The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 21, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1896
Page 2
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fifefe ITT n i/Pi/TH K Wnl/T n C ° L ° R ,..•_ ._* —» ••.- • - f / ^ „ -^ : ?H;. i.^^.,-.!... .«...*, % *, >.-.;. ; <, feiLUto- r«ur iSaSl-4_-«t ' iTt-fcfc ftn.fWr «?r ki.dc.ft Mfc^a "''V ^ Most sett' Iowa city fairly: Wj^i« Afitt tJfi§ with a large wi*^.»5.t ,*,^ ,._*., j fi ^ gajfte to ah » fc. Wolfe, ;of CUn- m. ^5- f b MaffUrbef al Aaaffiosa for nlf William McOouoiigh, John Bi dtoiM Sale, 'Harry Ooocfy, for h.hd bne^half years, James Wigli, These young men are fell ttrt«a City lads, who wefe affested ,- b^ttepjity Sheriff Clark and a posse of 'Bfflcefilfc August, charged with erim- ittHJiy) mssftUlUflg I3f«ma Gramas, a 1 feeble-ilsin'ded girl, 10 years of age. Another member of the party, Charles , FJcklefj, alias "Chicago Pickle," Of Chicago,. Was shot dead by Clark while s-esisting arrest, a.nd Luke Jordan, of • Ibwa City, was afterwafds found dead, taysteriousiy ffed frotn wounds, at the ' side of a railroad track, .fudge ^Vade having arrested one of the men at the revolver's point, gave way to .ludge . Wolfe in the trial of the case. Previous to conviction the men hud made - three unsuccessful attempts to Weak MADE A MISTAKE. VJnry In tlio Hoover Case Gives the Defendant Light Punishment. INDEPENDKNCE, Oct. 10.—After a trial ,' of three weeks' duration, a verdict has been returned in the case of Sylvester /• Hoover, ^charged with assault with u?i intent 4.b commit murder on Joseph . lleckel. Strong circumstantial evidence was introduced by the state, which was not weakened by that pro-. • duced by the defense. The jury returned a verdict of assault with ,', intent to do great bodily injury. The • jury have-since stated that they took Into consideration the boy's age, which'is 10, and wanted to give him " three to five years in the penitentiary. Through ignorance, they have given him one year in the county jail. T.ho crime was a cold-blooded one, Heckel being shot at night while seated in his own home. Public opinion is high in indignation at the verdict. The cost to the state is estimated at over $3,000. , Attempted I'oBtoffloe'h Robber jr. Y ' AXJDUBON, Oct. 10.—A daring attempt was made at 3 o'clock a. m. to rob the postoffice at Grant City; a small inland town one and a 'half miles north of Audubon, The clerk, who was sleeping in the store in which the postoffice is . situated, was awakened by the rattle of glass at the back window, followed by heavy blows upon the sheet iron shutters inside. Leveling his revolver at the window, he sent a , .bullet flying .through the''shutter," whereupon the would-be burglars ; beat a hasty retreat through the back alley. An i 'examination of the premises showed that two men had been concerned in the work, as their tracks •were plainly discernable in the soft ground. In their haste to get away they left a carpenter's brace, and it is supposed that a wire clothes line intercepted one of them, as his hat was found beneath it. This is the second time within a few years that this office has received visits of this nature. ___^ ___.,. ' Tells a Pitiful Story, BURLINGTON, Oct. 17.—Mrs. Julia Daugherty. once a handsome bride ,with bright prospects for a. happy > future, was in the city tombs on the - charge of vagrancy. She told a pitiful story of desertion, claiming she and her husband came from Cedar Rapids, as he told her, to take a lucrative position. When they arrived in ' , Burlington he slipped away from her, leaving her penniless and helpless. Sh.e \vandered about the streets for . several days, and was then arrested for vagrancy. The officers sent her to • friends in Keithsburg. Ills. itTore Ifailivay Shops for Ottuimva. OTTOMWA, Oct. 17, — The Chicago, .^yfilwankee & St, Paul will hereafter run all passenger and freight crews through from Ottumwa to Kansas City. Jn the interest of economy, the division st,atipn ftt Chillico^he, ,Mo., lifts bean aboli&h.e4 ? and the divisions will be from Clarion to Otturawa, and ttytuwwa to Kansas City, A new rpnnd haw&o will be constructed in Qj.twmw», and the machine shops and station transferred from to Ottvjnwa, Jt will mean l.Qf SO to 100 families /rom .that* place to Qttuinwa at on go, " seeoNb fi, bet. 1R— Williafn Harris gttiity of murder ia the SeeOfid degree Sn the district ebu'R He «rfis tfied fof ihfe murder of tteorge ffatikoft Septehiber 7. His 'defense Was ttetlnkeffiiess, the attorney tried to secure a Vefdict of manslaughter, The state tried to convict him of taiirde.r ift the first degree, With a death sentence^ Tho jury com- pfotaiseti oti a Vefdict of murder in the second degree, Tho crime is punishable by imprisonment for atiy tei'm of years from ten to life. BAN AWAV FfiOM TROUBLE, Banker Kennedy at Manchester Hangs Ithnself, MANCimsTblt, Oct. 16,— J. D. Kennedy, a banker and one of the wealthiest citizens of Manchester, committed suicide by hanging himself. 