The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1896
Page 2
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j3r»rW<- + J&taiXJtJllSs-ti r -1*, -- ", '* >' •'- " ' ' '" mm+mri, ion* . Oet »,— Jf- B, fcwg, * <e*i- la**. »**fiaea •Itfcebotel (ttfotrf *o4 aftef to bo4eL •want Baste to **«**«* Ids rooB 'jpsHttfc owe to ttb* 3»atao«Bil tbe fi«f*B*lie, Cbkafca tbeatiaen-*5atiooa3 BaoV of Mftl&Mie* £tt^|M&^ jjAjrroeiijj <JB tln^ee draft* for f!,W» e^eb. draw-a on tine K*U<ma1 Bask of the Republic—1»B£ wrote a letter, stating ibat be bad been wfcbed of tbe draft*, and •directing tfcil hie body be shipped to Ms*roe, loura, car* of ihe Mascmie lodge of tbat town, be «Jxrt biaj»elf ia tbe ttxwtit with a rerolrer and died in- *t*0iljr. Two drafts for KB-WJ9 eaeh | and $45 to ca*h were Jostad in tbe | dead man's pocket*. Txwg f? aT e no i reWMi in tbe letter for committing . tbe deed and •tints sappawtkm Is tbat | he became despondent orer tbe loss of < bin mooejv j 3f _**«* Omr. Jww. 1.— A ifteanfft *a* «E*de to **& Ifec CiSa**"* *•***» toMik at ****** *s to S»wm. ADC! 3&e IM'iU- faritir **ract*r* SB wisiefc tbe bank is loeated wa* pfcrti&lljr **edbedL Tfae esisre body of rfiaaeos were liraira to SJbe scene and tbe Tbe bafcfe 5s OWE* Tbere is so etae to tbe f-«*nMf Oe*. 3ft.^vJasoes Ifetwrer,, a b&G-bekir. living aioae on bis farm sear this eitj. was fuwad dead in tbe barn yard. Tfoe tfrfy showed DO oleBee and so foul play is fie is known to bare been with taeturalgaa of tbe etomaeb. sod it is tlwHtrhl Ibis may hare eaastd hfe death. UNSUCCESSFUL BURGLARS. Got P«MM« Soon H*t Tbera. | 30.--Burylar«entered | C, B. 0*b»wn'» general store by break- | in? wnl a glat* in tbe door. They j then Mew hvi tafe open, (tearing | about f 100. Two men were «een toy 1 Mr, acd Mrs, E. C Kline, of tbe Eon- | ueil« Iloas*. to leaTeifae store between 2 and 3 o'clock sod go west. A twrwe darted out about 4 a. m.. and tbe tbieres -were caught in tbe &ehool boose at East Thirtieth and Dean ] avenue, De* Moines. They had started j a fire In the **bool room clove and • Mnoke from the ehunney wa* a give- ] away to tbe posse, who had about given tip the teareh. *ra* surrounded and tbe prisoner* j arrested without resistance. Tbey- bad all tbe money in a hat. but no tool* were found on them. ;. Xor. i,—Mrs. Ixraisa 1 BradJer. a big fair respected resident i of Bnrllngton. committed soknde by ; taking morphine. K&e bad been | troubled -mill a eaneer. and fit is swp- *be took this means of ending' suffering*. She TST&S fonnd dead by ber BREVITIES. Carl Westfall. a prominent German farmer living tveo miles north of 3Co eaase is known for the atrt. A handwmelr Illustrated catalogue of that great school at Des Moines— Highland Park College—can be tecared free by addressing tbe principal, C. C. Eearick. H. B. Porter, of Titusriile, Pa., while bunting near Rock Rapids, IOWA FORCER CAUGHT. Frfiz K4M-ap*xl for a Time Bat Wat* KfuaUjr Captur*<J. ATLAXTIC. Oct. 31.—Fritz Tonop- nodanT alias Johnson, alia* Jensen, is now in the county jail awaiting the action of the jf rand jury on the charge of forgery. 1/m>t December he »old a forged cheek for ?177, drawn on H. Kalton, to A. AtetSne, of Marne. and left the country. Sheriff Card captured biro at Ogden. 10 naa arxroi j , , -«----«» Tbe bniiding j thr0rU S* a fence, was shot and instantly " kiiied. He owned several farms in northwestern Iowa and had been spending the summer inspecting them. Fire broke out in Golfs livery barn at \Veldon completely destroy- I ing it and MeCoHongh's restaurant ; and barber shop adjoining. The j movable property of both buildings •wa* fcaved, but tbe buildings were totally destroyed. The total loss Ls $3.