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Cheyenne, Wyoming
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I'nliHi Pacific Hallway Time Table. norxn wesi Arrive Depart Nn3 Nn I pin prn BOUND EAMT Arrive Depart 10 nin Denver Pacific Time Table. No 202 19 in SMITH wm, aoventooutli Jhhohu re Emph at ir ally That in furnishing first CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, WEAR HATS AND CAPS and all kinds of Furnishing Goods for Ranch or City use, they will 4W be outdone by any mercantile house in this city. They have a selected stock especially adapted for Ranch use of Blankets and i line and new goods. Full line of the celebrated California I Buck Gloves, Heavy Wool and Cassimere Bicycle Shirts.

Underwear, well made I and of strong material. Special makes of I Roots and Shoes for i Kanchmen and t'reighterx. We cany large stocks of all lines of 1 Wearing Apparel fur Ranch use, and have facilities for furnishing goods in large quantities, and. at 1 reasonable prices, For our city trade we have constantly on hand the latest styles of all furnishing goods. PINE WHITE AND COLORED SHIRTS DRIVING AND DRESS GLOBES 1 SILK HANDKERCHIEFS NEW DESIGNS LATEST STYLES OF NECKWEAR HOSIERY PLAIN AND FANCY I LARGE STOCK OF HATS AND CAPS- a Leading makes and ail good goods.

FINE BOOTS AND SHOES SUBSTANTIAL TRUNKS and VALISES CLOTHING I CLOTHING I A complete assortment of styles and sizes of fine Ready-Made Clothing All No. 1 Gogds! a Wholesale anil Retail! We buy in large quantities and can I thus afford to sell at reasonable prices. a Smith Harrington. SPRING 1884 WATERMAN'S Hit nd Furnishing Goods: Emporiutn. I.ATFAT BiOVtt TIKH IW Riding Caps.

Riding Helmets. I Ladies' Riding Gents' Neckwear. Hats and Cape, 1 Furnishing Goods, Specialty In Boy's and Straw Hats, 11 Ageut fnr linxsell A WhUutj Miirta Furs Renovated and put away ip Vault during Hummer. KABIS MB! EMID! Will Uave tieyrnnWyoming, not Inter than MAY i. 1885, tor FIVE I MM IN EUROPE.

Tickets for Round Trip 1150. Tickers may by monthly liHtalliiirniNof uiahlng to nubAcribe can send First National Bank. ueyenne. and receive certificate. may land either In KuaLmd, rance or Geminiiy, have privilege of reluming by any steamer of the Hamburg Line.

WtUnibvn. imyi- f'irtt lion a I Bunk, CHKYF.NXX. VO. A. NICHOLS, NEW STAR RESTAURANT, fiaisentfi Qtrqet, Cfieyenne, Wyoming The most place in iliu city.

Mealu at all Hourn, Plain or in first clam style. supplied with everything that can got in the market. Board Furnished by the Day, Week or Month at Reasonable Rates. AI a Fine Sftopk of ang i 1,1 with the restaurant I have fourteen furnished rooms for 4 ti)ig Telephone rVL 13. CLEVELANDS? bv co-oiMTntion and assManoc. Goodrich, iairgest, chrapeM. Elegantly I Hurt rated Cost-. iivJ? VO PV manufacture than the other nr, HOld tor I Its price, of our agents made i. i ov SO Jb" A harvest of by every worker. All pew nlu i l- free.

Ami the Have valuable time outnt foB include large prospectus book. Act the I.L dav worth a week at nul.h HALLETT 0.,. Portland, Maine A SAD LIFE ENDED. An lowa Man Named Spitznagid Commits Suicide Here. Family Troubles and Perhaps Want Pull Him Down.

The Romains Laid Away to Rest in Field. On Saturday morning there arrived in heyenne on the eastern bound passenger a German named Gustave Spitznagel, a man about 4.5 years of age, who stopped over here for lhe day, and was, as he afterwards stated, on his way to Des Moines, where he formally resided and where his family still lives. Just where he went or what he did immediately after his arrival in the city cannot stated, for it is impossible to learn anything of his wanderings. A trunk belonging to him came and was left at the express and toward night Spitznagel made his'appearance there and claimed his baggage, but was informed that there were fifty cents charges to be paid liefore he could take it. After thinking the matter over he asked permission to take a suit of clothes out of the trunk and put them on, and to put the suit he was wearing into the trunk in their stead.

