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Cheyenne, Wyoming
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Coion Pacific Kallway Time Cheyenne Time. BOI'ND WJCmT. arrive. I pave SO 3. flc mail ..7 65 ft in 8 25am So pouch, local .5 45 015 BOCUD KAMT.

arrive. leave No 4. pouch, faat 715 pm 735 pm 1005 am 10 25 am Venver Pacific. BOUND NOBTH. pacific expresa iUH aud expreea 540 BOUND MOUTH.

Atlantic axpreaa. 10 40 a jiall andexpresa lv 8 15pm Black Hills Line leaves Cheyenne at 8 00a Arrives i 4 Cheyenne at .8 00 A 1 mails will close thirty minutes before departure of trains. NEW LOCAL NOTICES. For Aiderman cooking range with furniture suitable for hotel 0 reetaurant. Addiess P.

O. Box 478. Grand raffle for two horses and a shotgun, at the Tivoli, this evening. LoaT Eighteenth street and the Lake bouse, on Wednesday night, January 30, a heavy band bracelet set with four diamonds. Finder trill be suitably rewarded by returning to 278 street.

1 i A bunch of keys awaits the owner at the Leader office. The famous New York Counts in the shell at Oyster Ocean. For the best dental work and low- est prices visit Dr. dental parlors. Seal skins and furs repaired, cleaned and renovated by an experienced fur- rier.

Fur trimmings cut to order. Leave orders at P. H. 1 The Inter-Ocean Hotel Barber Shop Has tine baths and the best of barbers, Lots for Sale. Lots near the ground bought by the Cheyenne, Black Hills Montana 1 railway company for depot purposes.

Prices low. Baird Campbell. HOUSES TO RENT AND FOR SALE 1 Fob opera house restau- rant. Inquire of P. W.

Carroll. To and unfur- nished houses and rooms. J. D. Corey.

For seven room bouse on Seventeenth street. Inquire at Leader. REDUCTION IN PRICES I Kelly Masterson have made A LARGE DEDUCTION from the regular prices for Fall and Winter Goods, In order that room may be male for an extra large and One as- 1 sortmentof Spring and Summer Goods, as Mr. Masterson will shortly go east for the purpose of purchasing the most elegant and saperb lines for spring and summer wear that has ever been shown in the western country. It is desirable to dispose of as large a quan- i tity of Fall and Winter Goods as soon as possible, and Messrs.

Kelly Mas- terson wish it to be a CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD that the reputation the house has en- Joyed for keeping the i BEST GOODS will be fully maintained: and although the prices are LOWERED, the QUALITY of the goods supplied WILL BE KEPT UP. STOCKMEN And others will please favor me with i their orders for brands as early as they i can conveniently, as I usually have so i many orders come in as soon as the i season opens, that it taxes my ability to All them promptly on time. E. Clark, Blacksmith, Sixteenth street. RESTAURANT I On Eddy, Near Seventeenth Street, Where are to Be Fouad CELEBRATED I PAN ROASTS the Flneat Cooking In the City.

1 1 OYSTERS IN EVERY STYLE i all the Meata Cooked to Order. I EVEBYTHING FIBST-CLASS. i HOW Rock Caody Syrup! Pure Vermont Maple! Honey Drip! Missouri Sorghum! New Lot of California Can Goods! Fresh Ranch BUTTER and Eggs on Hand at A. UNDERWOOD BRO-, 320 Seventeenth Street. CHAMBER, PARLOR ND Kitchen Furniture In Great Variety AT Craig, The Democratic Leader.

1 11 1 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1884. THE A tooth-pick Nhaped alim. Whose face wore a grin. With hie oane down the street came slashing. Like birds of his feather, In all sorts of weather Thia slim was addicted to "mashing." He espied a fair miss.

And he threw her a kiss. But In bowlug he made quite aflutter. Well I should surmise. He law stars In the skies When be slipped and went flop In the gutter. MINOR MENTION.

Moist. Valentines have arrived. The Carey block will be fitted up with newer facilities. The Union block looks better under a coat of fresh paint. It would make a resident of Omaha feel at borne to see the mud on our streets.

