The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 30, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1896
Page 7
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UFFl^ PERSONAL. ffcg new Bhah"oTpefait 14 ftfttififl* id tfpeh the country td ifitifilatftna! commerce, and favors the intl-dn'ucHon of electricity and steam. Ctofdon W. Watties, vice-president of the Union National bank of Omaha, has been chosen as president of the Tffcfis^MissiSsippl and International efc<- position, to be held in that city in 1898. Jrf. Osiris, the banker of Paris, who recently bought Malmaison, intends to restore the palace and' grounds, both of which ate now in a most dilapidated conditlen, fetter which 1 he Will makd a gift of the property to the state. Elato Russell, weight 200 pounds, of Plainfieid, Ind., is the proud father of a ten-inch baby which weighed only one pound and a half at its birth and at the end of three weeks weighed three pounds. Mrs, tlusse'li's weight is 150 pounds. The French people have not yet erected statues of Balzac, Alfred de Musset and Victor Hugo, but they have Just set up one of Francois QUesnay, the physician of Mme. de Pompadour and the author of several works on political economy, E, A. MacDowell, the American composer, has been appointed to the head of the new musical department in Columbia college. He its of the same age as Paderewski, ami the New York Post says of him that he "has no superior among the living composers of Europe." Frederick William Nichols Crouch, the author o£ "Kathleen Mavourneen," who died a few days ago at the age of 88, had been married four times and was the father of twenty-seven children. He was a native of London, but for nearly fifty years had lived in Baltimore. I/ow Itute Excursion South. On the •first and".third Tuesdays' of each month till October about halt rates for tbc round trip will be made to points in the South by the Louisville & Nashville railroad. Ask your tickel agent about it, and if he cannot sel you excursion tickets write to C. P. Atmore, General Passenger Agent, Louisville, Ky., or Geo. B. Ilorner, D. P. A.', St. Louis, Mo. A rrohlliltlonlst. 'Dukane—Isn't your friend Manchester a jirohibitionist; Gas-well—Not that I know of. What makes you thiiik so? Duka'ne—His favorite exclamation is: "Well, I should sin He.". . The police board of Jersey City is retiring patrolmen because they are getting "too fat." ' . • • ,. '••• The latest anthropological statistics show that the world's birth rate exceeds tho death rate at the ratio of 8 to 1. ' AljQOMA, IOWA, WDBNBiDAY* gEFFEMBEB BO, 1890* mm, daflghtfefs are thS incUst pra* ciotfs ISg-apft possible in ttdl iffe.' The "ftispongifeiHty for thein, ftftti thei? fuiufre, is largely withyotl. The inysteHouaehatogethatdeteldpS the thoughtful' Ionian frofi tht! thoflghtifess girl* tfMfrld. fiacl ^ou oa the watch day ahct'fajght. * "* Ae #ou c&re for their physical well* being, so will the wonmn be, and so will her children be also. ' tydla & finkhatn's "Vegetable Coficarets stimulate liver, kidneys and bowels. Never sicken, "weaken or gripe. In the Bermudas rats often build their liests in trees, like birds and squirrels. Shoes wore not mode "rights and lefts" till the year 1.472. Of all .trie sovereigns of the world, the shah of Persia is said to possess the largest treasure in gold and jewel ornaments, it being valued at $00,000,000. Vice-President Stevenson is the owner of several thousand acres of laud in California, on n part of ^yhich :1ie;pow intends to experiment •withiojivei c&lture, y • } j The average height-lot' clouds above the earth IB between one and two miles. The height depends much upon the-season. Every real need is stilted and every voice is stimulated by satisfaction.