The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1896 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1896
Page 6
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S^^^iffli' 1 ^^' lifts' MOIKJ48: AUJONA IOWA. WEDS18D •*;'."3' ••, ^ ^T^-J^ ^~ * * * ~',' rx *"•' ~ ^-C"-/*' r u i r^- r f—' *« 4, im TJiiiAlK 1 *^ i&sft is. Time of Roses. StAfts/* tJAV'S SUBJECT. *i* nfffieC 1 defcvtaf * HwnrsfBl ^ tg&fefttMr* eaftiea *Nf Jfcw left bf»r *jM*»_ net teat* her «S4e "And t am fta-aped to »w»? «s s» l'> stgsae |*see •A Halt *»f Mf*. Sssawlt of of or Masonic Into the hollow o! the stoic *ere plseed scrolls <>£ 1 ilKtcry and important doeanreate, to — «aat IF. «*• a* iaaoj *}«*«# karia* t» fell a 4«rtB»? U*?f tJm« waus probaMy Mrs. I stem** her to a wa* nad*>r a f«alxa» ffo*' ligirt was r«>rr dlsa. A frnsntafa lamp IB the sat against aeaiast tlie Creator. 1? * tijtrnssza itra- ritii flirts ssiS esniss-a-j&SHHi tnunpet. aad TleloiHicIJo. Qtt luort- SjeErEEtOoliSJBlB , pose. TfaoBsaads of ' fTBtjTBBBBts. T**3re £trin£si iBstrnaieatB tJiat E tore al! sees Ui6! gathere3 Is a DHS*3&s? JmWlBB that !i«y -romJi ptey cat of grating not ffiake saei a * aat ""fe' 1 * rag?s lu waafe. ffcr- EtOOd tt for thai p%r- t ^j*A.^.~ja feimiij'fflti trained *»Sass. T&e masterpieces of all ages read*re4. teentt after hour, after aaj-—Handers ,** «S|nH0f*S tterrea's *°l40aftt of OHtes," Hadyd'a * "MendelssQliirs "SHJaJC' oronaticn March."" rolling CB and ap ia surges that billowed against tie Jjeareas. The nughty ea- deaces vitMn were accompanied oa I ar«1d«*l jr«w. Mr. <»ljr0* _" _ " l 'W* *«* fbatlfc* **Hbt» <j»«MJoa i* as/; Sf y«i t**v< It, Iwrl * fay yos fcare doitf' ii,"" 1 «aid! »cr«*iljr. ffle alt"" I said. That *as IKIS- i !->saa. I saw fial* 3 : aiid I bad frit b*>j SI*: it r?3£t;HS O33 tny 37723 lliat It «al<l I, Will ««: "I ai.s will liSv<'— lw.vt. !*•»! is *a> Jia p; -iy ii. " any j ia tkai ? ST." : jnaJ;*' fi W"sa-!raMJ." »j. If w^rtli JCJT s* scwJi. AjuJ tiiat Is "l«B't Tot: I* fu feol "rf if fe Jltv lor r. sx/w. "Jill—JK>W/" "Xo*r. 1 sai<3 i'<.ji now. But a •wane *»»««! fr»»^»ilK up ia»« pul a Mat' «aar)i ia nyr djaj-jr," tiiat *l ? liiat jr — ! «lay , wlw bar*- a a *'An«J a uMuiih, die *» at and a u>«!)ili ago If you 'taiwlii't re- now. A was wy OIK* V ; frtptirts ' to tvarvirK a. that war?" <J«S not. Wli if if 9 man aud a yoaaz vrvtnau Wii<sa to JD£f— "Ju tli**?* soy oiP4*d fw yon to «rery ««(? in tttte Ktifliaj: rooia one vriAAvKxa.'^-A\\r forAbSt ?»wiz man a ;n tor-r q>testto», I laad. P°*?- . _ _ . -....:' a y*s«r and a raontli ajro I loved yoia i._ A iswrt of wajr—not tlie way I do nosv; and Kin? feaew tJiat you loved me— ia a *«>rt of way. Kite commanded 3-00 to keep^Me at a distance. Yonr mother is «»«t a ecu!iis. but oa occasion* sb* can IK? qtilw nit dleajrneisaMe as though she we're. K3iK prefers, lio'werer, being <UB- aj0xwaWf J»y ik-pisty. You were her <a<?|MJly. a year ago—and a mouth." iJ«*w tt"iudnun got up from l>eside n><- aiid Msok a fciv #t«,*}>s lo the *kle of up whieb a jq>Jeu4id u^ r . She had her f-y/s iJswl <«i a «i»ray. It would itavc o»? of rea«r-5i of most girls, but sail. sHd she managed to it off the paivj/t stem. .« .. ... .., . . . „ < T!M» iighi xlvm<; urK>u ihe while <l^?sH ^ Mr*.. Beni«4t; Uj-jw .flrhw bad all: flf ,^ r a Sorely, iw Mrlng wonuui beai Kj*>s&}a% at ilie issstw j«oia«)t I j -^ ad SIK .j. j,.,.^.. „„:,«• tried to <>zplaia fljfe to ber; aad tlw?u \ ^^^ io tor' «-^t «fae asted me wbat I tbuoght of tlie j "w 4 .n^ T^T J,? d J&gsora Dss»e as an iat«*t»r.?tor of * mo-1 TJJ/,,," .ny ooor v-ielc—- t«m ais «s>iojMr«l «rith Mine Sarali« "pWr* Shr-zavt a laugh be d oae or two years after, ths building skoald 1 by Sre or tora ^O*IL W« j tie £ilTer trowel or Iroa j tSiai zsjote the sgoare piece of • granite iaia sanctity. reaerabie man We remember who presided j T eiees tie o^tsfie fey the ringing of bells 6t | tie city and cannon oa the commons, *faeB God listens to t1»e play df Hs i flfecharged by eleciiiclty. In eiaet tiiae i. pasHWHE.. ais<3 em staoa—dis- | Mti