'Business reverses are said to have led to the suicide. Mr. Kennedy has been a man of Unquestioned honesty". He was one of the first directors of the First National bank nnd resigned a year ago on account of poor health. THREE MEN KILLED. Prerlpllatccl Forty l-'oet from a llrldgre Scaffold at IJulrmnic. DuntiQOK, Oct. 17.—A fatal accident occurred here. Several men were on a scaffold erected for building 'the Catfish bridge. A porion of the scaffolding gave way and three men were precipitated forty 1'eet to the rocks below. Chris Smith was instantly killed, and James Mayoney and George Jansen received injuries which will prove fatal. BULLARD INDICTED. Secretary of Iowa Senate Charged "With Forgery Oil Two Counts. BKr.MOND, Oct. 17.—Secretary of the Iowa Senate W. E. Hullard. of Bcl- inond, has been indicted by the Wright county grand jury at Clarion on two counts of forgery. Mr. Hullard asks that the trial be held this present term of court. Hog'Cholera Reports. DUBUQUK, Oct. 15.—Reports to the Illinois Central show no trace of hug cholera east of Independence or south of Manchester. It rages nortliwest and' southwest of Independence.. From "Jessup to Fort Dodge the loss is 40 per cent; at Iowa Falls, Alden, Williams and Jilairsburg 50 per cent; from Charles City north, 25 per cent. Farmers are rushing unfatted hogs as well as shoats to .market, and next spring's crop will be short. BREVITIES. squirrels His -rfiinains were Highland Park Colleg'e, Des Moines, has just published U A Little Book," elegantly illustrated, containing a splendid write-up of that noted school. It is mailed free upon request. Franklin II. Whitney 5 died at Atlantic on the 12th after a month's illness. He had lived in Cass county forty years and founded the city of Atlantic. His assignment and the failure of his bank' October 1 tied ' up property valued at $000,000. The present outlook is that his heirs will save $100,000, left after all debts are paid. At Dubuque recently W. V. Hand, formerly of Minneapolis, who was arrested three months ago on charge of using the United States mails for fraudulent purposes, was, at his,.own request, brought before Judge Shiras and pleaded guilty-to the charge. He said he was tired of lying 1 in jail. He advertised for a girl to accompany his wife to Europe, demanding S3 as a guarantee. His receipts for awhile were 1 large. The judge sentenced him to one year's imprisonment in the county jail. Lake Mills dispatch: There is no longer the shadow of a doubt that the man under arrest here, charged with participating in • tho Sherburue robbery, is the guilty party. With head lowered in shame and disgrace, he confessed one of the most heinous crimes ever committed. ''I might as well make a clean breast of it all. The fellow that was killed was my brother. We robbed the bank at Sherburne, but L am not guilty oi killing either of tho men, Jt wa£ agreed that we were not to shoot," Burlington dispatch:' An electric car ran away down the steep grade on North Fourth street, jmnping the track at a, curve and running a block further flown the hill. Jt was badly shattered, and all of the passengers more or less injured, A -Miss Coleman was heriously hurt, being bruited and cut from heiid to foot. She wu's thrown on her face on tJie brick pavement,' and wfjs covered with blood when picked np. ; Police Otflct-r ( ^orn jumped if wi the c»r and fejl on Ijis side, ,~ui using urid. cutting himself ba^ly. These two, were the most seriously injur^'. A careless car* e}< neglected to. supply the car witi» f&njj, au4 tile \vhbjpjs >iip.pp<J' on p frosty. f steps J-ieH AIMER §ANdrf5Pt», ftt SffifWft— ttlll Sfot frdfc* th» S, Oct. 17-^the tfiiitfed States dispatch bbat, Bancroft, ciSri-' cerhiag Whose itifr to the Mediterranean sensational reports have been published, has arrived at Smyrna. that part of the story