The funeral of little Frankie Shingle will take place this afternoon at 2 If the Sunday bill becomes a law you go a fishing on the Sabbath day any more. Ex-Governor St. John, of Kansas, is expected to lecture here next Tuesday night. There was a goodly turnout at all the churches of the city wherein services were held on Sunday. The legislature was well represented in the opera house last evening.

The members seemed to enjoy the performance. The ladles of the Congregational society are to meet at the church parlors this Tuesday afternoon at 3 for business. Theie is an undercurrent of feeling here in regard to the newly discovered mines in Idaho, which may break out into an excitement before long. The Boomerang credits Hon. H.

V. 8. Groesbeck with the statement that in this city there is a restaurant which furnishes a pie and a piece of poetry for ten cents. The county commissioners will meet this morning at 10 and the city council at 8 this evening. Be on hand everybody that has any business to transact with either body.

In the account of the stone throwing case across the track, which was published In last Friday's Leader, an error occurred, the penalty was only 3 and half the costs, instead of 815. The Congregatlonalists expect to obtain the services of some eminent divine from the east to assist at the dedication of their new ebureb, which will probably occur in about a month. We shall have to present Sergeant McGovern with a (wheelbarrow and a shovel, and make him clear away this mud. He Is responsible for the snow, and the snow is responsible for the mud. Constable Smalley Is now a full fledged deputy sheriff, and is serving in that capacity very efficiently.

It was Ben that ferreted out and unearthed the true inwardness of the recent scrimmage at Lake Mahpahlutab. The meetings at the Methodist Episcopal church will be continued every night this week. The meeting last night was a very interesting one, and many are being reclaimed. A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend. The prisoners at tbs county Jail are enjoying themselves pretty well, now that Cornish has gone.

They were always heretofore a little suspicious of him, for fear that he wodld undertake something desperate, and thereby get them into trouble. The young meeting at tbe Congregational ebureb on Sunday evening was, as usual, quite well attended. Miss Thomas led tbe meeting, and that young lady talked more earnestly and Intelligently on tbe subject of religion than many occupants of the pulpit do. A Cheyenne man is so full of electricity that he lights tbe gas by merely snapping his fingers. A Philadelphia man can start a conflagration by simply touching any inflammable substance witbhis this phenomenon is not ascribed to Call.

Tbe county commissioners, at their last meeting, directed tbe putting in of a railing in the county office so as to divide from the main office that portion to be used by them whenever they hold a meeting. Yesterday this was done, which makes decided improvement at tbe county headquarters. A man named John Hill, whose eye was Injured in a Rock Springs coal mine, has been at the hospital for several days. Dr. Harris finally decided that be could not save the optic, and this morning performed a surgical operation by which it was removed.

He was assisted by Dr. Perhaps it would do some dweller in the low, damp, cold, far eastern states good to know that while they have been fighting ice blockades and hugging stoves, with the mercury away below aero, we of favored Wyoming have been basking in sunlight and scarcely thinking of putting on an overcoat. How would you weather? A Texas journal contains this apology: editor of this paper is sick this week; and the management devolves upon the devil. He has been compelled to pick up assistance here and there from street loafers, broken down merchants, briefless lawyers, onehorse school teachers, aristocratic clerks, and if tbe paper presents a mongrel, reckless, half drunk looking kind of an (appearance, say that it was who did The Weather. The highest temperature yesterday was lowest mean temperature mean humidity, 71 per cent, highest velocity of wind, 20 miles per hour.

Elsewhere, at 1:09 p. m. Denver, N.E., cloudy; Deadwood, N.E., fair; Davenport, light rain; Chicago, N.W., light rain; Bismarck, N.E., light snow; North Platte. calm, light snow; Omaha, light rain; Salt Lake, 8. fair; St.

Louis, S.E., light rain; Helena, N.W., cloudy; Yankton, N.E., light snow; Cheyenne, 8.W., cloudy. ofNong. There was a service of song at the Congregational church on Sunday evening, which was very interesting and largely attended. The choir sang many of tbe finest selections of sacred music to be found in the new Hymnal of that church, tbe best, perhaps, being that entitled the The lady singers of tbe choir were Miss Carmichael, Mrs. Swick, and among the male voices our reporter beard those of Messrs.