the aaaslc. IhaDdering tieir a** fiistsorfl, maafltaliig dis- | f-nl bars of a harmony that astonafled all naaoas. Sometimes I bowed aajf head and trept. Sosaetimes t stood up ia the eachantment, and sometimes the effect Tras so orenwreriag I felt I «3iald not endure it, especially when all the roiees Trere ia fall chorus, aad all the batons irere ia full ^ave, and all tie orchestra in full triumph, and tlae cicristtrs liafl a "ttd- strike it oa lie back of perr cr rack, and jrat it to ibe ear, aad start t^e fcsne. and sJI t3ie -ot-feer Join. Ia mwlern orches- » other perf anners taae ys of their iastruiaeiits to saaire correspond, ana dra-sr the bov le string and listen, "aad sauna it again, •until ail the keys are screwed to concert pitch, and the discords melt into one great symphony, and the cartaln hoists, and the baton audiences are raptured !tiat - tie * them ° v " r " T<?r the troierel or haajiaer. We; also tie music as tie choir j stood 02 the scattered stoaes and tisn- j ber ef the building abcrat to be con- i MTKctel. The leaves of the note-books j fluttered ia tbc -wicd. and were turned •; orer -rith a great rastliag. aad we re- ; member noiv tlie bass, baritone, tenor, j contralto, and soprana voices com-1 ajjnglei They had for isany days j been reheaJtiag the special progranim*, i that It might be tvcrthy of the corner- j Schumann's "Paradise aad the Peri." stone laying. ' or Rossini's "Stabat Mater," or Bach's In ray text the poet of Uz calls us to "Magnificat" in D. a grander ceremony—the laying of the No7r . oar world can never be attuned foundation of this great temple of a j b J" aa imperfect instrument. Even a world. The corner-stone was a block ' Cremona would not do. Heaven has of light and the trowel was of celestial j ordained the only instrument, and it is made out of the •srood of the cress, and the voices that accompany it are Imported voices, cantatrices of the first Christmas night, when heaven serenaded the earth with "Glory to crystal. All about and on the embankments of clouds stood the angelic choristers unrolling tieir librettos of overture, and other -worlds clapped shining cymbals traSle the ceremonj' •went on. and God the architect, by stroke of light after stroke of light, dedicated this great cathedral of a «eem<.*<l of y Altitimil'um ia tJie «; it only a. sudden mo- of . •Soiut "It ig a nice 1» *ay. "fjet OH r I felt Ixrund oat from this tronls. Did you pluck those roses only to tear off tueir petals?" One ?:#& lay wrecked at her feet. -W'HJ « is &>nu>tMn% in tluir. tiou (iiat ivo should love each other; fmd J3»at you hoped that I would not - . . a^rd a l>acrouM for your &H s What man. withtlu* vfixAnm. would .tynne into i •> tiita for ibe wik? of talk- j > a girl wlio haw pc;r»tet«ully avoided JiitH fa? Hut itaxtytfur and a month?" "Whatman. Sudci-d'/" , **Aurt UiS» briiiffl* UK back to Ui» ordinal <ju**Uon. WJiy Ijuve you »u per- iu - voul ' Was I coald BC-C- lliat »slj« ivus a irifltj put ly »>>' iK'r»f»jfwf« fu raurnfntf «o j ibo tupte iriiicli Jwii mlgitutted with { m», yiw, had app/iwiilly found Bome iu <!*« fwiHicr tips of h«r anil Djoiiglit Hjat it would >>c 1111- to tufili?et tlic ojiyortuuity of piili- off all the ujM?ve«. fiuff«, Botuu of ! on my wai»»eonl, where llje:u to n.-niain uudiHturbed; marie a lice .line for 1 lie cav- 4ffHf>ii» nostril of our nei^liljor, Gen. X?irebrace, and lie Kwxxxinl with cousiU- ',<a3J.We forw of c'liarac-UT. "IVcll, you fif», »» litany tlsin^a liave Kfucf Stay tlji» tliinl Ja«t year, CSlyH," said Ml»« WiiMlram, when iad AaHtliwI hfi'»f|f (>y the repeat- «j{1 iipf/ilu^ iind cloxin^' uf, fx'i- fun Hint rt'HiC'die/1 tlm defoct in its coa- I am C(»rtaj;i K!IC gave a sob; but J?he did uot take itvr liaud« dowu from her face, at your fcctl" I said suddenly. «laHli'd. and I glanr-ed down (Her glove*. I jierowlved. wcr« "Look at your fcc»t. Which JK to be my future—our future—liosu- tnuwil? Whicli? The wrecked rose or the other?" She plckwl up the complete rose aud handed it to JHO, I kissed it, and (lien