The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 21, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1896
Page 7
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&vss& rStf-M* i S»K^S f tt«»,»»wto ) I?i i «ll«WOT»;SB^-fl i ,. B d&.cfht9» f frh:e"at faaslbcen 8Tto6«n|f&0'«s 1 |%|iliftintes%~ t Bt > 485"m'™'". v iae mm. * of'Archbishop Ireland, writ >, preWtc,' but 4n, his privttte t i a 1 citizen, cannot fail td'carry i tn'riftlt'ttdes ,oi .voters^ oi bis ifftd it "is" good reading for ;;,jie does , not'r'lay special, ,.i,the financial-plank of• the ilnlforrtij bttt aho f n,ltB',decmra» "•"; to the' federal''authorlty and r at the. Supreme,court. .The jjoihW bii^'lih un'niistakabie ,.je revblutidnary "character of form."-. He x htfns *.VThe 'move- %_h Ihtid ^its' pSj&rcsslon ( in,-the Invention ialid^iichjUpw seeks, iof, "popular 'suffrage, to en- Iff-'in-the^ capital of ^ the na- Kfits-'loklcal-»effect' 'against the- S%wvj^f.7, HO, BVanT Sefidu&efflent* of ,,arbi- lferenc'e r by 'federal, atithorfties , doctrine 'the ?*'"' [uuimcni oi^mu w^iiuuj,thc.~ — fred" upon 'the^flag.of .America Itde of the District of .Cojumbia fhbut, power' of 'self-assertion or fese."'ain,', • 1 Thfe plat- Hhe; phicago; cphventf on threat- Smntry with,destruction of social •rJitunawle'sBness and^anarchy. f v qucstioh j of" government by, m- fetho-arcnbishon'j tells, the .people U tth'at ,:'.The palladium, of ' liberties is the supreme, court fhington/V* tlie;, 'counterpart of KMW&AawUM, fywer Ho en%lute ( jWh:e;.-X<> e fl< .not .exist " : Moris- 6,fi, chjcistendtun.;, >f, ,* ^erition, l BB^k8.<pf, thet,su- an. u^li^y^f^ea^-COT.- Iiu'timatingVrimist^ably r the in- r. - *.*!• ' .__ 1_«_«U««*-A*1 ,in tnnt ^Miniates \\t at ''ffiiarffiff wl» Wrs has.'.becn ^^f^FltF^S that ^..dsWftfld.^iS^iSSf- 11 - ts^-o !i& It is peculiarly iiitcrc^tiflg at this When Mr. fcryan and tho othefr 8d be-shtiffecl-ottt lights ot the free* heresy iiave'bceil cfahimlhjrft plcnsiiitf fictions down farinert, to <?a1l attention; „ -iy simultaneous" i-lso to twusftt in sliver, , ' . Probably the fred-sliver folk will say in , «=••'„" "«? K»S7 Hftfl SIHlSHllsSS daylight! everybody knows that free, nil' \- ,,:' jfo ftkauiputatl ™ , uio uu»uu\i«t *»« f iins indirectly, sniade whSt W Is" the fact that the, e*t»ort demand has been BO heavy thAt It, -liaa been found : Impossible->«> send all'that was required. > All,,ihc freight room, dh Buropcan steamew has. ICUSl 01 L< JOI-Jllll n U1J.-WI.W ..*•»*«* why Europe is buying such quantities of wheat." «• * Won't Work Both 1Vny»» If this is the free-silver Argument for the advance In wheat, why is It that; Eu- i-ope is notbuyjug silver ut QV/4, centsan ounce if Mr. Bryan's, election will raise its price to $1.20 V . ... Mr. Bryan's contention has been that.. Was impossible for wheat to rise as long the ,gold standard prevailed **"• uryan knew'as Well ,as any he was lying when, he said docs he say about It now. *.*•= -....--ou the subject is most expansive., Possl* i speculative ouyiuB, w "fl" vw ;r c rbefo~re Vly ho is racking his-brains to account Bounce.. Jtt was «ot long^hpwcvcr^ oewire •fl Of •\vlieeit could not z*is< been sinlcingr \ancZ trl Ulj liv: in nnji\iiJ(i *»ii? »w»«»»«" -— for it. and it is probable ho may m on i ipu " u '""° n " 1 -Xf"«if.