The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 21, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1896
Page 8
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0, A. & dub. el the day, Ms bnssefis *etti*B8 aal «aB it Swietbet i* toafcea «i« to 0 l*»e to « ttft lis, «|srec*«»g addresi t* i«t a* •i^aK^, • • • ••< J ,Ml»Jff J^*-,4^"jrc*" * ^»**«* AH W§ W Gta- TkeodoM R jLatfg, who Jte_*C «*_ _ *«.rf3ti*_, ^ -* ^i _•§**.'^ •%«•** yea fete* «ffc* fta- wfcidi I rfifli: I . , the JtUryland tisltof*, Mat ^ . had •e*HL8,fi" ****- ee« . «P«Haci« which WCB tint j>**Be I***** has todar tt «<wt fire delegations -^^"^ - SUtes a Greetings Cwntiess Thousands Tbrwig the Streets of Canton and listen to His Words of Patriotism. - <jf UIH^ vn—^ , .—,_i yea bpJwnc. It is Use jpttvad wf TOT American iagtilatidBs tbat etflty i <i)Iiz#s baKaflt war Sag £ua araa&m-6«d ! atn-orflct to the <dktele» «£ ME «** * I wspafe ia *wuy «o*Ber"«f this ; wncBtry, and I am rff*|$« yjad to • a body of stm irho fiart dedicated r** to the ftsproreiaeai &nd bitftejarau taaaaaiii*^ *w a* ytti better H* eoadi- «*i T<|Q tffe?VJlfc& * «-ilffl*i*M*a«tf *i ^ _JI —<_^^ '•*f «hfe rist and I know that. ^-r- ** l«r«ltfr to *h« d &BG __ j _ ._ f-— —w to*l to make tteie ---.—-— Mi tie 3d day of —.^^^uv^.. "ABBS attdjpnoe Cairfy IUAV- seats the oHtdHmie with which the ba»- M» of tftss cvuatry is dofee. Tbe tsen *a the cOter side «f tee mine ooaL The men «• Ua* rife Me eoal ia their tains, " became ywi no me it the others O- lite «bfierx*3x. Fer *reet« flier? ia.* not JHWU * day. ibe KsWwii, la arJri^ MaJ- ll«- «n» fattt today -o-*s Sbe •ftajrfi^Srt tibe *3**3al train* bear- | into led jr«« «fl laror ** . e «t3«B*3up y»o bare «xatted ' »» ecsase TWI «o fine t e oters I flUMSik ywi for ftis cadi asd ] «HW it J* j«w created no demaud for fl good aftftottmA.** (Gnat ap- : j it tben wmdd to IM demand for tix ' to "I 16 I SOOWO MONEY RAILROAD MEN. ' peopfe «v*r. ^—.:. JOOO COMMERCIAL TRAVELERS, ~I — ^ _ SewJ H>elr part <4*J« front j»rtj- csal bcnoe for otasera «f all ats<3 for »o«a «* all -Ul day t/oeg . *5»«Jlia>f mm il»e »ralhif <of fife— iKiw^biassaeaa; mSu5rt«T. «r«3i«TB hi nd tibe to die to Ma*. 3I«Kis*T f * borne. JstsjR. ^^ty^Htoakixig slid hatfcd- t*rti£*^ tliejr regard for SeaJty«f 42M3T stales and K- -n Isiai be rtsMKseat*.,, , -, «.-iaJ train* *««* neg&ii'gid -to —^ the f«rty wparate wcacizar' — frt*tD IK*}**! different *SaOt** w&6 «o_^ ia 4laS* wujr.le <iar lo du iwaor to the be R*I/iiMieaii jauty, tl«? of tjwmd money. " a»d XOKBt. «eee«d «f was made — —,._.,_ of the Cleveland. Akron i and Cohtmbtis Railway company and i sound money dubs of Akron, O- were ! introduced by Mr. Sampson, and wen addressed by. the Republican nominee as «». «• rmsr ott-osarjons am! no harrag ^ inowjnany^of y<wr employerj=; and I * TWENTY CAR LOADS, _ i 3ofn la £*rly Honor*. _-. r .«,j. ,.„, ,}&Af, vi penjftR froin P«an- *yJrajBia ao4 Mk-higaa vsent the first to fet 31aj. MA-Kiulfjr** attention. Tfc«g- ircne ait ius dowr at 9 o'dodt and ~# tue biiff #&&rvit»e£ of their jspoiesawa Mr, ~ifeJ$3aky rexpoufed by saying: "Yosxr eattjr call is au example of mxantafm trbScb I trust win be fo!- loirea 099 tbe 34 of Xovexabtr in every part of our oomntry. Tfa« !