The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 7, 1896 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1896
Page 10
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\ OOfOMItt f; $*«. 3Cn. 3Rii.f06 (Bass* #t _. $.:3I)ipsni ffiz. (flepasSbs si . APPLES. APPLES. Sweet-Apples, Sour Apples, Big Apples, Little Apples, all kinds of apples—a whole barrel for only IThs E«tBte Onsdk dreamery "*— '- ^ ittdmg unine sjrrnfi 25B tlTDTO in — T^D'C.ti aniJEtertl „.. -fc ... JP:iP« raaSpFteESgUi. .ai::2T>a sin 5613560,. "n::aSlgiaiip JCizsfl -*:^g>inuJfi S3.. THE 10CAL FIELD. C. T.. CL wil mast. Ocft. 14. x. MtC)«y a« atbonS, sraS sat/tanaing- . as a'boul-ftB THE DAYS OF HUMBUG BOOT; ©DNE BY—tot «he days of km pdces """"Se same stealtes dbirase to waste their tinae we aje ferns® Mnrs InmitrB ffor Alncma. 3. 1C. CL SB. iDtaaibe (rit'our auntie " 3ME R. A. Fliiilunw ttocflr a Hflft «a«il -t'ul. nff liibe rsniiD iGam 'last -w In j^our winter suppfy now. pltik- gr a? &eacbihj£- 13»e BlbdL James Patterson. Center ,. EkfeiE, 1ihe®BffialoCJaBlierirntailar, '"-•' to -rMt Ms spwranls -cmer « C- A. ffinuJtib"* PB0F.E8SKWAL. CtASKKE * «3!»HEISO0«% ATTOJiNEYK AT LAW, GXae ww Ktaft KaOoinfl aiaasb, AOgwna., la. a H, Cl-ARJtE, ATTOKNEY AT LAW. OsteeiawB a^sazt. (C>p«Hi Hwnse Moot LOANS. LAND. sMa Office to <Ewrftnw Correct Styles «... Millinery are nerikalt yoaa fed ai IE sick, not, as C-arrae ILiyribujin 3aa« iteaflared ;as t«atibar an . S. SBP- atfeodl ibuflfii-ng 3s - lit 3s iWBifllfa -8113 Si sBtHtte ._„ MB -•HfrrajffissmBtft, Srarng- SJhEintfly itfflfi- mnjET irfl SiiEFoiitBnne SB !be -aseti from The sr.ntS OB to tbe >rff icmlj filtfte iroiff in -ffidbii'G.. Smiiih -WBS rsxp to tKbe %iyr IJBtib TDhsrs -WBTB SD 'floe* MirmeBcita ;EnS a-attlTji* '.wars _ Ti>e cttuae !anfl An October Slaughter Sale . . . wil mot &a fa, via wide-spread aifeiafem, owing to tiie soi-j dad Taloes gavea annd Jiae remarkably low prices qtaoted- We sav . SQCM <0p3Ma*aitai5!tisB as Hals are oiaty had at clearing sales after cfatfelag season as over. Jrast a few ml ramies of your time, please FCXQ caaa easily satisfy jrauself as to whether we speak thefaufli' aaad bays" smite ,go as follows : A fenan mew . i Itae «D'JaTenafl AT LAW, f, J. Stemmsr ca«e as iest. -terjD <cif ..oooi-l, anfl Mr- Skaaner IhuB ;g«ne fioutfa. <ol 5de»i3 The "WicnDeirs iJTbrairj Aiifl •wiLD Ibolfl 13JBV sriig-.tflar meettog- aa libe i 3Sbrary ; aitS «fteluak snert, 3M&uj :tffif,er-i cm. Mra. A. X OMj twfll srsa per . BD •" CPlufl-trtitttiK" 1 MITB. ILe,wiiF Snuti •" J Hawttr 1 3ea,'" Ms Shoms. laflies »«•. Tte mew stone Jc»r I3je sbrset <nnaas- ing's It) <eame fsctta EJasolia, MiLna_ MoD3aj.. MH.TIJ w-ere mtrt naip to .stiuafl- jr. THbose »ooeptea. We fine H -wane soiaa sr-sa-e sraae . ,-a JalB idajii. A finer itaH Jor Jarm wcattt wm* merer *BSH. "Elie «;p9caa1 l<»;a5!D ircmB to itouag-M Jor tihe P.ol3iiT«r tent It tear-eK Algrorm at 7 MJ-&. IE. B.. tu Sber late aocafl-eoj* neisallaiig: - IJb-e ©eUar ATTO3$J3Y AT LAW, ^r, c, au.we.6wi>, ATTOMWEYK AT LAW, / Eimpcoibm. AM of tlie} latest aad pr«lt5sst tOaiogs SB ttike' market, aad ttrismming strictly mp to date. FKEDE3SJCJC M ATTOKW1&Y AT LAW. , JBwsik, ^6%«au, iv,\vi. AMD MUWSO&. saafl 2*aia.tai«* ijj fiUs BaBtoc Btaek. AJSJ) 8UB&SGW, AWD SUftCEOW, £. S, SVR&EOW Stock is large. Prices are right Yes, times, ar« allttkclose; there are a few twangs, J&, JS/^r. V. V. 8. K': COAL HAS TAKEN A BIG TUMBLE it i* LHBALL, AJ«? Grain, Feed, eJavator, Oj-dera tor All Grocery Line that you wjsast have, and we want to sell them to you at lowest living prices, A good blend coflee per ib, $0.21 A crsjshed Java coflee at.. 0,19 Ten bars wrapped Laundry soap for ---- „ ........... 