The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 28, 1896 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1896
Page 6
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THE tPPBR BIS M01NES: AL80NA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY, 1?6ti WANT A rS Q HOR , , . GLOBE OJ THE CAMPAlfflf, The Lftst Week Witnesses the ttfnost Activity by feoth the flfeat Political Patties, W in e JScohottiize and buy yotif footwear where you get good value and honest goods for your moitey. Come in and see our bargains in Winter Footwear. & Alfred, Boston Block, Algona, Iowa, Boots and shoes made to order or repaired, All Issues Subordinated to the Gteatef National Question—Local fcollf* icftl Notts. your ballot will be thrtotfn counted. Any maflt which mighi Be weed Ss So idefltifloation of the ballot m'akefl it illegal, and it cannot be counted. , Friday Pblltltftl Note*. J. L. Kamrar speaks at Butt evening, Judge Caff speaks irt fimmetsbiirg Saturday evening for McKinley. The darkey* Jay C. Freetiiont, had a full court house last Saturday evening. t 'Don't Sit on [the Fence Waitin I iTo see which—McKinley or Bryan—will be elected, but if you want I anything in the hardware line, from a padlock to a pitchfork, or a itack hammer to a cook stove, remember that my prices are now as llow as they can be, and I '11 tell you another thing, coal will be hign- ler this winter and the way to fool the coal men is to get-one of our Cither will save its price in coal in time. Drop in and see them. $? There are others," of course, but why not get the best. Please call and get prices. J. W. Robinson. REAL Happy Jno. Goeders Quotes you some prices on groceries which are worth your careful attention. Granulated Sugar, 19 pounds for. .fl.OO Extra C Sugar, 20 pounds for..... 1.00 Very best Japan Tea, per pound.. .40 Choice Bio Coffee, per pound 20 Best pea berry Coffee, per pound.. .26 Mocha and Java Coffee per pound .30 Best Bice, per pound 06 Good Bice, per pound 3£ Ten pounds Oat Meal for .25 Lilly Gloss Starch ° 5 Corn Starch 05 Kingsford Starch < 07 Six bars Santa Glaus Soap for 25 Ten bars Fairbanks Standard Soap .25 Six bars Lenox Soap for 25 Six bars Jaxon Soap for... i 85 Church & Co,'8 Soda .07 Best Broom Jhoice Broom Fairbanks' Gold Dust Extra sugar drip Syrup, per gal.. Best Sorghum, per gallon 50 gr. Cider Vinegar, per gallon.. 50 gr. White Wine Vinegar, gal.. Climax and Spearhead Tobacco.., One pound Up-to-date pail Tobacco One pound Goeders' Best Smoking Tobacco for --• Best Wash Board for One Ib. Snowhall Baking Powder, One Ib. Price's Baking Powder.., Lewis' Lye Eagle Lye '. One pound Ground Spices,..' The campaign in the county is drawing to a close. A lot of speeches are o& the bills in the school houses for the remaining Week, fioth sides are active ahd eVery voter will have a chance to know all about it before next Tuesday. No attention has been given to local matters. It is unlikely that the vote for county candidates will vary much from the vote for president. There is not to be much scratching this year, apparently. One reason is both sides have acceptable nominees. Another Is the interest of the contest has all been centered on the national Issue, Voters don't even talk about county matters, much less get personally interested in any man's success or defeat. Probably but few can tell without referring to the the ballot who all the candidates are for the various offices. There will be lots of rivalry between townships to see which does the best. There will be some returns that will be political sign boards for a great many years. (THE COUNTY TICKET. The satisfaction that'was felt when the republican county ticket was named is still apparent. It is as good a ticket as we have ever had. Every man on It is qualified and Is a most excellent citizen. Most of them have proved their efficiency. Recorder Randall has been an exceptionally faithful and efficient official, and the same may be said of Auditor Calkins. Judge Thomas says Clerk Grose is one of the most attentive and efficient clerks of court he has ever known. 'Squire Raymond has shown independence and courage In prosecuting evil doers of all kinds. For the Important duties of supervisor John G. Smith and Mike Welsbrod are especially well fitted, both by long residence in the county, and by their record of painstaking attention to business entrusted to them. A better man than Mr. Smith could not be found to take charge of the county property located at the county seat, and a safer or more competent man for the west side of the county does not exist than Mr. Welsbrod. THE TOWNSHIP TICKET. The Algona township ticket is E. H. Clarke and F. M. Taylor for justices, Louis Haqkman and E. T. Burbank for constables. All of these are well known and are well qualified. Mr. Clarke has been justice for many years and has established an enviable reputation for vigor and fairness in administering justice. His court has done a great deal to discourage drunkenness, tramps, broils of all kinds, and disorderly conduct. Every republican should see that his name is included