>wt thing, in 4M« ttmSA iwsl to liberty i» labo^, sud the beet Jbius f//r labor i« au opjxtrt^iaity Worit. Thy: i»s the <q»poJtanfty for ar« all vtrirmg thi* year iud . i? hr/pe <brr«^i a change wf ,—^j ia. die sttlisamxieittwn of the gov- «TUfl«Bt of the (Tailed KtaJe* to w'y>y ta * farmer Aegne* than we bare done in the piurt three aod ./tic-balf year£. What we vast ioor«? than anything •*[*(,• in «aner to give this opportunity U> !aV>r w a nwtoratfon of tim&Aewm. With wn- fid^Bee jdiatwt, money Keek* its biding plat* and go** oat of tbe channel* of »n*5n*»» a»<l tegititnato investment and away from fanuiog, mannfaetnrii*; and mining efl«*rpru**. I do not know uf a better fliuwtration of rbe valot, of «.*o, fid*ut* 1« jt&e country than is IcmaA to *or own' «xpcrieuce during the last twaity year*. • «0»« JF]0*D«i«l HMory, will r«o«jiIxT that this country i «ew«x->« paymeats January i, JaJLjSJKSS*j«_fl««'». " we Brery dollar of tliat from that date was redeemable infold upon presentation at the tre^ury of the Ujiitwl States. So •~—* w-a« the *»«Jidfewt-« of the iicoplc S ability of the country that from to law bat 4«X>00,000 of <]a|Lirs _ , . , 'or rwleujptioji, jud ,the waj taken out; ^4<J,OuO,000 tn itmr* ye^tn, wtjrfit i» tti« Jast three ami jy^-5^^^s?f^^>«} »'< : > , ^^ [. Wiftt than S^jfoxuJQQ 0 ( \# hare ber-i) presented to the ,of the United State* and file *r/)t cowfidem* J»ad cxistod, if the r*ran«r» "f ,th<*c greciifagflw had «ot . bften /earful, anid they were only ••.VL&&S* yy > r ^*H^ # % - -. y to the other. Y«n are i ia bartjog all of all ««r eaiaee 5a cwostautiy Ion are. wodtsboji* ruiming; ' *!«, and all our and profitably not . ^,0,,. of M3r bnrineis in the country whwe its employes can so definitely i know the condition of the business of the country a* the men who are employed by the Tailroads. Ton know it m the thtt inostration to rf»ow you bow ..Jt we ate upon each other; bow thread of basiaess is interwoven every other thread of business, and ~-_i you snap one thread you injure att. Wlwa the employer does not find ft orof- JtaWe to uaae&tctin* he ceases to do so, and wben Jbe does not manufacture yon do Hot have employment. When he Gads it profitable to manufacture you have steady employment at fair wage*. Now, what we want to do ia this country is to favor whatever policy win encourage American industry and promote American manufactures. - That which trill build more factories and give more employment to workingmen should be the true, genuine and universally accepted American policy. • - ! * ,'»'* "I am one of those who believe that we should look after our own people before we look after, the people of other lands, who owe no allegiance to the government of the United States. I believe the right policy is' the one which protects the American workshop by putting a tariff upon the products of the foreign workshop. My fellow citizens, I do not * " -——»«-v WJ UJC jdMJIUHIU-n* A.VU lUIVm 1[ Hi UK* ' — ™tl ~ ™J'—~ —«- §*--™»-vw i*a. M«I_ f * v» cx^u «,^."^ — '.*••?"*- ," !1S J"«ar J shop, yon know it in the ticket office, von ' JfOpfwiop. My fellow citizens, I do not more than <*cr before iaicrftsted j know it traveling on the trams- every 1 ^'^ that we oll sht to have a tariff principles } switchman, every brakeman. overv ran- \ »o«cy that will let the products of cheap- AUV.I .« »«.->...u^ v*« «.u^ i^ajun^ fr»*TJj ^ — .-—-—• — »-..«^*v»^= • switchman, every brakeman, f k very con- 1 i"*"^-^ »*.«*. «.