0,25 25 pounds broken Rice for 1.00 A good Table Syrup, per gallon ................. 0.28 A good machine oil, per gaL o. 19 Be sure and see us before you Buy your Flour for winter use. We also sell and deliver to any part of the city Hay (in bales), Grain and Ground Feed. Yours truly, J. C. Anderson & Co. <o!9 iBoBege IbaBSing: again r . .. --.«HiliDU 21S SL 3lC>t€i BOtllih Bodge stoBst wall enjoy a boom. .. Fatl>er SKbemiDel of Sancrciti, Anne E. Sdbsmmel a,n3 Paul A. JLanergun :Sire lioenitefl to wed. A. Fearaon and Annie A <Q, Bigelow aaad ICettis • marriage lieecsefi. ' j A feature ol t'fae >oon.forenoe at Eagle I Cnrors last •»veak HVJIE 41ae pj^esa watel to PraEifling The State University OF THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS tj^mM & FiTTJiONE, Head * H«.nry Waleton ihas eloBed out Ms «tojte art. San^borm anfl xnorefl bis family ibaek to Algona. Old fciend,s weloome liii&m ixojcoe siHta^Ji. laibraj-aan' McElroy bas been re- qnerted to gure a s'keteib of tbe Aljgoaa. iTeafliDg rooio for tlie liibrayy ootomii jim I&B IJaMy Capital Maes Piorerioe Zersrebik, a one-lacDe iteaciber in the oormaJ eebooH, bag been aleeted .Beeretary of tlie seoior class at Tiie S^alkeciiaaaier br.oibsrs. Otto and At, liaxe reotefl rooms OTBT tbe Al- jg«aa State ban'k and mill hay© foaehe- "" •' quaa-ters this winter. j. JL Biee was to be dressed Monday Jor tlie first tame. He sits up a few h&urs each day. It will fee three weeks before lie comes to Algona, Jfo notice laas been serred on the reporter if) prepare tbe evidence in tbe Taleey bay ease for an appeal. Ever- igbam Jias six months to appeal in. Uncle Joe Tecnant and bis party brought ID 57 pickerel from their Iowa Lake trip. Tfaat seems to explode the idea that there are no fish up there. Ernest Hermann has been building a new home up in Union. That makes pertinent the record in tbe clerk's office, E. Herman and JosieVogan thaler. Two new bouses have been added at tbe Milwaukee depot. They came in on a fiat car and shelter some 15 or 20 Italians, who are laying track and grading. Rev. Southwell introduced tbe new presiding elder, Rev. Yetter, to tbe people yesterday. He is a very genial g entleman and will make friends of all e meets. Tbe recent school census shows that there are 718 pupils in the independent district of Algona between the ages of five and 21 years. This is a gain of 10 over last year. E. P. Bircher has leased tbe Phoenix house at Bancroft and will take possession Dec. 11. Ed. is a popular hotel man and will give Bancroft a first class stopping place. Geo. W. Pangburn is about to locate in Buffalo Center. He moved from Elmore to Mankato in tbe spring, but bad a good opening at the Center and will come down to Iowa. Secretary Butler is now paying the county fair premiums. Some may have to wait until the state apportionment of $200 comes, but all will be paid in full in cash as advertised. P. L, MeComb's