This permission was granted him and he changed his clothes in the liagguge room. At that time he made some remark to the effect that he did not care to paj fifty cents for room in which to change his clothes and he thought it was just as well to do the way he bad done. When he returned the old suit of clothes to the trunk, he remarked shall go awpv With the sun he had taken from the trunk ami put on was a pretty good overcoat of a dark color. The next that anybody saw of him was at the Tivoli at alxmt o'clock in lhe evening when he met William Joseph, an old friend, he had known in Denver. To this gentleman stated that he was on his way to after his family, and that he had taken up it ranch about thirty miles from Bellevue.

Idaho. He said too that he was about to purchase two car of cattle fqr his miioh. The two took bevr together and Spitzoagvi paid ten cents for il, which was the only money as seen to have. Shortly after 9 Spitznagel started down Ferguson street, stating that he was going to a hoarding house, and this was the time he was seen alive so far as is now known. About o'clock on Sunday morning Spitznagel was found lying dead on the prairie just north of and about three hundred yarda north of the electric light house, by Harry Marks, who was parsing along there at that time.

About fifteen feel from where he lay an empty morphine was subsequently discovered by Henry Tuinster. Marks met officer Sullivan, who temporary charge of the body, Coroner Chaffin was at once notified, i and (MUaed the body to removed to the undertaker's quarters. In searching the body, which was done by Coroner Chaffin in the presence of nearly twenty persons, i nothing was found but a lead iiepcil and a single nickel, A jury otiusisling of F. C. Thuuiaskun (foreman), J.

E. Schooler. J. I), G. M.

Bradley, Charles Goodrich and E. H. Ingulls, was summon ed and sworn, and, after viewing the body, until vesterduy the Court House. At 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon the jury asHPmbled, the testimony was taken. Dr.

J. J. Marston testified that when he first saw the body the man had been dead ftom eight to ten hours. In his opinion the man died from narcotic probably morphia. William Joseph said that hr had known I Spitznagel in Denver for some years.

He last saw him in March 'when Spilzpagel left there and went WoM He was a man who generally had money in the bank but would drink very hard at times. He was always very morbid and down hearted. Hr had not live with his wife for seven oi eiiibt, and he fitpj two in Des who were married. Tliv Jury found by their verdict that lhe di et used came lu his death by means of a dure of morphine administered, as they thought by hia own 'ng bpdv qf the unfortunate man was buried Supday aftyrmxui. Real FJNtato, The following instruments were filed for I record in the office of the County Clerk I yesterday: Warranty deed, I niou Pacific Railway company to Maggie lot lb ip the (Iheyeune.

Cunaideration. 17. Warranty deed, lot No. 3, in block No. 397, in the City of Cheyenne, (kiusiderat ion, txisi.

Tg The PHbllft We, representatives qf (he lalmr classes of the City of Cheyenne, would respectfully call the attention of the people of Cheyeiuir to the that lhe arsumption entertained by uumlsir of the citizens jof the city that Kellner Brothers were I about to rescind their action in the matter of closing their store nt 7 o'clock p. i in. is without foundation, as the repre, sentntive of that firm has assured us that he will close at that hour, and we therefore recommend that firm as worthy ol 1 patronage. Wv at time the of (hut Mr iMiweickert, dealer in hardware oq Sixteenth street, has refilled to listen to aqy urgumeqi in H'Kfird 10 Mng 7 o'clock p. m.

Also Mr. Ringolsky. and Mr. i Kline, auctioneer. In ftirthcrance of the objects and nreeoaitlea of the laboring cIasHCM, we earnestly urge all interested in the cause of labor ami all tailoring classes i to give Schweickert, Ringolsky and Kline I a wide la-rth.

By tfiy Knights of Ijftbor. Ijt'ssons given in oil painting, land scapes, Howers, etc. For terms apply at Leader office or southeast cornet of Seventeenth street and Warren aven lie. Advice tn the Graduate. 1-aUn.

FreachjMld LtmburalcT Dutch, Vtn-cushlourt, thlh-M and Kciiftiugton Mitch The romance is over, you know much. The world is hardly keyed up to your pitch. Hide away lhe callow essay. Throw the slippers tinder jour buuk. The niusltn fix white aud dressy.

Fold and lay them In jour trunk. Wash your frizzes free irom glue. Cairn your heart so agitated. Put your old number six-shoe. And thank the Lord you've graduated.