£00 to 82,000. with about S1,OWJ insurance. Mns. FranceK Fr\- has commenced the district court at Cedar WEALTHY FARMER MAY DIE. ; <Jl«e«rr/ K4crb>a«Ijr Injured by tit* K at a. Xhiitffan. "Sov. 1. —Lewis Oingery. j •on of one of Cass county'« wealthiest { farmers, is not expected to live, be- i <, «, , ,., . . . ,'..., , , ' i recently anirmed the opinion of cause of the bursHntr of a fchotcrun. , , • -. , , , ._. ,«. , , , •, , i lower emirl in tnft C.HKK nf .Inhi The fctock nying back crashed the f rontsl 1>one of the skull and filled the j eyeballs full of powder. He was fig-lit- ! ing several chicken hawks at the time j of the accident. Vouth* Turn CMSTOS, Oct. ;j«, — Two boys, aged about 17 and 18, wtio had been working on a farm in the northern part of the county until a few days ago, suddenly became outlaws. At Andovcr, ,a few miles northwest of Clinton, they went into a store and being refused ammunition for u rifle and revolvers thej' carried, shot through the ceiling. From there they went to the Northwestern depot and broke into - it, securing some gs in money. They then came to Lyons, crossing to Fulton, 111. where they were taken into custody by a railroad detective and brought to Clinton, plucart in jail and bound over In $1, 000. They gave tbe names of Jfsnry Hrn'tth of •' Jitellevue and fioy Wright of 1'ierson, Hwlntlled by it porged Draft, fiitivx CITV, Oct. Til.- — A stranger got * 875 diamond from Wm. Jliles, a jeweler, l)y » clever forgery. lie went to the store in the afternoon, talked politics and made himself agreeable, He represented himself as ttn agent lor a Cleveland oil iirm and appeared to be wealthy. He looked ut som<i diamonds and finally selected one, In tbe evening he called and Buid he would talcu it, and tendered a draft- in payment, signed by Harry Oil. Geary, assistant cashier of the First National Hank of Cleveland, made out in the name of James L, Carter, He indprsod this name upon it, and got Hie diamond, Later it was discovered - the draft was a forgery. 80(0011 Keeper Indicted. Cm', Oct. ati.~-The grand jury of Hancock county' has returned -^n jQ45<?tweni against J. .L JifcCoy for tfjeJjUsgaJ sale of liquov, MeCoy ran ' u iJJnipjB' cap on th e CJiicago Mijyvau* Ifee ^fc'^t. PauJ road, and) it is allege^, 15014 IS^ucr contrury to the Jowa. law, Uqwor ims been served on gftrs p« many roads since the the prohibitory law, this, 5 ing of her damages in the sum of 810,000 for the alienation and destruction of the affection of her husband for the plaintiff. 31rs. Stinson is an old resident of Linn county, living at Center Point, and is the possessor of much property. The suit has caused a big sensation. The supreme court of Iowa has the S lower court in the case of John Puth S'H, J. L. iiirnbleman, executor of the estate of E. VV. McFarJand, deceased, appellant, 'from the Boone district court. This action was originally commenced by plaintiff against E. \f. •McFarland' to recover damages for alienating the affection of his wife, and for a crime against society committed in 18IM. The trial resulted in a verdict for plaintiff in the sum of §1,500, After the appeal of the defendant was taken, McFarland was killed by the father of a young girl whom he had ruined, and his executor was substituted as a party defendant. Des Moines dispatch: Joseph Guittard, of Kansas, and R. C. Dar'is, who recently came to Des Moines to live, have filed suits for damages against J. J. Jones, of East Des Moines. They say they were swindled out >of SI4,000 in a land trade. Davis asserts that he gave 1,800 acres of land in Louisana for lots in Northwood Park and in East Des Moines. He says that Jones represented to him that the lots in Korthwood Park were improved. The Kansas man says it was represented to him that the streets were paved and street cars close by. In fact, Norwood Park is m the northwestern part of the city and quite a distance from street car lines. Davis wants 810,000 damages and Guittard 94,000. After a trial at Maquoketa lasting continuously since September 1, the famous Mott Watson case has closed. Judge Waterman has reserved his decision until he has considered the vast amount of evidence. The case has alrc-ady cost thousands of dollars. Nearly four hundred witnesses, from seventeen states, have been examined during the trial. The vas.1 volume of testimony in the case, coming as it does from all directions, hat <bi'eij procured at vast expense, estimated at not less than 815,000, In addition to this, the attorneys' fees will be somewhere from $S5,000 to §100,000. Judge Waterman will flic his decision as soon as possible, and at the same time do justice to the case, side affirms its resolution to carry matter to the supreme court in case of defeat in thjs court, iJansen's radical headache cure cures nervous diseases etc., ciiu&ed by excesses A bickening tragedy occurred, »t-A> lertotf n few nights ago, Albert Curtis, 13-year-old. Jad., meit a horrible death, roa>Ved alive, j n a $w destroyed William*}' lim-y burn. 