" who has not enter* a church for eighty- one years, or since he was carried to services as an infant. The shipments of fish through Gainesville is said by express messett 1 - gers to be larger than ever before in the history of that indvtetry in Florida. It is reported that the freshmen class at Harvard this year is the worst, ns far as appearances go, that the college has ever seen. They are described as a "scrawny, wild and woolly set."— Philadelphia Press. Maine's fruit-box trade is great this year—in fact, the best on record. Six or seven cargoes have already been shipped from Bangor to the Mediterranean, four vessels are there now loading, and five more are to £olloW. While sorting Japanese rags in a paper mill at Westbrook, Me., an operative found a email metallic object at which he picked with a penknife, and he lost three fingers and a thumb In the explosion that followed. "Husband, what did the doctor say about me?" "He said that you must give ap religion and take to drink.'', ''What!" "Well, he said you must stop doing so much church work and take I a tonic."—Louisville Courier^Journal. THE WHEEL. Mrs. Langtry has had her bicycle enameled in turquoise and fawn, her racing colors. . -If a, new saddle proves too stiff for comfort, rub a few drops of oil on the underneath surface, and it will soon "set" to the rider. Tests are being made in Indianapolis to determine whether the creosote in wooden pavements is injurious to the tires of bicycles brought In contact therewith. FOR WOMEN ONLY. Black satin accessories to bodices are edged with Honiton lace and jet beading. Charming ' handkerchiefs are of squares of very fine white linen, with a two-inch border of renaissance lace. A dainty tea jacket is of sea-green velveteen and is trimmed with insertions of white lace over white satin ribbon. <*• A bordering of white duchess lace gives an elegant finish to black figured net veilinga. Fish net and tulle dotted veilings are used for mourning. Rev. J. C. Plumb has recently become pastor of the Congregational ch'urch in Joplin, Mo., for the third time since its organization. Robert Nobel, who recently died Sn Sweden', discovered the rich deposits of petroleum in the Caucasus in a chance visit to Baker in 1873. Queen Victoria purchases almost every new book of note published, and her expenditure on literature of all sorts i« over ?G,000 per annum, Doafneia Cannot Be Cured by local applications as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear, There 10 only qne way to cure Deafness, and that Is by constitutional remedies, Deafness Is caused ••by an Inflamed condition of the jnueous lining; of the Eiistachian Tube, When this tube (jets Inflamed you have a rumbling; • sound or Imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed deafness Is the result, and unless the inflammation cnn be taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by oat&nh, which Is nothing hut nn Inflamed condition of the mvicpus surfaces. We will give One Bundled Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. ^ e F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 7Cc, Astronomers eay that $1,000,000 shooting stars fall into the sun where one coraot> into our atmosphere. LottorB From Farmers In South and North Dakota, relating their own personal experience in those states, have been publi&hed in pamphlet form by the Chiqago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, and as these letters are extremely interesting, and th$ pamphlet is finely illustrated, one.copy w^ll be sent to &py ftddrsss, on receipt of Vworqent postage stamp. Apply to Ueo. H, Upafford, General Passenger Agent, 410 014- Colony Building, Chicagp, ill _ ^ . WISDOM. It is temper which makes the bliss of home or destroys comfort. One