The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 7, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1896
Page 7
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..*•«"• .•"><* 3 '" *.-" V UN,?'', o# "* r -" *»\.l*Y*t.T Iftrfef TMBtofg Offf isef W <• fc 1 i r tf fe^e-: .>£&•'«;< "?%v'£ * VA&? ffittM fr&fr* ^ ;»-n^t**fc:, ( < ** ^Mfli;:**"!!^, 1 ^.^!^ Bitendifff out L-«.. fttffil Tarae of that Inw oi'poy ftbd, cheating wealth by," bW»r **''' , -< ! T^: J 4 * Ifl 1892 the policy «.f*»l-- Versed find tlitts the inbOfp shops and fftctotles ftere. sheet tfec-eMty- to gd out n and becoate prodlv tfS,' 'It has bSdft esiimiiieii million laborers hare, since the 1892 WheH dOfflttelte-d t6'Bee iaeht iii fttrfflihg W dfder to t -'-•*---g for thcwselfffs and v of these have converted. 'danger: threatened otir ihstl- ... ...Vi_'uLj. n itfnfu iwmnd t< Die • support' or his odd teasob it» failed tb county, • *hm -J» be fact itta t he tUi^iu be ac a acres of our torhtpb « u •with' our Institutions that lM m this ownership that ,his in• c gt is necessarily,of a charac er to ilce him-the safe conservator of our M. "L^ pcrjibtUity, ^rfcHpwlty and P\ any -campaign since ..—,-. - fior the manifestation for so mn h tbat-the, country has-been i j . • ' n _^_i«»1i «A*MtirwI a-, an Unprecedented' period ' ,, deprqssibn and i» earne«M«, it8 ; to -secure -relief. „ Among those . f bor ^ n-ono > have more reason • for . plaint -than the- farmer. I products 'have been low. ft 'and stock have -""»' com- «T tf' , ot gronna"'ncnr uuu ui«uu«. *»> iftto cdrn.nirtl'.Mtnte tjffhes! ^ «tiofihdttsir'de^nRlng the ^deMand the 'prodttets; oL ihe. regular '***»'^i*! 19, easy tdlindSi-sVnd when the Ml effect of^ thir shifting (Jf labor Moih the WfchflM* teal industflea-to the^farm l«,tonBidetea» wbftt thcx effect must be Upon prices of farm products. , .. , ,. . , -tl In view Of these facts, alt of Which 6rtH be-veMficd Ih ^the past history of owe country, It is plain that; our ftn"*J \* ln \ fliroctly interested in the cmployi lent ?i labor 1 • i1 " 4 * <i«"<* h«.ndAnvlf» dotieiHift tallov »hd -tlmt tl»olt^t«nftprHjr J 1 ^'^ Inrociy nnon whotlict tljtit labor Is em- Klfls C6inpetitors in the nroduc%n of farm products, or fts.cohsttttlcrsI eia- ' « B «' < . of OI mi iu ijru«u«;ip» ui "«"{•• ployed in the'mechanical. .»».. the country. We are certainly .-... from a -severe practical experience truth and valtio of tho economic pi m alioady refei'vod to that "the Sjcuj-v-. creator of wealth is thd g^atest possible division of inbor." We arc also learning 'that-, this division of .lit «h- infly . no •brought about by a wise policy ot piotec "ihe effect^f production upon the products of tho farm can b ,VOT mpc 'L"!b in a few words, lurst, Will, it mer^n «. or diminish the number engaged m pro duping.the products of the farm? Sec ond, will It increase or diminish the number of consumers 'Of farm producti? When- you have answered these.hvo plain propositions you will be ntafitei of (he entire argument, of- protection and free ttade, so far as the f fll ' me !' 1is ,, 1C0 "" ccrned. You need be'concerned In no way about the free coinage of «lve> as this cannot in any. Way-possible in crease-or diminish the ™n S nmnlion o your products. Its ad would have .the effect, '! the fact is, nn^.