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The Democratic Leader from Cheyenne, Wyoming • 3

Cheyenne, Wyoming
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If our climate couliHUfs to be. a ivet one, doubtless the City Council ivill arouse from its lethargy and do something, if not for the streets proper, at least for the crossings. city so in its character should not have the aypearance of a mud village. COWHICK; WHITCOMB, The Leading Dry Goods House. SIXTEEN DEPARTMENTS! As Follows: and Clothing, Hosiery, Flannel, Linen, Cloak.

Fur, Dress Goods, Glove, Ribbon, Lace, Hat, Furnishing Goods, Millinery, Boots and Shoes. A Popular Place of Resort for Those Seeking Goods. NKW LOCAL XOTICRN Wanted, 500 Cow Boyn to go to Jenkins Ross to buy their Texas Cowboy boots, warranted the best in the land. Thr Heat Aasortment of Lonchea At the Tivoli. SIOO Ke ward.

Lost or about the 31st G. C. Charlton, 5 feet, 9 inches high, weighs about 140 pounds; was last seen about four miles from Fort Laramie, going north. (Supposed to be laid up somewhere on repairs.) John Chase. For the next thirty days I will give special reductions on books, stationery, notions, musieal instruments, fancy goods, toys, to make room for my spring stock.

An elegant line of birthday and Easter cards just received. W. M. Masi. Full liue of furnishing goods at for NHlr.

Early cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, pie plant, sweet potatoes, etc. These plants are from Cheyenne market one mile east of the and are better than those from a distance. Orders filled by A. Underwood or at Taylor's Curiosity store. For the best dental work and lowest prices visit Dr.

dental parlors. Thr 1 iiter-Orrati llwtrl Barber Shop. Has fine baths and the best of barbers. Come and buy one of those stylish nverniats at Pol UlMle Knight Waterbury will immediately' open a music store under the management of Mrs. D.

M. King, who is known to be a lady who thoroughly understands the business, having had the entire control of a branch music house for this firm during the past three years at Pueblo, Colorado. Huloon. The only St. Louis keg beer to be had in the town.

Bond and Lillard whiskey. Jake Esselborn's cigars (own brand,) the best for the money. All and every kind of lunches. Any kind of imported delicacies. Elegant rooms for private parties.

parlor. No bums allowed in the house. Jake Esselborn, are we ever going to get through our spring and summer's work? We are all run down, tired out before it So say many a family. We answer, go to vour druggist and pay six dollars for five bottles of Sarsaparilla. This Is just the medicine you need, and will pay compound interest on the investment.

WANTM good cook, washer and ironer, at 398 Twenty-first street. Wages, $25 per month. IIOINEH TO REST ANO KOK WALK. To Rent. rooms, at 320 Sixteenth street.

To rooms, at corner of 18th and Hill streets, by Mrs. Prof. Robinson. KIR MALE. for Male.

Lots near the ground bought by the Cheyenne, Black Hills Montana railway company for depot purposes. Prices Baird Campbell. Opera House OTC NIGHT AND SATURDAY MATINEE. Saturday, April sth. LARGEST IN THE COUNTRY! Original Mammoth UNCLE CABIN RmllsUc Representation Great Company.

15 CELEBRATED PERFORMERS 25 COLORED PLANTATION SINGERS 10 2 TOPSETB, Dt SONOS AND DANCES 2 2 MARKS, THE LAWYERS 2 2 LAUGHABLE TRICK DONKEYS 2 6 MAMMOTH BLOODHOUNDS 6 The Jolly Coon Quartette. Soutliero Plantation Scene, Happy In tbe Sunk Well Dance and Sing the Day Magnificent Allegory and lr Scene; street Parade by the COKFM! 600 75c (l Matinee, NOriCKM OK SIBKriMUM. Ac. To Our We have bills to pay IMMEDIATELY for our immense spring stock, recently purchased, (now in ashes) and as our revenues from daily cash sales have been suspended by the FIRE, we EARNESTLY REQUEST our friends who have so generously patronized us in the past to still further favor us with full and prompt payment for all amounts due. As soon as the necessary rooms can secured we shall have further and interesting information to communicate to the public.