Fllug away the gums chewed, Shut the text-books np for keep Fall in love with some dark-eyed dude, And leant to wash, and bake and weep. YOUTHFI'I. BIJRGI.AKB AT WORK. The Crowd Trapped by One of Their Acquaiutapres. On Sunday the Tivoli was promptly closed at 10 a.

and on Iteing opened at 2 in the afternoon it was observed that an entrance had been effected to the building and the money drawer roblted of its contend. It was found that entrance had been effected by crawling through an upen window into a side room in the rear end of the building and thence into the main building by cutting through the panel of the door and removing a lock. The bartender examined the hole that had been cut through the panel, and found black marks ut paint or blacking on the fresh cut wood, and suspicion at once fastened upon three bool blacks named Johnnie Murdock, Somers and "Jim Adams, who had been around the saloon considerably of late. Search was at once instituted for them, and Deputy Sheriff Smalley sent for. It occurred, however, to the bartender that another youth working at the Tivoli might be able to find them.

This young fellow, whose name is Johnnie after a long search found them across the railroad track and that the four should burglarize the Tivoli that night. Not sufiproting they told him that they had already done so. and were going straight to Denver. After awhile Curley left them ami hurrying hack reported to Smalley and the bartender, who immediately started and overtook the about a mile and a half below the i city. They, were brought liack to the city and wtu'ehed.

The money, about $1.5, was found with them. They were locked up and have not as yet had their trial. SUNDAY OBHKHVATIONW. Short of Interest Picked Up by Reporters. Chief Justice Lacey attended divine services at the Methodist church in the morning.

The Young People's meeting, which was to have for a topic the word was turned over to the Evangelists, who occupied most us the time. The pulpit at the Conifrciational church was quite profusely decorated with tiful flowers sent up by Deacon Hastings, Greeley, and arranged by MwsMnry Sanders. No services were held in the evening at the Congregational, Baptist, or Methodizl churches their jieople attending the Union Services at the Presbyterian church. The exercises al the Episcopal church which were conducted morning ami evening by Bishop Spalding, were well attended, and the Bishop told plain truths in a forcible way. Rev.

D. L. Vance, pastor of the First Congregational church c.f Carlisle, in the morning preached nn able sermon ftrom the words of Pilot then shall I do with Jesus. Messrs. Revell and Herald, the evangelists, held an out door exercise in the early part of the evening at the Post Officer corner.

At its conclusion Elder John Eames, of the Reorganized church of the Litter Day Saints, addressed the as semblage. The union meeting in the evening i at the Church was a grand affair, and the church was packed with people. Mr. Revell preached a very I able sermon from the text. "Come over into Macedonia and help The I singing by Mr.

Herald aud hy choir was very fiqe. Union Mee ing. A union meeting, under the auspices of the Evangelists Be veil and Herald to lie held at the at iVulqek this evening. Ou a Mrs. C.

K- (Mnahle wife of uhle, editor of lhe Fun Du Lav i Wisconsin) is a visit to her sister, Mrs. 11. H. Ellis, of thin city. Mrs.

was formerly Miss Helen Hollister and a resident of and one who was most lllgldy estepHU'd by whq had tljc pf her acquaintance, (Street Sprinkling, Yesterday the Cheyenne Strevi company put a sprinkler upo.u streets, aqd, if it is necessary, other sprinkliqg wagops will be put on also, cotppaqy proposes lu sprinkle the streets of the city) and will hereafter interview business men on the subject of compensation. The Territorial The 'ferritorial Board of Equalization, consisting of Governor William Hale, Hun. P. L. Smith, Territorial Auditor, and Hon.

F. E. Warren, Territorial Treasurer, met yesterday at the office, but for the reason that the abstractshave not lieen received as yet, the Board adjourned wefk. Holy Cross. Every member of our Club, writes J.

D. Kingsley, Beervtayy, Cross College (hrnnasiun). Worcester, speaks Jacobs ()il, the Great man Itemedy, the cure they have ever used, A new line of Smyrna rugs at Craig, Davis No drug store whisky at Piqjjeyp loon, but A I.i||ii(M pt pnni Slew Toilet Arlirlrn The largest Mock in the citv. nt Rlkklcm A 9raig, Dayiadn received a new lot of silk Madras curtains. Call and Took at them.