fastened it as well a« i could in the front of her dress. Then a man fame tip and said that we would do '.veil to hurry into the Btipper room it we wanted a bite of auytbin?,—Black aud White. tra tie leader lias a complete iastra- j a hundred anvils under mighty ham- sseat rightly attaaed. and lie eottads i 32ers were ia full clang, and all the totrers of the city rolled in their majestic sweetness, and the whole building quaked with the boom of thirty csnnoa. Pareoa Rosa, with a voice that will never again be equalled on earth until the archangelic voice so proclaims that time shall be no longer, rose above all other sounds in her rendering of our national air, "The Star Spangled Banner." It was too much for a mortal, quite enough for an immortal, to hear, and, while some fainted, one woman's spirit, released under its power, sped away to be with God. O Lord, our God, quickly usher in the whole world's peace jubilee, and all islands of the sea join the five continents, and all the voices and all the musical instruments of all nations combine, and all the organs that ever sounded requiem of sorrow sound only a grand march of joy, and all the bells that tolled for burial ring; for resnrrec- anon that ever hurl- across the nations sound forth eternal victory, and over all the reclaim of earth and aiinstresy of heaven there will be heard one voice sweeter and mightier than any human or angelic voice, a voice once full of ttsrs, hut now full triumph, the voice of Christ, saying, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and last." Then, at the laying ol Ihe top-stone of the world's history, the game voices shall be heard as when, at the laying of the world's cornerstone, "the morning stars sang . to- eether." Gcd in the highest, and oa earth peace, good Tt'ill to men." Lest we '•'.art too far off and get lost in world, with mountains for pillars, and ! generalities, we had better begin with t j on> and a jj tjie sky for frescoed ceiling, aad flowering I ourselves, get our own hearts and lives j ed deatjj acros fields for a Boor, and sunrise and mid- > In harmony with the eternal Christ, night aurora for upholstery. "Who S Ob, for his Almighty Spirit to attune laid the corner-stone thereof, when the j us, to chord our will with his v.-ill ( to morning etars sang together?" 1 modulate our life vdth his life, aad The fact is that the whole universe i bring us into unison with all that is was a complete cadence, an unbroken ! pure, and self-sacrificing, and heaven- dithyramb, a musical portfolio. The I ly! The strings our nature are all great sheet of immensity had been spread out, and written on it were the stars, the smaller of them minims, the larger of them sustained notes. The meteors marked the staccato passages, the whole heavens a gamut with all sounds, intonations, modulations, the space between the worlds a musical interval, trembling of stellar light a quaver, the thunder a bass clef, the wind among trees a treble clef. That is the way God made all things a perfect harmony. The human intellect out of tune: the judgment wrongly swerved or the memory leaky or the will weak or the temper inflammable, the well-balanced mind exceptional. Domestic life out of tune: oniy here and there a conjugal outbreak of incompatibility of temper through the divorce courts, or a filial outbreak about a father's will through the surrogate's court, or a case of wife-beating or husband-poisoning through the criminal courts, but thousands of families with June outside and January within. Society out of tune: labor and capital, their hands on each other's throat. Spirit of caste keeping those down in broken and twisted, and the bow is so slack it cannot evoke anything mellifluous. The instrument made for ! heaven to play on has been roughly twanged and struck by influences worldly and demoniac. O master hand of Christ, restore this split, and fractured, and despoiled, and unstrung nature, until first it shall wail out for our sin and then thrill with Divine pardon! The whole world must also be at- trned