The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1954
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 22, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Army's Crime Busters MP's Help Prove 'Cop-Killing'Serious Crime in Army, Too By DOUGLAS LAKSEN KEA Staff Correspondent (Third in a. Series) CAMP GORDON, Ga.—(NEAJ— In a cop's book there's no worse crime than killing a cop. And there's practically no end they won't go to catch a cop-killer. So it is with the Army's Military Police and the CI men—criminal investigators—in the Military Police Corps. That's why the Wilfried Joahan- nes Helm - case is drummed into every student in the MP's criminal investigation school here, and its grisly pictures hang in most MP detachments round the world as a stark warning to MPs to be careful. Alt-hough it's one of the most notorious cases in the CI files here, it's now revealed publicly in full detail for tthe first time. Helm, at 18, was a baby-faced, blue-eyed, pink-cheeked lad who could turn on the warmest smile, be disarmingly pleasant and speak beautiful German and English.. A few months ago, in fact, he proved that he had lost none of his charm by sweet-talking a guard in a German jail into doing him a favor and then almost killing the guard in a bold escape plan. It didn't work. Helm carved his notorious niche in MP history in May, 1948. He was sitting in a Munich jail brooding over the sentence he was serving for stealing and selling cigar- ets when a brilliant idea struck him. He mulled over details of it, called a guard and said: «. "I can't stand my conscience any more. I must confess that my buddy and I killed an American soldier near Rudesheim last year and hid his body there." « * * After Helm elaborated on the imagined killing, prison authorities reported it to the Military Police. Next day criminal investigator Walter E. Snyder and German detective Franz Eichinger arrived to drive Helm to the scene of the murder to locate the body. Helm was chained, placed in the back seat of the Army sedan, and watched like a hawk during the trip to Rudesheim. However, Helm noticed two things which excited him. Eichinger kept the key to the chains in his left pocket. And he kept Helm's records and some cigarets, in the back, a few inches from Helm's leg. The search for the non-existent HOLLAND NEWS By Mrs. Voris Workman School Opens School began Monday with a half- day session for the pupils. The afternoon was devoted to faculty meetings. The combined grade and high school meeting was presided over by Superintendent L. N. Kin- corpse lasted lor two days in the woods near Rudesheim before Snyder realized the whole thing was fishy arid decided fco take Helm back to Munich. * « * Irritated by the hoax, Eiehinger had chained*Helm's hands tightly behind his back in an extremely uncomfortable position. As they drove along the wide autobahn, Helm finally pleaded: "Please let me have my hands in front so I can at least smoke." Eichinger obliged and fished out a cigaret from his brief case for Helm. In doing &o, however, Eichinger nudged the brief case within reach of Helm's manacled hands. It wasn't long before Helm was probing its contents u* such a way that the men in the front seat couldn't see what he was doing. In the process, his exploring hands grabbed an object which caused his criminal brain to make an in- stataneous decision. He found Eichinger's pistol. Holding it in two hands, Helm pointed it at Eichinger's head and pulled the trigger once. Eichinger was probably dead by the time Helm fired two slugs into Snyder. With some quick maneuvering Helm shoved Snyders body aside, grabbed the wheel of the crazily- turning sedan, turned it on to a side road and then stopped it. Helm moved fast. He fished the keys from Eichinger's pocket and freed himself. He robbed both men, stuffing Snyders gun in his pocket. Then he removed all papers bearing on his own case from che brief case, soaked them in gasoline from the tank, put them in the back seat and ignited them. As he ran off, he saw the car in flames. • « * Passers-by saw the smoke almost immediately and summoned MPs. But Helm escaped. It didn't take the MPs long to make a pretty accurate reconstruction of what had happened. Aroused, they set in motion a manhunt which blanketed Europe like none before or since. Not a community nor hamlet on the