—Amie'I. Daniel Webster had grave doubts about railroads being possible. He said the frost on the mils would prevent the train from moving or from stopping after it had begun to move. , ; .' . ,; ,. .' : ,.'.'."' Compound" is the sure reliance in this hour of trial. ''jMioijsands have found it the never-failing 1 power to correct all irregularities and start the woman sea of life, with that physical health all should have. AVpinb difficulties, displacements and the horrors cannot exist in company with Lydia ' IS.' 1'inkham's Vegetable Compound. Not to Drown. . He—Cholly seems to bo immersed to thought. She—Whose thought? ' "His own, of course." "If that is'the case, lie cannot possibly bo in over his shoes." Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoko Your Life Away. If you want to quit tobacco using easily and forever, regain lost manhood, be made well, strong, magnetic, full of new life and Vigor, take No-To'-Bac, the wonder-worker that makes weak men strong. Many gain ten pounds in' teu ; days. Over 400,000 cured. -Buy No-To-Bac; from your druggist, who will guarantee a cure. Booklet and sample mailed free. Ad. Sterling Remedy Co.; Chicago or New York. Lucky IJotli Ways. She—Are you lucky at cards? He—Very lucky. I always win. . 'She (archly)—How about love? He (promptly)—Just as lucky. I always •lose. , • . •__ Rev. D. H. Rohrabaugh, of Oscoola, Iowa, writes Sept. 1st, '00: "Your letter received, i have taken all of the sample •bos of Dr. Kay's Renovator, und have found it an excellent laxative and renovator, nnd 1 believe it has strong nervine power." ' The Bank of England has lost $34,000,000 gold recently, but it still has $5,000,000 more than a year ago and 815,000,000 more : than two years ago. If the Baby IB Cutting xootli, Bo BUro and uao that ol J and well-trloil remedy. M WINSLOW'S Sooruwa SYBDV for Children Teething. In Hamburgr n dog is taxed according to bis size; a little tax for a little dog and a big tax for a big dog. To make your'sermons shorter just To please the folks, is wrong. •If you only make them broad enough, They do not seem so long. A pne'-leggqd newsboy in Buffalo servet a route of'papers by whjrling oil a bicycle. His wooden leg is so Jilted that it turns due of the pedals. , • Pages in congress inusjt \$o over tbo a of twelve years and under sixteen. In the senate they receive $1,440 a year and iu the house $1,200. Golden liair is in such.demand by the wig makers in Paris and London that contracts for the entire supply, for the next flv« years. The Sanskrit language is said to have about 500 root-words. . . • ; ; i . i-OTSAM AND JETSAM./ No death warrant has been signed bj a sovereign of Great Britain during tht last 150 years,. ,, ; ,v /. , Says ^fertiligerj c'ohcerp'Jn Nashville, Torin.: • "We] -buy; jf our bone^ ,and pay you the highest market pVice." Train robbery is punishable by denth in Arizona. The supreme court has jusi upheld the constitutionality of the statute, Pailaeki county,- Missouri,; presents it ,a candidate for the leadership of the populists a man whose beard is five i'eet long. ' . , ' A new hypnotic has probably been found in the Jamaica dogwood, The fluid extract has been found efficacious . in dentistry, It is reported that a white wjiale was seen recently in Long' Island' sound/ This animal is'rarely-seen outside the. Arctic regions. . ,.'" Luminous inks may now be used tc print signs to be visible in the dark Zinc salts and calcium are the mediums generally used. Prom ninety-four, a flock of sheej owned by P. A. Porter, of Mt. ftloryis, Wis,, has beep reduced to sixty sine? last spring by wolves. The Donor—Now, don't go and spend thai in the nearest saloon. The Recipient—No, sir; Cere's a better one around de corner.