The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 30, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1896
Page 5
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f M tj:ppBft ALdQMA L IOWA,^ WDDNIBBAY, TO MAKE A SOT CAMPAIGN 0*CdMeii Will 'Soon a 8e? ies of Mitieul Meet* in This Cottfitjr, OLOTHIHG- AND 0-ENTS* FURNISHINGS, Saturday, Oct. 3« An unparalelled opportunity to buy Clothing at rock bottom prices, and in some instances at less than the cost of manufacture. Many have profited by our sales in the past who can testify that they never saw things so cheap as we offered them, and we assure you he MRS. A. GOODTHING who fails to attend this one, and will certainly regret it. We have never yet quoted you such low prices as we will on this occasion. The following are all wool and fast colors: 's Ot&tdfy eaptuHid th* Peepie 1ft Atgdftii Last Surtuf Political Motes. Men's Suits. Men's $18.00 worsted suits at ..... $13.00 Men's 14.00 worsted suits at ..... 8.90 Men's 12.00 worsted suits at ..... 7.75 10.06 cassimere suits 'at. . . 6.90 8.00 cassimere suits at... 4.90 7.50 worsted suits at ..... 3.90 Men's Men's Men's Boys' Suits. Here is our strong hold, and it will be full of bargains for this occasion. The following suit .is firmly woven and a good wearer. It is ALL WOOL and Fast Color, at 11.95 Children's Suits. In this line we will have prices that cannot fail to attract your attention, ALL-WOOL SUITS — from $1UP Men's Overcoats. We never bought them so cheap as this fall, and are going to give you some record breakers In this line as follows: A $12.00 all-wool Kersey overcoat at 88.85. We guarantee this coat to be equal to all clothiers 1 812.00 coats. In the Ulster line we have some splendid $8.60 FRIES COATS at $4.00. In Boys' and Children's Overcoats we have great bargains. Men's $2 Hats, both Fe. dora and Derby, at 990; Men's $ i all-wool fleece "lined Underwear at 690; Bargains ii Furnishings- Men's So-cent Underwear at 35c; $i laundered Shirts at 6a.c; Men's Dress Shoes at $145; Duck Coats at 7$c; SDC Ties at 250; 250 Ties at I5c; Winter Caps at 190; Men's and Boys' Leather-faced Mitts at I9c; Heavy Knit Mitts at 90; Men's 7$c Overalls at 45 and SQC; Overs at 35c, etc. If honest goods and low prices are any inducement, we are going to have a liberal share of your trade this fall. Attend this sale, Oct. 3, and you will not be disappointed. Kraft Clothing Co., THE LOW PRICED CLOTHIERS, Cowles' Block, Algona, Iowa. Final arraBgemeBts have been made for the Dolllver meetings in the county, except fof LuVerne. It is possible that he will close the Week there instead of holding ft rally at Algona, He has been planning to come to LuVerne at a latef date from Fort Dodge, btit'this may be changed, as the demand for him outside the district is making a heavy draft on his time. The meetings will open at Burt Monday evening. A special train Is arranged for to go at 7 o'clock. All going from Algona will be ready, including the band and glee club. This will be a great meeting and will be held in the big tent. Meetings will be held in Gormama and Ledyard Tuesday, the former at 2 o'clock and the latter at 7:30. These will both be in the big tent. On Wednesday the meeting at Swea City will be held at 2 o'clock, and in the evening the tent will be pitched in Bancroft. A special train has been put on by the Northwestern for this meeting and will leave Algona at 7 o'clock, und points south a little earlier. It will return after the meeting. The band and glee club will attend. Thursday evening the tent will be pitched at Whittemore, Friday evening at Wesley, and Saturday at LuVerne or in Algona as may be arranged. Each of these meetings will be attended from Algona. M. D. O'Connell will be with Mr. Dolliver at each point and will occupy part of the time. It will be a great series of meetings. -The tent will accommodate everybody, and everybody should plan to be at some one of them. Mr, Dolliver is making one of the great speeches of this memorable campaign. Taylor's Millinery, Cloaks, Kid Gloves, Dress Goods Special sale ot Furs, Oct 3. Joe Misbach will be with us for one day. Did you Ever think that you might buy a better quality of Hardware, Stoves, Cutlery, and Tinware than you have been'used to getting for your money, and still pay a less price? I know that I have the best stock of goods in AJgonji and I believe I can sell them cheaper than they can be bought elsewhere. Coal is going to be higher this .winter/but youcan reducergur-fod bill about one-third by buying a new GARLAND or ELMHURST HEATER. These are the two best coal burners on the market, and while requiring less fuel give more heat. Come m and see them Ma!in soft foal I have the ROUND OAK-the genuine, THE NAME ON THE LEG, Sold only by A. C. Rankin's Oratory. Never in the history of political speeches in Algona has anybody captured his audience more completely than A. C. Rankin did Saturday afternoon. It was his first appearance