Our offices, at present, are in rooms 5, 6 and 7, second floor (head of stairs) Commercial block. F. E. Warren Mer. Co.

Cheyenne, March 28, 1884. Flcaaant Hoarn Club The final parting of the Pleasant Hours club will take place this evening in Library hall. Alerfis. Attention! There will be a regular meeting of Alert Hose Company No. 1, this evening at 7:30 o'clock.

A full attendance is requested. By order of foreman. W. 11. Moore, Annual Sleeting.

The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Cattie will be held at its office in the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, at 10 o'clock a. on Monday, April 14, 1884. Wm. J. Brennan, Secretary.

Dated, Sidney, Nebraska, March 31, 1884. For the best dental work and prices visit Dr. dental parlore. Kotlce. The annual meeting of the Cheyenne club will be held Thursday, April 3d, 1884, at 8 p.

m. J. Howard Ford, Secretary. Notire. The members of the relief committee of the fire department are requested to meet at the City hall, on Saturday, April 5, 1884, at 7:30 o'clock p.

m. A full attendance is requested as business of importance will be presented. order of the president. H. W.

Moore, Not lee. J. S. Matthews can be found at room 9, Commercial building. Having lost in the fire everything he jtossessetl, lie respectively solicits a continuance of the generous patronage he has heretofore received from the public.

Respectfully, J. S. Matthews. Notice. Cheyenne, March 28, 1884.

The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Anglo-American Cattle company will be held at its office, Masten building, on Saturday, April 12th, 1884, at 12 m. J. J. Cairnes Secretary Anglo-American Cattle Co. To The Public.

Cheyenne, March 25, 1884. Until further notice our offices will be in rooms 5, 6 and 7, Commercial building, 366 and 368 Sixteenth street. F. E. Warren, F.

E. Warren Mercantile Warren Live Stock Co. Mealed will be received at my office until Saturday. April 5, at sp. for the building of Idclman three story brick block.

Hans and specifications ean be seen at the same place. The right to reject any or all bids is reserved. J. Anderson. Architect, Corner of 16th and Hill streets, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Notice of Final Mettlement. Notice is hereby given to all creditors and others interested in the estate of Charles Wild, deceased, that I will make final settlement of said estate at the next regular term of the probate court of Laramie county, Wyoming to be held at Cheyenne, on tlie second Monday of April, A. 1884. John Hunton, of the estate of Charles Will, deceased. A large assortment of docks at Zehner, Jackson Buechner's.

If you want a stylish hat go to Klowert and Acclimated Plnwta. For sale at Mrs. green houses, corner Eighteenth and Ransom streets, consisting of Camclias, Callas, Roses, Carnations, Violets and various 'other rare varieties. Hardy shrubs, bulbs, Verbenas, Pansies, for yard decoration, will be found with me season. Arranging bouquets, baskets and designs a specialty.

Telephone call, No. 56. Klecaat. Jenkins Ross have just received a large liue of those fine shoes made by Laird, Schobeo Mitchell, for ladies' and childrens' wear. The Demooratio Leader, THURSDAY, APRIL 3.

1884. Meeting. Notice is hereby given that an adjourned meeting of the stockholders of the Leader Printing Company will be held at this office on Thursday evening, April 3, 1884, 7:30 sharp. An election for a board of trustees will be held, and a full attendance is requested. N.

N. Craig, Secretary. MINOR MENTION. When will the grass be green? and slop upon the streets. Many teams upon our highways.

When will the last bummer be seen? A great demand exists for servant girls. summer hose will soon be in fashion. Hold-ups generally seek boozy men for their prey. Tin horn gamblers toot upon the greenhorn players. Roller skating and social dancing are alike popular.