—Puck. Paderewski has some hope of realizing the chief desire of his life-Hhe permanent cure of^t^f spinal ^qniplaint which has so long afflicted his son. It has been suggested that as a menv orial to IfarrJet Beepbsr ^towe. a, na tional institute and hospital as i train ing school for colored nurses shal} be erected in Washington* In Deerfleld township, Kansas, swarm of beea settled on the neck o> a horse belonging to D. L, Palmer. Afterward Mr. Palmer picked three w four hundred stings from the animal Wilfre4 L^urleis the Canadian premier, has SJB excellent reputation at th* bar, bat b* seldom goes into court It Is estimated Uiat if be were to die now Ms estate would not ejtce**i $3,00(1 Preroaiure decay and siorms tb» nrtp of grain la iStutsiaiftB m4 «^wwftfes, STertfc - NEWSY ITEMS. Over 2,700 children are cared for by twenty-eight orphanages and institutions for children in Philadelphia. No fewer than 576 architects entered the .competition for the preparation of plans for the projected Paris exhibition in 1900. Muskets were first used by the French at the siege of Arros, in 1414, and came into general use about IOC years'later, '•• ;•;;..,;. ';. ,-T Olive oil has been in use in Southern Europe from the earliest period of which there is any record both for burning in lamps and for food. The statue to Sainte-Beuve Is to bo erected in Paris. The project was started by physicians, Sainte-Beuve having been a student of medjcine before be became a critic. '• , He Had Experimented. Bobby—Ma pop said that I shouldn't eat that piec< of cake in the pantry-^that it -wouli make me sick, Mother—Yes, Bobby Bobby (convincingly)—But, ma, it has n't made me sick,—Puck. An Indian who bad a tooth filled ant another pulled at Waterville, Me., furnished the first instance of a red man's patronizing a dentist which had com. to the knowledge of a practitioner of thirty years in that place, One of every sixty Inhabitants was the proportion of firearms found by assessors in San Benito county, Call fornla, and of watches there were }n the county, tweoty-two fewer than tjjo number of weapons, attendance at tho theologica seminaries of this country in 1?83 waa slightly in excess of fire thousand; 1 has increased to 7,668, the growth be tog exceedingly gradual and the at tendance but slightly affected by tty hard times. 4 certajn minister while, pre$chlni sai4 that every blade of grass was i sermon. The next day be was amusing himself by mowing his lawn, when parishioner said: "That's right, doc toy, cut your sermons short,"—' per's Baz&r, split the north wtill of a top to gropij, but Jumped at tfte sacoid fl«ai: ,t» the wuthweRt,oop«ep t , THE Wit ANO ORIGINAL AND SELECtBtJ, — A Btthcrt Mfth'd pesilbi*— A tile Political Unlqn* idftit— tltfi — tdu Mafl* t«n- *t*n — Howof of IS not the beauty of my fair close and Closer, Though that is radiant, pure and rate, As all who know her, know, sir. •Tis not her eyes whose jeweled ^deeps •fhat draws me Would daze a rossiled doubter, Nor cushioned hair where dupid sleeps- Nay, 'tis the way about her. She has an air, this maid divine! That is than grace more gracious; Yet bids me all my hope resign, Dare I to grow audacious. Her cBarms may woo me from afar, And then I vow to rout her; But in her presence there's a bar- It is that way about her. Fair lady, artless in thy art, Which charm is thy protection j No longer awe my craven heart By hints of cold rejection; Do not regard me with alarm— I cannot live without tKee— But teach my willing heart—and arm- To find that way about thee! —Roe L. Hendriclt. For tho Flnlu People. "Custard pie," said Mr. O'Racle, as he pursued a hunk of the viand around his plate with his fork, "is the most democratic of foods." The new boarder, who had not yet learned that listeners at table are likely to lose valuable time, stopped «ating nnd looked up. "Because," continued Mr. O'Racle, after his Adam's apple had recovered the spasmodic movements that accompanied the disappearance of the* pie, "it is never associated with the upper crust." , And the, meal was finished in —Truth. Glittering Prcams. Hayrake (throwing paper- aside)— "Marthy, I'm goin' debwn tew New York on the fust train." ' Marthy—"I hope yer not agoin' arter more of them green goods, Silas?" Hayrake—"Wall, I guess not. I'll make up fer what I lost 6n them, Marthy. That tliar paper sez that dur- in" the last three days millions of'dol- lars have been lost on the street, an 1 I'm goin' tew find sonic of it or bust, b'gosh!"