Bale and Potter. There were other gentlemen that sang with them, but tbe dim eyes of sage brush could not distinguish who they Were. Miss Quinby presided at tbe organ. A Carloaa Crank. There are many kinds of cranks in Cheyenne, but tbe worst crank of the to tbe surface, recently, is oue Davis.

He was taken in tow on Sunday night and landed in tbe calabooee by Officer Nolan. All day yesterday be was importuning people around the jail to secure him the services of some lawyer to make the policeman restoie a cool million dollars forcibly taken from him, and to sue tbe city for another million dollars byway of damages for the great wrong done him through the cruel conversion of his ponderous pile of ready cash and the untimely curtailment of his liberty. Falling to send out a retainer, he did not succeed In securing an attorney. The officer yet with the boys on his big haul of imaginary wealth. Sinncrt Come to Grief.

Some peculiar turns occurred in the case of Robert Ferguson, who bad a hearing before Judge W. F. Lee yesterday. for assault and battery committed at the house of Mrs. Harvicker last week.

During the taking of tbe testimony for tbe prosecution, J. F. Canning demonstrated his cuteness by showing that he had taken a lively hand in tbe disorderly proceedings. His culpability in tbe matter was so great that the justice decided to mulct him in the sum of ten dollars and costs. This assessment was paid and the bravado witness departed, a wiser but poorer man.

Joseph Hoffmann, another witness, also endeavored to show his dexterity for evil-doing in connection with the case. A complafnt was made out against him, but his hearing was postponed until Thursday. Ferguson, the original malefactor, was made to feel condign sorrow to tbe extent of ten dollars and costs for the part he took In the disgraceful racket. Maraeraoa Attack. Early on Sunday morning tbe finding of a man lying upon tbe sidewalk on Sixteenth street Just below Eddy, gave rise to a report that a murder bad been committed.

Upon examination, tbe man was found to be a soldier and be was Insensible, with blood flowing from several severe cuts upon bis head. He was removed to a place of more comfort and subsequently taken to tbe fort. It appears that he and a friend named Ryan were walking along that locality when they were suddenly attacked by two men and evidently with murderous intent. Owing to the suddenness of tbe attack both were knocked down, although tbe soldier fared worst. Ryan ran across tbe street and afterward returned to find his companion insensible upon tbe pavement.

Who the assailants were or what was their motive is a mystery, as they quickly disappeared. Although not serious, the wounds of tbe two men are painful and will cause them much discomfort. It is to be hoped they may be ferreted out and receive due punishment for their assault. Fred Case. Yesterday forenoon at 10 tbe case of the territory Fred Nelson was called up for a bearing before Judge Fisher, County Attorney appearing for tbe territory and Messrs.

Fisher and Carroll for tbe defendant. It appeared, however, that the case, as originally brought, could not be sustained as it charged a felony against Nelson, whereas, nothing beyond a misdemeanor could have been proceeded with. Therefore, on motion and direction of the county attorney, tbe case was dismissed, but a new warrant was immediately served on Nelson. In this new complaint which was made before Judge Lee, the complaint charges tbe defendant with falsely representing to Captain that the sum of SlB 66 was due to him as wages, afteer he had assigned the same to C. P.

Organ, by which it was charged he intended and designed to defraud Organ of that amount. Tbe defendant was brought before Judge Lee, where the defendant pleaded not guilty and asked for a jury, but by agreement of counsel the case was postponed until Baturday next, at 10 a. the defendant in tbe meantime being released on his own recognizance for 8100. Go to the skating rink to-night. Grand raffle for two horses and a shotgun, at the Tivoli, this evening.

We do not sound a needless alarm when we tell you that the taint of scrofula is in your blood. Inherited or acquired, it is there, and sarsaparilla aloue will effectually eradicate it. WILL TAKE A RIDE. The Members Will Take a Jaunt Somewhere. The People of Rock Springs Want Law on Liquor.