great trouble in domg a mean action is that you are compelled to associate with yourself afterward. Whoever fails to turn aside the ills of life by prudent forethought must submit to fulfil the cause of destiny. Purity of heart and life gives a clearness to the mental horizon which nothing else can; it clears away a vast number of clouds and shadows. _ Thcro Is n Difference. "I Kay. do you think that Wiggins Is a man to be trusted J" "TniKted? Yos, rather. Why, I'd trust him with luylile!" "Yes, but with anything ot value, I mean." .Everybody iu Btorbeck, Austria, over five years of.age is a chess player. The game is taught iu the schools. Mind Rending. You can read a happy mind iu a happy countenance without much peuetratloii. This is tho sort of countenance that the quondam bilious sufferer or dyspeptic relieved by Hotitetter's Stomach Bitters wears. You will meet muny suph. The groat stomachic and alterative also provides huppiuess for the malarious, the rneu- matio 1 , the weak, and those troubled with inaction of the kidneys ai?d bladder. The' Location of It. "Mamma 1's dot a 11 awful headache." "I'm so sorry, dear. Shall I get a ban- dupe?" '•Bs, an' put it'tomach." When bilious or costive, eat a Cascarot candy cathartic, cure guaranteed. 10o, SJOc <?? t » l?i«TO while you >vani; a fftrin P* yquj' PWU-»PW to. .^periftr; dlyigjoja af >$ •yftj4^$'W?ft»l/H't.i; ~8R9^itt8)f$R?m. Put oft' thy cares with thy clothes; no shall thy rest strengthen thy labor, and KO shall thy labor sweeteu thy rest,—Quarles. The Lord Mayor of London wears a badge of ofllce which coiltuins diamonds valued at $80,000.- • • During 1805 there were l;B81 postofflces burglarised iu the United States. A whale of average w>.e has ft'jaw bone 85 feet iu Jeugth. • It is dottbtM 1! itg i&ntffcti ftofe to g&efl thfifi a itrslef else. ' f fie ftteh Me would fee strofcg !fl bfd always, fttisi hot bed his on mouldy bread. the fiible sftys that Job slttfigd a&l with his totigue, but it f&iis td sfcy tfts same about his wife, • If Borne tten Would get toeafef to tha Lofd they w6uldh't have to talk 80 loud when they flf-ay. A tltnei* topic. fit-awn—rOuf mlblster spoke at length last Sunday oa out* financial situation. Robinson—f hat is hardly a &fope? sub* Met tot a ciergyttaH. • BfOwh—it isn't, eh? When the interest oh the church mortgage is three months overdue?- 4 Brooklyn Life. KffectHre. "How do you manage to keep the bulls so enraged?" "I paste ze what yoU call zd Sunday supplements in colors of see cr-r-eat American dallies on ze arena fence?' Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your Life Away. If you want to quit tobacco using easily and forever, regain lost inanhood, be made Well, strong, magnetic, full of new life and vigor, take No-To*Bac, the wonder-worker that uiaken Weak men strong, • Many gain ten pounds in ten days. Over 400,000 cured. Buy No-To-Bac from your druggist, who will guarantee a cure. Booklet and sample mailed free. Ad. Sterling Remedy Co,, Chicago or New York. In Prance there is a law compelling physicians to write their prescriptions in the language of the country. HoinoRcckerg* Excursions. Very low rates will be made by the Missouri, Kansas & Texas railway on November 17th, December 1st and 15th, to the south.' For particulars apply to the nearest local agent, or address, H. A. Cherrier, N. P. A., 310 Marquette IMdg., Chicago, 111. ' "Politics," said Uncle Ebeii, "makes strange bed fellows. But hit ntu allus de HUino ol' light ez ter which am er gwine to git all de kivvers." STAMP STILL. Every one la either growing of worse, How iff it with you ? You are suffering from • KIDNEY, P5 URINARY B9YP tried doctors 0s4 ^ *' ''.wiLt*:b.URBS¥ou5' A MISSOURI, The bosk fruit section In the West. No drouths. * A