The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 21, 1896 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1896
Page 9
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- •"''' l^313E'*- •• TlH JOKER'S !fifltteftee' 'bl TtfXtH&L «fvii!ssatlofi fei t'tos thfe tl&ifet* Jt«* Veriflted that filtlott'g »am ttnmsr*i fide P ke Bahtier, Sussey, Iowa, |4fc !r«Rjdeti<Sy with Which our at- ...j been attracted to certain arti* p generally g8 the fotmds of all fig newspapers, has caused Us to nd speculate a, fereat tlctil as to i bt these things never happened iBafef home and filially our iftter- frofadef grew to such a pitch that 1 & certain lady in Bussey to b* a fpurehaser of Pink Pills for some- VeT two years, by reason of the fact Be had also induced our own wife to ; a trial, with very beneficial results, |last determined to put the matter to ; and see if this lady could put aside fatural repugnance to appearing so , fluently in print in order to encourage I pie generally to the greater line of her rite remedy, by giving her testimonial publication iii her home paper, where »,who read would know that it was no : fixed Up merely to catch the miwary I'creduloiiK. |ith this object in view, wo calle.1 oil • afternoon on Anna Elliott, wife of ', esteemed towusnlnu, W. A. Elliott, (frletor.of the Commercial Hotel, the iiig hostelry of Bussoy, Iowa, and wo [the story in her own words: |have been landlady of the Connuorcial > now for nearly six years, and for a Rtime was hardly able to get along with SVork at all, being always out of sorts, gted by pains in the head, dizziness, _eneral weakness and nervousness, al- i feeling over-worked and. hardly able gag myself around' from morning till , often nearly wishing that I were '. things had gone on much longer . in vay I would certainly have broken i entirely and had to give up my work, luckily, just at this juncture, I hap- Lito read an article about Dr. Wil' Pink Bills for Pale People, which 1 to cover the symptoms of my case ;ly and I sent direct to the Dr. Wil- 'Medicine Company at Schenectady, ., and procured two trial boxes. These ue so much good and I felt so inuob |uraged that I sent for a $3.50 package fbave always' taicen good care to keep a ily of them on hand since, in over ty?o pB now. their continued use put me on niy feet pletely, as the saying is, and 1 have felt bger and better able to do my work; sea to things about tho hotel than I i was in my life before and Pink PillH i become the standard remedy in ouv |ily for every ill arising from debility Vy kind. ae member of our family has been Spletely cured of a very bad and long- Tding case of kidney trouble, while a fiber of the nqighboi's^ who have ti'ied i, speak jhigbly in the praise of this remand declare that there is no other med! that can possibly supply its'place." lose who know Mrs. Elliott know full Jlt.hat she would not be willing to auth- |e the publication of the above state- It without every word of it ag strictly true, but to prove con- lively to any stranger who may read farticle.that it is every word as true as el she subscribes to the following uffi- |jt in the hope that her fellow beings who IT, as she did may be convinced ot the terful merits of Pink Pills for oPale and thereby be led to obtain relief i giving them a prompt and thor- ribed and sworn .to before me this |y of June, A. I>. 1890. \V, BmiTojf, Notary Public. , Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a Sensed form, the elements necessary to ¥n«w life aud'richness to the blood and ore shattered merves. Pink. Pills are jtby all dealers or will be sent postpaid ceipt o price, 50 cents a box, or six w i for $2,GO, by addressing Dr, Williams' JJoine Co., Scheneetady, N, Y. Not Serious, Doctor—Now, what did your father and liber die of 2 applicant—Well, sir; I can't say as I do ctly remember; but 'twarn't nothing eeftt her daifity violets fled tip with i'ib- bfth white, And in bistweett the silver stems tte hid a note from sight. "With these," he wrote ifl matt- ly