Cast off ulsters and Arctics will soon be upon the market. The firm of Pettibone and Bartold will hereafter be Jay Pettibone A Co. There is one relief grumbling is heard about the dust flying. Mud is good for a wasp sting, but Cheyenne mud isn't good for newly polished boots. It is war to the knife, and the knife to the hilt, with the ins and outs of the Rio Grande road.

A change in the moon last night, and according to tradition, we may expect settled weather. The ways of the transgressors are hard, but the ways of Cheyenne are soft, owing to the prevalence of mud. The auditing committee of the legislature find the books of the territorial auditor and treasurer all correct. A gala day will be in our midst on Saturday, when two performances of Uncle Tom's Cabin are to be presented. The prospectors are now talking up the propriety of hieing themselves away into the mountains in search of wealth.

A stone sidewalk for the Presbyterian church was ordered yesterday. P. Hain mer has the contract for laying the same. The Presbyterian ladies are planning for a fair, supper and other attractions, to take place in Keefe's hall, Monday evening. The F.

E. Warren Mercantile company have secured the old Congregational church building in which to store furni- ture. The South Side schoolhouse opened on Monday last with ninety-seven pupils, all of whom reside on the south side of the railroad track. Real estate is is, the moist portion of it which moves slickly, though slyly, over our street crossings, much to the annoyance of pedestrians. Judge Perry has written to the county attorney that he'll be here in time to open the April term of court on the 21st inst.

and perchance a few days sooner. The Mapleson opera troupe on their return from San Francisco and Salt Lake, passed through the city last night en route to Omaha, where they next perform. The surface exudations of our welltraveled thoroughfare occasionally excite pent-up profanity upon the part of the meek of heart who like to get splashed and splattered as they peaceably pediculate. Filings at the lend office yesterday were 16Q acres each for Frank Williams and Joseph Reinman, whilst 320 were set down to and 520 to Robert Reeves. The Colorado Cattle association will visit the Wyoming Stock Growers' association at Cheyenne on April 7.

They will leave Denver at 7 a. and Cheyenne on the return trip at 7 p. m. David Fischer and John Richmond are two of Uncle soldiers. Thirsting for blood, David went furiously for John and carved him in the hand.

Had the knife blade not stopped there it might have penetrated the abdominal cavity. Justice Lee issued a warrant for the arrest of the assaulter. Travel on the main lino of the Union Pacific is heavier now than it has been for years. Trains of eleven cars leave Omaha twice a day, and standing room is often at a premium. Western Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming get a large share of travel, while great numbers are switched off at Granger for the northwest, giving the Oregon Short Line and Utah A Northern lots of business.

Ex-Sheriff Carr received a letter yesterday from Sheriff Turner, of Provost county, Utah, saying that Fred Hopt, twice convicted of murder, had been awarded a third trial. He asked that two important witnesses here, Messrs. Carr and Baird, proceed to Salt Lake to testify at the trial in May next. The crime for which Hopt was twice convicted was the murder of Sheriff son in 1880. It is evident by inquiry amongst many cattle men that the branding irons now being manufactured by Mr.

E. Clarke, are the greatest success ever invented in that line. Hoag A Shields, wholesale and retail dealers in fruit, shade and ornamental Colorado grown; Hardy Roses, Lilacs. Snow Balls, etc. Cheyenne sale yards comer of Hill and Eighteenth streets, Cheyenne, near Tuttle's.

I am prepared to sell you the finest suit at the lowest price. Polack. Go to Jenkins A Ross for the largest and best line of shoes in the city, at low. est prices. LJardrn Heeds.

grmis seeds, field aeedh, onion sets by I the package or pound. Orders by mail promptly attended to. A. I). Kelly Main Meeting At the lecture rooms of the Congregational church this (Thursday) evening at 7:30 under the direction of the W.