LIVE STOCK MATTERS. Comprising a Big Budget From Home and Abroad. What is Being Done By the Local Cattlemen. Notes of Interest From Colorado and Texas Ranges. The inn From tbe Denver Live Stock Reconl.

Down in one of the northwestern counties of Texas and bordering on the Panhandle country, the Iliff Company, of this city, have a few over head of cows. This range is the cattle breeding place of the Company. Here, in the future will calves be raised, and when one and two years old the steer kind will shipped to Colorado to grow into beef. These young steers will be placed on the Company's landed possessions on the north side of the Platte, in Weld County, down against Here this I lift Company have between fifteen and thirty miles of river front of patented lands. Behind this, ami up toward Wyoming, and even into that Territory, the range for feed on Government land.

This vast expanse of country is worthless to any but the Iliff Company, since that syndicate controls the water, that without which there is no value in tbe grass. On this range to-day are grazing between 000 and 60.000 head of cattle of all breeds and kinds, with the steer largely predominating. From this herd will go the beef of the present Summer and Fall. The calf crop of the present season will not exceed sixty per cent ot all the cows. Down in Texas they get ninety-five per cent.

But then the steers will grow bigger and fatter up here than down there. One of the members of the Company thiuks the calf crop will reach 15,00 u. Preliminary Mr. R. B.

Home returned from Fort Laramie on Sunday, whither tie went last week to make some preliminary arrangements in regard to tbe delivery to him and C. F. Miller, of a band of head of cattle lately purchased bvthe firm from James F. Ellison, for a consideration of $72,000. The-cattle' were purchased ui Ogalalla but were to be delivered on the Belle Fourche, where the two gentlemen alluded to are about to Lake up an exten- Hive range and start one of the finest ratwhos in the country.

Mr. Ellison sent a representative along with the cattle, and last week they arrived in the ucinity of Fort and are now on lhe other side of the North Platte. the contract calls for their delivery on the Belle i Fourche, they are to be formally received and accepted when they arrived at that point. One or both of the purchasers will be on hand fur that purp by the time they reach their destiiutiou A Practical MaiPa Opliiious. From the Live Stock 1 tecord.

It is well known among cattlemen that Mr. George Bcnkleman is a verv practiual man, who has made cattle. riiwing nn eminent success on these Lin-. is i probably the laigest ox owner this side us Texas. His 12,000 or head us cattle are nil males, ami not a bull is among them, either.

The gentleman I uys none but steers. He sells five thousand head of steers in the Fall and fills their I places on the range in the Spring or early Summer with five thousand one and two year buys them older and younger. His success has been letter than any on the plains. He i has now ujxm the Republican country, grazing along the border of Colorado ami over into Nebraska, more than twelve thousand steers, ranging an age from one 1 to five years. Another Cattle CompHii).

incorporation of the Vego Company were filed for word in I the office us the County Clerk I The objects iur which the company are formed are th holding and breeding of stock and tbe porch isp, ing ami irrigation of such lands as necessary for the business oftheoompany. The cunitul stock us the company is fixed at which is divided into shares of SIOO each, and the principal place ui business us the cmupany in lu be at Chevenm The time fixed for the existence us the company is fifty years. The following named i 1 the Board of Trustees: Josephus Collett, W. M.„.

J. 11. Richardson, W. Sjams. John F.

Mil ler and C. Paddock. hat the C'ourt Derided. Au exchange remarks that the Federal law forbidding railroads tu keep cattle oil the cars fur twenty-eight without feeding ami wutvriuK them hai at last got hafure the courts. The Circuit court in Massachusetts has affirmed the act as cun atitutlonal.

and docidotl that a load which haa itself had the cattle on its hands only for the tail end of the twenty-eight hours, is responsible for the entire time, and liable to a tine nf SIOO to SSOO. 'fhe court, however, holds that the statute inflicts the tine only for ewh set of confinement, and not for each sejmrate head Juf cattle. As it stands, however, the de oisiun settles the fact that this act. if en forced, will prevent the suffering now im posed on cattle. Mu'iGiuvntN ui vattic.

Reports received from the North are the effect that there is a con skint jqent of cqttle ajoqg nq the Northern trail that begins ut to the i newly selected ranges on tile Bell. I Fourche and other streams in that i tion of the territory. A gentleman who came down from Fort on Sunday states that daring the week Up spent in the country the North UjflOQ head nf cmtlc which bring driven North. 1 He was unable to state to whom they bo long, but to several different I parties. there layiip them A Boom In Bay.