«• «:v ^uc iiivuuv:&n \JL \^nr»p- weJl^wng and high- daetor. and. every engineer knows the ] OT land * and of nnpaid labor come into ; Aint'n«iD people. j condition of the bnjaness of the eoantrv | **&* coniltry and destroy our manufac- clse , and of the railroad by the amount of ' * biunucsK that railroad does. He knows when the country is prosperous and when it IK in a state of depression, and'he does not have to wait for the report of the directors of the railroad to know whether in taan ** 31 r<M!r " 1 1 a-«-i-» — -•^•«» »,»i-ij-»» ij buy nnltw they have vtaa *£**&» ***» moa " 113 - "*"* ,, ^ the <Jiag»c*fe of «nr condi- uott at this hour. BUKUK«S has been stepped; the wheels of industry are not ranatng; idte men ar« o«i the street*, i 3--» — -—— _»-..»• •*•.-*, -sru IU*Aii JPW Wfc?>» j , of the manufacturing establish- ! meat* are dosed and you ar« not doing * ax trril as you were in 1SJ2. or not. •of work and impoverish and degrade our ' The protective policy Is my pol- icyi It .is .the, doctrine, I have' always believed in, and I make no apology to anybody anywhere for holding that view, .IU-LUCI j and if on the 3d day of November the -„ _,— any dividends declared 1 American people in their sovereign ca- Hc knows it from the amount i pacity shall decree that and the amount of wages bt 'Xow, my fellow citizens, you are jfrosperous ivheii the country is prosper- JHIK, and the country is prosperous when at takes care of its own people, its own Bianufacturers, its own mines, and prod- ... a protective i»i»«icy shell be restored and sound money , continue, I hope and fervently pray that ' we will enter upon an era of prosperity that will give happiness and comfort to every American home. (Tremendous cheering and cries of "Hurrah, for McKinley.") I thank yon-for this cadi and l&J&^Jtt£Z&J?jm'&JZ^^ Eteat applaBSiei' alid Cri<s of '**, Iowa. And Kentucky^ and -,- iHirs:-*"** "** dek***»«i* from titt OH Dominion statfe of Virginia and from the state of Tenne«iefc All are wekbtoe to toy-borne aS* dty, for all of them are moved by a couinon * and that purpose is to s«ve the from repudiation and dishonor. t , **TJiis visit on the part of my fellow citizen* from Maryland indicates their concern at the pres&t Condition,af the eouiHry, and manifests a belief on their partfthat the,sooner it comes to an end the more gratifying it wffl be. It is an numistakable expressiob of your belief thautfae change most to be desired can "«•**• be secured through a Republican ____ph, and that yon are icalous tnd alert,to do your full part in bringing about the. 'result. This campaign has manV peculiar phases. It ihvorre* th^ most vital interests to country. ttoi«w ill American politics; t One of the' old Ind most honored political parti?* of this J country is very mudi'.divided this yea^, A part of it has,united with the rttes. and in, some of the rtates .-» r .- u —nce haii been rejected, and the fusion repudiated, so.that the condition is not altogether and= everywhere har- monioiwL^a3M!*old leaders?of the Democrate ,1>arty, those who* carried its bnr- den# and fought its battles in the p.