in his vote. Justice Taylor, also, has held the scales for a long time, and has been equally fair and impartial. The town cannot do better than continue both men in their present places, and every ticket should have Mr. Taylor's name. Louis Hackman and E. T. Burbank will make excellent constables. Our James' Diamond. Bancroft Register: Did those who attended the J. J. Ryan meeting 'Tues day evening notice the large, dazzling diamond in the orator's immaculate shirt front? Have they noticed in most of the county papers that he is "Loaning m.oney on farm lands at ^six percent.; only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money!" Mr. Ryan is a wealthy man and has made all of his wealth under the present gold standard. Can his prating about "dear money" and the im- fe* ifl LuVerne promises the biggest publican gain of any pfeclnct Kossutb, Ah Adams says that he and nearly every democrat in Humboldt will Vote for McKinley. We 'want to my a word about, All flour tpight be good flour- but it isn't, always* ' The Reporter says Wesley will give the biggest republican Vote of any precinct in the county. E. M. WentWorth Is billed for Bancroft Monday evening. Ha is the Marshalltown butter and egg man who talked to the farmers' institute in Algona last March, LuVerne will close the campaign with a flourish. Jay. C. Freemont spoke last night, Phil, C. Hannaspeaks Saturday night, and A. A. Brunson finishes Monday night. TheSwea City Herald makes comparisons: Mr. Ryan is a witty speaker who never fails to Interest his audience, while Mr. Bonar is said to present a better argument than his colleague. E. O. Towne of Illinois spoke to a crowded house Monday evening at the court house. He was introduced by Horace Mann, and gave the ablest free stiver exposition yet made in Algona. Geo. C. Call had a big meeting at the Lott& Creek school house Wednesday evening. Aug. Krause was present and asked questions, and a running debate of a half hour resulted. Mr. Call left a good impression. Wesley is to have a spread that will be metropolitan. If McKinley is elected the Bryan ladies are to get it up at a cost of not less than $1.60 a plate. If Bryan is elected, vice versa. The Bryan ladies are already looking up prices. Col. Elboeck, the gonial and able German democrat of Des Molnes, spoke in Wesley, Monday evening, and in the Rahm school house last evening for Palmer and Buckner. These are the only speeches for this ticket that have been made in the county. Rev. Southwell has been investigating a report that Mrs. McKinley owns property rented for a saloon. He has a letter from Major McKlnley's pastor about the matter, which entirely clears the republican candidate's skirts. He has satisfied himself that the report is without foundation. The good flour that's always good—do you know where to get that kind? We wilt give you the combination : It's the Daisy Mills Flour. You know it, Don't put off doing a wise thing. Try some right now. Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. .20 .25 .20 .25 .35 .25 .25 ,40 .25 .18 .25 .20 ,35 .10 .08 ,25 possibility for the "common people" to acquire a competency under the present money system, be taken seriously when he himself is a living contradiction of every claim he makes in that line? It would be interesting to know, though impertinent to ask, how much Mr. Byan is worth, and when and how he made it. All othtf goods in proportion, Dry Goods, Shoes, Cloth* ing Underwear, Cloaks, Hosiery, Blankets, Shaws, Carpis, Fur Colts, Gloves, Mitts, W, Trunks, Vahses^-al at a discpunt of 10 to 20 per cent, for cash, Yours for business, Jno. Goeders. Haggard * Peek, Atetraets, Harness, Saddles, Whips, How to Vote There are three well defined methods of marking the ballots in Iowa under the Australian law; First. A cross in the circle at the head of your party ticket, thus [X|, Your ballot BO marked will be counted for all the candidates nominated by your party. Second. A cross in,the circle of the ticket of your own party, as above indicated, and a cross in the square, thus [XI opposite, and at the left of the name of the candidate upon any ptner ticket for whom you wish to vote, Third, Leave the circle vacant and place a cross in the square to the left of the names of all persons for whom' you desire to vote. The first method is vised when you desire to vote for all the candidates whose names appear under one party name, or in other words, where you vote a straight ticket, The second ip used when you wish to vote practically all of one ticket, and. only Sestre to vote for a limited number of names °n pthev tickets than ypurpwn, , ,. . ' *, The third method is the safe one to use when you wish to vote for several names OB different tickets, and this method must he used vben thwre i§ more t&an, pne person to fee ejeotea tp, the same Qlftpej aad ys« 4o OP| wish to vote fejall Qf.ibe oasWflrts top Clayton B. Hutchins made a rattling good speech at the Dehnert school house in Fenton Thursday night. S. D. Drake spoke with him and kept the crowd enthusiastic, and F. M. Taylor closed the meeting with,some