I "Ranching business must be paying big this season hardware dealer yesterday. "For the amount of goods send out is simply remarkable. There is no doubt about one thing, and that is that the grass so fine or cured so beautifully as it has done this season. Great quantitiea of hay are being gathered this year. I know of one firm that has out forty-two pat ent mowers within the past three Cattle at Offalalla.

From the Sidney Telegraph. Bosler Brothers have ptrrchased at Ogalalla head of through cattle. They have not decided exactly where they will locate, but it is probable that the herd will be driven through to Montana. D. Sheedy received at Ogalalla, Monday, between six and seven tuousand head of through cattle from his North river ranch.

No shipments have yet been made from (Igalallu. The First of the Klud. The marriage certificate of Daniel A. Frederick and Miss Martha J. Hardin was tiled for record in the uffnx- of the County Clerk yesterday.

The ceremony took place at Fort Laramie 3, and was performed by Bishop Spaulding, and io far as known was the first marriage ccremuuy oyer performed by a Bishop in Wyoming Territory. Receiving lltu Cattie. J. Spencer, of Jenny's Stockade, left Sunday evening for Ogalalla. Hr expects to there meet about 3,000 head of cattle which he purchased in Texas and being trailed north.

About 100 thoroughbreds bulls belonging to Mr. Spencer's outfit are now being held at Camp Live Stock News In There are 1,600 head of cattle in Ertes Colorado. Nearly half a million of cattle are I annually shipped out of Texan. I to July 14 279, 546 Texas cattle had been received at Dodge City, Kan. Territorial Veterinarian Hopkins is in i Ogalalla investigating rumor that Texas I fever exists there.

The owners of head of cattle in (Iklahoma have formed pool to reduce the expense of taking care of herds, and I will employ one man and right burses to every Ijmmi head. The Arapahoe Cattle company will this season ship from $7.5,000 to worth of beef. Besides their steers they will sell 1 all barren cows and aaed brutes. Drnrrr Nw. Three herds of cattle will pass through Colorado Springs, going via I 'te pass, numbering 2,500 each.

These 7,500 cattle will go to northern Colorado and i Wyoming. Tbe Denver Tribune says the rumor of the appearance of Texas fever amung cat tie in the southern part of will be investigoted to-day by the veterinarian It is said that the members ot the Lin- coin County, N. Stock Association are making it troublesome for the and small stock owners, in the endeavor crowd them out. desiring to attend the cattle men's convention, to held in St. Jjouis, November 17, will allowed one fare for the round trip over any and ail railroads.

preparations are in full headway to make this the grandest affair ot the kind ver held in the world. It is estimated that no less than H.tMMi representative -attiemen will be present. Denvei Neics. The first shipment us beef cattle from Brush this year was last Sunday after noon, when Jud Brush sent twenty car I. jp- 410 great big I.IOU fat steers Chicago over the Burlington A Missouri railroad.

The steers were mostly Texas 1 stock, but the fine grazing lands mound Brush made them draw the beam at only pounds less than the native steers I finish, Lariat. General George B. Mc( 'leiluii. Brayton Ives. Thomas Lyons, George B.

Post and several other gentlemen have united in company to operate one us the largest cat 1 tie ranches in the world. It is in Grant county. New Mexico, and is about forty miles vast to west and sixty miles north to I south, comprising about I acres of grazing land. There are now some 16.000 head of cat de on ILu range and it 'is intended io it. the to I Notea Here anU TLvie.

ima County claims lu bold ilu bannn 1 for blooded stuck The Rawlins is live years old and acceptably fills the field it occupies. The A'cAu Ims entered lhe second year of its esinteucr with every prospect of increasing The Telephone Company will exhibit electric bells and electric apparatus of all kinds at the Denver Exposition. Rev. William Hicks, fur several years of the M. E.

church at Laramie Citv. bade his congregation farewell on Sunday. The Denver Neut, nf all the Denver pajwirs, now publishes sixteen- pages on Sundays. The other morning puffers publish twelve pages only. Phelps, who stopfied the near Buffalo, recently has been discharged by Judge Brundage at Sher idan.

