The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 21, 1896 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1896
Page 10
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RAizwA? ¥1M£ APPLES. I am headquarters for apples of all kinds. Have plenty on hand and A Carload More On the Way. Block, James Patterson. , MttWlWffeK A Sfc $ Aft,. . . ., „. todsAi. WUifls #48*. So. 1 departs *t ...................... 8:65 a in No. 8 departs at.................. ..... 4:01 pa , mighfe that Worry passengers— No, 98 departs nt .......... . ........ iS:6&am No.M departs *t ................... 0:33pta No. 65 departs at... .................. 8:80pin TRAlSS KASt. No. 8 departs nt ............. . ....... 10:37 am No. 4 departs at ........... . ......... 6:33Uni . Fragnta that catty passengers— No. 7ff departs at .................... 8:20pm No. M departs at... i ..... »...». ..... 2:05 Sin R. #. HlsfifclCK, Agetft. CHICAGO & South- Freight.... .7:10 p. in 8:04ain frorth- Mlxed ........... Mised ........ l:18 Mtwd.... ...,8:00 7:10 a in *•*..* AWM .1..*. f • J.V I* Frelghti...< 11:26 a Pass 2i4B»m r *" * woo. t , , , , , i & ,-x.u 17 j|) JinMlxed 10:4Tpm F.H. VBSf Bit, Agei t. PROFESSIONAL. "•*S*^t-*S*+^**r**^^+*^+^+*j~+j~^f*^-+^^ CLARKE A COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. 'H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles 1 new building. SULLIVAN 4 McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxie-Fereuson bl jck. E. V. SWETTING, ^TTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. J. C. RAYMOND. ERNEST C. RAYMOND RAYMOND ^'RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK ATTORNEY M. CURTISS, AT LAW. Office over Kossnth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON.' Office and residence in the Boston Block. (In the new block.) Cal. canned peaches.... . Cal. canned apricots..... Cal. plums, (green gage). Cal. plums (egg) We are selling, while they last— Cal. dried peaches per Ib 70 A good prune per Ib yc The remainder shoes at of our stock of H. C. MeCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURffEON. Office at residence, McGregor street. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. E. S. GLA.SIER, D. D. S., SURGEON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa. DENTIST. A. L, RIST. D. D. S, Local anaesthetic (01 deadening pain In gums when extracting teeth. COAL HAS TAKEN ; A BIG TUMBLE. Now is a good tune to buy, while It is cheap. It may be higher, 05 cents a pair. Hay and'grain delivered to any part of the city. Yours truly, J, C,'Anderson & Co, THE LOCAL MELD, W. C. f. U. will meet Oct. 28. The thermometer got down to 22 Monday night. The Wesenberg brothers haveopened a land office over the Gilraoi-e grocery, James Carroll and Mary Shay, E, E. Adams and Rebecke Wisegarever are licensed to wed. Mrs, Thos. Dailey started for Missouri yesterday, called by the death of a sister. C. E, Heise was delegate to the state meeting of Redmen which convened at Colfux last week. ' Miss Nellie Hamilton was at Boone 1™* week: as delegate to the state W. C. T. XL meeting. Geo. E. Clarke was in Garner Mon? ay ir J f . 1 ,^ 8 an important land title case for a Milwaukee man. The diphtheria scare is over. Mr. McComb's second child h'ad a close call, but is getting well. Gus. F. Peek begins to look like nitnself on the street again. Mrs W. C, Danson, also, is up and about. L. J. Rice was able to return home Monday. He has had a long siege of are glad to M.P. HAGGARD. G. F. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.! Abstracts, Real P.gtate AND_ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. O, J. BROWN, it up north. His friends see him back. Lawyer Graham was down from Blue Earth City yesterday to take an appeal in that Hebron case Col Sessions beat him in. Next Sunday at 3 p. m. a Geman service will be held at the Episcopal church. Rev. Muller will preach on: Der Segen der Kirchenverberung." Tony Kirschbaum and Ed. Lough workmen on the new school house, were-flned $10 each and costs by 'Squire Clarke Monday morning for drunkenness. Lai> Kuhn is excavating on his lots near the Northwestern depqt and will put in the foundation for his new house this fall. He will build in the spring a neat cottage. A burglar broke into the Luchsinger store at LuVerne Friday night and took about $250 of goods, suits of clothes, bolts of cloth, etc. No clue has been found. , C. S. Byrket, Iowa's able assistant in the office of secretary of state, was a pleasant caller last evening. He was going to Mason City for the state Odd Fellows' meeting. Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Kubn have moved in from the farm and are now, at home in the comfortable cottage they have built just north of the Milwaukee track on the mill road. Dr. Gunsaulus' great lecture on Savanorola will doubtless be the one to be given in Algona. Remember the date, Dec. 8. No more eloquent speaker is now on the platform. Perry Burlingame didn't have all -, ^ luck ' in 8 P ite of the hail - He got 1,634 bushels of flax from 134 acres And on the oat land the hail cut he raised 470 bushels of buckwheat. Chas. Cohenour has been trying to get his social union program sandwiched in between political meetings for several weeks. He thinks now he will postpone it until after election. Aug. Sterzbach says the Algona Harp orchestra is already insured a good season. It has several calls from neighboring towns, and will begin regular trips as soon aa election is over, A meeting of the Women's Library Aid society will be held, Friday, Oct. 23, at 3 p, m. The program will be devoted to the English lake district and a study of Wordsworth. All are cordially invited, J The school opened Monday. The basement room has been abandoned and will not be used again, Only about half the little folks were out, There are no further rumors of diphtheria. * J, A. Vipond got six bushels of clover seed from an acre and a, quarter. He got 90 bushels in all, worth' ROW $4 ft bushel, Lots of farmers this season will make more out of clover seed to the acre than out of anything else, Mre. J, E. Stacy was at Renwjck parties and baggage to any cents, round trip Telephone Np. 43, 'elephoneMrigs at PW expense, * n, Feed, rigs ai o, J, Brow'i livery * ifflcgm^tsfi^Sfco.?., Impair- 6W,flSS8«--W' 5 Hv ,' i .. r -- — ,,=. 3tiej8 ifcspexstiffg bffic^f _ Bandrbii, Effiffigtebltrtt Brit* .$M Carne* xfOFpS.. Afl Effittfelsfcu inspected the Algoflft corps last day evening. t)r. Koebne> a noted lecturer ofi religious topics^ will b6 ifi AlgotiS, tbg first week in Noveffibef aHd speak seven nights btt "The • Nagafene." His meetings will probably be in th"e court house. All thfc cliUroh&s unite in securing him. Frank durtlss, father bf F. M., was ib Algbna last week. He owns a half section farm near Swea City^ which he will stock in the spring, He has put in two cars of tile already aHd Will put in more, He is one of the heavy stock raisers and dealers in Story ctiuhty",, Wm. BaUer^ for tnany years pop' ularly known as "Bill," id Algona, is up from Carroll on a visit. His father is dead, his mother lives with S. S. at Tacoma, while his sister Emily is with htm, His brother George left some years ago and has never been heard of since by the family, New books in the reading room: The Pith of Astronomy, S. G. Bayne', The Gray Man, S. R. Crockett; The Chronicles of Count Antonio, Anthony Hope; Mrs. Gerald, M. L. Pool; From the Memoirs of a Minister of France, S. J, Weyman; Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain; Raftmates, Kirk Munroe. The Y. M. 0. A, are making arrangements to put on the cantata Belshazzer next month, thanksgiving evening if they can. They have all the musical talent in Algona engaged and Prof. Forde will have the preliminaries in charge. No assignment of parts has yet been made, but enough have consented to nssist to insure this being a great musical event. The W, C. T. U. will hold a chrysanthemum show Nov. 19-20. afternoons and evenings. There will be other attractions of which notice will be g_iyen later. The society offers three prizes to outsiders: First prize, for the plant with the largest blossoms, second, for the next largest, and third, for the collection of plants having the .greatest variety of colors. Algona is to have a grand military ball.Thanksgiving eve. Company F will entertain in the best style it can muster and the new harp orchestra will furnish the music. This will give all Algonians and their friends - a chance to hear-our new orchestra and enjoy the best social gathering of the season. Company F never does things by halves. Agent Vesper walked to the depot yesterday morning for the first time in many months. He left his high grade Columbia wheel in the barn without locking the door Monday evening and it evidently picked itself up in the night and wheeled out of town. At least no one knows how else it got away. Sneak bicycle thieves are making more trouble than horse thieves used to. Chester Call writes that he has disposed of last year's rice crop and is threshing out this year's crop. Prices are good and he will sell at once. He proposes to his father to buy several hundred steers, which are very cheap on the Texas plains, and bring them in and feed them on the rice after-growth which alone fits them for market. If he does he will not return to Algona this winter. Miss Anna Hamilton, who is teaching the darkies down south, writes to her friends that she enjoys her work. Nearly all the teachers are northern girls and they have the brightest of the darkies to deal with. The southern whites ignore them entirely. When either of the brothers go south to buy lumber they are treated royally. But when it comes to teaching darkies the line is drawn. Agent Blackford got orders to send the J. DeSair trunks back to Heron Lake, where they came from. So far as known they have not been opened, but there is no doubt that they belong to J. D. Sair, or Hans Kellihan, as the dead bandit 'proves to be. They probably contain his clothing, etc. Mr. Blackford had hundreds of requests to investigate the trunks, but said they must wait for an order from the superintendent, H. E. Rist and J. W. Tennant made a hurried start for the deer hunting grounds Saturday. Wisconsin has had a game law which made the open season in November. But'some one has gone to the supreme court and had It declared