phrase, "I send my heart to you, And if you care to keep it, loVe, Then wear the violets blue." Before the gilded cheval-glnes She dohiied her satih gown;' From shoulders white, and slender waist, Its richness rippled down. In folds of flame along the floor She trailed its crimson hue: "I cannot wear his flowers tonight, Alas! that they are blue." Behind the little withered stems With eilken ribbon tied, Too well the velvet blossoms kept Their secret 'till they died. Two colors more the spinster Fate Into her shuttle threw, The crimson of a satin gown, The violets' tender blue. —Minna Irving in Truth. ol he?, established and a&ttofrea* «f he* eye, the teach, tff kcr\h&fld r Had wte h&vtS tlio tflifrvellotfa p^etf bf %otaehj gletiotife iri the jjbssessIoH of fcdrfect physical libnltii. tydia 53. I i lnlthlitn l '>y fui discovery o< the " Vegetable 1ms tnueh trt J)lne6 Ihis great povfei? Itt the hands ol vvoincn. Tho Boom Now iu,the Nursery, .thousands tiiid thousands out ol the misery brought by displace' inent of the Womb, and all the evils that follow diseases of the uterus. The "Vegetable Compound " restores natural cheerfulness, destroys despondency, euros backache, strengthens the muscles, restores tho womb to its normal condition, and y tm are changed from u, physical wreck to tho joy of your homo and friends, 'By tho way—tho leading druggists toll us that tho demand for Lydia E. Pinkham'o Vegetable Compound is, simply beyond their power of under- Btandingi and what is best of all, it does tho work and cures where tho best physicians utterly fail. "Granama,; when I am an angel I have wings?" : "I hope so, dear. Why do you ash?", " 'Cause I think I'd rather have a bicycle!"—Collier's Weekly. His Sentence. The Court—Now, then, what are you here for this time?, Tuff old '.Knutt—Fightin', yer Honor. Me an' Mosely Wraggs had a scrap over a question o' grammar. He said it wuz right to say "between you and I," an' I said it ought to be "betwixt you an' I." He told me I wuz a igno- rummus, n.a' I slugged 'im. "Fighting about a question of grammar, were you? H'm. Prisoner, would you say 'I see wood,'.or 'I saw wood?' " " 'I saw wood,' I reckon, yer Honor." "Well, that's what you'll do at the worklioUfie for the next thirty days. Call the next case!" It Was n Sad "I have been here for three days," said the (stranger impressively. "Yes, imh," said the landlord of the Georgian village tavern. "And f have a notion-of investing and settling down here, but if that confounded fellow in the house across the way can't be induced to stop play- ,ing 'If you love me, tell me so' on the cornet I am going to some other town." "Mister," said the landlord, "when I tell you who the poor fellow is, mebbe you w.on't blame him so much. That fellow' is Tom Watson." More Than a Fly-Speck. • Tourist—"This is a lovely spot, isn't it?" Native—"A spot? Stranger, there's close to twelve hundred people in this town)"—Puck. V M. IJJUBl 1 ! tdness Comes , a better understandiBg of the ransient nature of the many phys g. wWoU vaijisli tefove proper et« efforts— pleasant efrprts r is cpmfort (Yale '97)— Come on, Jack; don't sisnd jtber,e all ^ay watQjjing that -ijru, (p3fpite41y)-T-HoJd Pick; wait a Jiffy 5 J'«8 getting an s'pirat;i9» f^p a^ew, oollef e yeJl Thoroughly "Too bad about BHtaen losing his .voice. I don't know what he'll be able to do, now, Cor a-living." "Why. the loss of one's voice oughtn't to Make it impossible for him to work." ' "But you don't seem to understand. Blit;en is a barber." Coughs, Colds, Lagrlppo nnil Throat Trouble Speedily Cured. Miss Nellie Penoyer, 1530 So. Tenth St., Omaha, Neb.,.writes: "Have used your Dr. Kay's Lung Balm for a severe case of la grippe. Two doses gave relief. My lungs were very sore and in taking the Dr. Kay's Lung Balm I found that it stopped, any desire to cough at once. The soreness on _my lungs and in my head soon disappeared. It is very pleasant and easy to take and while it does not cause sickness at the stomach, like' many cough remedies, it cures quicker than any I have ever tried. Trees which-grow on the northern side of a hill make more durable lumber than those which grow on the southern side. Letters From Farmers In South and North Dakota, relating their own personal experience in those states, have been published' in pamphlet form by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, and as these letters are extremely interesting, and the pamphlet is finely illustrated, one copy will be sent to any address, on receipt of two-cent postage stamp. Apply to Geo. H. Meatt'ord, General Passenger Agent, 410 Old.'