The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 7, 1896 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1896
Page 9
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trtts Bn MOINES: AMONA, IOWA. WIBNESDAY. OCTOBER ? tittle Switzerland cafi fe&asl ef 18,266 'there &re 18,942 teathSffi ifi the Bo- Mnion of Canada. the universities &f Russia have 701 rfOfessots and tutbfs. r There are SS,SoO teachers in the Atifi- ' '-•- einfclfe. _ has 6M doctflf t6 every ..."of US population. '*Phe kihgddms of footway find Swed" Ift hav6 219 professors. §j>aiu has but 36,000 teachers to train its youthful population. Holland is small in geographical | area, but has 19,870 teachers. Holland has 150 university and col* [lege professors, and Belgium 120. The universities and clerical colleges of Spain contain 380 professors, In France there is one student of medicine to every 7,776 of its people. In all Europe there are 6,274 professors in the colleges and universities. Great Britain has 85,000 teachers. There are COO college professors in Italy. _ _ _ . Patents to lownns. The Western Patent Office, of Dos Moines. Iowa, reports the following patents granted to Iowa Inventors September 29, 1890: J. S. Stout, Oxford Junction, draw bar; T. S. Ballew, Stuart, badge. The badge above mentioned wos for the bug so well known and popular in this campaign and we understand has netted the inventor $80.000. Write for "facts" about patents. S. C. SWEET, Manager. An eminent oculist asserts that opera glasses hired iia theatres very often spread eye diseases^ A Household Necessity. Cascarets Candy Cathartic, tho most wonderful medical discovery of tho age, pleasant and refreshing to the taste, acti gently and positively on kidneys, liver anobowels, cleansing the entire system, dispels colds, cures headache, fever, habitual constipation and biliousness. Please buy and try a box of C.C. C. to-day; 10, 25,, 50 cents. Sold and guaranteed to cure by druggists. He—Man proposes—what's the rest of that quotation? She—Woman accepts. Mrs. C. A. Adams, Oth and Martha Etreets, Omaha, Neb., writes: "I had la grippe and then malaria, indigestion, a severe headache and blind and dizzy spells. Your Dr. Kay's Renovator has cured me." Sold by druggists at .25 cents and 551. WOMfiM Good and Sufficient SeaeoftS ?of the Blues. Tommy— Par, what made Noah take alj kinds of animals in the ark? Father — So you can strike me o • a quarter to go to the circus. _ Piso's Cure for Consumption has saved me large doctor bills.— C. L. Baker. 4228 Regent Sq., Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 8, 1805. It is better to starve and be right than to feast and be wrong. Just try a lOc box of Casdarots, the finest liver and bowel regulator ever made. Monkeys are like men in one respect — they suffer greatly from seasickness. Dr. Kay's Lung Balm is the safest, surest and pleasantest cure for all coughs. A Chicago street baud makes its tours about the city on bicycles. Cascarets stimulate liver, kidneys and bowels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe. It is noted that the • women of the royal families of Europe are, on the average, much stronger, mentally and physically, than the men. Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of the transient nature of the many phys ical ills, which vanish before proper efforts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— rightly directed: There<is.,oomfort in the knowledge, that so •jn^hy forms 01 sickness are not due to &ny. actual disease, but simply to a constipated condition of the system, which the pleasant family laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt- l removes. That is \ Thy it is the on tall Id t/fidferltafid Syittfltom* that Ate trailer Signal*. <A marked tttiit in w6'tt&&ti's character is to place implicit Confidence in her physician. A man must work entirely from the j ory in the treatment of female diseases, for unfortunately facts based upon actual knowledge, belong to tl-3 female sefc 'alone. Many wo* men who perl* odJcally suffer with at* tacks of faintness, dizziness, extreme lassitude, "don't care" or Want-to-be-left-alone feeling, do not at first realize that these are the infallible symptoms of womb trouble and the forerunners of great suffering. Soon they grow to feel that the doctor does not understand their case. Then they remember that "a woman' best understands a woman's ills," and turn to Mrs. Pinkham. The following letter Is but one positive illustration of this fact :— "Four years ago I began to suffer with great weak- ~*~ ness of the generative organs. My womb was prolapsed ; !