of the Ikncfoft alleging that the l<Vench fleet would co-operate in securing the passage of the Bancroft through the Dardanelles is absolutely Without foundation afid it can be stated on absolutely un* questioned diplomatic authority that no negotiations to such an end have ever been attempted. I 1 he essential features of the entire story are dis* credited in diplomatic circles, Which believe the published report originated in the fact that the Bancroft's admis* sion to the Bosphorus is desired, and ( that Minister Terrell will use the influence he possesses with the porte to bring it about by peaceful methods, but will not persist if decided objection is made. So far as the United States a) one is concerned, European powers have no objection to the presence of the dispatch boat ill the Bosphorus, the objections arising solely from the fact that it might establish a precedent for like demands from other nations. SENSATION IN ENGLAND. 41 r ICdtt-iml Chirk UecluroR Against Kng- lnnd'H Claims in Yent/iK'lii. LONDON, Oct. 18.—A great sensation has been caused in the political world by the speech of Sir Edward Clark,, conservative member of parlimcnt, and and who was solicitor general in Lord Salisbury's previous ministry, in which he said, speaking of the Venezuelan question, that the decision of the American boundary conimissiou would be against England, not because it was a hostile commission, but because he believed no lionest and impartial arbitrator or commission could decide in favor of England's claims upon the evidence. Sir Edward's assertion is widely commented on in all the political circles and in the press. The Daily News says it supposes • Sir Edward Clark is attiicted with the terrible disease of inverted jingoism. "The panic stricken talk of the whipping Lord Salisbury is likely to pet from the new president," this paper continues, "is only calculated to re-animate the American jingoes and to make conciliation and compromise harder." FATAL RESULTS OF A FIRE. Three Men Killed and Half a Do/.eii Uad- ly Hurt. MONTREAL, Oct. 10.—Three firemen were killed and six badly injured'at a stubborn-fire at the chemical warehouse of Gilmour & Co. Edmund LaPorte, Harry King' and Silvan Carpenter are the names of the dead. The firemen fought the fire courageously and after an hour's Work they (seemed to have the upper hand. At this stage the firemen were distributed in all parts of the building and were speedily drowning out the flames, when, with a terrible crash the second floor g'ave way and fell to the floor beneath. The men who were on top escaped, half suffocated and bleeding 1 from many wounds, .but the men below were crushed under ton's of timber and goods, The loss of .property is in the vicinity of $300,000, insurance about one-half. • • Another Trim It SlyHtery. .CHICAGO, Oct. 18.—About $00,000 worth, of railroad bonds and -other securities have been found in a trunk, which has been held as security for a board bill in the Saratoga hotel for nearly three years. The documents have been turned over to Chief of Police Badenoch and he will make an investigation, as the whole affair is surrounded with mystery. All the papers are made out m the jiaine of J, Lawrence Schoolcraft, whose mother, it is thought, lives at Glenn Forge, Va. The hotel authorities say the package was found in a trunk left there shortly after the world's fair by a man, who registered as Geo, Craft, of Philadelphia, it having been held as security for a board bill of $30. A Heavy Apple Crop. » WASHINGTON, Oct. 17,—The, October fruit report of the agricultural department shows a heavy apple crop and an especially fln« quality in the northern tier of states, Prices are extremely low. This particularly is the case in Michigan, where the markets are glutted.' T|ie disastrous storm of the last week in September did much •tj^mage to fruit along the Atlantic c«»st. The loss was particularly heavy in parts of Pennsylvania and New Vorjc, Some, eow$&\nt 0 ( the dropping' of fruit, comes frpm the piddle , Cm'0-F MjSjjlCoi Qct, •NJ.-r-The for- Qf All TM>S Sftot J '>?$ i%$S$ $bw-,«wp :^W»»K m% vfijjap^p.jstjio vfcsj^i'fs •"'»"' *''" v MfcKKEft, Colo., Oct. 10.