Blue Monday a Busy Monday In Both Branches. THE COUNCIL assembled yesterday at 11 with the president in the chair. Notices of bills: By Mr. Whittier: A bill for an act to repeal, amend and re-enact chapter 106 of the session laws of 1882, being an act providing for standard weights, measures and balances use in this territory. Also a bill for an act to prevent tbe adulteration of food, drinks and medicines.

By Mr. Bennett: A bill for an act to provide for the education and training of Juvenile delinquents. Also a bill for an act to punish tbe procurement of abortions, and for other purposes. By Mr. Irvine: A bill for an act to regulate the use of water for irrigation and providing for settling the priority of right thereto.

Bills on first reading: By Mr. Hines: No. 31, a bill for an act concerning the holding of supreme court, and for other purposes. The committee on elections, to whom was referred the bill for an act to legalise tbe election of Andrew Johnson to office of justice of the peace in Carbon county, recommended the passage of the bill. The committee on enrollment reported that it has placed in the hands of the governor tbe bill relating to tbe printing of the territorial reports, and appropriating money therefor.

The council took a recess and assembled again at 2 The following communication was received from Secretary Morgan: Office, Cheyenne, February 4, 1884. Honorable Council and House of Representatives Bth Legislative Assembly: I have the honor to herewith transmit a communication from George L. Harrison, Philadelphia, in regard to legislation for tbe care and treatment of the insane, also tbe publication referred to, being a compilation of all tbe lunacy laws now in force in the United States and England. and special legislation in Canada, France, Germany, etc. Very respectfully, E.

S. N. Morgan, Secretarv Wyoming Territory. Bills on first reading: House bill No. 12: A bill for an act to confirm the organization and proceedings of the Napa Consolidated Silver Mining company, the Kansas Mining company and the Quicksilver Mining company.

House bill No. 23: A bill for an act to define misdemeanors and to provide for tbe punishment thereof. House bill No. A bill for an act to amend section 96 of an act entitled an act to provide for elections, tbe manner of conducting the same and for other purposes. House bill No.

2: A bill for an act to encourage and protect tbe interests of woolgrowers and for other purposes. The above bills were referred to the appropriate committees, and on motion the council resolved itself into a committee of the whole, with Mr. Wanen in tbe chair. When tbe committee rose it recommended house bill No. 23 to the proper committee.

The enrollment committee returned enrolled act No. 2, being a bill for an act providing for the distribution of the second volume of Wyoming reports. They also reported that said act had been placed in tbe bands of tbe gov ernor. On motion the house adjourned until 11 this morning. the house got down to work yesterday as if all had attended church the day before, and tbe placidness of their countenances showed them to be in a good humor.

Messrs. Coad, Quealey and Groesbeck were excused for tbe day. Mr. Smith, of Sweetwater, presented a petition from tbe resident voters of Rock Springs, asking for the passage of a law providing for the non-collection of liquor debts, and also places where intoxicants are sold or dealt out to the public ahall be closed at 11 p. of each night, and remain closed until sa.

m. the following morning; and on Saturday of each week such places close at 11 p. m. and not open until fl a. on the Monday following.

Signed by John Lindvigsen and 381 others. The minor reports of several committees were received, and tbe committee on territorial affairs and internal improvements recommended that bouse bill No. 39, being an act to establish and define a legal standard of time in and for tbe territory, do not pass; and that house bill No. 41, for tbe restoration of James B. Nichols, of Albany county, to the rights of citiaensbip, do pass.

Introduction of bills: By Mr. Downey: House bill No. 45, a bill for an act to secure to convicts certain benefits for good conduct. Referred to tbe Joint committee on prlnt- JEg. By Mr.

Snider: A bill for an act to autorize the building of a court house and jail in Johnson county. Quite a number of bills were read second time and referred to their respective committees. Bills on third reading and final passage: House bill No. 35. A bill for an act to amend section 84 of au act to provide a territorial and county revenue.

Ayes, 20; atesnt, 3. Op of Mr. Ford the house resolved itself into a committee of tbe whole for the consideration of the general file, with Mr. Craig in the chair. At 3:30 tbe committee rose and submitted its report, referring quite a number of bills to committees.

