The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 28, 1896 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1896
Page 9
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M01MJ8! ALGONA. IOWA. ' '"•' ' ?-'ii' V->,7v-"f' : '¥ • ',' - .,• f'i'f :t,r*> 'if, f «t Waflt to tell you what LycHa E. {nkham's Vegetable Compound has |one for tae. For twenty years I had fiffered ttith loss of appetite, nausea» THE JOKBft'S COIIN1I, ttstipatiott, fcalpi heart, head- ns in faeafly 'my trody. i digestion) bediciots did tatioh of ache and all parts My • phy- was only but his not , egantlto i&seof tha Pitikham Remedies, ( iarticulafly Lydifi & i'iblc ^JtOKBL 1' ham's 5tabl6 Compound. 1 have taken bottlesj &nd now those troubles _ J cured* " I cannot praise it enough, and our Prilggist Bays the medicine is doing a %-ofld of good among his customers." "" S. THOMPSON, New Bodford.' Jass. ANtS SATIRE NAL AND dor ftright Smiles—An —th* View Wa« *no ba**Hhg;—Mlife- ttan toglo—A Slate ta the Flotsftfn niiti .t»t»nm. MISSING LINKS, The room in which. Napoleon I., died Is now a stable. I The first omnibus has mado its appearance in St. Petersburg. Whole fields of tobacco in Kentucky Jhave been abandoned because of IWorms. One Maine man hag gone into the pulque business of raising doves for mldings, parties, etc. In Australia there are bird entrapping spiders that spin webs sometimes [thirty feet In diameter. Fulton Canada, of Florida, has Just Returned from a three weeks' alligator hunt. He killed 298 alligators, averting six feet long, during the time,. jfe>r which he received $1-15.34. There is not a peer in the house of ords who was there at the beginning |'f Victoria's reign. The earl of Mansfield has been there for fifty-six years ,'nd the earl of Kimberly for fifty. 1 The late Sir John Millals' income fanged as high as $100,000 in the best jyears, and from an early date in his pareer his terms for portraits exceeded )those charged'by Sir Joshua Reynolds. ADVICE TO FARMERS. By H. n. Carr & Co., tho Farmer's Commission House. i. We are in. the midst of an exciting apolitical campaign; the great cities Bare stirred by monster demonstrations. The great orators hold forth every •night in halls, wigwams, and tents. Po- hltical leaders are busy figuring out the result in advance of the election. Thou- RBands of men in the employ of the na- Itional committees are ascertaining as Inear as possible how each city ward, how each branch of organized labor, how each city will vote. One thing no nan, no set of men, no campaign committee, no political party can tell in ..advance, that is, how the farmers of Bthe country will vote. The one great Iquestlon to-day is: How do the farm- fers feel about it? We mention this Konly to illustrate a point in practical ['business matters. I Agricultural workers are learning * their power In politics. They can make ? or unmake state legislatures. They do t it by imitating the methods of lafcor f in cities, by working together. They ' do not need local unions. They can > work in our' grand intellectual union ! for their common good. They .nave ;• done it In demanding legislation. They i are doing it now in a way that makes i, leaders tremble. They will act more Bintelllgently and united in the future, 'ffhey find other things than politics to Tall for their decision. They produce vhat the world needs.. They are study- aiig new methods of giving the fruit of Iheir labors to the world. Recently an army of 100,000 men marched through a-jChicago's streets celebrating the twen- fty-flfth anniversary of the great flre. fehe farmers have for years fed a much fereater army;" not only,fed, but made Irich, presented with grain elevators, Iprivate banks; fine houses, costly lux- lurles the old-time, ever-present army tot middlemen. But them isi a revolt lagainst dividing profits with this army Ibetween the farm and the world's big HEN Lucy smile* the world grows bright And darkness flees away; •Her smile is like ft cheerful light Transforming night to day. When Lucy