failure of crops never known. Mild climate. Productive soil. Abundance of good pure wnter. For Maps nnd Circulars -.Riving full description of tho Hlch Mineral. Fruit and AurlcuUu- ral Lands in South West Missouri, write to JOHN M. rUKDY, Manager of tho Missouri Land and Live Stock Company, Ncosho, Newton Co., Missouri, STEADY W13 PAY CASH WEEKLY and wniit men everywhere to SELL CTIDV TDCCC millions tort_ OlAlm InCCdcd, proven ^ A //\r> \f "al)8olntclybo»t."fluporboUtflt,fi, W I ItC l\. neweyelcin. STAnKlIHOTHERS, " * V • » • *• LOUISIANA, MO.. KOCKrOBT. ILL. PATENTS, TRADE MARKS Examination nnil Atlvlco us to Pfttcntablllty of Invention. Send for "Inventors' Guide, or How to Qeta Patent." O'PAKKF.LL & SON, Washlneton. D. C. is tlio way. to health. Health book mailed freo. Olllco consnltiillon 1'roo, Vhivi Co., biillu 4U,'i Observatory l)UlK., Ueu Ifcg eft$8 IB Afg^R!f«i»''.y r- ^.Jfej Ttaf km* d! mi& iw '. '"'" Wft fiiifl, 16f wfeHft I80,tl Sofdieri. , ; dhicheeteT cathedral^ MflitlSd/L,, feet in length, 151 feet wide &fld fefelfaigh, ''"'-V'l M6*t yfeAf fg thfe *SSt«BffelW frtfe stovebipe .hat, ufee in this world cfth A Little Child With a Little Cold* That's all 1 What of it? tittle colds whett neglected grow to large diseased and, , Ayer's Cherry Pectoral CURES COLDS. -V", , r»' *'" f s RECEIVERS'SALE W p , aclf ! c ncucivcno OHLC 950,000 Acres Farm 4,000,000 Acres Grazing i,and«» In ' Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah. Excursion Bates for Homoseekera Fare Hefundod to Pnrchu«er«. ' REDUCED PRICES-TEN YEARS TIME ONE-TENTH DOWN. '' B, A, McALLASTER, Land Commissioner, OMAHA. NEB. BUCKET SHOPS! TRADE WITH A >> . ,'fcf| ——^. RESPONSIBLE FIRM E. S. MURRAY & CO,, ' • BANKERS AND BROKERS, . 122,123 and 124 Rlailo Building, Ohioago, 111, Members ol the Chicago Board of Trade in godw ,. : . • standing, who will furnish you with their Latest 1 ' vf Book on statistics and reliable information • re-r warding the markets. Write for It and tholrDalljt- Market Letter, both FREE. Keferenoos: AMI ~ NATIONAL BANK nmoAqo '' " n Dl 11II Uublt Cured. Est in 1871. ThonBond*^ II f 111 in cured. Olicopcst and bout aura. FKBH TBIAI, ''V-i vi min stttte cttBej D ^ Mjinan> Qniupy', Biiou..,. - /H ?'• W-N.U. D.M.--1269 NO..45 ; ^|| tVhon aDuwcnntJ ndvertlsomonts' Kinilly n thlH paper. i r The pleat,antest, safest and most efficient remedy known for every kind of cough, lagrippe, influenza, etc. Safe for all ages. Does not sicken or disagree with the stomach. Has been used very extensively by the most noted physicians in the hospitals of London, Paris and Now York with the very best of siiccess. ' , ' Dr. Kay's Lung Bairn Mrs. Hannah Shepara, 3(M N, 10th Street, Omahn,Nolx, writes: "FouryearsaL-oIhaa I^iiKvlppo and coughed almost continuously ever since. I tried several doctors and various cough medicines but could get no relief. One package Dr. Kay's Lung Buim cured mo entirely.' 1 It In sold oy druggists or sent by mall for 25ots. Send address lor very' valuable free booklet. (Western Offloe) Dn. B, J.KAY MEUIOAI^ Co., Omaha, Neb, ERS! ,A MEW WAY TO TNSTEAD of Eelllng your grain at homo Bond It to us . X and nave middleman's proflt. • Wo havo Savcffl "<' Other Furpier* Tnou«aucl» of Dollar*. WJiy don't YOU try it) Addrcus for full partleuJars, Ol Board of Trade, •' CHICAGO. ' ^'"sfy r>tf$ ;% ''ii ?»$&. .'M Columbia Bicycles STANDARD OF , : , .* THE WORID :i Profit by your best judgment, J Profit by our 19 years' of bj; cycle experience, It is wi§i economy to purchase tfij£'/ COLUMBIA, *100 j « • TO ALL .AUift'>3 : • ^••*.-T" I ; ^j ' ' > ;:i? , If you cannat afford th§ Colll^ T |ffi "«*''"?'.<' '< r !»*".*k.'' «'. '-," •' , "•/,"•"• S^^t^$ ; ^'>^T' : \ ^

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