Uttle boy, who was in tbe same room at school with Josie Hofius, is 4owo with diphtheria, The school board have closed school for the week to await developementa. Capt, Poster is commjssfpned to settle something about a disputed boundary Une in Pocaboutas county. He has more difficulty with the lawyers than be has with the line. Judge Quarton admitted 59 new cltl* new ip Humboldt at hi* recent ^erxn of court, oolylS Q| whom were -Bryan mep, At Spirit fc&fce « became «««- zene and onft I _ fi. Sessions 2ut»fl Hja~. JT ,^ .^.t^™^ (Of Btae "Eariib <C% fca.3 a two days" set- to "before Joetoioe Smilii aofl a * jury in iEfeimiwa last week orer ; srean Wm. GooflricJi Mr, SeBEMHl_ . a»fl got a verdict." He was suing for Jwwaey dime. It is fesugiat itha.l the beap of garbage era itihe mill read orer irbieb tbe eMMnen bad to pass Jo and sebo01 is responsible for tbe Tbe dumping of mannare on tbe public scant 3o!te in town .is an iQ.uteage >OD public fieceBcy. The case of tbe Ida GroTe editor against a local backer for ing damages for assault aa-fl battery is Bet for November for trial. Geo. EL Clarke is to defend tie banker instead of prosecute for tbe editor as stated by tbe Bsirt Monitor. Mr. Clarke will get through «dlli tbe ease in time to get back for Ms eases in tbe December term here. -Jiuflg-e Ttomas opened court yesterday. Two cases come on first, tbe old one of Eetcbam & Jobnson to collect oaat ©f Spooner and Thake of LuVeroe Offl a guarantee, giren by them for SimniOjQS & Son. 'The second is Card T&. ^lank, a nortb end suit. Jvo dis- poisitioD has been made of tbe Kenyon, Skinaer, and Cloud cases, ail of which eome nap. Irving Dodge is carrying amateur photography a point beyond tbe average experimenter in Algona. He has a dark room in bis home and developes and prints bis owe pictures. He has already some handsome views and will fioon be an expert photographer. One of bis best pictures is of tbe Northwestern passenger train running at fall speed, Tbe public school has an enrollment of SGO, 284 boys, 278 girls. There are 14 in the graduating class. In Miss Wallace's room there are 64 and other rooms have alajost as many. A new system of ranking has been adopted. AH over 90 per cent, rank one, all over SO per cent two, etc. The schools are doing good work, but need the new building. Misses Myrtle Trevitte and Marguerite Helm of Minneapolis will give an entertainment at the Methodist church next week Thursday, admission 25 and 15 cents. Readings and vocal and instrumental music make up an attractive program. Miss Trevitte is said to be a reader of exceptional talent and a large audience will undoubtedly greet her here. Librarian McElroy has made some additions to bis literature on tbe money question: The Silver Situation in the United States. Prof. Taussig; History of the Monetary Legislation of the United States, Bobt. E. Preston; Money and its Relation to Prices, L. L. Price. These are new books just received and with the October Magazines make tbe reading room a very attractive place to visit at this time. All cordially invited to enjoy its privileges. A very eloquent silver speech on the bank corner by Jake Precb was cut short Monday in an untimely manner. Jake's sonorous voice re-echoed through tbe town until it caught the ear of an old time