'dispatch: Ksceiver Of 1th,o Jiunk pi Atlantic, o^tcial statement' of el VMM *»y* Orfto DRi WfcK* «KfteaU. Sor. 1. — I IZB& re9K&&!& lattle says sb«?ald tbe last maeh Sraaf er ?$a£a vcaaW. sot lose her faoSd «f almost of rumed almost fosi loen^jsg-. tbe rebelik» is alr«*gr mg on Ibe brinls of baakrupteT. •a rcri table TrJajte elephant, for 'urns after«-ard it *r<*sM bare to mmiatain an army of oeespaiSoa to preteat other and the rereBne receiptE ceittoacrthhig. Tbe Madrid treassrr *ronld bare to Sad the toonej. IB tbe prw^Eee of this dismal prospect the Spanish people woald do well to eoatider tbe qaesiioa whether Cuba is worth retaining-. If it is. Spain shonM o«e all prKfShle dispatch in accomplishing- its paeiScatson either by eon- sessaoa or btedits 9^% 3ed aad «* Ogr D. C. OeS- 3L. to ti»e sSate departaBesi ilat the triaaj porerBiueij'! » aboat to treble the dsty <OT .flwswft to e^eSsallT bat o&t better £&d cheaper articles from Atm-riea- IVithia Ste mrmlhs tfee United States has shipped 2.Me,OW ptrnnds cS this eoinnxwity into Austria. payisisr a daty of 52-S»9 for erery 25B pounds. The AN INDIAN FAMINE, Grain Product* Contlooe* an d « Outlook fe «ertoas. Oct. 3'JL Adriees frora Jfimla say Ibe prospects that a famine •will oocor in India are increasing and that the outlook is rery serious. In the oorihrrest, Fanjab and central prorincefc, there is a scarcity of food products, extending as far as Behar and Bombay, and the prices hare risen materially. The government, the advices state, has advanced thirty lakhs of seeds. The irorkof irrSgation in the northwest has began, and relief •works have been established else- Xassacres. Oct. 3L — The «mili- iary cwnunission appainted by tbe Ettitao to iaTesligat* ibe recent riots in Oonstantioople has submitted its report. •vrhk?h merely states tbe facts elicited. The cammission estimates that tbe anmber of Armenians massacred tvas ZtjfJ and that 409 Mussal- mans ivere killed. TERSE NEWS. BAD STORM. Central Southern Statee Visited by a Death-Dealing Storm. ST. Loris, Oct. 30.—Storms of a cyclonic nature visited Gnthrie. Okla.. Xew Orleans, 3!emphis, Vieksburg. and the country intervening. The property loss at New Orleans will probably reach 8100.000. Near Guthrie a number of farm houses were wrecked and several persons were killed. In Louisiana many cabins were demolished and about a dozen negroes were killed. Xear Vicksburg a half dozen negroes lost their lives. FRENCHMAN IS SAUCY. AmbaiMador at Conntantiupple Gives an Independent Keply to the Porte, COSSTAXTIXOPUZ. Oct. 31.—A severe panic was caused by the gun practice of the French gnardship in the Sea of Marmora. It caused the Turkish gov, ernmcnt to urge upon the French embassy that the guardship should practice further from the citj'. The French ambassador replied that he regretted the alarm, but the people should become accustomed to the sound of firing. EXPLOSION IN A MINE. *>lz Men Known to Be Dead and , Three Injured. Wij.KKtiB.ARRK, Pa., Oct. 30.—A terrible explosion of gas occurred in Xo. 3 mine of the Lehigh and Wilkesbarre Coal Company, in South Wilkesbarre. Six men arc known to be dead and three injured. It is not yet known bow many men were in the mine at the time of the explosion, but twelve are reported missing, and it is believed nil of these have perished. SHOOK THE TOWN. Magazine Kxplodeg Near Geneva, Indiana. CKSEVA, Ind.. Nov. 1. — The Empire magazine, situated half a mile west and north of Geneva, exploded. Seven hundred quarts of nitro-glyceriue, which was stored there, tore the magazine to atoms and wrecked scores of houses in the city. Hundreds of windows were blown out, walls were cracUed and chimneys were torn down. Slashed by a Woman, DKCATUB, Ind., Oct. 31. — A cutting aft'ray took place in which the wives of ^wo well known business men participated. . While Mr. and Mrs. J. Chronister were on their way. to church they were attacked by Mrs. M. Uuhler, wife of the' proprietor of the city roller mills, who accused Mrs. Chronister of alienating the affections of her husband, and at once began to carve the woman, Mr. Chronister, in his efforts to protect his wife,-was also severely cut, and it is thought that neither can live. Johnson's Fust Mllo, NA6JIVIW.K, Teun,, Oct. 31.