• 'Colony Building, Chicago, 111. An Indian • man has just married his twelfth wife.: He says he is going to "try try again" ur.til he gets a good one. When a dentist in China pulls a tooth for a patron, an assistant pounds on a goiig to drown the cries of the victim. She—What are they coming in for? He—They are dissatisfied with tho umpire's decision. She—Oh! Are they going to tbolt ?—Puck. • "How.•did-the critics treat Jingoll's music?" "Um. Well, the kindest tiling they said about it was that it was not original."—Washington Star. "Then she doesn't look with favor on your suit?" "No; I made a mistake in proposing to her in golf costume."— Philadelphia North American. Mother (instructing her little son's devotions)—Arid now, Willie, pray for grandma's safety. Willie—Does «ho want a bike, too?—New York Herald, Wheeler—My doctor advises me to cycle; but I don't think I will do BO. Bell—You don't? Wheeler—No, I {think he's biased-toe's a surgeon,— Judge. , Bingo—I think I will take a trip to Niagara next week. Every American ought to see it. WHherby—Haven't you been there? Bingo—Yes, on my honeymoon,—Puck, Mr. Bacon—That Mr. Crqssley, who called last evening, is a self-made man. Mrs. Bacon—Too bad he couldn't have made himself a little more agreeable. —Yonkers Statesman, "Is he happily married?" "Well, h's wife is, the sort of a woman who will stand up near tUe rear doqv of a street car when tfcere are vacant seats further up front,"—Puck. "Congratulate me, pld boy—at last I'm on the jop round ot t«e ladder of success," "Well, here's to you; but I'll bet-yqu'fQt there by turning it upside Record, ft £ ne* saddle itttfls tee Stiflf fof tub a fe% mm et el! slil-facfe, aftd it to ffie Tests are being tuade lh td determine whfethet tfas efeosdte in twsodeft p&vewefitB U i&JHHous to the ttf§§ oi: bicycles fafwtsiht i& edntaet therewith, • Putop up yovtr Urea judiciously. Set* tef have them too nafd thai! too Setts A Bolt Ufa id Mote easily flufcetlifed, Weftfs out oh the edge of the Hffl and Ifetal-ds sceedi Near Jeffersonvllle, Ihd., a cyclist applied his bfake just as the fdfo lire '%ta punctured, ahd he Was hurled' froto the machine and had to be takes home on a, train. the salvation army has begun to adopt the bicycle in its crusade against Sin. This Will help to offset its Use by nonchurchgoers on Sunday ( says the Newark Advertiser. It is estimated that there are 12,000 000 bicycles in use in various parts of the world, it placed in a line end -to cud they would stretch more than half Way round the globe. Salita Fe jtouttt— California Limited. Ueginning 1 November 4, the Santa Fe Route will resume its celebrated California Limited train as a semi-Weekly service, leaving Chicago Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6:00 p. in., reaching Los Angeles in 73 hours and San Diego in 70}tf hours. Equipment of superb vestibuled Pullman palace sleepers, buffet smoking ear and dining ear. Most luxurious service via any line. Another express train, carrying both palace and tourist sleepers, leave Chicago 10:2fi p. m. daily, for Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Inquire of G. T. Nicholson, G. 1'. A., Great Northern Bldg., Chicago. She Shared HlH Views. She—Mr. Jones says my beauty iutoxl- cntes him. He—Some followscQii get drunk on a five cent 'drink. Heware of Olutincuts for' Catarrh thnt Contain Mercury, as mercury will surely destroy tlio sense of smell and