here, and beginning a little after 2 o'clock he spoke until 6, without break or interruption. The house was filled at the opening, but at the close standing room was at a premium. Farmers stood during most of the three hours and a half, unmindful of weariness and of undone chores, and cheered as but few have cheered in the old court house. Time and again the roof was raised and the noise penetrated to the outskirts of the town. For many minutes at times he had to wait for the enthusiasm to subside so he could proceed. Many amusing stories were told after it was over of how his auditors had forgotten the time. Any attempt to analyze the speech would be fruitless. He took the groundwork of republican doctrine and dressed it up in a style peculiarly his own, a style cultivated during long years of remarkable success as a popular orator. Mr. Rankin was for many years a stove moulder in Pittsburg, and while engaged at his trade began public speaking. He has been known by many as the ablest stumper 'On the tariff question in the United States. Between political campaigns he devotes his time to temperance lecturing, being a supporter of the republican temperance organization as against the third party people. If he ever comes to Algona again he will get a rousing welcome. ' A. A. Brunson at Illverdale. A. A. Brunson, with Dr. Rist and W. L. Joslyn to furnish campaign music, and some other Algonians for company, went down to Rlverdale last Thursday evening and held a meeting at the Ingalsbee school house. There was a large audience and Mr. Brunson in an earnest practical way discussed the issues. He was at once urged to make other appointments and will speak several times in the county. The songs were of Mr. Joslyn's own composition and were encored to the echo. One was furnished by Bro. Bailey of Britt, and created great entertainment, We have attempted to secure the words for our readers, but Mr, Joslyn says they are copyrighted, Samuel Mayne at Sexton, Last Thursday evening Representative Mayne spoke to a large audience at Sexton. August Studer presided and presented the speaker. Mr. Mayne explained the details of the financial questions fully and satisfactorily and those who went from Algona report a very successful meeting, Mr- Mayne is making a splendid record ip this campaign, Local Political Notes, Secretary of State McFarland may speak in Wesley, Capt, Yeoman's speech in Algona comes Saturday evening. Speaker Byers is engaged in a law ,4t and cannot come to Bancroft as announced. The Courier spells its candidate's name at the head of the ticket, Bryne. That is painfully suggestive of salt river, Will roll tip 100,000 plurality for pfo- tectlon, reciprocity and prospefityi TheCotirief lays thefe la & fifyatt and silver cltitt 1ft fiuft. The Moftitot says: If there ia there 16 a gfraveyat-d silence abbut it. We haven't as yet heard of such & club. Thefe is ifl Burl, hewevef, ft "free alive* com* thittee," who wefe the means of Retting Prof, Rice here f6f a speech. Bailey refers to the Russian thistles noted by THE UPPER DBS MoiittJa near Algona and says: North Dakota populists cafry the seed in their whiskers and when they blow their bazoos the thistles are scattered over a wide scope of country, Their whiskers would hold enough seed to plant a township! they should be thoroughly combed before they are turned lose, J. J, 'ityan speaks at" Ruth veil this evening, at Wesley Monday evenlngj and at the Stewart school house in Riverdale next Thursday evening, James has an argument that counts. He has a letter from Mexico written in Spanish. For every yarn he spins, and they are as thick as sands on the sea shore when be talks free coinage, he says, "here is the proof. If you don't believe it read it yourself. Gov. Larrabee has been speaking at Armstrong and Swea City. At the latter place the Herald says: Mr. Larrabee came to Iowa 43 years ago, and showed the wonderful progress made since 1863. He advised all young men to stick to the farm, claiming that each acre ought to bring in a return of from eight to ten dollars per year, but said he could not help but be indignant at some of the farms he had looked over in the northwest portion of the county. L. H. Mayne says in the Reporter: "The republicans of Kossuth county have put up a splendid county ticket and one that is sure to win by a rousing old majority. The ticket personally and politically is a strong one and will prove invincible at the polls." He adds: "We notice with pleasure that J. G. Smith has received the nomination for supervisor. A better or more competent man could not have been selected and the republicans of Kossuth county are to be congratulated on their choice." The Germania Standard says of S. D. Drake's speech: The speech was listened to with the most profound attention by a well packed i-oom. We were glad to see such a lot of interested individuals and that a goodly percentage of the audience was composed of young men just starting out into political life. The speech was an instructive one, and if the people that were present do not know about what has caused the business depression, and what has caused the hard times, with so many out of employment, surely it was not the fault of Mr. Drake. The season has when w© must COAL. oreoldftngem Most people will take tlie former*,,.. We handle Hocking Valley, Indiana Block, Illinois, and Mystic innroft; also Egg, Stove, and Nut in hard coal. Prices will be made just as low as a good article can be sold. Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. New Shoes. WHO does not like to have a pair of nice new shoes? We have them for you—all kinds, from the best of heavy Boots and Shoes to the nicest and finest goods in the market. JJfiPlt is to your interest to come and see what we have before buying shoes elsewhere. We can save you money. We sell .for cash and always the lowest price. Browtiell & Alfred, BOSTON BLOCK, ALGONA. Repairing done neatly and promptly. PAVING brick for sidewalks at Himil- ton's.-28t2_ THE Algona Harp orchestra IB now ready to receive orders for balls, parties, and all occasions. The band consists of the following instruments: Violin, harp, cornet, clarionet, and bass, prompter included. Satisfaction guaranteed. Frank Russo, formerly leader of orchestra in Dubuque, will locate permanently in this city. For information please call on or address, A. W. Sterzbach, Algona, Iowa. Notice, The firm of Anderson & Stebblns is by mutual consent dissolved, and all parties owing said firm are requested to call and settle as soon after this notice as possible. Respectfully, 28tf ANDERSON & STEBBINS, - i THERE is 1 no corner on cord wood and it is the cheapest fuel <ihis year as well as the best. Hamilton is making prices on car lots of wood that will make you smile. And by the way, these prices will surely advance when it comes cold weather,-28t2 , Stoves, Stoves. We can sliow you a splendid line of Oaks, Base Burners, Ranges and Cooks, and our prices are to suit. Don't fail to give us a call., Special inducements offered now.-^ Otto Falkenhainer, Stoves and Hardware. J t W. Robinson. J, Fred Meyers, in J, B, Romans' pme county 1 says RoUiver's "ejection is assured py m unusually great ity," rt Monitor; The Courier eayg Frepb ia doing e«ceUe,n.| work p,» Wek8flw t uow BEFORE you are ready for it winter will be here. Are you prepared for it? Burns can help you out on the stove question. • TRY our new flour. Grove & Son. Farm Loans at 0 per Cent. And the expenses of making .the loan can be paid at option of the borrower* Interest payable annually unless otherwise preferred. The loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BRUNSON, Money, I am loaning money on farm lands at siw per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of paying interest. J. J! RYAN. Office over the postofflce, Algona, Iowa, WE are loaning money on real estate, Rates and terms to suit borrower, .Call and see us before loaning elsewhere, DOXSEE & FOSTER. A $2,800 interest in a good'paying business to exchange for real estate in Kossuth county, Inquire of Doxsee & Foster, -' •; ' SEE Burns for stoves. He has them for bard or soft coal or wood, All new and none better are made. HOME-SEEKERS' excursions, at one fare plus $8, will he made by the Nor them pacific Railroad Co, on Sept. 29, and Oct. 6 and 80, Ample time/given for inspection of lanas. Particulars furnished by Blngley, Cook & Co., solicitors at Algona, Iowa. Now is the season for floor oil olotb, When you are putting up your stoves remember that we carry oil cloths m all widths and grades, o ^ Barbed Wire Cheap. A Snap fpr Somebody. House and two lots for sale in west part of Algona, Good cellar, cistern, well, and a lot of nice shrubbery. A small payment only is required down, Inquire at this office.—23 FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State E. G. BOWYER, now at the new stand in th,e Boston block, has a complete stock of W. WHITHAM © •will establish the Hide and Fur Business inAlgond, Win also buy rubber and copper. Am also prepared to cry sales on short notice and at reasonable rates; A.m one of the beat cryers in the state. Satisfaction guaranteed. Will start business Nov. I, 1896. Call and see me if you want a square deal. Offlce on Thorlngton street, east of the court bouse, la the Ohrisohilles building. w, AND FINE. JEWELRY, GRADUATED OPTICIAN. Eyes tested tree ot charge. Large line ot op tical goods always on baud, Repairing of flne watches a speotatty, "ii i Ifli SHIUY & PETTJBONI, MA.BBW5 Head iStoaee, [Successor to 0. li IN -- — i N jss Restaurant ...Lunch Counter,; S5 Xca „„ dies. 3?«H?l«*-S14e entrance thing >H« Is now in Its new location— the L, JA, B, . buliaiug. Serves meals at regvUay hours aw\, -' Grain, Feed, FOR gales Eighteen bead ol yearling ..... T.«.,i«? rt >fca w , H/ingbw Hsiu mid aoft Jer reaV< I have toss or Jouv x - :<,**,

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