creditor, who at once got out notice, glad to catch bis man in the city limits. The marshal's service of tbe papers stopped the speech so sud- deply that we would recommend & like expedient to Pro, Hallpck of Hurt should be join in a debate. The suit is before 'Squire Clarke. MEJNTS BOYS' BOYS' BOYS' BOYS' BOYS' $18.OO 15.OO ' 12.OO 6.50 9.OO aoo SUITS AT SUITS AT SUITS AT SUIUS AT SUITS AT SUITS AT $12.50 11.00 7.75 3.75 4.90 3.75 Im Cfeildrera s suits we will put OB sale 100 suits worth from $2 co to |4JOO at $1.95. Oar Overcoat line Is a strong erne and we 'have soach values for you as $8.50 WOOL .KERSEYS AT $4.90 W e mean nothing less when we szy that ^e are prepared to surprise you in tins lane. ^ TWENTY PER CENT. OFF ON HATS. We have aa immense line of feats, comprising all the .latest colors aad shapes We certainly can please you. ' A Slaughter in Furnishings, etc. Men's all-wool fleece-lined underwear at 690; $oc underwear at «c- ? fancy laundered shirts at 6 9 c; 7$c ones at 4 oc; joe ones at 40c; 5oc neck ties at 2$c, and 250 ones at ijc; children's odd pants iSc; men s and boys' leather-faced mitts 190; heavy knit mitts oc- winter caps at 9c; dress shoes $1.40- $3.00 shoes at $1.95; duck °°f, t t a l 7 l c; 75c Overa11s at 45c; 5oc ones at 350 This opportnnitv will be before you until Nov. isL If interested in Clothia^ don't fail to see us. s ' Kraft Clothing Co., THE LOW PRICED CLOTHIERS, Cowles' Block, Algona, Iowa, FINANCIAL. — — —' •—"— ~*~~v-*^^r*~* —w---k^^_^^-v^"^. Elossuth County State Bank, ©5O.COO. Deposits neeeiTefl, mar iions majjs 3 torn tbe olfl , President; i. B. Directors—Wso. H. TnghaTn, John 0 W. WadBwoiiai, Barnet Derine. ix>ngii± ana sold. Oollec id., Passage Hctets to or , Tiee Presitot; LEWIS . Cashier First National Bank of Algona. CAPITAL $50000 r^^^ igictrKind Direclvrt— A. D. Clarke, President, C. C. Chubb, Vice Prest, Thos. H. Lsmtrp, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbraftt, Fred. JL Miller. Myron Scbenck, Thos. P. Cooke. Algona State Bank. CASH CAPITA1, $50,000. General Banking. tKTYJOK SAFETY DEPOSIT T&UI&&. ^"Interest paid on time deposits. -™ ^B«W «•> w Six per cent Interest on Time Deposits for money left three months or more, Money always oa hand to loan on first mortgages, second mortgages, and good collaterals. NoteaTxfnght; ALGONA, JOWA, good pr P.J Thursda eik ie mrth meeting The feature, of the old settlers' meet' ing was August Zahlten's story of the Indian attack. o» the L<JV| Maxwell cabin, Mr, Ambrose A. Call adds sprae details about, Mr, Sablten's part. Mr, gablten had been ft soldier Jotb,e ojd country and fcnew tbaj w»r meant business. He came to the scene with Ws rifle to We shoulder a n4 without soy delay swd: " Shall J shoot, Mr. Call, shall I eboot?" The Indians became satisfied that he meant it ftn4 m not await further deyelppmeat*. They gradually gave up what they bad taken The Algona Deposit & Loan Assn. wiu GUARANTEE Call at offices for particulars. Offices over Algona State Bank PER PENT, interest Fine Oak Birch M is te bay Co, weigllaff rilfi ftt 50 cenjfi At remarkably low Prices. mg speoial prices oa fcoistereci goods, Complete stock of Undertaking' Goods, |, VMWH|R1IH_HM| PK. I. A. Drugi and > are also mak- pieces of up«

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