—Up-to-Date. Th« Bunco M«n'n X-KclIllo. "Weil, what did you bring home from New York?" asked the storekeeper, as Mr. Ivigreen passed up the street with his satchel. "I'll bet you'll wonder when I tell you," .was his reply. "I've got a hull dozen o 1 them X-raise in this here valise, A scientific feller who was hard up sold 'em to me down t' the depot for ten dollars. Tell th' boys t' come up t'-night an' I'll touch off a couple for 'm,"—Puck. Too Many luipomlblfl. , "I sob another medical college has turned out between one and two hundred new doctora, I think we are getting far too many medical men." "There can't be too many for me." "May I ask why, sir?" "You may; I am ,an undertaker,"— Up'-to-Date. A Happy Man, "At last I have found a condition perfectly adapted to the freedom of the preps," ' \ . •, ' And he drew her against his heaving bosom with such force that his shirt studs screamed with delight, and the matches in his vest pocket exploded iy. a paroxysm of joy.—Up<-tp-Date, • Unique Idea. funny Wber§ 414 ypu get it? Scbemw—They are my rlege certificates. wall mar- tb,e amateur artist's exhibition. "'hat fellow at the door no right to take away my stick.." Qriggs—"H,e was probably afraid that you would P«S e the pictures with it,' BrJgp^- ll Well, a mftn has got to vent liis srigej" in some, \yay."--Judge, lovely! IB Mafiy A felldw * it) ift fastidious bout & speck tit mild on his shoes, nev- r worries about a coat ot eilme 06 his OUl. atf can't, express the love bf God la fr crabbed tone any SBdfe than ybtt :ould express a carload of gold In a lirt bartdtf. A hundred men can ba brave with ail he world ready to clap its hands, where one can be a hero with only Sod looking on. WISE MEN AND WOMEN Sir Arthur Sullivan, as a boy was oae bf the members of the choir of the dhapei Royal, St. James*. Postmastei 1 General Wilson is said to liave received an offer of the presidency of a weslern college and may accept it when he leaves the cabinet. Mrs. Ellen Spencer Mussey, who is making a reputation as a lawyer in Washington, is the widow of the late Gen. R. D. Mussey, who made a creditable record in the civil war, Prince Bismarck is to have another statue. This time it is at Lelpslc. The city has commissioned Sculptor Lehnert to execute it, and the municipality has selected a site near the park. Thnt Joyful Fooling: With the exhilarating sense of renewed lealth and strength and internal clean- iness, which follows the use of Syrup of Pigs, is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old-time medicines and the cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the well-Informed. A Tnlcptcd Tutor. 'Well, Tommy, I hear you had a tutor with you on the. farm. "Yes." "Did ho teach you anything?" "Yes. He taught me a little matthcw- tuatics, and how to milk a cow." Comfort to California. Ye?, and economy, too, it you take the Burlington Route's porsontilly conducted excursions which leave CJmaha and Lincoln every Thursday morning. Tourist sleepers—clean, bright, comfortable— through to San Francisco aud LOR Anpolo.s. Second class tickets accepted. Only $5 for a double berth, wide enough and big enough [or two. Write for folder giving full m- tormation; or call at the depot and see the local ticket agent., J. KHAJ.CIS," Gen. Pass. Ager^t, Burlington route, Omaha, Nob. Desperate Ifouiody. "Darling," he said. "You must, you shall be "mine." ' "Say," she