There was I no evidence of criminal iutenL I The Northu'ettmi dMunutl ii edited by the Sheriff, who has stopped puhlioation. It reaemblsd a cat tie corral mure than a Den vtr Tima. Bishop of Omaha, has just promulgated an order that all marriages of Catholics take place at 15 mass, the ceremony part of the mass, and ouupk partaking of communion. It may boos some interest to horsemen to know that a brother of the famous horse Westmont, who recently ('Uj cago, made the time of a mile iu mtumes seconds, is owned Uvrc in Evanston. His ia Tvy, West, owhetfby Charles VtoJh horses are sired tVi twuiu huraci Colpgyk Chicjliun.

The ladws approve of vour smoking oker. Opera House Rhodes and Mauager A Guertin i. Assoclate Manager MONDAY. AUG. 4.

GALE AND SPADER'S BOHEMIANS in A. 7. Ciilpinuu'ii Muaicui Fizz! Bang! Boom! Under the luamwinent ot iiarr; The rasl Includes tin? following renowned ral comedians Frank M. Miss Carrie Godfrey. Arthur Moulton.

Kate Fodev, Donald Harrold Mlm Blanch Moulton, A. Z.rhlpmau. Mrs. A Z. Chipman.

.1. ii ttedulug. Musical Director, Item.m llhera CHEYENNE CITY TELEGRAPH FRED E.GOODRICH, Brass Signs, rails. Front Door Hells, and Electric Work Box 491. BOOTS SHOES.

Wv offer an uneqiialtsl line of these goods at verv low to 56.50 us the very best qualitj Burt A' Bhods tor Boots for slo. Novelties in Neckwear. Cndvrwvnr for .50 Ladies Dress Goods at Bargains, out of tenons. Ladies Hosiery and Furnishing Graids, an immense stock ui prices whicli will i suit every one. REMNANT SALE! CRAIG, DAVIS CO.

I I Will Sell f'g- the next Ten all Carpet Remnants I OF FROM One to Thirty Yards LESS THAN yput your houscH at Half First National Bant CHEYENNE. WYOMING. Authorized Capital, SSOO 000 301131 000 A. R. CONVERSE, PmwinKsr, J.

E. WILD, Cashier, F. E. WARREN, Vice President, T. B.


WHIPPLE. HUNT WHIPPLE, Sue. rd CROOK HI'XT, Proprietor of Eagle Pharmacy, Wholesale and Retail Druggists! Eddy Cheyenne. Wyo. ORDERS BY MAIL SOLICITED.

TELEPHONE No. 152. Medical Calls Promptly Attended by Dr. HUNT. F.

MELANDER, Sole Agent Fisk Clark In Cheyenne and Wyom ing Territory for the i i Neckwears Bunlap Knox Hats, Bro FINE FUR you gc E. 3. holesale and Retail Dealer in LUM SASH DOORS BUNDS MOULDINGS BUILDING PAPER CEMENT PLASTER PLASTER HAIR, LIME AND AU KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIALS. Mr. Hurd a will for any building when required.

ial attention given by mail. Telephone No. 24. ards corner and Fergrution Streets, (Opposite House.) Zehner. Jackson Buechner, MANUFACTURING JEWELERS Corner SIXTEENTH and FERGUSON Sts CHEYENNE.


fERLING silver spoons, forks, LADLES PIE CIIVF.S, PRESERVE SPOONS, CHILO'S CUPS. BUT TER KNIVES. CARD CASES. Etc FRENCH AMERICAN CLOCKS! Geld Head Canee rlabi and Oper, Glasses, and Eye Glasses. Silver Plated T-a Seta.

Ice Pitchers. Castara, Fruit Dishes, Napkin Rings, Te Have i RICH and ATTRACTIVE 3TOi FINE GOODS it LOW PSICIS. WYOMING MEAT CO. Keop the Best Stocked Meat Markets in the West, INCLUDING FISH, GAMIi, POULTRY, VEGETABLES, FRUITS, Ami everything in ita aeaoon. ut the I' ll IX.

33 jl. Inter Ocean hotel, and tin- Ulmau Market, on Street. AU. a liiniish Dresned Hc-t. IW, aud Mutton in any quantity from tu Carloada.

A. MARTIN, LUMBER, LATH. SHINGLES. DOORS. SASH, MOULDINGS Posts, Pickets, Lime and Hair, OE.VEH.IE TCa- Doolk-ltoollor micl Office and Yard--Near Electric Light Works, CHEYENNE, WYOMING.

Telephone No. 74. i 11 New Style of Business Envelopes At the Leader Office..

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