The following communication was received and will explain itself: Office, Cheyenne, Wyoming, February, 4, 1884. 7b the Honorable Speaker and members of the Legislature of Wyoming: We respectfully extend to all the members of your most honorable body, a cordial invitation to participate in a complimentary excursion to tbe members of tbe Wyoming legislature and their families. In case of acceptance, a special train will be placed at your disposal to visit such points as you may designate and at such time as you may desire. Very Respectfully, E. A.

Dickinson, A. A. Egbert, P. J. Nichols, I Committee W.

A. Duell, On motion of Mr. Teschemacber the invitation was accepted and a committee consisting of Messrs. Teschemacber, Miller and Mr. Speaker will Join with a like committee of tbe council in considering what action should be taken thereon.

On motion tbe house adjourned until 11 o'clock this morning. Going to Go. An invitation was extended to both branches of the Wyoming legislature by the Union Pacific authorities yesterday afternoon to go on an excursion, tbe time and place to be selected by the legislature. The members of both branches of the legislature met, therefore, in caucus yesterday afternoon after the session, and proceeded to consider the invitation which had been extended to them. Messrs.

Babbitt, Homer and Quinn were appointed on tbe part of the council to confer with a committee from the house, consisting of Messrs. Miller, Teschemacber and Jones, as to what should be done in the matter. The Joint committe met last evening, and decided to accept tbe and determined upon Salt Lake as tbe odjectlve point. The committee will make its report to the two houses this morning. HF.QIIKSCAT IN PACK.

Faurral Obnequlrg of Mr. John Moyer, at the Methodlat Church. The funeral services of the late Mr. John S. Moyer, who died at the ranch of his sons.

West and Lon Moyer, on Thursday last, took place at tbe Methodist church at 1 p. m. on Sunday. The remains of Mr. Moyer had been brought to this city the day before and taken to the Simmons house, where they remained until the hour appointed for the funeral, from whence the procession moved to tbe Methodist church.

The pall bearers were Judge Whitebead, Judge Lee, H. Housman, F. Scbweickert, Stephen Bon and A. Adamsky, and the services at tbe church were conducted by the Rev. Dr.

Eldridge, tbe pastor. The church was crowded to overflowing, in fact tbe funeral was one of tbe most numerously attended that has occurred in this city for a long time. Mrs. Moyer, who was almost overcome by the death of her husband, bad to be assisted from tbe carriage, and also as she entered the church she had to lean on the arm of her son, Mr. S.

L. Moyer, and would apparently have fallen bad it not been for his supporting arm. After tbe casket had been deposited in the church, the choir sang that beautiful selection, "How bleat the rlghteouH when be Dr. Eldridge then arose and few feeling and impressive did not speak from any particular text, although he read at the beginning some verses of scripture. The reverend gentleman addressed himself principally io tbe mourning relatives of the deceased, and at the close of bis remarks made a most affecting and solemn prayer, which moved many in tbe congregation to tears.

At the conclusion the choir rendered that beautiful burial hymn, the final verse of which is as follows: "Silently the ehadea of evi ning. Gather my lonely door. Silently they bring before me, Faeea I ahall aee no more." The hymn concluded, the casket was opened and by direction of the pastor, the large throng in attendance passed up the center aisle and took a last look at the of tbe departed, and tiled back to their seats in silence. When the family of the dead husband and father approached the coffin for a look for the last time at the face of him who will be with them no more, a most affecting acene occurred. The aged widow, after standing by the side of tbe coffin for a considerable time, supported by her sou, as she was about to leave the casket, raised her thin, quivering baud upward, and exclaimed with faltering voice, but with the faith of the true Christain, Lord gave, and the Lord has taken Many strong men were moved to tears, and audible sobs were heard in every part of the house.

At the conclusion of the services tbe casket was returned to the hearse, and tbe procession moved slowly to the cemetery, where the remains were deposited in their dual receptacle, and the weary form of John Moyer was at rest forever. "Gone but not forgotten." The celebrated New York Counts in bulk for sale by the pint, quart or gallon at Oyster Ocean. The world moves and so does Gurney Pierce. They are constantly adding new attractions to tbe Delta club rooms. Gurney A Pierce a.e disposed to be accommodating and give eveybody a Engraving in all its branebee is done at Zehner, Jackson A AMLSF.MKNrs Last night in the opera house was rendered the same old which never fails to draw a big house.