C. T. U. The programme consists of songs, recitations, readings and speeches. The public are cordially invited to attend.

Grand Jurors. The following gentlemen of our city were yesterday drawn as grand jurors for the April term of the district court: Joseph Anderson, E. E. Gardner, Henry Altman, John Chase, Henry G. Hay, T.

A. Douglass, 11. A. Ray, A. W.

Terry, A. Idlemau, Thomas C. Murray, IL A. Caliand, W. T.

Haines, Henry Conway, Samuel Marks and C. P. Organ. Petit Jurors. The following citizens of Laramie county have been selected as jurors of the district court for the April term: J.

W. Griffin, C. P. Justice, E. Nagle, A.

P. Richey, Iver Johnson, M. Marks, W. A. Whitcomb, A.

Jackson and John B. Thompson, Cheyenne; John Hunton, Bordeaux; J. B. Latch, Little Horse creek, and T. W.

Chaffee, Hillsdale. Important Arrest. William Gordon was arrested last night on the charge of highway robbery. He feloniously took money and valued at about sllO, the property of Henry Cohen. The arrest was made by Officer Smalley.

The accused was hidden away from the officers of the law by one Bock, who has been acting as head waiter at Dyer's hotel. The hearing in the case will probably occur to-day. Both Gordon and Beck are now in jail. Real Estate Transfers. The following transfers of real estate were yesterday recorded: Charles W.

Riner and James L. Pollard to G. T. Seabury, 36 feet of lot 3, block 229. John D.

Gill to G. T. Seabury, lot 7, block 235. John Mullin et ux. to GJ T.

Seabury, 35 feet of loss 3 and 4, block 229. Charles J. Masten to George L. Durbin, lots 5 and 6, block 80. John W.

Collins to G. T. Seabury, lots 7 and 8, block 142. The Weather. The highest temperature yesterday was lowest, mean temperature, mean humidity, 58 per highest velocity of wind, 12 miles per hour; Elsewhere at 1:09 Denver, cloudy; Deadwood, down; Davenport, N.

fair; Chicago. cloudy; Bismarck, clear; North Platte, N. clear; Omaha, clear; Salt Lake, N.W., cloudy; St. Louis, N. cloudy; Helena.

clear; Yankton, N. cloudy; Cheyenne, S. fair. The Motherless Waifs. The abandoned children spoken of in Leader have found a refuge with Mrs.

Ball, of West Sixteenth street. The facts connected with this unnatural desertidh are these: It seems that Miller, the first and legitimate husband, got so worthless and shiftless that he was obliged to leave his neighborhood, in lowa. Mrs. Miller took up with this man Barr, and no one in Cheyenne knows whether they are married or not. Barr has a mother living in lowa to whom, some time ago, he wrote asking for money with which to get home.

His mother knew of the intimacy, marriage or whatever it may be, between him and Mrs. Miller and refused to send him any on that account. After Mrs. Miller left he again wrote to his mother, saying that Mrs. Miller had gone.

His mother on learning this immediately sent him the money and Barr left so his home and possibly not. It is reported that Mrs. Miller is now with P. E. Thoman, formerly porter at the Leighton house.

At all events Thoman has left and those who say he is with her pretend to have reasons for saying so. Evidently Mrs. Miller has a spark of motherly affection left. She has written back to one of her lady acquaintances here on matters quite irrelevant to her children, yet she says this: the children. How will we manage about them? We must think of some plan.

What is best? You think it over, write ahd tell me. I think it is best to send them back, if they will have them. If not, what shall we do. and how will we get them there, if they will take them? Tell them mamma says to be good children, As soon as Mrs. Leighton found that the children had been deserted she took them in charge.

She found them covered with vermin, at the same time showing other evidences of neglect. The unusual intelligence of the children is a subject of remark by all who have come in contact with them. They are being supported by the county at present. Greeloy Justice. Ou Tuesday morning a newly elected justice of the peace of Greeley was called upon to issue a search warrant, to be delivered to an officer, with power to search the premises of a couple of suspected overcoat thieves, by a party who had had his overcoat taken from the billiard hall, and a last coat left in its place.