— John S. Johnson made a mile at the eight-lap Coliseum track in 3:01 1-5. This is the fastest mile ever ridden on an indoor track. lie was paced by tandeuis and triplets. Jjramie Micheal rode five ip lOjS5 on the same track. J''our Thousand LONDON, Opt. 30. — Jn pursuance of resolutions adopted over 4,000 cabmen are on a strike. A scarcity of cabs is noticeable, . Owrtes King v}siie*i a in Waterbury, Conn., pad hinj }ha£ tlVft'Jiwts beat Jl0neflth/'h,fa At . The price of bread ha* gone up a half penny per loaf in London. The increase is acutely felt in ihe poorer districts. Premier Canovas of Spain, says tbe reports, recently circulated in the ! United States that Spain has not the 1 resources necessary to continue the war in Cuba are unfounded. The British steamer Taif, en route from 3Iauritius for Bombay, foundered at sea on September 24. Seventeen of her crew and passengers, all native,? of India, were drowned. Tbe .remainder of the passengers and crew have arrived in Bombay. Two passenger trains on the C. & S. F. railroad, going in opposite directions, collided nearly opposite Windsor station, about thirteen miles from St. Louis, instantly killing thirteen people and injuring twenty-one. The killed are all of St. Louis. A dispatch from Manilla, the capital of the Philippine islands, says that a conspiracy against the government has been discovered on the Sulu islands. Eight Spanish soldiers were shot in a conflict with the revolutionists at Sulu, the capital of the Sulu archipelago, and troops have been sent there by the governor of the Philippines, who has also armed a local force at Sulu. London dispatch: The Marquis of Lansdowne, secretary of state for war, made an address on political issues at Leeds. The speaker expressed the belief that the Venezuelan question would soon be decided by an arbiter or bj r an amicable compromise. In the j course of his address he said that the j Indian government felt the gravest fears as to the possible loss of life from famine. At Chicago recently fire broke out in one of the two immense grain elevators of the Chicago & Pacific Elevator Company at Cherry street and the north branch of the Chicago river. The flames soon got beyond control of the fire department and spread to tbe second elevator. Over 1.250,000 bushels of grain were destroyed. The Hales & Curtis Malting Company's building ignited from the heat of the burning elevators, but the fire was extinguished after hard fighting. The pecunia^' loss will exceed a million dollars. Washington dispatch: 'The Turkish government, according to reliable information, has noted the signatory powers of its intention to execute to the fullest extent the entire, spirit of the reforms embraced in the treaty of Berlin. The measures to- be adopted, it is learned, will carry the reforms not only into the six provinces of Turkey contemplated by the treaty and peopled by Armenians, but will embrace the entire empire. The authorities at Constantinople, it is added, have taken steps to counteract the public disfavor against Turkey, d\ie, it is felt, to a lack of knowlege of the conditions surrounding the Armenian troubles. Eight Rev. Frederick Temple, D. D., says a cablegram, is nowarchbishop of Canterbury, and primate of all England. The bishop of London has been translated to the primacy to succeed the late Edward White Be'nson, who was stricken with apoplexy while at service in^be church of the Glad- stones at Hawarden two weeks ago. Onc<- the chaplain of the queen, Dr. Temple has enjoyed a royal favor that is credited with having elevated him in the honors of the established church. Archbishop Temple is already 75 years old, and it is half a century since he was ordained. fie has had a distinguished career, He was a college instructor for many years, «od enjoyed the distinction of having been one pf the notable head masters of Bv»?by, London dispatch* 'f elegrams frojp aflpounce,th£ appoin^mefl^ of 14 Iftwg ChftBg aft Chinese minister ojf proats to very serkms troatde oat tbe Turkish empire- The ball was set rolling: irhett tbe sultan sagwd decrees letyinfr additional t*x*£ to raise fapds for military pnr- As a resalt the powers sent note In tbe strongest catling attention to tbe draper of arming- the Mussulmans and pointing oat toe critical situation of t&e affaire