smiles .. • ; . w my pulses burn "With waves of warm desire; And in her eyea I can discern The spark that lights the flre. And since she's light and fire to me I think I'll wed this lass- Just think what great economy 'Twould be in coal and gas! —Ellis Parker Butler in Chicago Up- to-Dat.e. \ Bounct to Koop Dry. . Boomspiel—Vy didn" you go in mlt uot shandy on dot rifer bank ven it ralnt? Then you nod got soakin' vet? Mi*. O'Shea (who has been fishing)— •Sure, Oi did. Phin it shtarted to rain, Oi looked round for th' shanty, but it was on th' other side av th' river, and Oi had to shwlm across to get to It, d'yez moind! POEf RY 6P BLOWER NAMES, the noiana is named frohi nola, "a little hell." The fuchsia^ ie named after Leonard Fuchs, a noted German botanist. The herpestis is named frotii a Greek word, meaning "a creeping thing." The begoflia was named in honor of M. Begon, a French patron of botatiy. The lagerstroemia is fcatned in honor of Maghlts Lagerstroein 6f (Jottenbttrg. The saccolabium Is named from two Latin words, meaning "baggy lipped." The ptectfonia is BO called from a Greek expression signifying "a cock's spur." The marlanthus Is so called from Maria, the Virgin Mary, and anthtus, a flower. The gladiolus is only "a little eWord," this being the Latin form of the ex* pression. j The name of the jasmine is preserv- ' ed with little change from the Arabic, ysmym. The English name of lilac Is almost . unchanged from the Persian name of \ the same flower. The panax, or ginseng, has Its name from two Greek words meaning "a universal remedy." The oxalls takes its name from a Greek word signifying acrid, the leaves having an acrid taste. The plumbago or leadvort is thim called because it was once supposed to cure lead poisoning. The name of the fennel has been retained almost unchanged from the Latin of the tlrc.t of Virgil. The al!>..ea is named from a Greek word, "to cure," an allusion to its supposed medicinal qualities. The amaryllis is named in honor of the nymph v, V.ose story is told by Virgil in one of his shorter poems. The dahlia was named in honor of Andrew Dahl, a celebrated Swedish botanist and pupil of Linnaeus. The prim rose is nothing but the prime rose, an alluslfn to. the early flowering of the plant in spring. A Slavo to tho Weed. "Boys," solemnly remarked the neavy-set man in the light suit, holding an Inverted match in one hand, and a large, fat, brunette cigar in the other, "never acquire tho pernicious habit of smoking. I'm a slave to it now, and yet I abhor it. I never see a cigar, but what I want to burn it up." And then, with extreme satisfaction, he proceeded to burn up the one ho held in his hand. —H. J. S. THE WELL GROOMED WOMAN. Matrimonial Amenities. "How-dare you be so. rude to me," demanded the angered wife, "before our. marriage 'has been pronounced valid by a court'of last resort? Suppose it should prove that we are not married?" Even in his bitterness tho Iiusbaml could see that he had been hasty,— Indianapolis Journal. An 15il grfllfins Weapon, Willie Puffems—It makes me blood ,boll, ah, to weacl of the fighting In Cuba. I am sewlously thinking, Miss Dolly, of going to the Cubans' aid. Miss Dolly—That's very patriotic of you, Mr. Puffems, but you must remember that the Spaniards do not in the least object to cigarette smoke. She never wears any but the neatest of jihoee and gloves. A'' well-groomed woman never betray signs of haste In her toilet BITS OP KNOWLEDGE. At tho present time there is more Bteel used in the manufacture of pens than in all the sword and gun factories in the world. Leading electricians claim that the new vacuum tube light will be three times as brilliant as the present light ftnd its cost only one-third as much. Carthaginians are said to have been the first who paved their towns with stones. London was first paved about the year 1533. Wood pavement commenced in 1839. 