The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 28, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1896
Page 2
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iit tfape.', „As iHe.satoie evidence *«***• 1l iiia'M 'ca'seV, v as Vhey .Were"!' only- S"?<*iL.">i. 1 <'**i l ' V» J " 'l^ 1 _^ J .l^ age"when> the ' fc , f Bd ofS,VssaultJiapqn\ ?two small S . t , ,, t.': 24^-y-GOv, Drake' of SOO • for, 'the) Bobbers In Iowa. ' f Oct. 23.-'-Two masked entered,-the house' of Charles^ /a^bachelor living One mile n6rth 'bf .town,' and compelled Hinel to 'give •up $|b and a ( \y l atoh, 1) riiag and, 4 other; ' valuables^ 4 belo t ngJng to/a young man "who -^vVaV ^'staying'"\witli*<, x him.' ^-N^ 1 aVrests haWbeeh, made', 'but suspicion (point's'topa^ 1 young /'man Mlvingf near* Jtiarrabee, who ! 'has'been implicated in bth'er small,/crimes, ,^ds one of the party'., .'•" 4 < t| «V v?,i' rr "-'ft ' ' •i / I "^'t ' ~ t , , > ' Harris -Sentenced. f ,, 5, , ' "DE8 MOIRES. Oct/SO.-—William Harris was sentenced to twenty-five years in > ihe penitentiary at" Fort Madison for the murder of • G«orge v JTrank. No ^appeal can be taken in,the/ ( case. ,' '' , i'l'V "Ot'ho Postofllce Burned. ,»,i ( '*Fr. DODGE. Oct/2§.—The bblio; post- office was burned. , The •< cause, of the 'fife^s'un known. Two hundred'dollars in casli was "burned. ''',',., ' BREVITIES. t !ai|^'indley t 1ittenip'ted 1 '!to arrest v '' clrew.a revolver and died* in> ten4 |%-M^lierson' • has , upt- been " *6inoe,.t Oue^ hundred 'dbl- 1 WftS offered by'^tlio mayor and as Jasand'and was fo'&M-in^a , ^''lyatideriii^in 1 ' 'the 'fleldr* ™ r , cflptui-edVftfri/a'^pitfp chase, by* offlce,rS and netgliborfe and is 1 being guarded to be sent to thevasylum/ It, is eaid'hl^ mlbd has* not been flglitr "Since he attended JBuffalo'Hill's wild Wt show at Sh'e'iabhldtfr'ftlio 16th Art 'September.- Th^ wtlAj exciting scenes of ih6 fehow Seemed ito have upset hlln; ^Highland' Park! College, iJcs^M&nes has just published "';A '''Little v Book,'? elegantly 'illustrated, ' {containing a splendid write-up of tjiat, noted school. It' -is* mailedwfreo, upon request. , ^•Afr Marshall town recently v E, G.' Bowman, 1 a traveling man f wh'o has lived in 'that', ' city " jot; ! several years, 1 wafe arraigned before 'Justice , Carnmack on the/ charge of -bigamy, <the . charge being made ,by a ,wornan from Mills t county, wh,o was present, with her two children, 'Bowman was held* iu S59° bail. ';• ' •;' ''\'" , •'.' ] ' . - ; i x%} - TSioux City dispatch; ( Henryi Neades- kon,'a \vorlcing man employed in sand digging up ^the Missouri river, fell from a,ba'rge in the -presence of half a> uo^enHvorking'meh and was drownedj Ho wa,s draSyn'- ( 'under the barge, an<| th'ey coi^ld render, him no '.assistance^ lie \y4s 25 ye?ir^' f( old 'andi>liad ' a ,-wife' \ i 'Wall, take dispatch ; H a rry Jorgen- .son,- aged about*! 7,.went /to thej.barn 'to do the t moaning 1 ; wprk;' and when he ^oor he 'found the George',. no p]|0t$re* Iroown^fpi^hfnv qoniinltting 'the ai?t,' : JIo ^vjis kt'aUor by trade^and was making a good Hving t »foif f hiroseljE ' ' ,„ T," ?. Far?iswortb 'revolver .•^KiiMa^ro *TyTATir-7w«ir»riT.i ' ueen;%iaKeii ?wy, ine^isiunus 4MMl^ian«.f4ft//Mo«| ^^.tfrfrfMCWiMrpAlff. AM:: IpttMft!^ t.-L. ^fficS'i'ffi.yj-.jaH^.j.'u .«i-?AaifS|fig* set ^bft by^pHsliifieii" ^.{sl|te^ gethe^'withrftoeeVsthepfef^uHffgviiie ,dsspei'kte cohflitit ^li^nl fbll'bwtdfihlf .. , tately wounded? • ^^"^I'-^/I-"!, 1 - f '" bf. tile 7 Ufi{ied K> gtate^ T «t& GRAVE :es lii tonnecttoii > With the ' iteoent s I'Mi-chasb bf AriuSi r .- > , t d(JJfsa?ANiit?oi l fcflt Oct. 24.