«v«H' : wcre wholly duo as it is'to natural causes, I inorC holders of silver saw is a stunning blow to *'—*•— -" —''•-' fallacy. It is uncless to that he cannot got more """lA'A «:.°» ^.^ ln .L°!?L!l« n -a nud C '°The g0 dair wffcome.when'Mr, BryXn-' and his ilk will learn that natural cauMs^ here'and -abroad- have been BhortTtlje | ^ne. govern the prices of all prpducts.-j total decrease for the world, according to New York 1 less. , , , ,,., .'i *•( ^tf, ° n ^^ n ^]^v^^^^ms i: ' ' H^-'^ <-,w$#? .«t!^l *•> *< ^E* i^tf" ^$$ <<• .^^^ , te>of . lcgn { en actuicuts of V congresses. Our hard 1 tunes from the hn e I ONE DAY AT CANTON sociu.1 iiu« 1/V..V.™.-- -- tho. chief causes of day is ihl" agitation ,'M .ctango in the.currency^ •to, c«,l f«hft:.t-oun- 'htti'd "times „ ifAW-i a ''radical tntlon—bury it out ot, signr _^«-^^ t , ia | nnmmon mu -p cause of >hard, times way."" OtheY causes or^less. That of - tion with all the ...must remain, lioou »5«.^r&tKS»^ employnicuts;-' but/ you come • mission; you come,with^ veinber. . . i ''You comq .because, $s you bmeS have Bo/yeirrtld, yoa.are • u\8pok*es- Intecested ssa^srasirtafii w^j^^p^^ass 11 ss 1 - $%««£ -«* the * capttaltatB are ""^ft^J^o^^tl "ouutoy y9^^ffi$u^™x i v&- .1* BftIC*y * u . _.j.._ 4-« ,l«if,-.1on til O 111—ft 11U t t01*y ft" ••"*-'.;• . t . _ _ ...« A 1*« nt**nir rnll .with a handsome banner and a hcantl- ful' floral emblem for Mrs. McKtah»i The tiair wan presented by a 1.2-jeai-oiu lad in felmif of the children of St. Louis, while tho traveling men were introduced as,an organUatlon largely composed of Democrats but determined to vote foi McKinley and sound money. Bir. MC- Kinley's response was as follows: , ,{,'<! can turn either way this foar'and find Republicans. Great laughter and applause.-) It is appropriate and in no sense embarrassing to me to speak joint- iy to tho people of Missouri and Ohio. (Applause.) There is one thing glorious ibou our campaign, this ycar^it IB na. fidnal * in character and repr&ionts ;,the best hopes .and aspirations of the AmeH- f <can people cv,ery\vhere. YouL arqi all r -pduuuorc\al travelers, and whether from Missouri or from Ohio, you have had '^similar •.experiences. You leave jour sample ease's at home now. If I should talk' n little.longe^ aijd ^ a g[«gj; ALADDIN'S LAMP OUTDONE Increase in Value of Wheat, Corn and >ats Alone E^tiinatecJ' at,$175,000,000. , , r ;,,?{*' I oct. la. ' I Sept. la, other ' , cap jLuct i»is«"»M»i '•'jan ,- ,_, • the' appeals 'to the -commpn ^b'orr'to, thp 'ppor t " and ;dpwnr -" -' Uo W r denuriciatipns its,, and? corporations : and, 'alid bankers.., Many-ad- teinoyewent, do,,not -per- tteaning; 1 b«t let,them'he- flighting torches which, of reckless . nien.^ may established at the bo -Irelan " 'In' " jearin.g.what- .merjca,, "- 1 P Kougho^t'f/Aolid'a7gum>nt. t^ the "Qbica^o^rpl&tforin.rV Free 8«4e<saysr°W ^ e - MS^fif CTVr:, _ ™€it_iA.««Wi"«in^tot nf the W^^ m ^K^¥^S& i'a^'llttle^over half, 1 its nominal „% Utt J, e f \ ,,^Ul tender' com- musp neai.