stories of his debates with Senator Chubb. The house was crowded and staid till a late hour. The Whittemore Champion says Mike Welsbrod is going to be elected supervisor: The people of the county may rest assured that he will labor faithfully for their general good. Mr. Weisbrod is one of Fenton's most prosperous farmers and will be one of the long list of republican officers elected this fall. Horace Mann is put from Washington to speak for free silver. He opened at Irvington last night. He speaks at Plum Creek, in the Bice 'school house, tonight. His other appointments are: Potter's school house, Cresco, Thursday evening; Pompe's school house, Lotts Creek, Friday evening; Center school house in Sherman, Saturday night. SweaCity Herald: Verne S. Elllis believes he has good grounds for a damage suit against Algona parties who reported that he talked in favor of the democratic money plank while at the county fair. He did not even see the parties he is reported to have talked to, and while.admitting that he had an attack of "the fever" three years ago, he says he has entirely recovered and has felt no dangerous symptoms of the malady' since the first fall Some of our local democrats tried to " hodoo" Col, Eiboeok over in Prairie, They spread the report that he had been a life-long prohibitionist. The colonel was sorely grieved in view of all he had sacrificed for "personal liberty" and took it quite to heart. He had no difficulty, however, in convincing his hearest that he was sound and he had a big and enthusiastic audience at the Bahm school house last night. Maypr Haggard and Justice Clarke were over. Stoves from Our Store have gone to the different towns in the county, and at the prices we are making people will come from its remotest corners to buy their stoves, because it will pay them to do so. As long as our present stock lasts we will continue to sell: $16 OAKS for ... $14 OAKS for ... $12 OAKS for ... We have marked down the prices on all of our cook stoves to a point where you can afford to buy a new one. The " RIVERSIDE," the "JEWEL," and the " BUCK'S "—none 1 better made. We have a few second-hand hard and soft coal heaters and cooks that can be bought CHEAP'. This sale means hot stoves at hot prices. DOXSEE, Tayl We want Mothers cheap we sell Hosiery derwear. Taylo THE LAST BEPUBIiIOAN BALLY, _._„ Wtre, The I. L, Ellwood Mfg. Co.'s genuine barb wire. Galvanized, $2.80; painted, $2. I will deliver this wire anywhere in Kossuth county for 10 cents per 100 extra,—32 JOHN GROVE, Farm &OTOB »t « pw Ce»t, And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at option of the borrower, Interest payable annually unless otherwise preferred. The loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date, HO?OB& BRUNSON, •MONEY to loan on town property and farms, Tbos. F. OoQke,-31tfonl WE can please you as well as ever on groceries. M. Z. GROVE & SON, ON account of sickness in my family J desire to eell my interest in the Algo* na, brick yard, cheap for PR9B or exchange fpr good, land, * T, M. MclFarland VfUl Speak In Algona Saturday Evening—The Close of the Campaign, The closing republican meeting in Algona will be held Saturday evening. Secretary of State McFarland will speak. The announcement will bring in a big crowd, Mr. MoFarland is one pf lowa'e beet stump speakers, and no one can afford to miss the closing rally of the campaign. GET your wopd of Hamilton. Cord, or stove wood always on n&nd.-Sttf TWO LIVES SAVED., , ' Mrs. Phoebe Thomas of Junction Olty, III,, -was told by her doctors uUe Tiad consumption and tliat there was no hope for her, but two bottles of Dr. King's New Dte- covery completely cured her and she says it' saved her life. Tbos. Eggers, 189 Florida street, San Francisco, suffered from a dreadful cpld, approaching consumption', tried without result everything else, then' bought one bottle Dr. Kipg'p New Dlscov t ery and la two weeks was cured, Natural- ~ iy he is thankful. It is such, results, 1 of which these are samples, that prove th$ wonderful efficacy of this medicine in qplda • and coughs, Free trial bottles at Sheet?', Regular size 50o and fl. , ty OLD PEOPLE, Old people who require meaioine to y Attention, A good 5QO bushel corn crib fpr only |3 af J, A. HAMPTON & Co's, Vf*V* JfWt^V H*dV *vu****** **»^w«**»*»• "V £*rp'*> s late tne bowels and kidneys ,wili .|n<J, the ,-. true, remedy in Bieotrip Bitters, Tbla mod. „; iolne does not stimulate and con'talns n,o ,.-<,* whiskey nor other intoxicant, ws aota, 04 t -;m a tooio, and alterative, It acts wildjly. on -,~m Wood! We still have a>few corde qf dry wop<J for $U§ delivered, Also we are shipping in eastern wooft both oak ana maple, We nave dry pine slabs fop kindling, W^youporOwpj^^w, 8»»j! tor ?ale Gaofl sellftv, drtera T. w*\ -"-""^ * *tv«v> «,«».vj,,v ~, frm7 „ „„ excellent petlaer and aids digestion- pja people ft juat exactly what they neetl, flfVy cents per bottle at »r, k, A, drug store. AlgQWi 014 (Jrove Baru, Jews, TUie feed §tab)e h&e and ftw'meve mo, ethejs to give ft

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