• suffered with continual backache and all the other pains that accompany that weakness. I tried doctor after doctor, had operations. The final operation after which I became a total wreck, was scraping of tho" womb. A friend, one day, recommended to my husband your Compound, |Ho bought me a bottle. Tho relief I experienced after taking it, was wonderful. I continued its use, and I am glad to say my recovery is a perfect surprise to everybody that knows me."—MBS. B. BLUHM, 4940 San Francisco Avo.. St. I;"" 1 "'. Mo. POLITICAL POINTERS. Never work for a candidate with a poor memory. Never vote for a man whose horse stops when he says "Get up." Never run for office unless your character will stand the witness box test. Never write letters during the campaign. Documentary evidence is hard to lie down. Never vote for an individual whoso wife is president of the local women suffrage club. B10O ISoward, S1OO. The readers of this paper will be pleaseil to learn that there Is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to euro In all Its stages, and that Is catarrh Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the only positive cure now known to the medlca' fraternity Catarrh being a constitutional disease requires a constitutional treatment, Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing Its work. The proprietors have so much faith In its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of Testimonials. Address, F, J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo O. Sold by Druggists, 75e. ' ' fofeW (3H AMCELLOfi Of* tH*t, KNllQHTS DP PYfHlASj ttftl fceen ftti Ai>l«, Ivelt-ftndttrt Lfttrj** tot Many ¥6aiB—Hi» Ad*Bfitse- tatfat Ifi the f^ibi'tt Ofdet—Jfdt ¥** forty* It t»hilllj( T, <3ol* grove, who -was elected chancellor of the Knlghta of Pythias at Cleve* land, was born in "Winchester, Ind., April it, 1858. His father's family moved to Charlotte, Mich,, in 1863, where he lived Until he attained his majority. At the age of 14 years he entered Olivet college, where he remained five years. He spent one year teaching in a business college and normal institute. In the fall he moved to Hastings,. Mich., and entered into partnership with Judge Clement Snilth, with whom he was associated In law practice until 1893, when the latter was elected judge of the Fifth judicial circuit. In the fall of 1882 Mr. Colgrove was elected prosecuting attorney of Barry county and was re-elected twice. In 1889 he was elected to represent the Eleventh senatorial district in the state legislature by upward of 2,000 majority. He be- WORtH frote fend ififlftftied tmfilonS one pan of tincture of aconite and three pafts of tincture of Iodine. AJH Ply it with a cartel's half pencil twice a day. For ihtfcierable itching sponge the body off with a fnixttire of vinegar and hot watefr—ofie pint of vinegar t6 twd duarla of water—every night befote going to bed. It is said that if pftfsley is eaten frith onions or a salad containing onions the odoi* of the onion will not affect the breath. T-he sprigs of parsley should be eaten as you would celery. An excellent astringent wash is orange flower water, 100 grammes; milk of almonds, 25 grammes, sulphate of alum, 2 grammes. Mix all together and keep in a well stoppered bottle. Hard water is much improved for toilet uses if it is boiled and stood in the sUn for three or four days. The water is softened by the action of the air and sun* A large quantity may bo made ready at one time. The facial massage, which is recommended for dally use, Is to keep the muscles of the face toned up and thus to prevent wrinkles. Beneath the eyes the flesh should be stroked firmly but gently from the nose out. From the nose to the corners of the mouth should be treated in the same way. The cheeks should be pitched and kneaded vigorously, and rubbed with a circular motion, while the forehead should be stroked with the fingers toward the sides and also pinched and kneaded. HA&MGfaV ANB B ly removes, Thatis^hy ! remedy with millions of -families,: and is everywhere esteemed BO highly by all '• who value good health. Its beneficial ' effects are due to the fact, that it is the J one remedy which promotes 'internal | cleanliness without debilitating the organs on which it acts. It is therefore ' all important, in order to get its bene- i floial effects, to note when you pur; chase, that you have the genuine arti- ;e, which is manufactured by the Oali• -• " "- -mly and sold by i Fig Syrup I reputable clvOets'-"" . ,. ,,, " io the enjoyment of good health, &««* the system'is regular, laxatives or I other remedies are then not needed. It f»ffiioted with any actual disease, one hnay he commended to tloraost