^V" ,v ' h' c inerits of the vnVlOW flllU UiSCwS™ lilllj J* ..rt.iftHitirm n>> ***". *, r^ nfFrtwrl The proposHiou - propositions \°. , 1P gcVi nurauumut to all tSS^'SWS* limited coinage ^^•^?H^I^£ «" prosper,. He ,„ ^^ be'-more disappointing » ho " du ^^f by A. Wlllard, Chattanooga, Tenn. ^^^S^ats S , — -- tinned depression in our m producing farm products. .» The employment of labor in our mechanical .industries and not lie fiee coinage of silver is the thing that intei- csts the farmer -and is to secure for him the prosperity he so much da.8ires.-rw. ..... r «^^^ r instance, tlmt n mail who*,?, 'i! H t m how iibo'nt tlio fellows ' $X^??&£tt$* * a °°', ° l< I ' . < > ' _ try "from dishonor and ... from degradation* «, ' "It is always,safe,, young to arrange yourself on the s country. (Applause.), - it w, u... -.. to stand against lawlessness 'Afcg'w-jf ation. (Renewed applatise nfld cries, S ThaV< right.") It-is' ; always. eatrlc to stand against those vv to law ntvl order, and. who ..woum^ ..I.* » • *._.„...,ij._.. l.L..4-M»Am one's face. \jst^Ws^^^ ^ T90 GOOD. fjy 1M.L * *-M f * J«T *iV4- +11 MaJ'. MoKlnley Recalls the Days of 1 ,, State Banks and Wildcat Currency. t 7 Maj. McKbiloy said to n delegation 'from Indiana which visited his t home on September 23: I "believe in. America for Americans-native-born and naturalized. (Applause.) I believe in- the American pay roll., (Laughter and applause.) And I do not believe in diminishing 'that .pay roll ,by giving work to anybody else under another flag while we have an idle man under our 'flag. '(Tremendous applause.) Four years ago the laborer was agitating the question of shorter hours. We then had'-so, much to do 1 . , I have heard no discussion of that Uind for: four years. (Laughter and applause.) But I have never heard of the laboring man discussing the desirability of having short dollars. The complaint-the chief cause of complaint of our opponents' is nrat, that we -have not enough money; and, second, that our money is too good. (Laushter,) To the flrst complaint I answer that the per .capita of circulating medium in this country 4m» been greater since the so-called crime of 1813 than t ever was before (applause), and that it lins been greater in the ast i ve years than it ever was in all our history. (Ones nf "Tltot's right.") ' We have not only ?he best noney.iu the world, but we have more of it flor papita, than most of the nations of the world, (Applause.). We "more, money v j?er .'capfta than the i TV?" ,1,..,, U5fi. /innitn- thnll G61'- Free Silver Issue of Vital Import to Wives and Mothers of ; . , • Wage-Earners. ,',,/, + • — t HIGH PRICES AND LOW WAGES, ~~ t f k ' Working" Women, *i« Also be Far Worse Off -Than the Men. 6rices and'low wages with .— -r.- nnd the insurance «"M» e /.« na J. l , 1 \^" n ^i come the sole resourc« of thei w dow aim orphans. Snroly, n tuud -snch OH, this ought to bo sacred against l ° DD ^. r y through depreciation of -the valne of'tho money in which it is pa»d. 1 reo mho , on the basis of the present value of IM two metals, would rob every widow oj half the money value' coming to net from the insurance caitfied by her HUB bl And this would be a^stupendous robbery indeed. Tho- five MaBsaQhttsetts ^^^"gtve^Ttf ipSttngj report, D aid $4,637,388 in death Claims last year. The- grand 'total reported of all life insurance companies doing Dusi ness in this state was $60,851,4 n. yan the women,' for- whose bencnt most 91 this insurance money was j Bait] with equanimity the joss pi v 0 ^".