unconstitutional and that leaves the old law in force, which made October the open season. They do not go to the same place, but will not be far apart. We expect some venison when they get back. A home dramatic entertainment is being arranged for the evening of Nov. 16, which promises to be exceptionally good. A few will remember a clever comedy given in Algona entitled "By Wits Outwitted," This will be reproduced by a good local oast, The five leading parts will be taken by Misses Zoa Wartman and Louise McCoy, W. P, Jpnes, Geo, FULL cages of Underwear, bought at prices before known in the history of the trade, will be sold at The New England to their customers for less money than you will find same quality sold anywhere else in the state: $ .25 cent Underwear, usual price, . $ .35 cent Underwear, usual price, . .50 cent Underwear, usual price, . .65 cent Underwear, usual price, . .75 cent Underwear, usual price, . i.OO Underwear, usual price, . Yours truly, DURDALL & CO. .35 .50 .65 1.00 1.25 1.50 Tayl Mothers Hosiery Hamilton, and F. M. Curtiss. Th play is to be for the benefit of the sew ing class conducted by. the relief corp ladies. The foundation is in for Geo. W Hanna's new home at LuVerne, an the building may be enclosed this fal but not more. It will be when com pleted one of the largest and mos elegant houses in this part of th state. The length from the fron porch to the woodshed inclusive is 8 feet, and the total width nearly 6 feet. The plans are drawn by T. B Conner and call for a modern house i every respect. It will stand in th center of a handsome block of groun overlooking the town and will be model home. Mr. Hanna is now gel ting bids on the carpenter work. Wood! Wpod! Wood! We still have a few cords of dry oal wood for $3,75 delivered, Also we are shipping in eastern wood both oak an< maple. We have dry pine slabs fo kindling. Place your orders with us 31 tf J. A. HAMILTON & Co. WHEN you have land to-sell, re.nt, or trade, list it with Doxsee & Foster. FOB sale: Pigs eight weeks old. 30 F, M. STACY. WE have a nice line of crockery a prices to suit you. M, z, GBOVE & SON, BUCKLEN'B ARNICA SALVE. The best salve IH tne world for bruises cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns am all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay required. ,Itls guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded Price 85o a box. gold by L, A. Sheetz, Jewel Stoves and Ranges are made in the right way to give lasting, efficient service. Substantial, conve- , nient, cleanly, and of the handsomest desigm, they meet' every stove re" Correct Styles in . Millinery are what you find at iriflin Til i>; Sf AND W *&* B.«,. Millinery Emporium. All sf the latest; apd pretest things in tht .mapst, w$ trimming §tftetly. up THE STATE OF IOWA, EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT. BY THE GOVERNOR:' A PROCLAMATION For a General Election, to be held Tuesday November 3,1896. ' Pursuant to law, I, Francis M. Drake, governor of the state of Iowa, do hereby proclaim that at the general election to be held on the Tuesday next after the First Monday in November, it being the third day of that month, in the year one thousand eight hundred and be ffiied towit- 6S herelnafter named are to By vole of all the electors of the state: Tie office of elector of president and vice- president of the United States, to be fllled by the choice of thirteen electors, each ballot for such office to "contain the name of at least one inhabitant of each district into which the state" is divided, and to designate "against £ he n ?55 e of eaoh P 81 'son" voted for " the number of the congressional district to which he belongs:" The office of secretary of state: The office of auditor of state; The office of treasurer of state: The office of attorney-general; The office of Judge of the supreme court, to succeed James H.Hothrock; The office of railroad commissioner. By vote of the electors of the several congressional districts: The office of representative in congress from each of said districts. By vote of the electors of certain judicial districts the office of judge of the district court, as follows: In the Twelfth judicial district, to succeed Porter W. Burr. 3udlclal dlstrlct ' * BUC ' to Bucceea And I do further proclaim and give notice that on the dayof said general election cer- tain.offices, having become vacant, are to be filled by the electors throughout the state and in the districts named, to-wlt; /The office of railroad commissioner In the ww, I*u)ie, deceased, said office temporarily flj j ed Dy jjd Wftr d A, *.?£ < offl - ce °f triot in the place o dts B. Henderson, re* empora « ly fllled t district }n the placu of William Pi W olf, de- Done at Qes Mo'ines this twenty-eighth %$&&*&& *l? $» # «W T385 •nousand eight hundred and ninety-?}*, o( ,9?? VJ of the , „„,.,. , „ P8QQ&AMATJQN, xl&S^electors OfKo,fB,vrfhcounty,Jowft! At ,*.<* ift^q^lofi^hf^fr JJP feel* BS fuejAay, *$ ujv. 3,1898, the following offices are to be . -ft _W"! «l tPV.Ui MW IPJlQWmg ft) WMJ»y V9t« .Q.f »U the elwforl The pffloe 9f county recorder; The office 9} county Wa&ffi '

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