-»sL framed in the city oL Indianapolis a fi-w weeks ago an'indictment against their old party associates who met at Chicago, which in severity has been nneqnaled. They pronounced'the declarations .if the Chicago convention, - which "was Democratic in name, as an attack -upon individual freedom, right of private contract, the independence of 'the judiciary and. authority of the President »o en- i force the laws of the United States. ' „ Chicago Convention Arraigned. "They charged the Chicago convention with a reckless attempt to increase the price of silver by legislation to the di-- basemenf of our monetary system, and threatened unlimited issues of paper money by the government. They proclaim in view of these and other grave departures from Democratic principles that they cannot support the- candidate of that convention, nor be bound by* its acts. They Declare that the Democratic party has rttfrvived many defeats, but ttnld-neverljnrvive a victory won in. Ijfc- JL°-? ""SpPHcy proclaimed in its name at Cbiga|of On the money question they capita is the United a Rreater per capita that Thasl tt* |KM» capiti Of the ,,. n they want 1" i ^a E ' ndard countries we „. .„ of the world. standard countries, having tk»ri of less than one-third of tnc w« pppnhition, have nearly two-thitdfi circulation of the world's currefirtS United States has about 5»A pa the total population of the countries ' J of ~;the- world, ret •«>« ^2 31-100. per, cent of the bin! sources and .nearly '1C per cent o total money supply of the world. 1 ^ fe?« *" 1| W»E*« 11 >?»a »han the't ,——-w _• — -c»—~-^ m*^- m *-••.•*•»«» «JU4iu UlC IH States, bttt the banking deposiWMjl United States arc ?T7:76 per inbtUI No Need for* McKinley "to Swing'Round the Circle, The Circle Swings Around to Him. 'The best thing J cau wi*h for each UWK. and its own labor. The country is and everyone of you is a return to the " ' ' ' ' gpli-rndid prosperity 'of four- years ago. The money of the t-ouutry, happily, is all right; the RcjHiblican party made it all right, and Urover Cleveland's admiuirttra- tiow has kept it good. We proiiose to continue tbat good, sound, unuuc'stiuiied, niuk'}>rcciatif)g money with whieb to do tb#,bu#uie«s of this great country, (Great in Olanec Into HUtory, , nation wt- are! Why, 1*«0, wbru Abraham Lincoln of bl«» ir); tlu: immortal hero of i'lnan'-ipa- and the war, wht-n he took control of this. Korernmeat our entire wealth was *10,Oa>,(fJOO,000. When Bisnjaniin Uarri- «on went out it was $03,000,000,000, and wore than two-third* of the great war debt bad been wiped out. Since that time we have been doing little else but make debt* for the governuiRnt and d«bts for tnc .people. I am gmiiJy honored by tliis call, 'Joo many ddcgatiuns are vwitiug uie today to iwrinit my longer detaining you. l appreciate this visit. It is Insiiir- wg to the caiwc whicli I represent, aud will C'»courag« the Republican spirit t-v- <ft>-wljer<> • L know tlm ralwe of th0 couiniercial traveler. When he is against yoo, look put." (Great laughter apd an- x . . prosperous when we have plenty of labor, if we are paid in good money. We be- Ikirc' iu rtjunil money, and we arc going always to have it. (Continuous checrr ing.) •;••:: ,,<•> ,- .nt»V£» VKtn UVI KUtHSKllUK ffnOUKH VU. m- '; i'^MMtJl* bjy*, jhat, 0>« j-ewnncs of th« i'SK-''-V-WWUWBV were-iDadWi»»te % ?>ubJI0 ex Wf fSPv VL ti r ji t ">LWVAm«1i^**«f^^ ^IHJ! ^.