The justice had been playing at the same hall, the evening before, and had hung up bis overcoat, and, as he resumed it on leaving. As he was making out the warrant, and as he came to the description of the stolen coat, he suddenly stopped and went to the corner of his office where his overcoat was hanging, and took it down and examined it The ap- plicant immediately recognized it. and claimed it, and the transfer was made, i the justice remaking that he thought didn't fit him as loosely as it used to," I but he laid it to his becoming somewhat I inflated since his election. He had a narrow escape. is the best smoking tobacco.

Tljere is immense interest at Jake over the new wheel of fortune, The proprietors contend that the game is absolutely fair. Certainly as a work of art the wheel is a suocess. Ixigal blanks at the Leader office. A New Cattle Bin. Hon.

E. A. Storrs, who is in Washington in the interest of the live stock men to the animal industry bill, says that those he represents do riot oppose any proper legislation on the sub- ject, but do not want any bill to pass that I will place the great stock interests of the country in the power of secret agents of the government. A substitute for the bill has been prepared which, Mr. Storrs 1 says will be entirely satisfactory to his clients.

The following is a summary of its provisions: 1 That, for the purpose of allaying all unnecessary apprehensions with reference to the prevalence of contagious diseases among American cattle, or the prevention of the spread of such diseases if they be found to exist, a commission be organized and appointed by the President to fully investigate these matters, and to report the result of their investigations within four months to the secretary of the treasury with such suggestions as they may see fit to make. 2. That during their investigations, they find such a prevalence of contagious diseases as the states cannot deal with and as requires the action of the general government, they are, in writing, to report the fact to the President, and he is authorized to use such measures as he may deem necessary for the extirpation of that disease and the prevention of its spread. 3. That the commission inquire and investigate concerning the nature of importations of cattle from other countries, and to what extent contagious diseases have been brought here from such sources, and to recommend such measures of quarantine and prevention as to them may beeiu necessary.

4. That the veterinary surgeon of the department of agriculture shall be cx officio a member of that commission, making seven in all; that two shall be distinguished scientists uninterested in the business, and the remainder shall Ims practical business men acquainted with the dealing in and raising of live stock and with all questions of transportation connected therewith. The other sections provide for the payment of the commissioners and their expenses, and appropriate a certain sum for immediate use. LARAMIE LACONICS. The county commissioners were in session on Tuesday.

Several of the Laramie people were badly April fooled. postponement of the announced temperance meeting has been made until next Wednesday evening. Henry Wagner, a leading dry goods merchant has made an assignment for the benefit of his creditors. Master Mechanic Lewis, who will soon depart for pastures new and green, carries the best wishes of hosts of friends with him. The hose companies have just held their annual elections, and all they want now is an occasional fire with plenty of water.

The pastors' association of the city met on Monday morning at the Episcopal rectory and frowned furiously upon sin and Satan. The dispensers of the palate tickling beverages are on the war path for the scalp of Dr. Hayford who is causing a lively shaking up and down of the prohibition question. Mr. George L.

Hutton and Miss Libbie Hull were married on Tuesday afternoon at the residence of the parents by Rev. J. 11. Burlison of the Presbyterian church. A collatiou and presents were important features of the pleasant occasion.

Ex-Chief J. T. Holliday oh Tuesday turned over the property of the Laramie fire department in his keeping to the chief engineer-elect, Mr. Otto Gramm. The department was never in better shape than now.

and Chief Gramm, having had long experience in the office to which he has again been called, will keep it up to the highest standard of excellence. County Proceedings. County Office, I Cheyenne, Laramie Co. Wro. Ty.

Tuesday, April 1, 1884. The board met in regular session at 2 p. m. Present: T. Dyer and George W.