completely derange the .whole system when entering It thtough the mucous surfaces. Such articles should'never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the'damage 'they will do in ten fold to the good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get'the genuine.' It IB taken internally and made In Toledo. O., by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. • Sold by DruEslsts, price 7Eo per bottle. t»« Stttt HSgg round. ifl tt* sets 6t d o'clock t painted a, one in A ehttfcli o! Botftofl hfig jiist W* ptob&bl? the Wily Hf C-WWrSft IsSrtilttft. «of teh*«h%«tt«iit*«a»«» IfiilMM' iftatlon, ntlAS'* pAih, cufeswlftaootW. 2A cent* h bottle, • A Watt is a great thing upon efcf th . and through eternity i btit every jot of the gf 6ftfc> ness of man is unfolded out of tcotaftti.'- W nit Whitman. • IfocoKgh so bad that Eft Kay's Lung llalm wilt ttdt cure it, See ad, A law justenacted by the legislature of New Zeyland excludes the -Chinese from that coivtry. ... ....... ..... ; Cascnrets stimulate liver, kidneys and bowels. Never nicken ( weaken or ffripe. The new harbor at Galveston, Texas, is now completed and is an entire success. A lump of fugar saturated with vinegar will cure hiccoughs. > Just So. Sunday school Teacher—How did the giant Goliath pass into unconsciousness? Johnnie—David rocked him to sleep.' In the palace of Emperor William in Berlin, 500 housemaids and 1,500 liveried footmen ore employed. When bilious or costive, eat a Cascnret candy cathartic, cure guaranteed. lOo, 25o. The gulf of Mexico has risen one foot since 1850. Dr. Kay's Lung Bnlm is the safest, surest and pleasantest cure for all coughs. is Let no one falter who thinks he —Abraham Lincoln. right. go to the, seaside in summer tfi Uve ' ysm are, writing far the you "JuBt.try a lOe box of Cascarets, the finest liver and bowel regulator ever made. '•The test of labor is what stays 1 Be it brain or hand: And on industrious yesterdays The tallest cities stand," A Boston barber advertises "a separate room upstairs for dying" ignorantly omit- ing the letter "e" from the lost word. The Episcopal church of Reh'obotb, Md'., celebrated its 116th anniversary Aug. 21. The death la announced of Rev. A. F. Herrick, for over fifty years !n the Methodist ministry of Massachusetts. The Rev, Henry A, Delano, pastor of the Belden Avenue Baptist church, Chicago, died recently while on vacation, in Leicester, Mass,, of typhoid fever. The First Baptist church of Fort Wayne, Ind., has purchased an ?8,0(3Q parsonage, Since Rev. L. L. Reason became pastor in October last, 114 have been added to the church. Pr. John Matthews, pastor of Csnion- ary church, St, Louis, is. about completing his fiftieth year in the ministry, Through all this long period he has been faithful, active and successful, Rev, Dr. Geo. 0. Lorirnei', of Boston, preaching recently to an immense congregation of young people in Loivlon, said; "If I y\rere settled in London, and as young as some of you, I would be lord mayor or know the reason why." Statistics of the Presbyterian church in the United States of America, \vhieh have Just been issued, show 31 synods, §16 Presbyteries, 6,842 ministers, 7,073 churches, 944,710 communicants, nnd, a sunday School membership" of 1,000,391. The third annual .session of the Lpwer Wabash Conference of the Church of ' the United Brethren in Christ, was held at Peor}a, JU., recently. Bishop J. H, Mills, p, P,, Ph. P.. presided. One, hundred a nd fifty ministers •were in attenflftftce. A formal invitation has been re* ived by the MethqAist Episcopal churches of. the Vpjted 8Mes fros) yep the wiovM! 