-»">» e™ V.,~g ivo remedies—ai^a SSUuS InUbfi^V "ori ,the t roaf1 States, which "> the> early- invitrinTstments to develop thom-and , ^ -^ -- ^ ( .b^^-^ntlaT^^ - bve^SrY^ Oo fldeiice. Todjiy it is conn , T.KO in the American policy establi 'needed far more than ap me 19»P| *tt^ ^f I .rinninirtof< the governmo of nearly United te^J^AK^Bv^ the period that it prevailed wo enjoyed • ! >- hiKhest prosperity 5n,evory enter- SQ and uiHlortakUil? pt American peo- You have ,como, here because^ yoy ouaveco nro', in, favor of.,,«ie ^uprpmacy of the aw and because you mean to maintam -»,'»p '."*"•», wr^Sfx. convinced f,that Hhe i . a ?,tf^ fau most of tnewuunj i' ( --r. -•• „ rs." 1 "- d because yon mean to inamram VoT U It honest to try to ,pay ! 'debts f^^.^t by law, and nnder the aw. ^Hfcs^WfcT?f E^&^I^^^A V* %*^4«irUf W ^l/K^^yinaVoe^p^l: SS^TW^^nKiE i 11 ^ j*_ -i^L. A** JlA *D6Ttill flflKH mercial value, "^* .Li J ««+•. n llJclllllK .**••? _7. . .*• t «.4! f 4-it si iirt rvntiv ,- Of -what instead o^f *a t Ho bavo » dollar instea o *a 6llar/}f the -doljar-.'can P«rch f se haft 'dollar, for,Jthe Tti 4-Uv *f VVPVJ. f**^^^r»^. TT^ t ,'— Vs '.pfedfict,- is-.hi?.;?wri:,,cpvintr?! flfr ,9sv« V,«*&* feJ B SBS!SSS? e ffl ctoBM* areicV)fl?A. 'jtvWorers |n la" " ?B|«SSSil3 J^-SWSPiB'S^ ,•*•* Zi,iUi, rf nf An\ne BO.M n •« ^'^ f , do not propose^thut.apy.part of the pub- ic'dqbt of ^thits country shall be repudi- t\tqd in >,h'ole o» In part, , < "You -are hero to ''declare that every obligation of this government is as ha- oreil as its flag, and tUaf obligation shall bo- kept ft«d performed.- -You are hero EeoaniVyou want no deprpciating or fluctuating currency w Hi vC do your are- hero becauso you be- iUJiv II *itv*u t\/ttfy\,*- *ijj , —7 my fellow citizens of OhiOj tv/ -«^ -",-"*""'' from 'MiWnVit is because I more frequently have an opportunity to talk to vou than I have to them. (Great cheer- ins on part of the Ohioans.) I love my "d state (hero three cheerc for Ohio were given at the suggestion of one of the -Missourians), the .state o£ my birth. 1 lore the public spirit and splendid energy of the people of our city on the lake; and I imvo always liked Missouri and nothing has occurred this snminpr h 'Sr-fJouSs to make ,mo change my mi|id A ^(TFBmeiidous chcpriug aud waving of hals,) r . i "I welcome you all hero to my home and city 1 , I welcome the commercial travelers of St. Louis, the citizens of Missouri; and I welcome f the wound p n os«Pof men°of S all pomlcn? parties, who stand this year for tho honor of the government, and the integrity of-our financial system. We arc all citizens of a com- •mon" country. This year, as in all the years of the fnturp, 1 trust we> ha ve no North, no-South, no East, uP Werft. but Wheat, IJec.. bus. Corn, l)eo., bus, . OutH, Doc., bim. .. Rye. Dee,, bus.. . Jlnvley ,mnUlng.. Flnx, No. 1, bus.. Clovor, 100 ll)», ^. 1'orlc,' bbl I j« r«l, per 100 His. Hlbs, per 100 Ibs. liutter, Ib BBBBI doz Clioese, Ib Potatoes, bus ... TUMHIS, bUB Hcans, bus HWos, PJ H ,JU) (T« 8.25 tuTvl ,120 .15 .08 <SL.08% ,18 © .24 .1.0216 '1.05 .00 ® ,00V ' SSS '- ' ;??