skillful iphysicians, but if in need, of a laxative, lone shouldrhave the best, and with thfl s well-informed everywhere,' Syrup pt Figs stands highest and is most largely 15sed and gives most general satisfaction- P. T. COLGROVE. a member of Barry lodge, No. 13, at Hastings, Mich., Dec. 11, 1882, and served as prelate during the year 1883. He was elected vice chancellor in 1884; chancellor commander in 1885, and representative to the grand lodge in 1885 and 1886. He was elected grand master 'at arms in 1886 and in 1887, .and was grand chancellor for Michigan for two .years. He has been chairman of the 'committee on law of the grand lodge for six years. He entered the supreme lodge in 1889 at Milwaukee and was elected supreme vice chancellor at Washington in the session of 1894. In August, 1885, he joined Hastings division, No. 19, and participated in.every national drill except the competitive drill at Washington. THE TAAL. LITTLE PITCHERS. The man who robs the poor is fighting against Qod. A bad man can have no possessions that are fire proof. Whenever we do wrong, something good in us dies.—Ram's Horn. The door of mercy is still wide open for every sinner who will repent. Isn't it about as bad to rob a man of his peace as it is of his money? The man who is not willing to live without sin, may always have to llva with it. Seeking God with the whole heart, Is a pursuit that is sure to bo crowned with success. Nothing is more inconsistent than for the preacher to preach more truth than te is willing to practice. iUlsset contrasts with ffS&fi and fnBnifces with fed. Orange contrasts With bliies and hit- monizes with red, White contrasts with "black aftd ha** monizes with gray. Orange cofatfasts with gray and haf» monizes with but. Olive contrasts with white and harmonizes With black. Citrine contrasts with black and harmonizes With White. Olive contrasts with red and harmonizes with blue. Russet contrasts with olive and haf* monizes with orange. Citrine contrasts with blue and harmonizes with orange. Orange contrasts with blue and harmonizes with yellows. Olive contrasts with orange and bar* monizes with green. Russet contrasts with black and haf-> monizes with yellow. Russet contrasts with gray and harmonizes with brown. White contrasts with brown and harmonizes with buff. Cold greens contrast with white and harmonize with blue. White contrasts with purple and harmonizes with rose. Citrine contrasts with crimson and harmonizes with buff. Cold green contrasts with orange and harmonizes with gray. Orange contrasts with, crimson and harmonizes with white. Cold greons .contrast with gold and harmonize with black. Citrine contrasts with brown harmonizes with green. Olive contrasts with, maroon harmonizes with brown. Orange contrasts with jmrple harmonizes with yellow. Cold green contrasts with pink and harmonizes with brown. White contrasts with blue and harmonizes with sky blue. White contrasts with green and harmonizes with pea green. Cold green contrasts with purple and harmonizes with citrine. Cold greens contrast with crimson and harmonize with olive. Warm greens contrast with lavender and harmonize with buff. and and and Wafflf' truest fcMrii With ftj Ifiti haf'fiiCfniz'e'S wltn Bf8wfi. Wftrtt tflfefifi eSntfUt trttt &»d hafmoili^ with 6fMg& Wftfifi g«en cdntftStS titfe afid harmonizes With yellow, Orange requires blue, black, or dark c6ib» fof &jfttr*tf, afid cdlOriB 'of nft^uidft^j > Greene c&ntfftSt With colors ing f6d ftiid harmonise <wittt colOf B C8fti tainihg yellow 6f blue. *?l FUN, She— Was there any particular thiflg about the town which struck you? tt(§ Yea; a bicycle.— Yonkers Statesmai^ She (coming up suddenly) f '"Wherf> did that wave go?" Me (cotighing afid strangling): "1 swallowed it,"— Chicago Record, Brown.— You have the advantage df me. Jones. — How BO? Brown — Yd& know me. Jones— That's no advatt* tage. — Town Topics. "That woman has a great future 01^ the stage, hasn't she?" I shouldn't wonder. They say she has a great past."— New York Press. Saidso— Do you recognize that spirit photograph? Herdso— It looks familiar. "That's Smithers, who moved to Brooklyn."— Life. "How do you manage to answer all these intricate queries on the money question so easily?" "Oh, I used to be a keeper in an insane asylum,"— Phil*' adelpbia American. He— I would make you my wife and ask no questions. She— There is onft question you must ask. He — What is that? She— Me to marry you.