The cast is not quite the same as when played here last, but the Interest was kept up and enthusiastically manifested until tbe last moment. There is no doubt but that Milt. Nobles can gain a crowded house any time he bills for this place, and we can always bespeak for him a large audience. The Is phoenix-like, and never ceases to rise from tbe ashes of success, and to leave behind it a halo of pleasant remembrances, which ensure for it success in the future. The of the will be rendered to-night, and as it is said to be even better than tbe the mere announcement will be sufficient to draw a crowded house.

We give below an extract about Its merits. In speaking of Man of the which will be given in tbe Opera house to-night, the San Francisco Call says: tbe Bush Street Milton new piece. Man of tbe if not quite so continuously amusing as is a very funny and interesting play. Tbe second act in particular, is full of points, and Mr. Nobles impersonates the Bowery boy with great effect, making him purely amusing and free from the objectionable coarseness which Is natural to him on the street, but decidedly better out of him on tbe stage.

Indeed the satire on politics and the administration of justice is very strong and laughable. Tbe Texas scene is very thrilling and tbe fourth act winds tbe story up cleverly. The company into tbe parts admirably all Fence In Texas tbe senate has passed the house bill providing that a person putting fencing around the land of another or public lands be fined fifty cents for each acre enclosed every three months the fence should be retained. In order to constitute a separate offense the senate amen led so as to prohibit tbe herding of stock upon school or university lands unless by tbe payment of 830 per annum per section. It also provides a person enclosing unoccupied private land not his own is exempt from penalty by paying ten cents an acre yearly to the state treasury.

An additional amendment exempts a person enclosing the lauds of another if lie lias tbe fence around tbe tract so enclosed supplied with gates on the inside and outside fences. The house bill making fence cutting punishable with from one to Ove years in the penitentiary was passed After-Dierovered About tMh. Besides the thrilling incidents published in issue of the Leader regarding tbe celebrated Cornish case, some additional and highly sensational points, hitherto undeveloped, have come to the light of day, and they will unquestionably be read with great avidity by those who have already taken a deep interest in this peculiar case of darx and damning deeds. From some of tbe inmates of the jail it is learned that the sin-dyed sulpxit bad admitted to them on several occasions that he bad killed Mrs. Curliss, and that tbe deed was most heartleesly perpetrated upon this elderly lady whilst he was seeking to rape her person.

Furthermore, in a spirit of nonchalant braggadocio, Cornish said that if be went to tbe penitentiary be would not remain there long. It now appears that this bloodstained reprobate bad been convicted in Minnesota for the heinous crime of rape, and a sentence of five imprisonment in the penitentiary at Stillwater followed; but before tbe expiration of his term a pardon was granted. In the recent trial the theory of robbery in connection with the perpetration of the murder was advanced by tbe prosecution, but later facts, as herein set forth, indicate that the unbridled lust led him to deprive an innocent woman of her life. The character of the convict thus plainly appearing, it is likely that his jailors will keep a close watch upon bis movements within the confines of the Joliet penitentiary. Woivea oa tbe Baage.

On Monday last, in daylight, a pack of large timber wolves came down upon tbe cattle herd of 8. Knoder, fifteen miles from Evanston, on Bear river, and stampeded tbe herd. One large bull got stuck in adrift, and turned and fought tbe wolves tbe best he could until the men from the ranch saw the situation and came to his assistance, when the wolves left. They injured four head of yearlings badly, one of which it is thought will Cbieftan. Grand ruffle for two horses and a shotgun, at the Tivoli, this evening.

So well is the skating rink conducted that the most fastidious need not detain their children from attending every afternoon and evening. HOT WAFFLES and genuine maple syrup at McEwen's restaurant on Seventeenth street. Tbe finest of dishes for breakfast or tea. A large assortment of clocks at Zehner, Jackson A There Isas much life at Gurney A 1 every night as there is to found at an ordinary fair and festival. Sewing Machines For Sale, Rent, or Exchange AT THE F.