« * i 1 ;oH i. 8.00 3.QO 8.27% I'l .07 @ '.07Vj .18 @ .80 s* .08% To appreciation, of many mqilops, oA^other •„ >#. I commodities. Pork, for Ingtanco-ihaB a^j vj , vanCed from its low point by $1.85 a terf rol, aud ribs have advanced, '" " cent a pound. r ™* '— —" Appreciation 'pn Other Proiluoti/ \': f -'?"«' ( ^i| o these'must ife added an.aggregated, "-; i?' ^(g ... _ e — __ .vttlltnna r\n r»tnM* • f jp c*-^^Sf^^jj ;;;i|| . ...u'ud. "La"rd"iias gone"wfewore i,'-' :gf than & a tierce. ' BRO^aB.lbeen, a*« • • - Americans aro in the midst- of a marvelous-era. Several hundred million dollars have been added 'to the value of American products in the 'last ,ituety days. The magic of Aladdin is tame by clays, j-iiu IIIIIKII: "i *»•>«"«"• —, -• move mem prouiijny< tho side of thn sober truth of modern am i i,,ai u nro sending foi , 7 , „ trade, The wildest dreams of the rpos- O f \\^ Aofterica^ farm. The u^ nf liniiHin iialo into insignificance in n nv ored .with roKiilar 1 ._, ., J: It UUI.*;u. *-V^,^ J *J^!i — a"'> ,3 vanced nearly 10 cents a bushel, flaxseed 15 cents and barley 8 cents. OloveMQed has scored an increase of $3.25 per ; hun; dred weight. ,, ,• t ,{ The yearly sales of butter and eggste.xi,. ceed in cash value all thp other products of the farm. Butter has, advanced <p» per cent, and eggs 45 pqr. 'cent.., T}y>,< price of cheese has risen 25 t to v 30,,percent. ' White beans are 45 'to ,50, .per, cent, higher. Most of these product?,ur°- in active .demand in Europe., They, are , pouring across the sea in, such straws/ that there is not shipping enough to move them promptly. Even .*Aualmua< , . •,, .!!-._ £ Ql , J.JJQ gpod-thiPgBl \y Tiat.L(7i 4.11" iviiviuoi. v.^v l ***•" " . • ' * . lies of flat ism palo Into inslgnlflcanpe in comparison with tho simple tact of today. Nature IH making 1 money for Americans faster than any printing (Tress could do it. The rlso in, the prices of the products- of A; means tho beginning ot a needs only tho success of,— -Jar at the November election to teo its permanence op'vored ,with regular liners and >w|th tramp steamers flocking to, American, shores for the rich freightage.^ ' ^ iluvrils JTall li» iilne. - ,'' ^ k , But this list does' not esfaanst ^e, names 'of the staples *'•"*• '"""> '«"•««'« times. To the list may'ho "liWfT. 1 ™^ farm nroducts .bqr. SS B dried ^its7^h^ ^lost 01 mt- l '"~*.,":. ' vr~..I -n .!.«=« I ,>,.,,,,no nni'ipnts mid neaches.-^ Wh bisns.ou are- ero e - lidve'hi an honost dollar for a;n Bonost ' s XO rlH^ttoe^lilb fMi-'thftt «wd« xThei'e'- are a question which merely throw & SJSr^^JaK UOV" ^*t s 1 ** HW*fv-'Ki»' \*u».M. r *- — iv T -j" "' government and-for an hpnost m^n. T -- dp not want a dollar'that is worth'loss than'400 cents,-for you' were taught In you" childhood jn-thesygreat statcs'that an honest dollar'had-100 cents in it ; <'My fellow "citjssens, th6 Bppublican narty is au inspiration and an e'dycation, ? ? wish every man in this country'might read1 the i^vt -platform"that tho, Bppnb, lleanMrty^^mfiao^u^tton^""'*' in "185 UO WBHI.. Mill «nTop"aud union forever.' (Great cheer- )AVe Imvo'but one flag, too, like the one brought to me by my yoimg friend from Missouri, (Maj,. McKinlpy