of the empire. But large psrehases of arms hare already been made. Tbe danger increases hourly.' Tbe porte seat an evasive reply to the note of the powers, saying it was only intended in complete tbe armament of tbe army reserves and strengthen ibe other land forces. The armament of tbe reserve indicates that the empire is facing a situation whi<!h mar necessitate the calling forth of all tbe military forces at Its disposal. There is always Ja view tbe probability that the saltaa. seeing the powers are really in earnest, is by these armaments threatening a wholesale massacre of Christians and will announce that Turkey will resist to the utmost any attempt at armed coercion. SERIOUS SITUATION. Diplomats at Constantinople Are Disposing of tbe Sultan. LOXDOX. Oct. 31.—The Constantinople correspondent of the Daily Xews telegraphs that the situation in that city is causing the gravest anxiety in diplomatic circles, which are again discussing the question of the deposition of the sultan. The sheik-ul-Islam, the head of * the Mohammedan faith, through whom alone can the sultan be legally deposed, remains at the Yildiz kiosk, the sal tan's residence, nominally as a guest of his majesty, but really as a prisoner. The Apple Crop. YORK, Oct. 31.—Throughout the states of the chief commercial production, including New England and Xew York, the crop of winter apples is large, according to the report in the England Homestead, which places the aggregate yield at a shade under 59,500,orjo barrels for all the United States, against 60,000,000 in IS93. This authority says the crop in Xew England. New York, Michigan and parts of a few other states is phenomenal. The report covering the central west, however, shows that in many instances the crop is insufficient to supply home requirements. Exports from the Atlantic coast are already 1,000,000 barrels, a third more than for all of last season. Chinese Atrocities. WASHINGTON, Nov. 1.—The state department has received the report of the Ku Cheng commission, consisting of Consul Uisson. at P'u Chu, China, and Commander Newell, which investigated the attack made upon American and other missionaries in Kutien, China, August 1, 1S95. The report is copiously illustrated with photographs; The incident to which it relates was long ago closed by the execution of the ringleaders in the attack. Accidentally Shot Her Husband. VANDALIA, 111., Nov. 1.—Near Hagerstown, Edward Armstrong, accompanied by his wife, who is a good marksman, went hunting for quail. Mrs. Armstrong was in a corn field and could not see her husband, who was on the other side of the fence. She fired at a covey of birds, the charge striking her husband in the back of the head, killing him almost instantly. Maunow Confessed too Late. CHIKAGO, Oct. 30.—Julius Mannow. who was hanged to-day for the murder of Carej' B. Birch, in June 1895, • wrote a.confession, in which he exonerates his companion, Joseph Windrath, from participation in the crime Windrath,' however, will cot be saved by the confession, as. he was hanged last June on Mannow's testimony. Executions iu aiadttgnocar. PARIS, Oct. 31.—An official dispatcl from Antananarivo, capital |of the is land of Madagascar, announces that the minister of tbe inter, RaSnaudrian- aupaudry, and Prince Ratismananga have been executed at Antananarivo for complicity in the recent rebellion and the Premier Rainitsinbosify has resigned, A Key West dispatch says: Well informed passengers from Havana confirm the advices received by mail that Maceo crossed the trocha and joined the other insurgent forces in Havana province. They declare that tbe report circulated by Maceo of his encampment at Cacara Jacara and the calculated attack on that town was" merely a feint of the rebel leader to concentrate the Spanish forces at that point. That the ruse was successful is proved by the fact that Genera,! Munox, with a large force, M was sent in that' direction to attack Maceo but upon ar» rival at Cacara Jacara the Spaniards found nothing but a/ deserted camp. In the meantime Maceo attacked the frrocha £t Artemisa, leveled the town and crossed into HaV4na province, A" pew instrument, called the phonendoscope, enables the skillful medica} mau to hear the sounds emitted by aH the organs in the human body, Jfle.heart, the lungs, the JJyer, etc,, if they B r«! fa a heatyby or otherwise, . paper frnvel has AffM b^th, ' *' . CM. Of AHzoDA area wait n lia in Ms annual report to rraneis. The report is IfiOSl VO*ttSS311J!KiS 2 trated received for yeans at ^ mining output of the stafe year iras f 13.9rs.253. of flfe gt»«l aggregated $$.?