^—The Jrades issued in ^connection i with the .recent purchase of > arms have resulted in a "bonditlbrf of affairs'that is regat'ded f as < very; grave/'.' IT'he ' ministers, are* top- posed t to the p6ll, l ktx imposed on the Mussulmans but the palace officials insist that the measure is necessary for the defense of the Mussulman' religion ( on the ground that the Christians 'are preparing to-attack the Mussulmans and ( the'European press is preaching a 'crusadejtigainst' Islrim, • The British cominittee'appointed t'b in vestipate the causKof the recent' disorders in 1 'Constantinople compute' that lft,0&0, Ar-,' menians in Oonstaninople and subui-bs were rendered destitute as a 1 resiilt of the late massacres. , * ' ' EXPRESS TRAIN^HELD'UP. ' Four Masked 'Men Do It Scientifically In ' Jllssoiirl. KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 24.—A passenger and express train 'On the Chicago & Alton railroad was held up and robbed by four mask'ed , men , at Blue Cut, between Independence and Glendale, Mo. The express messenger surmised the train was being held' tip,, and, opening the 'safe, he ^th'rew 'the, 1 money ^into a chicken coop. So .far as can, be learned, the robbers Secured "only a, few packages of jewelry and $25 in currency, which the fireman had left in his vest hanging' in .the * cab. There have be ( en three hold-ups in' the cut. The James'gang.held up a train there in 1881. / , \, 1 > , Kace'War'lri Florida. CIIIKLEY, Fla., Got, 23.—J. III. Criglar,' manager of Hagcrman's lumber "mills at IJac-er Station," quarrelled •with his negro 'employes, who drpve 'him with revolvers'f into his office^ which he locked, and" opened-' fire on tlie negroes with' aViflc, ' Firing con-< i tinned on both 'sides for/, ani hour, Criglar escaping the bullets of, the •ne- groes by dropping to ( the flpor. The negroes were preparing to* cremate Cnglar when the < Louisville & Nashville train krrived and the''train crew (vnd passengers finally drove away the besiegers. During the battle Criglar killed Amos Kudson, and John Alexander and wounded four others, two, it, is thought, fatally. otfgnt to protest' against the lnterist'e r d'p'otfcy of the United 'States in - Cuba 'and ' not" permit its fere nee." , ' i \ * ' Watnon Can't TOI-EK.V, Kan.. Oct. 83.—By y, .decision rendered by the fudgesi',of tlie state supreme court, Thomas ^2, Tyatson' is not permitted to withdraw li\s namp from the regular popplist s|ate P ' ticket.' 1 The mattoi^came ( up i)i tthe, supreme coupon a w vvr'|t ,of mandamus 'against Secretary of fcjtate Edwards, who had,,, Jn compliance with the, 1 forWl'demand «VsWatson, a^oounoed his ' ' '' AineMt'nn tthampioh JBenteu. • Oct. 2"0.~>*F. E. Uadon, the fingllshrunner, beat T. JP, Conueff,' the American champion^ in a two-mile run. -Time, 9:'4l. ' He had previously' •beaten Conueff at one and tin-tie miles, so lie wins all three events for which 'they Were ^natched. , , ' ' • TERSfe: 'NgWS.- The officials of the Banlf'bf Ecuador, located at Guayaquil,^ succeeded a few days < agb in opening for the first' time since'tho great fire the vaults of that institution. To their great' satisfaction they found the paper inoney,docUinents and'books, not'to'mention the,coin contained in the vaults,' t to be in perfect condition. ,," This will teiid > f to restore confidence, and will lead to an earlier resumption of business than was at first anticipated. t ^ A correspondent' ,in Cienfu'egos, Cuba, recently telegraphed that the gunboats Ardilla' and Contramaestre had un engagement with filibusters lasting five hours, at the mouth of the San Juan river, They subjected the enemy to > disastrous 'defeat and captured 620 rifles, artillery, accoutrements, a great 'quantity, of machetes, munitions, medicines, clothing, various rebel flaps, revolutionary documents of importance' and two, yawl boats lettered l 'The DauntleSs." ^ New York dispatch:, One hundred and sixty-seven , Armenians have' arrived from Europe, to which country, they fled from' Turkish atrocities, 'They were transferred