here exhib- ited'a>joll flag- which war followed J,y tremoudpus cheering.) It is tho flag WP Wva^id which we mean to trnnsiu in tho advanced'prices. - Most ot ihese commodities aro being exported in enormous quantities, and "l exchtuigo Amer- UlUUMlIlt". <41"JVf »f...v~, ^"l—.r-Jl '-r-. . , prunes, apricots an(J peaches,. wh.ic^Jiayft gained from 15 to 50 per ppnt,- and ,j8jfl M still goiP»-.up. .Canned wod^ ^J- rinS of the mighty force at work ,for tci tho'linnbrr of h}gh?r I lifts of. \"^ ""*» r y..... , • „ ..i^.,,- E ,..'.,, t,, nf ilinitod infprmation. a, to future generations, unsullied ^n Joss,"', 1 ' t . ( CQ»JUleui!(B v 9 ** ''ji'Tf ** '^r T < T * « I ' 1 r f v improvementwrni',. in mfty.hi? blmd,., itahTy "foreo at work for I to tho' linporr ot A)gner prices; because, f ;, Amer^nn-wo»l. Corn 14 ?iseu 5 c^.ts 1 of JjnuW Jufomation. ,.A. •»»&* f" • •Jff ' "> ^fi, *->$$&* ;;& aTbupneV. wheat 14 cenls and wts 4 fonts. Competent gi'ain men estimate dint those advonces have added To,tn9iv»" ••<••( -••-.•- --i: vnbinnf the ho dhigs in this country PH iwheu thorp t is such \auio oi im-11" " «b° • i . f,.!., *i n( , Vnnw irolmr on it UJ. limUVM tM*"*?""*'""' *,- ~'!frr -'A ^ vajiee in tb$ value of one or two ftSMlte in which to m9y u lW,'»,J??£ B 9 n , a ^j^fe "-ti, -fS pst may^ have mtlp '•toS&M$&'JMfa£'tf ^ ..' nV"' *S/< *£$$ .?%? in'' ^thfi? city v*.. nv ^-. T T*-v. wfsh 'that every ,'ypung ma.n might -„„, t,' o?id J wislt- tbat-overy; ^4'%PVte can might look up tho oldU'Qcora ,and iacall it. '*Jt: 7eada tqday' .more like an insuired.- prophecy thtiu' the declarat|oii o^-McaVovga»lsatiom , U Oechjred fwrthe unity <* the states and tJie IndiBr solubility- W • thp • American' Unjpn, 3 Tt ™"*^~' r ^." M t*', _ _i ,T. ..J»«» 'fcfriii '-Pvftn innntt. ''Missouri, like Ohio, needs protection, souu* nwnojr «nd publfc confldonco. Yon havo (^ and fifteen counties in vpui^statc, and I understapd.tbttt thejp is 'iiott a- 'single county that dpes not IH;P' duce'" zine.rirou, coal or lead heneath its soiif -lories of "That's right.") What TOU v want' is the touchstone of cpnfl- ae»ce" which'will bring business^cUvity and isond' every -miner with,hie plots-to •dig Jut.ifrom tho bowels of the earth those, tvewuves of wealth. (Applause.); V "" T wjmt'in this cpuntry a tariff policy will supply'the* government with ', • —»±..« ^^ protect «»«"" ' * dollftr, > i do, Wpi%tw»*'ii"''"<« ! a»*«S({tw ot *>».. r -sw tew. t !<W market OQ to 07 cents an, ounce wie .HJUFW" ^ - ^\ ft)n of pi'pJH Is/easily ;^ be a ;^*M^Ag , ao'/actual iuyestmejit IX^^t"?' *' ha^a npmlaal capital'of *" " • s'.uflia diYia^nda^ap....,.,,,.-, intati, « „. 1p,QQQ l( i«'; 4 uii'tjuuy *'vjti****pv». *** ***i **Ti'*^Rv t«-"Kv »^lW?^f^iwm? n A*wy) flfp?:.A n ?«sss? «pj'?l t ?,L' 9ft m ** w^B^BT snow enovwoup iJfw^vv* ?Pt a'je } W goJy fl'ct ttouju \»At. |4 *+Wn lYinUUmtlUaniLir Protection Is am «7i,so it Is, , ; «, « v I ill r^a, 8 V»VVH/^r u tf *^ioua'e»a,UBh. 1 ., i, * •--' - ^HnN?^;/ ; ^QlltS. jr.w.w, -K*• { < 7« r T% /•5vortb*,pf- \m\^. r?y Pl<-M?mfe% (,<•- J- ,. ,»'J <a ^"r-j^: <,•,<«&'; . v S*JSi) *S»^«k«»i«!

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