— Neiic York Herald. Miss Quizzer— Do you believe all the disagreeable things you read in th newspapers? Miss Buzzbug— I do they are about people I jcnow. — Roxbury Gazette. "Bills is in great trouble." "What'a the matter?" "He finds that both' summer girls to whom he became engaged really meant marriage." — Philadelphia North American. Friend— She has refused you? His Lordship— Yes, bah Jove! She's a Heartless flirt. After leading me on for six weeks she says she doesn't car» for a title, anyway.— Puck. > The highest tree in the world is the great eucalyptus in Gippsland, Australia. Its height is 450 feet. Comfort to California. Yes, and economy, too, it you take the Burlington Route's personally conducted excursions which leave Omaha and Lincoln every Thursday morning. Tourist sleepers-'-clean, bright, comfortable—• through to Ban Francisco and Los Angelos, Second class tickets accepted. Only |5 for a double berth, wide enough and big enough for two* Write for folder giving >t ull information ; or call at the depot and see the local ticket agent. J. FRANCIS, Gen. Pass. Agent, Burlington route, Omaha, Neb, Mrs. Letitia Loretta Walker, of Steuben- viUe, Ohio, has been a widow for 71 years. Her age is 101, , Don't Tobago Spit or Smoke Your Life Away- If you want to quit tobacco using easily and forever, regain lost manhood, be made well, strong, magnetic, full of new life and vigor, take No-To-Pac, the wonder-worker that makes we.ak men strong. Many gain ten pounds in. ten days. Over 400,000 cured. Buy No-To-Bac from your druggist, who will guarantee a, cure. Booklet and sample mailed free. Ad, Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York, lea]QrflfSWMeafora.'Ma88., writes pn Jany j#rs. it- W- oftrnee, ar. M.eaiqr«nj.i r «a.wnw«. maun., wnvop vu <j«u j *IP», IRVY— A '•» would be 4i$q«lt for tne to flnd Ipnguage to d^acrite my sufloring lot tbree^ kVears .before taUlng Pr. Kay's Renovator, Several physicians pronounced my^ 'case one of i^fvypne 9y8V9pBl{k a»<\ WSPVOHS 3?iPStifttt°Ji' A luwe exer-^ itepient or wprry wottW cswp ewftt.prostj.atwij- e?WW« I » nrw 9, tedftes rtorf&ufl severe vomWup wftififi »*«»«« kep awo'or three days in spUe ot all my pbysicians could do.' I b( 'fl?sh find lost pearly ull my ijalr, tne top pt my MM pewg em,, „. ,..,... , " tori'ibly \vlHi cay stopiftpUi t>?lnp ynable TO, digest anytalpg. 1 tried sever^l^ , Jlpiafts without geWJBg 9W WJiet fiBally lft»t August A mend sent we ,,f»y'a Bonovator «nd J beg»« to Improve as gppn as I toplf it asfl the efc&n,-- wonderful. Np p^e w ever beneftte^ wore than I POP ponld tbey be wore Jrt for BUQh a PWaV Dr. «ay'e KeMTOtor 68 my P$ysjotan f fo«M apt b * ^** *v* H^*V$* ^f t'W**T"V*'*" W"f »«-*f +fr**V f •»J!"'T ' WTTIT »!•— — — jr m-Tti-rv-i""-' -. " vyT TB ',',7 " W T=" 4B soou as I begem to topyove ray beir Ve&W toerow ana now U is nicer than ever. th? bweflts J revived from Renovator; Spoken by the Boer of To- tluy—A Shrunken Vocabulary. T. . language spoken by the Boer of to-dcy Is called "the Taal," says the Fortnightly Review. It is not French, nor is it Dutch, nor is it even in the usual acceptation of the word a dialect of Dutch, but it is a broken form of speech based on that language, It is used at the present day : all over South Africa by the Boers and half- castes ae their only speech; it is found in its greatest purity in the Free State, Transvaal and frontier districts, .where it has-been least exposed to scholastic and foreign influences during the last few years. To analyze fully this tinv but interesting variety of speech would take us far beyond our limits. It differs from the Dutch of the Hollander not as archaic forms of speech in Europe often differ from ,the literary, as the Italian of the Ligurlan peasant from that of the Florentine, or the Somersetshire or Yorkshire dialects from the language of the London newspapers; these archaic European dialects not only often represent the earlier form of the language, but are often richer in varied idiom's and in the power of expressing subtle and complex thoughts than are their allied literary forms, The relation of the Taal to Dutch is of a quite different kind. The Dutch of Holland is as highly developed a language and as voluminous and capable of expressing the finest scintillation of thought aa any in Europe, The vocabulary of the Taal has shrunk to a few hundred words, which have been shorn of almost &11 their inflections and have been otherwise clipped, The plurals, which in Dutch are formed jn various and complex ways, the Taal forms by an al* most universal addition of an "e," and the verbs, which in Dutch >are as fully and expressively conjugate!