<>9.oi)g of about £390.033 taken by and placer miners, and th« year's increase of f9«Mx», prodac! of gold, silter and Arizona for the twentr The cattle shipments from the tory from January 1, is»4. to 1S9G. reached 395.379 head. l w torial board returns shows the tali of taxable property has gained «00 daring the past year, and ratire men claim the actual to be $90.000,000. PAVED ROAD IN COUNTRY. W«nren County, I moots, Try an Experiment. ^loSMOt'TIf. I1L. Oct. 30 M township. Warren county, has Dieted 3,000 feet of brick pav ew the first ever put down in the Unit^l States. The brick is sinsrle course! laid on six inches of sand, supports! on each side by two and oae-half f a of crushed stone. The cost less than S5.000 a mile. The townshipL has several miles of crushed stonel which has given good satisfaction. A| 3-mill five year tax is proposedfor pay! ment of the improvement. CHILD MURDERED. And the Fiendish Jlnrderer Is Lyn GALESVUXE. Wis., Oct. 30.—The year-old son of Oscar Marshall, a Xorth Bend farmer, was murdered a hired 003- named Palmer, aged 13, tol get even with his employer, with I whom he had quarreled. He crashed I the child's head with an ax. Officers! started with the man from Jio Bend for Black River Falls, but they! were overtaken by a mob of twealj I determined men. who tied a rope about I the mnrder's neck and hanged him' from a railway bridge. BEAUTIFUL SNOW. Nebraska Receives the First Exteiulve Blizzard of the Year. McCooK, Neb., Oct. _30.—A tremendous snow storm has ""prevailed over western Nebraska since last night, and is still rag-ing. It is one of the greatest snows in many years. A high wind prevails and the snow is drifting high, which will doubtless retard railway traffic. Indications are that the storm will prevail throughout the | night. Wants Part of Austin Cot-bin's Estate. NEW YOHK, Nov. 1.—Miss Mathildej Nelson has begun suit for the recovery I of §50,000 from the estate of the late j Austin Corbm. While not explaining! what her relations with the millionaire I were, Miss Nelson, who is a handsome I Swede of about 30 years, alleges that! Corbm was a frequent visitor at her! apartmepts, and not long before hisl death he told her tbat he hijd invested! 550,000 for her, which would be a vision for her in old age, in the eveni] of his death. Desperate Xegro Arrested. KSOXVII.LE, Tenn., Oct. 30.—End I Black, the negro who killed two inenj at Coal Creek, is" now in the Knos I county jail He was arrested near the [ scene of the shooting and a mob at I once began to gather. Sheriff Deraar-l cus did not take the prisoner tol Clinton, but at once brought him on! to Knoxville. During the Coal Creek] war Black struck one of the Coalf Creek soldiers on the head with a billiard cue, almost causing his death. Egg Throwers Expelled. CHICAGO, Oct. 30.—Chauncey C.' Foster and Loujs J. Hanchett, the young men who attempted to egg l!r. Bryan on Tuesday, were publicly expelled from the business college from the windows of which the were thrown, IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT, DES MOIRES, Oct. 28.— Patents were issued last week as follows: To Iowa. inventors, 7; Kansas, 5; Minnesota, 8; , Nebraska, l. A Canada patent has', been granted to H, M. Hoadley, of : Van Wert, Iowa, for his horse shag nail cutter and clincher, for which S', Upited States patent was issued js , 1805, J. A. Norton, of Odebolt, has •been allowed a patent for an attach' ; ment for beds that is adapted to be. folded against the headboard to serve as' a pillow sham holder and also adapted to be adjusted to serve as a } table for an invalid when sitting up ia', bed and supported by pillows. A- Powden, of Prairie City, has b allowed » patent for a wauhlne making chains of peculiar fornj specially adapted to "be used i« ppjatp harvester that is now estensiye use and was awarded first premium at the world's fai? 18S)3. . , THOMAS G, 4up J. R4WH Spljcitors of Pavis came Chang and jftnqyoj,,- , ''Writing a - i' Writing ft J

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