retorted, placing her finger on the button in the wall, "do you want mo to call the police?" Then with a wild, hunted .look in his eyes bo grabbed his hat and rri,n'. to lowauH. Tho Western Patent Olilco, Dos Mpiues, Iowa, reports the following patputs itamud to Iowa inventors September 22, 1800: T. E. Daugherty, Gutlirio Center, drip apparatus for, dental. engines; H. L. Gamble, Perry, caster; W. P. Greimaun, Garner, band cutter and feeder' H. N. Tirnms, Des Homes, movable stand for bicycles. Write for "facts" about other patents. S. 0. SWEET, Manager. A Clmngo of Heart. "The minister looked so feeble this morning when he started to preach that 1 was afraid he was going to break down." "Well?" "After he began his sermon I -was afraid he wouldn't." A Houtcliold Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the most wonderful medical discovery of the age, pleasant aiid refreshing to the taste, acts gently and positively on kidneys, liver and bowels, cleansing the entire system, dispels colds, cures headache, fever, habitual constipation and biliousness. Please buy and try a box. of C.C. C. to-day; 10, 25, 50 cents... Sold and guaranteed to cure by druggists. At the funeral of Lmton, tho professional bicyclist of Loudou, his wheel, draped iu blnck, WOK led behind the hoarse. At Margate, an English watering place, tho men a id women are not allowed to bathe in company. IN LARGE ) OR SMALL i BOTTLES. Owing to the many requests from its patrons, Warner's Safe Cure Co. have put on the market a smaller size bottle of Safe Cure which can now be obtained at all druggists at half the price of the large bottle, is not only a scientific vegetable preparation nnd does all that is claimed for it, but it is the only Kidney and Liver medicine used by, the best people of four continent!?. A medicine that bears the stamp of the world's ap* proval, and maintains its position fpr » fifth of a century, must necessarily possess pe* culjar merit, A'Jkalit. "Drffik has CftnSed ifiah " "Yes, toadstfl. .thfi! tiofl afid aeries of fit«ei. the ^atef fill ' What Happened. Mf. Qttick— New 1 toktit to kti<f# as going oit in the parlor last mydeaf. My Deaf— Only my 6hg&^efrlent Do«btlcS(. ."Wbatp^Hof themlstry Interested fliost?*! *ftB;asked o( a young wotft-ifa had jiffet bcfen matriecl to tier teacher. "Affinftlei," was the ingenious te^ly* you . Wafti inline ftaateuf ift electrical fflflHeti, Df. Walshj archbishop of Dublin^ I regaining hte health by riding a bl cycle. - - ' <'* Justice Hawkins of the £n|Ui1 bench will be eighty years 6t afs Septembefj , ^ ft. P. Keating, who died ift Vlfglilfc ^ .City, Nov., last week, left & toinifigier* $ tune of between $1,400,060 find $2,W,« % 000, i - $ -jn—-..,^-. .- ^__j__jj^±± M A Rntnl Itft "My frfena," said the toveief, "have you a kmte about you?" i-i "Nftw, but you'll find a fork in the road yondei', 1 ' : "You're bright, ain't you?" jl'rti Brown." of ''That pretty young woman \v\io Just left the store TVIIS married a short time ago," said the old shoe clerk. "How do you know?" asked his young assistant. "Why, she used to buy number threes nnd now she buys number Oves." t.OHt Opportunlly. -Mnmma, history repeats itself, Willio- don't it? Mnnnna — Yos, dear. ' Willie— Well, why don't it repeat itself when I'm trying to learn it? A Ijttcky Hoy. "It's a curious thing" said Mr. Weakness, "but it is nevertheless true, that the sous of great men never amount to a hill of beans." "Well I'm glad to hear it," said Johnnie, "There's hope for me." Trips Under! uken for HciiHh'n Sake Will lie rendered more beneficial and the fatigues of travel counteracted, if the voyager will take along with him Hostotter's Btoniach Bittern, and use that protective and enabling tonic, nerve invigorator and uppelixer regularly. Impurities in air and water are neutralized by it, and it is