01 <3r e «*t Bril&lB- to Ee.waen.io4a Me«|9a$Pt »< T, HEWITT TALIA&E ^ cure for till eotighaftiia without caWSlntf UftttseX AVOID •"•yajimiv RESPONSIBLE -PI Members of the Chicago ,Boerd o) trade in goo*; Standing, who Will furnish you With thoir UUwt Book ou stiUistlcs and reliable information ttt^- Kurdlnu tho mark«ts. Write for It un<1 tlielr (Mir ^; arke»le«er. both FREE., RelCtonbosi ' BANK, OHIOAdO. ' , "/ u MISSOOB1, In one of his wonderful sermons very truthfully said," My brother, your trouble is not with the heart; it is a gastric disorder or 'a rebellious liver. It is not sin that blots out your hope of heaven, but bile that not only yellows your eyeballs and furs your tongue and makes your head ache .but swoops upon your soul in dejection and forebodings,"—and Talmage is right! All this trouble can be removed ! You can be cured ! How? By using We can give you incontrovertible proof from men and women, former sufferers, But to-day well, and stay so. There is no doubt of this. Twenty years experience proves our words true. Write to-day for free treatment blank. ' 'Warner's Safe Cure Co., Rochester, N.Y. IIIWlMllllHlllinniilllinillHIOnilHIIIIBIHIIIBIHIHlim SOUTH WEST i The best fruit section In the West., ',»«•.'., drouths.- A'falhmnof crops ^nevtr, fenotm. ,4 Mild climate; Productive soil. Abundance or, ,* good pure water. . , <i vj"'i • For Mops and Circulars jftving 'full floscwj*- <-» lion ol tho Rich Mineral. Fruit anO- Agritiuua- V '• ml Lands In South Wost, Missouri, write .to- JOHN M. I'UIWY, Manager of-tha Missouri Land and Uvo Stock Company, Neosho, ton Co., Missouri.' * ' , , , , IM.K TCtme , ; Mr. 0,11. HOBS, Spencerl Iowa, flloil JiW first a. plication May 11,18011, and It wiw' alloiyoil AUgitat * ' 181111, 1'Iils application woa ponding In tlio Vatont OHIco HR iluys only, und was considered Ijy the tlofllntorofltoaioboruthor rapid worts. Mr;,_ tiled bis second uppllciUlon July IS, J80U; It. noted Upon July 26,181X1; wuj mnomlotl July 21, ami allowed AuuuBt0.180(1. This upplioutlou ... poudhiK In tho Patent Ofllco 28 days only, nuil to without doubt tlio quickest tlmo In which u inft- ohunlcul patent over wug examined, nmondod nna , allowed. Mnywo do tliestuuo thing for you iro dl* , lor'Mr. BosnV • .,<'., 1'ATJCNT OFFICE, ,' .. Don JWolnoH, Iom»~ WE PAY CASH WEEKLY on* wnnt men overywlvcvo to SKtl*. >GTAQV TQCCO wlllloas twt- v olAnlx InCkved, iirovon., "ivbflohitolybost."SiiporbonMI»s^;' now system. STAnKBHOTJlRlBV, „ LOUISIANA, Mo.. ROOKVOKT.I - STEADY WORK PATENTS, Examination nncl Advice as tn Patentability at Invention, geml for "Inventors' Guide, or How to data Cutout." O'FAnuEM.&BON.WashUigtOtttK-C- n f Wtaon'miswormu advertisements Kindly ' mention tillspauer. ,, , . - * .' OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ; OOOOOOO<>O ^ Rev. P. J. Berg. Pastor of the Swedish M. B. Church, Des Bloines, & O Iowa, on March 4th, 1800, writes: "Last year I was troubled witlj.a bad' O , /> cough for about five months. I got medicine from my family physician ^ X and I tried other remedies without relief. When 1 first saw Dr. Kay's,^, '-' Lung Balm advertised I thought 1 would try it and 1 am glad I did. 1'V O bought a box and took n tablet now and then without any Regularity, V O and after a few days, to my great surprise, the cough wan gone. Ten Q' 1 S) days ago 1 had sore throat. I was out of the tablets and could not' get &.. them in Des Moines, and I sent to the Western Ofllco of Dr. B. .). Kay.,,. Medical Co., Omaha, Neb., for six boxes and as soon as I look it a few *£ times that f«oreness and hoarseness all passed away in one night. 'I be- \X lieve it is also good for sore throat." O o 0 - • - =, I Dr. Kay's Lung B$Im g O The pleasantcst, safest and most efficient remedy known for every kind' O* O of OOUgh, lagrippe, influenza, etc. ' Safe for all ages. Does nob sicken A- Q or disagree with the stomach. Tho formula has been used very'ox- Q> JT tensiveiy by the most noted physicians in tho hospitals of London, JT , V Paris-and/New York with the very/best of success. 801d by, druggists, '$?" O or sent by mail for 25cts. Send address for very valuable free booldet, O ^ DK. B. .1. KAY WKDIOAJ, Co., Omaha, Nob\ ^. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooa 1 * —•« 1 -jUr"! • m COLl STANDARD OF THE WOKU), The bwyer of a bicycle may have little experience i

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