—'^n one year? There are millions of woni en dependent upon the'payment of- such polides! The Massachusetts companies had 122,600 policies in force last' year, calling for $322.874,622 In case ofc death. The grand Irtal, In^uaing.aJ^c^antei*, was 1,743,350 enormous sum <v- ,|.%.,.^«,— •hero in Masachusetts there T»- t&iSA*& SS£ tOiere are the •38T8& ^nSKT.f^"S» •senting $03,522,457; the fraternal betae- notaw Associations, with a member!™ of 854650, which paid out $iu,uoa»Bpu for 10009 death claims last year; the casualtv companies, which paldr out $300,301. All these, which ore prfmari- lv for the relief of widows and orphans, would have to pay in depreciated money the°money in which, the premiums nn Vhoai» iiolicics have been paid is •monX & Koodas gold, worth 100 coats mi the dollar.- In MasBaohnaotta atone inst vear $10,740,867 was thus/paid, Do not 4o women want, atid.'is it' not their rfirbl; to receivo_from the• o«,m- rt H«fer' C tt<Se to MlttU aiirt.Mllif^M fellow citizens, I venturedl*M«iW^f A tigo to suggest in a .public hpeccli-*x« reat cheering and _ right.") I see that some adversaries criticise the riDriir i j. oiiu ILIIII* DW»*JIW *s+.~ *» i »*f t *r ~ . .i''ffiis<* s niivovinrfps criticise the Btatejneur^aajrs.^.K f,?g V tha It I ^'putting tho-cnrtbefprp^fc^ horse' They seem to think that the way.^ , * norsL. j. uvj »« ... . nvnmhle. 13' ^ Maj, MoKinley's Felicitous Remarks to a Delegation of J Young Buckeyes, TRUE WORTH * OF - SUFFRAGE, f • • Priceless Privilege of Be'ng^Able' to '• Vote for Protection and National, Honor. horse.' unoy seem \o UUUK. "•"»"}:•.""•"-? ?o open «,e ™*$^**^$S&,, or /-i, u " - ttnfli M „« that you must make cloth , a you can measure it (renewed that the wearer must be e the yardstick Is reaun-ed Wnt ibov sav the yardstick, is top. I answe? if you niake a yardstick- nine- fcen hiches Ipng- instead Tof. tWibc inches, its P^sent length, '.you Amertean weaver. •, '(preat .'applauw,^; Nor will a 52-cent dollar-increase,our in-f| dnstrTal^enterprises, .add to' iho: actu$$ nnvninus 6t anybody, or enhance th^rqalfe, caini"B» "h "i?i.,X Vnimnf nnnhiuse. andfe and linvo morw, HiuMfj v jy«f •'•W'r* ,, n „ !is,Msr5s«r'i&a uuiiiji ... T>n,imniiin. Sei-vin. AUS- )ll»b^l ^V- •'"' v.; • says- whereby tbp •bfl'.malPtalneft at many,' man Aunjf, "w ,i j ••'^""*r,~ Greece. Spain, Boumania ' Servia, Aug i5i» Triinmii-v. Norway,. Swedep. Dp« iirOCCC. pllU4"t *-fc«»»M»-*«»"7 • —• tfla; liungary, Nqmay, t Swedeu, marie, jwUw. ••Me>icq' l nn4 the' f C HI V* ft f,.t»,S^ »',«,,,,i£nii Kfntns. and ^T.^ffsajsasK.^ 'that,"they are quali- _ — 4- ' I * *-< selves is 'ovwewvo -iw»»> fied for Bplf-governme»t, nlU«4. nnndAtlf nAn(lltlOU S^S;||ESSi sswsfSscfeinrs the compensation men rlcbt; to receive irom TUB »HDUIH«VW v~w panteB as good money as their hnabands. paid for tho insurance .'—Boston losi.- CAMPAJLGN'NOTES. •j..,,-^ is not PO much fonatlplsm and r iieitiintm in the country as was sup- & '^^4lfflW*,^wW'*l}08 ' red«cld, pijce»'.<ithey simirty, aeseft tjitit it ? tild , They faU'.wso, tO'S>^V«vvl)ya-i>pP«» L^w^tp^^»^w^i»_f<j5; Ji nfi r W S f»If^i iwwWw**- wa fe? WSS«*fiirtf in soH'o " c «* vv . r pTi. but (the lacs of or- operatives ns ,."l'.'