— Tfiflge mefl entered the Bank of Meekef , which is connected With the stof e room of J. W. Hughes & Co., whd owh the bank. Two of the .men held the (Store eriiployes at bay, whilfe thfe thifrl Went to the bank cashier's window, and, firing one shot, ordered the cashier to throw up his hands. The ofder was net quickly obeyed, ahd the robber fired again, whereupon the cashier's hands went up. The manager of the store was then forced to bpen the bank door, ahd after gathering up all the money ill sight, the robbers marched the bank and store employes into the street with hands uplifted, They then rushed out of the back xvay With their booty. Citizens attracted by the shots had pretty well surrounded the building by this time, and being armed, opened fire on the robbers, two of whom, Chas. Jones and William Smith, were killed by the first volley. The third man, George Harris, was shot through, the lungs, dying in two hours. He is fully identified, and gave the others' names, which are believed to be fictitious. Four citizens were shot, none of them fatally. The coroner's jury returned a verdict of justifiable homicide. Distress In India. SIMLA, India, Oct. 10. — At the vice regal council the minister of agriculture stated that the local atithorities of a large, portion of India have reported that distress is expected as a result of the drouth and consequent raise in the price of wheat. The construction of government works, however, and the importation of wheat from California would prevent actual famine. Death of Henry K. Ahbcy. NKW YORK, Oct. lit. — Henry E. Abbey, the well known theatrical manager, is dead. With him were his daughter and Mrs. Kingsley, the mother of Abbey's first wife. The present Mrs. Abbey, who recently brought a divorce suit, is said to be in Europe. Abbey had been ill for some time. The immediate cause of ,his death was hemorrhage- of the stomach. Mobilizing Kntwlan Forces; VIEXXA, Oct. 19. — A statement is published that • steps to, complete the mobilization of the Russian forces are being taken in the several districts. All the officers on leave or retired have recalled. It is intimated that these movements are because it is expected Russia will receive an 'European mandate to occupy Constantinople. TERSE NEWS. Thomas E. Watson, populist nominee for vice-president, is suffering with an ulcerated throat An Athens dispatch says that the governor of Mytiline has discovered a plot of Turkish students to bring about a general massacre of Christians, and'that four of the ringleaders have been arrested. . A recent. dispatch from Sebastopol says that Russia is continuing her •preparations for an emergency. Local military and naval forces at Sebustopol, Odessa and Batoum have been mobilized. A company of submarine engineers has ; been ordered to hold itself, in readiness to immediately embark upon a gunboat already loaded with mines, shells and torpedoes. Washington dispatch; Dr. Burgess, sanitary inspector of the marine hospital service at Havana, reports yellow fever epidemic there and he is informed that it is so in most of 'the places where the Spanish soldiers are found. During September there were 1,034 deaths in Havana from the disease. Smallpox, instead of diminishing, increases daiJy, not only in Havana, but in the suburbs. The doctor expresses tho fear that it will be many months before this scourge is over. He also points out the danger from yellow fever to vessels discharging cargoes at Tallapiedra wharf, Havana, because of its close proximity to an old and badly infected military hospital. Fairmont, Minn<, dispatch: The climax of the most; sensational week in southern Minnesota's history came with the complete revelation of the identity of the two desperadops who robbed the Sherburne bank and killed three persons. The one killed near Elmore was J, Huns Kellihan, a boy oi but 1 8 years. The man in jail {it Fairmont is Lvi Ivellihan, brother of the dead bandit buried i« the potter';-, field at Sherburne. Lu Kellijian is :2a years old and at first refused tp disclose his identity, but later weakened and told the whole story of the plan t.o rob the banks fit Heron Tr^kes, St, ,T$unes and Sherbwrne, th.e route of the flight and pther incidents. The man in jail Insists that his was the leader andaidaJUbesh A telegram frojn Rock. Rapids, Sfys the iaentifigfttJQB Q* '.the is cpryeot »,nd adroit WAR Erhtrfcd State** May tale ft Hafto! il Oct. 18.