by "the same power. I was in the Fairbanks Weighing Scale Manufactory, of Vermont. Six hundred i hands, and they have never had a j strike. Complete harmony between i labor and capital, the operatives of scores of years in their beautiful homes near by the mansions of the manufacturers, whose invention and Christian behavior made the great enterprise: So, all the world over, labor and capital will be brought into euphony. You may have heard what is called the "Anvil Chorus," composed by Verdi, a tune played by hammers, great and small, now with mighty stroke, and now with heavy stroke, beating a great iron anvil. That is what the world has got to come to—anvil chorus, yardstick chorus, shuttle chorus, trowel the social scale who are struggling to chorus, crowbar chorus, pickaxe get up, and putting those who are up j chorus, gold-mine chorus, in anxiety lest they have to come down, j chorus, locomotive chorus. It can be No wonder the old pianoforte of society ; done, and it will be done. So all social is all out of tune, when hypocrisy and; Hf e will be attuned by -Gospel harp. lying, and subterfuge, and double-deal- j There will be as many classes in so- ing, and sycophancy, and charlatanism tb|ng»— in artdUion to of me'/" I ,-j«k«l, t"Wftt, yt»M iKiro pnWiuhe/l a svUli- Isn't (UiU to vea avoid all Mir- peouta who *javo » 'n<*>k we circto tl uwftiaint- 'Mtly nar- WfHdmM, Aujrtlifiw etee?" 't It g*>M4? IfllO »IX PlHtlQW'i" arted. iu a tow*? of (un-maH«>u. 4»W* 4s*r»'« f lit? btaiae fat Uiat," Hf-iijt« way *J*»t traK tucaisi to »ltow A I'roJItaljlf. Ghoxt. We both admire and respect the BB- Horc rector, who, having discovered a "miraeulouK face" in his chancel window, ia determined to make the best of it. 'The explanation, as lie frankly tolls us, Is quite simple. Some- years a^o ho had the-.window strlpplc-d over with transparent paint to soften the glare of the sun, ami tliat paint is now; flaking off, Jims revealing .the faces below. But if tlie faces themselves are not miraculous, the "flaking off" of the paint at this particular moment is, lies .maintains, obviously providential: ''As many visitors have been flocking to we tli<» so-called miracle, 1 am now utilizing it towiml helping to pay oft' Jjeavy debts on the church and £, jf<»i ifaft feju#ttr« of Uff iu-ctm- j »cho«l8 of this poor agricultural parish; wi*lt. and if the result follows I shall look piiitlk', if ytiA ' " MtoMt', the WHS* ut nt'tim, iiu the fw-i tJwii f J«« wj»>- to fyty J|M? I'i4n-m»: upon Hit- pictures ns a gift from God fliMl, thankfully receive any help toward the above objects." 'Jlij* !» indeed putting tlie mjracle' (ill a KonncJ business-like footing. Wo j only wer view, other exploiters of miracles -4$ K«ay ##tt to try »jwl were cfiually frank,— Westminster f now woman lias a caudj fall deigned, for Jjei- own yet she e»t|»g and revenge, have for six thousand years been banging away at the keys and stamping the pedals. * On all sides there is a shipwreck of harmonies. Nations in discord without realizing it; so wrong is the feeling o£ nation for nation that symbols chosen are fierce and destructive. In this country, where our skies are full of robins and doves and morning larks, we have our national symbol the fierce and filthy eagle, as cruel a bird as can be found in all the ornithological catar loguee, In Great Britain, where they have lambs and fallow deer, their symbol is the merciless lion. In Russia, where .from between her frozen north and blooming south all kindly beasts dwell, they chose the growling bear; and in the world's heraldry a favorite figure is the dragon, the fabled winged serpent, ferocious and dreadful. And BO forid is the world of contention that we climb out through the heavens and baptize one of the other planets with the spirit of battle and call It Mars, after the god of war, anil we'give to the eighth sign of the zodiac the name of the scorpion, a creature which is chiefly celebrated for its deadly sting, But, after all, these symbols are ex* pyessive of the way nation feels