.,,,,;,„' w ni leave"the vssfft I'SsSte; its manufw»»»8 ifl « r wages ^ Uov n4 be clisfidvantage it "* vbY th ^ f roe coinage pis|gss|f|g Socialism and anarch}. , . Powdprly hits the nail squarely on the h/ad when he tells tho woykingman that hfs motto with-regard to'money should be! ^The best' is nowo too, good, for ' W A man'is said to have }n,|uj.'ed his nj?Ule iufe^t&«*^ tie stwjlHH'- DUBB^ wjth these heavy av- ilerly, who says th.e Bpyaii DniiJ« would be worse for In* bo7tiSa,raJ? the strikes ever Unow^wiI ^'^ %&$"*& 'k tf and. «• gwei'ftl hveali eminent, 4 'Uhe an,5»d}y}» repntation fpr- hanospy »^*, ry-r ".».'.._ I* jt -jjoeg businfiss -with • --- i ~ 1 - 1 - ot its oww lim * uii<, first visitors' to Ma.i. McKinloy's' home "un' September 25 were members of a big delegation of voters from Wood county, O. T,hey' were headed by. Attorney •£. S Parker 4 of Bowling .Green, who made the speech of presentation. In responding Maj. McKlnley, said' in 'part: ' • , "Mr. Pprker, Ladies and Gentlemen: I ain very glad to meet-at my'home this representative -delegation from <Wood county. I cannot imagine a body of citizens more representative than t)iat which I see before* mo here today—men and women, 9ld and young, workingtnen and farmers,' men of. every profession and'calling in. your county; and'-It indicates to- mo that "no matter what-may be. asserted' iu other quarters of the country Hhere is no BUC\J thing kno\yn as 'classes' 'in Wpod •county, •(Great applause ' and cries of 'That's right.') I am especially g>d to make suitable recognition of the women ,who have honored mo, with their presence today, (Cheers.) The* a,re a mighty factor in our progress 1 a"nd v c vil »at]on, a,nd they have" been-most potential In every crisis of-American history. Renewed cheering.) I am glad 3 to know tbatTtbey are interested in tho party "of good'morals; good politics, good government and P"b- ,llc and-private honesty, (Great ap* l)1 ' V 'a ? he'presence* of this body ^of young men who are to vote' fpr the first time next November is 'to "me an WPHW Bight,-and that you are ftp soon to enjoy the priceless privilege,of o^^whl? mnBt -bo to-nil o« you an Inspiring thought, For twenty-one years you U»ve been en- lovinK our free Institutions, tho protec- ;t«« !?«r1 nnnnptnnltV of (OUl" laWB, ' Wltll- ? o? iSSbf iS^EdS'oii^i^S" 11 cloth might require moro 5!W d8 ? c ?|5j2 OL \JUW\I» fe ww«. / . is & sir fS$»£3JRm 'eria%™?f)Ss*| T >i\"\ Stnrt the iacion«» "\ "•""* ^^srufifaWfeH, K?,a;°f~i^Yi,««roS;S(fl Credits >»! <jAjw4 TheWed^nlnfl plenty and-P o<rn1n* ILlld U • ' , * XjTMO W»W#"V«» W^ TW-. — J.T7J "I fear sometimes 4bat'-few * f •-, mtito «u«n»go at "its true wor,tb, "lothes us with sovereignty, -guaranty,to our WWjw "" ana is. our surest safety,, t-.--.^, n •Btitwtlonnl mode-of Bxpre^sin^ tup nop»' i'.. ..mi mi,»r.nwli It-'niinJlp pOljCllJS U(P laws exacted. IB are .ch4»ggd ivye again Hanno' 1 Is flpwly- o^t^P P.?! 56 * fl»^'§S^^^»^T vn is nut UP at OantOB '«6le« m m&t utifpa4m« ', w«vs pi'»fttp4' '^PB -fSiitwM™! d ueutleroao i" this v 'K'-tp .o««»wwt»-y _£* ¥ 5.»l_.Jr^"_';i Ohio-are floe ft?** '»*f?t 1 fT'^F.'prr>B^iy;T*Ti 3 grfiVRrWe.'jt»ee, dys&^^mm^^

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