Hoyt, commissioners. Absent: Thomas Swan, chairman. Mr. Dyer was chosen as temporary chairman. The clerk presented an abstract of licenses issued during the month of March, 1884.

The treasurer presented reports show- ing licenses collected during the month of I March, 1884. The steam heating apparatus furnished for the county hospital by the Western steam heating company, having been thoroughly tested and found satisfactory, on motion, it was ordered that a warrant for $430.00 be drawn in favor of the Western Steam Heating company, of Omaha, being balance in full due on contract with said company. The following bills were presented, allowed in the several amounts specified, and, on motion, warrants were ordered drawn for the respective amounts allowed, to-wit: Claimed. Allowed. Union Mercantile incidentals 6 50 6 50 E.

S. N. Morgan 9 65 9 65 Bristol Knahe, print- ing 16 00 16 00 Omaha blank books and 266 90 266 90 jJ. M. Carey rent, office S.

marshal 80 00 80 00 Morton E. Post rent, office county at- torney to March 5.... 54 16 54 16 John K. Jeffrey, post- age 4 80 4 80 Geo. L.

Holt, stationery 22 55 52 55 Wm. Gray, pay as jan- itor 12 (Ml 12 00 William Gray, pay us janitor 900 9 00 Van Tassel Wightman. coal for court bouse. 86 40 36 40 i J. E.

Tuttle, repairs for court house 51 50 51 50 Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone rent of i 30 00 3U 00 I Democratic Leader, print- ing 17 00 17 00j John K. Jeffrey, salary county clerk 562 50 562 50 Isaac Bergman, fees county treasurer 610 32 610 32 J. C. Baird, salary county attorney 450 85 450 85 John K. Jeffrey, fees clerk district 54 85 54 85 S.

K. Sharpless, salary sheriff. 937 50 937 50 S. K. Sharpless, boarding prisoners 184 80 184 80 S.

K. Sharpless, pay for janitor 600 0 00 S. K. Sharpless, postage and telegraphing 13 90 13 90 S. K.

Sharpless, expenses in pursuit of criminals. 26 40 26 40 S.K. Sharpless, expenses in pursuit of criminals. 10 00 10 00 W. F.

Hosford, salary deputy sheriff 300 00 300 00 W. Richardson, salary superintendent schools 75 00 75 00 W. Richardson, station- ery and postage 3 75 3 75 J. W. Fisher, salary jus- tice of the 225 00 225 00 William F.

Lee, salary justice of the 21'5 00 225 00 B. 11. Smalley, consta- fees 28 25 28 26 P. J. Nolan, constable's fees 5 70 5 70 P.

J. Nolau, constable's foes 71 76 68 75 P. Nolan, fees 3 25 1 25 B. H. Smalley, consta (coroner's in- quest) 9 75 9 75 John T.

Chaffin, fees and mileage coroner 31 50 31 50 John T. Chaffin, fees and jurors. 24 00 24 00 John T. Chaffin, feesand witness 160 160 B. A.

Hart, fees, acting coroner 12 00 12 00 John Reese, pay as stock inspector 150 00 150 00 11. J. Stouder, pay as stock inspector 125 00 125 00 J. J. Pelham, rebate poll 400 400 Wm, Gray, janitor dis- trict court 12 00 12 00 11.

11. Ellis, pay ax road viewer 22 50 22 50 J. W. Hammond, juror. probate court 2 00 2 (X) Charles Thomas, county on coyotes 45 00 45 0 Albert Taebel, county on coyotes 3UO 300 Lockwood Hebard, coun- ty, on hawks 1 00 1 0 11.

J. Maynard, salary, county physician 100 00 100 00 George C. Leighton, poor and paupers 15 90 15 90 Mrs. M. J.

Parker, poor and paupers 88 00 44 00 Smith Harrington, poor and paupers 35 75 35 75 Mrs. E. Downey, poor and paupers 1000 1000 John Eames, poor and paupers 59 75 59 75 A. Simmons, poor and paupers 24 00 24 00 J. D.