} as }n English or German, in the Taal drop 9.11 persons but the third perspn singular, Thus, the verb "to be," instead pf being conjugated, as in the Dutch of Holland and in analogy with all civil' i?ed European languages, thus runs; Ik is, Je is, Hij js, Ons is, Yulie is, Hulje is, which would answer in English to "i js," "-thou is," "he is," "us Is," "you, is," "they is," }n America! 4epictlng "SCRAPS." Chicago has 6,400 Johnsons In its directory, and only 4,200 Smiths. Football has been played in England for more than five hundred years. The gospel is preached in thirty different languages in the United Statos. "I 'suppose you have music at the hotel?" "No, but we have a band." — Harper's Bazar. Indian elephants cannot live in central Africa, the home of a larger and more hardy speciee. In ninety years the Spanish-speaking people of the world have increased from 26,190,000 to 42,800,000. The forest fires in Adams county, Washington, were so' heavy that a woman in that section who went out to bring in the cows got lost in the smoke and wandered ten miles from her home. I'cuce on This is once more enjoyed by the rheumatic wise enough to counteract their progressive malady with Hostettor's Stomach BUters. No testimony is stronger than that which indicates it as a source of relief in this complaint. It is also eminently effective as a treatment for kidney trouble, dyspepsia, debility, liver complaint, and constipation. Use it with persistence f or the above. _ _ __ During the last 2,000 years Britian Jins been invaded by foes from over the sea' no fewer than 48 tunes. _ ' ' The proposed excursion to Canton, O,, set for October 18, from the Eighth district of Iowa and First district of .Missouri, promises to bo a great success. The proposed route is via the Keokuk & Western R. E. and the Pennsylvania Company, The rate is low enough to satisfy every one. _ _ Congressman William A. Smith, of Michigan, began his career as a newsboy, and street popcorn seller, Her Ultimate Destiny. •'What became of the Holitmn girl who used to stand so high in the classics?" "Oh, she became famous," "What did she do? Translate the Iliad?" "No; she wrote an essay oil how to live ou two cents a day by using a chating dish." • ' The daughtnr of A. C. Olds, of Kansas City, has a mother, aged 23; a grandmother aged 'IT; a groat-grandmother agod 72 and a great-great-graudtuother aged 93. liegeman's Camphor IcowHli Glycerine. Tho original nnrt only iteuulno. euros Chnnpcil Hands »ml FD.CU, Cold Sores, Ac. O.U.Clnrk.Co.,K.lluyeu,Ct, For every 1,000 of population, California •has twenty-eight criminals, Massachusetts twenty-three and Texan twenty-one.' Mrs. WIiMlow'B SootlUiig Syrnp For children UielhliiK, Buttons thoKUina, rciluucslnnnra- umtiou, ull;iyu<mln, uuremvliul colic. lUccutBnboUlc. Many paupers have lived to be 100 years old, but there is no record ot a millionaire having attained that age. When bilious or costive, eat a Cascaret candy cathartic, cure guaranteed. lOc, 25c. Cardinal Mezzofauti could speak fifty- eight languages, Byrou called him "a walking polyglot." No cough so bad that Dr. Kay's Lunp Balm will not cure it. Bee ad. A plant that grows in India, called the pbilotacea electrica, emits electric sparks. The hand which touches it immediately receives a shock. We cannot have God's favor and tho pleasures of sin both. Enjoyment stops when indolence begins. ^\ ITS: CURES THAT COUNT. J Many so-called remedies are pressed on the public attention 1 i on account of their claimed - < large sales. But sales cannotj, determine values. Sales simjdy" argue good salesmen, shrewd ' puffery, or enormous advertising. It's cures that count. It is cures that are ^counted on by Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Its sales might be boasted. It has the world for . its market. But sales prove nothing. We point only to the*rccord of Ayer's Sarsaparilla,was proof of its merit: 50 YEARS OF CURES. A positive cure for all coughs an lagrippe without causing nausea. Dr, Kay's Lung Balm, Price 26ota Sent by niail by Dr. B. J, Kas Medical Co. .Omaha.Net). Bend fprhooklot.l| ^P^y SPED BY 4l (V'tion answermu ucWorilsernonu! Kindly mention tills impor. t}ie The in4eecj. but {fee gerjn^nj fts fa.r- ' 100 BAP BACKACHE! Get Rid of It l\ It is a sign that you have Kidney Disease; Kidney Disease, if not checked, leads to Bright'? PJsease, and BHght's «*»*_ Disease pecsusefthe Kidneys break down and, pass away with HrJne, ;3 \<; » .. the Donger Signal and begin t<? cure your Kidneys by •"> Risers CURE TOR ff BICYCLES STANDARD OF THE WORLD. Even if Columbia bicycles were not so good to look at th$y would give the same unequalled satisfaction, delight and con~ tent Only Columbia riders know the full enjoyment of bicyclingt ,'§ 4 100: TO ALL

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