to Ellis Island 'for inspection by the health 'officers. They were met by representatives ,of, the - Salvation Array,v the Eed Cross Society and the Woman's Temperance Union. The health officers have not yet decided whether to permit them to land or send them back. The question may be referred to the secretary o'f the treasury, ' , , Madrid' dispatch: In-an interview with Premier Canovas, he characterized as absolutely false and ridiculous the statement to tho effect that the Spanish government ( intended 4 abandoning Cuba in !M[arch. > Regarding the report that Mr. Cleveland' intended , taking action in favor of the insurgents, Canovas says the 'government has; received advices '.from Washington to quite the' contrary effect, Naturally the United Spates government desires for - many reasons to see an early 'termination'Of the warj but further than that, nothing can exceed the loyal conduct; of • Cleveland" and the cabinet toward 'Spain and • the IJuvana dispatch: ' Woylpr and<Blanco w*il} be reqqjled,' Premier Qanov&s .will'faH and events will occur in 'Spajn, 1 Madrid (tjspatoKes ssy, and it is ,b,9l}eyed there <iunless the rebels in ]Cu'b;i'pnd.t.he i Jl?hUippjne ^sjands are £0nqn,0r.ed withift.a rapntli. T}i c e Mi^d' *j;!4 pres^ Openly 'atta,cl^s Canovas and of . thf 5r inability, tp 's Cuban" Devolution. < , Ak Ie1i'ittiaa ^fifteen * ei* the* average dreiBe>beets pir' 'opens'tipahdtoe crop that wlti easily pay $16 td $3^ per acre net profl t^be'sldea paying 1 . In" cask 'a'fair pr 166 'fbY.all lafcbV: ait -the "crop, t use of land, etc*' Equally satisfactory, results have' been obtained la 1 Wlscon* sin and the northwest generally 1 ; Director Wllson ( of tile Iowa Ekper' iment Station, says^tliat only capital and skill are necessWy foi' ( that state alone to produce all of the $100,060,000 worth of sugar now imported every year. SPANISH EDltOR INCENSED. ' k c "American Intervention In'Cuba , Kvokos Indignant Protest, ' Madrid dispatch! Commenting upon the statement contained m a dispatch rfrom Washington 'that President Cleveland intends to intervenejn Cuba in"a^ riiantter^ tantamount to 'the 1 ' recognition! of the independence of the insurgents, the Imparcial ''declares tha'ir Spain ought to' ( demand a full explanation of tlie Washington government. "She cannot brook' such a threat over her head,^ ' continues Hhe Imparcial, "even for^ a single day. 1 By what'right does the United 'states define the time for Spain to settle a question of her internal administration? It must be affirmed before the whole world that the, United States cannot impose any sort of terms upon us." After denouncing the United States' "fictional neutrality," , the Imparcial concludes as follbws: « "the conduct of the Uriited States will arouse general indignation. If Spain should remain alone in a conflict with the United States, Spaniards, by their ' own efforts, will know how to mark, the difference .between the 11 noble defendeVs of their own property and the vile traffickers at Washington." * .ARMENIANS'WIPED OUT.' merciless Kurds T>eave No Armenians In the Van District. LONDON,'Oct. 23.—The St,Petersburg .Niedomosti gives details ^of the Tan' 1 massacre, secured 'from fugitives"" who have arrived 1 at Elchmiadzin. They' say that no Armenians are left 'in 'the Van district. The Kurds,' daclaving that they were executing, tlie sultan's will,! mercilessly butchered" the, men, kidnapped tlie/.prettiest hvpmeri and girls, and^thre'w the'eh'ildren 'into the'' pits intended for storing corn and buried them alive 'in order' to 'save' ammunition, The male victims ' were arranged in rows 'and were killed, two and three at a single shot. The details of the outrages on the priests and temples • and L the >f sacred books and vessels a^e 'revolting. 