— I not end the waf in Cttfea within" months, the insurgents wilt from ' the tlnited States virtual recognition of their independence. It can fii fiber be slated on authority that the president does not efcpect that Spain Will end the War with the agencies now employed duMrig thfc year, and that he is fully convinced that the grave duty will involve tipofa him of taking a vigorous stand in this matter. A high official of the administration says that action by the pres' ident may be looked for by the first of the yeafi Lotig before that time the Venezuelan question will be disposec of. and the administration will be lef free to devise a platt for restoring peace in Cuba. Venezuelan Boundary Question. WASHINGTON, Oct. 10.—Secretary Malet Prcvost. of the Venezuelan boundary commission, has authorize< the following: "The statement that the commission,has come to a decision sustaining the claims of Venezuela in the boundary dispute between that country and Great Britain is withou foundation. The commission is noi yet in possession of all the facts necessary to form a definite judgmen and will not be until the return of Prof. Burr from Europe about the em of this month. He is to bring with him new and important . historica information which must be carefully examined before any decision can be arrived at. Any statements, therefore to the effect that a decision has been reached are entirely premature." Alarming; Riots In Progress. KINGSTON, Jamaica, • Oct. 10:—A dis patch received from Georgetown British Guiana, says that alarming riots have occurred among the coolies in Dcmarara. The ringleaders of the rioters were arrested and while they were being taken to the lock-up by the police, who had them in custody, the latter were attacked by the mob am were finally obliged to fire upon their assailants. The fire of the oflicers was effective, three of the rioter being killed and many others wounded. The rioting was the outcome of a strke among the laborers against a reduction in wages recently made. In Case of Bryan's Election. HELENA, Mont., Oct. 17.—On Octo ber 11, R. H. Kleinschmidt received a letter from W. J. Booker of Memphis saying that C. T. Schulte and J. T Frost, both bank presidents, had of fered 200,000 American standard silver dollars to be delivered six months af ter election and the passage of the free coinage law at 70 cents on the dollar in gold. Kleinschmidt accepted the proposition and notified. Booker to hold the bankers to the offer «and pu the case into the hands of competen attorneys it necessary to enforce the agreement. . Postal Uollcicncy. ' WASHINGTON, Oct. 10.—The annua. report of the third assistant postmastei general for the past fiscal year show; that the total expenditures for the year was $90,030,390 and receipts $83,499,208, leaving a deficiencj of $8,127,088, or a reduction of $1,079,950 less than the preceding year. The expenditures do riot include"the cost o: carrying the mails over the subsidized •• Pacific railroads, which amounted t< '§1,558,898, , Registration in St, Louis, ST. Louis, Oct. 1C.—The tremendous registration of the voters here for th« first day is something unprecedented in the annals of the political history of St. Louis. The registration is slated by the election commissioner to be 133,047 names, In 1895 it was onlj 84,000 in round numbers, and in 1802 the presidential election year, it wa 93,000. This year there is a pain o> 40,000 over 1893. fc Texas Pitched Battle. . Texas, Oct, 17,—>, pitched battle occurred near heri between negroes, three on each side with shotguns and pistols. Two son! of IJamp Lacey and Reddick Stephen son -were killed. The trouble wai over family matters. IOWA PATENT OFFICa~REPORT, DES MOJNES, Oct, 15.— A,copyright has been granted for a publication en titlea "II, Parrnalee's Traveling LI brary System." A patent has been allowed to W. F, Brockway, of AdeL for » campaign badge in the form of a rabbit's foot. H. J, Kapka, of Charles City, has been allowed a patent for a wrench that has an auxiliary sliding jaw in advance of tho main sliding jaw and a leyer combined therewith by means of which the, auxiliary jaw and fix,ed jaw can be clamped fyst to an object sepurely and Jocjjed by advancing the main slicing jaw by means 0^ » screw. W. JI, Gray oi Eddyvijle, has been allpwetf a patent for an important improvement in cqru harvest* ers and lenders that Qvorconies the clogging and difficulty of moying the cut off 8ta}kf aj}4 forming them into M avsls and 4ftHY,e£iB&the,m6isjq; the b,ee,n,£u,ccessfuljy f 0, ATO'J. Ro.te.njft ars re< ojj jhc f n Wiy'yapthV' ir--i i—<« .-> ••(>— — -ri^-nr -TT •?'