| M4 _I 1 _ ./ jf. r r IRON WOBKERS AT THE FRQNT, They Teotlfy Tln-lr VrfHty to Protection and J'ro*perlty, ' JCo dPlcgatiou ,of the- day was more cordially welcomed than the band of iron, .worker* from Cleveland, -whose, sturdy figure* and frui^k fates were seen as »oou as 'th« coujm^reiaj travelers bad given place, awd to " " ~' — • , "I ivelcowt* y(»^ to Canton and my home, I anj gj»d to learn froui your bapiicrs and yp«f spokesman that you *tand-for the greai purpose yf tbc Rppijb" rn-au party a»4 the Amwican vi4o^M»t gives to pverx <4(lwn iif ev*' nfttlouttllty eoual cljance ana Ju, POTTERY AND IRON WORKERS.' They Greet the Champion of Protection to American Indtuttry. The next visitors were from West Vkr giuia aUd included pottery workers, iron'* workers and a club known as the Tariff Champions of Wheejiug. To these consolidated delegations Mai. McKinlcy said: , , . "Gcutleiueu: Bepublicans scorn to be oa all sides this year. (Great laughter and niiiilause; a 1 voice: "And Demo,- crats."» And many Democrats are witli us. (Applause.),., Jam honored by tbii «»11 of this large assemblage from the state of West Virginia. I am glad -to HiM't the tt-footei-s, (Cheering from the Six-Footers' Protective and Sound Money club of Wheeling,) They ougltf to bu, and I am suro \vl|l be, giauts in .this cotttC'st for national honor. * I am glad to meet the, potters of .West VirV ginia. I qui glad to meet the iron aud steel workers of the Riverside mills. I am glad to meet you all and glad to feel that the jpissioa you nr»j Here-upon, js to make Republican principles triumphant ^n the Ikl ^ay^of Jfqvembor. ' "There IsJnborn in every human breast u scotimoiit that moves him to strive to better ftis^ condition. The humblest, thpse bprn,wit)i Jeaet fortune,,those witii mpst • Unfuvonible surroundings, all gf thorn nupiro to licttcr things and all have a right HP to aspjro. Tbo genius of our •iHStittttipim esolts umbltion, • n«'4 mcp, lift thewselves up,-to nationwHty, but vglvgr wqiwl, f« 8i»« J arn gj*d to sec fejni you¥ urn tbut you are fn ( fasor bf to American industries, -«•" bcjjevo it 4*'Jto du^ bid you good afternoon." >og.) (Great cheer- MINERS OF ANTHRACITE COAL. Three Hundred WorkJngmen from tbe - . Penn»jrlrani» Coal (DUtrlct. The little reviewing stand was brought into requisition at this point, when the crowd «had become so dense that the jK>rcb» could no longer IK; used, and Mai McKinlcj* faced some 300 miners from the anthracite district of- Pennsylvania, Who wefc introduced by Prof. W P Gregory;? Maj. McKinJey responded as follows: " ' - . „ "Vou^ have all found in your own lives that if you get anything that is valuable ytfu 'have to work for it. You have found In your own. experience that there Js-uo way to-earn a Jiving or accumulate) property except by labor and toil, energy and industry, and by frugal pavings, land knowing that all that you are, interested in at this moment is how yon ,cau,:best .use what yon have—your labor, your farms, your products; in a word, al| .you want is an opportunity to'work^and when that opportunity is furnished you you will perform the labor, and-.there are not enough mints in the JJnited States the world to gjve employment to the miners of Penn- sylvanja, Therefore, my fellow citizens, you must .nof be/looking to W, Shits for, the money, which you need, You — *t look to,the mines, to.the mills and factories, (Great applause,) You do «ot mine cow-unless somebody want* to W* that coaj, and th&. more users of 9t is the whole philosophy o f< (Applause.) "4Vbefl yp.u j'Wori^j whpp'Ysu *?ve, .gj>w - ft m ) bt) are: that-will i nMiuce.'