Corey, poor and paupers 5 00 5 00 J. 11. Webb, poor and paupers 300 300 James Ferris, poor and paupers 10 00 10 00 A- G. McGregor, poor and paupers 4 15 4 15 A. G.

McGregor, coal for hospital 81 20 81 20 George A. Draper, sup- plies for hospital 42 31 42 George A. Draper, sup- plies for poor and pau- pers 106 31 106 tl Charles Wilscck. pay as hospital steward 75 00 75 00 J. D.

Morris, pay as hos- pital nurse 30 00 30 00 Nettie Wilscck, pay as hospital 30 00 30 00 W. C. Howard, cook nt hospital 26 66 26 66 Wyoming Meat com- pany, meat for the hos- pital 70 25 70 25 H. H. Ellis, supplies for hospital 1500 1500 Union Mercantile com- pany, supplies for tho hospital 48 12 48 12 Baker Johnson, sup- plies for hospital 31 54 31 54 Rocky Mountain Bell Tel- ephone company, tele- phone for 15 00 15 00 On motion it was ordered that action on all road matters be continued until the next meeting of the board.

On motion the board adjourned. I certify that the above is a correct copy of the record of the proceedings of the board of county commissioners at a meet- ing held on the day therein mentioned. John K. Jeffrey. County Clerk and Clerk of said Board, THE GREAT GERMAN remedy FOR PAIN.

Neuralgia, Sol.tlc., Lumbago, UIWACHE.TOOTHACHK iIH iOR THROAT. Sorenm, Cuts, Brultaa, FiiaH-rnxTEB. And laodlly i 'I and TIFTT CENTS A BOTTLE. aliik IHI Holdbyall ItrnKglataand XinpUllti iM-alrn. Directions In 11 SB Th Charlta A.

Vogelar Co. a TUUILH4OO.I U.O.A. Job printing in all its branches and executed in first claims style, at the Leader job rooms. blanks at the Leader office. First National Bank, CHEYENNE.

WYOMING-. Aulh rlzed Capital, $500,000 sJ I Capltal 20 000 A. K. CONVERSE, Prbsidknt, J. B.

WILD, Caaaixa, F. E. WARREN, Viob T. B. HICKS, Awr.


Mare full and line of the atnroe and IV SELL AS CHEAP as evwi Call and See us and We Will Try to Please You. TV a bow have a 3 und are prepared to attend to any thia kind. CHEYENNE MEAT MARKET 354 Ssventeenth Street, WM wsi (SUCCESSORS TO THOMPSON Io Fresh and Malt all klnOH MnuauceN, Cored Coroed Href Hagar Cured Hani" and Harun Klah. Oyuteru and Vegetobiea to nfuhuii. delivered to ail parts or the Free of Charge Telephone rollN promptly attended to.

cT gstrom; DEALER IN FINE LIQUORS! The Finest Stock In the West, consisting in part of Imjiorted Wines, Cognac (of 1820), Royal Oporto Wines, Old Choice Solera, different Imported Champagnes, different kinds of Clarets. Scotch and Irish Whiskies, and American Whisky of 1867. A No. 1 Swedish Punch, Sherry Cordial, Rhine Wines, Jamaica Rums (old age stock), indeed, one of the Best Stocks to be found In the country in assortment. Also Imported and American Cigara Swedish Brandy.

Burgundy Red Wine, St. Croix Rum, Batavia A rack, Dub- Stout, English and Scotch Ales, Amsterdam Curacoa, and Hollanu Ginr. Crab Apple Cider In Champagne bottles and Stock Cider in barrels. Maraschino di Zara. France a la Chartreuse L.

Garnier, Yellow and Green; Amontillado Sherry, 1855. INo. iJ'Z-A ITilYeeutH CHEYENNE, WYOMING-..

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