continent, including those on the "Russian zones, were without handbills describing Helm and telling of his heinous crime. Even recruting officers of the French and Spanish foreign legions were alerted. Eighteen days later it paid iff. Helm had crossed the border into Belgium and went on a spree of looting private homes in small der. He invited the new teachers to become members of the community's organizations and named and gave accomplishments of them, stressing especially the work of the . Maude Richard the past several i days have been her daughter and family. Mr. and Mrs. Swafford and children, Genese and Jerry, of Flint. Mich. Sunday visitors of Mrs. Richard and her sister, Mrs. Grace Thompson, were Mr. and Mrs. Orville Pinkston and son. Wayne Arlen, of Hayti. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Jordan of Memphis were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hicks. Mrs. Joe Cohoon and children. for a few days visit and to bring i daughter visited Mr. and Mrs. his family home. 'Douthit Whitfield in Camden, Junior Tuten was dismissed Pri- Tenn., Friday and Saturday. day from a hospital in Cape Gi- Young Gary Coleman and Ken- rardeau After being givea treat- j r.eth Berry, Jr., are attending 'merits for an eye irmjry. I kindergarten in Mrs. Robinson's• Michael Jones, son of Mr. and ', class at Steele. \ Mrs. V. M. Jones, has been ill for! Mrs. Helen Pritchard and son, stressing especially vne wo«. w u« fa been in P.T.A. and the Men's Club, listing I*™™*™ naA V visitine- Mrs. several days. 1 James Keith, are spending this M- and Mrs. S. D. Bray ofi^eek in Ripley, Tenn.. visiting Blvtheville were Sundav visitors I Mrs. Pritchard's sister and fani- in'the home of Mr. and ".Mrs. Roy lily, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Devore. Time to DucJc Bray. ! Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hester have! returned after visiting Mr. and! Mrs. Louis Tandy of Wichita, Kan. i Mrs Tandy is the former Miss BILLINGS, Mont. M - The pas- Annie B. "Hfcsins. Mrs. Ernest j senger plane radioed the Billings McCrary accompanied them to| airport its pilot heard a "sharp con-; _.-... Kansas City to visit her son and cussion" as the plane prepared to flOnGS 3pOt rires T25 Enroll in Armorel Junior High School i I One hundred and seventy-five students have been enrolled at Armorel Junior High School for the summer term which began this week. Faculty for the term includes: first and second grades—Pennie Burns and O. V. Freeman; fifth and sixth grades—Hazel Cray ton: ; high school social science—J. W.; Crayton; nutritionist—Ruby Har- ' ris: English teacher and principal —Geneva Haraway. wife. Mr. "and Mrs. Ralph Mc- FIERY END — A fiery end for a German detective and an Army MP came in this blazing auto on the Autobahn. The prisoner thought killing them meant fool-proof escape, but he's in jail for life. (NBA Photo) new stage curtains, the eye. testing program, the building of the lighted ball diamond, clubhouse and bleachers, and the sponsoring of the Little League baseball team as some of the things accomplished by these organizations. This meeting was followed by separate meetings of the two groups for further discussion of their individual programs. Joe Lester was able to begin his duties Monday as elementary principal after having received a neck injury in a car accident last week. He was confined in a Blytheville hospital for three days. Brenda. small daughter of Mrs. Pete Hardesty. first grade teacher, received a broken collar bone and fractured rib in a fall last week. Mrs. R. B. Craig, third grade teachers, whose home is in Mississippi, is staying in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Porter Harris. The Culbertson Extension Club met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. John Whitener for a social and business hour. A general discussion on the club's budget was held. Games were played and the hostess, Mrs. Whitener, served refreshments. The Rev. Charles Marshall, Baptist minister, and family are in Ridge Crest, N. C., this week attending the Baptist Assembly. They plan to visit relatives in South Carolina before returning home. Mrs. Gideon Crews, Mrs. Grace Edwards, and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Edwards attended funeral services in Monette, Mo., Saturday, for their sister-in-law. Mrs. Clark Edwards. Mrs. Charles Kelley of Steele is substituting as home economics teacher for Mrs. Louis Lorch for the first. two weeks of school. Clail Jackson and family. Mrs. C. A. Jones, Anita Heathcock, Shirley Rogers and Floyd Martin spent several days at Brasker Creek last week. Peggie Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Jones, spent last week in Memphis with his aunt, Mrs H. B. Griffin. Mrs. Witt Smith and son, Witt, Jr., were in Scott's Hill, Term., ; from Wednesday until Sunday vis- ! iting Mrs. Smith's mother. Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn Hatley have moved into their house recently purchased from and occupied "by Mrs. O. B. Samford, and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kitterman have moved into the Hatley house on the Highway. Guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Porter Harris over the weekend were their son, Joe, principal at Parma high school, their daughter, Nina, from Trumann, Ark., and a brother, Ben Harris, of Trumann, Ark. E. Jones and wife of Long Beach, Cal., are house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Mirick. Mrs. Jones is the sister of Mrs. Mirick. Visiting in the home of Mrs. t villages. But he made the mistake of falling asleep in a house which he though was unoccupied. He was rudley awakened to find himself surrounded by Belgian pilice. Helm talked fast, claiming he was a British national. The police listened politely until he finished. Then one of them handed him an MP handbill. Helm knew at once that his goose was cooked and admitted what he had done. A quick trial won him a life sentence. A lot of Snyder's friends ni MP Corps though death would have been too good for Helm. But you can stop any Army MP today, ask him who Helm is, and he'll tell you in no uncertain terms. The fast-talking cop-killer gave them a grim lesson to remember. (Tomorrow: When silence didn't pay.) Birmingham, Ala., visiting Mrs. Cohoon's sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Hudson. Mr. Cohoon left Monday for Birmingham land. Ground crews were alerted for an emergency landing, possibly Jack Kenley is spending a two- j due to a tire blowout, week vacation nere from his work j Capt, Ed O'Neill made a normal in Memphis. landing. The noise had been Mr. and Mrs. Gervis Capps and'by a plane-duck aerial collision. WEST GLACIER. Mont. !£—Air-! planes are being used as fire spotters in Glacier National Park. Their use cut the number of tower lookouts to 10 from 13. LOW DOWN PAYMENT-EASY W1ISIY TSRSSS Starts Where "The Robe" Left Off Mr. and Mrs, Lee James of Rockford, 111., visited Mrs. Jones' mother. Mrs. Lightfoot, and family this week. They will go to Atlantic Mine, Mich., to visit his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kartiner, before returning to their home. Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Page and I Tommy, Jr.. of Baltimore, Md., vis- ' ited Mrs. Page's parents the past week. They were accompanied home by her sister, Miss Joan Harmon, w'ho will spend the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Mercer of Black Rock, Mo., spent the week end with the Milton Estep family. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Buck spent a week in Corpus Christi, Texas, with their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Lesher. They were accompanied home by their grandchildren who will spend the summer here. Miss Mary Lightfoot spent Wednesday in Harrisburg, Ark., as guest of Mrs. Robin Bias and family. . Mrs. B. F. Gay is visiting in Memphis with her son, B. F. Gay, Jr., and family. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brannum and Mrs. Mildred Gordon, all of Chicago, spent the week end with their grandmother, Mrs. Henry Kam. Sally Brown is visiting in Bcav- erton,* Ala., With her aunt, Mrs. Richard Black, and Mr. Black. Sue Brown is visiting her sister, Mrs. Sam Meyers, and Mr. Meyers. Courier .New* Classified A&. YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE = SATURDAY NIGHT 10:30 P.M. SUNDAY, MONDAY & TUESDAY July 24, 25, 26, 27 IT BEGINS WHERE M ThJRoke " tyT OW CINEMASCOPE ^^•^ •FM^MMnnMUMB Vnv "•GUMMOItS .— ..i.». «*•"*""••* •~~££!sn*c KU^, WTM MATURE • SKMI HJMMtO . ™m DAVf$ • v*** * PMUJP DUNNE At Regular Prices! Matinee Sunday Week Days At 7:30 to 9:30 p. m. 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