«{'thej|9 S»JPMm<»* afBrm that the experience of mankind ifn^nr 7 fi ? r ^ aso11 of their J!Rtnr - nf 5Sfi Ues ' 8 « d . ls ^ e necess a«T a-rney of tteJarge affairs of commerce and buVi- neajs, while silver is conveniently adapt? ed to minor transactions; and the most benehctal.use of both can be insured only b J%««e adoption of the former as {he standard of monetary measure and ihe maintenance of silver at a-parity with goW by its limited coinage under suitable safeguards of Jaw. Thus the largest pos- 8 'We employment of both metals' is ISISj)"? 1 ? valne iniTersally accepted thrtnghout the world, which the, only practical bimetallic assuring the, most stable sta the best and safest ' ;t ^tr Sr— 3^^-:^*^inhabitant! the banking .deposits of France. ; Per Capital. Kart Would Deci , S* •*P I ¥^.I I *T®J' ** forgotten. u free comag¥,of EJIver at the ratio i 1 ffonia hot increase, but would d onr=per capita circulation. It irtfuH nothing to it, •but,.would rob nstt good money, we'now have and .t™ where tbe'sDvcr countries of thi 3 are;* today—upon- a silver basis'1 There ts nothing in our present ct statn*. therefore, to^disturb nv i to defeat the party which proposes I base it- It is/the proposition to our currency .standard that has' consternation'iri every-bnsiness cemn the- country; has made' times haidl dnren money;-from active industrn put it behind,barred-doors, where ill beJkept .until confidence is restored.^ *The .people*wiH,nof consent to % «| crease 6f their circulating medium; i debasementTpf that medium of exch, " hy ,^ur.,TSatas this, menace to.the i ey, and* credit of.the country be dispd and by'the-same votes "you restart 1 Am^ncan protective policy, that wflll deficiencies in the treasury, and " tect ^American .industry, and u ana- Confidence will, r come backj^ Open r tKft; miUs ' ami" the mines' of country »by *al judiclpus protectiTc : ti and you wilt stop idleness, and dirt. m the ranks pMabor,,and you can't i it m,,any_othet.away. tWhat ~ ofcHaltimore? How,jrij[l . k for, national honor? voting. |or;.,McKiuley . , • ' ' .(Cries off . _,_„ , ^ v "Ijhank mj.old conirades of their^pr^nce my ^ • -I thank'my fello.w citizens of Tocation for baring paid jne this'l S?,? -i^« J? <!»ank,them;in thenai^ 6 meyw who earn their Uveh'hood by labor or the-produee of^husbandry. They • cannot suffer when paid in 'the best ;noney JSS* 11 ^ 1 ? ma ?' bnt - ar ? *• P«cu1tep ;ind m °/ t « de { eils ? le8S victim » of a debased and fluctuating currency, • ' ^r^l 1 h ? ve rcad ' m y fellow citiaens, 19 npt the statement of the Republican convention, bn t< of a Democratic"Sojh veijtlo», the most representative wl»}ch probably eV er asseinbled in the country Hen^tors and 4 representatives m publio lire to/Jay, -leaders 'of the Democratic party « theMrespective,states, thus d^i pounce the Democratic^couventlQa held IB Ithe city- ofr Qhjcago, They > speak words of trwth and soberness, You can, got dejbasc the'ciirruncy of the United 3t«tes wlthoutid^gmding the puUlkS or.1 They speak tUe^ voice of patriotism They repudiate their own,party tlon and, characterize *" yufound, -'injudicious, reyojiitionary, -/.They and cheers,)= vantage over you,"put* " is no'~ -wno P:" !f close' „. w Jfliey, tniiii^i ^ v _ piesept witht^is i JSfe^aw* wbfl^the -. [another"! _ing) I to'-hear -o • je that has majority.'.' of

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