1 don't suppose the biggest fcftatrt ha* been boffl yet, bat thare te time* entift yet to surprize us all. The stroftgest intiftiacys seehHi to ex'- ist, not between two liartes, btil whare the hed ov one cbfttrols the h&rte o* the othef. Thare haz menny a wbinah Miarrlett a man just for the sake ov getting fid ov herself; this Iz ft sad waste ov the faw material. The single wihimin, if they only knn it, hold the ballanse ov power; but, az a general thing, they don't seem to kno how to uze it. Absolute sincerity may exist, but mi trade with human hfltttr haz taught me to be satisfied if 1 kah find sincerity that will pan 45 cents on the dollar. If man would only follow hiz reason az clussly az the animals do their In- stlnkts, he could afford to take the hances ov the hereafter Very coolly. The man who Is allwtise anxious to bet B dollars on everything, either haz grate doubts about hiz judgment, of mz got a kounterfit bill he wahtH to get rid ov. I hav finally konkluded to take all .hings just az they cum; the most bitter disappointments I ever hav suffered hav cum from having mi most ardent wishes gratified. It kosts more money, reckoning time worth a dime an hour, to learn any kind of a game, so that yu kan beat enny man playing it, than yu kan win bak if yu liv to be 97 years old. I have known men and wlmmln to helium thoroly disgusted with the world, and all that thare waz in It, nnd not understand that It wnz themselfa they waz disgusted with all the time. An illustrious pedigree Iz a grate burden, and re&ponslbllty. To lug around the bones ov a distinguished great-grandfather,and do justiss to the bones and kredlt to ourselfs, Iz a cluss transackshun. The world eeldum makes a mistake when called upon to decide between what iz positively false and waht Iz positively tru; abstract right and wrong are reached bi instlnkt, and In- stinkt iz not only honest, but iz smart. Old bachelors are apt to think that they are very important fellows, when at best they are merely ornamental; sumthlng like a tin weather kok on the ridge pole ov a barn, that haz rusted fast, and kan't even sho which Way the wind bloze. PERSOtMALs, Stoit>ef,-the fife-west do mtlHonaife, has his Wife ftif ft ness partner. Gen. Jtd. Shelb^ of Missouri has accepted aft ifivitattoTi to ftafce & speech for Palmer and fiuek&ef. Cardinal Gibbons has conferred orders oh & number of sttidents at St. Mafy's college, Emttltsburg. Gov. Bradley of Kentucky will lake" the stump fof Mckiniey. He will make something like a dozen speeches in the state. t *>EN POINTS. "Self-made" fools are no better thaa the ones who inherit their money. In making up their minds too many people are careless abotit the material they use. We may all be equal before the law t but there's usually a mighty difference In us afterward. The man who says he can love but once usually has himself for the object of his affections. "If" and "but" are the sons of hesitation and between them fill many a public pool-house. It's an awful long distance between the pulpit and the most desirable pew In some churches. The world owes every man a living; and the laborer is simply the bill collector of the millionaire. There Is work in the world for every man to do, but some of them are fortu- tiato enough to be able to hire some one else to do It. i/ftl j.^'i U alHnit ftS WrlSfig to I £* it la W d« Wtfng? , ;.' ,j&& A lie Is always 4« eftfeffiy', fid tt|fiE|(f m ffiefidiy It no* labfcv ,-. -. -JL £fa ftnw converted ffiatt is ,ft. ^flffilfj •&6f that the fittfe Is tfm / \ We wotttd all lo-.v^lJea' f»8lf8'i£ How ttttich ptsylbg*l¥dfe«8 iff jflt that God Isfi't expelled ,16 hlaft' i Horn, ti , This independent action began with ! this pioneer farmer's commission house. jt is assuming proportions which make ' the easy money-makers (professional : shippers) at the stations over a dozen ' f states tributary to Chicago tremble. . The question: "What are the farmers colng to do?" bothers not politicians alone but all those who have been getting something for nothing. Farm- Irs are going to ship their own grain • -not a few or a hundred, but an army of thousands. Tliey know how, they have tried