*>"*. T* j?fi Mft$l tm,f ' V 1 :08^*wM«M?fctoaM.;, ' . «*: Ltfffdoa dispatch: Aft Matters st """•• is ft&mf&i iso far as the is concerned. JfotL.. „ ifi cofihfictioH with the czar* J vistttd fifiglaHd Br" France winch is 1 likely td Modify IMS p-olifiy 1 of Russia S'he Will do fa6thing fdf Armenia until Efigiand consents to the opening t>! the Bosphorils to-lhe- World's W6f ships ahd trading vessels fetid to the preservation of the sultan's nominal sovereignty, This is the present poU icy of Russia, whatever she may have sought In the past. Lord Salisbury i, striving steadily for an entente with ftussta, and he has the support of Lord Rosebery in the effort. R 0 sc» befy's speech at Edinburgh in expln- ^ nation of the external causes that led hiih to resign the liberal leadership reflects the matured second thought of many liberals, who Were carried away at first by the magnetic charm of Mr. Gladstone's appeal to the humanity of Europe. The feeling here is that, in a matter which is in no particular a party matter, Lord Rosebery will stand by the government. lie told the Edinburgh audience that he Would fight tooth and nail the proposition—which is Mr. Gladstone's proposal—that England take isolated action. He predicted, moreover, the early agreement of the powers most interested. This statement is believed to have been based upon Lord Salisbury's reported success in persuading the czar When at Balmoral to consider a scheme of Turkish government which would leave Abdul Ham id on the throne, but secure to the powers the nomination of his ministers: and collection of taxes. It is asserted in usually well-informed official quarters that the czar raised fewer objections to this than to any other proposal tentatively offered by the British premier. WATSON WITHDRAWS. Authorizes tho Wlthdra-ivnl of His Name From tho Populist Ticket. KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 17.—A special to the Journal from Thomson, (la., says: Thomas E. Watson has forwarded papers to'.Kansas notifying tho secretary of state to take his name as a nominee for vice-president from tho head of the populist ticket. The necessary affidavit in due form authorizing the withdrawal from that ticket, accompanied the other papers. This is the first step taken by Mr. Watson since his recent visit to Kansas to thwart the efforts of the fusion entered into there with the democrats; When Mr. Watson determined upon this plan he wired . to the "middle of the road" populist committee of Kansas for information as to how he should proceed tinder. -Kansas election laws to have his name withdrawn. Hei-eceived full instructions by wire, together with the form of an affidavit necessary, and upon receipt of the same, .filled out the papers, drew up the affidavit, swore to it before a notary public, and sent them by registered letter to the secretary 'of state at Topeka to be filed. SPAIN WILL GIVE UP. If the Insurrection is Not Ended by March She Will Let Cuba Go. NEW YORK, Oct. 10.—The Herald's Cadiz, Spain, specialsays: "If Spain has not put down the insurrection in Cuba by the first of next March it is the intention of the government to give up the struggle and let the island go," The significance of this state- ipent, coming direct from an officer of rank in the Spanish army, is certainly regarded as of no little importance. The above determination is an open secret among those who are close to the government and it is said that the . policy is being adopted of exaggerating the magnitude of the trou-ble in the Philippines with a view to preparing the people for the ultimata design of letting Cuba go. Absconding Banker Arrested. BUFFALO, N. Y,, Oct. 17.—Adolplms Cole, who in 1893 operated a bank in New York, has been arrested here 011 tho charge of being a fugitive from justice, Cole's bank, which war. patronized*by the Italians and the poorer class of people, failecj in 1894, Afterwards Cole disappeared and it was found that he had gotten away wjth between $1QO,OQQ and $300,000. He was seen at Broad street station by two Italia ns, who had been depos- itorsi 'and who informed the detective ; department, lie was committed to jail, ' indorse . Ky., Opt, 10r , Seventh district republican congressional convention committee met her* and nonrinated.Co}, W. 0, J*. Bjreeken. _, rJ4ge for congress'.' There- was no -, v ppposition, iotal rpgis- ,* was Qf the , 507, A ton, gf ten n Pacific, yields wt p f m «# "

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