tor yfard nation. Piscord wjde aa ife CPU- t|»ent arid bridging the seas, . Tartiiii, tlie great musjca} composer, dreaded erne night that be made a con, tract with ^ata.n, the latter t<? be eye)In the composer'? service, But pno night Jie hauded to' gatan, a YJOlte, on ivbjch, pjaboiua played such swept jr.usic- that the composer was by jtfte jernqitien, an$ tr}e<j to Jb,9 pdUQds, a^d tJjeyefrojo waj 'wrjtteji Tar'Unj'a' -$pat faqjpus, 'Dle-pe;' -c^p EWfi Sqptf^i'^wWJV, iii?»iqu8» ]^ tey*V'fi?l', fttt, WM%- 4§|^4i 'l*ATn **^*ty£ft *"• SHV^ /mlIK f\tanf\\*fltt tirtnctr* tl P^TwP/ STSE ^••4fe ciety as now, but the classes will not be regulated by birth, nor wealth, nor accident, but by the scale of virtue and benevolence, and people will be assigned to their places as good, or very good, or most excellent. So, also, commercial life will be attuned, and there will he twelve in every dozen, and sixteen ounces in every pound, and apples at the bottom p.f the barrel will be as sound as those on the top, and silk goods will not be cotton, and sellers will not have to charge honest people more than the right price because others will not pay, and goods will come to you corresponding with the cample by which you purchased them, and coffee will not be chicoried, and sugar will not be sanded, and .milk will not be chalked, and adulteration of food will be a State prison offense. Aye, all things shall be attuned. Elections in England and the United States will no more be a grand carnival of defamation and scurrility, but the elevation of righteous men in a righteous way, * * * Heaven is to have a new song, an entirely new song, but I would not wonder It, us sometimes on earth a tune is fashioned. out of many tunes, or it is one tune with -the variations, so some of tlie songs p! the redeemed may have playing through them the songs of earth; and bow thrilling, as coming through the great anthem of the saved, accompanied by harpers with their harps, and trumpeters with their trumpets, jf we should hear Au Apple for TVHlJc. Willie had a pretty aunt, Many years ago, Funny things she did for him, He has told me so. Once from out of paper she Cut a W, On an apple pasted it, , Knowing what 'twould do. Very green the apple was Hanging on a tree, Auntie knew that in the fall It would crimson be. Where the sun slione on its cheek, There the color carne, All around the letter which. Stood for Willie's name. When the paper was removed, Then, pray what was seen? Why a perfect W Of a lovely green. —Rebecca Cronstoa. Staying Away from Church. The habit of absenting one's - self from the Sunday services of the church is one very easily made. Sometimes it is occasioned by sickness; very often some small excuse, some grudge against a member, some resentment at a fellow member's fault, is the occasion. Jesus will be there, even if an unworthy member is present. Jesus may be present, especially to meet and forgive that unworthy member; and who arc we that we should judge a brother or a sister? We must be careful not to repeat Thomas' error, or we may also—we almost certainly will ajso—repeat his unbelief. If we do not, like Thomas, come back again to the place where Jesus meets His disciples, bow can we expect to meet Him? At least let no one be so jealous for the honor of. Christ and His church that he shall dishonor botli by avoi(}> ing them. • the of Antioflh, and Mount gah, and Coronation, apd kew»c, and st, Martin's, and FPURt&ty, »ncj Ariel, ancj Old Hundred), jjqiw they would the pysyljjg circles, and the Christmas worship j , aiatauley's T-ove foi- Hooks, I am always glad to make my littls girl -happy, and nothing pleases me so much as to tee thac she IJkes books, for when she is as old as I am she' will find out that they are better than all the tarts and cakes, toys and plays and eights- iu the world, once wrote Macauley, the famous English writer, If any ope would make mo thp greatest king that ever lived, with palaces a»4 gardens ana fine dinners and wines, and coaches, aji4 beautiful clpthes, and hundreds