it, it pays. That is one Question answered by farmers. See what a few farmers say who , Sept, f , Messrs. H. H. Carr & Co., Chicago, -Gentlemen : Your favor of the instfint with account sale and dyaft IS seuiement for car wheat No. 9002 at hand I am well pleased with the results and thank you very much for your promptness. You W , U1 ** T ?l re ' oelve a large number of shipments from neighborhood. . Marcus. Iowa, Sept. 2, 1896,-Messi-s. , IT H. Carr & Co., Chicago, lll.:--Gen, tlemen: On the two cars of oats I sen to you last winter I made about ?42 »t, Thanking you for past We Jose the peace of years when we limit fter tUe raptuve of moments. l&ytton. _ _ , » e, bottle; ML B! Miss City-Niece—What kind of a chicken Is that, Uncle Josh? Uncle Josh—That is a leghorn. Miss C.—How stupid of me! Of course I ought to have noticed the horns on his legs! —Chicago Up-to-Date,, The late Dr. Frank Woodruff, of.New Britain, Ct., left an estate amounting to nearly $200,000. The use of this fi\isn, together with $10,000 outright, was given his widow with the understanding that upon .her death it was. 'to go to the Congregational Home Missionary Society after a few small bequests vero paid from it. Mrs. Woodruff has just died, "and," says the Congregatlonal- ist, "the society will gtH between $150,000 and $175,000, the original sum being reduced somewhat, on account, of the shrinkage in tho yalut of the stocks In Which it was invests* " A Tenacious Clutch Is that of dyspepBlo. Few remedies do more than palliate' this obstinate c-om- plaiut. Try Hostotters Stomach Bitters, however, and you will find that it is conquerable, nloug with its symptoms, heartburn, flatulence, nervousness, aud loss or flesh and vigor. Biliousness and constipation frequently accompany it. These, besides malarial, rheumatic and kidney complaints,, are also Bubduablo wlth_the Bitters. In tho Harbor Shop.' Customer— Is that the razor you shaved roe with last time? Knight, of the razor— Yes sir, Customer— Chloroform, please I flow's This! We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward /or any case of Catarrh that cannot pe cured by' Hall's Catarrh Cure. • • ' P. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O, We, the undersigned, have known P, , J. Cheney for the last IB years ft}> dK , b ,?My* him perfectly honorable In all nuslness transaotJons .and- financially able to cany CHARACTER IN WALKING. Quick steps are indicative of energy and agitation. Tip-toe walking eymbollzes surprise, curiosity, discretion or mystery. Turned-in toes are often found with preoccupied, absent-minded persons. The miser's walk is represented as Btooping and noiseless, with short, nervous, anxious steps. The proud step is slow and measur- pd; the toes are conspicuously turned out, the legs straightened, Hantit Fc Route—California Limited. Beginning November 4, the Santa Fe Route will resume its celebrated Cali- 'ornia Limited train as a serai-weekly .service, leaving Chicago Wednesdays nnd Saturdays at 0:00 p. m., reaching 1/os Angeles in 73 hours and fon Diego in 70^ hours. Equipment of iuperb vestibuled Pullman palace jleepers, buffet smoking car and dining cnr. Most luxurious service via .any ine. Another express train, carrying both palace and tourist sleepers, leave Chicago 10:25 p. m. daily, for _ Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. nciuire of G. T. Nicholson, G, P. A., Great Northern lUdg.', Chicago. We cannot have God'ts favor and tho Measures of'Kin both. •• No cough so bad that Dr. Kay's Balm will not cure it. See ad. ro 0 is 'taken internally, fVfewJpwyt- Oresfei>, »t8HdJe fpr 'Jfn'l; r forks; T.,QJgefr, HsvJftB, revolving sjsj lit's'fQfti.Vajnpjign, buJjge: G. W.i|pBlst«J, Hidden ft' markr-VegeWie.Cowponnfl, Out. Boy— Who was Cain, papa? Father— What book is that you are reading? ' Boy— The Bible. Father (whose early religious train- Ing was rather neglected)— Oh, Cain was a very good raap, I believe. Boy— But it says here that be Killed brotbw, Father— Eh! Well I suppose tjiey Bluet have fomi4 tliat out since 1 wfent tn gander school; ?