a matchless tranquillizer and regulator of the stomach, liver and bowels. It counteracts malaria, rheumatism and a tendency to kidney aud bladder ailments. Some of tho .towns of Germany have their water pipes made of glass, protected by an asphalt covering, to prevent fracture. For lung and chest diseases 1'iso's Cure is the bent medicine wo have used. — Mrs. J. L. Northcott, Windsor, Out., 'Canada. The world is crowded only in spots. There are still 20,000,000 square miles of the earth's surface that have uot been explored. Tho metal in the big boll of Moscow weighs two hundred tons and is valued at *8r>o;ooo. When bilious or costive, eat; a CitBcnret candy cathartic, cure guaranteed. ]Oo,,!J5c. Naked Pills are fit only, lor naked s*r* ages, Clothes are the ffiaffee of civilkatlon^ia pills as well as people. A good coat does not make a good pill, &ay more that! good clothes make a good man. But as sure as you'd look on a clothesless inaii ad a mad one, you may look on a coatless pill as a bad one. After fifty years at test i»o pills stolid higher than AVER'S Cathartic Pills SUGAR COATED. HALL'S Vegetable Sicilian HAIR RENEWER Will restore gray hair to its youthful color and beauty—will thicken the growth, of the h?lr—-will pro'- vent bajdness, cure dandruff, and all scalp diseases. A fine dressing. The best hair restorer made. * E. P. Hall & Co., Props., Nashua, N. fl) Sold by all Druggists. PENSIONS, PATENTS, CLAIMS. 'JOHN W MORRIS '.ifflSHINGTON.D.C. L»te principal Siunlner V. >S, Pension Unrein. 3 yr>, la lut war, lOmyudicatlug olalmi, atty, «lnc«. W-N.U. D.M.-1264 NO. 40 Wlion ausrcrintf udvortlsomonw thtu uftiicr. Kindly mention 1 ' The pleasantcst, safest and most efficient remedy known lor every' I kind of cough, la«-rippe, influenza, etc. Safe for all ages. Does | sicken or disagree with the stomach. Has been used very extonsive- 1 ly by tho moat noted physicians in the hospitals of London, Paris and I New York with the very best of success. Dr. Kay's Lung Balm Mrs. HauiiaU Pliepard, 301 N Ifith St., Omaha, Nob., writes: l f ouryears ago I hod Lnfe'rippe und coughed almost continually ever since. I tried several tlouiors uud vaiious eout'li medicines but could get no relief, One paoliUKO of Dr. Kav's Xiuntf Balm cured me ontirr ly." Sold \iy druggists or sent by mail for 35o. Send ndCress lor very valuable free bobklet. (Western pmuo) Dll. B. J. KAY MKDICAIJ COMPANY. 1 BW *-o. 10th bireot Omuhu, Neb. Tires We have made a study of .tires—pounded them year in and year out by thousands on our wheel-testing machine, tested them for elasticity, for speed, for durability—had reports from riders and agents everywhere. Result is the wonderfully elastic and durable Hartford Single- Tube Tires used on STANDARD OF THE WORLD Hartford Tires are easiest to repair in case of puncture, strongest, safest, best, POPE MFG, CO,, Hartford, Conn. Branch Stores and Agencies in almost every city and town. If Columbias are not represented In your vicinity, let MS know, . Proi Babcock, "I find! that Walter Baker & Co/s Breakfast;Cpc9a fe absolutely pure, It contains no trace of any substife, foreign to the pure roasted cocoa-bean* The soles 1 % jhui of pure cocoa? the flavor isnatural, and not arti%ial j and ! the product is in every particular such as must Sve'been produced from the pure cocoa-bean without tfie addition * of any chemical, alkali, acid, or artificial flavoring s«% stance? which are to be detected in cocoas prepared by the so-called ' Dutch process*"; " ^ Waltes- Baker & Co*, Lti, Dprche^ter, 150 mm Veen^rouS^' "-^ W » 7 ~*'^*'** YV -*^-^- & .at, no grifliDs," ioVteVaVss'at .„. „,,_„„_,. „„,., tW» to suy me afflicted with IsdJgestttm $nQ pe; jwejity-Xlvo pounds in weight, «m ttv$ f|p«j ,» Renovator FOR DYSPEPSIA, AStai0vinA>v|ftU ™ ii'-'J

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