of servants, op condition that I sljpuld not read bopka, I would not be king, I rather be a noor man in a garret with plenty of books, than a k}ng whp did not Jove reading, Invent Hjfust Bo careful. and truckmen wbp run in, Pftrj^ fa,re ha,rd,Jy. » cabman, Bmije t&mgh id resist the Dover freezing *atef, the gold fep* la Paaid are being developed, aad ttitt prtidaetiTie. , the scant who shot iflstlgator of th« Maiabele ^ra home In Pasadena. Oil. According to the statisilcs of Department of Agricoltare. vheat rents at 42.10 per sen. A report has been circulated in Lofc- that as soofc as Dr. Jameson is lib* be irlll marry a Gadwwts — t>Jd t3ae play go sight? Zoands— Well, hardly; bat might to hare sees the aadieacs. — Ke irori fribime. He— How are yon? Keeping strong? Sae — ?Jo; oaly jast niaaaging to keep oat of iny grare. He— Oh. Tsa sorry to h<^r that. — Jndy, One of the prominent citizens of Lesd, S. D., is Oscar Silver. He owns a copper mice and ciantilactares iron. He is a gold man. The memory ot a beloved aotaer •s-nj often arm the heart and s^ray the Hfe of a strong ttiaa, as her presence ^ver did Trhen, as a boy, ehe yearned over him. We must ourselves ascend if vre •Rtrald lift others, and in this rery up•ward climbing we are making the first and most essential step ia social improvement. How much trouble he avoids who does not look to see what his neighbor •ays or does or thinks; but only to what he does himself that it may be Just and pure. Rev. P. J. Berg, pastor of the Swed ish >L E. church, « Des Moines. Iowa, an March 4. 189G. writes: Last year I :vas troubled with a bad cong'h for iboat five months. I got im-d;ciae from my family physician and I tried jther remedies without relief. Vtfhea I Srst saw Dr. Kay's Lung Halm advertised I thoa<rhi I vronld try it and lUm »lad I did. I bong-ht a box and t< o'i a tablet now and then wilhoat anv regularity, and-af ter a few days to my ercat surprise the cough was ^onc". Fen days agro I had a sore throat. I ivas oat of the tablets and could not ?ei them in Des Moines, and 1 sent to "he western office of Dr. 15. .1. Kay Medical Co.. Omaha. Xeb., for six boxes ind as soon as 1 took it a few times ;bat soreness and hoarseness all passed iwa.r in one night. 1 believe it is also jood for sore throat." Dr. Kay'i Lung Balm does not cause sickac*s "a* ;he stomach like many remedies, and is more effectual than any other we inow of. Sold by druggists at -5 cts., •«r sent br mail. Defined. Willie—Papa, what is a consulting phv •iciau. Papa—A consulting physician, my son fs a doctor who consults another in " ordei that he may be assisted in raising the bill The number of persons to the sqnan' oiile in England "is 4S9: in the Unite: States, 17. _nrlch Your blood at this season by taking Hood'i Sarsaparilla and you will pot need to feai pneumonia, fevers "or the grip. Bemembej - Sarsaparilla fs the best—In fact the One Trne Blood Pnrifiec 'c Dillc act harmoniously witi J» f Ills Hood's SarsapariUa. 25c Mm WENZL County, Neb., in 1867, He was compelled to work out by the month <o support his body. To-day he owns 1,643 acres ol the fineci (aim litvJ, valu<4 «t $30 per acre, together with stock ao4 other property valued at $10,000. £vcry dollar of it was nude on the (arm. MrrWenil is one of sevw brothtrj whose aggregate land holding amounts to over IN OUR NEBRASKA BOOK -JWPtta «ritl> M*j» «d Cluuui doura of ifettmtMf lik* th»t of Mr, /WouL They we nude fry fymw* wb? fc*Y(! ma if * fufttss of Cumin;. Thcysfaov Ui*i Netrwka i» 41 good » Suit ij *ny in «h* Wirion, I Tlw tfofc in whfch thty iffc+i ll« 4iH(f* «nt from th« ordinary ayrkultdrjit p*mfWtt M d»y U (ran night. Jl is Inltr^lng, prac- tfcil, uuthluL {D 4 strjijWocwjn), sinpl« Muon, ft ({Us you cvtrythicg you nc«l l» Jowv *txwt Ntfcr«lu-^Us cltnute, people, schoob, chwchw, raflranJj, nwto?, soil w4 times. tasy for an Intelligent and. industrious man to buy a Hf^rasjej fe TO »s (( is to rent one (n §tate ««».pf the Missouri Rjver, wants \Q lworn«.

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