<?« know they liy 'revising tbe book! , knowp morje abo.u.t; the JoeaJ than abpu* BlbUqaJ WstQJT, "S^y It jyaj that JPShul mftfle ft? 6MB J bottle. Sold by nials free, e Druggists, Testimo- , __ _ .. There are two places on the earth's surface where there is but oue day and ouo night throughout the year. _ •flint Joyful With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and internal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of Figs, is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old-time medicines and Uie cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the well-Informed;. The Minister— J suppose, tnese times, ft won bag got to keep Uls - eyes open? 'jue peacon.-7-Ves iud.eea; except pn Mm. »block, Omahft, Neb,, writes; !i l H *!<* ST f^r'^n Tprrjrv ^Frrr -w „„ ,„„ „ „,.,. B^W of JBter,a»i bfWOPr- boids (pile?) lr9W wt»iob I swgww w •" ' .y.purpr, Rfty's R^QVftip] '" caved we,", 89W by drwg ;s, so41^'" S?9, ftAifts •AVhat is the average life of a good bi- Uyole, Sprockets J" "Well, gome of them ast until they lire poid for." CoFC-arets stimulate, liver, Jtidneysnnd Do\vel», Never Bicken, weahon or (?ripe. The tinjo for a New York letter to reach Iceland and be delivered is-lO days. The papers are full of deaths from Heart Failure i*«•«««•••«•••*••« Of course the heart fails to act when a man dies, but " Hc=art Failure?" so called, nine times out of ten is caused by Uric Acid in the blood which the Kidneys fail to remove, and which corrodes the heart until it becomes unable to perform its functions, Health Officers in many cities very properly refuse to accept H Heart Failure," as a cause of death. It is frequently » s'g 1 * of ignorance in the physician, pr owy be gives, to «eve t up the rwl wuse. BUCKINGHAM'S DYE For the Whiskers, Mustache, and Eyebrows. In one preparation. Easy to I apply at home. Colors brown black. The Gentlemen's or favorite, because satisfactory. B. P. HALL t Co., Proprleton, Naifcua, N. U. Sold by all Uruggiitj. and WHISKY lmbll< '""'I. ""ok •'» FREE. Or. U. H. WOOLLKV. ATLANTA, «A Woman's Writes I Seli6V6 ifl WoiWdfl'd Writes? Of course ^e Ao, Wfao ctitdd lielp it when \vomeu write such convincing words as thfesej "Pot sevefl yeara-1 Sutf6r6cl with scrofula. 1 had ft good physician. Every meaua of cure ttas tried ill Vdifl. At last ^, I was told to try Ayer's 8arsa» pafilla, which entirely cured me after Using seven Bottles*" —Mus. JotW A."GaNTt,« ( Port ^airfield, Me,, Jan. 26,1896, Ayer's Sarsaparillas ..cures.. r>;« A positive cure iot all coughs attdi lagrlppc without caUsloff nttUsea." Dr. Kay's Lung Balm, Price 2Getft Sent by mail by Dr, B J. lift Medical Co..Omoha.Nob. Send for boolclfil SOID BY aBUOOISVB. SOUTH WEST The boat fruit section In ; the West. .,„. „ drouths A failure of crops never known. \ *t Mild climate. Productive soil. Abundance q& f- V^ good pure water. ' ' '*! >•,"' For Maps and Oiroulars civing full description of the Rich Mineral, Prult and AgrlpnlljK ral Lnnrts in South West Missouri, write to/ ', JOHN M. PUKDY. Manager of the Missouri, -, Land and IJivo Stock Company, Neosho, New- ',; \ ton Co., Missouri. *' ' *L W-N.U. D.M.--1268 NO. 44 When answonnu nilvcrtlocmonta tmflly mentlo* , ,',;:| tblspnpor. ' * ! j-)s 25* 50'* ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED pie and booklet free. ALL DRUGGISTS r J\> ^AbsolutcliiPure-PeliGious-Wutrilious- The Breakfast'Cocoa WAITER BAKER &Co. l =!? DORCHESTER,MASS, ' .MADE.', BY COSTS LESS THAN NO CHEMICALS. • , ALWAYS ASK .YOUR GROCER FOR WALTER BAKER & Go's. BREAKFAST COCOA MADE AT DORCHESTER.MASS.IT BEARS THEIR TRADE MARK lA BELIE CHOCGIATIERE ON EVERV'CAN. ' •AVOID IMITATIONS* ••<;J %.« i • 'W :^s BICYCLES You will find the best material; the lat-, est^ most graceful design, the soundest construction^ and the finest finish in i Columbias I**? Standard of the World, V* ,' $ oo: W *P#f|SWTOW ' V -* '-,-"* -^ i iMJi-JflCjr 1

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