E. Warren Mercantile Co, FORT KIMMKUL ITEMS General and Mrs. Mason will leave in a few days for Washington, D. C. The Pleasure club gave a hop last Friday which would have been a perfect success but for the noise made by a few persons who, no doubt thought they were driving piles.

MARHIED. At the Brooks hotel, in Evanston, on Monday, January 21, 1884, by Rev. C. H. Kuyl, Mr.

Laac Smith and Mrs. Mary Carter, both of Bear Springs, Laramie county, Wyoming. IV ho Known An unjust dispatch from this city appears in Denver Republican. It is about the attack mentioned in this paper on the soldier and civilian. It commences, example of the inefficiency ol our This is noL right.

Our police force is efficient in every degree, as proved by our and orderly city. The correspondent may have meant or be may have a grudge at some of the officers. Who knows? is the best smoking tobacco. Grand raffle for two horses and a shotgun, at tbe Tivoli, this evening. Japanese 301 FERGUSON STREET.

301 FREE Exhibition 4 111 iIIMUS I FOB A FEW DAYS ONLY. Fine Silk and Einbrotder- Siei. Hare Porcolalna and Potteries. Lacquer Ware, Tortoise Hbell, Decoratlve Material-cheap and beau- dtc. Ex HI IT CIGAR (txts.

In ww rl St, TRY IT DEALER IN IIOIJSK. RAXCII AM) CAMP Furnishing Goods, Seventeenth Street, Cheyenne, Wyo. STOVES, CARPETS, TINWARE, PILLOWS, CROCKERY, BEDDING, GLASSWARE, MATTRESSES. P. Also buys and sells second hand goods in building back of store room.

RANCH A.ISC CAMP GOODS SPECIALTY TO THE TRADE. THE UNION MERCANTILE COMPANY Wholesale and Retail Grocers. We have by far the LARGEST GROCERY STORE IN THE TERRITORY and carry the largest and moat complete stock. We buy for spot caah in the very beat markets, and cannot, nor will not, be undersold. To Ranch and Stockmen we offer special inducements, and will guarantee to save them money in the purchase of their supplies.

We handle tbe very best quality of of goods that can be bought, and guarantee weight and quality of every article. Call and see us, and we will do you good. U. M. Co.

Watchmaker and Jeweler I Has a Complete New Stock of Embracing Fine Watches, Jewelry, Diamond SeU and otherwise; Silverware, Locket 3, and it Mine dlaueous Stock of Elegant Novelties. Orders by Mail Promptly Attended Seventeenth Street Clieyenuo sTbonOw The Boot and Shoe King of Wyoming, The Oldest and Most Iltliabk Boot, Shor an' Leather House. KXIH received from tbe Iwat bouses In America. from liter Shoes and Slippers from Bknnbtt Baknaud's Shoes from the Cox Shoe Manufacturing Company. These three houses are the leading Arms In this line In America; Bos Is their only agent In Cheyenne.

All Goods Warranted. Repairing done promptly and in a workmanlike manner. SAlxtooutLi Wti'oot, Wyo. HOMESTEAD. Fine 160 acre hay location fcr a homestead, pre-emption timlier ulture claim.

Address lock box 337. stoffice. operXhouse POMITI VKI.Y TWO SIUHTO OXLY. Monday and Tuesday (Z'jds. -a.

efo lOTH YEAR lOTH YEAR. And the Villain Still Pursued HerP' Tbe Eminent Coiuedlun and DnunnUil MILTON AND HIS FAMOUS COMPANY OF COMEDIANS MONDAY, -a, Will Le preMt nted Milton pow ei (ul THE: Jra Krl MILTON NOBLES The Great Fire Scene! Tbe Wonderful Gambling Scene! Phccnlx Never The moat SUCCessftll American Drama ever written. TUESDAY QTEB. For the Flrat Time Here, The Powerful American Melo-Drama, In Four Acta, written by entitled A Man of the People Milton in hla famoun ter creution of Jack Kydrr No cloud hodark but hub doth ahlne behind No wretch ao loat but In hla Inmost breeat Tlwre burnt u-apark, let gent love but flud And warm to life, will make the fluder blent. SCALE OK PRICES U.

00; Balcnz Circle, Gallery, 50 eta..

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