1 - / Silver Men ^'nocked Out. " Lmcow, Neb,, oijt. 32,—The supreme court deniet} the petition of the silver democrats for a mai}dam'u& to restrain' the secretary of sta^e frojn certifying the national democratic state ,ticket( and national electors $p the' c'ouiity clerks of the 'stafo.. This leaves' the Palmer and Burner the only, one, to be designated m demoppatio on the Jfebrafjkastate official ballot, ' GREENWOOD, '' Miss,*, Get, Rook," wl}}^>, was shot apa HUl^d by' a negro near Sipny^icje. 'Aftwwwl a posse r fc>o.k ttyj' »egvo h'ad .. j wb {($8 to, a, riot, •< f A lumber, of 1 w&fte 4 me'p , h, aye lejfc ' fa - tH§ country. ' f" , \jt$ whjQh, destroyed ','tb'e ...-,..., T jjRR$"filtj^e W]}}feipQ?e* OBiWRgwy isH^wya^p/fe,-'p^, < i.«W»Pr« ii ijfAw tyMiatf w,ft§ Erapif Hfl.MM1R(Tn TVnrtCft!.* v\o »t-i/i ••>AK ' •«/« J3 hjs as'surned greater Qaiftpos WRS in ' the United States £r nisei- it&lelg JACgsOtfVltLB, - Fla.j Oct. 2ft liruin $ew.Smurtta bar 'the, United 'm&t$t cruiser ttaleigh captured the: """ * ing steamer Dauntless and h „,, S. i,, Mabrey,,.> The latter feteainei«,%i| putting out to sea \v1ln coal and '!stt$L 'piles for the Dauntless when th6 fi'fti*! eigh fired a blank cartridge for 'her'io'J Jstop. The Mabrey turned, about ai'd i tried to escap'e, Whereupon ihe Balef^ fired a^ solid Shot across her bows'attd.i the tu'g.'hoVe to.'' >An ^officer was pu't*J in charge of the Mabrey ai ' " Dauntless ,Was brought' to ^ St. _ _..„ 'bar and now lies inside,^ in' charge^dill the officers of the Raleigh, Cubans 'Infl Jacksonville Tire' greatly excited, tiutrl claim that the Dauntless had no tuw f nor men on board. In chasing • and, L capturing 1 the'Dauntless, the Raleigh^! used^her gun's several times and tliB<| alleged filibuster came •' near being | sunk. • - "' V*'| MINERS UNDER ARREST. teadvlllo Strikers Indicted by tho Grant) Jury for Riot 'and 1 Murder. ",»»<*' LEADVIM,E, Colo., Oct. 23.—Ebea'J Costley, 'John 1 Geary, John Mullen i John Brennan have been arrested/-; The arrests are-the result of the grand jury' t s 'investigation of the Coronodtv affair and the men arrested are not til be" admitted to 'bail,' as, they "ate .charged with the* deliberate murderW^j 'Jerry" O'Keefcj, a city fireman,' who? was shbt down while' 'performing [hit; 'duty on the night,of the Coronado fire| t Tha management of the „ SedaliiU property discharged-- /tlie entire forceya of twenty union men, > but later »*« sumed'opera'tions with a r force of -"- * union 'workmen. * t fl ORDERED [TO THE CITY. * i • ' i 1 Weyler Attempts ,to''Depopulate the' \ i. r ^ProTjlnce.of Plnu? del Bio/, ' ' 'tABTA^Oet. 1 s 'S4.f—Captain ^General' r^has ( iss\ied 'a, decree^-ordering*, the, inhabitants of the country''out'side* the'fortifications of the towns'in the/ province of Pinar del Bio to * concentrate within,the^limits of the fortiflca- 'tions within eight*,days, Transportation of poodb toi or from the country' towns by land and sea without'* mission is prohibited. At the. expi tion of the 'eight days ' all -perscito|Sj found outside tho limits, will 1 be contjl sidered rebels<and 'trjed as such, ""^l •"i 1 '." ' ' TT' ' ,,'./ Money-Camp Top Lute. , Y f r\ ~_ /-v^L r«j t4n(r '_ — t t>; V "V i'f >.- ,3 Dasconi,- of'Clinton'," 1 JIo7, kjll4d"hersel||! and her 4-year-old son, George, lodging howse'by Closing t>be do^v windows f^nd turning on the gas.' Basconj xyent to,t}i4 roojnjnp' housej, fevy days previous, ' ^She wen^with^B ^oneyvbut sa}d s}ie expected'jnoneyjy ? every inaii from'her t husband, at " 11 " ton. ' Day aftey'd^y passed, V. e Ji did not cojne^ and she became so Ppondent f that she resolved to herself and hep'son. ^ * The lettpv c^g •taining the money 'finally came i when the house Iceepep went to 3J Bascom's rooff wi|h it/'she fOUP<1 ^ to' 1 *" ' * t * 1 f l %'"^f' id ijon 4eftd^ * *' " 1 A.*^

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